Thank you so much for your prayers…

It’s quite a miracle… Hayden went back to school yesterday..  1 week and 2 days after being struck by a Chevy Tahoe at 30+mph, cartwheeling through the air 20 feet, and hitting the pavement, losing consciosness…  We were told he had 3 fractures but he actually had 5 – 2 in his eye orbital/sinus, one in his right collar bone and 2 in his pelvis…

He was in the hospital Monday though Friday, and Saturday, he was walking without a walker, on no medication and required no surgery!   It’s really hard to explain – seeing him come into the emergency room the way he was, and how he is now…






Thanks to EVERYONE who prayed for Hayden – the group prayer obviously helped!


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  1. Wonderful news. Best wishes for Haden, and his wonderful smile that gives us all hope and courage.

  2. Brian, thank you for the update and especially those pictures!
    What a beautiful smile. How old is Hayden?

    So thankful for the progress and answer to prayers!

  3. What a little cutie – love that smile. A miracle for sure. Thanks for the update Brian and darling photos.

  4. Well bless his little heart. What a darling little boy. Thank God every day that you still have your son here . I couldn’t even imagine . what a blessing:)


  5. God has plans for that amazing little boy! I work for an orthopedic surgeon, and I can tell you right now, Hayden is a miracle. Pelvic fractures normally take a very long time to heal! I’m so glad he didn’t need surgery or medication…he’s one tough little guy with a bright smile and a bright future. I know God has His hand on him–you can see it in the sparkle in his eyes…:)

  6. Thank God! Miracles happen everyday; I have seen quite a few. Prayer definitely does help. He looks great and like he feels great.Best wishes to him and all.

  7. Thanks for the update on Hayden’s incredible recovery and the cute pictures! What a sweetie and what a great smile. He’s amazing!

  8. Glad to see you recovering Hayden. You are one tough dude. That Chevy Tahoe will think twice the next time it decides to try and take you on.

  9. God bless you all! I know the prayers worked!

    He is back to school a full day today and rode the bus. (Hayden is 6 and entered the 1st grade this week)

    Personally, thank you for your support… For me, it has been a nice boost to see your nice comments from mostly total strangers…

    And yes, Hayden gets his good looks from me! 🙂

    Love to you all,

    Hayden’s Daddy, Brian

  10. What a MIRACLE! I have a six-year-old son myself, Brian, so I know how happy and grateful you must be that Hayden is alive and doing well. It has undoubtedly brought you closer together as a family and to your Maker.

  11. See that’s the thing about being young, you bounce well ! A boy after my own heart. He is going to rock the world, trust in that. So glad it turned out so well, must be all that love and faith. 🙂

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