The Blaze…Part One


This is the place to discuss the the blaze. What do you think it is? Is it temporary or permanent? Will it be around for a thousand years or doesn’t it matter? Is it easy to spot or difficult? Does the poem tell us what the blaze looks like or what it is?

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  1. I have used the approach of keeping it simple and elegant. So I tried to figure the hidey spot from the poem. I looked for the location of wwwh from the first stanza. I believe it tells us the general area of wwwh. Also, I took the new and old riches of this location and combined them to make my blaze. And my word that is key helped me to know when to stop the car at the blaze.

    But I’m not sure that this is the correct approach.

  2. My guestimate is that it is an alteration of the natural world that was changed by men a long time ago and will be perceivable for a long time to come.

    • I agree, but also think it could be a permanent scar left on the landscape by a natural event.

      • A blaze I had considered in one area I searched had an outcropping of rock that had natural marks from being repeatedly struck by lightning. The continual lightning strikes in that spot ensured that the marks will always be there and it gave some interesting corollary meaning to ‘look quickly’ and ‘tarry scant’.

        Having recently been on a walk with the wife and kids in our neighborhood and had lightning strike about 15-20 feet away from us, it is one natural event I don’t EVER want to repeat.

  3. I have a question about the blaze. Some have said that a fire pit is the blaze. Wouldn’t the fire be the blaze?

  4. blaze one – very shiny, refective, looks like a star in the light of day. This is at the beginning.

    Blaze two – is an odor which is in the middle.

    Blaze three you have to look for the poem explains it and if you figure it out you know what to look for.

  5. My current guestimates are either a natural formation that you can see easily or a white mark of some kind, maybe a streak on a large stone? Dal, you seemed to indicate that Forrest was saying a blaze was a white streak but I never really heard that from him.

  6. I believe the blaze is a trail. Not a human trail, not an animal trail but a water trail. It is the last leg of the journey and it takes you to the chest. My solve is all water. Two lines intersect forming a corner where the last leg begins.

  7. If I knew what and where in the blazes it was, I would be sizing an emerald ring and counting double eagles… after giving Dal the chest, and throwing nuggets at the irs.

  8. A form of water, perhaps ice. my solve follows fly water. I think headwaters are important.

  9. I was looking at jemez falls at different seasons i noticed a slim stick of a tree leaning against the bank to the right of the falls where it ends, what looks like notches in it blaze perhaps? in one picture of a parcialy frozen jemeze looks like you could enter behind the fall with out getting wet totaly now i do not how deep it is?just a thought from a Canadian but i do believe you will find the place that is dear to Fern.

  10. OK…I posted this before, but no one seemed to care. I have indeed “found” a blaze by following the clues in the poem to an exact point and by eventually being wise. I have also come to realize that the found “blaze” in my solve is where the puzzle really “just” begins. I am 100% certain that the “blaze” I found is in fact a “blaze” because the U.S. Gov’t says it’s a blaze…just check with the NSA I guess or the National Forest Service circa 1904. I have no idea whether the blaze I have found is anywhere within 1000 miles of the TC…but it is located just below the “tired and weak” f and at the center of an X …and the puzzle only seems to get harder from here.

    FYI… The leaves above 5000 ft are already showing signs of change so time is of the essence…at least for 2014.

    I seem to recall that Mr. Fenn reportedly commented in the winter months (Jan. Feb) to a reporter who questioned the reality of the TC, that in response, he (Mr. Fenn) could go there right now and retrieve “it”. I assure you that there are not many place above 5000ft in the Rocky Mnts. that you will be able to retrieve the TC in Jan. or Feb. unless it is hidden in the lobby of the Brown Palace. Anyone remember this supposed comment from Mr. Fenn? If it is accurate…and without a qualifier like…if I could get there…then my solve is totally wrong because you will not get to it in the winter months, which is true of most locations above 5000ft in the Rockies.

    If anyone in the know could please provide accurate information as to Mr. Fenn’s supposed comment of going right to it and retrieving it in ..say Feb… it would be appreciated. If this is in fact an accurate statement, then I can be done with my quest because no one will be searching this location in Feb.!

    If you are interested in a photo of the blaze I have found, I suppose I could try to post it on the photo page? I did send a photo to Mr. Fenn expecting zero response…which I got…so … let me know if you would like me to post it and I will give it a try.

    • Windsurfer – I don’t have the reference, but if it’s true, then the area would need to be open roads and accessible all year. This doesn’t rule out WY, CO, MT, or North entrance to YNP trails as there are roads and trails open to back country skiers all year. Additionally, ‘worth the cold’ could mean very late fall or early spring when summer grasses are dead and thorough ground search is feasible. I would enjoy seeing your photo; nice work to see a solve to fruition.

    • Wind, yes, photo please, and yes, I do recall your prior comments about the end being a new beginning. It was very provocative & I’m still mulling it. It seems very like a thing ff would do. I wouldn’t be surprised if when someone finds the blaze, the string attached to the wallet laying on the sidewalk would tug it just a little further down the road. I think I see Wimpy hiding behind a tree.

      • Klase, scroll down a bit and you will find another comment of mine with the link to the photo that dal kindly provided.

    • Post it I think we all should post all the blazes we thought was blazes just to
      Make Forrest laugh

    • Amy,

      I so admire your tenacity and persistence. I see that the photo page says that I am to send it to dal…so I will give that a go. I am so sorry that you struggled to find a blaze in your search.

      • Wind surfer

        Thank u maybe Dal will post it.

        Oh yes the Blaze with my solve in thinking something way different. For the Blaze at this time maybe nothing has a mark on it . It’s just the blaze. So warm to blaze, to cold . Means something in my solve now that I’m home and can’t search again for awhile isn’t that hiw it works lol.

    • Amy,

      I sent the photo to dal…so over to him if he decides to post it on the picture page.

  11. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again…when it comes to “the blaze” that’s where I get stuck…and certainly not by choice. I really wish I was at “that point” in the poem right now.

  12. The blaze is not something that you will find in the field… stop looking for it 🙂
    It’s something that you have to “construct” from the Poem.

    • Once you figure out the blazes of the poem they are actually at the location. I saw saw them it was the last one that I saw that I didn’t have clue as to what it was. You would have to see it to believe it. It is in a way described in tftw in chapter 4.

    • Mary,

      I have found 5 of them on the ground…all in alignment…with the X. Quite amazing actually since one of them is “f”

      I am pretty sure there is at least one more…not sure about 9, but who knows….still searching.

  13. Is it temporary or permanent? As long as you have the poem, the Blaze is permanent.

    Will it be around for a thousand years or doesn’t it matter? It will be more difficult to find the chest, nothing stays the same for very long, Geologically speaking.

    Is it easy to spot or difficult? Does the poem tell us what the blaze looks like or what it is?

    IMO, what I see in the poem is that, once you understand the poem, it takes you to a place, a place the author wants you to be, the physical starting point. Then you use the information in the structure of the poem to locate the chest.

    The Blaze is inside the poem or maybe a better way of saying it… the poem, is the blaze and not a single object on the ground.

    one mans way of seeing what is in the poem.

    • the blazes are in the poem, one specifically is described as to how it is put on the item, the item it is on is described, it is hard to explain without just coming out and telling you what it is, how it was done. I would do that but that might spoil trying to figure it out for some.

  14. I’m sleep texting this. In treasure hunts X marks the spot. How about an X that is ablaze and since f is a trickster, maybe the X can even dissapear and reappear.

  15. the blaze is not in a dangerous place,a child could stumble upon it, and it is a white blaze and I believe it is hidden very well in a rush.its such a special place to forrest,so it must bring back a real good memory for him.only forrest knows,and nobody will find it,if they can’t decipher the poem.

  16. Stepping outside the box…and walking along it’s edges –

    -The Blaze will be there when you understand and arrive at the location of the 9th clue
    -You will know what it is because you understand the poem

    But, as integral as the blaze is to the soul of the poem, it is not one of the 9 clues!

    • New here…I just love all the blaze going on here. I agree the Blaze is not one of the clues. It can only be found on Ground zero.

    • ellen i agree with you in part if someone solve the poem when they arrive they will see it

      • Sometimes one’s instincts will lead them in the right direction. It takes wisdom and good eyesight to see what is really there… I’m talking “blaze” here. Sometimes all it takes is experience. IMO

        • Then again too, Once you get there,and you see what it really is, you may not like it as well as what your imagination has envisioned it to be. it may not be what you expected at all. You feel then feel betrayed. When that happens too many times, the thought crosses your mind that it may be time to simply halt.

  17. The several elements that are contained in the blaze are defined by the clever insertion of many words in the poem that secretly describe the blaze. Once observed, it will be obvious that it is the correct blaze. The blaze (by definition) marks the path to the trove. The exact location of the trove is further detailed in the poem if you correctly understand the meaning(s) of “down”.

    The area around the blaze that takes you from water high to the blaze are covertly described in the poem; that when cracked will allow the finder to confidently claim it to be the correct solution and allow them to “walk (exactly to the precise spot to where the trove is hidden) with a smile on their face”.

    The Wolf

  18. Hi All,

    For those of you who were interested in the Blaze that I mentioned in a post above, dal has provided this link to see a picture of it. Take a close look at the fine print…I think we should call it The “Code” of the West. The link worked for me…not sure if you can copy and paste into your browser from here though. Well, at least it is a Blaze and provided some excitement.

      • Wind –

        That’s interesting – Where I am looking – the forest service has removed, by scratching out markings on trees. I wonder how many important markings of the past are now gone. It’s too bad we cannot preserve our history.

  19. Hey, has anyone been in the chase long enough to remember if there was a proposed solve following the “Trail Blazer” John Fremont? Travelled with Hayden expedition and Corp of Topo Engineers plotting the first maps in the Wyo Rockies. Discovered Wyo’s glaciers (where all WWH) and blazed a social trail to free slaves that rivaled Pres. Lincoln. Freemont County, Wyo – Sinks Canyon, and gateway to the Wind River Range. Anyone remember trailblazer discussions?

    • It seems I remember a discussion about that. I know Sinks Canyon has been discussed; I really wanted the chest to be there but couldn’t make all the clues fit…..yet.

      • Thanks for your help Goofy 😉
        I’ve only been to the outskirts of the Winds once. Lovely, rugged area but don’t know it well enough to solve it or search. Just think Forrest would have collected knowledge and perhaps maps from such an important western explorer and early human rights activist.

        I enjoyed your lively discussions today. You are always so well spoken and thoughtful. And it’s fun to see feathers ruffled!

  20. “Begin it where warm waters halt
    And take it in the canyon down,
    Not far, but too far to walk.
    Put in below the home of Brown.

    From there it’s no place for the meek,
    The end is ever drawing nigh;
    There’ll be no paddle up your creek,
    Just heavy loads and water high.”

    IMO: all of the above is the blaze. If you find your way through the above mentioned trail (the blaze), then look quickly down and find your quest to cease.

    IMO: I found it. I figured it out. I went to where it told me to go. I found it also, but I have yet to figure out all there is to figure out at that location.

    Fred Y.

      • Ed, I have TT (pi) in my solve and a slice of pie. IMO the golden frog is symbolic of a transformed life and born again into afterlife (ancient people’s symbolism) Could also ref. his riparian efforts. best of luck in your Fendeavors

    • Its been a while since this post. Can to tell where you thought it was, or are you still looking there?


  21. IMO, the blaze (like each of the nine clues) has two meanings. One meaning (again, IMO) is a notch like those used to blaze a trail. (But, in this case, not “a human trail.”) And one meaning of “Look quickly down” seems to be to NOT continue down the (not a human) trail. (I’m guessing that this is confusing enough to not be helpful to anyone; I’m sorry; it’s the best I can do for now.)

  22. Don’t have much to say I haven’t checked yet. I think The blaze is Jesus but do I have faith to look to him the risen Door of hope or am i doubting Tomas? John 3:16 🙂

  23. For Squigmyster…you commented a few days ago about the blaze at Jemez Falls, NM…I was there last week and again this week…Dal posted 2 photos of the falls from my trip last week under the post Photos from Searchers Album 3…This area has been a favorite of mine all the way from Jemez Falls, McCauley Warm Springs, Spence Hot Springs, down to Battleship Rock…I have not been able to find the treasure chest in that area…but that doesn’t mean it’s not there…

    • Thanks for sharing, Cynthia. I know the region well. I was a counselor at a camp near Fenton Lake in my college days. It was run by the ABQ Public Schools and offered the first outdoor camping experience for hundreds of 3-5 graders each summer. Good memories, although that area doesn’t strike me as someplace FF would hide the treasure chest. Ojo Caliente and S. Colo are the only two places I have ever considered it would be.

      • DH – If you are searching the Ojo Area, I found this description from circa 1831 – 1844.

        I found the mention of two nearby springs with quite opposite characteristics very interesting. One is hot enough to cook food, and the other ( a few paces away) is perfectly cold.

        “here are several warm springs (ojos calientes), whose waters are generally sulphurous, and considered as highly efficacious in the cure of rheumatisms and other chronic diseases. Some are bold springs, and of a very agreeable temperature for bathing — but there is one in the west of the province, which does not flow very freely, but merely escapes through the crevices of the rocks, yet it is hot enough to cook any article of food. It is a curious phenomenon, that, within a few paces of it, as in the case of the hot springs of Arkansas, there is another spring perfectly cold.”

        I believe, but am not 100% sure, this was written by Josiah Gregg.

        Scott W

        • Thanks, Scott. I think I know the area from the Rogers and Johnston atlas. I’ll check it out, but I’m still stuck on Colorado.

          • Scott – I checked the Ojo site map again. Didn’t see anything noteworthy but I’m still searching. My research has been slow and spotty lately…a downward spiral taking me to some pretty questionable places (Ute sacred land, a cliff, and a llama farm). Definitely the work of a rookie. Yesterday some friends reminded me of the importance of continuous improvement. I’m going to keep that in mind as I get back to trying to solve Mr. Fenn’s remarkable poem.

  24. I think Forrest listed these possible blazes:
    (I can’t find the ref; anyone know if it was an interview?)

    tree marker
    side of a bluff
    live owl

    Was this ff’s exhaustive list of blazes? If so, it rules out trails.

    • I believe Mr. Fenn listed those things because other people wrote to him saying they thought the blaze was one of those. He did not provide his own suggestions.

      My idea was a sign, but I’m much less certain about that now.

      • Muset, thx for clarification. I’ve lurked awhile and know I’m not to a point of certainty or confidence. feel like I found rough lat/long coordinates in books; reference to geocode in line of poem. Still trying to pull together a complete solution.

        • Hi Andesite, what part of the poem gave you the thoughts about geocode in line of the poem?

          • @ Friend – All *IMO. in my solve – first stanza anagrams the map; by assigning numberical order to alphabet gives the correct highway to turn from; or first three numbers of Longitude (which both work). Second stanza gives middle 4 numbers of geocode. I believe TFTW gives hints at both lat & long. if you know what to look for.
            Hope that’s more helpful than confusing. So many different ways to solve. Best.

          • @ Friend – Since this thread is the Blaze, I should add that I have not figured out what the blaze is. Any ideas on the blaze?

      • we believe that if you solve the poem correctly and you are the path/trail to it you will see the blaze. remember a blaze is a mark and it could be a rock or trees. but if not in right place you will not see the blaze.

        • That’s what I always thought too, I mean about feeling if you have solved the poem correctly, who knows about that, but it hasn’t worked out that way for me… Thus far anyway.
          One of my spots to look has a great big rock and a tree in close proximity to it. Not sure if I’ll ever go check it out though. Things change all the time… we become more wise every day through experience which teaches us to not make the same mistakes we’ve made in the past.

  25. Andesite, I must admit, this is the part of the poem that is the most difficult for me. Some past thoughts I have had were, the hoB is the blaze, mark or sign on a tree, or white streak (maybe a stone) or a bright burst of color on landscape or object.


    I’ve seen multiple news stories where Fenn reportedly said he would buy back the Byron Harvey bracelet. Anyone hear anything about what he would be willing to pay?

    • It seems like I recall a mention of $30k, but I don’t remember where or the validity of the claim. It was a few years ago.

      • Yes William I’m a newbie here haven’t done any searching yet. I think I read that in Albuquerques paper.

    • Its been a while since this link but he has mentioned that it is worth 300 -400 dollars. More sentimental than $ value.

  27. I think the blaze is hidden within the pages of TTOTC in the drawings. I think there is more than one hint – hidden in those drawings too.

    Happy Hunting !

    • I’ve thought so too but I haven’t been able to get that to work out in the field.

      Good luck.

      • The blazes are in the books. You have to look at the words carefully. They may not mean what you think. You can’t just use a definition on everything it may be what it makes you think of when you see the word.

  28. Geoff Idaho,
    I think the notch idea is a good one. I found this using google: A blaze is a mark or notch. In the beginning of frontier and pioneering days, intrepid explorers would notch trees so others could follow, or “blaze a trail.”

  29. I think it’s worth mentioning that since this is very nearly the end of four solid years of searching, many of the thousands of searchers out there have looked in the same places. That the clues which lead obviously to a place for me, have also led obviously to that same place for others.

    Last week I revisited a place I had not seen for over three years and found there all manner of “blazes” that were not there eleven hundred days ago. There were “f'”s, both capital and small, carved in a dozen trees and half as many rock faces. There was a pile of rocks and unfilled holes in every direction. It was both a celebration of the chase and a demonstration of human disrespect for nature and the humans who would come after them. It was both astonishing and saddening.

    While I surveyed the scene I felt a bit like a television host I worked with on a Wild Kingdom episode in Kenya years ago. He told me while we were out in the Serengeti setting up to film lions that he felt remorse over his chosen career. As we scanned the vast number of tourist camps now out in the bush he understood that he had unwittingly contributed to the decline of elephants by informing millions of people around the world about the beauty and exotic wildness of an area that in turn encouraged tourism..the elephant’s…and his… worst enemy.


    • Dal, I have to echo your remarks w/ a big exclamation ! I have seen the “signs” left by a league of idgits. Very saddening for me. I was taught as a youth to respect my surroundings at all cost, and to leave the area as it was when I arrived. My guess is, that those who tread with disregard, will NEVER find anything close to being a Treasure… Remember the old litter commercials ? The Native American brave w/ the tear rolling down his face.

    • You’re right Dal, no respect, no responsibility, no accountability. Our narcissistic society has lost respect for others, the wilderness, and even self respect. Some of the searchers have given all of the searchers a bad name in the Rockies.

      I wonder if this person will get fired; probably not.

      EPA Employees Asked To Stop Pooping In The Hallway:
      Federal employees at the Environmental Protection Agency have been instructed to stop defecating in the hallway of a regional office in Denver, Colo., according to an internal e-mail.

      • Goofy is this your new lead on the home of Brown, not far from the museum of Molly Brown. double layer clue! wow im impressed

        and even though that rusty old iron thing marked the tail of my britches pretty good with a heavy brown color, it was worth it.

      • Our society is fine. The nuts and worst/ most depraved individuals make the news. An overwhelming number do have respect. No need to dwell on the negative, it’ll ruin your intestines.

  30. Whoa!!!! Now that’s serious–pooping in the halls? I’m sure our reps in congress will get to work and probe that one. They excel at taking on the crap.

    As for the goofballs (no offense Goofy) leaving their unfilled holes and poor attempts at marks in the woods–knock it off! It isn’t cute, funny or doing anything but reflecting the fact that a Moron stopped there. Is that your legacy?

    • Raven I agree with you…..but you never know. The ancient Indian petroglyphs we so revere may have been made by ancient juvenile delinquents that needed to get a job. I can just here the chief now……. “You’re supposed to be hunting boy, not drawing on the rock walls. You’re in big trouble now; wait until I tell your mother.”

      Another example is Independence Rock in Wyoming; now a National Historic Landmark. It’s nothing but old graffiti left by the pioneers. I’m surprised the BLM, NPS, and EPA, haven’t looked up the relatives of those folks and had the IRS collect a stiff fine plus late penalties and interest.

      • Or they might have just been looking to mess with our minds.

        “Hundreds of years from now, it will not matter what my bank account was, the sort of house I lived in, or the kind of car I drove… But the world may be different because I did something so bafflingly crazy that my ruins become a tourist attraction.”

  31. If it helps anyone at all (I feel like I have the beginning and end but I’m really tied up in connecting them so I may be way off base) but I’m strongly urged to say with a bit of conviction that the blaze is the sun and a specific time frame is crucial for the exact location once your are in the correct and final spot (which I can’t make the connection to from the first ARGh!

    • Hi Jamie, the sun or a reflection could be the blaze. That idea has been previously discussed on the blog, and one conclusion arrived at implied the weather – particularly cloudy days – would prevent a searcher in the correct place and position from discovering the treasure. IMO if that interpretation of Blaze is correct then additional clues in the poem would hint towards only finding the treasure on a sunny day. Hope that helps; if not, disregard and enjoy your search!

      • Interesting thought…my personal “decoding” left me with a precise time. I couldn’t imagine what that time/date would be useful for aside from needing to be there then. I believed I had also found the starting point but the time really does me no good without knowing the place so I assumed that maybe that time would show the blaze. Any thoughts on what else a time may be used for?

        • Jamie, perhaps time is a reference to direction; ie midnight = North, 3:00 = East etc.
          Just past midnight perhaps NE. For what’s it’s worth, I believe the tc will be found near the 45th parallel which falls half way between equator and North Pole and runs through Wyoming, Montana and Yellowstone park (poetic reference to half way and pole to pole).

  32. Unfortunately my time is an astronomical event (I.e. solstice, eclipse, that sort of thing) I’m brand new at this so probably way of base, but learning about things I never would have imagined. Truly a fun and info active hobby!

    • To be precise (who am I to hide things while asking for help??) it’s the solstice. (Which also may fit in with your pole to pole and half way)

      • Jamie, IMO the ancient civilizations which Forrest studies and collects set calendars by and celebrated solstice/equinoxes. The spring solstice which falls in the 6th month lines up nicely with 6 stanzas in the poem; and the fall equinox on Sept 22 lines up with numerous references to number 22 including F’s birthday; also with day and night hrs being equal. Equal sides, palindrome numbers, twins, mirror images seem to be a portion of the puzzle. You may want to read Coleridge’s Rime of The Ancient Mariner. I believe Forrest has both aeronautical and maritime experience which are incorporated into the poem’s solution. For me, I believe understanding T.S. Elliott’s ‘Four Quartets’ will build the framework for understanding why Mr. Fenn wrote the poem and hid the chest. Although, I doubt understanding his “Why” will lead to the chest. [It’s of interest to me]. Cliff notes or a commentary are helpful in understanding Eliot’s 4 Quartets and Little Gidding. (Gordon’s book The Perfect Life, chapter 10 is found on line and well thought out.)

        • Whoa. You guys are way beyond me. I had only found a codex for a single place (I think the start), and the word solstice. I hadn’t even considered involving math. Mind=blown! Honestly haven’t read or even received my book yet- I just get into logic and analogies and stuff. Looks like I’m in for quite a surprise when I read it!

          • @Jamie – Sounds like you are way ahead of the curve. I would love to understand what you mean by finding a codex. As I understand the word – it’s typically a handwritten ancient manuscript; but also means “block of wood” or “tree trunk” which are interesting w/respect to the line in Forrest’s poem “in the wood” which could mean in the book. Without giving your solutions away, are you able to tell me about your meaning for codex and how that leads to a location? If not, I understand. [Don’t disclose what you don’t want mined from this site by 100’s of lurkers who add nothing to Dal’s community of treasure bloggers.]

        • Thanks for the Gordeon direction… very helpful. I would never have gone alone in there without a push.

          • Gordon! Darn twitchy fingers.
            Leaves of Grass may be the next one, or Moby, … talk about the past being the beginning! I really am tired and weak.

          • Ha! good one Old Shadows. Now that you’re in, the trick is not to let your eyes glaze over while kicking your feet up at the home of brown or dropping the text quickly down into the rabbit hole.

  33. The Saying….I am Blazing a Trail. Making a path. When I worked for the forest service. We blazed trails. Or it could mean a fire too. A “Blazed” area. Lots of that All over Yellowstone. Also a few historic fires here and there.

  34. By codex I meant a book. The way I looked at it some clues were also found in another book paraphrased. The location of each of them in the other book gave mention of a specific location. Could be highly coincidental, but it was only found in the other book amongst the referenced text from the poem. I assume it more likely to be a start point than an end point however and have no more “solves” in between. 🙁

    • @ Jamie: Interesting on the codex connection. Does finding your starting point in a separate text align with Forrest’s statement that all you need is the poem, totc, a good map, etc. In other words did you find direct clues in Forrest’s poem linked to your codex? If so, great job! I believe FF directs to several literary references that are relevant in totc.

  35. To me the blaze is the hardest part of the poem…. One must know what they are looking for.. There are so many things that could be a blaze. You might see an object as a blaze, but I may not…. to me……. The blaze is the toughest……

  36. Yes the blaze is a tough one to figure out.
    I found a US flag up high so we went with that. It’s a blaze of color right. 🙂

  37. A flag is a blaze, except it will not stamd the test of time at one location. most people think wwwh is the toughest, or hob, I think its the blaze….. forrest is sly….I think at the end he will change things up a little…. just my thought….:)

  38. The blaze is the hardest we think watch it be something simple.
    Your right the flag would not last forever and my It rolled to the bottom lol so I have no idea about anything at this time:(

  39. no doubt that you should start at wwwh….. but that is broad too…. Forrest has had alot of time to set up this chase…. Amy, I think that it can and will be figured out, you must begin to figure it out the way it was constructed…your could be right about the blaze being simple…. I wouldn’t doubt that.. sounds like Forrest….lol Keep an open mind amy…. try not to go crazy in the process….lol

  40. Arkansas are u from there and what part. I used to to live in that state.

    So I felt that I had my warm waters and HOB but I guess not the area where we search we have been everywhere though it seems.
    It’s been a good chase 🙂

    • yes I’m from arkansas… west cental… fort mith area…. I have made 12 trips myself to the rockies… been a fun chase….maybe lucky 13 willl do me

    • Wolf: Intriguing historical approach and the most interesting blaze to date. Mining rights, holy grail connections should make for a great read, and great solve for the gold Wolf. If you want my scant research notes on the tc and jewelry pieces in Forrest’s treasure to add to your story, let me know. History always interests me. Please keep us posted with further updates on publishing timeline so we can support your marketing campaign. All the best Wolf, and stay clear of that nasty rattler den. Yikes!

      • Swan the book focuses on a link the pieces in the chest with hints to the location. I would be interested in comparing notes to see if there is something to add. the1wolf1 at gmail dot com.
        The Wolf

        • Wolf, just checking in, and out of pocket helping a friend today. I will email you this weekend. just basic research on a few ideas about items in the chest, which you may already know.

  41. Although I still like my Colorado spot, does anyone think there is a “white” blaze in Santa Fe that references the poem and the book?

  42. The logical answer is the blaze is white.
    Sure most definitions talk about white as in a white spot or white streak (as on a horses head).

    How do you back that up logically? Tea with Olga! Many searchers try and figure out what colour of those teas is significant (if at all). Well he mentions Red, Green, and Black tea, what colour of tea is missing? White of course!

    So IMO white is important, so what about white? Maybe many things are white, maybe that is the key, I believe that white is the colour of the blaze, as in pure white, whitest of the white in its natural sense. Go in peace is the colour of white is it not?

    There is one caveat, that white may be discoloured on the surface due to black tar, maybe tar from a blackshith shop, maybe tar from a juniper fire, but it is black tar as in TARry scant. Something to consider.

    The Wolf

        • yes,I happen to be watching a video of him,can’t remember which one,and he was asked ,and he said it was white .but the question they asked after that about the blaze.he would not tell them if it was one object or many together.

          • Did you really say the blaze is a white streak, as has been rumored? Thank you. ~Deb

            Thanks Deb,
            No, I did not say that. There is a lot of bad information floating around the blogs and many posts that are not well thought out. One person said (I’m paraphrasing) “He said the treasure is hidden in the trees. Then he contradicted himself and said it was in the sun. How could it be both.” Makes me wonder if that person has ever been in the forest.f

          • Virginia,

            I don’t question the accuracy of your statement, but if he actually said it was ‘white’, that would be hilarious…:)

          • that’s ok,i didn’t take it that way.can you imagine how many white things are in the woods,flowers,stone,you name it,it is funny if you think about it.he did make it hard.he is a stinker,a sly one.

          • German-
            I agree..I also understood your comment..My additional comment was intended for Virginia and others who have not read how that “white blaze” concept got started and also those who still believe Forrest actually said the blaze is “white” in spite of explanations and denials..

            People have expressed the “opinion” that the blaze is white many times. Forrest has denied that he ever said the blaze is white. That does not mean the blaze is not white…The blaze might be white, it might be black, it might be colorless…
            What is important to understand is that Forrest has never said …so it’s a good idea to keep your options open..

          • Dal,

            I don’t know how you are going to keep up with these rumors in another year or two, as new entries into the search don’t have the facts as we know them, from being involved in the search as long as we have been.

            It sometimes feels like the comments are intentional, so that someone comes back with the right understanding, saving them time from having to do the research. I don’t know, maybe I’m wrong, but who knows. Maybe a site search engine would help.

            All I can say, is good luck to you… 🙂

      • He did NOT say THE Blaze is white. He said “typically a blaze is a white streak” NOT that THIS Blaze is a white streak. Anything can be a Blaze. What is Forrest’s Blaze? Anything but. I believe though that it is yellow.

  43. The logical answer is the blaze is white.
    Sure most definitions talk about white as in a white spot or white streak (as on a horses head).

    How do you back that up logically? Tea with Olga! Many searchers try and figure out what colour of those teas is significant (if at all). Well he mentions Red, Green, and Black tea, what colour of tea is missing? White of course!

    So IMO white is important, so what about white? Maybe many things are white, maybe that is the key, I believe that white is the colour of the blaze, as in pure white, whitest of the white in its natural sense. Go in peace is the colour of white is it not?

    There is one caveat, that white may be discoloured on the surface due to black tar, maybe tar from a blacksmith shop, maybe tar from a juniper fire, but it is black tar as in TARry scant. Something to consider.

    The Wolf

  44. Has anybody gone to the Pecos Wilderness where the two ff’s are up in the mountains?My brothers and I went in there, but did not have a gps, or a good map. We got lost but we eventually got back to the trailhead. It was my first hike into any mountain, and even though we prepared physically walking, and jogging for a year , we still had a hard time with the hike. I will never forget the hike. It was one of the hardest things I had to overcome. I really got tired,and when one goes up there in the high elevation you do get enough oxygen. Anyways, the ff’s on top of the mountain could be the blaze, and we just have to go get it. Please do not go if you are not prepared. This is what I mean. We went in August last year, and even though the temperature in Cleveland,NM(The Home of Brown) was in the 80’s when we got to the lake the temperature had dropped like forty degrees because it had become cloudy. I only was wearing a T-shirt and paid the consequences. I had prepared physically, but did not have a jacket with me. I never thought the temp. could drop so many degrees in 3,000 feet elevation difference. RC

  45. Why would forrest say a blaze is a color at all?I have always thought of a blaze as a trail made by an animial or human. Or blaze as in fire. Never thought of it as a color. So if forrest is saying a color……than maybe its another kind of blaze, Like Blaze mountain, Blaze is white. Or a white marker on a trail? Just thinking. However the Blaze mountain location would take mucho time to get to it. Even by horse. Just thinking about Blazes.

    • if the blaze is something that is being used by the poem writer for a specific purpose, that is a “marker” to establish a location and then go to the treasure from there, that would fit the description of the blaze,

      and here is the point im getting at, if the blaze is something being used in the poem puzzle for this purpose, then the blaze could literally be anything.

      i wouldnt make assumptions as to any characterisitcs or the nature of it. there r hints imo in the poem and book that will help you. trying to decide beforehand what you might consider to be blazeworthy, imo, will NOT help you

    • don’t assume that it is anything, don;t think about what it could be….complete waste of time……guessing at it is like trying to figure out which hooker has aids….impossible or innacurate at the very least.

      solve and figure out for certain what the blaze is

      the clues are there

      just think

  46. Forrest said that you would not stumble upon the treasure rather you would figure out the poem and go to it. If you’ve been wise and found the blaze. Past tense. Find the blaze then go get the treasure.

  47. General Question : Why are we “looking” for a Blaze outside the poem?

    [ paraphrasing all the following ] All the information needed to find the location
    of the chest, is in the poem.
    Are there clues in the book TTOTC? yes because the poem is in the book.
    Are there clues in the book TFTW? yes because the map is in the book.
    Is the blaze a single object? ” In a word – Yes”

    Question posted 5/28/2014:

    Is the Blaze one single object? ~ Scout Around

    In a word – Yes

    I have received a few hundred emails from searchers who are sure they know what the blaze is. Ideas range from a mark on a tree, a rock, a sign, a fire, the side of a bluff, a waterfall, a spot on the head of a horse, a rainbow, and even a live owl that flew away when it was approached.

    As a side note: with summer on the close horizon, searchers should review the rules about being safe in the

    Question posted 6/25/2014:

    Did the same 9 clues exist when you were a kid and to your estimation will they still exist in 100 years and 1000 years?
    Thanks ~Ron

    Thanks Ron, thoughtful questions
    The clues did not exist when I was a kid but most of the places the clues refer to did. I think they might still exist in 100 years but the geography probably will change before we reach the next millennia. The Rocky mountains are still moving and associated physical changes will surely have an impact. If you are in the year 3,009 it will be more difficult for you to find the treasure.f
    Question posted 6/26/2014:

    Can the blaze be pre-determined by the poem or can it only be determined at the search area?- becky

    Becky, you are a rascal to ask that question and I have been sitting here for about fifteen minutes trying to decide what to say. Well, it has been thirty minutes now and I think I’ll pass on the question. Sorry.f

    Question posted 6/26/2014:

    Has anyone seen or mentioned the blaze to you? ~Stephanie

    Thanks Stephanie for the questions. I have read them several times very carefully. They appear subtle on the surface but they aren’t. A yes or no to either question would give too much away, so I’ll pass. Sorry, and I’m aware that some searchers will pick me apart for this answer.f

    Summery IMO, The poem is all you need to find the 10″ X 10″ spot. with this said, the Blaze that we all are attempting to find, as well, must be in the poem. In my opinion, the Blaze maybe many objects that create a single object. In a word “Blaze”

    I can see how some look at a word, a phrase, a definition etc. and come up with an idea of something to look for with boots on the ground [ I also have done this]. But are these assumption correct? There are so many of them.

    Lets assume just for a moment that the Blaze is a set of directions. This creates a single object or a single route [ for lack of a better term] an actual trail to be Blaze, or even a design, Possibly having 9 steps to follow. Why is it, If you’ve been wise and “found” the Blaze while reading the poem and all the “information” to find the chest is in the poem, most if not all, keep looking for the Blaze outside the poem, this make no sense to me.

    Scenario / theory: The poem tells the reader how to go from a larger area to a smaller area – with no reason for them to travel or possibly even, not have the capability to travel – Just places them by hints / information in a location the Author wants them to be at. At this point is when a searcher is physically or boot on the ground to start creating the Blaze “found” in the poem.

    So Seeker, how does the poem get you to a spot to start your physical – boots on the ground search?… That is in “how” one reads and understands the poem, Maybe, not as directions but a guide.

    Of course… IMO… Just for thought… Just saying.

    • Seeker – interesting, what do you mean by “…boot on the ground to start creating the Blaze”?

      • Evil Dick,

        In short, when I read the poem I don’t see direction as most do. I don’t need to be at any WW or a canyon, I don’t need to find a creek or cross it. I just need to understand the Place I end up at, that the Author wants a searcher to be.

        This is the start IMO of the Blaze and the boots on the ground travel part of the poem. From there I follow the structure of the blaze, that I feel is designed in the poem, to a 10″ x10″ spot.

        So basically your stepping, pacing, following… whatever verb you would like to use, to go directly to the chest.

        • gotcha – I have a similar method of a solve – mine involves zooming in with each clue to a single spot

          • That all depends on what you believe is a single clue. As I said earlier, or tried to explain the best I could, I see hints through-out the poem. Those hint are used with other hints to understand where and why you are there. Call them clues if you like, but I’m seeing clues that construct the Blaze itself.

            But then again, I am truly not sure what Fenn’s clues are to him. I just know he said there are 9… I see nine in the Blaze itself.

    • If I am correct the blaze cannot be predetermined by just reading the poem. It can be found by boots on the ground but most likely would not be recognized as a blaze. The Blaze was determined by FF by other means. That is how I believe I have found it. You have to think like FF to find the blaze.

      • Also if I am correct, when FF stated that he knows that people have been within 500 feet of the treasure, I believe that they were where the blaze is , saw it, and didn’t know they saw it. If I am correct the chase will be over on April 20th.

    • There are 3 blazes:

      1. An X which is found on the map & on ground.
      2. The word BLAZE: lazy B, then L az (as) E
      3. F

      If Forrest rewarded the one who figured out his blazes, I ‘believe’ he would owe me a coin. Don’t take my word for it, ask Forrest. I think I left him speechless.

      • I guess there would be 6 blazes… the four listed above and U U on the spot. 6 for F.

          • Inthechase, I didn’t here you, but i do hear you:-)
            and I could show and tell 7 of 9 blazes, but haven’t seen the last 2 U U’s and actually like the idea of 6 for Forrest better. The best part Inthechase, you’ve been there. I’m certain I saw you mention it many moons ago.

          • Inthechase, no I’m not psychic, but my imagination matches my intuition. It may have been the right combination if I had ignored a ‘friend’ who convinced me to look slightly n.e. because she was worried I might find it. Broke my heart when I realized someone I considered a friend wanted me to fail.

      • Anna-
        I’m here to burst your bubble..
        “I’m speechless.” is a common reply from Forrest to folks who send their solutions or ideas for a clue..

  48. “Thanks Stephanie for the questions. I have read them several times very carefully. They appear subtle on the surface but they aren’t. A yes or no to either question would give too much away, so I’ll pass. Sorry, and I’m aware that some searchers will pick me apart for this answer.f”

    When I read this quote the first time I wasn’t sure it he was talking about the questions or the blaze: “They appear subtle on the surface but they aren’t”

    If he is talking about the blaze, then that blaze I presented a few weeks a go fits this discription. The blaze has to be invisible to all but those who have really done their research, otherwise this would be over.

    When I first posted my blaze, I wondered if anyone could see or recognize the subtlties that add the necessary confidence to know that it is in fact “the” blaze. Forrest is correct they appear subtle but they are not.

    • Wolf,
      I read into the answers the same way as you stated. My understanding is that there were many other questions presented and fenn may have felt it was more a devious than it appeared to be. My only point to to that question was, He tries very hard not to talk about the blaze at all and if does it is a very short and direct answer.

      I have seen your blaze… wish i could see it in person or maybe you have a better photo. it is interesting just the same. I’ll throw this out at you… a “lets assume” moment, Can this be in-part a section or piece of the Blaze? IF following my thoughts I posted earlier. Thinking that this is the blaze would the chest be near { a foot or two } or do you still need to search another nearby area?

      “The clues are in consecutive order”… could the Blaze be one in the same, and you found part of it? of course this is assuming all nine clues design the blaze.

      Did I just make an ass out of you or me? lol all in fun wolf… all in fun.

      • Seeker,
        Stephanie asked “Has anyone seen or mentioned the blaze to you?” ~Stephanie

        That is actually two questions he has to consider whether to answer
        1) Has anyone seen?
        2) Has anyone mentioned the blaze to you?

        I guess she could settle it and tell us if she sent more but common sense says FF posted one question, thus he should speak only to that question.

        The Wolf

        • I asked Stephanie if there were other questions and she couldn’t remember. IMO Forrest gives more away when he refuses to answer a question

  49. I am starting to believe that the “blaze” (both by definition and in the poem) is the start of the trail. Once you have found the correct end is when you will know the “correct” beginning…or the “blaze”. The gold is what was our real blaze to start the chase, and the beginning may be where the treasure actually lies. Both literally and figuratively. Just my two cents 🙂

  50. Being NEW here..IMO the Blaze starts in the Beginning and Ends with TC. So if you know where WWWH is start there and it should lead you to the trove.
    Unfortunately I didn’t figure this out until after I had departed from my search area.
    Hopes this helps.

  51. IMO, the ‘blaze’ takes the searcher to the where the treasure lies, but the key to understanding WHAT the blaze is can be found in ff’s instructions AFTER you have secured the treasure: “go in peace”.

  52. I’m thinking today that my BLAZE may be on the lines of Fire 🙁
    Been doing some deep thinking lately 🙂 !!!!!!!

  53. Okay. I gotta ask (I say this tongue in cheek….but a part of me think that if I had the TFTW book I may not be able to resist. Haha. Here goes…..
    does anyone that owns the book have any desire to literally burn the map (like forrest did in lewis and Clark story) The kid in me thinks it would be hilarious if a secret message appeared 🙂 come on….you know you wanna!!

    • You could just heat it give it a little warm over a fire or something…lol. A little carbon never hurt anyone, right ?
      Plus, ya know, it could be a clue!!
      “Warm waters” will stop the fire…and you’ll have to throw it away in the trash (canyon down?) and it’ll turn “BROWN”….
      Lmao 😉

  54. The Blaze is likely to last a long time, so it is not a tree nor a mark on a tree. My guess is that it is a large rock fall, down a cliff face, that can be seen from a distance.

      • Actually Sam I am going to have to finally step and openly disagree with you. I used to think the same thing and if you look at my blaze it conforms with your line of thinking.

        Then again when I think about Mr. Fenn’s statement that not all the clues existed when he was young I can’t help but to think there is a reasonably good chance the blaze is not so infallible. Why do tornados come to mind when I say that?
        The Wolf

        • Wolf…The reason for the IMO in my statement…I can’t really expect you to understand my meaning unless we have the same solution…I can only speak from my own perspective and my own solution which is 100% derived from the poem itself…

          I found no clues other than the ones presented by FF…Hints abound and may be of help to find a solution but I did not and do not rely on them for the solution…

          The blaze I refer to showed itself to me in black and white on paper…Once I realized what I was looking at I understood why the blaze is as permanent as the poem…It is part of the poem but hidden in it’s words and must be found…

          But this is my blaze interpretation and not at all with the conventional thinking about the structure of the poem and clues…I look at it from a different perspective and I see something not yet discovered by others to my knowledge…

          I cannot help but return again and again to a statement by FF in TFTW…

          “I warned that the path would not be direct for those who had no certainty of the location beforehand, but sure for the one who did.” – f

          All IMO of course…except the ff statement, this is a truism…

          • Ah so…Really, nbnh/ sherlock?…

            Wondered if another would catch on…

            Tell me, if you please, how many words in “The Knife That Growls” are a direct hint by FF, not what they are, just how many?…

          • Ooookaay- I’ll answer. Depends. Is your question relative to the title alone, or the entire vignette? Still, depends; what do I see? What do I want to see? Where am I in the chase? Am I trying to fit a square peg into a round hole, or looking for the round peg? Am I a logical thinker, or creative?
            LOT of variables, so likely not many see the same. Especially when there is a hint for everyone, everywhere, at every place.
            I hope that answers your question of me.

          • Hey Seeker, How ya been?…

            Ok then mister smarty pants…Pick a number, any number…

            Will see if I owe you a qwepie doll…

          • Uh errr 5. It’s new math. You know, I know, you know?

            We still on for a cup of joe? same time same place? did know if things have changed since your big news.

          • Sam,
            I understand that you have a 100% poem solution the first time, and the following 99 times you repeated it to me. Got it! ha ha

            Many of us have taken that approach. I really do not understand your method of testing whether someone matched your solution. First off, what does ‘direct” mean? That is a very vague word. Does it mean only words that match the poem like “brave” and “drawing” or is there another interpretation that includes other hints that possible hints such as “warrior”? If the ladder, it is possible that one may have the correct solution and still not pick up all the hints laid down since many of the hints are repetitive in that they aim at the same clue but they are totally independent/mutually exclusive.

            Surely you could come up with a more definitive way to verify if someone matched your solution.
            The Wolf

          • Well stated wolf. Thank you.
            Sam, no threat intended, loosen your feathers. I was merely stating that perhaps you are not the only searcher with certain ideas. Some of us think the same, some do not. I’ll answer your question with a question. How many words in The Knife That Growls, have hints.
            And of course…I would expect more to notice…
            Poker is a fun game, eh?

          • Seeker….Back to school for you…LOL…

            Wolf and nbnh…

            Just a way to see if either picked up on anything from the FF post…

            He has a way of using words that I find fascinating…Only a similar solution would make something I may see as a hint apparent to another searcher…I say direct for some words appear as tempting morsels being tossed at the large mouth bass under the lily pad…

            Some words have connotations other than what may be evident from sentence usage in his posts and SB’s…

            Just being curious and inquisitive…

            nbnh…to answer your query…NONE…It’s just a story title…He says, as he slips the ace into his sleeve…LOL…

          • Sam,
            You are clever. You may be a tough advisory in the chase. I too see the morsels and wonder which to eat, and others I gobble up. I try to avoid the wooly worm. I’m no brain surgeon, rocket scientist, heck not even a full blown retneck, so maybe I don’t have a chance in h e double toothpicks. But – it’s a whole heckof a lotta fun!

          • Oh Seeker…forgot to say…I know, you know, I know, you know?…

            Keep it up, I’ll drown you in your cup…LOL…

        • Mr. Fenn said that the clues did not exist when he was young. That is a true statement. However, I believe those words were meant to create confusion and distract searchers. When he was young the poem did not exist therefore the clues did not exist even though the places the clues now represent did and will exist for years and probably centuries to come.

          • That second part is not what he said, he said ‘most of the places DID exist’…. most as in not all?

  55. IMO the blaze is not a hollow tree but close to one.. “In the wood”. Look for a hole low down near the bottom of a tree the chest would be below the ground level.”put in below the home of Brown”. Of course the blaze would be a fire pit the blaze only exists when you add – you guessed it wood.”If you’ve been wise” 🙂

  56. Samsmith,
    Though ii know not why others carry multiple identities… 😉 …
    My reason for changing from sherlock is simple.
    Sherlock implied intelligence. Nah, no brains no headaches suites me better. Gooooood mooooooooorning all!

  57. I remember reading years ago that the “Ring around the roses” song dates back to the middle ages and made references to the symptoms of the Black Death i.e. rose marked splotches with a ring of insects bites around it. Makes sense with the “ashes, ashes all fall down”.

  58. That sounds very doomy. As a kid it was such a fun song we would all dance in a circle and then all fall down at the end. I like that version better.

  59. How about this one does anyone remeber this. We actually would sing this under my great grandfather Mulberry tree…

    Here we go round the mulberry bush,
    The mulberry bush,
    The mulberry bush.
    Here we go round the mulberry bush
    On a cold and frosty morning.

    Here we go round the mulberry bush,
    The mulberry bush,
    The mulberry bush.
    Here we go round the mulberry bush
    So early in the morning.

  60. IMO, time is best spent trying to understand the ‘trail blazer’. Perhaps in discovering who FF is, his trail will be revealed with blazes apparent. Or not… he’s a complex maverick.

    On the surface he appears to be the Madison’s 50 mile riffle; but underneath I guess he’s more like the Missouri’s braided headwaters running deep with hidden undercurrents. It would be interesting to see a personality assessment and then determine what in the blazes we’re looking for.

    Maybe Dal would share a bit of his wisdom on who Forrest, the man is, for those of us who have never met him.

  61. Dal,

    What about a hook?
    Forrest likes to trout fish. You catch fish with a hook. Call me crazy.
    Maybe we are all crazy and he’s just hooked us.
    The irony of it all.
    Just a thought.

  62. Several Blazes. Beginning with the beginning… the titlos or Title. It has the signature of the Author. Three “th”s… reading backwards HT in hebrew and translated as Awe toward the Cross!
    19 Characters to TTOTC, as the 19 Hebrew characters on the aitia or ‘Accusation’ -INRI- .John 19:19 describing what these words are in 3 (th-ree tongues).
    A ‘super blazed’ superstring code in the gematria of both Genesis 1:1 and of the INRI sign. Pointing out 45 (F-orty F-ive) numerical values for Yahshua.
    Genesis 1:1 containing 7 hebrew words. 7 meaning completion. Authorship even prior to the first Character “B” meaning Yahweh’s word = succesion to “B” his Son, Yahshua. The head of Scripture, the Word himself from the beginning. And that’s just an eye opener to the first full word Bereshit (in itself a humbling message of wisdom, might, intelligence, grace, love, whollyness, and spirituality). For those seeking further, look into the odds of any one person fulfilling over 400 prophecies; the number of atoms in the Universe, are not enough to express the number!
    If that isn’t Godly, nothing is. Look no further, open your eyes or keep them looking up if you are already watching.

      • VGBOSS. Thanks but I don’t know about wise. I have given this poem a lot of thought. And tried tackling it from many (capital M) angles. Those words from just yesterday, made me understand that Fenn was simply hinting to the gematria in Genesis. So that it would turn to be a useful tool but not the answer. I made an entry you might enjoy in the ‘architecture of the poem’ link. It speaks of DBR root. A very complex system when put together with hebrew and twisted into geometry. But DBR points in two directions. Another one is lasers (a bottom-emitting multiple-quantum-cell VCSEL) and I think the solve is achieved by tieing those two.

        • Oh. I forgot to mention that the poem, when expressed on a grid, shows a mirrored symmetry (like the laser bed) that reads; I TIE A UODEE
          If you project those characters at 45 degrees, it turns to; I TIE A DUO.
          I originally thought uodee meant woody and focused heavily on the Bible theme. The ‘duo’ alternative kind of squares the two DBR solves. One for the text of the poem, the other for Fenn’s cancer treatment.
          May he enjoy good health for a long time.

  63. At the moment I am utterly lacking any hint of where to look for the treasure. The latest clue has completely shot down all of my ideas on where the treasure is. Argh!

    • Hi, David, I met you a few times in Santa Fe at a couple Fenn events but you probably don’t remember me…regardless, I was wondering what you consider “the latest clue”? Lots of searchers/bloggers think everything ff writes is a clue…By the way, some of us nominated you and your hat to compete with ff’s Mildew hat in his last Scrapbook…I hope you take it as a compliment. Ciao, Cynthia

  64. I think that I may have passed by the blaze because I was looking for ff to be carved on an object. There is one place that fits the poem that many of us have been to. Yet because we thought the blaze would look like initials carved on a tree or something we passed by it. Now that we have expanded our expectations we should review those solves that fit the description of the poem, and go search that place again. For example, while looking at images of one place that was searched by many of us I noticed something that I wouldn’t’ve considered back when I first searched there. It’s a big white rock in the middle of the creek. It’s at a place where you can ford over to the other side. Where there is a wall with holes and a shock of brush and trees.
    I probably shouldn’t have mentioned it, but it is in a place that fits the poem. So I don’t think that I am working on a hunch. I just got a new perspective on a good place. I’ll get back there next week.

  65. There’s a clear Blaze marked ‘B’… along the 601 character trail of the poem.
    Since there are 11 such Bs (bees), I’ll leave you all with a flavourful few words:
    Taken from
    Sweet and Stinging Melissa
    – by Marcus Argentarius

    Everything like the flower-loving bee
    you are doing, my Melissa,
    and I take it to my heart.
    You drop honey from your lips
    when you sweetly kiss,
    and when you want money
    you give me a mean sting.”

    Derived from my latest findings, the poem will have both wings and coins.
    Just like this poem does. Who or What is the Bee/Melissa/and Secret W?
    May the Gold be a ‘Beemer’? a sweet BMW 500 series? Or an all terrain BMX 500 utv? If so, either one is really cool.
    There are plenty of bird Sanctuaries in my area I could often drive to in either one of those.

  66. OK. Maybe not flapping wings. How about fixed ones? Or rotatory… A blaze can be a beam. Yes? If it can be found as a pattern? Specially if; by design. Two Fs back to back and inverted, can be a blaze. In a sea of characters. A 5-high is a blaze. And a Beacon? One you can see at night (not nigh)? Or read with instruments?
    Here’s a common ground though for wings and coins… Fen or WarBird, if a Ten Wing group or denomination is found, it could become a sitting duck. Yeah?

      • Hey Everyone:

        Question… If you thought that you were within striking distance of the chest and had come close to solving the poem, but were never going to look again…for whatever reason…

        Would you post your completed & unique solve allowing everyone else use your hard earned solution or keep it secret?

        • Sissel, I would post it for a few reasons. If you are wrong (most probable out come) some of the constructive criticism from folks here could tweak your solution for you and lead you straight to the chest.

          If you are correct at least you could claim you solved it and the proof is here.

          If you are correct and someone uses your solve to get the chest they may split it with you.

          Just my opinion.

        • I answered this, but it’s not showing up. I would leave my solutions in my book for future generations to come across. I think that alone would be a treasure to leave behind.

        • If I thought I might be close but would never go again I wouldn’t tell the general public. I think I would send Forrest an email with my complete solve…which I have never done. This is Forrest’s undertaking. I’d let him decide what to do with my solution…if anything. Maybe I’ll send him one of my solves one day anyway. I’m sure he gets great comic relief from searchers. 🙂

    • Oh,My ,what a beautiful place,so pretty.and no one to bother you.but its to cold and snowy up that, I’d take a ranch house ,here I Colorado.those docks are two F s.

      • flathead lake region was warmer than Texas last week and the lake is already boatable. Way too low in elevation – though the prettiest lake you’ll find.

    • Micheal …. I have had the pleasure of working on that place and a few more that are on Flathead lake . I have done stone work on a number of them . I live on the north end of the lake and it was beautiful today. 65 + degrees guess I’ll be getting the boat ready here shortly. I went metal detecting today and found some beautiful coins a 1926 standing liberty quarter ,1928 mercury dime ,1912 v nickel 1909 indian penny 2- 1919 pennies some other wheat pennies and some clad (great day)

    • Michael – I found that one last summer while boating past it. The place is for sale. Please buy it and invite us all for a swim and bbq

  67. The blaze is in the poem, just like forrest said.
    And, imo, solving from home is possible, but boots really help! 🙂

      • My apologies, austin. I worded that incorrectly. Forrest said all you need is the poem. I believe him, and therefore I believe the blaze is in the poem. 🙂

        • Jdiggins,
          I agree 110%…what good is a treasure map or a set of directions if some of the info is not there ?

        • Jdiggins – Good point! I didn’t think of it that way. So, in your opinion, is the blaze mentioned by name in the poem or does it require some “imaginative” thinking?

          • So lets say the poem turns into a map when you locate WWWH, When you reach the part of the map/poem with the blaze, I believe it will reference something in the area to validate that you are on the right path. Example: If you’ve been wise and found the blaze could mean = that there is a street named corona or budweiser or something like that in the area that you are at. The odds of that being in the same path somewhere else in the rockies is pretty slim… Get my drift? (or should i say draft?) That could reference the frogs somehow in ff stories also.. If that is the way the poem works, then its obvious you will have to start over again when you reach the end of the last line of the poem. Because that is going to point the physical blaze in which the treasure lies. then you will look quickly down, etc.. IMO. This is the only way I have been able to interpret the poem..

  68. Jd

    🙂 I have brain power , I have an imigination, some knowledge ( I needi more) I am wise, and I am thankful. I give hugs and I like to smile. 🙂

    • I do not believe it is in either book. I have them both. I believe that in order to find the blaze that people must think like FF.

  69. I am relieved to see that no one is talking about what I believe the blaze to be. I have looked through many many blogs and have found that only one person spoke about it but he/she didnt realize that they were speaking of the blaze either. If I am correct sometime shortly after April 20th I will let everyone know.

    • in 16 days I will be in Yellowstone and I will know if I am correct or not. Plane tickets, hotels and rental car all paid for. There are 2 blazes. Which one is correct I dont know. Either one could hide FF’s bones for hundreds of years as he has stated. Both spots are difficult but not dangerous for a 3 year old to get to. Both are surrounded by trees and both are WTWWH. One is a Natural Blaze one may not be. They are 1.5 miles apart from each other. I have done everything I know how to try to prove that the spots I have chosen cannot be the correct spots and I have failed. Now I just have to go and see. Most spots that people talk about I can easily, in my mind, prove they are not the correct spots. If I am correct you would be surprised at just how literal FF is. There is no ambiguity to his words. He is so literal that most people would look straight past the truth. The blaze however must be seen from FF’s perspective. If I am correct that is. Until you see as FF does I dont believe anyone will see the blaze as he does.

      • Good Luck Chris! You’ll have a great adventure even if you don’t find the treasure. Yellowstone is one of my very favorite places to visit and I look at their live cam frequently to see what the weather is like and sometimes see buffalo and people walking around close to Old Faithful. 🙂

      • chris good luck on your searches be careful, alert, ,safe, and have fun. you will be in our prayers.

    • If I am correct the blaze is the hardest thing to know and that is the one thing I will not give clues about. He has been very open about it though. He has spoken about how to find it, in my opinion. I could be wrong but at the very least as FF wanted I am going to get off of the couch and go look. Thanks Forrest.

    • One last thing. Other than the poem of course it is my opinion that the blaze is not mentioned in any way in either TTOTC or TFTW. I have read both books cover to cover multiple times and the blazes to which I am referring are not in any way shape or form ever made mention of in either book. Also I have never read anything spoken or written by FF that identifies the blaze. In my opinion he has made sure that the blaze is the one thing he has left for us to discover on our own.

      • Chris, Have a great time searching. I’ve been out 11 times over the past 18 months and immensly enjoyed the great outdoors each time.

        I believe a correct approach to the memoirs is key. IMO studying Forrest, the man, is more important than looking for hints when reading his memoirs.

        In studying Forrest, I found that he honored the “trail blazers” in his life… Family, Sloane, J. Sharp, the Higher Hand. Important people mark Forrest’s treasure trail with blazes. Only a genius could devise this brilliant yet simple way of marking the path. I believe 42 mentioned… on the surface Forrest appears like the Madison River’s 50 mile riffle, but his under currents run deep with complexity.

        Because of f’s cunning & complexity, I haven’t figured out if the poem solves to one location with the chest, or the chest of gold lies where f plans to be pillowed down and scented in. The area he considered for the chest hasn’t changed, but where he’ll be scented in may have.

  70. Ways to see the Blaze;
    1. Find it and look down, Not my favorite but why not.
    2. Find the blaze and line up with a distance object or view for the hidey spot. [ a line of sight ]
    3. The blaze is in both the poem and location. Meaning what the poem describes the blaze is and found with boots on the ground.
    4. The blaze is not in the poem and can only be found on site.
    5. The poem lead you to an area where the Blaze if describe in the poem to be constructed or designed on site.
    6. The information in the poem places you at a location and the blaze is a trail the searcher must step out by hints hidden in the poem. Up, Down, Far, nigh, high, etc.
    7. Te blaze is to be stepped out by use of numbers in the poem’s structure. 25 27 29 29 29…just examples
    8. the blaze is a shadow effect tat lines up the spot the lays in wait.
    9. The location is the blaze, that needs to understand how the clues work at that spot. Or another words the 7or 8 remaining clues design physical spots at this location to calculate or triangulate the position of the chest.
    10. A combination of some or all of the above.
    Just wondering thoughts.

    • My feeling is that the Blaze is the last thing on the hunt, to help you find the Chest. So boots on ground….than you see it. Than you Know….
      Well maybe….? Nothings for sure till we find it. IMO
      Nice thoughts Seeker.

    • I am not a know it all but as Forrest said to Jenny Kile at her site Mysterious Writings, SPECIFICALLY HERE…

      These are FF’s words to Jenny Kile on the above link…

      ““Some searchers overrate the complexity of the search. Knowing about head pressures, foot pounds, acre feet, bible verses, Latin, cubic inches, icons, fonts, charts, graphs, formulas, curved lines, magnetic variation, codes, depth meters, riddles, drones or ciphers, will not assist anyone to the treasure location, although those things have been offered as positive solutions. Excellent research materials are TTOTC, Google Earth, and/or a good map.” f”

      Therefore I must remind myself to ” keep it simple stupid” Or KISS. It is my opinion that FF left the discovery of the blaze up to us. He did tell us HOW to find it though. Just not what it is. FF made this part the hardest on purpose.

    • Michael. Odds are against me. I know that. I am probably wrong. I realize that. There is one thing though that I believe is true. The blaze must be seen as FF would see it. HOW would FF see it? It is my belief that he has told EVERYONE how he would see the blaze. At the same time he wants it to LOOK like he has said nothing. So completely out in the open that it just cant be. GOD bless and good luck.

      • Chris, If he told EVERYONE, would you, could you? be so kind to at least hint to where he did this? In the Poem? I missed that…Thanks and Happy Hunting.

        • I cannot give you more than that. I purchased the books and read and read and read and reread over and over and over till I understood.
          “Some searchers overrate the complexity of the search. ”
          This to me means there is no code. Take FF at his literal words. See and understand what he has written and said in its most basic of ways. There is nothing to decipher. FF has stated everything you need is in the poem. I believe that this is true. I however believe that knowing more about the man helps you to understand his words in the poem. I personally believe the books helped me to further understand the man and as such helped me to understand the poem. In my solve there is no code, nothing to decipher. He tells you everything you need to know straight out in the open.

          • HALLELUJAH!!!!!
            I am glad common sense prevails with someone.

            I also believe it is a literal poem. However, you must see things as Forrest sees them. That is how he crafted the poem.

            Page 147 of TTOC has the moon, a nest and bird (maybe a dove). This is what Forrest sees when he looks up.
            I think this is the blaze.

            Find this..look down…pick up and beat feet.

            Just my two cents.

          • In my solve the blaze is 9′ x 9′ x 10′ it is one ” thing ” if you will. I don’t know anything about a moon a nest and a dove. FF said all you need is in the poem. I didnt see a moon or nest or dove in the poem myself. Since I found my blaze I have back tracked over everything that FF has ever stated publicly and in the books and I couldn’t believe how many clues I found. They were everywhere and all pointed to the same place. As I stated on JK’s site it was like putting a puzzle together but you didnt know what the picture was. Then all of a sudden you knew what the picture was once you had enough pieces found and the rest just fell together. It was simply amazing how many clues there were. The area is not currently covered in snow. 9 days and counting.

  71. My 12yo son and I will continue our 3rd year of hunting this July, and our approach matches much of what “chris” has conveyed. In all honesty, I would not mind if he finds it on April 20th, because I’d be just as excited to see my son find his first intact arrowhead where we’re going to search. While finding the treasure would be a thrill, the arrowhead hunting, creek walking, hiking, kayaking and fishing with his Dad is what I hope my son remembers the most. I know ff would appreciate that sentiment as well.

    • A big part of me wants to find it but then I would have to miss Yellowstone if I did. I certainly wouldnt be able to drag a 42 pound back pack full of gold all around Yellowstone and to restaurants, nor would I leave it in our hotel room or car. The only thing to do would be to leave and take it home right away so I would miss a lot of what Yellowstone has to offer. I hope that you and your son have a lot of fun in Yellowstone. Stay safe though. The bears are waking up. 2 days and I will be on my way.

      • I would imagine you would have the funds to go back to Yellowstone whenever you wanted… I don’t think Yellowstone is going anywhere.. Its not like whale watching..

      • Thanks ken and Chris. We’re not hunting in Yellowstone though. Too many tourists, but the sights are definitely worth the crowds, at least once. In an effort to keep this Blaze thread going, I’m going to pile on to the disappointment with people leaving their fake blazes and excavation scars behind. I’m not sure how I’m going to explain away such a find to my son, but I’ll prepare to address it should it come up. The blaze for us will be the “special spot” that ff often refers to. I’m confident that the clues will eventually lead us there, everything will click, we’ll look quickly down and the rest will be history. To know the man is to envision the blaze, so listen to Forrest, walk in his shoes, understand his values, see the world through his eyes, and you’ll know when you get there. For what it’s worth, that’s my two cents on the Blaze.

      • Well went to my first spot today. Not the spot folks. Now I can tell you what I saw. Right where the Madison, Gibbon and Firehole rivers meet there is a island. If you use Google earth to pan in close you will see three trees laid down in a triangle. In FF’s early scrapbooks here on this site he sent Dal 3 pictures of 3 trees all having been blazed. 2 with F’s and one with a man running. FF stated the treasure was surrounded by trees but he never stated if they were standing or if they had fallen. The measurements by Google Earth are 9′ x 9′ x 10′. Just seemed to perfect to be natural to me. The Firehole is the warm water, the Madison and Gibbon are the cold. The Firehole has multiple sources of warm “waters” plural. Where the three meet the warm “waters” stop. I was on the island today. The fallen trees are natural and there is no possible way FF’s bone would lie undiscovered for 100 or more years, Oh well 6 more places to check. By the way it’s extremely beautiful up here. You’ve gotta see this if you never have. Take the time. It’s worth it. I will post again tomorrow after I check my other spots.

        • Chris, isn’t Yellowstone fantastic! It would be great if you could go to Old Faithful at a certain time and stand in front of one of the web cams and wave to us. 🙂 The live camera would be the best one – do it!

        • Chris, Its so great to hear about your trip! I am glad you are there now, its much Much nicer before the big big crowds arrive! I just Love it too! Best Wishes….
          Enjoy, Lou Lee Bear

        • Chris, take lots of pictures and write up your search story to send in to Dal. I look forward to reading it.

          You’re right; everyone should see Yellowstone at least once. If you get a chance and want a beautiful hike while you’re in the area go just up stream from Gibbons Falls (about ¼ mile) is Secret Valley Creek. It’s in a beautiful valley (some of the locals refer to it as Pocket Creek Meadows instead of Secret Valley). If you’re not fishing stay close to the hillside along the valley because the valley floor can be too marshy for walking. It’s a beautiful place and not many know it’s there so you’ll probably have the place to yourself.

      • Slightly off topic. Hope you don’t mind to much Dal. Just went out for a smoke. I could hear wolves howling! Not close but it was great. Not even near the typical howling you would hear in a movie! Folks I have only been here a few hours. Didn’t arrive till 3pm local. This might or might not be where FF hid his treasure but if you think you have a good spot in mind, find a way to get here. I may never be able to do this again but I have just begun and I can say FF is correct. Get off the couch and come out and look. I don’t regret it. You might feel the same. Thanks F.

  72. Found another Blaze last night online. Going to check it out today. It ties in to much of his life and the Madison River. Went to the Yellowstone river yesterday afternoon to Browns Creek and the put in. I don’t believe thats the place either. The day before I went to the mountain behind Harlequin Lake and searched the rock shelf. Seemed the perfect place overlooking the valley. It’s not there either. Walked the entire shelf and around the entire lake. No Blazes no box. Saw a lot of fresh bear tracks and scat and pulled 20 ticks off of me. Got great pics of the view though. Will post when I can. Checked the hot springs all the way down to Old Faithful yesterday morning. Was at Old Faithful during the snow storm. Was great but found nothing. Saw two wolves on the road though. Got pics. Will also post when I can. I have 3 days left before I have to leave. Doing what I can with boots on the ground to figure it out. On the ground in the day research online at night. Loving it.

    • Forgot to mention that on the way back from the Yellowstone river and Gardiner Island my lady and I saw a Momma Grizzly and her cub. Lots of people were there. Got some good pics. Thanks Forrest.

      • You are a Modern Day Lewis and Clark! I am so happy for you! We are all looking forward to seeing your pictures. Good Luck! Lots of people now? Nothing like in July! I am sure…..

        Lou Lee Belle

        • Very few people here now. Growing daily though. Few places open yet. Most restaurants still closed.

          • We liked the dinning room at the hotel near Old Faithful. It was very nice. Lots of fun place’s in Jackson Hole if you get down that way. The Grand Tetons are Awesome and its in the Search Area….
            Rocky Mountains….

    • Chris – Thank you for sharing with us! You are so lucky to have already seen grizzlies and wolves. I have met people that have spent several days over several trips and not seen a wolf. My family and I are going this summer and cannot wait to go. Thanks for the reminder about the ticks.

      Be sure to have some huckleberry ice cream while you are there.

        • Very little snow on the ground. Nothing to stop you from going anywhere unless you are going to the tops of mountains at about 8,000+ft.

          • Is the Road to Red Lodge still Closed?
            Skirt the Rim of the Caldera…..Where Warm waters halt and go down the Canyon..!

            Loving Life, Lou Lee Bear

        • Harlequin is something multicolored like a fire or a Blaze. Unfortunately there is nothing there except A LOT of fresh bear tracks. Climbing up to the ledge is just like on the show Prospectors on the Weather Channel. Lots of loose rock. Be careful.

      • If you are in the woods you are going to get ticks, LOTS OF THEM. I practically stripped right beside the Madison, except for pants that is, because I didn’t want to take them back to our room.

  73. Was sitting here thinking of a place or two to tell Chris to check out in West Yellowstone……The spot of the 3 trees, thats were the Canyon down part starts, possible, it is a canyon. Any how… then a crazy thought hit me…could the Neon Lites of the Dude Motel be the Blaze??

  74. I have seen many blazes….when the sun reflects off the water…it shimmers on the trees, bushes etc….the shimmering looks like a blaze. The water has to be relatively still to cause this blaze.

    I have been to a place that hinted of gold….it was definitely a place that was not for the meek, thick brush and fresh cougar prints….it was where warm waters halt, I took the canyon down and it was below the home of brown..

    .but I was either not far enough below the home of brown or I may have to go in early winter( to brave the cold) but before there is no snow and the thick brush has lost its leaves.

    • Choctaw, I think you have touched on something that my instincts tell me is important to consider. I think that searching in late summer and fall may be much more “revealing” than searching earlier in the year, especially for the blaze. An area can change so radically once leaves are eaten by foraging animals, grass begins to die, and fall leaves begin to fade and fall. A spot that seems like a jungle earlier in the year can open up completely in the fall. There are areas I search (for another treasure) that are basically inaccessible in the spring and summer and only really searchable in the fall and winter (no snow). An added plus of course is that the crowds in some of the search zones have diminished! You may want to give your spot another look in the fall….

      • Only problem is I am 1500 miles away.

        I am also looking into heat sensing cameras…the kind that home inspectors use for locating hot/cool spots (no insulation) Would the treasure chest absorb heat different from surrounding area? I think it would.

        Ideally…late November/early December with no snow (brave the cold)

        Late spring , no snow but with runoff you may not see the blaze.

        • Yes, look for heat from the bronze chest, I’m sure you’ll find it that way. Maybe infrared would help too. A dowsing rod might be more effective.

          • Very funny POG–our well driller used a dowsing rod when locating a spot to drill on our property. He found water ok but the well spittles out a mere gpm. Better than nothing but I suggested to my driller that his dowsing rod must have been very sensitive cuz it must have only been picking up on squirrel pee.

            Choctaw, I tend to think that you might pick up similar “noise” with all that fancy equipment. I’d think you’d be better off sticking to your own senses.

  75. My most recent blaze was Blaze Mountain Montana. Went out there today. Can’t say much more because I am not done there yet. Blaze Mountain has been spoken of on this site so it’s no secret. Could it be important? I don’t know yet. Going to a new spot tomorrow to look for a Blaze. He actually directs people there with mileage and everything. Don’t know yet if it’s important. Will see in the morning. For everyone’s info I am looking for the three Blazes that FF has provided to us without explanation. They are out there somewhere if you don’t know what they are. He provided pictures.

    • can you tell me where one of the pictures are?
      I thought about telling you of the Blaze Mtn. there is a hell roaring creek, a spanish creek and a jourdain creek in that area. The road boarders Ted Turner’s ranch. The Snow Pack Blaze faces NW, and from GE I’ve tried to see if it is visable from near Ennis Mt on hwy 287, but I cant determine that.

      • You can go to Ennis Lake MT by way of hwy 287 and BE Sure to stop by the EarthQuake area, and before that to the right is Red Canyon, all that area to the North is where he and Donnie took their Lewis and Clark trip.

        • Yes, and right at the mouth of Red Canyon is a small warm springs by the Lake. But it does not go down a canyon it goes into the Lake, Which under which is a Canyon, under the water, but its not there…IMO…..LOL

          • OK ! So that would have been a warm water stream going into a canyon when Osborne ( journal of a trapper) was in there. So has it now halted (from going into the canyon,) because it now goes into a lake?

        • There is a creek in Red Canyon but while I have passed by there it, in my mind, does not tie into “where the warm waters halt” so I have not searched it. It is gotten to by a dirt road on the right as you are traveling by Hebgen Lake if you are headed north.

      • I am a person that likes to talk but this is something that I feel that you must find on your own. The pictures are on THIS site. Do they actually have any significance to finding the treasure? I don’t know but Dal seemed surprised that FF sent them to him with no explanation. It’s all in YOUR interpretation. My interpretation tells me that they mean something. Your’s may be different. You however will have to find them. This is not something that I will give. I will say this though. I believe that there is one Blaze as seen from Google Earth showing you WHERE and then 3 more with boots on the ground leading you to the treasure. There is a BIG probability that I am wrong though. I am not FF. To date only he knows how to properly interpret the clues. Please do not take anything that I say as gospel. You must decide for yourself. Most of all though if you do decide to get out and search take in everything as FF wanted you to. Do not allow yourself to be disappointed that you didn’t find it. Understand that for 5 years everyone has failed and you might as well. Don’t be discouraged though. Come or go wherever YOU want and see what FF wanted you to see. The beauty of this country as opposed to the screen of your computer or IPad.

        • Oh Chris, Well said.!…so you are saying there are some pictures on this site… look at? That Forrest sent Dal.?…..I will have to figure that out on my own…..I don’t have alot of time to scroll through thousands of posts and scrapbooks. Oh well. Give me a hint…….or a clue?

          Anyway, Just have fun and enjoy, I have come home empty handed and did not feel too bad. Only for a moment. I try to find a treasure in every little thing.

          Lou Lee Bear

        • Chris-
          I looked up my response to you because I think “surprised” is inaccurate. What about my response gave you the impression I was “surprised” that Forrest didn’t identify the location of that photo.
          By the way, when that photo appeared on the blog many folks looked in that area. As I mentioned to you, it’s not difficult to match the location in Google Earth..
          Keep in mind that the land at that point was lowered by an earthquake in 1959. That spot is actually a little wetter now than it was when that photo was taken.
          That photo was posted on the blog long before Too Far To Walk was published but received a similar response. Many folks thought that it was significant and showed Forrest in the location of the chest or if not at the location of the chest then at a place that matched a clue in the poem. Many, many folks looked there.
          It was the first time that Stephanie and I joked about setting up a hot dog and t-shirt stand to try and make some money off the search…

        • Sure Chris but where is za treasures. That’s the problem with going out and picking around in the snow. How are snow conditions in Yellowstone how confident are you that you got to see what you wanted too.

      • The blaze on Blaze Mt is visible from the 287 near Ennis I’ve posted a picture I took of it while driving on the 287 last July. Just click on my name and scroll down to see it.

    • The Problem….with Blaze Mountain….IMO is that to get to the Blaze, it would of been a very long hike. Its a long stretch for Forrest to get there twice or even once in one day….But in the Poem he say’s…..Found the Blaze…..It seems way to big…For you can see the Blaze on Blaze Mountain from many view points. So looking down from the blaze, is too Broad.
      Just my thoughts on that…..
      I think the Blaze is a kind of marker on the “NO Human” Trail.
      FYI….Lots of ancient Bison Trails in YSP…….! They Blazed Trails with Large herds.

      Don’t you all Love looking at all the old trails on google and old maps……I have some 1800’s maps of the area…Shows Indian Ruin area’s of YSNP!

      Oh Best Wishes,
      Lou Lee, Chased by Brown Bears in Jellystone Park and lived to tell.

      • Yes, there is a clip online of some ppl skiing the blaze, they park at a parking area and walk many miles ,…BUT you can see the top of the snow pack from a short distance away from the parking area.

        • If you believe that that is the place go for it. Don’t let me discourage you and don’t let me encourage you. You MUST decide for yourself. I am meerly trying to give my input on what the Blaze MIGHT be. Not what it is.

      • I don’t necessarily believe that Blaze mountain is WHERE it is. Rather maybe it was something seen out of a window for years and as such it is a point of reference to the real “secret”. Then again I am not sure that I have a lot of faith in that even. It is just not something that I can at this time completely rule out. I went there today and as FF said, my words loosely, he drove there and then walked 1/2 mile in ( approx) with 2 trips taking an entire afternoon. I tried driving there but my rental car was not going to get it done. I didn’t want to damage the little thing. If I had had a 4WD I would know yes or no right now but its a long drive on bad roads.

  76. IMO You do not need to be ON or in touching distance of the blaze, you must find it, so yes you can find this blaze from many miles away and I bet from more that one spot or more than from one parking area, maybe…. IMO.

    • Someone, Hammer? posted this, that he felt about the blaze
      >>>”I believe it will reference something in the area to validate that you are on the right path.”

      Well I have one solve that is like that, I get to or find the blaze, but its NOT their, the TC that is. I have even been there before, didn’t find it then, dead end.
      I have looked in MT,WY,CO and NM.
      But now, I’ve found something else from pictures I took, I have new fresh thoughts about it now.

      • My OPINION is that Hammer is correct. The Blaze, as seen from Google Earth, will tell you that you are close. In my opinion there are three more blazes when boots are on the ground. I feel I must say this though. What I believe or think is probably wrong. Only FF knows.

        Tomorrow I am going to a spot that when backing “up” river “10 river miles” puts me where I thought he meant. I picked the spot then measured the river around every curve. It was very arduous. Took me an hour and a half . I wound up where I thought I would. Is this significant? Well it is below the home of Brown, it is after the Canyon and it is after where the “warm waters halt”. This “spot” adds up. But then there are the qualifying questions. Mine. Base upon FF statements. They are…

        A three year old could go there without much difficulty
        ( my remembrance of his words not his exact words)

        It is not dangerous to go there.
        (Again my remembrance of his words not his exact words)

        One other, I believe FF stated his bones may not be found for a millennium. I am NOT quoting him. I have also heard one hundred years.
        So where it is possible that a mans bones would not be found for at least 100 years.

        If a spot I am looking at does not meet these requirements it is not a spot for me.

        PLEASE understand these are my “remembrances” of his quotes. NOT the exact quotes.

        • Chris,

          Do you remember when and where( book signing, blog, article) Forrest said a three year old could go there without much difficulty?

          A very interesting comment. Makes one wonder just how hard the trek to the chest is?

    • FF stated, in my words, that you will not have to search for it. You will know where it is and confidently go and get it. I have been confident about many places and been wrong every time in my opinion. Did I search hard enough? Did I miss it? Folks I am an antique dealer and part owner of an auction. I have been buying gold and silver for 24 years. 20 pounds of gold melted down is $313,000 not including collectible value. I don’t believe I missed it. Could I be wrong? Let me put it this way. When you are in the wood, alone, looking for bear scat, bear tracks, blazes, listening for sounds of animals, your , or at least my, senses are very high. YES I could have walked right by it. I believe I did my best though. I watched every tree, every rock every open area of soil, looked under every tree that I saw and I didn’t see it. I have 2 more days here. I will be expanding my search area around the blaze I “thought” I found that I described earlier as well as searching another “ten river mile” spot that FF spoke of. You will have to find that quote as well.

  77. Chris

    You are so lucky to be on your adventure at this time. Good luck with trying to find the Blaze. 🙂

    • Amy, I have always wanted to see this area of the country. In truth I am not sure if I ever would have had it not been for FF. There were always things that took higher precedence. In truth I truly feel bad for leaving my business partner and coming here to do this. My business partner is very capable. As he says ” I always have it under control”. I however know that control is an illusion that we create to keep ourselves comfortable in and with life. In truth there is no control nor is there any way to control our lives. We plan but then something beyond our control changes everything. We have all experienced this. The only control we have is in our decisions personally. YOU have control over if you choose to dream or act. I went out on a limb. This is costing me and my lady $4,000.00 to do this on a limited budget and we are forever grateful to FF for inciting us to do this. We haven’t found it and we knew before we came here that the odds were against us. My lady however is a dreamer like me who never thought she would see things like she has. At Old Faithful she saw snow falling for the first time in her life. I am greatful for both her and my experiences during this FF inspired trip. She saw a wild wolf 10 ft from our car and got a great pic. I had seen wolves before but never wild. Thank you FF. We will never forget what he has inspired us to do and experience. I would encourage everyone to dream just a little. Until you have been 2 feet from a bison or looked at a full sized tractor trailor on the side of a mountain that made it look like a matchbox car you just could not possibly understand. Pictures cannot in any way give you the experience of being here.

      • Chris

        You are absolutely correct, Forrest has inspired us all, to go and seek whatever it is that he wants us to see. Yes if I would have never gotten involved in the chase
        I would have never made arrangements to leave Texas and take a journey. Isn’t it awesome how One Man in America has written a magnificent poem and wants us to decipher what it all means. How amazing is that. He had a beautiful idea 🙂

        I sure hope you and your wife will have a nice adventure, make your treasure and your dreams together 😉

  78. Dal, I would like to thank you for allowing the experiences of my lady and myself to be seen here. I know that much of what I have stated here recently is off topic. However FF didn’t necessarily want people to be “always on topic” in their experiences. I believe he just wanted everyone to get outside. To experience the REAL world. Because of him I have and more importantly my lady has. While I am off topic I believe in FF eyes I am exactly ON topic. I hope you feel the same.

  79. IMO, all the research in the world will not help one figure out what the blaze is. Until you are standing right in front of it, … are not going to know what it is. But that doesn’t mean you can’t figure out(from the poem) how to get that far and still be able to walk/hike/skip 🙂 “straight” to it and then figure it out from there, in that sense. Because unless there are some set of coordinates imbedded within it or it identifying the precise spot where it is sitting in some other manner, which I don’t think there is, …..I don’t see how it could ever lead someone EXACTLY to it. He wanted people frustrated, sweating and exploring before it is found. Isn’t that what he got? 🙂

    • I disagree, in that, IMO you have to know exactly what the blaze is or you will walk right past it. The My War For Me chapter in TTOTC is where to find out what the blaze is. Once you figure it out, you can go confidently to the exact spot. Which brings me to the word “found”. If you’ve been wise and found the blaze… you have to leave the trail (but not far) to find the blaze. The blaze is not on the trail and that is why you will walk right past it or not recognize it if you don’t know what you’re looking for. But once you know, you can walk right to it. But you have to be wise, you can’t just walk off the trail anywhere and find a blaze, you have to find “the” blaze. If I’m so smart why haven’t I found it? Well I haven’t gone there and I can’t go there this year. And literally no one is interested in the solution. I already said IMO above but again IMO.

      • I think the first blaze is just one of many possibly up to five blazes or waypoints whatever you want to call them this poem is not what most people think the last boys being three of something. All in my not so humble opinion of course.

      • He speaks in past and future tense and there is no indication that we must have “found” the answer to what the blaze is before we search. I don’t think one needs “know” exactly what it is. The fact that he said that the treasure ‘could be’ found by solving just the first few clues is an indicator that we DON’T need to know everything beforehand.

        Paraphrasing: He also said that you just can’t get out of your car and walk over in the woods to it, but then he says one could walk straight to it, …..which to me, all still makes sense.

        You said: “you can’t just walk off the trail anywhere and find a blaze”

        Sure you can. 🙂

        I go out searching for things all the time, with full confidence, not knowing what I’m looking for, but I find them. 🙂 Just because one doesn’t know what the blaze is, is in no way a reason for not being able to find it while in the field. Besides, even if you ‘thought’ you knew what it was before searching, …..the only way you could prove it is by finding the chest. There is just no way to say definitively beforehand that what one has is correct.

        But I will agree with this, “you will walk right past it.” Yes, you sure could, …..if you’re not “wise” and paying attention. 🙂

        • That’s all well and good Suzie but forest didn’t say we had to really search he said we could walk straight it if we solve the poem, so what does that mean within 50 feet.

          • 50 feet??

            “forest didn’t say we had to really search”

            Well, that kinda defeats the purpose of all of it, doesn’t it? And isn’t that what we have to do: Analyze his other statements along with what his intentions were and then make a decision based upon that? I mean, he’s said what they are.

            Oh you will walk “straight” to it alright, …..but after about 200 searches. And that’s probably being conservative. 🙂

        • Suzie, you are correct on all the above. And it is each our own interpretation of the poem, TTOTC, and good maps. Good luck in your search. 🙂

          • Just thoughts Ramona, …..nothing more. 🙂

            Personally, I will always look for a way to solve it completely beforehand, which most of the time I thought I had. 🙂 Sometimes I have a complete theory, while other times only a partial, …..but all need tested, right? 🙂

            I’m not looking for an interpretation. I’m looking for authenticity.

            Good luck to you as well. 🙂

      • I enjoyed your search story and thanks for a pic of Blaze Mtn. And the Lookout point is an interesting find. With the book, poem and IMO a Map, or good knowledge of the area I think the blaze can be determined before you put BOG. Thats what will make you go to the TC area with confidence imo. I hope to go on another search trip this year. You stroy will give me some things to research.

        • Thanks Musstag. I have to say what I learned after that trip sent me to a completely different area. It was a fun trip but it was just wrong. IMO And I agree the blaze can be found before BOG.

          • I am with you too Ramona… Saving my vacation for a special trip in July (not in the search area). I also think you should be able to have found the blaze before you go BOG. If not you would find it, not found it… Right??? So I will just have to be content with trying to nail down the blaze and/or blazes from home…

        • sharpsburg, it’s hard sitting around when you just want to go isn’t it. Well at least someone’s in the boat with me. Thanks.

        • Yawn I think most of us are. We need something to fire us up. Did anyone see the latest Santa Fe interview?

  80. Went out today to search FF’s “put in” spot. Don’t believe it is a spot a 3 year old could go safely. Far side of the Madison where the bridge crosses the Madison. Little parking spot there where FF’s “put in” was on his last walk.

    Went back to the islands and walked them all. Fell in the water. My effort will be worth the cold right? It was cold too. Nothing I could find so I took pictures and reexamined when I got back to our room. No leads.

    Started the search again. Found a spot on the Madison. A big “F” spotted from Google Earth. Cant say where yet. Very well defined from all angles. Very interesting. Not just fallen trees. Big wide white “F”. Will see tomorrow.

    Also believe I may have found the road FF’s father drove down to hide their equipment every year. Will search it first thing tomorrow for the running man then rent a mountain bike and go to the “F” spot.

    Tomorrow is my last day. When I get home I will make a web page and link it to here so everyone can see pics of the places I have ruled out. In my opinion.

    • Chris, good display of effort on your part. Make sure you have a rescue plan when putting yourself in dangerous situations. Hypothermia is no joke. Neither is drowning. Good luck. We are looking forward to reading about your adventure in attempting to reach your blaze.

    • Chris, sounds like you are having a blast! How cool would it be if you found the spot where the Fenns hid all their gear… Good Luck keep us posted… Can’t wait to see your pictures ..

    • Good luck with your search Chris, and I’m looking forward to reading about your adventures on your web page and seeing all the pictures you took of that great area!. Stay safe!

    • One more reason to get the heck out of Yellowstone been picked over forever. Nothing ever materializes.

    • i send this future up in blog don’t read the date. good luck searching stay safe, alert, have fun.

    • TWC says the weather is much cooler in the Rockies.

      Good luck. Stay warm and safe.

    • Sorry it has taken me so long to get back with everyone. Did a lot of hiking that last day and I was really tired. The “F” I was talking about is at 44 – 42 – 35.3 N and 111 – 05 – 41.08 W. It’s right across from Bakers Hole Campground. Crossed the bridge over the Madison and walked all the way around through the snow. LONG walk for this 48 year old smoker. Found the “F”. From Google Earth it looked as if someone actually put it there. It in reality was 3 trees, or partial trees. Searched both sides of the river from Bakers hole all the way to Madison Junction via Google Earth and saw nothing else I would consider a Blaze. Went down the trail that I believed might be where the Fenn family left all of their camping equipment every year and found a marking on a tree that had fallen. It said either ” FF 15 ” or ” FT 15 ” It was really worn away. Checked all around and found nothing. Not yet willing to tell where that is. I am home now in Florida though and I am sure it will be at least a year before I go back. Got to save money. There is something in the second book that makes me believe that it is between Madison Junction and Bakers Hole. I no longer believe that ANY blaze will be seen from Google Earth. Working on other things that FF stated in reference to that area. I believe the poem and some true searching through records from the 40’s and 50’s will lead to the Blaze that can only be seen with boots on the ground. I am in the process of making a web site including pictures that we took when in the park. Most do not pertain to the treasure but more of other reasons you should go. There will however be a separate page on the web site with pictures that may or may not pertain to the location of the Blaze or the treasure. If you find something in them God Bless. Go get it. I saw nothing in them.

      • Glad you made it home safe Chris! Please let us know when you get your site up !!! Can’t wait to hear more about your trip and see the pictures!

        • Chris

          Glad u got to go search. Can’t wait to hear your story 🙂 proud u had a safe adventure

      • Thanks for the update Chris. Looking forward to reading more about your adventure. Isn’t Yellowstone great! I love that Park and hope to make it there this summer.

        • The first pics you will see are the islands at Madison Junction where I saw the triangle from google earth. Yes thats me on the islands.

          • Hope you had a fun time and a great adventure Chris! Those buffalo sure are huge and could put a serious dent in your car too. Looks like a lot of downed timber in your search area. Did you have to do some deep wading to get to the islands?

          • It does make sense that the Treasure could be on a River Island. Your smart to think, indeed it would be worth the cold.
            I will check out the Thank You.

            Lou Lee Bear

  81. I picked my blaze in “Red Neck from TX..” based on the picture of “Skippy holding a rock” in ttotc. I did not have time to search the far side of the Yellowstone river at the upper falls. I’m not sure the road was open. This is the area the you would see looking down from the rock Skippy was holding. Maybe it THE Blaze. LOL, so close but so far. Go to the look out point of the upper falls and stand by the rock and look down. It was getting dark when I was there so I couldn’t across the river. Forrest mentioned camping at fishing bridge and that bears were there (HOB?) Put in at fishing bridge and you have to sop (end is neigh) at he upper falls. Just in case someone wants to look in YSNP. If its there just throw Dal and me a few, “bones”.
    Dal- thanks again for all the work you do.

  82. I am wondering if anyone had noticed that FF came out with a news release via KOAT Albuquerque. FF states that a couple of people have been within 200 ft. For the last 2 years all I have been reading is 500ft. This news release came out 36 hours after I emailed FF about the blaze I found. I emailed him on the 27th and it came out on the 29th. ???? Has anyone seen the 200ft quote prior to the 29th?

  83. Ladies and gentlemen. I have only two weeks ago returned from Yellowstone. It was a fantastic experience for me and my lady. I am going to tell something that FF already has. I have to quote him EXACTLY though. To do less would be to disrespect FF and his wife and I am not made that way. I ask that you be patient and listen. IN MY OPINION, FF in this quote has told everyone the general area to look. There is SO much more to know though. This gives you a 15 MILE search area. IF you BELIEVE that FF’s words mean something.

    I will be quoting from FF’s own words from TFTW.

    ” Praise and thanks must go to my wife Peggy, who for 67 years, has quietly helped me through my life. It was 1946 when we started dating in High School. She has been a wonderful traveling companion and she always understood when I needed space, which reminds me of a trip I took many years ago.

    I put a small rubber dinghy in the Madison river a few miles from West Yellowstone, Montana, and fished downstream to BAKERS HOLE. That part of the river was in a quietly forgotten western edge of Yellowstone Park. There were no roads, no trails , and no rangers to remind me that I wasn’t supposed to do that.

    The river distance was about ten miles, and the best fishing was in the bends where the water turned greenish deep and beautiful. The small boat containing my camping gear (heavy load) was tethered to my belt as I leisurely walked in the quiet river. I spent three days there casually casting my fly and enjoying the solitude.

    The river experience cemented my connection to that special country and I promised myself that some day I would make the trip again. That day never came for me, and my disappointment still casts a lonesome shadow across the Madison river. For me now, IT’S JUST TOO FAR TO WALK. ”

    From the poem, ” Not to far, but to far to walk”

    Is there something more I can give you? FF gave it first. I missed it untill I got home. NOW it’s your turn. 15 river miles in total as I calculate. Now you know where the warm waters halt, now you know the home of brown. Like me though you dont know what or where the blaze is and as FF said, ” you cannot find the blaze from GE, Google Earth”

    I have been MORE than fair. I have opened my mouth when I truly shouldn’t have. I am a fool I know. IF I am right then I have narrowed this for EVERYONE. Soon Yellowstone will be overrun. The final thing I must say is this. If you don’t know WHAT the blaze is and if you don’t know the FIRST clue, it would be a miracle if you found it. Truthfully what I have told you does you no good without knowing the rest. GOD bless and enjoy your vacation.

    I would like to thank Dal for this forum. He is a true gentleman. Thank you.

    Christopher L Clark

    • Please give the Buffalo room. They are beautiful. I have accidentally been within just a few feet of them as they have come up on me, but please do not mistake their casual nature for that of a cat or a dog. They are very beautiful and very docile, but they are VERY LARGE and even a slight nudge could hurt you. DO NOT EVER TRY TO WALK UP TO THEM. My opinion. Just enjoy the beauty that FF has sent us to see.

    • If there is a person that does not agree the FF’s own words in his story, ” It’s just to far to walk” does not actually correlate with the poem ” not to far but to far to walk”….I will not argue with you…. I do however believe you will argue with yourself. CLC

      • The Blaze itself is very elusive. Only by understanding the man and the way and why that he writes will anyone understand what or where the blaze is. He did say bring a flashilght though. In my years I have walked close to a thousand miles of forrest and I have never needed a flashilght. Why would we need a flashlight? I am being WAY to nice.
        Every word he picked leads to something. EVERY word MEANS something. It is my belief that the blaze is OUT IN THE OPEN and everyone walks by it every day. Every tourist sees it but has no clue. Employees of the NFS see it but even they don’t know. It is cold at night there and in the darkness you will need a flashlight. WHY would you need to go in the darkness? I have screwed myself enough tonight. I am done. GOD Bless.

        • The sun gets blocked by the high walls ofthe canyon if you dont pay attention it can get dark on you before u know.

      • The idea that there might be a correlation is not exactly news. This was a hotly debated topic right from the start when the book was first published. You could review the archives if you’re interested.

        If there is a correlation, it hasn’t helped anyone solve the poem yet.

    • …and as FF said, ”you cannot find the blaze from GE, Google Earth”

      this is inaccurate Chris. F hasn’t said that.

      not just the exact words, but anything with that meaning

      the closest thing i can think of is F said one time we can’t see the >treasure chest< on google earth becuz GE doesnt go down far enuff

      some folks who read this blog may not be as well informed about the chase as i am (and other well informed searchers here), so they may not know you are in error, so in consideration of that we should try not to post misinformation.

      this is Dals' blog and i am only a searcher who posts on multiple blogs, so that is the opinion of this searcher and nothing more

      • Chris Yates – I applaud your effort. I too have attempted from time to time to fact check posts. It is a Sisyphean task. Virginia Diane proves that point (no offense Virginia).

        Forrest also said something to the effect of not interrupting someone while they are in the process of making a mistake. I am starting to agree with that sentiment more and more.

        By the way, the Google Earth comment was made during the Moby Dickens Q&A session.

  84. I have been lurkinv cor w months and feel comfortable enough to throw my hat in the ring. I have studied read and hypothesized. Divorced Dad with a 16 year old daughter. Asked her about going on an adventure this Summer, her eyes got big and asked for more info. I printed up the poem and asked her to study it. She said ” i love this mi d of stuff”. We have come up with several areas. Some mentioned in this blog and some not. We are beading to Northern NM within 10 days.
    Unrelated, we would have left a week ago but my Father, 84, had an aortic valve replacement. Bee. Spending as much time with him before we go. We are dedicating this adventure to him. We will have fun no mater what. Daughter is fighting me on the stream fishing, probably until she catches and tastes her first wild trout.
    Thank all of you. Especially Dal and Forrest. I will probably need seriousI therapy after this. OH wait, i will be camping fishing and adventuring for a week with Ky. Cancel that.

    • Have a bunch-o-fun Hammer. Good luck to you..find adventure and joy (if not a chest full of goodies) wherever you end up..

  85. Inthechaseto, I forgot to mention the fish hook blaze, and trout blaze adjacent the B, L, E, F, X and cross (U’s make 9).

    Forrest, did I find 8 of the 9?

    • Forrest, I can throw in a bold S for skippy and MW for your father too. So, 11 blazes in all.

      • Yes, I hear the crowd snickering. No matter, if truth be told those are the correct blazes, Forrest knows. Someday I’ll post photos with location. All on pp – private property (hence pineapple pie. peggy proctor references) PP with stream and trail access.

  86. A quick little note before I hit the trail. As you all know I have shined my UV flashlight on the pine tar dripping knots and they looked like a hundred eyes. I have been with eyes, W / ise. ……..”And” found the blaze? I am thinking about that one.

  87. The blaze is many things. Two of the more important things that it is are:

    1) The Sun

    2) Fire

    • After you’ve seen the sun, look quickly down and you’ve found the treasure: air, water, fire, Earth.


      • If you stare at the Chinese characters long enough, you’ll see the supersymmetry.

  88. A longitude line passes directly through my favorite prospecting location. Do any map experts know of a blaze being considered as a feature on a map?

  89. You only see the blaze when behind the waterfall in which ff hid the treasure, inside a small alcove. When the sun shines at a certain angle upon the icy cold water it will look like fire.

    • Twelve feet-somewhere FF said you could see Blaze from 12 feet away so if you see it and immediately look down, the chest is not necessarily below the Blaze but 12 feet away.

  90. It seems to me that the first 8 clues, while difficult, are devine-able. I (currently) think they lead you to identify a creek.

    Then it seems a huge gulf, clue-wise. A creek is “identified”, and then begins the search for the blaze. With no constraints I have teased out. It could be nearly anything, nearly anywhere proximal to the creek.

    Does anyone agree that the biggest leap–from clue to clue–is the leap between “creek” and “blaze”? I kinda suspect that this gulf is what keeps Forrest confident that it may be ages before the treasure is seen again. By humans, anyway, I do think it is “just sitting there”. Somewhere.

    Oh, did I mention I know where it is? (I noticed ALL first searchers, know FOR SURE where it is, and I haven’t attempted my first search, so I just want everyone to know that I’m not special. I’m sure too. 😉 ) I just don’t know EXACTLY where it is.

    I need a new laugh-text something or other. Lol actually gives me an icky feeling. HAHA is just lame. Hehe implies something sinister. Bwaaaahaha I like, but is usually a bit too dramatic. Thank goodness this is the weight of things I worry about.

  91. I’m with you on this. I have high confidence in my solve up to a creek with heavy loads and water high. The blaze is the unknown and I don’t think I can guess at it until I’m standing at that creek.

    • Yes, I agree there is a gulf in the poem’s clues. I don’t think you will find it until you have the coordinates – and then on top of that there is a ground game. It’s my belief that he did not want someone to just wander around and find it by happenstance.

      So, imo – if you go to the creek without knowing precisely where you are going – you are not going to find it. He wants the person who finds it – to have put in the time and effort – and possibly many hunts to find it.

      • Definitely a ground game and one that would make your eye sore. Am still blind.

      • I think each clue narrows down the scale of the search. For example, WWWH is massive and the blaze is very specific. Maybe that’s the gap Joseph is seeing. The blaze can’t be discerned from a map or Google Earth, you have to be physically present to see it.

        Last week a sore foot kept me home, this past weekend it rained. Maybe I’ll have a better chance this week or next.

        • I agree. You have to be in the search area to see the blaze. It,s not something that everyone can see…IMO. It has to be something that makes you stop in your tracks and take a second look at.

        • Naught, you are spot on imo. The more specific, the more detailed.

          The blaze positions you above the chest. Otherwise it’s concealed. IMO there’s some rock climbing involved. Heavy loads and water high and all that.

          Not to mention- within the next sentence, you should already be standing on, or next to the blaze.

          As a side note- Don’t be fooled by the 85 yr. old man behind the curtain. I’ll bet- that old rooster can still trek where many would fear to go.

          • “Don’t be fooled by the 85 yr. old man behind the curtain. I’ll bet- that old rooster can still trek where many would fear to go.”

            Ha ha, you’re reading my mind. My next walk in no place for the meek involves seeing how far an old man can go. I’m thinking more than 2 miles.

  92. I’ve never posted on this particular area of the blog before. I usually just stick with the Nine Clues area. However, since I have an opinion concerning the Blaze, I’ll post it here. And because Forrest said you’d basically be lost if you don’t have the starting point nailed-down, this shouldn’t jeopardize my or anyone else’s solve. Hopefully, this at least sparks a little different thinking for those out there hot on the trail.
    Before I explain, I need to say something. Lately, someone special has came into my life. I trusted her with my solve and she gave me her honest feedback. Never once did she indicate or did I feel she was going to steal it. She is a God-send and a true friend. I can not thank her enough. She is a phenomenal human being with a heart of gold. The world truly is a more beautiful place because of her. She will always hold a special place in my heart. Sometimes the hardest part is just trusting the other person completely on faith and knowing they won’t hurt you. I hope one day soon I have the privilege of actually meeting her.
    Now, the Blaze. Obviously, this is all IMO.
    What is a forest fire blaze? Is it the end of the forest or the beginning of a new forest? I think it’s both. I believe the Blaze is Forrest’s term for signifying both the end and the beginning.
    So, let’s ‘install’ it into the poem as we go ‘up the creek.’ If you’re wise and found the Blaze…..
    If you are wise and found the end (of the creek)…… Well, it’s the end going upstream but it’s not really the end, it’s really the beginning.
    Look quickly down, your quest to cease. So, with that, you’re at the source of the creek and either look quickly down right there or quickly downstream.
    I hope this helps some either with your solve or to at least think a little differently.

    Take care and God bless,

    Kevin P

  93. I have read here, on one or more of these threads, that some searchers suggest there is a disconnect of clues between the 3rd and 4th stanzas. I would submit that there is no such disconnect, because when you reach the spot of “heavy loads and water high” the blaze is right in front of you 🙂 oh yes it is…



  94. Okay, someone famous builds something and maybe Fenn utilized this as a clue or possibly the Blaze. Just because this thing changes owners [20 years after], I doubt this thing’s significance will be forgotten.

    Wonder if Dennis Weaver(Mc Cloud) & Fenn ever connected? Courting celebrities was good business for a man that ran an art gallery, plus McCloud was somekind of naval pilot during WWII and lived in/ built that ‘Earthship’ in Ridgeway Colo.

    from a listing in “2004-06 Los Angeles — Dennis Weaver and his wife, Gerry, have listed their residence in Ridgway, Colo., at $4.25 million. They plan to live in a home they bought in Malibu 20 years ago.
    The actor-environmentalist, who just turned 80, has been driving to Hollywood from Ridgway for acting assignments since 1993. He built the Colorado home in 1989.
    The Ridgway house, which the actor calls “Earthship,” is on 20 acres on a river. The home has a pond and a view of the Rocky Mountains. It also has six bedrooms in 10,000 square feet plus stables.
    The house has 3-foot-thick walls made of compacted earth and recycled tires and cans. The effect is to regulate the temperature inside the home. Architect Michael Reynolds also designed the house to capture winter sunlight for extra heat. Four llamas, born on the property, are available at no extra cost.”

    Yeah I know there’s an offgrid, recycled- tire- home commune near the Rio Grande Gorge, but it seems like McCloud’s project gained a lot of attn.

    Sadly Mr Weaver died of cancer in 2006. And Kudos to the actor and environmentalist, who by the way was a vegetarian since 1958, a student of Yoga and meditation.

  95. Congratulations MM. I believe you. I was on your tail by days (hours?), but did not understand the significance of what I was seeing until I returned home yesterday. Enjoy your new found riches. I think second place deserves a beer at the Buck…of which you now have many.

  96. An interpretation of the Blaze stanza.

    While I have my opinion on what the blaze is, I would like to mention at least how my reading of this stanza gets me there.

    If you’ve been wise and found the blaze,
    Look quickly down, your quest to cease,
    But tarry scant with marvel gaze,
    Just take the chest and go in peace

    IMO – he is telling us that if we are looking down to often, we will miss it. There are two alternatives in this stanza. Looking down – and what to do it you are not looking down.

    Let’s remove the second line and “But” from line three. Here it is clear that if we find the Blaze we should just take the chest and go.

    If you’ve been wise and found the blaze,
    tarry scant with marvel gaze,
    Just take the chest and go in peace

    Add the second line back in, along with “But”, and it becomes clear. Here, “But” means “instead”, “”rather”, “alternatively”, etc.

    If you’ve been wise and found the blaze,
    Look quickly down, your quest to cease,
    But tarry scant with marvel gaze,
    Just take the chest and go in peace

    So, IMO, this stanza tells us “UP”. And that if we even glance away for a brief second, we will miss it.

    Hopefully, I explained that well enough to make sense. Wish I could use bold face and colors in the font.

    Scott W.

    • Q1werty2, imo the treasure is not below the blaze. If you notice it is written in past tense. He did not say, if you are wise and find the blaze look quickly down. He said, ” if you’ve been wise and found the blaze look quickly down. Big difference here. You don’t look down until after the phrase, ” there’ll be no paddle up your creek, just heavy loads and water high(BOOM) then look quickly down. If you’ve been wise.

  97. Its ok Cat cut, I am pretty sure we all missed it. The blaze that is, at least for this year. You just gotta be at the right spot to see the right shadow cross the right brown….

  98. Has anyone seen the blaze that Forrest Fenn put on the inside cover of “To Far To Walk”? There is one there if you can find it.

    • David, Are you referring to the campfire? Lately I’ve been searching for an un-excavated old pueblo on top a mesa…very pristine area…no signs of people anywhere (which means no litter). Then the second day searching there for Fenn’s chest, I found a perfect circle of rocks with more rocks filling in the inside of the circle. Definitely manmade…I methodically moved each rock, only to discover an old campfire scar beneath. I couldn’t tell if it was 5 years old or 5 days old. I considered it a possible blaze and searched all around. Nada. I put all the rocks back as I found them. Still searching that area…

      • No Cynthia it is not the campfire. The picture was drawn by an artist and then Forrest added another drawing to the picture. The big question is why? The drawing Forrest added he drew himself. The drawing came from a small treasure he once found.

          • No it’s not the grasshopper. Everything was drawn by the artist then FF added something. It can be easily seen. Look at each drawing. One is obviously not by the same artist or hand. It also makes a later appearance in the same book. On a treasure that FF found. It’s on the left.

        • David… if you know the Blaze, what keeps you from retrieving the chest?

          -Chris Ginsburg

  99. Dal I thought you might like to know that Mountain Walk- Richard Saunier is no longer on the web.

  100. Dal have you seen this?
    S=10 A perfect 10. Right when my Blaze of choice is visible

      • Does no… mean don’t tell anyone or does it mean everyone already knows. Because I don’t see anyone talking about it in relation to the Blaze anywhere on the blogs. Just wondering. Thanks.

          • Oh ok. Its the post marks. January=0 and so on. September is 10. There is something about September and the stories labeled with that post mark. I also believe it has to do with the NM PSA and something that wasn’t included but WAS included in TFTW. Is there any chance FF intentionally wanted the NM PSA to draw attention to that one controversial statement? Would he have done something like that? See if I am correct the Blaze isn’t visible till September which would be a good reason why people keep walking past it.

          • I think in TTOTC he wanted us to pay attention to September. I have not seen anyone talking about September though. Then the NM PSA came out and I realized almost the same quote was in TFTW. With one exception. One that cannot be seen till September.

          • The even more eye opening thing is that in TFTW he mentions it, that which wasn’t in the PSA, then immediately mentions it again but by another name as if it were 2 different things

          • What is even more interesting is that it seems that there are clues in each of the September stories. Gypsy noticed it with the olive jar in a September story.

          • You know him better that we do. Would Forrest have intentionally created a controversy to draw attention to his hints?

          • Chris-

            I think that’s the wrong question.
            In my opinion the proper question is, “Would Forrest want to create controversy?”
            If you can answer that I think you have the answer to your question.
            I am not the only person who understands Forrest as a marketing master.
            Look at who he admires..Duveen, Marcus…

            So..what would be the benefit to him of adding controversy??
            If you see a benefit he may have seen one too..
            If there was a benefit than he probably would have done it..

          • Everyone wanted a Duveen, because a Duveen was so much more than a painting or a vase; it was a chance at immortality. Likewise everyone wants a piece of the Fenn cache. I Might be wrong but if it is found while he is still alive, according to the poem he has retained “title” and will give you title. Then if a person intelligent like himself sends the cache to PCGS of NGC each coin sealed and labeled as such then those who can afford a piece of the Fenn cache will feel like those that wanted to own a Duveen. Yes I think that there is a benefit.

          • Let us say for a moment that the cach was found today and Forrest confirmed the contents to PCGS or NGC. They would grade everything and it all could be sold at a world class auction live for everyone online around the world to bid on. While the weight of the cache 21 pounds or 306 troy onces would melt at $333,356.00 It is already being valued between 1-3 million. At a live auction event I feel it would bring at least that. As a result everything Forrest ever collected would go up in value. Every painting he ever sold would go up in value. Every book he has ever signed would go up in value. However, if as I feel, that a person should find it after Forrest passes, I would be personally fearful of confiscation by the government therefore no auction and no rise in prices. Yes I think there could be a benefit. Thanks again Dal.

      • Love the post marks , and the concept WWWH . September the start of Fall .
        My question would be ,
        Are you looking of the blaze first here ?
        Second where dose wwh , have anything to do by date
        with where I have gone alone in there ?
        And if they equal months , where is the code there to the chest?
        When F said there are no codes.
        F said I only know where the chest is .
        I was inoperative that no one knew where I hide the chest.
        Forrest said this because crazy people exist and if any one else knew he would place them in direct harm .
        But more interesting, is He only knows . What dose F know that all men don’t. Well that for me is the easy question to answer, and No Im Not Sharing.
        An 10 would be the wrong number in my opinion , 9 is the luck number .

        Unless your 79 or 80 and hid the chest I don’t think the rest will be easy .
        ” I tied three strings a day ” This is a funny comment .
        It shows actually that he understood balance , movement , and how words tie to them selves . He understood weight by this and is why he most likely could fly that plane ;As well as a million other things . See you can use algebra in string theory . And linier thinking is profound and I personally think Forrest Fenn is a Lanier thinker . A person who can think in levels and carry over the data in to a long term idea . This is a very smart way to think , and his concepts of the poem are carried down by a word. How do I know that , F said it. One word unlocks the poem . The one word must be a concept carried down by the words in the poem . The answer to find the chest is right in front of you , all you need is the poem .
        All you need is the poem . Hummmm ….. So If I were reading the poem , and saw …….
        No Im gonna keep that to my self.

        Subtle clues are sprinkled
        The word means so faint that they are un noticeable.
        A faint clue seems to me to be indirect not direct.
        A faint clue needs you to translate , that means you
        use your own thoughts to clarify what you think is the answer. But thats the hook . You hook your self while F is Fishing by biting the clearly obvious clues. Where in one part of the poem you must use your subliminal understanding with out even seeing that you have done it . It is how he bends the words, carefully not to lose sight of the chest , but enough to dis lodge us from the truth .
        And the truth is where the chest is.

        IMO only …. I don’t have the chest , so Im no smarter then the next guy , just one of many involved in the Chase.

          • I think you are onto something. One thing I’ve learned through TTOTC is that imagination and expression are open to interpretation by every searcher. Imho, only FF knows the true meaning of the poem. To me, it’s a complex story of personal memories, abstract metaphor s, humor and irony, and yes, even controversy among other important messages. That said, I do believe it ends on a lite note with a cold nose and a smile. Something any kid would appreciate. It’s an adventure I am thankful to have been part of and one I think about frequently as I sit and wonder what lays ahead in my own journeys.

      • Chris,
        What makes you think that if someone finds Mr. Fenn’s chest after he’s gone that the government would confiscate it?

  101. Dal, I printed off a picture of “the blaze” in my solve and then scanned it in as an attachment. If I email it to you would you be able to post the picture on here so I can get other people’s opinions on if it would or would not qualify as a type of blaze?

    • We don’t put photos in comments but if you send it to me I will put it on the Photo Album page and you can put a link to it in a comment and start a discussion around it here..

  102. I found this on Google/maps and took a screen shot and sent it to Dal who posted it here:

    I’m not saying this is “The Blaze”, but was looking for opinions on if it qualifies as an example of a blaze. Also I wanted to share what looks like to me an Indian with both hands raised high, hair sticking straight up, riding a cloud? I had a chuckle when I saw it so figured I’d share 🙂

    • Bookworm,

      How large an area is this? [ no scale to go by ] I would { imo } say nope. Reasons, If the blaze is the location of the chest… not sure how you read the poem… a few things come to mind, No trees, water, or animals. Well maybe lizards, snakes and scorpions or maybe an occasional Jack Rabbit.

      • The “wingspan” is roughly 200 feet from hand to hand. The length of the “cloud” is roughly 550 feet. Yeah, lack of trees makes this questionable as ‘the blaze” but was wondering if it is an example of a blaze.

          • No not in that spot, but I was thinking in terms of “Look quickly down” and not far from this mark is a nice little cove with what looks like an awesome view.

          • Well, I think there are many blazes – but the main one that I am thinking of cannot be changed – – I could be so wrong. So, if you think that is a blaze – go for it.

          • I don’t think the marks were made by an ATV because the 2 lines coming in from the top right corner shows on another map as a 4×4 trail. That will also give a sense of scale. I can see this being the same 100 years from now unless a person drove a backhoe there and moved some serious dirt.

            Thanks for the remarks, I appreciate the input 🙂

          • I’ll probably poke around that area because it’s close to a nice fishing spot, one of several, that I want to check out during the week in April when I am there. I also want to fish in YNP for at least 1 day.

            Like I said, I mostly wanted to share what I found cause it looked both weird and funny at the same time.

    • I looked at the same spot on a topographical map and it has the word “Prospect” written 3-4 times which looks like it covers my entire picture. I guess someone at some point in time went prospecting for gold. At least it’s above the 5000 foot requirement.

    • That’s definitely an old surface mine. I see these in many places in Montana where they mined for gold and other precious metals.

      Looks like two quarry-style mines long abandoned, with some linear digging and prospect holes. Just look at the hills around places like Norris or Pony, Montana and you’ll see all kinds of stuff like that.

  103. Curious about the below comment by Liviu on T9C p.31…

    A non-physical blaze is impossible to remove. Therefore, as it is possible to remove the blaze, that means that it has to be physical.

    Again in logical terms: If A implies B, then Not-B implies Not-A

    As a confirmation of the above reasoning, Forrest also said “it isn’t feasible”, therefore again it is possible to remove it but not feasible to try, and this statement made me think of BIG.
    Sorry, I’m confused (not the first time). I think too much…or not at all depending on who you ask. Let’s see if I have this correct, if A is present than the blaze (physical, B) can be found? Or are A and B intertwined so B will never be found even if A exists? If that’s the case, my snow boots will remain in permanent storage. Or, maybe the blaze is just too big to remove period. Apologies, I was a journalism major in college, just now reading Philosophy for Dummies, Vol. 1.

    • DH – a couple of thoughts…
      Liviu is a bright guy who reasons soundly on this blog.

      Forrest said, “it’s not feasible” to remove the blaze.

      1. If Not physical…
      Then – the blaze could be as simple as the X Where exact Lat/Long. coordinates cross to yield the treasure’s location. Figure out the correct pathway thru the poem to solve coordinates and the blaze (X) reveals itself. IMO, Hence the line “if you’ve ‘been’ wise and found the blaze.”

      2. If Physical, but not feasible to remove… A few large scale examples come to mind: Blaze Mountain, Mt, the sun, a river or trail, lake, large burned area, etc.

      • Thanks for the feedback. I thought the answer was under my nose but now I don’t know. Feeling less wise. A work in progress…both literally and figuratively.

  104. OIC, thanks Naught. I had never seen markings like that. What do you think of the “Indian flying a cloud”? hehehehehe

  105. Well has anyone thought about the reasons for why Fenn gives certain information out? Example: Romanesque box could be a hint that Roman numerals are used in The poem.

    • Lilly, Roman numerals have been discussed on several blogs and maybe ff used.

      The difficulty for me is determining how f may have employed Roman numerals. I.e,,,Is every V in the poem to be converted to number 5 or perhaps interpreted as a visual pictograph for a canyon?

      Where oh where is Fenn’s rule book for interpreting?

      I threw in the towel but wish you much success!

      • I here ya, I was thinking of a measurement near the end. I don’t think it would work to selectively pick letters and convert without context. Example IV done it tired and now I’m weak. In that example whatever it is he did could be associated with 4. Sore legs after walking four miles or whatever just an example.

        Has anyone else seen a giant number 4 on a map. Ge has some interesting geologic features. Trees lined up that look like the number 4

      • lia,

        Should you decide to play the Roman numeral approach, please keep in mind the missing ‘X” in the poem.

        No, I have no clue or guess, other than I have tried to place that missing X back into the poem to make something work.

        I do believe the missing X is something; just don’t know what it is yet.

        Scott W

    • Lilly,
      Yes, I believe Mr. Fenn gives out certain information that a person could consider is important, I believe a lot of that information goes right over most everybody’s head. I have always thought the mention of the Romanesque box that he said he paid too much for is a hint but I don’t think it pertains to Roman numerals. IMO

  106. Michael,

    Yes, it most definitely could. Do make note: ” Las Animas” = A deep meaning and other translations that can reach out to touch the very essence of a soul. There are also locations within this area that include other “terms” quite familiar to those who recognize certain phrases used by our kind & wise friend, F Fenn

    Enjoy & learn.


  107. Would it be there, at a popular spot where it could be stumbled on by a rock climber? It is a great vacation area! Love CO!

    • Donna…Not likely I suspect…IMO the location has not nor will ever be mentioned or hinted at directly by ff…If there is a hint in either book, it is so obtuse it may never be recognized until one knows the spot to go to…


      • Perhaps the seeker sees the “X” from the opposite side of the canyon.

        Does anyone know where this is in relation to the flag-stop for the Chicago Basin trail?

        Scott W.

      • Sorry, scott. If I told you that, then I’d have to shoot ya…just kidding. PART of my reasoning is in the archived found object contest on this site. But, well, nevermind. Good luck! 🙂

  108. Donna,

    Climbing and parking are free. Not too common in the vicinity of X Rock.

    I don’t think TTOTC poem has to be complicated. It’s just an added touch of “imagination” that seems to be another aspect of the legend that is Forrest Fenn!

    Additionally: Here’s another example of a ‘triangle’ and is also located in the area. ( It has been described as an ‘L’ as well) Unique to flyers of yesteryear.

    Colorado is special.

  109. Can we get some thought on what the blaze is? My Top TEN Blazes. 1. The letter F 2. A White mark. 3. Something to do with owls…. 4. Omega sign 5. Horse shoe . 6. Buffalo skull. 7. Dr pepper can. 8. Arrow point. 9. Cotton wood tree. 10. a X. That is just the start what are some others…

  110. Hmmm…agree with all, especially X and owls. A few more I’ve run across include 80, V, miner stake, and a scary lightening bolt. 🙂

  111. Does “If if you’ve been wise and found the blaze” mean you actually have to see it? or is there another way to find it? A blaze is usually a visual thing/object IMO.

    • Question posted 6/26/2014:
      Can the blaze be pre-determined by the poem or can it only be determined at the search area?- becky

      Becky, you are a rascal to ask that question and I have been sitting here for about fifteen minutes trying to decide what to say. Well, it has been thirty minutes now and I think I’ll pass on the question. Sorry.f

      JL, this answer has cause me to look at so many different possibilities…
      The blaze maybe told of in the poem and is in the field.
      Or another way to look at it, the blaze must be predetermined to know it when you get to it, in the field.

      This is one of those answers that makes me wonder if there’s a hint involved… Why so long to answer a question that he already knows the answer to? I mean 30 minutes!!
      Is there a reason for fenn to answer this question this way by not answering it, and could that be that the blaze is an alignment that takes time to develop? a shadow affect, a sun beam, stars, a drawing or even something we need to DO in the field to create such an affect?
      Or maybe just a sign that says ‘ya found it’

      • All can say is WOW! Seeker you seem to have a quote for about any question. You are so organized, just like Mr. Fenn. Or wait maybe your initials are ff or perhaps FF or something fire or just an f. Maybe this blog is run by the C I A, maybe I have lost it, what ever it was.IMO

        • Most unorganized searcher here… just know where to look… well most of the time.
          I have a small list of quotes and comments about the ‘first clue[s]’, [at this point in time that is my objective], a copy of the poem in it’s original form and typed out copy in sentences, and a few pages of the first book that I think are helpful.

          Everything else is stored upstairs among all the cob webs, empty spaces and last working brain cell I have.

      • This is an interesting one in the way the question was worded. Particularly, consider what happens when you remove the words “by the poem”:

        “Can the blaze be pre-determined or can it only be determined at the search area?”

        With this bit gone, he can answer yes or no without tying it to the poem. Either the blaze can be pre-determined by *some means*, or there is no way to determine it. We’re not suggesting the poem is involved.

        Let’s put “by the poem” back in:

        Can the blaze be pre-determined by the poem or can it only be determined at the search area?

        Now, if he says yes, it means that the poem can pre-determine the blaze. In fact, we should use the poem because he saying that’s a good method. If he says no, that means nothing can determine it. Not the poem, the book, or anything else but the search area.

        What if there is a way that it can be pre-determined, but not by the poem? He’s stuck and can’t answer without feeding her the right way to ask the question.

        Also consider removing “or can it only be determined at the search area” to get:

        “Can the blaze be pre-determined?”

        The answer to this might be yes or no, but he can’t answer it either way if the blaze isn’t exactly at the search area. Becky’s question ties it to the search area. Maybe the blaze is at the top of a mountain and you’re supposed to look at the base (quickly down). He may not want to make a statement about the search area in this way.

        It’s tricky wording. I think it’s nice that he actually responded at all, when he could have just ignored the question.

        • Jeremy,

          I get the thoughts…
          I try not to remove or move what fenn has stated… especially in a Q&A. This is something he can take time to answer, as most are sent to him for consideration. That for me makes them more interesting.
          That is why this particular one stands out… why mention how long it took just not to answer. Most like to think every word out of fenn’s mouth is a clue or hint… I don’t go that far, yet I do think he does at time give something helpful to think about. Just like the book… I don’t believe there is an answer to any of the clues in the poem that is “needed” to be know, just helpful information to shove one to understand what we maybe looking for.

          Right wrong or indifferent, All the comments, statements, Q&A’s, Interviews etc. as a whole, tells me in my mind… only the poem holds the information to find the trove, anything else maybe helpful,[ anything of something is better than nothing ], but will not lead to the chest.

          “Occasionally I forward parts of emails to Dal for use in his blog to add human interest for others who are in the search, but I never would if it made a difference or in any way might point someone toward or away from
          the treasure.
          Dal is also a searcher.
          **I am determined to stay aloof of providing any additional clues that are useful.** Everyone has the same information to work with.**
          Some few have stopped within several hundred feet of the correct location, and then passed it by. I said in my book that
          the solution will be difficult but not impossible. If it was easy anyone could do it. Whoever finds the treasure will mostly earn it with their imagination. I have done only a few things in my life that were truly planned. Hiding the treasure chest is one of them. And at the end, the one
          who finds the gold will not feel lucky, but instead, will ask himself,
          ”what took me so long?”
          That pretty much sums it up for me.
          Note: I added the ** just to explain my interest on after the fact information as helpful, yet not clues or even needed to solve the poem. imo.

          • Seeker, MAYBE F gave her an answer!
            ☆ The poem gets you to the blaze by following the clues.
            ☆ Where your “untrailed” journey begins is a 30 minute hike…to the blaze.
            So the answer, using his 30 min would be “BOTH”. The poem directs you, the minutes guides you, and you’d see the tc as near as 12ft of it, telling me you can’t miss the blaze pointing to it!
            It’s such a precise answer, I feel very suspicious about the minutes mentioned.
            My Spidey senses are tingling!

          • There ya go Donna… If the blaze is a pointer/ marker that gets you to the location of the chest, why not have it be a small 30minute hike. By the way, which direction was it the we are to take again?

          • Seeker:Direction is easy, you always take the easy route, you have a 25% chance of being right.
            Donna: Are you saying there’s a blaze that points you on a 30 min. journey to the blaze?

  112. @Seeker, South West from the blaze to spot where you stand up that pointer(coordinates), Then West. blaze= firepit/circle of rocks. Pointer is a stick, shaped like a “Y”. Lazy “b”, lazy”7″. Whole thing looks like a “97”. Poem gives date, time, sun elevation, and coordinates.

    • Hi Charlie….hmmm, so you are saying that even after the Blaze is understood. The box is not in the directed location? Are we talking about the same Blaze? (in song by Jim Morrison).

      -Chris G

      • @Chris G. yup. I think(know) that the blaze is not close to the final spot. IMO. Blaze is just a spot to reference from to get to the coordinates. Next to the blaze is the pointer( Y shaped stick) you would get to use at the coordinates. I have a cool picture of it. To bad I didn’t know then what I know now.

        • Hey Charlie… Interesting. I have suspected a 3rd Blaze but then that would infer that Mr. Fenn’s description of the Poem as being direct and without chicanery not entirely true.

          You have a ground photo? Have you been to the location?

          I have info on the location that I do not believe others have. We may want to talk.. via PM.

          So we understand that we are both referring to the same place, can you answer this? — Do you know the paddle up your creek?


          • Hey Chris, the blaze itself is one thing, just different parts. A circle of rocks(campfire/sundial) and a half burnt log, that makes up the “b”. A totally burnt piece of wood and a 7′ ” Y ” stick/branch, under the “b” that makes up the 7.
            When you look at it, passing on the left, it looks like a ” 97 “. This would be the “marvel gaze” part.(research Andrew Marvell, Upon Appleton House, also The Garden)
            As far as ‘”paddle up creek”, I solve the poem a little differently. That line, IMO, says ” 22 will be your latitude”. Have to have the alpha/numerics. I actually read that line as two different ways to solve that line:
            22’ll be for your 4 and 2t’ll be for your 4. So, 22 for your latitude.
            As far as the blaze pic, I’ll modify it by taking out the GPS on it and submit. Dal, do I just send it e-mail? Sorry didn’t get my solve to you, not done yet, but this pic I think all should see. Some of the rocks have what looks like petraglyphs, actually, one of them says “out” on it. Another has a “T” with a sun on it. The “Y” stick to be used at the coordinates, like the “T” rock.

          • Thanks Charlie.. yes would like to see your Blaze picture. Email is fine if Dal will allow it to be viewed.

            I don’t think we’re talking about the same place — but I think you may be onto something with the idea that there are things that need to be figured out beyond the Poem solve… ie: the 3rd Blaze.


          • Hey Chris, haven’t forgotten, pic I have at work is fuzzy. Will try to submit from home later

  113. I may be going off on a wild ride with my imagination now. Here is something that came together from various sources of thought.

    F was a pilot, navigation requires knowledge of the stars, and the brightest star is Sirius. The name Sirius is derived from ancient Greek meaning glowing or scorcher. It was also associated with Osiris and pictured with a dog’s head or as a dog in many cultures. In Scandinavia Sirius was known as Lokabrenna-Loki’s Torch.
    Hmmm okay,
    In astronomy the longitude of the node is symbolized by the OMEGA sign. For Sirius that number is 44.57-044 degrees
    Could this mean anything?

    • Interesting. could be considered a latitude but without a longitude its a search area larger the rocky mountains.
      Did you find a hint in the poem that led you to this?

      • I don’t think that the numbers would be the longitude. It’s just that the use of the Omega symbol in astronomy stuck in my head.

        What associated Sirius with the poem is that it was said to be a blaze, a bright star that the wise used for direction and and to know the season. Then there is the connection to the dog. Tesuque is also something that still comes to mind.
        There is something to this.

        • The name Tesuque is a Spanish variation of the Tewa name, Te Tesugeh Oweengeh, meaning the “village of the narrow place of the cottonwood trees.”

    • Slapping my hand on my forehead and saying “Duh”

      My attention should have first been drawn to Polaris the North Star. It is the obvious one that all mariners, pilots, travelers, and map makers refer to. Look at the map in the back of TFTW and there are curved lines of declination referenced to a northerly direction. From Wiki:

      “The closest bright star to the north celestial pole is Polaris. At magnitude 1.97 (variable), it is the brightest star in the Ursa Minor constellation (at the end of the “handle” of the “Little Dipper” asterism).[1] As of October 2012 its declination is +89°19′8″ (at epoch J2000 it was +89°15′51.2″). Therefore, it always appears due north in the sky to a precision better than one degree, and the angle it makes with respect to the true horizon (after correcting for refraction and other factors) is equal to the latitude of the observer to better than one degree. It is consequently known as Polaris (from Latin stella polaris “pole star”). It was formerly sometimes known as Cynosura, from a time before it was the pole star, from its Greek name meaning “dog’s tail” (as the constellation of Ursa Minor was interpreted as a dog, not a bear, in antiquity).”

      Like Sirius it has a companion star, and is associated with a dog. Ursa means bear. Is that a home of Brown? What is below that on the star maps? Can the numbers be used in our search? We better find out before the precesion of the equinox points somewhere else.

      • I think you’re onto something. Good idea for home of Brown. I’m drawn to Camelopardalis but I believe there is more to it. I’ll continue to investigate. Interesting the places one 147 page book will take you.

    • Your scaring me. Your coordinates vary by just one degree to my blaze and two degrees from where I think the chest lies. My method was TOTALLY different than yours but I see a huge connection in how sirius could relate. If it does I think that Forrest is a mason. I am curious where you found the info that gave you those coordinates. I have googled from all kinds of angles and can not find anything relating to the nodes of sirius that give actual coordinates. I have been extremely confident in my solve for a year now but did not go last summer. Already told the wife and kids that I have to check my spot this summer just for sanity sake.

    • I don’t quite understand it myself. Some of the information I come across can be wayyyyy out there, for sure.

      The truth however, can often be stranger than fiction as well.

  114. Time for a fennel holic rehab center to be open in Santa Fe New Mexico. You can check in any time but you can never leaves..

  115. All below is IMO kinda,
    Just came from Estes Park and I must say if you strongly believe the blaze is a rock fromation this could be the place for you. Every where you look every mountain has a beautiful rock formation on it. If you think this way you could almost call Estes Park home of the blazes, Its also home to the famous Stanley hotel. Does any find it intresting how I uesd the word home?

    • The big picture.

      So, “Brown” might be contained within a large geographical area, which could be called the hoB.

      Nice! I like it.

      Scott W

      • Yes Scott, that is my current belief on the HOB, but if we looked at Brown trout that way it would make there home some where in Europe. So I have tried to look at the bigger picture here and I do believe HOB is a geogaphical location.

  116. It is interesting to me that we are so busy listening to each other that we ignore, or do not understand what Mr. Fenn says. RC.

    • Correction to my comment:
      IMO some people do understand what Mr, Fenn is trying to tell us, However to finalize this solve we must find the chest.

      • Kevin.. and thus the wisest move. Indications that the box may be retrieved will only act to set the other players in energetic motion and increase competition.

        I don’t know about you.. but my brain works best in the clutch. And if you want someone else to be the victor… go ahead and swagger about the nature of the solve.

        That being said, I think we can learn something from each other without giving away critical strategy.


  117. I just looked on Google/maps at the location of a where I live here in California and in the desert next to the building I saw a Blaze!!! LOL, now I’m seeing different blazes all the time, even when not searching for the TC. Does this happen to anyone else?

  118. Beyond the Blaze… there may be an essential missing clue within “But tarry scant–“. It now looks like an important line. Dal.. Am I missing that thread?. if not can we create one?


  119. I believe the Blaze is the key word that Forrest mentions in the studying of his poem(IMO). I however don’t believe you find the blaze and then look quickly down to find the treasure. That verse is in past tense. Had it said, “if you are wise” I would look down to find the treasure, but it didn’t. It said, ” If you’ve been wise”. I believe that is why it is the key word. If it is read wrong it will throw your whole solve out of whack. (IMO)

  120. Linda, I agree with you totally. I believe the blaze confirms the area that you are looking at. (IMO)

  121. Seems all are enjoying the night. I have interesting proposal for the next day or so. Since there are a few here (Mike D, VoxPops, RC and Chesney) that feel they will prove their solve in the summer of 2016 I think most are curious about the details. But of course we should not expect crucial details to be shared. That is part of ff’s criteria, one has to earn the TC. But…. what if we shared the size of what we feel is the blaze? No crucial info given but it would be entertaining. IMO.

    So the proposal, “If” you were to remove the blaze, what size of vehicle would you need? A space station, an aircraft carrier, tractor trailer, dump truck ect, or equipment like a tape recorder, jack hammer, front end loader, or chain saw.

    • @Yiga I think you are missing the point about the poem, and asking questions that do not matter. I think you should be asking yourself about what is WWWH, and try to grasp the meaning of it. Nothing else matters. If a searcher, or researcher does not get that right the effort will be useless as far as the chase is concerned. It is my opinion.RC.

      • Hey RC, Louie, looks like we may be on the same page. It would be interesting to know how many others are out there and what their experiences have been.

        Any estimates as to who has this same sort of Blaze?


    • ..a bucket of water.. a shovel.. and a grizzly bear impatiently tapping his foot and pointing his finger at me…

  122. mine at any given moment might fit in a tractor trailer, but if you look at the big picture none of the above.

  123. As F said…”Why would you want to?”
    Mine is small, like a 3yr old child. A special message left by F. It’s in the poem, if you are wise, and found it!

  124. My latest would require a front end loader and dump truck, but thinking smaller as of late. Maybe gloves and a flashlight.

  125. all,

    The line “if you have been wise and found the blaze,”

    To me reads in a past tense and may mean that if you have been wise in your quest and found the trail of clues (blaze) leading you to the “end is ever drawing nigh”.

    Could the line “Look quickly down your quest to cease,”

    Describe the physical marker or blaze we are looking for? follow me here, to look quickly down is to glance, dart, skim or scan to list a few. Dart is the one that stands out to me. Dart is synonymous with arrow, and was it not an arrow that lead Fenn on his lifelong thrill of the chase. so at the end are we looking for an arrow on the ground?

    Food for thought.


      • seannm- to me and its just my opinion – to look quickly down – means to look but not far for your quest to end – the end is ever drawing nigh

        • Frank,

          Think we both are on adjoining pages, however i believe that the blaze may actually be a reference to the trail of clues that has led you to the “end” and if that is so I’m only searching a marker for the chests final resting place and this maybe 200ft from the end.


          • seannm-imo- from the blaze you have to go in the wood and after that is the end to your quest imo

  126. “The end is ever drawing nigh;” in Stanza #3, and “Look quickly down” is in the next stanza. The “drawing nigh” to me, has already happened – before you have to “Look quickly down.” What am I missing?

    • jd -imo from hob – it is saying that the end is farther away and to the left but first comes the blaze and from the blaze look for it cause its not to far for your quest to end

  127. JD,

    The end is ever drawing nigh,

    This is a statement in my opinion that is saying the end is drawing close but you are not there yet.

    There’ll be no paddle up your creek,

    So the end, that is drawing nigh, is up your creek.

    In stanza four

    If you”ve been wise and found the blaze,

    Again in my opinion both “been” and “found” are past tense and my elude to the trail of clues that have led you to the “end” of your creek.


  128. I think all of stanza 3 is describing one place. The place you are after you put in below HOB.

    I agree been and found are past tense, but I think it is because time past between the time you found it(when you were at the put in), and when you are looking down.

    I think you find it, then travel to it, then look down.

    All just my opinion.

  129. To me, Stanza #1 prepares the searcher for some action he/she will need to do much later in the poem.

    Stanza #2 defines Location #1 – wwwh………a trip down a canyon to ……hob (Location #2)

    Stanza #3 – more travel to “meek” (location #3), then more travel to Location #4

    Stanza #4 – At location #4 you see the blaze, and “find” the treasure

    Stanza #5 – only one question mark, but asks two questions – Why ff hid the treasure, and why the searcher seeks the treasure

    Stanza #6 – Detailed instructions for retrieving the treasure once it is found. Part of these instructions refer the searcher back up to stanza #1

    This of course, is only my interpretation, and my opinion.

    • JD,

      Yup i completely agree, well said. I would add that Stanza #6 also speaks to legal title to ownership of the trove IMO.

      Again and i continue to repeat Marvin Fenn’s words “the greater part of knowledge is knowing that which is not worthy of knowing”


  130. I Know what I know, or at least I think I do.

    What I don’t know, is what I don’t know, and that is what troubles me.


  131. imo – that if you are brave and in the wood .your efforts will be worth the cold . ill give you title to the gold . to me it means its there (title to the gold) if you are brave and in the wood

  132. Searchers thinking about the ‘blaze’ and the water fall idea along with idea of certain time of the year might find these links interesting, it’s about a water fall in Yosemite and how when the snow pack and other conditions are just right it appears to be on fire!… apparently set to happen this month. Just sharing ideas….

        • Hi SL…interesting aura Forrest has in your picture.

          Now, if we could just “read” his vibes. Thanks for the smile.

          • Appreciate your positive feedback, Ellen. I might just do a bit of trying,to catch some “vibes”……

            Uhmm….Scouts, recreation, aviation, family, the universe!!

        • I like reading about unusual phenomenon like this and I would think Forrest has experienced this type of thing being a pilot and walking in the misty mountains as much as he has.
          About the photo… I do find it unusual that Forrest’s head was positioned directly in front of the glowing blaze painted on the hide… 🙂 He’s radiating! Isn’t he? Thanks for the article.

  133. imo this is what I think – what the poem is saying- your efforts will be worth the cold (north of) in the wood- below the home of brown- if you’ve been wise and found the blaze (place) look quickly down your quest to cease – just take the chest an go in peace this is just my opinion and nothing more -frank

  134. U guys are refereeing to a “spiritual blaze”, meaning a persons aura, and a persons aura changes with emotion, mental and heart perception, motives, and desires. As an example, being in AWE of natures surroundings, just APPRECIATING THE BEAUTY of natures mountains, or HEARING the sound of a waterfall or ocean, like music to yours ears, can bring JOY, and Peace, but state of mind is utmost important for success. the smallest, unrecognizable breeze can remind you the best of things, and experiences are the ones in THEIR PUREST form.

  135. thats the type of BLAZE i like to feel when in nature… inner radiance from feeling connected with creation…

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