Event Cancelled…

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  1. Bummer! I had a list of very sly questions I was going to ask Forrest…and put him on the spot…that depending on how he answered…or not…was going to give me critical intel. Now I’ll have to think of something else.

        • “re-stashed”? By whom? A searcher getting too close?…only to have it moved?

          I do not know Mr. Fenn, but his integrity is something I believe he cherishes most of all and I will not question it. I will trust him to his grave and mine as honorable. He has set the table for this game to play out as it will….so be it!

          • Windsurfer, I agree with you. Integrity and honor are the N/S coordinates of Mr. Fenn’s life regardless of the endeavor’s direction. Present day generations could take a lesson or two from our fathers who’s word on a handshake was good for a lifetime. They took the time to instill integrity, mentoring, gentlemanly manners, and caring more about people than money or things. At this point in the totc, even if I knew where the trove was, in deference to Mr. Fenn, I would leave it be, and be at peace…like FF jumping from the bridge and being secure enough not to tell another soul.

  2. Ah shucks! Had already planned the trip to meet Forrest and Dal…and trade clues with fellow searchers. Hopefully, to be rescheduled?

  3. Forrest’s health is fine. As far as I know the chest has not been found but Forrest would know about that long before me. Anyway, that has nothing to do with why we cancelled.

    All is good.

    We just ran up against a roadblock that we couldn’t get around with the conference. As you know, we’ve been working on this for about a month and it looked like all the duckies were properly lined up..
    But something came up today and there is no working around it…so the event had to be cancelled…
    I do not see the possibility that it can be restaged this year so it’s off till next year at the earliest..
    I am not at liberty to discuss what went haywire..
    but it’s nothing to do with Forrest’s health or desire to have fun with us.

    I am truly sorry…I was really looking forward to this..

  4. At least now I do not feel so bad about not being able to make it. Maybe I will be able to make it next year.

  5. Cheers to all of your effort trying to set this up Dal. Things come up that we cannot control, we can all relate to unexpected hurdles. Another time!

  6. If it’s rescheduled for next spring, I may be able to go. Thanks for trying to set the meet-and-greet up Dal!

  7. Time to “Pick yourself up, dusty yourself off and start all over again.” Dal, your efforts do not go un-noticed. You are a trailblazer.

  8. Bummed, but glad to hear Forrest is ok. I also pray all of his family is ok too!
    Thank You Dal and I will wait till it is scheduled again.

  9. Sorry it didn’t work out Dal. Your efforts are appreciated by so many–thanks for all you do.

  10. Well, RATZ! But thanks for trying and I’ll look forward to whenever it happens. Glad everything else is OK and the TC is still out there.

  11. This is disappointing news…but I understand. Dal, thanks for all your efforts to organize this event…hopefully, you can make it work next spring.

  12. Bummer! Thanks dal, and forrest, for working to pull this together. Perhaps another time…

  13. Thank you Dal for all your efforts, and thank you Forrest for entertaining the idea. Many are disappointed but it was a wonderful idea. πŸ™‚ We couldn’t swing it this year but our finances will be better next year. yay ! I am sure others have similar issues.

  14. we can have it at my house πŸ™‚ Be warmer weather, people can get rooms for $20 in Laughlin Nevada, I’ll take everyone to see the petroglyphs at grapevine canyon…It’s not too far too walk, even has restrooms. We can have a secret ceremonial tribute to Fenn.
    We can even take jetboats to Lake Havasu….

  15. Dal, you say the conference must be rescheduled for “next year at the earliest.”
    Does that really mean it probably will be in 2 or 3 years? If you need help with this project, let us know. I’m sure we can put a team of enthusiastic searchers together to help you. I’ll be the first to volunteer.

    • Thanks Frank. I know you are correct, and believe me, if the problem was resources I would come straight out and ask. This is a very resourceful group. But resources are not the issue. There was just a last minute conflict which stewed-up the timing for everyone.
      Nothing that can be fixed I am afraid…
      We will try again next year…

  16. Dal, you are “the man” when it comes to this treasure hunt. I admire your courage and I take your word for it . if it cannot happen it just won’t. Thanks for all the informative newsletters.

  17. Dang Dal, I know it’s not your fault, but I was soooooo looking forward to this. If you need help in any way for next year’s conference, please don’t hesitate to ask. I am dieing to meet everyone! I will accept it, but I don’t like it. Thank you for trying.

  18. That is nice of u to leave it
    But everyone needs to know what the poem is about πŸ™‚ !!!!!

    Guys if I where to find it I’m not leaving it πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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