Treasures of New Mexico….

August 2014

From Elizabeth Schultze/Moonshadow


One of the most incredible experiences I have had through the search for the treasure is discovering my inner artist again.  I painted when I was a child, but soon forgot that I ever was an artist.  When I started exploring all these dazzling treasure sites in my own back yard (New Mexico), I found myself desiring to share the joy and experience of these places by painting them.  Before I knew it I had created a series –  The Treasures of New Mexico.

My series, in honor of all of us on the chase, will be displayed at Java Joe’s Coffee House during the month of September.  If you happen to be in Santa Fe during September, please stop by and have a cup of coffee, say hi to my friend Dave, and take a look at my work.

Java Joe’s 2801 Rodeo Rd B8, Santa Fe, NM 87507

Here’s a sampling of the work being displayed, all works are for sale:

View looking South from the John Dunn Bridge, Taos, NM

BattleShip Rock, Jemez Springs, NM

Ojo Caliente, NM


Elizabeth Schultze / Moonshadow

60 thoughts on “Treasures of New Mexico….

  1. Thank you Elizabeth/Moon! They are beautiful! Wish I was seeing them in person. Lucky you to live in Santa Fe with Forrest and can get to know him and his family.

  2. I especially like the Ojo and the Battleship Rock paintings. They all depict my stomping grounds in exquisite fashion. It would be nice to see your work at The Range in Bernalillo too!

  3. Beautiful – I have a sister that is an incredible artist, a second sister that is good and works hard at being an incredible artist and my father was an incredible artist but did not pursue that avenue. Then there is me – my incredible artist sister said I painted like a clod – But I just recently bought supplies and thought I would give it a go on my searches. You just gave me some inspiration. Thx

    • I also have an older sister who was the “artist” of the family … that’s one reason I stopped; but just because someone else in the family is an artist, why can’t I be one too! Definitely pick up the paint brush and go for it! Don’t listen to the inner and outer critics! Painting is a journey just like the chase … an experience to enjoy!

    • My brother was a good artist, but gave it up because he did not think it “macho”. I always wanted to be a good artist and my grandmother tried to teach me, but it did not work too well. So I learned to do straight lines very well and became an engineer. Now, I to have been thinking about getting some supplies and making another attempt also.

      • Ha, ha, ha, ha…

        That sounds way too familiar… good at drawing straight lines and then becoming and engineer; Mechanical Engineer to be “preciser” 🙂

        Thank you for the chuckle.

  4. Elizabeth,
    Great job…since I live near Santa Fe, I definitely will make a point to visit Java Joe’s Coffee House to see your paintings in person…I have searched each of these areas. Would you like to meet me there? I’ll buy you a cup of coffee. We had talked about meeting earlier this year in spring but it never worked out…

  5. Another thought regarding meeting at Java Joe’s in September…do any other searches who live nearby want to join us? Maybe we could choose a time when others (like Slurbs since I know he also lives in Rio Rancho) could go there as well…if anyone is interested, email me

    • Cynthia, the Java Joe’s idea will be ok with me. I do prefer a weekend as the eagle keeps me busy during the week. I know something as small as a micron can interfere with your play time, so it is the eagle can keep me on schedule. Give out details of a day and time when you have it worked out. Thanks for the invite!

  6. Thanks for all the kind and wonderful comments … I really appreciate them! These pieces, plus others, were done in honor of all you!

  7. I would love to meet at the coffee shop in Sept. I’m planning to make a trip to Santa Fe sometime during the month. Let me know the dates & I’ll try to be there.

  8. Elizabeth,
    I will try to go to Java Joe’s Wed morning Sept 3rd to see your paintings…will they be on display then? If you are available to meet, 10 to 11 am is easiest for me but I will try to be more flexible to meet your schedule if necessary. My September is so full to make a weekend day (sorry, Slurbs) and I don’t want to wait until the end of the month. Please let me know if this works for you…thanks. Cynthia

  9. These are some awesome paintings Moonshadow!! One can feel the sun and yes the glow of NM. You go girl. They are quite beautiful.. You paint from your heart anyone can see that . What did Mr. Fenn say? I bet he liked them. They have and adventuress innocence about them… Good work. Hope to see you down the road on the chase and at the finishline. Keep up your since of loving what you do and the thrill it gives you. MS. Girl Judy See you in the funny papers at the art Gallery. LOL

  10. Thanks Judy! Yes, I do believe I paint from my heart trying to express the joy I feel inside.
    Forrest said that he liked my paintings and that I had promise as an artist. It was gracious of him to say so.
    Thanks so much for your kind and encouraging comments.

  11. Heading out to check out this art right now I expect to be the at 9:45 or 10:00am. Anyone available to join? f? If you find a spider, you might find me. I will be there at least until 10:45. I will be next to the flat top.

    • I’d be happy to meet you if you go again. Again, I’m sorry there was a mixup with the previous artist and caused my show to be delayed one day.

  12. The month of September has begun, but not the display of Moonshadow’s art 🙁 We should expect it to be displayed soon. I’m enjoying Quiche and a Cappaccino along with my son’s presence.

    • I know! The artist who has things displayed there right now was suppose to meet me last night to take down his art so I could put up mine. Anyway, he thought the coffee shop closed at 7pm – well not on Sunday!!

      I just talked with him and we’re going to meet there tonight at 7pm to change the art.

      I’m so sorry you went there today and couldn’t see it. It will be there starting tomorrow.

      Such is the life of an artist ……

      • I have no choice but to accept the things I can not change. I look forward to viewing your artwork in person.

      • The paintings are displayed! Everything went well last night and all treasure paintings are up. In addition, I had room for some of the paintings from a series entitled “Wild flowers of NM” and my favorite painting of my son and his dogs. 🙂

          • Happy to hear they are now on display. Elizabeth, I will see you there as planned Thursday afternoon at 2 pm… if anyone else is in the area and interested in joining us, please drop by.

        • Elizabeth, Can you meet me tomorrow (thursday oct 2nd) to pick up my painting. I sent you a personal email today (wed, oct 1st)). please reply to the personal email and let me know the time if this works for you. thanks.

  13. I like Battleship Rock the best! I bet the picture doesn’t do the painting justice. We have First Friday Art Walk here. Maybe I will see your artwork then.

    Slurbs – Sorry I missed you for coffee. Didn’t get there until a little later.

  14. Slurbs – Usually in purple!

    Lyrics from Dressed in Black by Sia

    And then you crossed my path
    You quelled my fears, you made me laugh
    Then you covered my heart in kisses

    ff has definitely made me laugh! And told me some really great stories and history!

    • Slurbs, I agree…the paintings are beautiful…Hope you don’t have your mind set on the painting of the Rio Grande Gorge because it’s already mine! As soon as I saw it, I knew that was the one for me since it’s my “special place”. cynthia

      • Hey Cynthia, I am so glad that you got the painting that you really wanted.
        I know the Rio Grande Gorge is your “special place”

        • I will buy not Cynthia’s choice, but the one which depicts a place I enjoy visiting to relax.

  15. TTOTC paintings, here I come. Let’s if I can start a treasure collection with a look into Moonshadow art?

    • Loved meeting you, Slurbs! Thanks so much for buying some of my art ! Hope it wasn’t too hectic for you this morning with some of my family coming along also!

      If anyone who is not in Santa Fe would like to contact me to see some of the other paintings, I can send you photos. I’m happy to mail paintings to any place in the US. In fact, I’m mailing out a painting to a fan in Kentucky this week.

      Email me at: elizabeth (DoT) schultze (@) comcast (DOT) net. If for some reason, you don’t hear back from me, double check the spelling of my last name – a lot of people leave at the “e” in schultze.

      • Thanks Moonshadow. It wasn’t too hectic. It was nice to meet you and I feel lucky to own a treasure of your creation. It was nice to meet your family and talk about the chase. Look at that, f brings together us planet dwellers who probably not have met otherwise. Thank you, f. Moonshadow, I will be contacting you again soon. Again, thank you for your time.

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