Story Contest Winner Announced…

All the votes are in. Goofy and I counted them up twice each and arrived at the same conclusion. The clear winner is Laura. Her winning story is copied below.

Congratulations Laura..!!!

Laura will get Forrest’s handmade necklace and, if she can make it to SF she will get a sip  from Jackie O’s brandy bottle…

Thanks to all who submitted and voted..


The Winning Story
by Laura

My first search was in West Yellowstone !!! We got to the spot that I had study over and over for a year!!! So you as a fellow treasure seeker knew no rock was going to be unturned !!! We searched the area looking for the blaze for some 3 hours !!! I was becoming extremely discourage, I kicked a huge boulder, to my surprise it was of heavy plastic and it was hollow it echoed when I kicked it!!!! OMG!! My heart skipped a beat , I found the treasure!!! When I pushed the dirt away here are about 8 tent steaks holding this huge boulder , my husband at this points wants nothing to do with tampering with anything on federal land. Mind you we are in the middle of a heavy bushed tree forest. No path for this girl, about a good 4 miles from the road. My husband is yelling @ me get away from that, you are going to get in serious trouble. No way was I letting this go, I had to walk back to the car , I couldn’t pull any of the steaks out of the ground , tearing up our trunk I find a tire iron, racing back to the boulder full steam, mind u I’m 50 something with an extra 50 pounds on my butt. This was no easy chore for sure, I was pink in the face, sweating and shaking , I just knew I found it, the steaks where about 24 inches, I pulled and tugged, with my husband yelling in the back round, first steak pops out , I get on the ground it won’t left far enough for me to see under, crap, I work on another, no easy task , second one pops out, I take the tire iron , forcing to see under , now I know why you need a flashlight I can’t see anything , omg! Heart racing. Hands shaking , I knew I had it, who else would put a huge plastic boulder in Yellow Stone but Mr Fenn, the third pops out, back on the ground, I see it a square box inthe middle , fourth pops out , my friends the first light hits under the boulder it is a box silver in color with iron looking snakes coming out of it, it’s an electric box running some of the cameras in the trees of Yellowstone , Yes , Uncle Sam is watching us..

I completely freak out I just tampered with federal equipment . Running back to the car, dirty, sweating, huffing and a puffing, my husband races off . We get about 20 miles down the road, and here comes sirens behind us. I am completely freaking out, crying, and , my husband is

furious with me. The trooper was very nice checked our ID’s and asked, what where you doing of course I said “LOOKING FOR FORREST FENN’S TREASURE” he just chuckled, we figured that what you where doing, we all had a good laugh watching you struggle . We just figured we keep watching and laughing, needless to say I didn’t find IT.



32 thoughts on “Story Contest Winner Announced…

  1. Laura –

    Great Job – Congratulations – hope you saver the Jackie brandy as a moment to go down in history !

  2. That is a great story, Laura…and if people didn’t consider you a powerful woman with mystical charms before they will now! Just make sure you’re wearing that necklace everywhere you go. You might want to conceal the necklace, though…or else everyone will KNOW…without a doubt…where your magic powers come from and they won’t give you any credit for your own natural abilities. 🙂 It’s always better to keep everyone guessing. “It’s not who you are…it’s who they think you are”…and all that.

    Btw, can you give the coordinates to the rock with all those “steaks”? And did you notice if any of those steaks were a nice, char-broiled, medium-well? 🙂

    I’m just kidding you. Congratulations on the win! Well done! …or medium well. Whatever the chef is serving is fine by me. 🙂

  3. Congrats Laura, great story. I’ve got to ask; did you pull a Fenn on us with the steak thing to see if we were paying attention……Pure genius, Fenn has got to love that.

    Fenn should buy you a stake to go along with that drink. 🙂

  4. That was def my favorite story. Forrest must have LHAO reading that one, with a side order of “how do you like me now”… Wear that necklace w/ pride, you earned it.

  5. So many great stories…I would be interested in the final vote tally by story….would that be possible Dal? Congratulations Laura, and I will say it even if nobody else will….I am SUPER JEALOUS!! LOL.

  6. Laura,

    Loved your story, and it’s good to know there are some rangers in Yellowstone with a sense of humor.

    • Wanted to add that for me, what set your story apart from all the other good stories, was it’s universal appeal. I doubt there’s a single searcher who would’ve passed up checking out a hollow rock.

  7. Laura, someone suggested for you to selfie with the necklace… I will ask, give us the “tell-tell” that Forrest mentioned was on the necklace. Only if you feel generous hearted though. Again, Great story, (my luck, I would have been put under the jail-house)

  8. Laura,
    My first post on here to tell you congratulations! Your story was very vivid and grabbing. I could picture the whole thing, right down to the husband (maybe I can relate a little). Lol Hearing them have a good laugh at you had me picturing some Reno 911 cops in an office laughing while one pulled you over. Great story. I admire your adventurous spirit!

  9. loved every minute of your adventure funny to know you were being watched by yogi bear keepers.glad you won with that one.that mystery bead,is it a yellow agate ,marbel,etc.let us know how it went with you and mr. forrest,you lucky girl.

  10. OMG, I just read this story and my left arm started to hurt in pain, I had to hold it. I’m trying not to laugh, but this was the best story yet! Too funny

  11. Awarding this to “Laura” actually makes quite a bit of sense.

    Here’s some back-up to my ridiculousness (@WiseOne, help me out here):

    – This contest could be linked to Le Rouet d’Omphale, the middle section was used as the theme music to the radio drama, The Shadow.
    – Omphale was the queen of Lydia, a later evolved name for the city of the original Philadelphia.
    – In “My War For Me”, F speaks of an epiphany moment by placing his thumb over Philadelphia.
    – Dactyls are fingers. Hercules/Heracles was the thumb.
    – Hercules was remanded into weaving slavery for Omphale by Xenoclea, an oracle at the temple of Apollo in Delphi, for killing Iphitos and for generally being a douche.
    – There’s a column in Yellowstone at Golden Gate called the Pillar of Hercules with a fun “moving around” history as the road has been widened.
    – One of Hercules’ later tasks was to slay the golden fleeced lion, the Nemean Lion.
    – In “My War For Me”, F includes a photo of a tiger skin drying out on a roof.
    – There is a depiction on a vase of Apollo carrying a laurel, symbolism of his relationship to Daphne while she evolves into a laurel tree. Was Laura’s shadow selected to point us to Daphne, Apollo, Cupid, Hercules, and Omphale?
    – Perhaps the thumb over Philadelphia refers to the story of Omphale, Hercules, Apollo, and Daphne.
    – As a result of Daphne’s refusal of Apollo’s desire (a result of being shot by Cupid’s lead arrow as revenge against Apollo), he vowed to always have her present wherever he is; “Always my hair will have you, my lyres will have you, my quivers will have you, laurel tree. You will be present to two Latin places, when the happy voice will sing a triumph and they will visit the great ceremonies at the Capitoline Hill.”
    – Capitol Hill is also a location in Mammoth Hot Springs.
    – There is a Cupid Spring at Mammoth Hot Springs.
    – F put his hair in the chest.
    – F has a Nicolai Fechin painting including a lyre in TTOTC.
    – Apollo also used his powers of eternal youth and immortality to render Daphne ever green. For this reason, the leaves of the Bay laurel tree are known to not decay. F makes a similar observation about bay leaves in his Scrapbook Forty Nine.
    – In Scrapbook Forty Nine, F points out 3 bottles of cloves, where one of the labels is Spice Island. This same label was given to Sri Lanka, aka Ceylon… where F mentioned putting two Ceylon sapphires into the chest. Two Ceylon sapphires were traditionally used as elephant eyes. Mammoth Hot Springs has a feature named “White Elephant Back Terrace”.

    So many ways to connect all this stuff…

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