The Magic Forrest Treasure….


August 2014
from Wendy


Wendy Thunderbird edited 2The song, The Magic Forrest Treasure, was largely inspired by Forrest Fenn’s poem about his hidden treasure trove.  The song, like the poem, is on one hand simple,  but on the other extremely complex.   The song, a melding of the key words in Forrest’s poem and my lyrics and music encourages us to find not only a treasure of gold, but to quest for the truth.

Magic Forrest Treasure was created to accompany a children’s adventure book, that Forrest and I started working on in 2013.  When the book is completed, the song as well as special clues within the book will guide young readers to a magic treasure all their own.

“Originally, I recorded this melody with only my lyrics.  I was satisfied with it until something remarkable happened…  new lyrics started coming to me and eventually the song became a melding of keywords from Forrest’s poem and my original lyrics and score.  Like all of my musical compositions it was intuitive.  I was not sure how Forrest would receive it, but knew that it was something I had to share with him, and he loved it!”  Wendy Bradshaw

As you will hear in this theme song, the book is about the excitement and adventure of treasure hunting and why it is such an exhilarating and defining moment for those that seek the treasures of their own hearts.  It is also a fusing of American Indian voices and music blended with a mysterious and imperative call to seek and find the treasure that is yours to find, and more….  The song also contains a warning to those who let greed or self- interest blind them to their higher purpose.

Magic Forrest Treasure video and all of Wendy’s music

Magic Forrest Treasure music video only

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  1. This is going to be the highlight of my week in the treasure hunting realm. Thank you for sharing, Wendy and f.

  2. love the clouds,pretty song,that really meshed with the poem very well .love always brings you home.home is where you lay your hat. home is where the heart is.coming home to a loving family brings peace.Thank God,I’m home,I’m home at last.The older you get ,you seem to want to stay closer to home more.just me thinking?as a child ,forrest adventure begain with his dad.the day he found his arrowhead with the one he loved.going on vacation to Yellowstone each year with his family, brought many good memories in the heart.being brave in the jungles,shot down.he thought of peggy and his children.thats what kept him going.served other people(his country).kept us safe.learned ,that we are here to only serve other people.put others before your does make you feel good inside to do something nice for someone .and it always comes back full circle,full is like a circle .our life is reflected to others in what we do and say.a rainbow is a just can’t see it.

    • It sounds like you have a lot of wisdom, Virginia! Thanks for sharing your positive outlook on life, and for reminding us of how Forrest has done so much good for us. It reminds me not to forget Dal’s efforts either, and how he serves others through his blog.

  3. Thank you Wendy, I have released all that was learned because greed does not control me. I only wish someone else to find what they seek for I have already found it. 🙂

    • That’s wonderful to hear, Navyigator. I hope everyone can get to a place of peace and harmony.

    • You’re right. It is kind of like a vision quest. Are you psychic? I have another song called Vision Quest, that I’m releasing this week.

        • I follow the blog but still haven’t learned most of the bloggers names. What name do you go by? I’ll try to let you know when Vision Quest is released, unless your psychic powers tell you before I do. 😉

    • That’s great to hear from you Jenny! Thank you for sharing your talents too! I love your Mysterious Writings site.

  4. Great song Wendy! I hope you win the award you were nominated for. I believe my 5-year-old Grandson would love it. As a matter of fact, I hid treasure in a treasure chest for him in our yard and made him a map and he found it and now wants to look for treasure all of the time. He would LOVE this book and music. He has started reading because his Mom teaches him, which I am glad because I believe that he has Tourette’s and school will most likely be hard later. I think that you and Forrest should put the book and music on audio as well. Keep up the good work and thank you both and hurry and get the book out; my Grandson will be waiting!

    • Carolyn, that nomination is past, but I hope that this song can be nominated for the next Nammy award! That’s wonderful that you’re creating those kinds of memories and TTOTC with your Grandson. I love writing music and books for children that infuse in them a love of reading, music, and adventure. I also agree with you about putting this book on audio and video, just like my other books. Thanks for your input!

  5. Looks like the Thunderbird is on the cover………..

    “In her song A Great Gift, Wendy states that, “Lighting is the message, thunder the messenger”

    The wings of the bird creates the thunder the eyes the lighting………

    Call for warriors?

    The North country creates Vikings and warriors……….One must find their heart elsewhere.

    • I noticed the bird too but it looks a lot like a petroglyph that’s kind of different…

      • It’s a “Thunderbird” reply email from:

        Wendy Bradshaw
        To Me

        Today at 1:23 PM

        Hi Rick,

        I’m so glad that you enjoyed the song! Yes you are right about the cover. It is a Thunderbird.
        Thanks for your support!


        Sent email:

        Hello Ms. Bradshaw

        Really enjoyed your creative spirit on the “Magic Forrest Treasure” Amazing how some people don’t see opportunities while others do.

        Wanted to ask you is the cover of the album a Thunderbird? Thanks


  6. Wendy – Love the use of your heritage to bring forth the message you have to seek harmony.

    A number of times more recently, I realize I’m not chasing the treasure anymore but rather a form of love and endearment that is everlasting and transformative.

    • Thank you for seeing that. It sounds like you’ve already found the greatest treasure!

  7. KInda different………either it’s a Thunderbird or not.

    Sent Ms Bradshaw a email asking, I’ll let you know what she says:)

        • You’re welcome, Rick! You’re very observant and detailed. I wouldn’t be suprised is you find the treasure someday.

          • Wendy:)

            Think your advanced with the symbols/symbolism.

            As for Fenn’s treasure he gets all the fun and I get all the responsibility:)

            Think where two ships about to move on from each other…………

    • Awesome, and thank you JM! I hope the song doesn’t give you a case of Earworm. Hmmm, maybe that would be a good thing.

  8. Wonderful song! The words in the native language look navajo but I am used to it being spoken not sung and spoken navajo sounds more gutteral. Navajo is a language I hear every day, where I work, everywhere I go. I may not speak it and only know a word or two but I definitely know what it sounds like spoken. Sung is a different story.

    • You are absolutely right, about spoken Navajo sounding more gutteral! My friend Rose Yazzie Thomas is Navajo background vocalist. She sings with me on the song, and helped with the Navajo language, but It was even hard for her to sing the words with the melody.

    • I love hearing that, Deb. I’m so glad that you’ve found the greatest treasure!

    • Beautiful video of Legend Rock, Geydelon! It’s such a spiritual and serene place. I’ve also traveled through the area, but I’ve never believed the treasure was there. Thanks for sharing.

    • You’re welcome, rmannaa. Do you have another name that you go by? Thanks for listening!

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