A Heartfelt Display…

SUBMITTED September 2014
BY Michael D



2014 search






In 2011 my quest had begun,
In the Idaho Rockies, I had so much fun.
From the Wood River valley to that of the Warm,
I searched Henry’s Fork in an April snow storm.







In ice caves and canyons I searched every crack,
Snapping some pictures to help take me back.
I searched the Salt Lake and the Newfoundland mountains,
I went to Woods Cross and searched the bronze fountains.








I went to Canyonlands, Arches, then Hovenweep,
Dropping my camera in warm waters deep.
Then was announced a discouraging triste,
Idaho and Utah were scratched off the list.






In whirlwind weekends I searched high and low,
Never finding a Brown to put in below.
A wanderlust had been awakened within,
To locate warm waters where to begin.






I’ve found many treasures and seen a few things,
Like a young man’s first fish and the smiles that it brings,
Or the bloom of spring flowers from a crack in the stone.
It’s almost a shame that I went in there alone.

bruneau river canyon 2OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA





So now I search closer to Forrest’s abode,
Within a days’ drive on a lonely dirt road.
That’s 981 miles through four states.
So I plan every hour, there is no time to waste.






I took a few pictures along the way,
And I share them with you in a heartfelt display.
The locations are secret so don’t even ask,
Go see for yourself if you’re up for the task.

phone1 623







Michael D


32 thoughts on “A Heartfelt Display…

  1. Great poem/story Michael! And I loved your photos, especially the one of your son with his first fish. 🙂

  2. Michael D. –

    Thank you ! Enjoyed your adventure story immensely – nicely put together.

    I can see in the first photo how little your son was – and then how he grew and is so adorable with his first fish. Precious – and something he will remember forever. One of the best things we can do for our kids – is create wonderful memories – and your doing a great job.

    I have a question –

    What is the thing you are holding in your hand? Is it an arrow head – or something else. I don’t think I am even close to your spot – but I found something similar.

    Also in the mountain photo with the orange streak on top – is that an Aspen Glow?

    • Inthechaseto,
      Not my son, just in the right place at the right time. The thing in my hand is a dark grey slate knife about 5000 years old. The orange streak is the sunrise catching the top of the hill above the canyon.

  3. It’s about that time. The aspen are turning here! One of my favorite times of the year. And yea I get tomorrow off to enjoy it!

  4. I love hearing about these stories and adventures and the sharing of images!…Beautiful…..so, so much out there! Thanks Michael D!

  5. Yes sir you put it all in perspective, and searched high and low.
    You tried and you drove as far as your car would go.
    We have all sought the treasure you seek.
    We each have our thoughts and our plans and our attempts however so meek.

    You took a new path and ventured out strong.
    Nothing you tried really turned out wrong.
    The books you see have the clues you seek.
    When I go find it youll see what was missed
    When I post my story you will see what needed to be tweeked. 🙂
    Karen Ruth the Crazy Teacher from Detroit
    Once I find a job I can resume my search in true
    for gas and lodging and perhaps a flight or two.
    I am seeking a position in Sante Fe so pray that you find it(the treasure)
    before my first pay 🙂

  6. Loved the poem and the pics Mike! Just beautiful and adorable smile! My fave is the ice caves though.

  7. Note to ALL…The young man in the picture is not my son. I just happened by and asked if I could snap a frame. He was blissfully happy, and it made me smile too. Thanks for the compliments. And thanks for the great layout Dal!!

    • One would think that everyone on the blog would have learned to not assume. Assuming that the child was son of MD I liken to be the same as reporters saying that the TC was buried by f. F never said the TC was buried and MD never said the young man was his son. I encourage you to stay focused fellow chasers. Is it reality or just My Opinion? I shall let the reader decide.

      • I don’t think it’s imagination the picture is real but depends how you look at it some people see things in a different light.. F sees things in nature. What was the point of all this? off Focus…

      • My first assumption was the boy was a stranger he met along the way. I thought if that was his son he would have been all the previous photos.

        Leading me to think that it is good to follow some assumptions. For there could be clues leading you to them and towards the truth. imo

  8. That’s a great story. Where does every find these arrowhead or knifes. I’m jealous as I’ve been out many times and never seen anything like that. My two boys want to find an arrowhead as much as the chest, but I’m not sure where to find one. I’m thinking of buying a few and tossing them on the ground where we search. (would they know the difference? lol)

    • Shawn,
      Stone age people were a lot like us in many ways. They sought out temperate areas, relatively flat, and close to a clean water source, but not so close that they had to endure the bugs that water often brings. I suggest you search near any cold springs, improved or not. Pretend you are trying to hunt or fish. Where would you place yourself near a water source to wait in ambush? Even if a place is “cleaned out”, a good rainstorm or windstorm can uncover new things. Also, it is more likely you will find broken tools or chips in a “camp”, and just “happen” upon whole tools near hunting and fishing grounds. This is only my opinion…and my experience talking. I am sure Forrest could provide you with more experienced information. In the end, it’s about luck and looking quickly down!

  9. Here’s one in color of “Turtle Rock”.. a real treasure in central Vedauwoo. ( A favorite place in quite a ‘unique’ County within the great State of Wyoming.)

    I hear there’s a lot of parking in the Recreation Area nearby! Yep!


    BTW, Hovenweep is on the border of both Utah AND Colorado. Why not give the Colorado side a shot!?! Could be time well spent.

    Good luck to you,


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