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This is the place to discuss Forrest Fenn’s character. What traits do we recognize in him that might help us find the chest? What is unique about his personality that might help us understand the clues in his poem? Those who know him can share their thoughts with those who do not. What false assumptions do people often make about Forrest?


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    • to whom it may concern you are looking into is a deep man a person that cares enough to leave his work behind and give you something real to do i just got this email today so what i can say is the person of a respectfull nature yes this man saved my life his work kept my mind working when i had a stroke its up to you to find the truth for you as for me i do believe he is a good man through and through you cant prove me wrong have fun as i have and will do till my life is over ty you sir mr fenn

      • it doesn’t matter who you are its who they believe you are that counts but it does matter to this man he is way deeper then that we need to see every thing its the mind that is out of the box a mind that thinks that must solve this he is a fire cracker keep up with him if you can i try

      • we all have received something more then a treasure hunt from our friend Forrest Fenn stand strong he is with us always

  1. The verdict is still out. He always wins though. Perhaps Mr. District Attorney would of made it bad for all. Keeping up with the notifications.

    • As Forrest’s biographer, Dal’s input would be interesting. Most biographers don’t exhibit a naivety that assumes the great are all-good, but in Forrest’s case perhaps the good are great.

  2. Perhaps we should first DEFINE char·ac·ter

    1. the mental and moral qualities distinctive to an individual.
    synonyms: personality, nature, disposition, temperament, temper, mentality, makeup; the distinctive nature of something. strength and originality in a person’s nature; integrity, honor, moral strength, moral fiber, rectitude, uprightness;
    reputation, good name

    2. a person in a novel, play, or movie.
    synonyms: persona, role, part; dramatis personae

    • I agree with that singular word, Amy…although there are many other words to describe Forrest. King Solomon made a direct request to God to be granted an “understanding heart”. Solomon made a very clear distinction between Wisdom and Knowledge. It’s not a simple process to separate the two as it is very possible to have one without the other…but they work best together. To me…simply…Wisdom is knowledge in action guided by strong moral principle. In other words, Wisdom is DOING what is RIGHT…and I perceive that Forrest Fenn IS a Wise Man.

      • in a certain Indian tribe this is where i heard common meaning great for those that look up every word the English define it different

      • Could it just be that there are 2ways 2get there? Up stream or, down I know I’ll be doing both from now on. I’ve tried Sprinting and may again but today on the horizon I see a V. It’s an 8 day week for me and it starts today.

  3. Mr. Fenn is certainly an orginal character…
    Those of us chasing degrees in Forrestry and FENNology know as we enter the ‘Fennzone’ he outFences us all in tactical riFeness and wit. He has dared us to unFence rules from our brain and be original. We don’t need the Fenders of society defining or deaFening who we are. His storied words encourage us to throw open the Fensters of our mind; think; read history and lit…clear idle Fenitar from our brains. Fenn’s fortitude has stiFFened our constitutions to be steadfast in the great outdoors. In a grandfatherly manner his precautionary advice forFends those in the chase. The honor which defines his life is an understated deFense of his character. When we’re worn out of clue solving, Mr. Fenn passes the bottle of Extra Strength IbuPROFEN and reminds all to have some Fenn-Fun along the trail.

  4. My general observations: Forrest is Confident, Shrewd, calculating.
    Kind, intelligent, inquisitive, and generous.
    Truly a person I hope to meet one day, now where the heck is that treasure hidden I have a bracelet to return 🙂

  5. I think Mr. Fenn is a great guy. He pets dogs, thinks about going to church, grows pretty daffodils, doesn’t sing when others are in earshot, likes Willie Nelson, slows for stop signs, and plans to help with the dishes sometime. What more can you expect from a small Texas town guy?

    • Forrest fire You crack me up . You talk like the Forrest in you is separate from the Mr Fenn. You don’t have a split personality do you ? I always thought that both were one in the same. By the way Happy belated birthday. Sometimes I think I know you and then again you never cease to amaze me. The one thing I totally understand is I’ve done it tired and now I’m weak. Also if you are brave and in the wood. I’ve been in the wood picking different berries so I can make a batch of jelly. I sure would like to visit you in person someday. Woody

      • Forrest Fire

        “thinks about going to church”. I think we know where your church is.

        If you are faced with a mountain, you have several options.

        You can climb it and cross to the other side.

        You can go around it.

        You can dig under it.

        But you Forrest will fly over it.

      • I became interested in writing when I learned I could forge my father’s signiture on my arithmetic report card so he wouldn’t know what my grade was. That curtain came down one day when I misspeled his name. I wasn’t very good at spelling either.f

        • FF You make me Laugh!! I forged my mothers signature for my brother so he could get money out of his savings account for a motorcycle. Never thought the bank would call my Mom – oops! And I got in trouble even though my brother talked me into it!

        • My older brother informed me recently that cheaters are more intelligent than honest people. I couldn’t argue with him because he looks a bit like a Grizzly bear.

          He sends my sister and I trout pictures almost weekly and the trout always look really small in his hands.

          • If he was a stupid cheater he wouldn’t let the big ones go. And if someone called me grizzly I would think them supirfecial.

    • Forrest Fire

      Although I’ve not seen how Mr. Fenn drives nor heard him sing, I believe him to be kind to animals, an expert at growing things, and would love to have him help me with the dishes. He is a really, really great guy. 🙂

    • Sounds like my kinda guy…same for a small town Tennessee boy…We gave’em what fer at the Alamo didn’t we Forrest Fire?…Would do it all over again too, by golly… 🙂

    • I know from a very reliable source, that Mr. Forrest also hates people that talk about themselves in third person. That’s something that Mr. Forrest and Mr. Liviu have in common 😉

      • Think you missed the point Mr. Liviu…

        It’s a Texas/Tennessee historical connection, not personal…The reason TN is nicknamed “The Volunteer State”…Read up on it…None survived…

      • My apologies Mr. Liviu i you were not directing your comment toward mine…Your’s fell in place directly below mine…Sorry if I made an assumption in error…I failed to notice it wasn’t in reply to my post but to one above…Again, my apologies…

    • Forrest, I Love Willy Nelson too! So Much, I just saw his Son, Luca, He was Awesome!

    • Well your buffalo horns are getting a few cobwebs on them might wanna help dust them cowboy up Texan 🙂

  6. I’ve never met Forrest but sure would like too, especially with a bracelet in hand. 🙂 He seems to be : trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean and reverent, like a Boy Scout, although from his stories, I’m not so sure about the obedient part. 🙂

    • 23 Kachinas – don’t these quotes remind you of Forrest?
      – Fortune favors the brave.
      – Great boldness is seldom without some absurdity.
      – If you do something, do it well.
      – I’ll either find a way or make one.
      – While we live, let us live!

  7. I look at all the nouns which compose the word “character,” and I would give Forrest Fenn an A+ on all of those traits.

  8. FORREST FENN. Incredible generous. Crazily crafty. Immeasurably patient and hyper active all tide to a f. but what do I know. 🙂

    • Pooch, I remember those large mouth Bass comments well. Forrest certainly is a master fisherman who understands lures. I wonder if he knows GOLDEN SHINERS are a popular live bait used to catch trophy bass!
      That bass must like cruising peacefully under cover of Lily pads, sure haven’t heard anything since that scrapbook

  9. As a serious treasure hunter – the single most important thing about Forrest to me – is how he thinks.

    His education, his training, his Air Force experience, and hasn’t he told us all the way – how very important his friendships are to him.

    He has given us his stories all along the way – and we are getting to know him better. What strikes me as one of the greatest gifts he has – is his sense of humor.

    I am quite sure – in some way he included that wonderful humor in this chase, not only in his writings – but perhaps in the placement of the actual chest. He was laughing after he did it.

    Also, I have to take a look at “why” he did this – was it a lark, was it for fun, many other reasons. It may not seem important now, but maybe somewhere along the line it will be. I trend to leave no stone unturned.

    • @ Inthechaseto
      Nah, it wasn’t a lark. Those were browned in butter and served on Sundays at the Fenns home. 😉

      but I agree Mr. Fenn must have an incredible sense of humor. Don’t you know Peggy and his daughters must have some funny Fenn family stories to tell.

  10. I haven’t met Forrest, but I like the Forrest that I know and would like to meet him and dig at his pueblo. He loves his family, the members who are here and those that have gone ahead to be seen again later. He loves adventure and learning of things from ancient times. He is very fair and honest. He loves animals and nature and wishes that people would just get along or leave each other alone. He is careful not to hurt others feelings and would like us all to be like that. He is brave and always has been. He is a hard worker in everything he does. He is generous and wants to teach us as much as he can. He is larger than life. He is a Texan. One of my favorite things about him is that he let people touch his things that others think should be behind glass. Things are a lot more cool when you can see it up close and touch it then just “looking with your eyes, not your hands.” Thank you Forrest!

    • “Please touch, we are responsible” speaks volumes. In this simple statement Forrest & Peggy quietly live out a philosophy that children/people matter more than things.

  11. I would like to add that whoever finds the treasure, I wish you would let us see the pieces of treasure in it and publish the autobiography and let us touch the chest. That would be awesome!

    • Carolyn, I agree with you. What a treasure to shake Forrest’s hand, thank him for the adventure, and read his biography. After 3 terrific adventures and many lessons learned I’m past caring about gold or jewelry. All we take with us are memories, there are no U-hauls behind caskets. People matter. It would be enjoyable meeting Forrest, Dal, and the nice people on this blog.

  12. Forrest is brilliant, kind, truthful, incredibly funny, stubborn, cunning , forgiving and oh yeah he is brave. In my mind that is who he is. Truthfully, that is who I suspect he is.

    The chase has had to force him to keep a distance from us all. Even though we would love to know him better , its not in the cards because of the treasure. I believe in Forrest . I know he loves his family , the outdoors, animals and especially kids. To me that’s good enough. 🙂

  13. I have met Forrest,he gave me a genuine hug,a survivors hug, a commonality we share.
    He is a man on a mission, a mission to live life as it flutters bye, always wearing a grin.
    He is down to earth, not afraid of being himself, or dreaming of who he wishes he could have been.

    Thank you Mr. Fenn for sharing your memoirs and the thrill of a real life treasure hunt!

    Oh, and FYI, I catch the mistakes.

  14. Since this chase is all about life and death, I just have to post this… funny. If anyone is offended, I apologize.

    “The most unfair thing about life is the way it ends. I mean, life is tough. It takes up a lot of your time. What do you get at the end of it? A Death! What’s that, a bonus? I think the life cycle is all backwards. You should die first, get it out of the way. Then you live in an old age home. You get kicked out when you’re too young, you get a gold watch, you go to work. You work forty years until you’re young enough to enjoy your retirement. You do drugs, alcohol, you party, you get ready for high school. You go to grade school, you become a kid, you play, you have no responsibilities, you become a little baby, you go back into the womb, you spend your last nine months floating…

    …and you finish off as an orgasm.”

    George Carlin

  15. f is a great teacher and he doesn’t even have to try to teach. It irks me that he is’t colorblind, but then why should he be? I like his poker face because it reminds me of mirror I once saw. I like the fact that he put together this chase so meticulusly. Loose lips sink big ships means nothing to him because his lips are sealed when it comes to secrets. He likes to make people smile by turning them into fennatics! I like to think that f has heard sirens enough throughout his life that at some point he began to kind of like them. I like his quirks. I better watch what I say, he is probably listening.

  16. mr. forrest ,listens,hears,repects,learns,gentleman,smart,funny,honest,loyal,loves life and nature,in general can see beauty in everything,trys not to dwell on the bad stuff.greastest story teller,love his smile.his voice is so tender and loving.always puts others before himself.teacher of many things,writes things to you ,that make you feel important to yourself,he has the compassion to help people who hurt, gives wise wisdom,very ,very, knowledgeable.always thinking. has peace with himself.peggy is the love of his life.he’s an Indiana jones,sparky,thrilling,adventuresome.through all the toils of life,good and bad,he turned out to be one of the most loved human being,hes not God,he’s human just like us all,does he make a mistake,sure,we all do. but he has learned through all his 80 plus years,how to handle people and situations very well.still wish he was my dad,at least I would of known I was loved through life.and gave fatherly advice.he’s not rich,but he is rich on the inside,where it counts.he took time ,for a person,who he never come and meet him,and it was because he cared.the things only he knows about my life.that takes love.and if you don’t have love,you have nothing at have to love your fellow man. he will never be forgotten.

  17. Forrest is funny and clever beyond. I also think he is kind and generous. Genuinely a nice person and people matter to him. I can’t say that about most of the people I know. I mean who would put a box full of gold up for anyone who could solve a poem…not anyone I know. Genuine guy that Forrest. I really like him.

  18. blaze
    verb [T] (SHOW THE WAY) /bleɪz/
    › to make a new path or way by marking it so that others can follow: It took the Cherokee two years to blaze a trail between Texas and Kansas. fig. Science blazed the trail that opened up space exploration.
    (Definition of blaze verb (SHOW THE WAY)

    FF shows us the way but from what I see some fail to see the way when they are standing right on top of the Blaze. Ask your self if” I find the treasure will I claim it or leave it ?” I am sure of my answer!

  19. I think Mr. Fenn also is striving to make right some past wrongs. One overlying theme in his stories is regret/forgiveness/redemption. His epitaph makes me feel like he feels a little guilty about some things that happened in the past, just like we all do. I don’t know his past, but one thing he said is absolutely true–God does forgive. 🙂

    • Mindy, aren’t we all most grateful that God and people forgive us for our misdeeds and ill spoken words. Living in the freedom of forgiveness allows us to blossom in the sunshine and become a source of joy to the people in our lives. Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Fenn for sharing honest stories and your faith.

    • We all have a past and I believe he is at peace with his. Best to judge oneself before passing judgement on another. Search within and share your treasure. God does forgive and so must we.

  20. wordsmith, fisher of friends & fish, very clever, kind husband/father, extremely generous, “the most interesting man” in The Rocky Mountains

  21. I found this on a website during my research. Could Mr. Fenn be the Buffalo? Especially read the last few sentences. I promise I did not make that up. 🙂

    “The Buffalo is a material God whose substance is visible only when He so wills. His form is that of a great beast, but he may appear to mankind as a man. He abides with the buffalo people in the regions under the world, and roams throughout all the domain of the Earth. He is the protector of maidens and of the very old. He is the comrade of the Sun and in ceremonies pertaining to the Sun, His potency prevails. He controls the chase and gives or withholds success to hunters. His potency abides in the skull of the animal buffalo and can be imparted to anything that has been a part of a buffalo.”

    • Mindy, nice find: Native American beliefs regarding buffalo. No wonder the plains tribes held bison in such regard; completely dependent upon them for existence in every facet of life – weapons, food, shelter, fuel,etc. Here’s an interesting read on how every part of the bison was utilized. Can you imagine how broken the NA’s were to see millions slaughtered by white hunters in the 1800’s for their hide and tongue only….and their way of life wiped in blood from the earth.

      sidenote: Forrest has many ref’s to 5’s in the books. My theory is buffalo nickel reminder. IMO he placed the chest in close proximity to a bison herd.

      • One more thing about Forrest. I think he’s a fair man. Even though he may like one searcher over another he will never say it and his principles don’t allow him to give anyne an unfair advantage thats why I never believed all the hoopla about Dal getting inside info. Anyway thats my two Bobs.

  22. Psychoanalysis by Dr. Sigmund Goofy:

    Having never met Fenn this is just my opinion and probably meaningless in the pursuit of the chest. Further evaluation would be required to arrive at an accurate prognosis. Trying to define someone whose favorite saying is, “It doesn’t matter who you are it only matters who they think you are” is a difficult, if not totally frivolous, endeavor. But hey, we are experts at frivolous endeavors around here.

    He likes dogs so he can’t be all bad. Fenn expresses disdain for higher education, academia in general, and rules. This is obviously not from a lack of brains…….Perhaps it has something to do with his dad. He seems to like rubbing his success in the noses of the academically elite. I understand his feelings and it has nothing to do with my dad. I went to college but their Marxist indoctrination didn’t take. Some of the dumbest people I’ve ever met were highly educated.

    Fenn is not all hat and no cattle…….He’s got the guts and an enormous amount of natural born ability and an uncanny way of landing on his feet to back up what he says. If he says he’s going to do something you need to get out of his way, as he says in one of his interviews. Anyone that stays engaged in the fight after having his canopy shot off has guts, dogged determination, and a tad bit of flat out mean. One could reasonably argue that wasn’t the smartest thing to do, as with many of the things he has done in his life, but that doesn’t matter; he decided that was what he was going to do. Which is why I believe the chest really is out there.

    He seems to have a Tom Sawyer-ish aversion to what he perceives as hard work. Forget the foundry, sell art… doesn’t matter that he knows nothing about the art world. He is a natural born marketing genius and self described “hustler”. He possesses the shrewdness of a Wall Street venture capitalist behind that slick talking good ol boy veneer. He knows a fool and his money are soon parted and doesn’t mind “stretching’ a story to make a sale; but doesn’t like the idea of taking advantage of hard working regular folks. So where can he find fools with lots of money……Hollywood. It’s really no big deal these folks waste a hundred thousand dollars like we waste a twenty at a tourist trap. He made millions stroking the egos and slick talking the elite, while at the same time pointing out the absurdities of the art world.

    Perhaps we shouldn’t be trying to figure out what Fenn is to us, but what we are to Fenn. This is obviously his attempt at notoriety. Are we pawns on his Monopoly board? Is he using electronic gadgets to tell us to get our heads out of our electronic gadgets? Is this his philanthropic attempt to help the economy of the mountain states?

    He knows there are thousands of books and memoirs written by wise and successful individuals wanting to pass their wisdom on to us. But do we take advantage of the knowledge and wisdom being passed to us……nope. We’re too busy being stupid to learn anything. But throw a chest of gold in the equation and he definitely got everyone’s attention. It’s sad we need a chest of gold to get friends and family together to explore places we haven’t been.

    Is he trying to tell us our fat, lazy, society that “deserves” everything for nothing is self destructing? The guaranteed jobs we can’t get fired from, with no real responsibility or accountability furnished by our bureaucratic overlords has turned us into nothing but a managed herd of brain dead cows. Is he trying to show us it’s the “pursuite of happiness” that will make us happy not the gray nothingness of a guaranteed life. It really is the thrill of the chase that makes life worth living.

    Or is all of this nothing but one last grand sales pitch by a hustler playing Monopoly?

    • Goofy Old Guy, do you think Dal reasoned through the hustler playing Monopoly scenario on trip #2 or #42? If Dal is writing Fenn’s biography & hosting this blog without passing go to collect cash > then the treasure is valid. Or, Forrest owns Boardwalk; Dal owns Park Place; and I’m waiting for a get out of jail free card.

    • Goofy,

      You raised a lot of good points. One in particular was Education.

      I found it interesting that Forrest’s view of education was similar to my own. Here he is graduating from High School and still not knowing what to do with his life. Some education I’d say. College for him was a few days camping out for free in his friends dormitory. Then when discovered, across the field he goes.

      Education is nothing more than herding the youth off the streets, while their parents work. As a result of my own education, I can still recite the 21 counties in the state of New Jersey. Now ask yourself, how many mechanics in New Jersey can do that? Did it get them their jobs? Not hardly. Besides, what is the true value of such learning.

      Today, the problem hasn’t changed much. The best education system is the one the German’s use. After elementary school, if college isn’t in the books for a student, their off to Gymnasium (a term they use for their Vocational Schools). No choices, they go, period.

      No educational system can compete with “hands on” learning. I am proof of that. I got as far as 1st year college before going into the Marines and getting shipped off to Viet Nam. When I got back, I had decided to get into computers.

      The first job I landed was with Prudential Insurance. They had an “on the job” training program in their computer department. I worked half a day and studied the other half and was paid for 8 hours. At the time, they were running IBM computers under BAL (Basic Assembly Language). Later, I picked up 8080 and Z80 and started learning about microprocessors. Now that’s what I call and “Education”. You might say I was lucky, because at the time, colleges weren’t pushing Computer Science curriculums.

      The original theory behind education was simple. Teach the kids Reading, Riting and Rithmatic. The 3 “R’s”. After that it was “Real world learning”.

      Sorry if this was off topic, but I couldn’t resist.

      • Valuable lessons in what you say Goofy. try to explain that to big business who puts more value in a piece of paper than 20 years on the job. Makes no sense.

      • New Zealand schools sound the same only at 15 you take school certification exams and if you do not pass you do not go on to University, but on to trade school.

    • Goofy,
      “It doesn’t matter who you are it only matters who they think you are”

      This statement may work well with the poem, more then one may think.

      is WWWH, anything that has to do with water or even matter?

      Is the Blaze a even a physical object or is it another matter altogether?

      It doesn’t matter what the readers know I wrote in the poem, it only matters what they think I wrote.

      I is mentioned 5 times in the poem, I’ve and I’m once each.

      Are they all the same person?… it doesn’t matter who you are it only matters who they think you are…

      • @ Seeker & Goofy, perhaps with the poem and in marketing it only matters who they think you are. People see and believe what they want. That said, Forrest makes clear in TOTC that a good name/reputation is very important to him. In life it appears that he’s adhered to high personal standards to safeguard his good name while pulling pranks to keep the crowd guessing.

        • annabloom,

          Agreeing with your post, but I would use cleverness in keeping the crowd guessing [ at least in regards to the poem ]. Not unlike the term Hustler can mean, a con-man, it can also mean, a go-getter or hard worker or determined.

          it only depends on how one looks at it.

          • Agree Seeker. Forrest is Clever indeed and word. He also enjoyed a few pranks [filling the gas tank doesn’t p_ss for clever]

      • @seeker
        Liking your explanation, for myself, 3 different entities exist, 3 journey’s in the poem. They all fit my solve. It has great enjoying everyone’s post.

    • That’s a big gulp goofy but your no goof, I’m going along with 85% of it.

  23. You’ve said some very sound things in a very charming way, and I admire the job you did. But other things you say here and in other places, specifically your stiletto rants against those whom you perceive to be boils on the ass of humanity, need some further comment.

    Clarify for Sigmund OS, what is your proposal for thinning the fat lazy takers out of the herd? Will you stop their breeding or abort their issue? Put them to work? Where, doing what, by what force? Todays tractors plow/plant/pick fields as big as Chicago. Send them to war as cannon fodder? Our prisons are bursting now. Where are you going to put all the extras? Free schools ablated most of the boils on our body politic. Good free schools, even more. But now the schools are straining under privatization by white-collar takers who medicate the child with separation, not education and pocket the profit off shore. Next time you feel that rant bubbling up, tell me what you would do… I’d really like to know. But never tell me what should have been done. Start at NOW. I’ve been to countries without welfare and free schools, countries with lots and lots of freedom … they are not clean, or safe, or kind, I don’t want to live there.

    • Old Shadows, I’m taking it you are addressing me. So I’ll respond; I apologize if I misunderestimated your comment.

      Perhaps we are simply watching the natural evolution and destruction that befall all great societies. The population becomes a mindless herd of humanity to be managed by the bureaucratic elite. Is this what Fenn is trying to show us?

      At first they promise everything for nothing, and can furnish that to the chosen few. Take the bureaucratic elite of the Veterans Administration as just one small example. The bureaucrats get their bonuses: it doesn’t matter how many veterans die to make them look good.

      Then the rule of law is set aside, we elect monarchs that declare what is law and what is not. This is done for our own good, and we cheer it. Then the bureaucracy grows more powerful than any elected official, it uses its absolute power to threaten or destroy any dissenters. Of course all of this is done to save humanity from ourselves. They feed us a fairy tale of fairness, social justice, and a wonderful la la land of happiness. Those who succeed are greedy and evil. Competition is cruel and must be abolished. Guys like Fenn simply cannot be allowed to exist, trouble makers that refuse to conform.

      I find this government propaganda as absurd as the romanticization of Mother Nature.

      • Goofy, How ya been? Hope all is well with you and yours.

        Was wondering which new [ for lack of a better term ] slogan you would use or do you have one of your own…

        “We the people”..are getting screwed or

        “We the people” are idiots.

        And Goofy, you know, this is all in fun.

        As must as I agree with your statements. One thing you have to remember… WE the “mindless herd of humanity to be managed by the bureaucratic elite.” Keep putting the same Bureaucratic idiots back into office to keep the herd managed.

        Our forefathers must be turning in their graves….

        • I’m doing good Seeker, thanks for asking.

          Yep, they keep getting reelected. But actually most of us don’t even bother to vote……That has got to be the pinnacle of dumb. Not to worry, Big Brother will take care of us. We are getting what we asked for.

          I wonder what Fenn thinks……or does he bother to vote.

      • Yay! Mindless fat lazy herd is much more caring and thoughtful than mindless lemmings. Whatever you’re doing to improve a sour and cranky attitude seems to be working. IMO your spite is a wee bit scary.

        So, somehow in your mind the government doesn’t want Fenn to exist, please seek help.

        As for what I think Forrest is like, I think he’s funny, and probably not cranky.

    • Goofy – if we “should be trying to figure out what we are to Fenn”

      IMO those who stay engaged in the chase after failing to solve his poem; find the treasure; and are counted as nuts by f&f; some doing it with cancer or w/o support…

      We are by Fenn’s own admission: “engaged in the fight after having our canopy shot off with guts, dogged determination, and a tad bit of flat out mean.”

      Or I’ve been a complete fool 3 times who enjoys adventure in the great outdoors as a respite from everyday boredom. 😉

    • Mikael, it sounds like you may be in poor health and searching for spiritual answers. While I am not a pastor or professional counselor I am a cancer patient and know how to be a friend. Perhaps it’s better to have a discussion via email. If you need a friend I can be reached email:
      annabloom 2332 at gmail dot com

      There may be other blog participants who are counselors or pastors who wish to
      help as well. Many people have been praying for a young boy who was injured.

      Know that you matter, and others care.

        • @ Mystified, perhaps you are right. Although, it seems odd for Mikael to make such a personal assumption about ff’s spiritual condition. Forrest speaks and writes with confidence about his ‘spirituality’ but never declares what it is. I simply reached out in to Mikael in terms of friendship. The statement sounded desperate.

          Most men of ff’s generation are quietly reflective w/spirituality; but it would be interesting to hear from ff his philosophy and personal ideas about faith, God, and how that meshes with reverence for the created world; perhaps like Muir or T. Jefferson, or even Quanah Parker.

          @ Wolf – you must play poker with FF on friday nights to have gleaned such insights about him. Your exacting descriptions reeled authenticity to the bank for a closer look.

    • Mikael, we are all approaching the same end result, just at different speeds.

      I disagree with you that Mr. Fenn is spiritually confused. Never have met him, but listening and watching his videos and reading his books, lets one know he is rock solid in his beliefs. Rock solid because he knows what God does, he forgives.

  24. Even though I have never met Mr. Fenn , I think growing up in that era, being a pilot, being in Vietnam, losing those he loved, building a successful business, the love of the ancients and the artist that he admired, the love of his family and battling cancer molded this man into what he is now. I think it is a fair assumption that he is a trickster when he wants to be and a fair and gentle soul unless you make him mad. All I know for sure if it has been a wonderful journey for me learning about all the history associated with the different places he has lead me in his books and think he is successful in being a great teacher and writer. I don’t know how much this helps with the search but it is something that I take into account…

  25. Fenn is a living Legend… What brave texan can accomplish more in Life and still be living? Amazing… My guess is this.. He hid his Gold like any wise fur trapper or indian would. Nicely blended into the environment and camoflauged a few feet within view. The quest to cease is simple.. its just taking the chest is the tough part.

    • JR Ewing accomplished a similar amount…
      …Is he still living?

      They are both a close call for 1 and 2 position IMO.
      🙂 🙂

      • @ Danny-bot: Forrest Fenn’s definitely an “I YAM WHAT I YAM” kind of guy.
        I once was seated at dinner between T.Boone Pickins and Arnold Swartzenager, who weren’t nearly as interesting as what I read about Forrest. But I sure laughed every time Arnold tried to pronounce Cawleeforrnia. Oops, I just realized a Texan and a movie star might be friends of Fenn.

  26. One more thing about Forrest. I think he’s a fair man. Even though he may like one searcher over another he will never say it and his principles don’t allow him to give anyne an unfair advantage thats why I never believed all the hoopla about Dal getting inside info. Anyway thats my two Bobs. * Sorry accidentally posted x2

  27. Forrest, I think is a little sad about growing older and wants to not be forgotten. He is kind. And he was a little or alot mischievous according to his friends in Idaho, back in the day….LOL. I like Forrest alot. I think he is someone who I wish was my father. I Love so much about him…Because “Normal people worry me.” I feel confused about all he say’s and hope he is not sending me on a wild goose chase. Someone said forrest knows someone is close and he might be trying to throw us off course? It keeps me up at night. But what I really Love is the adventure forrest has caused me. I have learned so much and i want to visit all the places that are so interesting…..Just what he wanted……Best Wishes

  28. No idea… but I am probably still a nut case to him. Never met the man, but have uncompromising, unyielding, and Texas style respect for him.

  29. Forrest Fenn is becoming an instant classic figure in the canvas of American Folklore, his life story and his hidden treasure is his legacy. Don’t let another minute pass without taking the time to reach out and contact FF and tell him what you think, FF lives for everyone of you!

    • So true….I personally hope it’s never found so we can get out every summer. None of us can let a perfectly good treasure just lay in wait 😉

  30. Forrest has become a household name here. The wife and kids all love him. My boys ask all the time, what’s that old man with the doing these days.

  31. I’ve been one of the fortunate searchers to visit Forrest at his home a few times, and step through the heavy wooden doors into his office…a Smithsonian-like room of his collectibles…an intoxicating experience, to say the least. Over the past 8 months, I see Forrest as being the most trusting person I’ve ever known, to allow strangers into his home (his phone number is even listed in the local phone book)…He is generous beyond belief, sharing his time, knowledge, and home with said strangers (searchers)…he is charitable, humanitarian (Renelle’s raffle), and compassionate. We all know he is witty, articulate, and a master wordsmith…exchange emails with him a few times and you will be salivating over his words…But mostly, he is so sweet to his wife Peggy after 60 years of marriage. Has recognizing these traits help me understand the clues in the poem or gotten me any closer to the treasure? Absolutely not…Goofy_Old_Guy wonders if he is a hustler and we are pawns on his Monopoly board. I don’t believe that to be true…but if it is, I’m one of the happiest pawns ever to be used in a board game…

    • Cynthia, as I said I’ve never met Fenn; but I do think I would like him. I get a kick out of his bantering and wordsmithing; and I enjoy his interesting post about some of the things in his collections and the people he has known.

      The word “hustler” is not of my choosing, it’s Fenn’s. He described himself as a hustler in one of the videos. He also used the Monopoly game in one of his video descriptions. You should watch them, I think you would find them enjoyable, especially since you have met him.

      After you watch the videos it would interesting to hear your opinion on how Fenn comes across in the videos verses how he is in person.

  32. Integrity, noble, generous, faithful, merciful, courageous, champion, placid, hero, animal lover, cowboy, maverick, symbolic, nostalgic, sentimental, Pagan, trapper, gambler/risk taker, artist, craftsman, forger, castor trader, romantic, philosopher, mason, honourable, loyal, crazy, gentleman, philanthropist, narcissist (in a yellow flower kind of way), wordsmith, night owl, adventurer, intrepid, explorer, knowledgable, clever and most importantly Lupophobic

    He has many other positive traits but those won’t help you find the treasure.
    The Wolf

  33. Mr. Fenn and I think alike, with our minds. Mr. Fenns mind and my mind are lighting fast, one flash and they’re gone. I think I am going to visit him next month, if I don,t forget.

    • I’ve been awake since 6 a.m to read your comment and Homer you didn’t disappoint. I would like to meet Forrest too, maybe next month sometime around the middle of Sept.

  34. PARAPROSDOKIANS are figures of speech in which the latter part of a sentence or phrase is surprising or unexpected and frequently humorous. 1. If there’s a will I want to be in it. 2. Since light travels faster than sound, some people appear bright until you hear them speak. 3. If I agreed with you, we’d both be wrong. 4. we never really grow up; we only learn how to act in public. 5. war does not determine who is right – only who is left. 6. knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit…wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad. 7. to steal ideas from one person is plagiarism. To steal from many is research. 8. I didn’t say it was your fault, I said I was blaming you. 9 You do not need a parachute to skydive. You only need a parachute to skydive twice. 10. You’re never too old to learn something stupid.

    • Parachute for sale: Used once, never opened, small stain. Serious inquiries only, please. 🙂

  35. I believe this is one from his book when talking about Olga flying to Taos mountain: he said never fear crashing because its only the last inch that counted.

  36. Forrest Fenn–An Enigma

    Having never met Forrest I can only make some observations based from afar. What I perceive is a complex man who is very fascinating and one who does not fit into a simple mold. A bit of a paradox……

    He loves to fish and venture into the mountains reflecting a nature that is drawn to solitary pursuits yet he invites thousands into his life through his work and more importantly, his “chase”.

    Forrest describes himself as a poor student yet spends his entire life pursuing a wide range of interests and mastering a wide array of subjects. If only all of us could be such poor students.

    His friendships are many–well beyond what most can even imagine having in a lifetime yet they do not appear to be superficial relationships but deep and abiding ones unlike what one would expect based on there sheer number.

    He appears authentically irreverent to authority yet spent 20 years in the military.

    He is an ardent collector showing an acquisitive nature yet generous beyond imagination when he relinquished a chest full of gold somewhere in the mountains for anyone or no one to find.

    He is an opinionated man but also a very kind, gentle man. As my father would say about someone he respected, he is a beautiful man.

  37. @Wolf: If my solution to Fenn’s poem has me in correct position, your comment “most importantly lupophobic” matches up predatorily. Are you a friend of Fenn? Can you elaborate on Castor trader. talking wheels, electronics?

  38. Glad I didn’t read this earlier. Forrest, you’re the best. 🙂 Dal, you’re pretty great too ! 🙂 Life is too short for negatives. Envision fat lady throwing peace sign. 🙂

  39. Goofy, Germanguy and Old Shadows-

    WOW! You all said 3 mouthfuls: One statement wrong, “A fool and their money are soon partying.”…..
    Truer words were never spoken thru falser teeth! I agree 99.9%

    Read about hosts and parasites, gotta be on the ball all the time. thanks.

  40. Search the West-

    “For your ears, ONLY”, but everybody else can see it.

    Mr. Fenn reminds me of Mr. Magoo, Popeye and Droopy Dog, He wonders around in his own world, with no doors or windows for anybody to get in or out, but he gets the job done.

    He’s just planting seeds for the future, to insure what he has done with his life, right or wrong. he’s “DOING IT HIS WAY”, and you have two choices, “TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT. ” Great job Mr. Fenn, “Thanks for the MEMORIES”. “LOVE”

  41. In my opinion; Forrest has a Texas – size heart, and it is what fuels his very unique personality.

    He’s curious, playful, imaginative and has the talent to evoke these traits in others. His mind is still young as the day he turned his first log, his wisdom is greater than his ignorance, and his savvy is all encompassing.

    Of course, merely an excerpt….

    We are blessed to join him on this journey!

  42. I think Mr Fenn can best be described as an educator.

    Things this chase has taught some of us and is teaching others.

    1. Patience….Read, read and re-read. Don’t jump to hasty conclusions. Think of the tortoise and the hare.

    2. Acceptance…..Life is full of disappointments, understand why and go on and get busy living.

    3. Humility…..Just brag that you have found the chest on the blog and you will get you “comeuppins” from others bloggers.

    4. Kindness…..Notice how we rally around anyone on the blog hinting at difficulty.

    5. Generosity….The raffle is the best example….but there probably have been other offers of generosity we don’t even know about and that is the best kind.

    6. Knowledge ….We are afraid we might miss something important in the chase so we read everything, such as “butts on flat rocks.” 🙂

    7. Understanding…….As we walk this journey those before us did and those after us will, walk the same path….make it an enjoyable one.

    8. Greed, or the lack thereof…..We start this chase knowing we will find the treasure and no one else……but along the way something happens. If we are lucky enough to make a trip(s) or see the pictures in books, we find beauty beyond measure and then we know.

    9. Wisdom……To know the difference.

    • Nice synopsis BW. Hopefully, all who enter the chase are redressed in humility and kindness, shedding greed and pride along the trail.

    • Michael D, Forrest is “clever” but not crafty nor conniving as their meanings imply a dark, mean side of sneaky.

      It’s my opinion that you know people by the fruit of their lives. You’ve only to look at Forrest’s example of charity, love for all humanity, friendship, and devotion to his family to recognize the fruits of his life are pure and peaceable.

      • Anna that’s how I see Forrest, clever not conniving maybe a little crafty not sure about that. I think Forrest has chosen words and assembled sentences in a way so that 99% of minds will be misled, but this is not deception on his part it is rather ignorance on the readers part. The way eye see it!

        • Anna did you get the notify of follow up comments working? Goofy offered some insight, not sure if you saw that post.

          @Goofy thanks for that info…at the moment Goof everything is working fine in the past though I’ve had trouble.

        • @ goofy – thank you for offering assistance with my email interface problem. It appears that all is well now. I appreciate your kindness.

        • @Ed, thanks for your kindness to follow up on my email issue.
          I hope things are working now; I’ve been too exhausted from health issues to address it or keep up with comments by reading all threads. Doing a bit better now and agree with you that the words and poetic sentences are misinterpreted by 99% of all who read Forrest’s puzzle including me. In the past I’ve enjoyed an ‘image’inative approach and enjoyed researching poetry, art, history, maps etc. especially TOTC stories & illustrations as they are the windows to the soul of FF. After months of running stairs to get in shape for hiking and 2000 hours of research I’m losing steam. Last thing on my TOTC bucket list is a trip to SFe to say hello thanks to Mr. Fenn. Warm wishes to you and your Ed.

          • Yes the illustrations are fun too look at. Are you familiar with the Sosoko chapter? Sosoko has 9 fingers showing in the illustration. The center painting where Forrest is holding a dog I believe is significant. Here recently Forrest stood next to a cigar statue similar to the pose of the Sosoko illustration. Count how many fingers F had showing. I believe a triangle is important. More important is 2 and in the middle 6 A.M/Midnight clock hands are in the middle. A circle is important being surrounded. Black is important as well. My quest is over i’ve found satisfaction with the quest. Rest is important and yes exercise too 🙂

  43. I just realized Forrest is a Leo ,
    My sister is a Leo as well her Birthday is August 21.
    You ought to see some of her pictures of the Leo that are in her house.
    I’m a Scorpio what’s your sign ?

    • Amy, I don’t want to tell. You might say that the words we speak make us sound like we are up to something. Then, you’ll want to sprinkle lemon atop us and have us plated!

  44. Slurbs

    After u told me your sign
    I just got it , out of your message from above
    See just a little slow at times lol
    That was good I told u that u are smart. 🙂

    • Not until now…Wonder how long this has been running?…May well be worth working on, wonderful cause to support…Thinking of jumping on board and giving it a go?… 🙂

      • I’ve never seen it before – I wonder who is running it. Any way it looks so complicated – 240 clues to solve and then your not done. ??? I too would like to know how long it’s been on going. Thanks for posting it Gey.

    • Yes, I bought the books. I never got into it though because I was so into finding this one. I don’t really care for the codes and ciphers.

  45. Seeker

    Thanks for explaining meek.
    I feel like I know where to begin and what my key sentence is.

    My husband Duane is once again on another search for the weekend. Yes he was there last weekend to. Lol such a long trip just trying to figure it all out before the snow comes.

    Where he is searching this time in the area that we have always searched has to do with Brave not really dangerous but Brave. After this little hike up if it’s not there then I have no idea where it could be. Or what else the poem could mean.

    We just love this adventure
    Thank u Forrest!!!!!!!

  46. When I think of Forrest, I see the six year old trying to sit still for a class picture but he just can’t contain himself because he’s got much better things to be doing!

    • Lol, JJ. Everybody has that class picture with the one kid staring off into the distance with the “crazy eyes”. 🙂 I wonder if Forrest Fenn has nervous legs and bounces his legs when he sits like I usually do.

    • @ jj: when I think of Forrest, I see the 84 year old trying to sit still for an AP photograph but he just can’t contain himself because I’m still wearing his Richard Wetherill turquoise bracelet!

  47. He’s a man of mystery
    Consumed with history
    His words like mines
    No wait – maybe vines…
    It all intertwines!

    • Indeed, Amy, a mystery…but ah…herein lies the thrill!
      Forrest has given us all something money cannot buy…memories!
      So, I read that Duane had a green laser incident..that is so odd! Hope he stays safe!

      • Amy – is Duane in the San Luis valley? You know that was where all the cattle mutilations took place in the 60s, 70’s and ???? maybe still going on? Be safe

      • Hello, All. Those green lasers can highlight a target with pinpoint accuracy…when they’re dialed in. I just hope the “operator” on the working end doesn’t always think the green color means he or she has the “green light” to pull the trigger. I’m always infuriated by the stories that end with, “Sorry. Wrong house. Our bad.” Makes you seriously consider who the real criminals are. What is this country and this world coming to? It was wise of Duane to leave quickly, Amy. I’m sorry to hear that happened.

        • JC

          Thanks for the video lol
          Some people in this world are just something else .

          I sure would hate for something bad to happen to Duane while he is searching and for all who search.
          Cause we are making memories .

  48. Today Duane is good I guess he will try and not look so noticeable due to the green laser incident .

    We search an area in Colorado 🙂

  49. Wonder if this is a blaze it’s in white on several boulders up high
    Says Will you marry me and a heart:) anyway it could go with my solve 🙂

  50. Been a while since we’ve talked about Forrests’ character. I’ve been following the blogs and studying Forrest for a couple of years now. Here is how I would describe Forrest: 1. Simple minded but always deep in thought. 2. Fun loving in a serious way. 3. Poetic, with rhyme and reason. 4. Fulfilled but never satisfied. 5. Eager, but never in a hurry. 6. Complete . but never ending. Can’t wait to see the books he hasn’t written yet!!!

  51. I considered that a compliment, so maybe you are just complicating things. Does common sense sound better.

    • I apologize. The definition I have always heard attached to “simple minded” was like having an elevator that didn’t go all the way to the top, not quite right, not dealing with a full deck…..etc., you get the picture.

      • No need to apologize. I think we all have complicated this poem Forrest has written. Sure he’s a brilliant man and one I envy very much, but I think the poem is straight forward and not so much magical numbers and such that everybody is trying to figure it out with. That is why I think he’s using simple minded things to stump all of us. I am from Indiana by the way. Where are you from BW?

        • Louie, I agree with your straight forward approach. That is why I believe he refers to time…….a continuum between 2 points.

          I hail from the Magnolia State.

  52. I just wanted to thank you Forrest…. I received my Mammoth tusk fragment today, I love it…. just to hold a piece of history that old is amazing… Makes you wonder how the earth was that long ago, what animals, people, plants etc.. what will it be like 50,000 years from now ? hummm

    Thanks for being so kind and friendly………..

  53. Forrest…….
    IMHO is an eclectic renaissance man of the 20th and 21st centuries……

  54. Forrest is a man of incredible discipline, compassion and superhuman intelligence! Realize he has written a book that has come alive and allowed us to climb inside and become a part of it. Better than any dream in my book. What book have you ever read where the character comes alive and interacts with you? Sounds like a winner to me!
    the magnitude of TTOTC is inexplicable!

    • I agree Jdiggins , Forrest has opened up many minds with TTOTC , He has given hopes and dreams to thousands of people who lacked them before TTOTC.. IMO Forrest has showed incredible brilliance , compassion for others, and is also a man of his word……. I think his parents done a ” Fine ” job in raising him…… Parents of today need to take note….IMO

  55. I,m here, though often at the mercy of the wind…and when hubby’s away. Bugs him when i “twist up the bird”, even though i only twist it for the chase! It is awful quiet, spallies. Must’ve been the ribs and tater salad!

  56. I have come to believe it’s all about the “Thrill Of The Chase” and nothing more.

    In an interview of Forrest, he said he hid the chest 15 years after he got sick with cancer in 1988. So 15 years from 1988 is 2003.

    He said in another interview after being told he had a 20 percent chance of living three years, he decided to hide the chest and made the poem. After getting well he had to rewrite the original poem which said “just take the chest and leave my bones”.

    And finally he has said he hid the chest when he was 79 or 80 years old. He doesn’t want anyone knowing the exact years which is why he says 79 or 80. Even so that would still make it 2009 or 2010.

    So here’s the problem.

    According to Forrest, he either hid three different chests or the same chest three different times. The first time from 1988-1991 or in 2003 or in 2009-2010.

    I find it difficult to understand and believe a person can’t remember what year he hid a chest full of gold. Why is it so hard to get the story straight and stick with the same time theme.

    As much as I would like to believe the chest exists I no long do so.

    I feel Forrest wants people to get out and enjoy the outdoors with family and friends and to experience what nature has to offer in all it’s beauty.

    I also feel it’s like Forrest has said, “It’s not who you are, It’s who people think you are” and It’s all about the “Thrill Of The Chase”…

    • This topic has been covered many times. When forrest was diagnosed with cancer in 1988, he came up with the idea to hide the chest, worked on the poem,and wrote his stories. you don’t beat cancer overnight. To become cancer free and confident perhaps six years went by making it 1994 when forest beat cancer and decided to hide the chest anyway. But as he says, he is a procrastinator. Making plans is antagonistic to freedom or something along those lines. So 15 years later in 2009 he hid the chest after he had beaten cancer in 1994. He changed the poem because he beat cancer and no longer was going to carry off the chest somewhere and die along with it. But the spot has never changed. And Forrest would still like to be with the treasure when he dies. However, much of what you say is true. Forrest does want people to get out, forrest does want people to experience the thrill of the chase, but what you got wrong was there is a treasure. The old man put it out there. He’s sneaky, he’s crafty, but there’s a method to his madness and it does not entail making up a story that isn’t true. He buried bells, he buried jars, and he cached the treasure. He has concreted his legend. people will look for his chest for many years to come. His name will be known. Then it will fade over time. But a thousand years from now when somebody finds that treasure Forrest Fenn will once again roll off of the tongues of people he will be one of the few that’s a sands of time linger for. I believe this is his plan. I believe there is a treasure. I believe the poem will take you there if you start from the right place. I believe there are subtle hints in the book that are not deliberately placed to help you find the chest but if we recognized can help you solve the clues in the poem. And I believe you are wrong.

    • Here’s the problem… Christopher,

      We only know that, as of 1988 the thought of hiding a chest and writing a poem containing clues to find it and placing the poem in a book with his memoirs. We have been told it took approx. 15 years to finalize the poem and the book went for sale in 2010.
      We know that there is a bio of FF in the chest that explains why and who he was and the time area he lived in, for future generations to read. { I believe he said for a future archeologist to find, maybe}

      What we don’t know is when the chest was actually hidden.

      This question was asked a while back… {paraphrasing} was the poem written first or the hiding of the chest. The answer was something to the effect… what does it matter…the chest is out there to be found.

      You stated … “I find it difficult to understand and believe a person can’t remember what year he hid a chest full of gold. Why is it so hard to get the story straight and stick with the same time theme.”

      The question is, why would he tell when he hid the chest? so someone can track his movements? Hate to say it, but all I see here is another frustrated searcher. And the quote your using is out of context to your post…IMO

  57. Why would anyone buy into the quote, “It doesn’t matter who you are, it only matters who they think you are?”

    Is everyone so blind as to not see what is wrong with this?

    It DOES matter who you are. It DOESN’T matter who people think you are.
    The whole sum of your soul is who you are. Your morals, your, values, your integrity, the sum of you is who you are. If you portray yourself to be something else than what you are, you are a fraud. Pretending to be someone else, pretending to be more or less than the sum of you, not only cheats yourself, but cheats everyone you love. Pretending to be someone else for financial gain is not honorable.

    And no, I’m NOT saying Forrest is a fraud. There are many reasons why he may have said that. He could be testing us, to see who will buy into such a false, less than honorable statement. He could be saying it as a metaphor for something else completely.

    However, at face value, that is not a quote to take to heart. To do so would be to create a falsity that seeks approval from others for what you “appear” to be, and not who you truly are. To falsify who you are to gain approval or financial gain is not wise, IMO. The reward in Heaven is much greater than any earthly one.

    Don’t be so quick to take every quote from someone as full of moral gold. No matter who they are. The best people can say the wrong thing sometimes.

    • Sometimes I feel like you Mindy. But I have to keep the Hope alive.

      One Direction “Fool’s Gold” lyrics

      I’m like a crow on a wire
      You’re the shining distraction that makes me fly
      I’m like a boat on the water
      You’re the raise on the waves that calm my mind
      Oh every time
      And I know in my heart you’re not a constant star

      And yeah I’ve let you use me from the day that we first met
      But I’m not done yet
      Falling for you
      Fool’s gold
      And I knew that you’d turn it on for everyone you met
      But I don’t regret falling for your
      Fool’s gold

      I’m the first to admit that I’m reckless
      I get lost in your beauty and I can’t see two feet in front of me
      And I know in my heart, you’re just a moving part

      And yeah I’ve let you use me from the day that we first met
      But I’m not done yet
      Falling for you
      Fool’s gold
      And I knew that you’d turn it on for everyone you met
      But I don’t regret falling for you
      Fool’s gold

      Yeah I know your love’s not real
      That’s not the way it feels
      That’s not the way you feel

      And yeah I’ve let you use me from the day that we first met
      But I’m not done yet
      Falling for you
      Fool’s gold
      And I knew that you’d turn it on for everyone you met
      But I don’t regret falling for you
      Fool’s gold

    • Mindy,

      The quote “It doesn’t matter who you are, it only matters who they think you are?” in part , imo, is about perception.
      I don’t recall what context the quote was mentioned, but for me it as to do with how one perceives the poem. It’s not what you read, it’s how you read it.

      IMO, the comment or quote is not about ones being a fraud or integrity etc. But an informative suggestion on the possibility the poem is not just about one person.

      • If you’ve removed the poem page from TTOTC, hold it up to the light…then turn it over. What do you see? I see the word blog….among others…

      • I don’t think there has ever been a more precise and well laid plan by anyONE any
        WHERE ever….cept maybe sirius….:)

      • Seeker, that could very well be true. I’m saying what Lynn implied, “Don’t rush into anything without testing it. Don’t buy into something just because a certain person (could be anyone you admire, not just Forrest) said it.
        Even something the pope says may not be true or even worthy of emulating.
        I just don’t like seeing the quote thrown around in the context of perpetuating the falsehood of self.

      • I want to be the person that people think I am. It is that thought that drives me to be as kind, compassionate, cheerful, friendly, responsible, etc as I can be every day.

        • Kind, compassionatecheerful, helpful…
          Mindy, Amy, Spallies, Jdiggins,so many others here…What a terrific way to live and bless others. You all exhibit those qualities here on Dal’s blog. Smiles to you today as well.

          • Thx 42! I’m in agreement with you on that. The Smilers here are numerous and I feel blessed to be a part of Dal’s kingdom!

          • 42 SHE
            Mindy SHE
            Amy SHE
            Spallies SHE
            jdiggins SHE
            all smiling…hmmmm…
            🙂 🙂 🙂
            Where’s all the HE’S? They skip out on us? 🙂

        • i will agree Mindy i think its better to be who you are not how you want other people to see you. its good for the soul. Hey Jdiggins are you in the Nevada city area ? i hear you mentioning my stomping grounds occasionally, im here in Cedar Ridge .

          • Hey 49! I am within close proximity! 🙂 Was just there week ago or so. One of my favorite places…full of “diggins” . Thinking about bringing the quads next time to run the riverbed!

          • Hey Jdiggins running the riverbeds is one of my favorite things to do, gives me time to think and collect gold and other colors of rock, if you have some good clues to trade im up for it, you’d be glad you did, ive got a couple pieces of the puzzle but cant make out the picture.

          • 49, we haven’t brought the machines yet just got the green tags. Can’t wait tho…certainly warm enuf.. s’ posed to be 76 this weekend! Woohoo! Oh but how we need the rain!
            As far as clues to trade, I don’t have much to offer and would not take advantage of your hard work!
            Perhaps my hand may change, then I would be glad to share!
            Speaking of share …I had a thought. A neat thread to have on here would be
            What would you do…?
            What do you think 49?

          • Jdiggins I’m assuming your talking about the chest , seems i recall that being discussed on one of the blogs, “what would i do” myself i would offer it back to Fenn for a fair price and keep one memento for myself, of course he might not want it back i mean he’s already tried giving it away:) And i do like treasure hunts so i would would keep the thrill going, though im not much of a writer and i didnt even know how to pronounce the word “poem” correctly until i watched the Moby Dickens Bookstore video 🙂

          • Thx 49…didn’t know it was discussed elsewhere…Dal and jenny have so much to offer…
            What would I do? Well, I guess since I brought it up I ought answer, eh?
            First, I believe a true offering should never be removed. But if it were a notion…
            I would give forrest back anything he wanted. The rest…I’m not so sure I would ever be able to “take it apart”. I’ve got some hoarding tendencies…
            As for any “gain” , I would like to see that our children get homes of their own and have always thought if I just had enough to give them a down payment..
            And, I want to save my teeth..
            just silly thoughts I guess. I was interested in hearing others’ thoughts…I have enuf of my own! 🙂

    • Mindy, I agree. It’s for us to decide who we are and what thoughts we entertain. There lies inside each person an internal discussion with self on choices to be made. On a personal note – for me it matters to God who I am for He weighs my heart. It matters to me who I am for I live with my conscience and actions, which do affect others.

      I’m not sure what Forrest’s motivation was in that statement. Perhaps more of a marketing statement than personal statement of integrity. There are a couple other statements in the book which cause me to pause as well. But no time today for further discussion.

    • Mindy you should watch his videos; he says that is one of his favorite sayings. In my opinion he means it just like he says it. I agree with him, it doesn’t matter who you are it only matters who they think you are. Having said that I feel like you do; that integrity, personal responsibility, honesty, a solid set of principles, etc. are very important. My wife says to a fault at times.

      I agree with you that his statements, and some of the things he has done, put us point blank folks off a little. Read the stories about selling the forgeries, about him telling the pretty lady that can’t paint how to sell paintings, seventeen dollars per square inch, his statements about the art world. Fenn is a salesman that’s what he does. He buys stuff and then convinces someone else it’s worth more than he paid for it. Typically I don’t like, and have very little patience with, salesmen. But I think I would like Fenn if I ever met him, so I guess you could say I’ve been sold on the chase. If you don’t think you aren’t smack dab in the middle of a Fenn marketing plan then you have no idea about what’s going on here.

      I’ve given what he says a lot of thought over the years and it has made me take a second look at who actually is a fraud. We are all different in different situations, are we being frauds? When I keep my mouth shut and not embarrass my wife am I being a fraud?

      Are women that wear makeup, paint their nails, die their hair, or wear clothing that enhances their body being frauds……that’s not how they “really” look. How about cosmetic surgery?……..I’m a wannabe photographer; what’s the difference between a great photograph and a fraudulent photograph? I’ve been dealing with a female Fenn for the last year or so with my photography and that has been quite an experience but that is another story…..

      After careful consideration and a little soul searching I’ve come to realize that Fenn is exactly right. It’s all about presentation. It really doesn’t matter who you are it only matters who they think you are……oddly enough that is reality.

    • Mindy, I think you are missing the context in which Forrest intended this comment. He was a businessman and his reputation and what the general public thought of him and his business was VERY important. Before his success with his gallery, it was important for people to think he had the best gallery in Santa Fe (whether that was true at that time or not) so that they would travel from far away to come to see what he had in the gallery and, more than likely, buy something. That is why good advertising in the right decorating magazines was so important.

      When he was successful, it was important to protect his reputation from those who were jealous of his success or were trying to file false charges against him. Negative stories, whether true or not, could ruin his business so again, it is “important who people think you are”.

      Also, remember the story he told about helping a woman with very moderate talent and, by giving her direction and with good advertising and having a show, she become quite successful. Good advertising can make all the difference in the world. It may be a cynical view of human nature and grant you there are differences in taste in art, beauty being in the eye of the beholder and all, but with enough of the “right” contacts and exposure, even very mediocre artists can become wealthy and famous.

      In your personal life, of course it’s important who you are and from all I’ve read about Forrest, he is a good person. It’s unfortunate that the quote can be taken negatively about him personally. IMO he is referring to business and advertising when he said it was “important who people think you are”.

      • I can see that, CJ. However, I think of it this way. I would not want a carpenter to perform brain surgery on me. Even if that carpenter made the whole world believe he or she was a neurosurgeon. No matter how brilliant, how charismatic, how refined, how seemingly knowledgeable. And if I was that carpenter pretending to be brain surgeon, I would not be able to live with myself.

        If I am to be a brain surgeon, I want all the qualities of a GOOD brain surgeon.

        And if I am a business owner, I would want my business to be recognized for quality, integrity and ethics. I would not want to deceive anyone for financial gain. If I advertise pure Angus beef, I do not substitute pink slime and say it’s beef. And just because I can charm a majority of people into thinking it’s pure Angus beef, does not mean that it is.

        I know, it’s late. I’m up past my bedtime and am probably making no sense. 🙂

        • Mindy… you are making perfect sense…

          I work in an industry were some of the companies try to portray their products as superior or high quality when in reality it’s the same as the rest or inferior. But they have big marketing budgets and do a great job marketing their products… It’s part of the game these days I guess…

          I feel very fortunate to work for a company with quality, integrity and ethics in Spades!!!! They are an amazing group of people…:)

        • Mindy, I think we’re talking apples and oranges here. Forrest made a list of a sayings to help him in BUSINESS to help separate him from his competition. In your example, there is no way a carpenter could ever convince anyone he was a brain surgeon. LOL! Now if you want to talk about the art world, that is something that is very nebulous. Forrest was competing with other very nice galleries in Santa Fe and he needed to distinguish his gallery from the others so it was important to advertise in such a way as to get people in the door. I don’t doubt for a minute that Forrest and his gallery were ” recognized for quality, integrity and ethics.” After all, “It matters who they think you are.” Now maybe it was flippant to say “It doesn’t matter who you are,” as the first part of that remark, but IMO Forrest was using that saying narrowly to explain his thoughts about the art world. He was a salesman and even though he sold Elmyr de Hory’s paintings, he was very up front about them being forgeries. I do not believe Forrest intended that the statement “it doesn’t matter who you are” was meant to relate to how we should live our lives. From everything I’ve read about him and by him, he certainly seems like a man of integrity to me. Doesn’t he seem that way to you?

          • CJ, of course. I think very highly of Forrest. And I definitely see your point. I have just noticed that a lot of people re-quote the phrase in a way that they think makes them seem clever or admirable.
            The quote is so high profile and quoted so often that it is escaping the narrow bounds of the art world. It’s late and past my bedtime, but do you see what I mean?

          • I do see your point Mindy. I’m not so sure it was a great idea for Forrest to put that statement on his bells and jars as it is too easily interpreted in a negative and/or cynical way. And it does matter who we are. Maybe a better saying would have been “It matters who you are, and who people think you are”. 🙂

  58. Never looked at that so close Mindy. That’s a good question. Is he making us question something?

  59. Wise words from Sir Thomas Browne

    “I make not, therefore, my head a grave, but a treasure, of knowledge; I intend no monopoly, but a community, in learning; I study not for my own sake only, but for theirs that study not for themselves. I envy no man that knows more than myself, but pity them that know less. I instruct no man as an exercise of my knowledge, or with an intent rather to nourish and keep it alive in mine own head than beget and propagate it in his; and in the midst of all my endeavours there is but one thought that dejects me,—that my acquired parts must perish with myself, nor can be legacied among my honoured friends.”

  60. I took that comment to mean that you cant change what people think, they will believe whatever they are inclined to believe. It is in peoples nature to always question what they dont know, and how can anyone know what is inside another person? If you have negative thoughts, how can anyone change your mind? Its not likely they will.
    Just my take on it. 🙂

    • I’ve never seen that, Jd…I’ll have to watch it sometime. Until then I’m going to “stop with them negative waves…and say something righteous and hopeful for a change.”

      Is that where the “woof woof” has been coming from for all these years? 🙂

    • Excellent clip, how have I never heard of or seen this movie before.

      Stop with them negative waves, the bridge will be there. BOOM

      • Thanks for the clip didn’t watch it, just not that computer savvy. What would life be without you tube.

  61. I would like to know how FF went from a enlisted man in the military too a pilot/officer.
    You just don’t volunteer to become a pilot /officer, because your bored or tired of the job you have been assigned.

    • Sharps, They make allowances for geniuses with perfect memories. Lol, maybe he also served somewhere he isn’t a telling about.

      • Back in the fifties it was not that difficult to make the jumpv from enlisted man to officer…especially during wartime. If a job required officer status, but an enlisted man could qualify, he was often promoted upon completion of school. My father did this in Vietnam. he did two tours on the ground as an enlisted man, then went back after learning to fly helicopters as a captain.

        • Yes Michael, much has changed about the military. I sometimes think too much has changed. The military saved many a good man from himself. Not so sure its still the same anymore, no offense meant.

          Men used to go to the military to straighten themselves up, sometimes not of their own choosing. Todays military only takes the best in society, instead of building a mans worth by his own deeds.
          I think this is a mistake. Just an old ladys view on how the world has changed. No offense meant to anyone.

      • Lia, forgot to ask how d you do in that poker tourney. Advice from a wanna be pro look em in the eyes, smile and wear em out. In the end it’s all about the money.

        • Bajaa, my poker tourney strategy:
          smile, wear sunglasses, learn your opponents secrets, bet boldly, carry out the loot quickly.

    • Humble beginnings coupled with desire a big dream and the American spirit can lead to great things. Our president is a fine example of this. Just don’t question what you don’t understand. There was something else I was going to say but I forgot.

  62. Yes it’s probably best that I keep my mouth shut. Bajaau I know exactly what u forgot to say 🙂

  63. Son’s are what their mothers made them…
    God bless you through out eternity Lillie Simpson Fenn
    March 20, 1979 R.I.P.

  64. Just a comment about “two can keep a secret if one of them is dead”; This saying has been around forever and IMO ff is just confirming ONLY HE KNOWS. It may be possible that his father would have known the secret spot if he mentioned the spot or perhaps even his late brother or sister or Donnie however I think he explicitly rules out anyone knowing because he shared with absolutely no one.

  65. Mr. Fenn’s character? His eye’s tell me he’s not giving anything away.

    • Ed I agree, he is the things you listed plus many more. Fenn like the rest of us is multifaceted. To some he’s the devil to others he’s a saint. But unlike most of us Fenn is exceptional at doing some/most things.

      It would be really interesting to talk to Fenn off the record, if that’s even possible with a guy like Fenn. A guy whose favorite saying is “it doesn’t matter who you are, it only matters who they think you are” might be a little hard to nail down.

  66. I would like to ask people’s opinions as to whether they feel they’ve gotten many, what they consider to be ‘solid hints’ from f’s scrapbooks, vignettes, etc. If so, do you feel that these hints have been able to directly help or guide you to any specific theoretical conclusion or direction in solving the poem?

  67. Special-
    I don’t believe he hid it when he was diagnosed with cancer. I believe he hid it when he was 79 or 80.
    So my take on it would be this:

    Forrest first had the idea to “take it with him” some time after he was diagnosed with terminal cancer in 1988. So he began looking for a suitable treasure chest and started collecting items specifically to put inside the chest. He knew at the time where he planned on hiding the chest and wrote a poem that he was going to have published some time after he died. Like his father, he did not plan to let the disease ravish his body. Instead, he planned on taking the chest with him to this place and taking a handful of sleeping pills and dying near his chest. The last line in the poem at that time read something similar to:
    “Take the chest and go in peace but leave my bones alone.”
    Unfortunately, as Forrest has said, his plans were thwarted when the cancer went away.
    So he continued collecting items for the chest and formulated a new plan. Many of Forrest’s friends saw the chest and its contents during the next several years.
    Forrest’s new plan still included a hidden chest and a poem that would lead folks to it but not necessarily with his body alongside.
    He rewrote the poem to reflect what we have today completely leaving out the part about his remains being nearby. His new plan was to hide the chest while he was still around to encourage the chase and enjoy the folks who were certain to take up his challenge to go out and find it.
    He also packaged up many of his stories into a memoir titled, The Thrill of the Chase, and published it giving exclusive sales rights to Collected Works Bookstore in Santa Fe and a percentage of the proceeds of the book going to a cancer fund. Forrest makes no money from the sales of the book. He did this purposely so that no one could say he started the chase and wrote the book to make money.
    When Forrest was 79 or 80 he finally hid the chest in his secret spot. A place he has said many times, is very special to him.
    In the fall of 2010 Forrest’s book, The Thrill of the Chase, was also published and made available to the public. He held a book signing and media event at Collected Works Bookstore in Santa Fe announcing to the world that the treasure chest was hidden and all we needed to find it was the poem that was freely available on his website and in his new book.

    Special..I think the main difference between your version and mine is that I don’t believe he hid the chest twice. He hid it once when he was 79 or 80 and said he will not return to that place. This makes sense since he would probably have to commit suicide to die in that exact place and the only reasons he intended to take his own life in the first place were to avoid the slow, wasting death of cancer and to control his own destiny. He has since said that he has no idea how he will die. So clearly, he is not intending to take his own life at this point.

    • >>>Unfortunately, as Forrest has said, his plans were thwarted when the cancer went away.

      I think you meant “Fortunately”, right?

    • Great recap, Dal! I’m sure many will benefit from it. Thank you!

      I have never considered him hiding the chest more than once. So it seems he was in remission some time before age 79 or 80 when the chest was hidden.

      This may help with the discussions of WiseOne and PirateJim.
      Pondering why Forrest chose to hide this treasure.

      Very good, again, thank you!!! 🙂

      • Very good recap, indeed. Thanks dal! As per the pog/wiseone discussion that initiated this; here are my thoughts.
        He says he is very spiritual. He is also very generous. I believe he has a secret to tell us about his passion in life, and why not place the secret where he discovered it. He has a book that he has written inside the chest, we know that. But, I believe there is more to it than just forrest fenn. For the greater part of his life he’s been an adventurer and discoverer and keeper of history. He wants the world, our children, to learn who they are, where they came from. I think he has another “San lazaro” somewhere, or something along those lines. Something so important the world should know.

  68. Dal: The last line in the poem at that time read something similar to:
    “Take the chest and go in peace but leave my bones alone.”

    Was that going to be the last line? I knew he said something like that part of the poem but was that originality going to it?

    • William-
      That’s my recollection. I’ve heard Forrest tell that story two or three times. Each time was the same and I feel nearly certain that he said that was the last line at least once…but he did not say it was the last line every time.

  69. He may have originally been composing an epitaph poem for himself, possibly a message for his heirs.

  70. When I ordered TTOTC, just for grins I added in the “comments” box, “includo ad certas plagas”–latin (I think) for “include specific directions”.

    On the invoice included with the book, was handwritten “sequi clues”, latin, except “clues”, for “follow clues”.

    I like to think Forrest wrote that–it seems sooo Forresty to take the time to translate my cryptic comment, and respond in kind.

    • Joseph, I’m sure Forrest wrote it. When I complained there were no Wal Marts in Santa Barbara (where I’m moving), he wrote back with the address of a Wal Marts close by in Ventura. Lol.

        • Lianer, I’m far from rich. I just got a deal I can’t pass up. It’ll be a fresh start for me…

          • Oh Aspen, that is literally the funniest thing I’ve heard in a long time.

            For the record:
            1. The website was MY idea. I asked Forrest and Dal if they could put a link on their sites. My website was FREE. Anyone can do it. All you need is a little computer knowledge and an imagination. I have very little of the first but plenty of the second.

            2. I have paid every penny for both of my TWO searches. I canceled a search this weekend because my LANDLORD, who is a PILOT, had to work. I couldn’t afford a plane ticket right now.Oh, on the Montana trip, Jamie was gracious to pay for the rental car, and I paid for the hotel. Then we fought over paying for everything else, like meals. It came out pretty even, I think.

            3. I am a SINGLE mom of THREE kids and I also take care of my MOM. I don’t pretend to be anyone other than who I am. If my stories sound like sob stories, maybe it’s because I’m not a fake Facebooker who pretends life is perfect all the time. I have good days and bad days and don’t hide either. I try and make the best of what I have and what’s dealt to me. I post reality. Sometimes I’m happy, sometimes I’m sad.

            4. Maybe people get the idea that I’m a good person because I AM.

            5. You want to know why I’m moving? My ex’s MOM, who does happen to be rich, bought a condo in Santa Barbara and offered it to me and the kids out of the goodness of her heart to bring the kids closer to family, and to give me an opportunity to make more for my family. I’m applying for jobs as we speak. Not having to worry about rent will be a huge relief for me. The kids will be close to cousins and grandparents. I will be able to get a better job. I’m not looking for a FREE ride. But I’m not stupid. This is an opportunity to take a step forward to provide a better life for my family. As it is, I’m working over 40 hours a week at a demanding job for less than $2000 a month. Yep, that’s all I make. With TWO college degrees under my belt. Not a sob story, either. I’m grateful to even have a job. While married, I was a stay at home mom for ten years. After my ex and I split, I tried to get a job in the medical field, but no one wanted to hire someone who hadn’t worked in the field for so long. I took a job landscaping and trimming hedges, until I finally got a call from my present boss. God has blessed me, but I will defend the fact that I WORK HARD for everything.

            6. I have never asked Forrest for one penny. And he has never given me one.

            7. Don’t judge someone you don’t know. And don’t judge someone before you know the FACTS.

          • Mindy, that is awesome your ex mother-in-law is doing that. Family is important. Will your mother be going with you?

          • Mark, yes, my mom is coming with us. It has been a dream of hers to live in San Diego, but she is thrilled with the idea of CA in general. She may be more excited than the kids. 🙂

            To keep on topic, I will be closer to search areas. 🙂

          • Fantastic news Mindy! Welcome to the Left Coast. 🙂

            What a generous Mother-in-law you have and what a great opportunity for you and the children. Best wishes to you on this new adventure. Watch out for the sharks – humans included! 🙂

          • I’m moving away from the shark bite capitol of the world, so I’m happy about that! We have a shark bite here nearly every weekend. We’ve actually seen a couple at our office. I love sharks, but those teeth are like razors!

          • If you’re referring to Facebook pics, most every single one was taken when I was with my husband, who does happen to have a wealthy family.

            But I am far from wealthy.

          • Aspen, I just realized your post has been changed to blah, blah, blah.

            If you want, I’ll repost it on my blog.

          • “Don’t Let Behavior of Others Destroy Your Inner Peace” – Dalai Lama

            I didn’t get that idea until I turned 42 this year. Magic in simple wisdom.

            Good for you making change Mindy, being uncomfortable in life to try new things is important work.

            A stick in the mud can only see it’s shadow move.

          • What Goofy? You’re having a bbq and making steak kabobs with no vegetables and Mac n cheese EVERY Saturday? I humbly accept your generous offer of bbq Saturdays for life. Thanks, Neighbor! 🙂

          • Now ain’t that just like a dang woman ……Say hello, and the next thing you know they’re movin in.

          • Into…she looks interesting…I’ll shoot her a hello. And everyone, thanks for all the nice comments!

      • Just to say that I love Santa Barbara and will always go back there. Chrissy will agree, I’m certain.

        And Ventura Highway… it’s all a part of our culture now..

          • Mindy, I hope you have “job in hand” before you make your move and give up the one you have. Good jobs are scarce! You are young make good choices for yourself.

          • There is a fantastic Nepalese restaurant called “Himalayan Kitchen” in Santa Barbara. You should try their “sherpa stew”. I always try to stop when i am passing thru.

  71. A cherished treasure in the form of a personally handwritten and visual message; shared with me by a former co-worker and dedicated Vietnam War F-16 fighter pilot,… flying that beauty…upside down ~

    “Ask me no questions and I’ll tell you no lie; but there’s no one as as happy as a fool in the sky.”

    An outlaw, true survivor, and top drawer ‘life lessons’ educator.

    A lot like Forrest Fenn; I’d imagine.

    • There were no F-16s in Viet Nam, though we could have used them. Must have been thinking of some other type.

  72. I’ve been reminded that it was an F-105 – Always referred to it as “Thud.”

    Appreciate the correction.

    • We all get our wires crossed and don’t mean to give bad information. Happens to me a lot.
      At least you knew it was an American fighter and not a Mig.

  73. F is a fantastically creative, intelligent, generous, loving, worldly man. Wish there were more like him out there! Love ya, Forrest!

  74. Hello searchers,

    I have been chasing for a couple of years. I’ve had many adventures and done a great deal of research and discovery.

    In waking life, the chase can become complicated. However, often a time of contemplation, meditation or even dreams can allow the subconscious to participate as well. So if you are interested, I’ll share my most recent dream.

    In my dream I invited Forrest to come visit me (where ever I was)… and he accepted. When I picked him up we agreed that we should find a hotel, but instead of calling a cab, we decided to hike. Well, I awoke before we arrived at our supposed goal (hotel or whatever), but not before having a smashing good time.

    We were in an urban-ish area and just bounced from venue to venue as if we might be shopping, but really we were just socializing; meeting and befriending people along the way. Of course it’s my dream so certain aspects related only to me. For instance, I was quite flattered when upon seeing how I loved meeting new people, he seemed to begin to hint around about hiring me or referring me to someone; maybe for some public relations position. It was difficult to communicate verbally because of all the activities and people, but we did communicate brilliantly on some other, maybe kinesthetic level. At one point I had to encourage him to move along on our quest (pulling him away from some attractive admirers) and he was a bit reluctant. When we trekked, he was spry and agile and at one point jumped over what I believe was a deli counter and I had to follow. I’m pretty spry myself, but Forrest was more so.

    Although most of our adventure was non-verbal (between us) he did at one point ask me if I had received a package. He seemed to be perplexed that I had not received it and then became quiet as if I might yet still receive it and wanted to say no more.

    In the dream end (not the story end), I had a fabulous time with Forrest. I awoke feeling that I had a new friendship rather than just a passing distant acquaintance.

    There are a couple of other details, I’ll keep to myself for now. So I prefer not to add more, but you may have fun analyzing.

    (Just) a dream?


    • @9ttersc6ut interesting dream! If it were mine, the part where you jump over the deli counter would have been a precursor for an OOBE or flying dream…..the package yet to arrive is great! I haven’t recalled any dreams with ff; lately my recall is down, been drinking to much coffee I think, lol! now, back on subject: Typical Texan is what I think of ff! lol! joking! I just saw definition of my nickname in an Urban Dictionary, Not Good! May have to go back to Charles.

      • Ha! I had to go look. Oh well, there is some truth to “It’s not what you say, it’s the way that you say it”.

        You also inspired me to look up one of my nicknames (given not chosen). The Urban dictionary defines it as:
        “To take up a more than reasonable amount of space so that one is able to go lone wolf and have no one around them.”

        What the heck???? I thought it was much more benign. Always something new to learn, I guess.

  75. I almost hate to expose this whole crazy facade, but Forrest has made one fatal error. He used the same model in two pictures as different people. Namely, “Donnie Joe” on p. 68 of “Thrill of the Chase” (the “Memoir”), and “Dan Harshman” on p. 81.


    Everyone please return to your normal lives.

    And just so you know, Forrest is also using ΩΩ mind control he learned in ‘Nam on Dal to help sucker us in. He’s got a whole team dedicated to hiding moose from him. You can’t make this crap up.

    and, yes, I know, I have to admit the above is not, absolutely, true

  76. Dal, I found a FF quote on another blog that I have never heard before. Do you have any idea if FF actually made this statement…

    .” I emailed F a couple of yrs ago, asking if the area was handicap accessible. My hubby is a paraplegic vet.

    F replied, “Yes, but you will need some help.””

  77. WOW, where do you start with a person like Mr. Fenn? I guess I would start with Rusty. You can tell a lot about a man by how he treats his pets. If Rusty came to trust Mr. Fenn I can only assume he has great compassion, is a epic friend and a person that anybody would be happy as his wing man. I personally can not even comprehend how the man thinks. I can think of nobody that spent a life time pursuing objects and adventures that are beyond the reach of most individuals. He has acquired things that I never thought about much less sought. These objects obviously hold great spiritual meaning for Mr. Fenn, way beyond the monetary value that we put on them. In the end he buys a chest, that he pays more for than any vehicle I have ever bought , places all his treasures in said chest and then challenges anybody up to the task to go find it. Is the whole search a search for the best person to oversee his treasure? What would happen to his treasure if he just picked someone to inherit it? What happens to it if a searcher finds it? Mr. Fenn played his cards the best he knew how, for reasons known only to him. I can only hope that it he put an explanation in the olive jar.


    • Thx cholly!
      Indeed, another year to bring everyone in the family up to speed on the “treasure hunt”! It’s so funny how many times you have to re explain things, but it’s also wonderful to share! 🙂 Definitely a party favorite !
      Happy Thanksgiving all, as well!
      Many Blessings, safe travels and lots of love! 🙂

  78. Maybe someone who really knows FF’s strength could answer this.. Was F strong enough to:
    Follow a easy to moderate-level hiking trail for about 1.4 miles at 9,000 elevation to hide the treasure? Of course he made two trips, so the whole hike is 5.6 miles. It would make me ‘tired & weak’, but do you think F could pull it off?

  79. TTOTC, pg 11: “Besides, some of the things I do pretty good I’m better at than some of those college guys are at what they do pretty good.”

    What pretty fun you are Mr. Fenn. I just checked the etymology of ‘pretty’

  80. I am going to chime in here. I have not read this material above just yet. But I will. I have a hard time keeping up with my brain on all other material I am researching. Ok you say”.. whats that Jeff… well I say every word and every place the poem and books leads me to in the Rocky Mountains N of SF New Mexico. To the Canadian boarder.

    Ok lets start with the subject matter of this post. I believe with all my soul Forrest beyond everything else, ‘Forrest’ is a man who cares what people think or feel. He even states this in his book about people looking at him in the Borders book store. If this was his true feelings at the time think about it. Who really looks at books others are checking out or buying.

    The store name really existed. It is no longer but it was there in that time frame.

    I usually pay attention to what I am up to,,.. not what others are doing. I would never judge others materials for that matter. With that in mind. Do people really do that with their time? Hover around just waiting to snicker at what others are reading or doing? What! “Listen” and hear me good.

    Myself I tend to not worry about what others think so much but I do care. Deep down Forrest Fenn cares about everyone in this world. He cares about this planet with thoughts of the value of the past and the value of the future always on his mind.

    All tho some of the positions he has been placed in in the past weigh heavy on his heart. He is for real to me. My take is, he is a good man. His life and sharing with others of his adventure, sorrow, love and anger. Is his meditation.
    He has the ability to communicate this in all his books and writings.

    I have emailed him quite a few times but never for clues in my mind at-least. His mind may have a different take on my words. I just wanted to let him know what me and Titan are up to. I wish there was a right or wrong button somewhere.

    I think I have asked should I a few times about that brave part in the poem. That one gets me!

    He knows I’m of imagination in a good way most of the time. He is of few words when it comes to his reply to this kind of communication. This is from us that share with him our adventures. I know there are many. So I do understand this limited communication.

    He is the kind of person I wish was one of my best friends. I say this because I believe I can trust him. Trust makes a very good friend to have in my book of life.
    What do you think about that?

    He may feel he might slip up by saying to much so he will say anything at all. Every word from him I cherish and save. Like I can take them some place and keep them forever. That might tell you how much he means to me in my mind.

    He is my teacher that has pushed me to learn every day. I cant say that about any other person that has wrote a book I have read. Can You? This has been a very positive journey for me.

    This poem has two ends to work from with only (one) “beginning” that leads us to Forrest. We must choose which end to work from. I say this because warm water and his bathing statment in the book and fishing after warm waters where fish get aid from it to grow and enhance their health…. In the Book he bathes and moves to cooler water thus halt of warm water exist in this situation.

    The divide or high mountain tops also have a halt to them, For it is a beginning from frozen water which is colder then all water that comes after it.. Therefore my mind has travel with Forrest in the mountains.

    Forrest is a lover of nature. Even to a point where waters high could be clouds. Its not” and it is”.. but just thinking takes me to places like this in my mind. Forrest Fenn is a Thinker with all the directions this poem can take us. If your thinking about the “what ifs” with imagination. This widens the Fault line considerately.

    To me is Sir Forrest Fenn’s character He is a Good Tricky Twister with a funny bone that needs to be scratched. He is a man with words I would not doubt. Will this help you solve his poem only if you believe his words and follow them.

    He is a big part of his father. a teacher for all the human race. This is very important to him, because it creates a value measurable to who he is and what his life has been all about and the future of it all.

    He will not be a speck of dust blown away by the wind. His roots will hold forever even if his treasure is found, the reason why” will live forever.

    “Live in peace forever” This should be the goal of all Woman Men and Children on earth. For he that whispers may not be heard! JB RC and Titan

    • Hello Jeff,

      7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R Covey is a book that challenges me every day. Pick it up sometime if it hasn’t made it to your desk.

      f has inspired many of us. Enjoy your search 🙂

  81. Tricky Twister = *Don’t let logic distract you from the poem and then he distracts us with = *Sage says don’t try and carry it home in one trip

    *After reading HOD I am prompted to ask, have you considered the “what ifs?” IS this in the book of Kabbalah? Where you read you must under stand the reason by unlocking the mystery.

  82. All,

    Edward Abbey, I highly suggest you research the man, if not at least for the entertainment. “Two can keep a secret…”


  83. Two can keep a secret if one of them is dead. Perhaps it is Mr. Fenn that is the dead one. Thought he was going to die etc…. The special place called Indulgence may be somewhere that he shared with another…..

  84. My father left us when I was five so I never got to go camping or fishing with my dad. But I live vicariously through Fenns stories and adventures and hang on every word he writes or says about his father.
    I think Mr Fenn is genuine and sincere. He’s aware that he has flaws like we all do and he tries to be a good person. He had a wake up call reminding him that life is short and he just wants to be remembered. Deep down, don’t we all?
    (You think Mr Fenn would exchange fly fishing tips for the bracelet?)

    • I think your summation of Forrest sounds right to me, Randawg! (And your trade proposal sounds reasonable too!)

    • I believe Mr f will even teach you how to match the hatch and tie your own flies.

  85. Two years ago I exchanged emails with Mr. Fenn right before and after a search in the Colorado Rockies. I sent him my solution in the morning and we exchanged emails at the end of the day. It was an awesome and memorable hike mostly because while sitting along a quiet creek, three moose walked right past me less than 10 yards away. Two calves and momma and they didn’t seem to notice me until I [stupidly] opened up a Velcro camera case to take a picture. Anyway, at the end of the day I thanked Mr. Fenn for the adventure, and asked him what he though about me sharing my stories on a website. I asked him “If you were me, would [you] share this with the world? Surprisingly, Forrest said “No.. they have their own gig.”
    So does anyone who knows him think that is a strange answer? He has encouraged others to share their spot, right? So why not this place??
    I went back twice since then and still think it is there. Its just not easy traveling from Illinois.

  86. I’m wondering when we think about the poem and finding “indulgence” do we really think about Forrest and the time he got cancer? How this terrible disease made him change, and all he did to fight this invasion in his body of something he had no control of. His mind thought the worst, but his body fought for life.

    Forrest wrote this for a wonderful lady ” Renelle Jacobson ” after her passing – “As the days of autumn approach each of us must know that our hour glass is slowly getting bottom heavy. Hopefully, as each crystal of sand drops, it takes with it the story of a fruitful life, full of grateful memories and dreams fulfilled.”

    Forrest knew he had a new beginning since he was cured, and maybe he needed to make sure that all he did would help him get and keep himself healthy.
    So what I’m getting at here is that maybe with this new set of eyes Forrest went to a place to heal and relax, somewhere he had went before with a someone but this time alone, and it had a new meaning. This place was a place he could let go of all that had happened and he could heal and enjoy all that he love to do growing up from that “marble” making little boy. His time spent in this place served to remind him of – ” his story of a fruitful life, full of grateful memories and dreams fulfilled.”
    So now this place has turned into a place “special to him”.

    Forrest has good memories of days gone by and many places that were special then, but why can’t he have a “special place” that all those other memories fit in. “I knew where I wanted to ……..f

    Of course these are my thoughts, but just maybe.

    • By the way, this person that Forrest went with or met him there in this special place might have not been someone he knew in the years before his art gallery, but after. This person has since passed before the hiding of the chest. Two can keep a secret…..

      • Bur, I some how missed reading this beautiful thought you wrote yesterday. I too believe sickness will cause a person to view and live life in a different light. To rise and shine every morning, no matter what!

        • BW- the point I was making is that I don’t believe the chest is hidden in a place of his boyhood years but a place he was still able heal and to do some of those things he enjoyed in so much in his life before cancer. but now it felt so much better in this place. “Comfortable”


          • Bur, are you male? If so, I’m not surprised, I usually do miss a man’s point of view. Venus and Mars!!! Hope you know I just kidding.

          • LOL- yes BW I’m a male. You know sometimes I don’t relay my thoughts that good but do understand most of my posts do have helpful hints to where I believe Forrest hid the chest.
            I’m guessing your female? (Smile)…..glad to make your acquaintance BW.

            JDA thanks for your post too. Yep, Forrest enjoyed his special place.

    • Bur;

      I am sorry I missed this beautiful post of yesterday.

      I quite agree, I am sure that this “Special Place” would have been where Forrest went when confronted with cancer. If I have found the correct place, it IS healing. Beautiful, serene, quiet, except for the healing rush of the near-by waterfalls.

      It is full of wildlife, beautiful flora and fauna, and it is steeped with history both fairly recent (within 200 – 1,000 years) as well as eons and eons of geographical (both land and peoples involvement with the land).

      Bur, in today’s post you suggest that Forrest might have taken someone to this “Special Place” – with him – after he sold his gallery and he had cancer in 1988. What a lucky person – and you think that this person has passed – how interesting. I wonder who this person might have been???

      Thanks SOOOO much for your beautiful post. A wonderful insight. THANKS – JDA

  87. I wonder if Mr. Fenn, is a Van Morrison fan, There’s a video on youtube, of Philosophers Stone, while there making the 7 mile drive to Lewis and Clark Caverens. Not tha it has anything to do with the chase. It’s just that the video and music are such a perfect match.

  88. Of all the bits and pieces, that make up Forrest Fenn. I think it was the rebellious 13 year old, that hid the chest.

  89. Today here in WV was a perfect day to rake some leaves … a thankless job that I’ve been putting off for a while now. While I was struggling mindlessly with both the rake & the leafblower, I decided on a way to occupy my mind. I pretended to tell an imaginary newbie about FF & the Chase.

    I began with his date of birth & proceeded through his childhood experiences with his parents, Skippy, & June. I was partway through his military experiences when I stopped dead. Oh, my goodness! I suddenly realized that I know MORE about FF than I do about anyone else on the planet. I don’t even come close to knowing those things about my OWN family & friends.

    I’m a groupie or a stalker or a semi-voyeur, aren’t I? It’s so odd. How can I possibly be so obsessed by the life of someone I’ve NEVER met? When I think about it, the feeling is very unsettling.

    Perhaps this isn’t as much about a hunt for treasure as it seems. If FF was a college course or a Jeopardy category … I’d be in great shape. And I have no doubts that any searcher worth his salt is as knowledgeable as I am. Is it normal to know so much about an individual? Even the tiniest things are common knowledge in the Chase community.

    Heck, I even know more about some of the searchers than I know about my neighbors. I find that really odd &, in a way, disturbing. But then they aren’t assisting me in finding a treasure chest, are they?

  90. Becky,

    It’s just what you said, Obsession. You are just like the rest of us. Strange what a treasure can do to you. I hope you don’t dream about this.

    Forrest I believe had or has an obsession about many things.

    Good Luck

  91. Alpha Male, Maverick, Independent Thinker, Witty, Creative, Comedic, Mysterious, Good Ole Boy, Master Minded, Perceptive, Cunning….A Real Dancer With The Stars!!!

  92. would ff have went to the AF academy? it wasn’t est. until ’54 and i know he went in enlisted then became an officer (from the blog) but not sure how that worked back in the day. maybe another tie in for colorado idk.

  93. Just wanted to post that my family was able to visit Mr. Fenn a few weeks ago while visiting the Santa Fe area. The visit was very nice and he showed off part of his artifact collection to us. I didn’t inquire about his treasure because I, like Forrest Fenn am an amateur archaeologist and I enjoy going out to hidden historical sites not too often visited by the general populace. Specifically Native American Rock art sites and I have been blessed with seeing quite a few sites in the American Southwest. Maybe if the treasure has not been found in the next few years I will consider making trips to look myself, but as of now I am more interested with searching out for more hidden historical sites in the American Southwest. I also wanted to let this forum know that I have my own piece of Forrest Fenn treasure with the purchase of Mr. Fenn’s limited edition Teepee Smoke book that I have seen retail for $2500+ online. I found a copy of this limited edition book through an online search for a little over $100.00. I would like to think I got an awesome deal with that find, but I guess time will tell. Be safe on the hunt for Mr. Fenn’s treasure.

  94. So, a bit of a hypothetical exercise…

    I believe we all agree that ff’s initial plan was to lay down with the treasure and die, when the time came. But then, as he has said, he ruined that plan by getting well.

    In the preface to OUAW, we learned that his initial plan had also involved his car being discovered at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. Presumably, ff would have left it there on his final journey, but that is not implicitly spelled out. But, IMO, I think that is what he meant.

    Since Denver is not in the Rockies, there are no valid hiding spots for the treasure in close proximity. So, how did ff plan to get from the Denver Museum of Nature and Science to the hiding place? In turn, if a searcher cannot deduce a reasonable means of getting a tired and weak ff from the Denver Museum of Nature and Science to their solve, then should the searcher reconsider the solve?

    I think I have a viable option, and it does not involve riding a bicycle out and tossing it in the water high. What say ye, searchers?

    • First, (to repeat what FF has said many times), all you need is the poem.

      Anything by Doug Preston must legitimately be treated as
      non-essential to a good solve.

      There is a tiny hint in that foreword by DP, but only serves
      to confirm correct solving of part of the poem. I’d treat the
      foreword as — for all practical purposes — just another
      rabbit hole.

      Now, if anybody is still hungry for more rabbit holes,
      here’s one for anybody who wants it:

      Denver may be connected, in a very, very distant way
      to ANOTHER tiny hint . . . this one provided hereby
      compliments of yours truly. FF said “bring a sandwich”.
      When he said it, he didn’t say “food”, “a snack”, or
      “something to eat”. Think of a sandwich perhaps
      popular in that mile-high city. There may also be a very
      weak connection in all this to SB 107. All in my opinion.

      • I completely agree that ff’s car being at the DMNS (since we abbreviate everything else) is not a clue, or even a hint for that matter. I also agree that it is not needed or essential in solving the poem.

        I do think it could be a way of “checking your work.” Remember back in grade school, when you first learned subtraction? You were taught to add the result back to the number you subtracted, to ensure that you got the number you started with.

        Similarly, IMO, once you have a good solve, if you can find a method of getting from the DMNS to your hiding place, that would be an even better indicator of the strength of your solve.

        I don’t think searchers should disregard anything ff put in his books; particularly anything published after TTOTC, as the Chase has become more well known.

    • I’ve thought about that too, West of Toledo. Denver is probably the best starting location in the search area in terms of being able to hop onto any number of bus or train routes to go anywhere into the Rockies.

      I don’t know if you’ve ever played the boardgame “Scotland Yard”, but whenever I play Mr. X in that game I always like to time the instances when I reveal my location on the board to coincide when I am standing on a major transportation hub with the largest number of options of where I could go to next before disappearing again. It keeps the other players guessing!

      I wouldn’t rule out that hopping onto a train or bus may have been a part of Forrest’s original plan in getting from his abandoned car in Denver to the hidey spot, but I think ultimately a transfer to a second car (not a rental, and not registered in his name) would need to factor into the final leg of his journey (Remember in real life, he ended up needing to make two trips from his parked car to transport the treasure to its hidey spot). And if that were the case, why should Forrest bother to take mass transit at all and just arrange for a car transfer right in the museum parking lot? Mass transportation stations have security cameras, so why run the risk of being spotted in security footage if he wanted to travel incognito? I suppose he could have concealed his 42-lb. treasure chest inside a discreet piece of rolling luggage, but it doesn’t seem plausible to me.

      I agree that thinking about what his plans for getting from Denver to the hidey spot is less important than focusing on solving the poem, but nevertheless I find it interesting to think about and wouldn’t call it a “rabbit hole”… maybe more of a “fringe consideration”?

      • I have never played Scotland Yard, but I like the sound of it!

        So, I have thought about a second, unregistered (or at least not registered to ff) car also. But that would mean having it staged, and keeping in in good working order. IMO, some form of mass transit is the only viable option.

        To be clear, I don’t think these are the steps ff followed when hiding the treasure, that path follows the clues in the poem, IMO. Getting from the DMNS to the hiding spot only relates to his final journey.

  95. Denver I was born there so as a native there is very little hidey spots that match Forrest description of the hidey spot but the comment in once upon a while leads me to the surrounding towns if i had time to search taking care of mom is a full time job but shes getting better every day dealing with someones mortality is a tough spot god i love her hope all of you are doing well have a great day

  96. Hmmmm….The below is the bio at the bottom of an extract from ff’s book, “Teepee Smoke.” (Usually, authors write their own bios.)

    “About Forrest Fenn: Forrest Fenn grew up in the wilds of Montana where he began finding arrowheads and other small Indian artifacts. His hobby developed into a career of collecting, buying, selling and trading not only artifacts but also weapons, weavings and pots. The collection grew, the reputation grew, and the hobby grew into a business. Forrest finally opened a trading post that expanded to include sculpture and paintings. The collector became a dealer and he built a large, beautiful gallery which included works by Joseph Henry Sharp.”


    • FF didn’t “begin” finding arrowheads in Montana. He found his first one in Texas. As always, IMO.

    • Fenn joined the Air Force on Sept. 23, 1950. His home base was Temple Texas but he was living temporarily in Sun Valley Idaho while working that summer for the Challenger Inn golf course.
      I don’t think he ever mentions the city that he enlisted in.

  97. I believe that this entire poem is more about Major Fenn’s life than anyone can imagine. Much of which was developed during his 20 years in the United States Air Force. Beginning with his entrance into the service.

    He starts by saying, “gone alone in there”. This could be when he went in to the Armed Forces Induction Center or could be flying his F-100 in to enemy territory. “Keep his secret where” relates to his security clearance. While “hint of riches new and old.” are his experiences in life.

    Being in the service is definitely “no place for the meek” while under constant fear of meeting your demise, “The end is ever drawing nigh.”

    “But tarry scant with marvel gaze” As a fighter pilot, you have to constantly be engaged with your mission and not looking around at all the amazing vistas that lay before you. “Just take your chest and go in peace” The chest is his life and he pursued a life of peace thereafter.

    “I’ve done it tired, and now I’m weak” It is not even questioned that he returned tired, underweight and weak after returning from Vietnam.

  98. Dear friends … Out of the Poem, there is a main question, to which i not yet have found any answer in all the Blogs: “How can FF know, that the treasure is still at the hiding place?”
    1. He can frequently pass the hiding place without being noticed … so it’s definitely in NM, probably near SF!
    2. He is able to view the hiding place from his home, for example with a good telescope … so it’s definitely in NM, in the whole view around SF!
    3. The hiding place is equipped with a Transmitter. IMO it would technically only be possible by solar energy, because all other energy would “burn down” within some weeks … this way the hiding place could be everywhere in the Rockies.
    4. He can control the hiding place by Google earth or another equal plattform by Internet. IMO the risk would technically be a little bit higher for him (e.g. hacking) … hiding place could be everywhere in the Rockies.
    5. Maybe there is – against all opinions, also mine – a second person, who is involved to the secret (lawyer, daughter, friend a.s.o.). I don’t believe that, but it’s not totally impossible … place could be also everywhere in the Rockies.

    I prefer Point 1. and 2. For me it is absolutely clear, that “Warm Waters Halt” means the State New Mexico (big picture) and further, my opinion is near Santa Fe, maybe near Cowles (home of Brown Trouts), by air-distance only about 12 miles (not far but too far to walk). But home of Brown could also be at another place (e.g. Valles Caldera; also home of Brown trouts since year 1800). FF lives in SF since 1972 and therefore a preferred place could not be far away. It must be a place he had and could go every time, without airplane and long distance.
    I would be glad to hear about other ideas, how he can know the chest is not yet found. Thank’s and best regards

    • Your just a little too far North. Google “Holy Ghost” and look at images. What you will see are “Blazes”.

      • Thank’s Dave, it’s a good idea that place “Holy Ghost”. Put in under the home of Brown near Cowles and after some other clues you come near Holy Ghost. I surely will go to the Images there.
        Best regards, Marco

        • The next creek after the Holy Ghost is Macho. That certainly sounds like No place for the meek.

    • Marco,

      I believe somewhere F said that he has not been back to where he hid the treasure, nor do I believe he is monitoring the treasure electronically, which I feel not practical & not reasonable, more on way out there.

      Just Say’n

      • Forrest has told us he tried to think of everything. Whether he *did* think of everything or not is something not even he can know with 100% certainty, but I think it safe to say that anything *we* can think of, *he* very likely thought of as well. So….

        He would probably realize that he might be followed by some overly enthusiastic seeker anytime he leaves home. Visiting the treasure would therefore risk leading someone right to it. I don’t think he is going to physically check on the chest for that reason.

        He would probably realize that any kind of transmitter would produce a signal that could be detected by anyone with the right equipment. A signal coming from somewhere in the wilderness would look odd and eventually provoke investigation. I don’t think he is electronically monitoring the chest for that reason.

        My feeling is that he is relying on the likelihood that the finder would either want to go public about it (“bragging rights”), or would at least want to contact Forrest about it. Returning the bracelet is an added incentive to do so, but it is possible there is something else in the chest (the “piece of me” perhaps?) that would make contacting Forrest almost irresistible for some reason. The only way to be sure is to find the chest and open it.

        One thought. If the finder wanted to do everything “by the book” to avoid trouble over taxes and such, it would be necessary to have the treasure authenticated and appraised to determine the value basis for taxation (and authentication would be useful if putting it up for auction). There are any number of experts who could appraise the cash value of the chest and its contents, but I can think of nobody more qualified to authenticate the treasure as being genuinely “The Hidden Treasure of Forrest Fenn” than the man who hid it in the first place.

        • A transmitter could start its “signal-sending” when the TC is
          opened/moved, thus not leading anyone to it prematurely.

          Your comments about authentication seem reasonable to me.

          The part about “piece of me” doesn’t increase my pulse rate. I
          can’t get very excited about a piece of kidney, or a tooth, or
          some other little human body part. As always, IMO.

          • I doubt the “piece of me” is any kind of literal body part. That doesn’t seem like something Forrest would do. (In my opinion.) Besides, why would a tooth or a kidney induce the finder to get in touch with him if the bracelet wasn’t reason enough?

            More likely, it is some object of some special significance. Maybe it is just another reference to the bracelet. Or maybe not.

          • Even if a transmitter did not start sending until triggered, it would require a battery or other power source. And a battery would need to be trickle-charged to keep from slowly depleting over the years. A solar panel could do the job, but now we are starting to add to the already heavy bulky load Forrest was carrying. Plus, even a solar panel recharger could eventually become damaged by weather or wildlife, possibly well within Forrest’s lifetime. And a solar panel could be spotted by a passer-by.

    • ** ** ** Marco wondered – ” . . . there is a main question, to which i not yet have found any answer in all the Blogs: “How can FF know, that the treasure is still at the hiding place?” ** ** **

      The real question is “how can a searcher know whether or how ff can know whether the treasure is still there?”

      Simple answer is “we can’t.”

      If you just enjoy thinking about it, good enough, carry on.

      But don’t let it slow you down, Marco. “Look at every little abstract thing that might catch up in your brain . . . ” is the worst advice ff ever gave.


      “I can’t be worrying about every little thing”
      – Joe Moore (Gene Hackman) in *Heist*

      • I concur. We simply cannot know for certain.

        In the end, you have to decide if Forrest is an honorable man. If he is, the chest is real and findable, and he is telling the truth when he says it has not been found.

        If he is not honorable, the chest may not even exist, or may be locked up in a vault somewhere that not even his family knows about. In that case, there is no point in searching for it.

        Personally, I feel he is a man of good character, and I choose to take him at his word. If he says it is still out there at the end of the poem, that’s good enough for me.

  99. Hello Ray
    I am sure, that FF is a man of very good character and i am also sure, that the treasure is somewhere in the Rockies.
    But i believe, that he is able to controll the hiding place, either by a telescope at home or by some kind of “Google Earth”. There are several platforms better then Google and surely, he as a military pilot knows enough about radar (several systems) and all this staff.
    I think as follows: “If i would hide such a very special and valuable treasure, i would have to know at every time, as long as i live, if it is still there or not. Wouldn’t you? If it’s still there at the moment when you die, it’s at least for that a good feeling.

    All the best and good success by searching

  100. 10200 Feet?
    What is correct? Does everybody know?
    1. The hiding place is between 5000 and 10200 feet, but not higher?
    2. Somewhere around/near the hiding place, the highest elevation is 10200 feet?
    I’ve already read both, but which one is correct? IMO it’s a big difference.
    Thank you, if somebody, maybe Dal, knows the correct answer.
    Best regards, Marco

  101. Forrest,

    With your quotes below, from the Metro News on 3-8-2013:

    “I have had so much fun over the last 70 years collecting things I wanted to give others the same opportunity,” said Mr Fenn.

    “It also was my goal to get the kids off the couch and out of the game room and into the mountains where they can smell the sunshine.” f

    “We have a problem with our youth and all of us are to blame. The hidden treasure is my way of giving families an opportunity that might bring them together with a focus and a goal.” f

    “I also wanted to give hope to every redneck out there who has a wife and 12 kids, a pick-up truck, lost his job and needs some hope.” f

    Is it true you answered the question in stanza 5 of the poem?, “So why is it that I must go and leave my trove for all to seek?”. If these are the answers you already knew, is this line of thought true? I believe also, these are some of the few words that will not help in finding the treasure.


  102. I have just heard of this so I don’t have much to go on but like other things I first try to see the obvious.
    The first thing I am doing is gather facts. I haven’t read any of his books yet and still trying to convince my wife it’s even worth it. I have watched a couple early videos by ff. Found them interesting and sincere..
    Now I have started gleening from the vast amount of speculation. One glaring thing I see that might be throwing people is the way they seen to be over analysing everything. One thing I picked up on was the dyslexic thing. I don’t know Mr. Fenn and have never met him. I am an Air Force Vietnam veteran of a fighter squadron out of Da Nang. I am convinced that if ff suffered from it, it was very mild as he couldn’t have been a combat fighter pilot. Therefore, the mixing of thoughts in the clue poem, I can’t really buy.
    I also, saw where in an interview, he stated that the poem has all the clues needed to able anyone to walk right to the treasure chest. And he also stated, keep it simple. Ok, I like a good riddle. After all, it wouldn’t be much of a quest if he simply told where it was.
    I might be rambling on here, beating the dead horse so to speak, but one other thing struck home with me. He stated that he created this great adventure to give the (poor guy in Texas with 12 kids and no money) a hope. To me, that has been the greatest statement I have heard from him.
    I see he was implying about his own childhood, when his family would go to YNP on a trip of their life. They could barely afford it, but they made it happen. There was no pot if gold waiting but there was the overwhelming beauty of the trip. Especially for a family of poor Texas flat landers.
    I appreciate having found this, as it gives me hope for a reward, but I can see the true reward is in the chase itself.
    Wishing everyone safe and rewarding adventures ahead. Me and my grandsons will be out there with you.

    • Hello Jasonhall. I do not recall reading that. On Dec. 24, fifty-one years ago today, he came home after being rescued.

  103. I dunno about you guys, but I think Forrest marches to the beat of his own compass!!

    I’m losing my bearings here at home – the lock down struggle is real! I will consult Martha S for advice on how to stay sane during home arrest.

    I guess unique rules do apply – stay safe y’all – don’t be a virus victim. Peace!

    • The lock down struggle?

      Mow the lawn
      Wash the car
      Play catch with the kids
      Play fetch with the dog
      Trim the bushes
      Go for a bike ride
      Take a drive to a place you never been
      Clean the windows
      Clean the shed
      Play Monopoly
      Read a book
      Go for a walk
      Sit under a tree
      Sit in the field and watch the clouds float by
      Go fishing
      Play go fish
      Have a picnic

      Get up early just to see the sunrise

      Stay up late and count the stars…

      Kick the wife and kiss the dog, geezzusss, do something other than complain.

      • Good one Seeker. I think we must have just about reached the generation that has no scarring or education from the Great Depression or WWII. And here we go again.

      • Haha! Nice one…I did all those things on your list; it was a fun Thursday! I especially liked the bike ride and “kicking my wife.” Geezzusss, you don’t have to be so violent.

        You obviously missed my point(s) if you thought I was complaining. Seeker, have you lost your bearings?

        • Wait – i will also take a (nother) drive to a place I’ve never been.

          Maybe even make a few calls to people I’ve never met…just for fun…Maybe they’ll like my stories?

  104. According to the poem in 242wok…he says:

    “You know I hate it being gray”

    What do y’all ponder of this??

  105. I the book 242wok fenn says in the new poem:

    You know I hate it being gray.

    What do u all suppose he means by this?

    • Jmeils,

      When did he say that? It sounds like it should blue rather than gray.

      But the gray could be like a gray area such as near a river. Not owned by anybody until the flood plain is surpassed and then it becomes land owners property line. Could be anything really.


  106. one more thing I love all my friends past and present yep your all on that list stay safe my friends, stay strong at home not the Browns either laugh or smile air hugging you all.

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