Scrapbook Ninety Four…



This ode to the chase was forwarded to me from a searcher who wants to remain anon because he thinks he knows where the treasure is and doesn’t want the birds to give away his secret. Everyone will recognize that it’s a take-off from Edgar Allen Poe’s Quote the Raven Nevermore. f


Only the Phantom

Once upon a night inspired, while I pondered weak and tired,
Over many a curious volume laden with a treasure lore,
While I plotted on its mapping, suddenly there came a tapping,
As a Shadow’s gently rapping, rapping at my bedroom door.
‘`Tis a butterfly,’ I muttered, ‘fluttered by my bedroom door –
Only this, and nothing more.’

Ah, distinctly a tinkling bell rings in the spirit of a spell,
I listened good and listened well… there was no ringing at the door.
So, eager for a bath and rest; -as vainly I had sought the best
Path forward to surcease the quest – fulfill the quest for gold and more,
That it begins where eagles nest, then down into the canyon’s core –
Nameless here for evemore.

Suddenly my soul grew weaker; Shadow at the inter. speaker,
‘Sir,’ said I, my heart grows meeker, ‘this IS my place so I implore;
But the fact is I was halting, these hot waters from exalting
These warm waters from assaulting, threshold of the bathroom door’,
And, as I slipped into my sneaker, looked quickly down through open door; –
Shadow there, and nothing more.

Then fast asleep, lasting escape…, there’s rustling of the Phantom’s cape
That chased me – thrilled me with fantastic and covered me from pore to pore;
So that now, my heart stopped beating, through the shadow twilight fleeting
‘`Tis the Shadow now entreating and this fantasy explore.
Moaning Phantom at the window, knowing Shadow through the door;-
This is it and nothing more,’

And as the evening shades prevail, thinking of those who passed the vale,
Attentive still to Phantom’s wail, heard somewhat louder than before.
As the silence was then broken, but the Shadow gave no token
And the only words then spoken were the whispered words, ‘NO MORE!’
`Twas Phantom on my bathroom scale, wishing he was just forty-four,
Ounces that is, and nothing more.

‘There’s circumstantial evidence, I’ll be your guide in dream or trance,
Through wiles of nature, circum-stance; you’ll tract a thread to golden ore’,
Said Phantom perched upon the scale. ‘And have you trekked this secret trail?’
Asked I, afraid the chase might fail, ‘Have you’ve been down this path before?’
‘Alone and bold I went by chance’. ‘Phantom!’ said I, ‘but that’s infernal’,
And the moment seemed eternal… ‘How deeper then, should I explore?”
Quoth the Phantom, ‘Four-two-four’.
Merely this and nothing more.

And if this blending plagiarism, seems poor labour of a mime.
That changes… looking through the prism, of vodka raspberry and lime.
For, in expanding Universe, there is no lesser of a crime,
Than at the ending of a verse, copying and pasting of a rhyme.
It could be worse! (I’m out of time)

The Phantom

272 thoughts on “Scrapbook Ninety Four…

    • Has anyone taken the time to cross reference The Phantom’s ‘Quote the Raven’ against Poe’s Quoth the Raven, and then Mr. Fenn’s poem in totc about the Raven? Just wondering if anyone is able to shed light on implied meanings. Phantom and Poe both seem troubled, while Mr. Fenn’s poem dedicated to his wife seems very peaceful. Interesting comparisons, although not able to find hints about treasure. perhaps not the intention of the phantom’s author.

    • I believe imo Poe’s ‘Raven nevermore’ is an allegorical statement about death not being reasonable. In that respect it aligns with the morbidity in ff’s memoirs. Tide and Time wait for no man. If the author is Mr. Fenn, you can bet there are clues hidden in this clever poem. If the author is someone else, perhaps there are still hints to be had. I’m looking for hints. anyone care to join me?

        • Hope you did find hints Amy. I’m looking at Eagle nesting habitats near a ski resort, and possible new HOB’s – probably a lark, but looking to solve the poem in a new way that matches a solve I’ve plotted on a map. kind of a backwards approach, but that’s what I know best. Like maps better than puzzles. What are you finding Amy?

  1. Anyone else need a “Poe Decoder Ring” like me?

    Since I’m not much of a poet I needed a wee bit of help. It’s beautifully spoken with a touch of romantic golden token. This clever piece of rhyme will take me a bit of time. Perhaps I’ll sort it out in the morning with my decoder ring. Only the Shadow knows 🙂

  2. An interesting piece I can say in the least.
    As I ponder each stanza, is this part of the blaze?
    Or just another flutterby who’s glint has caught my gaze.

    Up a mountain, down the way. Along waters course I will stay.
    Looking up I ask the sky, Now where is heavy loads and waters high?
    Below the home of Brown, it’s simple you see. Whispers a chilly breeze.

    Alas I sit alone, wondering just where he could have gone.
    Only one knows where the treasure sits in quiet repose.
    Now I am tired and my eyes are weak, Time to hit the bed and get some sleep.

    • Slurbs, after your rant for help on the 9 clues thread I was so worried that you had me dreaming Don Rumsfeld was giving you advice to calm you down. I need a break from totc voices today and that works for me since I have routine med. tests this morning. Glad you’re ok slurbs. Please figure out who this Phantom guy is and why he didn’t pick up the treasure anyway. Since ff posted it, do you think the phantom decided it was best to leave the treasure out there, or do you think ff wants the shadow to collect the bracelet and return it to him. I haven’t had time to use my poe decoder ring yet. Be mentally solid today and figure this out for the gang, ok slurbs.

      • I’m pretty sure this phantom loves the chase and i wonder if he didn’t try the bracelet on, marvel at the gold frog and leave. How strange! I think F secretly wants him to bring that bracelet to Santa Fe.

  3. Hi,

    What a treat, to be greeted by this poem in the morning. The level of skill, reminds me of the Fenn treasure youtube video by Aurora Fyfe, with the Hitler impersonator. Well done !
    I too was inspired recently
    As autumn approaches
    The gold hunt, Remains quick.
    Would you redouble efforts
    Ere, then paddle the fenn klick ?
    but as seen does notamount to much.

    Adieu, Bone Chance

  4. Either the Phantom or Fenn wrote that……

    “He” know only to Fenn, has more time on his hands then having the chest……………

    Starting to get really tired of all these creepy crawlers around here…….

  5. Crime puzzles are the hardest. Never cared for murder mysteries.

    After working on solving a rape/murder case your never the same.

    Don’t see the “beauty”……….. Hence creepy crawlers……..

    • We all have some flaw we need to work on. I’m sorry you have seen such ugliness in life. I respect your strength.

      • Will never work another rape/murder puzzle in my life.

        Seen ugliness and great beauty with humanity.

        Generally most people are good and kind hearted:)

  6. Lets not forget the ” poker hand “…….44oz… 424…… ( 44424 ) just saying…..

      • Chameleon, I try to be careful with personal info on line due to the lurkers watching blog. Nothing to do with kind, helpful regulars. If interested in collaborating on solutions we can set up a google doc with privacy settings as dal suggested. Understand?

  7. My wedding anniversary is July 4 🙂
    My bouquet was red white and blue
    I just love fireworks 🙂

  8. Information overload , too many connections to numerous ideas. Anyone else suffering from that ? 🙂

    interesting solution, please go get it and end this . If you don’t find it please share that too.

  9. All great fun adding to the Thrill of the Chase. My, there are some really creative, talented and intellectual folks in our family of chasers. I enjoy them all. But, how’s come we collectively cannot seem to solve this puzzle and find the darn chest?

    I suppose I will get the urge to give it one more go at failure yet this year before the snow seriously starts to fly. I plan to venture back to the blaze I found, but darn if that creek wasn’t flowing scary fast the last time. I am hoping that the flow has diminished as the rains have let up and last seasons snowmelt has to be at its end. Otherwise, a thorough search is hard to manage.

    So…back to the blaze …and look quickly down for me…not sure when…or what exactly it means at this point.

    • Dal, Wind, Amy, Deb, BW, Cameleon, Rick, Arkansas, Slurbs, pip, CJ, Wendy, Special, Chad, (sorry if I missed someone from this thread. not intentional): Windsurfer asked about collectively solving the puzzle. I have a specific solution that would present a unique idea w/back up research; gladly work together with a team from this blog. My concern with putting info on blog is the 100’s of lurkers who mine info w/o a care to contribute. anyone want to list their email and suggest how we do this?

      • abloom-
        You could start a Google Document and share it…everyone could make changes…additions…
        You can control who has access..

        • Dal, thanks for the Google Document idea. Not familiar with how to construct, but will figure out if others are interested. (just an ipad here w/o tech support)

          • Carolyn, there doesn’t seem to be enough interest in a collaborative effort. Windsurfer might be interested come winter time. I have a friend I can ask to search for me, but not ideal. Carolyn, what state(s) do you search?

        • Hey slurbs, I don’t need your email unless you are interested in forming a group of regulars on Dal’s blog to work collaboratively on solving clues in the poem. Although, many are great about sharing helpful info as is now.

          • Carolyn, thanks for your response. However, no one else was interested in a collaborative effort. Additionally, my personal security was breached and so I will no longer be signing in under my current name. Best wishes to you in your search.

    • To the Author of ‘The Phantom’: You could go toe to toe with Poe. Well done, and let’s hope all will be well with a collective group solving Mr. Fenn’s poem. Would you care to join our group phantom?

    • pieces of 9 – I’m middle aged and enjoy Coldplay or folk rock hits from the 60/70’s. translation please -on the pearl jam.

  10. Dear Phantom, I ran your poem through a plagiarism detection software and it says you have 100% originality so be proud of yourself for this masterpiece!

    “Four-two-four” 🙂

    Soccer formation (I used to play a game or two in college)
    4–2–4 needs a high level of tactical awareness, as having only two midfielders could lead to defensive problems

    • Hmmm? I love soccer but I do prefer the term – football 🙂
      4-2-4 is not that common nowadays.
      Most commonly employed is 4-4-2 with one or two midfielders making forward runs (a pseudo 4-3-3 if you will), but maybe we should harken back to the times of W-M formation.
      Now that rings a bell 😉

  11. Edgar Allen Poe lived in Philadelphia from 38′ to 44′. He was a frequent visitor of “The General Wayne Inn” in the suburbs of Philadelphia. Some say that he wrote “The Raven” there. General Wayne was big around the tip of Delaware County where I think there might be a clue. There is also Wayne PA, which Valley Forge Military academy is, which is the school in which “The catcher and the rye” is located…..
    Maybe another clue that Philadelphia has to do with something with this chase??

  12. Forrest was a pilot seems some of that would have gone into the chase. I fly myself but solo never with passengers. The collective mind on the blog here is very powerful. A lot of info to be gleaned. Smart searchers here. Thanks for the blog Dal.

    • Search the west, et al. – anyone interested on a collaborative effort to solving the poem w/in a sm group format, if state search areas are compatible? Dal’s bloggers are great about sharing info already… no doubt a result of his outstanding ability to moderate. Thanks Dal.

  13. Butterfly flutterby – Let me think?

    Lot’s of Butterflies at the Botanic Gardens i would guess.

    But i used to flutterby butterflies on my way to ski. They are my favorites because they seem so out of place. I doubt many people even notice them. They are on the historic Butterfly Barn and if my memory serves me (lately it doesn’t much) the barn was owned by Pat Mantle.

    Long day at work; I’ve done it tired and now … How about all of those 4’s??

  14. Butterflies in my stomach – An awesome feeling when someone you care about looks at you, stares at you or complements you; and you don’t know what to do in that moment, except feel happy??

  15. I understand. I will be making another trip soon. This time with even more confidence…

    • intercom, interstellar network, interwebs, inter dimensional time warp.. I realize it upsets the meter and all, but 🙂

    • You could say: Poetic license

      I prefer: ‘Phone’ ethic lie sense 😉

      Does that answer your question?

      • Phantom,
        Hey, it’s ME. I understand your reference to the 424, but ‘Phone’ ethic lie sense is harder to figure out. Guess I’m just trying to make another connection.

        • Yes you do, so don’t 🙂

          It’s just connections (albeit strrange) that sometime I do:

          Inter.=Interphone – Phone – Phonetic – Poetic license

          You can call it “being lazy”… I do 😉

  16. Now your arrogance is showing of verse, some think he was a fraud. No books, or written proof, best bed left to wife, nothing else? Yet, his tomb showed him as a merchant, until changed later. Let the conflict begin. Nothing is what is seems.

    • Thanks for posting…I read Poe at 8, its what my parents had in their simple library. Old volumes with scary pictures of the classics. Shakespeare, was a tortured soul. They all were in my opinion. Artist of the day like Hemingway. (not so much)

      They drank to much, but saw life differently.

      Grew up with them…before phones. I think we all could learn from their anguish and brilliance.

    • Do you regular bloggers know if Forrest Fenn will meet with searchers for coffee in Santa Fe; or if it’s okay to email him when you’re in town. Passing through this fall, would like to shake hands, say thanks for the adventure.

        • My feelings would be so hurt, if this were true. I thought maybe boundaries had been set . I know, feelings are a dime a dozen….try to understand…..and get over it!! Life goes on.

        • Dal, thank you for responding, and for such a outstanding forum where searchers may exchange ideas.

    • Many of the authors he talks about and quotes were called frauds or lacked any traceable background. Still trying to figure out what he is hinting at . 🙂

      • He talks about the blaze. Holding the beliefs not recognized for the effort. Yet, leaders are left to dwell. A dream of a rainbow came, to fight until the end.

        Goodnight all. Tomorrow will be seven.

        • Duane had to finish his search early due to someone putting a green laser on him. I don’t know why someone there would do that . I guess they
          may wonder what in world is this crazy guy doing he’s walking all over the place and back and forth.
          Hoping the other fellow is not dangerous:(

  17. It’s rather easy writing verse,
    When I have nothing worth to tell,
    By stringing words, shallow and terse,
    Then make them ringing at the tail.
    (this is it, I have to bail)

    The Phantom

    • {} shallow and terse benefit no one, albeit clever. The same with sarcastic wit – which only inflates the witty one – as the cutting humor deals death blows deflating others. Mr. Fenn rightfully encourages all to understand root meanings. I learned the word sarcasm has the same root as sarcophagus or death many years ago and am no longer sarcastic to others because that knoledge holds me accountable.

      Perhaps if you are bored with shallow and terse a fresh exercise would be writing for children who’s maturation level requires a sense of reality and fun. Almost like Mr. Fenns TC poem which cleverly hides layers of depth, meaning, cardinals, and coordinates…but is harmless and fun for all who read it. Something different to try.. Open up your }*{ wings and fly a bit Phantom.

        • Mark J – thanks for the consonant correction sarx is the root of sarcasm and sarcophagus. I always understood the root to mean “flesh eating” which IMO is the equivalent of death. Not losing site of the forest thru the trees I’m reminded sarcasm doesn’t build on relationships – that’s all. Back to poem mining. Looking for coordinates hidden and an alternate form of Blaze. How goes your quest Mark?

          • Yes, it is flesh eating because the limestone helps dissolve the flesh. You should already be dead at that point 🙂

            The quest is halted for me as I do not have the means to test my solution. So I wait. Or as it would be in greek, hupomoné.

          • I like what you said about sarcasm it’s true. Never been a commenter here at Dals blog. I think Forrest would probably enjoy meeting a searcher, of course I don’t speak for him but you might try emailing. Do you really think f would put coordinates in his poem? I hear others say this but how…doesn’t make sense to me.

            Sally m.

          • Sally m. It’s possible imo thatcoordinates are cleverly hidden in the poem in differring formats. If my theory is correct, there may be geocodes and a different longitude format. I would prefer not to say more, as I noticed when searchers attempted to form collaborative groups, there’s little interest. Apparently, folks prefer to solve and test their own theories, which is simpler in the end. Hopefully, the sharing will be apparent when the tc is found and caring for others is manifested.

          • Mark J. I’m familiar with hupomene in its NT Biblical connotation: cheerful, patient endurance of any situation shines like a candle in the darkness. TTOTC is easily endured compared with life’s trials -Renelle Jacobson

        • Ha Mark J! modern meaning of hupomone with my kids translates “chill” and with my spouse “get a grip hon”

          good luck on chilling, and smile!

    • @Justin – as an aging adult with out the guarantee of good health I’ve taken a different look at time… As expressed in the flowing poem. Perhaps Love and memories live on. I’m looking at a unique solution to Forrest’s poem which considers those factors.

      Time is
      By Henry Van Dyke

      Time is
      Too Slow for those who Wait,
      Too Swift for those who Fear,
      Too Long for those who Grieve,
      Too Short for those who Rejoice;
      But for those who Love,
      Time is not.

  18. For anyone on the chase who appreciates the timeless qualities that identify all great art including the Taos plein air painters which Forrest Fenn collected, I highly recommend an Oscar nominated documentary: “Tim’s Vermeer”

    Extremely interesting doc. which explores the technology of creating light infused paintings of Dutch master Vermeer. Learning to appreciate ff’s passion for art and antiquities opens the mind to possible solutions to the poem, imo.

    • @ illinoisghost – I’ll pray for your father’s surgery on the 9th. Hopefully, all will go well. Fathers are so important, pouring equal measures of wisdom and love into kids, grandkids.

    • illinoisghost – I, for one, believe you. The reasons I believe you will blow you away. I’m an old Illinois boy myself (Freeport). Would love to chat sometime, although I’m sure you are reveling in ecstasy at the moment.

    • Illinois you the man. Phantom whoever you are your having too much fun. Torturing us with your secret knolege.

    • Hey Illinioisghost – i know you are busy today but would like to chat when you have a chance – before your upcoming trip would be best. Let’s just say I know your secret (and have no thoughts of spoiling it, believe me). Had to check for myself, though, and this morning confirmed it. Have pictures to prove it.

      If you would like to connect, we can connect through Fenn, perhaps, or other ways you might have in mind. I’ll be home tomorrow.

      Nothing but positive sentiments for you here.

        • So then you think it’s still there? I don’t.

          ttotc is an anagram, if you can work that out.

          The word that comes to mind for me is “copied”. I’ve never been completely sure about that, though.

          No disrespect intended, but perhaps I am addressing this to the wrong person. I really would like to talk with The Phantom.

          • I don’t have it, I just know we’re to get it, and yes I believe it’s still there. If you had 2mil. You would not waiste your time on here anymore. Fenn will know when it’s gone, he can’t say how because it’s too big of a clue

      • Forrest knowing the treasures is gone. Now this I want to hear more about. What mechanism do you think he would use?

        • illinoisghost – you are a mystery to me. It’s hard to know to take your words literally or interpret them as clues – much like Fenn. If you have the chest in hand then you owe it to the rest of us to let us know so we avoid making unnecessary trips. How about it? Be clear.

          • If I had it I would post it with photo proof, not to brag about it but to do just the thing you said. I would not want others spending money they did not need to. I do believe I have solved the poem and hope to recover soon. I am not made of money either and these trips take time and planning. I was making trips back and forth solving the poem one line at a time. The poem does refer to a exact location and fenn did give the coordinates of the location, but understanding the poem line for line is tricky. Each time I find what I was looking for it points me to a new location. The poem does take you there but many clues in the stories change the way you have to search, such as fenns statements to after midnight and his story of taking off his watch in a coton field and throwing it and his father sitting on the shelf of patience. Believe it or not I overlooked the obvious location, even though I have searched it I now know what I did wrong and I am 100 percent positive it’s there, just need to get back again. I have tried to count the clues fenn left behind and it’s well over 100, when it’s recovered you will see and understand. Planning my last trip now, this one will be my fastest yet. It really is simple, it just took time to understand fenns way of thinking. He worded the poem in way that I tells three stories at the same time” his, the dead, and fiction”

          • Hi Illinois, I’m a child of Chicago myself, but spent every summer on grandpa’s farm in Lincoln, Il. I have a Q about your … “his, the dead, and fiction.” …. does it align with: the past (the dead), the present (his), and future (the fiction)? Thanks. (I miss those evenings catching lightening bugs in a mason jar… kids in CA don’t have that.)

          • Illinoisghost – ok, I’ll bite. Can you tell us the name of the fictional story, or give hints to us hungry fish? And you say it gives the location of ff’s treasure? Seems like Forrest would have linked to poem(s) rather than one fictional story, unless funny books, comic strips that he hinted around.

          • Ok. Thanks. Then my solve is off base. Good luck. When do you think you’ll be able to make the trip? That must be killing you. Hope your dad is Ok, will he be going with you?

          • Ya he’s doing good, up and walking again. Plan to return soon, working on a contract deal with that polish production company to film it for a documentary.
            Hoping they can make it here before it gets to much colder.

          • I hear you and thank you very much for the commentary. I know what you mean about making trips back and forth and solving lines of the poem/book clues one at a time. He is one tricky fellow. I wasn’t sure if it was you, Fenn or someone else altogether that was the Phantom. I’m guessing now it is Fenn. Do you concur?

            Best of luck in all your endeavors and thanks again for your response.

          • I believe fenn his hinting toward a specific searcher he knows is very close, I myself noticed fenns post always come within three days of my search post and tend to throw my own words back at me.

          • That’s all very interesting. So many ways to interpret his words – does anyone really know for sure?

            I suppose then he is also posting as {}? It fits his style, that’s for sure.

          • Illinois – Cotton is spelt with two tt’s. I had overlooked that minor detail. Thanks for pointing it out. Someone around the blog mentioned olives and martini glasses. I remember a story about disliking Margaritas, where are these other stories posted?

          • Sorry typing on an iPad and don’t always look to see what the speed check is doing. There are many stories like the cotton story. For instance fenn pulls off the road and walks into a large cotton field”looks like snow” throws his watch”time” and rips up a small calendar out of his walet” month of year”

            Winter time

            But don’t forget the end of that statement like I did. “Never again”

          • Its not a perfect fit, but THE BEAR by Faulkner immediately came to mind when I read your post… I read it over 50 years ago & was my first understanding of sthe ymbolism of compass’s and watches in literature. Can’t wait for you to make your trip, then explain your reasoning to us. For some of us, understanding the Why & How, is as good as being there. Thanks & good luck.

          • Illinois, thanks for pointing out “the genius of nicolai fechin” I’ve read 3 of Forrest’s books and looked briefly at “teepee smoke”. I see there are hints even in his Fechin book.

          • Out of curiosity, would you be willing to give your rough location – either which state or which direction from a central location, say, Old Faithful in Yellowstone – north, south, east or west? Or any other way of letting us know whether our search area is the same without giving away much of anything.

          • Illinois, I think Forrest posts many peoples words back at them. Its even better when he can combine them in such a way as to make more than one searcher think he is talking to them. Thats been my experience and many other searchers who I have come to know.

            Its great when you totally believe its all your game, not so much when you find out others are also being played on the same playing field. I see lots of this going on with his stories.

            Good luck on your search!

          • @deb, you’re spot on. I’ve used uncommon words in my emails to Fenn and have seen them appear in his SB entries. Remember how strange the “deep thinking treasure searcher” wording was? That was a dead give away.

          • I would really like to say more but I just can’t, I don’t want to talk myself out of the treasure and I can’t keep up with the 200+ emails a day. I do still have to return again. I will provide information to all when the time comes, however i may not be able to reveal the location until after I have spoken with ff. I believe I have to return it to ff first to make the find legally mine , so the state can not take a claim to it. It’s kinda like returning a wallet the state can’t take what does not legally belong to them.

          • I find it curious that Mr. confident from Illinois does not seem so confident as to offer even the state in which he is targeting. For all…here is a big secret so listen good. My latest attempts at failure have been in Colorado. Ooooohhh, oohh,…now you all know where I have been..oh darn the secret is out and you will now all be rushing to my spot. What a joke.

            Not trying to be rude, just find it amusing. I do wish Mr. Illinois all the best of luck to bring this quest to a peaceful end and the rest of the chasers as well.

          • My location exist in two location, one being Yellowstone and the other being New Mexico. That’s why I post new Yellowstone on my travel post. If you have done the correct research and are on the right path you will understand the meaning of this.
            That’s the reason for many of the stories in ttotc and why you need to find the literature ff is referring to. The poem and the stories and the literature help you to determine which location the chest is in. Everything I have found,read,researched all points to a specific spot. But all and all the chest is in New Mexico. One place shadows the other.

          • Deb and others, You have said what others have been chompin’ to say…It is really interesting to stay in the back and watch the waters rise and recede. I always wish everyone the best of luck, and hope safety comes first. ROCK ON searchers !

    • Deb

      I agree with u even some of my thoughts and ideas have showed up here.
      It’s to get us to Chasing 🙂

  19. Oh Phantom, MY PHANTOM! Has your fearful trip
    Been done?
    Has your ship weather’d every rack, has the prize you sought been won?

    • These questions need an answer, I need my ink and quill,
      This feather better heed my charm, my impulse… if you will.

      • Yes, I’m just trying to figure out the NAME of the nameless canyon. Everything else seems too good to be true. I might just have to go take a look tomorrow.

        • I believe that I’ve neen in said canyon before, a time or two even. What would you like to know about it (other than the name)?

          • Inthechaseto, shute that info had me awake all night thinking i could find eagles but not golden eagle coins. ff knows every nook, cranny, crag of mountain, saddle of mountain, trails, canyons, domestic settings, sandy beach and then some in that Yellowstone region! soo out of my league but what a ride with a smile on my face. Guess I’ll stick too the plan, with my solve more complete by the day. westexpansion timeline overlaid w/sharp sloane, russel, explorers, painters, mappers from east; pioneers via southern santa fe trail near fenn’s home and then there’s the north route to consider too. Guess I’m complicating it again with research.

  20. Mr. Fantom,
    I enjoy your work. It makes me want share a quote from Adams called Still Learning. I can’t find a direct link, but I have a picture. I’ll try and send the picture to dal and see if he can share it with everyone…it’s such a nice read and an ode to you! I hope you can share Dal 😉

  21. My first impression from your poem was Red Cliff, Colorado. Because you mentioned Meeker and hinted at eagle. Red Cliff recently bought the old mine at Gilmore and plans a ski resort there. I know it is off highway 24, and on the eagle river. So I am guessing that 424 is a side road. Am I warm or cold?

  22. Well , THAT is awesomely hilarious!! 🙂 love it simply! Hey! someone spoke of only seeing what we want? I was on the train from Sacramento ,Ca. and saw on top of a mountain in Colorado, by a dam, a man staring up at the sky just like the guy in pic of woodsman! And it was also a W, or does that make it 2 U’s? or the 2 horse shoes? ….Is it reeeeaaaalllly in Colorado???

  23. O phantom shadow tellaporter did they catch you? Did they put you in a bell. I WILL free you ventriloquist who rings from yore.

  24. Hark!
    Who’s voice is that I hear?
    Nary a whisper
    Upon my ear
    Is it the Phantom?
    The Shadow?
    The Joker?
    No, wait!
    Rod Serling?


    • Sorry, cannot do that right now

      II’d like to remain anon for a while, and told f that my identity will be our secret (just to prove his theory wrong, I’m intent to keep it that way).

      Anyway, it seems that he’s a little more talkative than me 😉 … and, he counted wrong… it was two days 😛

  25. if and when the chest is discovered, it would be nice if a solve book were published with photographs of the chest contents along with other searchers stories. I would buy it.

  26. Phantom or Shadow-
    Which one of you will surcease your quest to the chest?
    I used to dream like that when I was…Jung.
    I read the poem 4,367 times before thinking I might understand…if I am wrong at least now I know more about Diddley.

    Very, very creative.

    I understand you will give No More!
    (Time is near, if you’re sure)

    At first I thought you were worried about Old Shadows double omegas.

    • Sorry I was cryptic again. Here is what I was getting at for Phantoms poem: I mentioned Jung, this is in reference to a shadow as the part of the unconscious which we choose not to see or ignore. (Kinda like me not realizing how stupid my post are till I read them a day later…I like to think it was my shadow that wrote them.) Google… Jung and shadow.
      Attached is a link to a good read on rhythm:

      The Rhythm that Conquered the World, What Makes “Good” rhythm Good? By Godfried T. Toussaint.

      Hope this is a good enough reference for legality.
      Within this writing you will see the words pigions, rhythm, time, scale, inter, Shadow and Bo Diddley with a good explanation of 4-2-4 and its shadow 44 on a 16 point clock rotation. Also why I used the number 4,367 (if you noticed I left one more option for myself since I might be wrong in my assumptions.
      I’m not sure if this is what Phantom was referring to in his poem but it made me think about pigeons.
      I have to go but I will tell you my exact thoughts on the double omegas with no cryptic messages in the near future.

      • Forrest responds-

        I agree that you are in an ideal location from which to search for the treasure. I have received 4,526 emails, many of them similar to yours. It is not feasible for me to give feedback and be fair to everyone. There is lots of feedback on my web site if you want to follow what other people are doing. I am glad you are in the chase with your friends. I will give you an important clue, no need to look for the treasure in a place where a 79 or 80 year old man couldn’t go with a 44 pound treasure chest full of gold and precious gems. Good luck. f

      • Safety Joe – thanks for the link to Phantom, Shadow rhythm, 4-2-4, Bo-diddly etc. An interesting read on a universally enjoyed rhythm. My background in music is zip, but the article was comprehensible. Must say, I’m more confused now than ever about the Phantom’s poem and meaning as it relates to the chase, or what it relates to.

  27. Pitch black in the middle of the night unable to see my nose in front of me. A circle indians in the middle Gypsies dancing around the periphery. A crescent moon graveyard broken pies. Oily black black car in the middle 2 trees on either side or men 2 alligators on either side. Fried pineapple pies 2 for a nickel.

    After midnight, with George’s words fresh on my mind, I drove to Mummy Cave. The night was so black that the snow-covered ground offered little moderation.

    On a cold, moonless night about 3:00, I stole out of my bedroom window, jumped in the Bullet, and drove out highway 53. My mind was made up and nothing could stop me. No one was around so I stopped on the bridge and looked down. I couldn’t see the water but I knew it was down there somewhere.

    Anyone else have gold fever? I’ve got turrets and this fantom is enervating me.

  28. Heading out with Dottie this weekend into the Rockies again. Maybe my caged beast can help me find where the chest may be scented in. Robin Williams recently passed as did Joanne Rivers. I did not care for Rivers’ voice nor humour. Either way, I expect to be star-crossed or starry-eyed. Which is it? Hmmm, I know….

    • slurbs –

      I would appreciate it if you would keep you opinions about Joan Rivers – whose name you cannot even spell correctly to yourself. I knew her and she was one of the most generous people. She paid for all of her staffs college educations and she did so much more that people will never know.

      I do hope you have a nice hunt.

      • What I meant to say – was she paid for all of her staffs “children’s” college educations.

      • ITC, I never have my opinion about J. Rivers. She very well may have been a wonderful person. She made many a person laugh. Like f,I proved that one can misspell and still have people understand you. Thank you for verifying that point. We all have our flaws, imo. I never gave an opinion about Rivers flaws, imo or otherwise. It was not a flaw of hers that she could not make me laugh as Robin Williams had. If it were a lack of skill, that would be a skill a great many lack. I on that hand am not lacking (I can make myself laugh without even moving my lips). Back to the subject at hand… I believe that I may cross paths with a star may or may not put a smile upon my face. Will I be resplendent with joyful laughter or will I be experiencing will I be forced to plate the same old crow dish again?
        Thank you to the good luck well wishers. This will likely be my last hunt this season.

  29. In this deafening silence of the days gone by I’m not sure who I miss more, the Phantom and his Shadow or Forrest? Either one makes my day by any good measure.

    Well, I’d better go take my final exam if I want to be taken seriously.

    • jdiggins – read ff’s new story. I hope you are and 8 year old sleeping with your daisy air gun. insomnia is for stressed out adults. My spouse always says clean conscience like kids have makes for a good night sleep. You’ll like Forrests story.

  30. Well, I hadn’t read Poe’s THE RAVEN since grade school, and SB 94 said nothing to me about the hunt, so I wondered: …IF Mr. Fenn wrote it, maybe he was directing me to read Poe’s poem. So I did.

    Not being a literature or poetry buff, nor having a honed understanding of such, this may be heresy: I read Poe’s RAVEN and here’s what I took … Lost Lenore is a trifling flattery of the narrator’s interest. He asks, then ego-centrically or delusionally assumes the Raven is answering his questions.

    I think the Raven is speaking for Pallas, and ithe real message is falling on the narrator’s deaf ears. (Not ‘listening good’).

    Pallas was a Triton god of warfare. He/She was also a sister or brother to Athena, and killed by Athena. The Raven is saying: War NeverMore. I think maybe that fits Mr. Fenns message more.

    Poe could have perched that bird on a bust of Adonis or someone more appropriate if were a lost-love tale.

  31. Illinoisghost….no room left to post on correct thread buuut are you, by chance, referring to/promoting “the codex” by Doug Preston? With the white city? Or are you talking about an illustration in the other book?

  32. @ search the west – olives are mentioned in totc story about ‘John Charles whatever’ and then Forrest placed his 10,000 word autobiography inside of a glass olive jar. Eons ago, olives were hinted around on a sb w/respect to a CA Olive Festival and John C. Fremont, a famous explorer, trail blazer and map maker. Fremont County Wyo near the Winds and Thermopolis would be my best location guess if you’re researching (not far from Lander, and Sinks Canyon). Hope that helps you. Enjoy your evening.

    • Thank you lia. I knew about the wax covered jar, but must have skipped over that John Charles bit. I’ll have another look. Thanks

      • I think and I think and I think so much,
        That I think
        That I thought
        that I think
        …I forgot.

        Btw, auto bio in olive jar is 20 K words.

  33. @ Goofy – mwaah! A pat on the head for your golden retriever who miraculously retreived my settings on the blog!! Many thanks Goofy, tails are waggin ‘)’

  34. Hi deb,

    The latest post from you….” I think Forrest posts many peoples words back at them. Its even better when he can combine them in such a way as to make more than one searcher think he is talking to them. Thats been my experience and many other searchers who I have come to know.

    Its great when you totally believe its all your game, not so much when you find out others are also being played on the same playing field. I see lots of this going on with his stories.”…..

    is one of the most revealing posts that I have read in a very long time. Thank you so much for sharing this.

    Here is my own example of this. In some recent posts from Mr. Fenn, he has mentioned the word “wind” or “windy”…most recently in the Asphalt Art story. In the same story he mentions the wind while crossing San Mateo street in SF. OOOOhhhh… name is Matthew!!!! Means nothing but a tease to me…all in fun of course. In prior posts he suggests landing on a golf course and the wind again. Mr. Fenn knows I am an avid golfer…so ooooooohhhhh! From all this…I must be close to the treasure and Mr. Fenn and I are in this together now. Forewarning to all.. I went down this path over a year ago and it only led to trouble between myself and Mr. Fenn. It was not pleasant.

    C’mon folks. Mr Fenn is having fun and he keeps us in the game. When you have the TC in your hands, then you can worry about what to do next. Hopefully, you will let the rest of us know.

    I believe Mr. Fenn when he states that he has thought about everything…that includes any of the legal mumbo jumbo…even if he has passed before the TC is found. So….if you have a spot that may conflict with this….you may want to think some more before purchasing a plane ticket. But….keep the following in mind…

    ….you may need to search even a National Park to find an “in the wood” clue leading to the TC….that is not in the Park…to a place where the legal mumbo jumbo is not an issue. Many options here, so keep an open and humble mind in it all. Humility is Mr. Fenn’s greatest lesson in the Chase. The sooner you learn it, the better your chances will be.

    • Windsurfer speaks the truth: I’ve lurked, I’ve been on the blogs, I’ve searched, I’ve had words regurgitated, I’ve had the right type of solve, I’ve failed at finding the treasure 7 or 8 times, I thought I was the bass for a day. I’ve been poked fun of. A thick hide and sense of humor will keep you in the poker game. TOTC is a blast, but it’s not for sissy’s or old biddies.

      I am completely humble when it comes to believing I am capable of finding anything more than adventure and providing folks on the blog a few good laughs at my attempts. By the way, it always feels like I’m being watched when searching. I like to think it’s protective }*{angels}*{ watching over me.

      • 42, You are…
        being watched ,that is
        Just kidding ! I recall on one of my searches getting that feeling. When I looked up above me there was a man and his two sons studying me and my rooting around in a small creek up to my waste. The man inquired if I found it. I said “Found what? I was just checking out how deep and cold the water was” The boys laughed and they ambled away.

    • Hey Windsurfer – if you’re out there lurking… I miss you, your on-line friendship, and ttotc content! BTW, I finally found one thing ff didn’t think of. I can’t say what it is, but you’d be proud of me. I may never find his gold, but I do belong at the poker table, and believe that sly silver fox appreciates the ones who think and play his game well.

    • Wolf,

      If you care I read your Tin Soldier deal and the Raven, I’m pretty sure you are close very close, but not in that area , but in your reference I have a meaning you have not considered…..


  35. My son can be forgetful. One summer when he was still a teen, he came to the forest to help us with hard labor as my husbands back is shot ( way worse now after 12 searches, but I digress). To remedy this forgetfulness, my husband got a piece of wire, a sharpy, and a small metal clipboard with paper and rigged it all together into the now infamous dumba** necklace. 🙂
    I need to bring it along next time, and on it will be: “four- two- four, and nothing more!”
    Geez, if only I’d have thought of this month’s ago! 🙂
    Thanks phantom.

  36. Sorry about the random post folks. I just go back over things as often as I can, and it tends to help stir fresh thought. 🙂

  37. I’ve enjoyed rereading this poem. I believe many have stayed up late with their nose to the book and maps trying to understand the poem. Well done, Phantom.

  38. Are You still around bracket man {}, ANON, phantom?
    Funny, was looking at things and Minerva anagrams to I’m raven, among other things. Is the raven the bird that holds your secrets? Have you any more odes for us?

    • I’m glad you revisited this scrapbook, Jdiggins. It appears Phantom hasn’t posted in quite some time. I wonder if it was the Shadow seen under the door that called to them once more. Almost can hear the flapping cape as they left. It’s too bad. I’ve enjoyed reading Phantom’s comments. I went back and reread yours and I thought they were great. Many made me smile. 🙂 There’s been searchers who have come and gone and I miss their comments, too.

      • I love to revisit forests writings. I can’t imagine what it would be like now to join the chase as opposed to having had the benefit of reading them hot off the press. But I wonder, is one way better than another? When I do revisit, I realize how much I had forgotten. There is information galore here on Dal’s super awesome site!

        • Jdiggins and PDenver, (and Focused too), you two have been among the kindest bloggers I’ve experienced in the chase. Thank you for setting such a great example!

          Now, let’s recover that chest!

          • Iveflownhome, thank you, you are very kind to lump me in with pdenver and focused! Proud to have that honor!

          • IveFlownHone,
            Your welcome and thank you for placing me amongst such kind searchers as pdenver and jdiggins… it’s an honor in itself to not only call them as kind searchers but as kind friends also….
            Have a great day today and remember to enjoy the little things as you go about it…… until next time… see ya I’veFlownHone

        • Hello Jdiggins. I think the only difference between the two is when we saw new scrapbooks, etc. from Mr. Fenn appear on Dal’s blog and how we all got excited to see what story he had to tell. I keep hoping we’ll read another. I know I need to go back and reread and listen to his words again, too. I love Dal’s site. I enjoy discussing things with the searchers here, as well as, the information easily found in an organized manner on Dal’s blog.

        • Rereading to much at once might cause Fenn overload. It’s a dsmv.09er prognosis about knowing to much about nothing in particular unknown, yet not known, to those wishing to know, ya know. Corrected with a paint brush or circle meeting of like minded absentminded.

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