Hold the Date…….

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          • …But I would like to meet everyone on this and from other blogs sites owners who have put there brave efforts to interest everyone on the hunt for Forrest Fenn’s treasure. I am sure that means something. I wonder how many speakers would like to have their words presented on the road to imagination. Anyway, I will save mine. Hope to see everyone there. Come over to my camp area and shoot the breeze with us. I will let everyone know where at. Sorry, no Coors, I am saving it for special occasion.

    • Hey Dal I have a question, Toby did a great job with taping the last book signing videos so are you going to have him do it or maybe get someone else to video tape it. I would be greatful for the ones who might not be able to make it.

      • As far as I know Toby unretired himself and is not in the chase anymore. But we have not made arrangements yet…
        I’ll worry about taping it after I have the conference lined up..
        Still have not gotten the final contract from the Loretto..

  1. I won’t be able to attend. 🙁 Will someone be able to record Forrest’s talk and the Q&A?

  2. Will be there with bells on! Looking forward to meeting everyone and hearing more stories from Forrest until then.

  3. Awesome…I will be there. Will there be a workshop on survivor skills? I learned how to start a fire using a foil gum wrapper and an alkaline battery (like out of your headlamp) from watching Bear Grylls. You chose a great hotel…really looking forward to this and everything you mentioned.

    • Cloud-
      The way we hope to set it up is that accommodations are not included in the conference fee…so you will be able to stay at a place you want and not be stuck at an expensive hotel if you don’t want to be..
      Maybe you could start looking around now for reasonable rates…

      • Thanks Dal. I might have to stay elsewhere but I would like to stay there at the Inn. I’m trying to talk my sister into going then we can split the cost.

  4. On my honor…I’ll do my best…to be there. I won’t make a list of all the things that might occur to prevent my attendance, so for now I’ll be optimistic and plan to be there.

  5. Dal,

    Do you know if the talks and q and a etc will be recorded on video and put up here or youtube or something?
    UK based so will not be able to attend but equally do not want to miss.

    • Danny-
      We haven’t gotten that far along in planning just yet. No arrangements have been made. I can think of no reason why those elements would not be filmed and posted.

  6. Dal,

    A chance to meet Forrest, the fox himself, no way am I going to miss this.
    I have been looking forward to also meeting you for the past two years as well.
    Kindred spirits and revelations to boot!

    Will see you there.


  7. Dal, You did a great job selecting the hotel. The Loretto Inn looks wonderful. I’ll put the Loretto Inn on my “List of Things I Might Buy When I Find the Treasure and I’m Rich.” !!!!! hee hee

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