Asphalt Art…

by forrest fenn

Many of the objects in my collection are significant in a very small depiction of world history. Most are more interesting than they are important. Nevertheless, it is necessary for me to remember that each piece represents who we once were in a time that used to be, and that I will never be anything more than its temporary custodian. 



truck2Not everyone is blessed with an eye for what’s good in modern art. Being one so chosen keeps me always in the hunt. I acquired “Coca” on a windy day in March, 1974, while crossing San Mateo Street in Santa Fe. There came a strange rattling sound and I quickly looked to see a truck tire add the final touches to Coca’s composition.




At that instant I fully understood the seductive charm of abstract art, and realized the genius of how some of it was produced. Our gallery director thought my mind was circling the drain with what he rudely called “That road kill plein air sculpture.”

My asphalt art collection is created in the tiny world of its immediate surroundings and has no loyalty to any maker. But it must adhere to certain architectural and aesthetic parameters related to a hanging loop and full body endowment.

Since that initial acquisition, forty-years ago, my collection has expanded to four masterworks. The mayor wants to give me an award for cleaning “litter” from our city streets. He just doesn’t have the eye so I probably won’t display it at city hall. But who cares, the curator at the Museum of Modern Art in Washington thinks I’m a genius.


“Libation”, “Nada” and “Awe”

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    • only the shadow knows…..but seriously, that’s as good or better than any Warhol “Art” I’ve seen and as ingeniously thought out….he’s always said he was the best at collecting and I want to know where he’s hiding the Blatz bottle and all those tiny grapette bottles? But seriously, I have a most significant collection-of-one, that’s just simply one, plein air sculpture which, though seldom seen and seen by few indeed, puts to shame all claims of others that would be exquisite or in the field of exquisiteness. And though I may brag, I do not jest that I have a treasure carved, unlike any other, out of the universe and about whose parting-with has me baffled…..inasmuch as I have no way to know who should inherit my collection-of-one when I must go?

      • m.-
        I am very curious about your collection-of-one. I’m wondering if it could be the piece I was told I should seek.

      • m…. Very Eloquently said and understood. I sure like the Asphalt art it reminds me of places and things I passed up because I didn’t take the time to see the art. As specialklr stated Who would know.The next time I see it I will know the value of modern art. LOL I don’t get the chance to see it very often.To many collectors.

  1. Some of the art I see on RR trains that go by me where I live is pretty amazing.

    They must spend hours painting and being paranoid at the same time.

    Pretty tricky to deal with if you ask me:)

  2. Love it!
    But is that a 1969 Ford Bronco on 32’s ? The window is not as curved as the F100 … Unless the pic was crunched

  3. Recycling one aluminum can saves enough energy to run a 100 watt light bulb for 20 hours, a computer for 3 hours, and a TV for 2 hours.

    And we have here (4) four cans. Wow! 😉

  4. As a pop can collector in my youth, I didn’t recall the use of the pull tabs so early on your very odd pop can collection article. So I decided to look up when it was first used to be the first here to put some crazy notion of a clue into your story telling.

    It seems that a man named Omar Brown was partial inventor in the first pop tab that stayed on the can in the 80s. Well after the 1974 date of your find.

    Which leads me to believe you, Mr. Fenn, want us to realize that you are the inventor of the first Back to the Future pick um up truck which took you from 1974, to 1980 just to get a sip of some Coke a Cola.

    Or, I maybe wrong.

  5. Fenn, you wouldn’t be kin to a fellow named Arthur Harold Beal would you?

    A house in the nearby town of Cambria is built entirely of found objects. It was built over the course of fifty years and is an exceptional example of folk art. The builder was the eccentric Cambria garbage collector and junk hauler Arthur Harold Beal, nicknamed der Tinkerpaw. The house stood vacant for nearly a decade before being purchased by Michael and Stacey O’Malley who give guided tours. They have a sign hanging in front of the building stating the time of the next tour or you can call to make an appointment. The tours last about 45 minutes and are a complete walk through of the house and the grounds led by someone who has researched the life of Mr. Beal.

    It is aptly named Nitt Witt Ridge.

    • My wife and I love that area! We got married on William Randolph Hurst beach. Our reception was in Cambria. Beautiful little town! One of the cemeteries is very interesting! We found several burial sites that had rocks with concrete patties spread over them or pieces of old fence panels with knife engravings saying “unknown”. We used to go there for at least a few days every year. Until I caught the Fenn fever. Now it’s Rocky mountain trips!

      • We go over to Cambria regularly to eat and let my wife get her antique shopping fix. I think I know of the cemetery you’re talking about, it’s been a long time since I’ve been there. The entrance is across the street from my favorite pizza/burger joint at the end of old town.

  6. One hundred cans of beer on the wall…one hundred cans of beer. Take one down…flatten it sound…
    it becomes art…just where it’s found…

    • One hundred cans of beer on the wall. Take one down…pass it around. Put it back…still one hundred cans of beer on the wall.

  7. Nice idea for art. Still thinking about the story and dates of tabs?
    I remember the older pull tabs. Used to break apart the tab from the ring. Place a notch of the ring into the tab. Bend the tab, then let go of the ring. The recoil of the tab would make the ring sail through the air a good distance.
    If you are looking to add to your collection, I think I have an old “asphalt art” flattened MOXIE can. Haven’t named it. Sort of speaks for itself. 🙂

  8. Coca, Libation, Nada and Awe
    Coca is a plant
    Libation is The pouring of a liquid offering as a religious ritual
    Nada is empty or nothing
    Awe to influence or restrain by awe

  9. “The aspects of a thing that are most important to us are hidden to us because of their simplicity and familiarity.” —Ludwig Wittgenstein

  10. if anyone suggests this coke can is circa 2000, i will be deeply offended

    Forrest is a man of honor respect and dignity and would never mislead us.

    obviously the careless driver of a flux capacitor powered Delorean DMC-12 threw it out the window when driving through

  11. Coca for the Pach Mama I hope she will give a good papa harvest.Only forrest knows, if not, the Inka may have to go fishing. I’d rather be fishing too…

    • i can’t prove that he’s not 🙂

      since we know there’s some fabrication going on here, maybe F is hinting, instead of the canyon down, we should be taking the canyon high, or the canyon within. or maybe we should just be drinking in all the beautiful canyon has to offer us. ok this post was all just an excuse because i forgot to subscribe …

  12. I like the way the crushed cans blaze against the black background when confronted with the camera lighting. Reminds me of a dream I had once hiking the wilderness at night with a flashlight and a sandwich.

  13. Title’s defined:
    Cocoa => brown
    Nada => zip; nothing; Russian girl =Hope
    Libation => drink offering to god or woman; alcohol; celebration
    Awe => “now I get it.” Influence by awe; wonder; sound of you burping carbonation

    maybe we’re looking for names of locally bottled beverages like: moose drool, or Buffalo Bill Beer or pumpkin ale or the bottling home of brown liquids. Or maybe… pour a rich brown liquid for a Russian bar maid who fills you with hope of finding the treasure. lol Or maybe ff knows we all got nada and are ready to down a few cold ones and watch Dal smash cans with his forehead. An awe moment!

  14. Maybe “home of Brown” is a local recycling ‘smashed can’ receptacle. Ya, right. In the middle of the wilderness 500 feet from the treasure and a state of the art sewage treatment plant. I’m thinkin Colorado sounds right.

    • I dived head first into a national park outhouse. Thinking I was supposed to put in below. I’ve never been the same since.

  15. As for the mayor, if he is not impressed clearly he misinterpreted the crushed can art form too readily.

  16. Notice how the imprint of the asphalt in the art piece gives the “mod-de-can” added texture only seen in ….Van De GOOOOO…ya da…ya da….ya.da. 🙂 🙂

    Dal, did Esmeralda run over that can?

  17. Look…it’s very clear that Coca is an Elmyr de Hory imposter. Forrest probably didn’t notice. My guess is that someone stole into the gallery and took the original masterpieces and replaced them with these four forgeries.
    Let’s not tell Forrest. We need to spare his feelings.

  18. I overthink way to many things but I can’t help but wonder if Forrest’s computer didn’t get hacked too. Hanging loop…Cocoa…AWE…etc ;). Lol. Just had to throw in a conspiracy theory!!

  19. Even cans can stand proudly knowing they are a part of your collection! Thank you for a new and wonderful perspective.

  20. I love the stories but this is a treasure hunt and I agree with my fellow searcher that our three minutes of research might not be the most accurate but I’m searching for a 10x10x5 box and the information we might have is the good stories that we are looking for the 15% irregularities of the story IMO to help find the treasure chest.

  21. Artful hint there fennie ol’ boy. I figured something as such. I have passed by a couple of flattened aluminum pieces and instead of running them over, I just left them off to the side for all to view. I mean no insult by “fennie ol’ boy” so please take no offense. Is Coke a cola brown? I dont like that I have protanopia. Rainbows still are beautiful to my eyes as are the mountains and the views they provide. Next time I go out to look at natures artwork, I think I will remember your abstract cylindrical aluminum art. I will remember how how the ends were once round and in my minds eye, make the ends perfectly round once more. Yada yada yada, blah blah blah, walk in a circle, look up, look down, walah, wonder like a woman because I will feel like a super hero! I would say that I need to stop drinking, but sad thing is that I haven’t had a libation in many a day. Maybe stuffing myself with crow is driving me delirious… either the crow or the driving, I can’t decide which. How is it that we went from $17/square inch to .17 cents per pound? My brain is rattled….

  22. Circling the drain—LOL

    Question for anyone–when did the cans change from steel to aluminum? They didn’t used to be so smashable.

    (Question for Jimmy Buffet—Does “blew out my flip flop, stepped on a pop top” mean it cut through the sandal or your bare foot? Mr. W (an expert on asphalt) and I have disagreed for years.)

  23. Note – the commonality with the many references in soda in TTOTC is that it is a brand. Brands are also used on cattle as in the one horse and cattle company. Look for a story behind a famous soda named cattle brand.
    The Wold

    • Bauxite is the ore used to make aluminum. So the question: is FF hinting at bauxite as in Quarry Bauxite Brown beer (it is not the quarry we seek but the TTOTC) or that crude aluminum marker that he tripper over in the story My War for Me?

      If the former, then is that related it the hoB?

      The Wolf

      • Did you know that a Maverick is an unbranded cow? Some guy in Texas refused to brand his cows many years ago and so they coined it after him.

        I guess one just has to have faith in a Maverick or someone who names his publishing company after a cow and horse.

        The Wolf

    • Quarter circle XS is my family’s 5 generation cattle brand. Looks great on t-shirts and baseball caps!

  24. keep trying to tell ya’ll… what’s one man’s junk is another man’s treasure! It’s part of the solve!

  25. Mister Fenn:)

    This pop can has been written up in books. It’s just not any old pop can it’s “Cocca”.

    No having the back story really fills in the mystery why you had it nailed to your wall.

    If you where to give out a COA with “Cocca” what would you take for it?

    Can we start out the bidding at $10?



  26. Perhaps I am wrong…but I’m betting ff is LOL at all the ppl chasing the hints he’s feeding to only us, the blogosphere population. With his concern for keeping the chase fair, and on a level playing field, I’m certain the hints in his scrapbooks at least as much help as a flashlight on a jackalope hunt. Feel free to read into it as much as you like!

    • If FF puts a COA behind “Cocca” he just created wealth out of thin air.

      “Cocca” could go from $10 to $500 in a heartbeat…….

      Your name can be worth more than gold and diamonds:)

      • Seen FF tags on items done by Fenn in his gallery days.

        What normally would sell at market seems to jump 2 to 3 times higher because of his name.

        The name is associated with authenticity and very high quality.

    • Michael D – when you snare that jackalope, roll him in uranium dust and your lucky rabbit’s foot will glow straight to the hidey spot. JK 🙂 looks like a slow night on this blog.

  27. Wow this story makes me go hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!cant wait to head west soon

    • Well, at least at one point, it is to far to walk… so I am good with driving the asphalt to get there… 🙂

    • Wolf – Do you think he backed up and took a second run at the cans to add artistic character?
      “done it tired.” great laugh.

      • I laughed too when I first noticed it. FF what a sense of humour I thought, but then this question:
        anyone notice the similarities between this story and the one about Diggin Gypsy’s – Searching for Money Galore? You know the one, where FF would bet on her (if he was a gambler), the one where he used the double omega, yup that one.

        • Wolf I noticed that too. I wonder if there aren’t specific hints directed at Diggin Gypsy but available to all of us as well.

          • That title reminds me of the bond movie “Goldfinger” and those “cement mixers” plan to bomb Fort Knox – FF is a funny and clever guy

  28. Over the summer in Montana, I found some old ancient rusted Budweiser and Soda cans (the top needed a special can opener) probabably from the 1950’s era. I picked them up and although I would normally remove litter.. these seemed somewhat special for how old they were. It was too much of a beautiful place for them to be left carelessly… I left them in the rocks so others could find them. I am sure they too will have the same feeling if they understand the magnitude of the location. Its amazing what we all find and how the location can really impact your thoughts.

  29. Then you have Bob over at True West magazine who throws his art work out by the trash cans.

    Some of Bob’s works:

    Guess I just missed out on 15 trash can items worth of art.

    Think Bob is to hard on himself. When you have to read and write about top notch artists like Charles Russell and the likes all day you compare and don’t feel up to par.

    Bet someone could have taken that art work and made their rent payment and paid there bills.


  30. Coke and Sprite are great remedies for the “cold”. It is all about what your nose knows. But then, Coors is from Colorado and was introduced with the flip top can back in my teen years of the early 70’s. I prefer a bottle to a can…but GG probably likes the stein.

  31. We had a fun day. We are on the move again. Trying to get to our final spot. The treasure that is.

    • Anyway, I feel I know the Coca connection. Could it be a hint to the higher up ranch hands? I have been wrong about what clues and hints mean. Forrest in my own opinion did not give any clues out. I spoke with Al S. Today, funny older guy. We got a great picture together. Those who would like to see it email me.

  32. Wanted to mention the Jacoby piece being sold has nothing to do with the chase, or Fenn.

    Fenn bought Sitting Bull’s pipe for $100,000, it is valued over a million.

    What he did was to use a old picture of Sitting Bull with a pipe and compared the grains on that pipe. This concluded that he was buying the real pipe. Several PhDs called it brilliant a work.

    It’s brilliant and Fenn is a marketing genius.

    Don’t know if people realize Fenn’s level of detective skills The crooks can rest a little easier he’s not on a police force:)

    Not everyone here has their own Art Gallery (the best I can do is post a link)

    Not everyone here has thousands of dollars to work with or a 16 man staff staff under them.

    Anyways had a dealer contact me and a expert was being called in. Just love experts:)

    Hay if that makes a $6500 sale, great. If not it’s still funny playing with and rewriting history:)

    Oh I have a lot more of this stuff and material………..Never even thought about selling it.

    Then again I’m just a dumb old fish under a Lilly pad:)


  33. I walked into our small conference room at work today, and on the table was a crushed coke can. I wonder what it is worth?

  34. the first pop top was a pull tab ,when pulled off it looked like a tear drop.was dangerous because it could cut they had to change the pull tabs.and also went to aluminum.coca plant used to make coke ,really did have cocaine in it ,but now days the coca plant leaf is still used to make coke ,but the cocaine has been extracted out of it.coke the real thing.I’d like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony.snow white turtle doves were in the song.,now the white polar bear is the coke fenn are you saying coca will make you see rainbows in the truck picture, south America they drink coca tea and still chew coca leafs.hugo chavez chewed coca leafs I get Colorado, from the coors can .nada means nothing,A& husband made pop cans here in golden,colorado, close to coors,sassparilla is comes from the sassafras root.don’t know if these roots grow in the west.I know they do in the south.but nice work,i know you are getting at something,you sly one you are,i should call you yoda, from star wars.he was smart and a teacherof the jedi knight.I love your stories.4 stanza poems ,where the first and third can become the second and fourth in reverse or something like sure got me confused.if you know where to start,you always start at the beginning and come back like a full circle.gosh ,I wish I could figure out this poem.just when you think you get somewhere,you don’t.

  35. Very nice. You really know how to get a guy when he thinks he’s feeling kinda smart. I can assure you though, I have always thought of my work as a compliment with true intentions and respect. Maybe there was some misunderstanding.

    I learned about multiple perspectives in high school when I was about 17 so I could waste my time at 53 on other frivolous things like a treasure hunt.

    In the name of good sportsmanship though, I think I found an art collection that meets your requirements for works that are created “in the tiny world of its immediate surroundings and has no loyalty to any maker. But it must adhere to certain architectural and aesthetic parameters related to a hanging loop and full body endowment.”

    It too satisfies the argument that people really are that shallow. Enjoy!

    • Crazy family – I found this poem on the scrapbook dedicated to Mr. Fenn’s friend Renelle who embodied an indomitable spirit of joy. I believe she exuded the spirit of many who spend their time on TTOTC, and find our adventures fulfilling in many ways. Your treasure hunt will never be frivolous if spent making memories with friends or family in the great outdoors.

      She filled my house with flowers
      and I helped her look for rainbows –
      she understood so many things,
      the importance of laughter
      and that each moment is forever –
      she dreamed impossible dreams,
      smiled at strangers
      because they might be lonely
      and loved music, bells and butterflies
      I’ll think of her on sunlit days
      and see her smile
      in every flower…..

      [From the little I know of Renelle, her essence shined through. I remembered a poem from a book given to me by my Mum on my 21st many moons ago. This poem reminds me of Renelle’s inner essence,]

      Taken from ‘The Thoughts of Nanushka’ by Nat Witcomb

  36. The whole world seems like they like ink on the body , I find it to be trashy. There are a few in my family that have done this to their body they are young and i say to them when u are old that’s really going to look really bad. Read what the Bible says about it. 🙂

    • Art is self-expression. Red, yellow, black and white, they are precious in His sight…….

      When they get older and it “sags”, they will just have to deal with it.

    • I bet Native People with traditional tribal ink wouldn’t think it’s trashy. I’m personally offended by this comment. And since you brought up the Bible, I believe there’s a big section on judging others in there. Please be respectful on here!


  37. Well lets not forget about Limited Edition (LE) prints.

    This one called “Scared Ground” by Bev Doolittle is signed with 69,9996 copies on the market.

    It’s a nice piece, yet when it’s mass produced it quickly loses it’s value like printed dollars.

    The average asking price is $800. That would make 70,000 x $800 a $56,000,000 million dollar market.

    If Doolittle where to sell all 70,000 copies originally at $100 that would be $7 million.

    This type of art is really decorative art.

    Will never get why people don’t want an original authentic one of a kind painting?

    Why sink $800 into junk? Guess it’s easier selling junk and buying junk:)

    • Maybe I really need to sniff some glue. That way my IQ points will really drop.

      Then all those stupid things that people do will become real fun like:

      Driving drunk.

      Jumping off a roof.

      Beating your wife.

      Setting a gay person on fire.

      Becoming more racist and less tolerate of others.

      Then I can just go to a normal stupid dead end job…….

  38. To funny the comments on the Jacoby piece;

    It’s a modern day fabrication!

    No, under the microscope it’s not showing any modern day fabrication.

    The other piece is a fake!

    No that piece is from the US Smithsonian. Maybe they buy fakes?

    It’s not real, I’ll prove it!

    The piece has a 30 day guarantee.

    Your research is off.

    My past research recovered thousands of dollars from paintings to Civil War items from Native American to meteorites

    Keep it coming……………..people:)

    Now have an idea what Fenn must go through 🙂

    • Rick –

      Those ears look the same 🙂 I’ve got Billy the Kid’s bootjack – with the initials WB – which might go to Forrest if I ever find this thing.

  39. If you have been following the scrapbooks, you will notice that this Asphalt Art, #50 (Diggin Gypsy), #59 (chipmunk) and #94 (Raven) brings attention to this line him TTOTC:

    “We counted the antelope and ducks and chipmunks, and the many unknown furry things in the road that had been run over so flat that the ravens could hardly pick up the parts.”

    Can you recognize what it is he is hinting at? It is paramount to my solution but wondered if anyone sees the link(s) to the poem?

    The Wolf

    • Ok, there is also another link – from another story in the TTOTC to a few other scrapbooks and the most recent Jenny Kile post (bronze buffalo).

      • Bronze sold by the pound. Burgers at the Stagecoach Inn.

        Mummy Joe and sitting on some dead guy’s grave marker.

        He’s giving away pieces of the stories. Let’s see how far he’ll go.

    • @ The Wolf – question for you. what does ff’s reference to flattened road kill (antelope, ducks,chipmunks) mean? I’ve lived in antelope country most of my life – they’re the fastest most agile animal in N.America and never end up on the bumper. Never seen a ‘chipmunk crossing’ road sign, so ruled out signage. Chip & Dale antagonized Donald Duck, but I couldn’t tie in the antelope. Are they all on wolf’s dinner plate? What are your thoughts Wolf?

  40. My asphalt art collection is created in the tiny world of its immediate surroundings and has no loyalty to any maker.
    This line has me wondering if this is the description of marvel gaze. Is there something that is unique in the field or woods that sticks out among the rest.

  41. He’s good like that. Little threads here and there. I’ve literally spent thousands of hours tracking hurricane Forrest.

  42. Wolf,

    Your pretty smart:)

    Some type of pattern is catching your attention. Your solution isn’t posted for us to look at.

    Here’s one for everyone:)

    Maybe the chest has already been found packed out and the bracelet not sent back to Fenn………

    If Fenn knows they can just reach out and take it then I would imagine he should let us know that their in that type of position.

    This when he came out with a few and a dumb fish under a Lilly pad.


    • Wolf posted it on Chasechat and it’s a good read if you get time. I could do without him in a cowboy hat and bathrobe though.

      • lol Will- hey that photo is a hint to my real solution! The one my book is going to be based on, all those other stories are lead up to this one.

          • That story really helps me let go of a location I have searched. It is so much the same story but what if f. built some of these locations into the book for fun. NOT FUNNY when you are 28 feet in the air searching the Nest… Oh well great practice for the real deal. This hole chase is a master piece and I mean a Picasso CE1911… By the way there is nothing hid in the airia…. found the s-5 thing and it ties well into the goose chase– hint it has to do with death and CE8 🙂

        • I’m having to fight diagnose that just came up and fun open minded person I’m am I have no ill will to anybody. Life is short and let’s just hope not to short. Wise man said sometimes you have to close a door and start over again or something like that.

          • William, noted your info. and agree with all. as hints which lead to clues. Also planning a visit to a historic ranch as a fun side trip to look at things sloane wrote books about. Maybe I’ll find some junk and make my own art like Mr. Fenn does. I like that he has such a fun positive outlook.

    • Yes Rick many patterns have caught my attention – some logical and some circumstantial/coincidental. I have hinted at quite a few of them over the last week or so. I am organizing it all in one big story but I am curious if anyone else sees what I see, while I continue to write.
      The Wolf

    • i think Wolf has caught a legitimate pattern

      but you have to have the right area and use the right kind of maps for the proper application

      i dont think F was saying the Bass was dumb. he was saying the bass was in shallow water. hiding under the lilypad. the water was shallow …. not the fish ….

      • Chris – maybe fenn could ‘see’ the fish in the shallow water, and couldn’t figure out why the fish was missing the tc bait. just guessing. Or someone like Gypsy already has the treasure, and we are all have the brains of fish.

        • Or maybe the fish took the bait and Forrest was unaware. No feedback doesn’t mean the fish wasn’t aware. I would check GE every couple weeks. Phantom sure gets around. Just when you think he done. Pops up in another spot.

          • @ jdiggins, the bass in Mr. Fenn’s pond overhear him quoting Lewis Carroll.

            “How doth the little crocodile
            Improve his shining tail,
            And pour the waters of the Nile
            On every golden scale!

            How cheerfully he seems to grin
            How neatly spreads his claws,
            And welcomes little fishes in,
            With gently smiling jaws!”

            — Lewis Carroll

          • @ Don’tknownothing2 – what do you mean by check GE in a couple weeks to see the phantom. I’m familiar with GE and see photos posted on some locations, but not sure what you mean. ??

          • “The phantom” is the name of the train car on the old B&O railroad on Colorado. You can follow his path through that area (or a good guess at it if you look at a map it’s pretty cut and dry) forrest said it took him a day to write it but he claims two…plus he’s anonymous but then told a few who he was…seems he got Forrest’s integrity in a hot unfair mess if it’s true. Some computer dudes are claiming to have the correspondence, but I haven’t seen it with my own eyes yet so who really knows. Maybe it will surface on dals hunt!! And all will be well and no more ghosts haha

          • Don’tknownothing2 lol, my 20 returned from an old episode of Downton Abby not 20/20, just a funny way to say I’m watching TV not solving clues since my iPad is acting like it’s forgetting i took abreak to wipe it off and rid old addresses like Apple recommends before upgrading. Downtown Abby’s new season will leave the guys to solve all the clues alone, lol.

  43. Why do you suppose that is? Really that dumb? Everytime the rooster crows he forgets everything he knows. One thought at a time.

  44. On a completely different topic, Asphalt is interesting – it is a good word to look up if you are not from Canada. It should only take a few “scant” minutes.

    • Wolf-
      Just wanted to say you are throwing out a lot of good ideas to make me think. I for one believe there is a common thread throughout the Scapbooks but I just don’t seem to have the EYE (or I?) to make a complete connection.

  45. Why would Forrest reference the Museum of modern art in Washington? It was sold in 1968 to Oklahoma City Museum of Art for $110,000.

  46. “I CAN keep my secret where…

    “My asphalt art “can”collection is created in the tiny world of its immediate surroundings and has no loyalty to any maker.
    IMO Maybe Forrest, being an environmentalist and soda can/top collector left a CAN to be picked up in the immediate surroundings of the treasure.

    But it must “adhere” to certain architectural and aesthetic parameters related to a “hanging loop” and full body endowment.”

    Maybe there is a loop or knot (kids holding knotted rope in TOTC) attached to the can to pull for the full body of chest endowed with treasure. Perhaps Forrest is hoping an environmentalist who cares enough to pick up trash will find it’s also his treasure.

    • 42
      You may be giving a clue without knowing it. The treasure may just look like trash out in “no place” and the person with the real love for nature wanting to clean the planet gets the prize. I think that’s unlikely but F knows. Maybe he is just saying to keep your eyes on the ground (like looking for arrow heads). I Never could find those things.. 🙂

    • Hanging loop and full body endowment, sounds like a hanging tree or gallows to me.
      Also thoughts about privatization of spring waters for making beers & sodas. Reagan overruled environmentalists, permitted Coors to take big springs in Shenandoah Forest. Forgotten memories & don’t wanna do the research, but might be a ref to commercial/enviromental water rights. Fewer, but not less likely than mine/ore sites.

        • What if the can is really old and doesn’t have a hanging loop – but requires a church key ———–

          • Yep, monks & booze have long history. Been trying to put it together for years, but my tired sandals have no git-up & go left.

          • OS – i liked the church key history, figured out the St. Bernard ref. and beer in baggies makes more sense; made a bit of headway on brewer’s h20 rights. was always proud of my state being first at many independent decisions and proud of the head way they’re making on buying fish a drink. If I spend too much time researching dal will beat me to the finish line. How goes your research towards a solve and finding the treasure?

      • Old Shadows, you’re right, hanging loop does sound like gallows. hope to find time to chase your lead on environmental water rights. sometimes those leads as hard to uncover as mr. fenn’s treasure! lol I got sidetracked today thinking about egyptian type double o’s and indian mohawks. thank old shadows, out of time until this eve.

  47. Oh man, where we searched the TX blazed tree their was a crushed Mt Dew can , but nothing there its no place for the meek. Lol

    Goofy I understand u are in control of the blog at the moment I’m having post issues under my name ( Amy sweitzer) so I will write something and the post button goes away can u fix it ?
    Thank u
    I’m using my husband’s phone at this time

    • Hi Amy, I see you made a post as “Amy Sweitzer” a few minutes ago on the nine clues. Are you just having a problem here on “Asphalt Art” or is it all the time now?

      I had a strange thing happen with another commenter a while back. The “post comment” button would disappear when he entered his comment. We figured out if he would hit the enter key at the end of his comment all of the buttons came back.

      You can email me at if you want and I’ll try to figure out what is going on.

    • Your’re right Amy, the can thing would never outlast the ages, and your idea about a blaze could be valid with double oxbow or back to back F’s which look more like a T. still trying to figure out the crushed can art. got a couple of ideas about outdoor art, bauxite, beer that might help me make the right turn. Do have any ideas about this scrapbook.

  48. I posted a comment recently about Coca Cola. So this is my hint. Research T.E. Ranch Cody Fenn connection. I will post soon a key word that is far. I found a pie in a tree, I am wondering if it was placed there to keep me there.

    • Gey, I saw that connection. I can not believe that Forrest would be that direct with a hint like that. Sounds more like misdirection…

        • Geez, it’s “Coming through the Rye” waiting for someone to correct me.
          Anyway, I went to an Estate Sale today. Lots of the stuff was early 1900 late 1800’s. Then buried in the corner was an oil painting by Sherman. I quickly went and paid $4 for it. I think it paid for my trip and more. Won’t know until I get it appraised and looked over.

          • nice score ! Great that you saw that from afar. There are so many little connections in this Chase. Call it contrived or coincidence, so many things over a wide variety of areas and places…

  49. I sent Goofy a pic of some Dirt Road Art. Came from the big Cow pie explosion on a search. Hopin’ he’ll post it 🙂

      • @william – I knew forrest or dal were chasing us and moving the treasure each time i got close! ha, ha, just kidding!

        Chase verb
        1.pursue in order to catch or catch up with.
        synonyms: pursue, run after, give chase to, follow; seek to attain.
        synonyms:pursue, run after, make advances to, flirt with; More
        drive or cause to go in a specified direction.
        “she chased him out of the house”
        synonyms: drive away, drive off, send away, scare off
        2. try to make contact with (someone) in order to get something owed or required.
        “chasing customers who had not paid their bills”

          • OS, inthechase – good one on the rainwater draining down the chase. And bingo for me today with my new HOB, which kids and golfers will like. My favorite def. for chase, because it’s perfect for Mr. Fenn, is chasing the sand (casting bronze)

        • In commercial construction there are such things as “chase” walls and they usually “hide” things such as…

          Mechanical ductwork going from floor to floor vertically will have a ‘chase wall” around it as well as plumbing pipes…ect.

          • RickinFlorida, nice construction ‘chase’ definition Rick, i’m filing that one in the old memory bank. ff is just sneaky enough to conceal the treasure in such a way using rocks, wood, some have even said a fake rock. I like “cut to the chase” or get to the point. I’m looking for a landform that resembles a point; or maybe YOU could simply call Forrest, and tell him to get to the point! (tell us where that chest is).

          • I forgot about that one. Generically, Chase is a channel of some sort, holds something permanent or intermittent, may conceal it or not. I think it’s end is nigh, maybe after the next cold bend.

  50. Also maybe in a bronze statue, clock, etc. he knows the “ins and outs” of shapes of lots of art and bronze and sculptures. That’d be kinda neat if he put it in a bronze hat and added to a statue or incorporated into any art that ppl wouldn’t notice eh?

  51. Two people can keep a secret if one of them is dead

    i wonder if F meant to say, two people can keep a secret if one of them is Ed

    i wonder if Ed likes to fish in the creek

    i wonder if Ed looks like James Coburn and is connected to the end of a rainbow sometimes

    i think my imagination may be getting the better of me. these thoughts keep gnawing at my brain though

    • two people can .. yates ! who is the two that is the ” ? ” ,.
      or or is it the two groups of people who passed by and one was close man or woman ” or a 3 pack horse man with bag of salt and vinegar chip’s with dust and all pissed off,

      who is ed the horse??

      he had peanut butter to talk !!!!

      or was it the chip dust on his hat ?

      mr. fenn fav is a rio grande fly!

      • Hello Cowboy, not aT you just in genral

        I was thinKing about blazes could anyne tell me what number is associated with the blaze?

      • @cowboy, salt and vinegar is a nasty combo. try tortilla chips and queso, and fish with your What weight line do you use? I fish and search Wyo with my siblings, but thinking about Colorado since there’s plenty of Browns and canyons too. Saw something about canyon being the key word, so thinking thru cans with Y’s on them, or ‘C’ see an Y on, or just plain ol’.. can yon find the treasure? lol Where do you look?

        • cowboy – or how about the can is distant but ‘yon’ within view? maybe we are playing kick the can and hope it strikes gold instead of the curb! lol

    • Too funny. That One has me rolling on floor… get the duck tape… get the kamera what a smile.

      too the less we know….the more we say. 🙂 bass

  52. duckduckgoose – Concerning your comment about the “phantom” RR car … “You can follow his path through that area (or a good guess at it if you look at a map it’s pretty cut and dry) forrest said it took him a day to write it but he claims two…” What are you saying? What did it take FF 2 days to write?
    Then you said, “plus he’s anonymous but then told a few who he was”. Who is anonymous? FF? Or somebody else? What are you talking about?
    You also stated, “seems he got Forrest’s integrity in a hot unfair mess if it’s true.” Again I ask, What? Who? How?
    Toward the end you said, “Some computer dudes are claiming to have the correspondence.” What correspondence? I don’t understand. Please explain all of this to me.

    • Becky- I’m not sure which part you don’t understand. The “phantom” is from scrapbook 94 if you have not read the post. My comments were in regard to that post and it’s writer. The name “phantom” itself is a railroad car just like “phantom” is the name of a canyon, the post is about his solve/path which you can see on a map and some peoples intrigue/ implications surrounding it. I hope that gives you a framework to understand my comment. I’m sure my comments would not make sense to one who hadn’t read that scrapbook etc. wasn’t meant to be confusing.

  53. Which do Veterans like better, Dr. Pepper or Coke? I’m going with this guy liking coke 🙂

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