The Nine Clues…….Part Thirtyone

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This is the place to discuss the nine clues…For instance:
What are the nine clues…
Is the first clue “Begin it where warm waters halt” ?

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  1. Old Shadows on September 22, 2014 at 5:34 pm said:

    ITCT… re: your 11:07 am post to me …. ???
    “Perhaps you need some new sayings to inspire you – and new meanings to words that you only thought you knew the meaning of – like the word “wood”.
    … maybe you are referring to a past post of mine about the Delphic oracle about wood… That a ring of wood would protect Athens? That prophesy was interpreted as a navy of wooden ships. Is your ‘wood’ perhaps referring to a ring of Conestoga’s, those Ships Of The Plains?
    I was told at the time of that post that ‘wood’ was old western term for “saddle’, so the legend link wasn’t for the wood reference…. was it?


    Old Shadows –

    I wasn’t speaking about the ring of wood / Athens. What I did mean was that wood – could mean saddle. Does that mean we have to round up a team of horses? A saddle is also a dip in a mountain – do we need to look for that?

    I don’t know ———– yet.

    I do think a covered (Conestoga) wagon is involved – pulled by six horses.

    Geez – See what you get out of me?

  2. We found a hidden 1887 gazebo in by crystal creek in Colorado…except when we pulled up on the inside picnic table top turned out to be an old wagon wheel revealing a hidden 8th mineral spring on the ute trail. Needed better tools to pull out the rocks and see what inside! 🙂 I’ll send goofy pics to post right now if someone knows where to send since dals gone- pretty cool

  3. With respect to the nine clues…
    Still looking for clue number 7; planning to shoot some more photos next week, weather permitting.

  4. Conestoga wagons were mainly used for freight hauling on established roads. The pioneers who came West, used the ” prairie schooner” a covered wagon about half the size and weight of the Conestoga Wagon. The reason for this is the Conestoga was so heavy the animals would be worn out before they even made it half way across the country. It was only later that Conestoga wagons were used for freight hauling on much better roads.

  5. Role call….

    Old Shadows…here
    Geoff Idaho….here

    Ok….transition successful….carry on….

  6. the treasure is at the end of the rainbow because, when you are there, the rainbow has ended

    there is no more rainbow … there ….

    if you are on the rainbow … then …. no treasure for you

  7. I decided to pay attention to all of Forrest’s literature mentioned in TOTC. Reading J.D. Salinger tonight. I’m sure this has been discussed in the past but JD’s 9 stories have some strong similarities to the journey through our favorite author Forrest Fenn’s TOTC & TFTW.
    “Banana-fish” is a story about greed where collectors are surrounded by riches we can’t help but consume. Each trapped in our own banana filled hole.
    “The Laughing Man” a story within a story about a comic book hero and the end of youth. “Down at the Dinghy” horrific combat experiences. “For Esme’ ” Effort to offer hope and healing to soldiers w/post tramatic war syndr. Holden Caulfield, the prtagonist in Catcher In The Rye continually calls himself dumb yet shows keen intelligence through exceptional, articulation. Sound familiar? I’m still waiting for Holden to tell me where the treasure is hidden. 🙂 Thanks Mr. Fenn for encouraging us to read the classics.

      • Deb. more of a little toot than astute. But all nine stories weave threads through both author’s circumstances. Ocean full of bowling balls is interesting. Title reminds me of greesed bowling balls when wading rivers, and also of a loss in f’s life. Yale library has the only copy which may be read w/special permission in their reading room. just an interesting rabbit trail. all this research makes me want a cup of cocoa on the porch, streamside. Time for a break.

  8. Throwing in my two cents and wishing everyone well….. its good to step back and relax as the cheese ages so to speak… head cheese…. brain food hows it taste… 🙂

    • The cheese du jour is cheese whiz since I’m caught in the rye with a gang of kids. Could use a grapette and bag of corn chips before we play tag

  9. it was supposed to be 2 1/2 cups flour, 2 cups sugar, 10 tbsp butter, 1 1/2 cups milk and 4 eggs. and on top of that i forgot the vanilla extract.

    guess ill have to get back in the kitchen and give it one more try

  10. Lois – At the end of your poker solve you mentioned Beowulf. Do you mean FF’s former alligator or the actual Beowulf story? Or maybe you referred to Beowulf himself who killed Grendyl? Anyway what did you find that connected whichever Beowulf to FF’s Chase & your solve?

    • Hi Becky, I don’t think people read other posts anymore. BTW, I responded to you “over there.”

      • I found it to be good to read other post stories. Even though it’s not close to your idea search area but I always seem to find help hint on how to approach a solution.

      • Hey , could someone clue me in , is that at another blog ?
        I have been majorly busy with family stuff and would love to read up on Becky’s Beowulf thoughts.
        azuredeb at (all lowercase)

    • Lois, like Becky I would enjoy hearing how you connected Beowulf to your poker solve. In our culture Elvis is easy to find and understand through his songs/movies, but Beowulf was trickier to discover his place in fenn’s mysterious poem. Even translated, it’s one of the more difficult pieces of literature I’ve read. I liked your 4 of clubs and Ace of hearts has to be a reference to ff being a flying ace, lol Would enjoy hearing the rest of your unique poker solve.

    • Hi Becky, not sure if this will help regarding Beowulf: ‘Deb’ has a terrific solve posted at – Our Three Year Search. She discusses Forrest’s pet Beowulf and the Legend of Beowulf stating that Beo. the dragon protected the treasure. Also, in Chinese myths there are 9 sacred dragons and one is known as the ‘wood dragon’ which lies down on top of treasure to protect it and becomes a mountain. Chinese dragons are a symbol of royalty and represent peace unlike western dragons which are portrayed as evil. THANKS DEB for your helpful info – hope its okay to share here with others.

    • German – Excellent site on JH Sharp. Kind of ff to make “TeePee Smoke” available [free] to all via the web. I’m half way through the 6. “Indeed, Sharp was unrivaled in his effort to document the proud heritage of the NA’s.” Indeed, Forrest Fenn is unparalleled in documenting the importance of Sharp. imo it’s masterfully written and ff’s and most important endeavor. Thanks GG… really enjoying.

    • Thanks GG! I really enjoyed reading these sections of Forrest’s book. Makes me want to buy the real thing with all the color plates!

    • I love the rich descriptions of color and light…what a wonderful tribute and subtle reminder of whats important in the thrill of life. 🙂 Fenn you have poured your whole life into adventure and done a hell of a good job…

      • pieces of 9 – you & ff are right. life should be thrilling, but with time to enjoy the simplicity of colors/light displayed in nature. Sharp and Fenn both understood it.
        Fall has arrived in the Wyo Rockies and colors are bold like gold.

    • Thanks GG, Seventeen Dollars a Square Inch Was my favorite. He has some of the coolest American landscapes, fall foliage scenes, Bridges and old barns. I liked the story where he would put a quarter in the pay phone and put the receiver up to his chest to see if he was going to live another day.

    • Why does everyone think the blaze will last 1000 years? All he said was it doesn’t matter to him if it’s not found for 1000 years.

      • Glad you pointed that out, DP.

        I’ve always had the feeling that when Forrest made that statement he was considering the discovery would then be like that of his bells and jars.

        It would seem that after he is gone and even all of us that the clues would eventually fade away with time. Doesn’t mean that the TC couldn’t still be found. Hence, his bio and strands of hair.

      • For me it was this comment:

        “The clues did not exist when I was a kid but most of the places the clues refer to did. I think they might still exist in 100 years but the geography probably will change before we reach the next millennia. The Rocky mountains are still moving and associated physical changes will surely have an impact. If you are in the year 3,009 it will be more difficult for you to find the treasure.f”

        I’d speculate that “the blaze” has already been around for thousands of years.

          • Ken, I agree with you. ‘Most’ is an important hint that not all the clues existed in the past. [thank you for that helpful statement Forrest.] Any guesses what didn’t exist.. heavy loads, blazed trails, maybe hob? hard to know.

        • “the clues did not exist when I was a kid…” Why would they, he had not thought of even writing the poem at that time. [ not unlike, are there clues in the book… yes… because the poem is in the book.]

          “…but MOST of the places the clues refer to did.” So between 1930 and the time of the poem, what didn’t exist?

          Q. Is the blaze a single object? A. ” In a word – yes”
          In a word is, the word Blaze. A single object can be made up of many other objects to create one object.

          I personally think the Blaze is only found in the poem… you create it on the ground.

          • Seeker your way of breaking information down is second to none. I see your not the only one that picked up on the blaze question. Your interpretation is spot on. IMO

          • Hey Seeker, would you kindly help me understand what you mean by creating the blaze on the ground? It sounds like that would make it subjective to the searcher instead of concrete to Forrest’s directions. You have peaked my curiosity.

          • That’s how I interpret it also 49. Y is the blaze mentioned in the poem whY, canYon, Peace ‘Y’ sign. Even his reference to olives – a martini glass is a Y, confluence of 2 streams into one Y. Y-ellowstone. On the other hand stone is one of the most enduring elements that I like and could easily be the blaze.

          • As Forrest has said, you shouldn’t point out your competitors mistakes or errors if you want to to win …..So I won’t do that here. Just confirm it and go along with it…lol -)

          • Ritt I’m here to help…more than happy to help others along. I hope DG read through the comments too she’s out hunting as you know…as for Dal I’m not sure if he can be helped 🙂 J/K

          • lia20,

            Everyone has there own way of looking / reading the poem. My point is, I just don’t read it, I see other information.
            I also dissect my theory / method, not to Make it work, but to see flaws or mistakes. With that said, I see the poem in layers, as well as, the use of all the meanings to words and phrases etc. no one meaning will work IMO.

            I also see structure in the poem’s format. This give a great deal of information in answering what a clue actually is… Again MO…

            The blaze is not a magical word[s]. I see it inside the poem, some words connected to structure and format of the poem. Simply I see the poem containing all hints that need to be pieced together with other hints and again the format of the poem itself. hoB is a great example of this… B capitalizes could mean 1. a person 2. a place 3. a thing. Mine is all three and connected to the meaning of WWWH. [ IMO the answer to WWWH doesn’t have anything to do with water]

            But the tricky part is, hoB is connected to the capital letters and used with the format of the poem to give a single clue. the location of “below”

            I see the poem like a recipe that need to have it’s ingredient mixed just right…

            Are you sorry you asked now? LoL

          • Thanks Seeker. I’ve done alright findinghidden directions in poem down to small search area. IMO home of Brown is 3 things in same area, a name, butt a brown place too, and then also that drawing. Parameters of propty desigtn narrow it and GE always draws eyes to a narrow focus.

    • go to you tube and copy paste this into the search box …..

      Treasure Hunters – Forrest Fenn’s treasure hunt clues

      ….it will be the first result posted by SBS dateline

  11. On way to search hopefully I’ll never have to think of nine clues again. Watch out dal I’m on the other side of the mnt 🙂

    • I Have to say it…After finishing all 9 stories and Catcher In The Rye…I personally don’t think JD Salinger was much of a writer. Story telling has to be married to excellent writing to hold my interest. Forrest’s reveries in totc and tftw are well told and written with finesse. FF’s books for the ‘serious’ collector or historian are par excellent! I read a lot but won’t waste an evening on JD again.

  12. I always wanted to draw, though being from the south I have been told I already have a draw, funny I can’t find it, I put together all the information and draw a conclusion, then I realize I have no Idea what a conclusion looks like. If I draw some water from a well, will It be there? Where in the blazes is my drawing? Oh well…maybe if I’m quite and still, I will be drawn, to it?

    • The further south ya go the longer it takes to say draw but that don’t say they can’t handle a gun…quick on the draw. 🙂

    • NearIndiana – you can relax as long as you’re not being quartered and drawn. Like to think what “drawing a conclusion” would look like to a kid. They’d probably draw ‘the end” in some form (finish line, trophy, butt, dog eating homework, summer vacation, crocodile eating a kid) hope you find your drawing, sometimes I have to look thru the mail stack to find what I’m missing. Enjoy drawing.

      • 42
        Lol, the picture of a conclusion by a child has me smiling, my 8 and 5 year old boys would definitely be the ones drawing a butt 🙂
        I had been thinking about a drawing for my wife and I was thinking about some wild flowers.
        So many to choose from, just got to see which one I am “drawn” too…lol

        • Near Indiana – I still enjoy reading the cards my sons made me when they were young. Your wife will cherish a personal sketch – those are the sweetest sentiments in my opinion. How about the wild flowers she remembers from her childhood. I remember violet shooting stars, yellow buttercups, and ruby paintbrush – which I did dip into my paintbox. Enjoy drawing.

    • Reminds me of the time I tried entering my house using my car key. I pointed it at the door clicked the FOB and wondered why the dang door wouldn’t open. Absent mindedness I guess, it took me a full minute to figure out what was wrong.

  13. O got my wires crossed and wound up with a shocking experience he he.. Ever touch o spark plug-I call it the Head Start Program….getting connected never felt so good.. 🙂

  14. I still feel nice and comfortable in how I have interpreted the poem, next time I go back I’m just taking a different route just going to explore DEEPER DOWN from where u BEGIN. My imigination just won’t stop 🙂 !!!!!!! This time it could be scary 🙂

      • Jdiggins

        Nothing to be jealous about cause my next trip will more than likely be the summer of 2015 🙂 yippie !!!!!

    • Jdiggins

      Yes, yes winter is creeping up on us and so is Halloween , I like to eat candy corn during that time. We like to dress up as well, wonder if I should be a scarecrow , or an Angel or a Butterfly , I’m just not sure. 🙂

      One year I was a outhouse my friend was a big roll of toilet paper and my friend Duane which is my husband now was a Big Brown Terd
      Guess what we won the contest $ 1000.00 for creativity, so me the outhouse and my friend the toilet paper went to another place and won 1 st place again and that paid $ 500.00 isn’t that cool 🙂

      Another year Duane and I dressed as Pirates we looked good won 2nd place he even had his real live parrot with him . We won some money I just can’t remember how much .

      And I do not watch scary movies 🙂

      • Lol this fun 🙂

        Or maybe I could dress as a Rainbow and Duane could be a Leperchaun with his pot of Gold imagine how we would look and he could hold a sign that says

        Thank You Forrest Fenn


      • This year you could just enter yourself everywhere as “the fenn treasure” then leave all the places before anyone sees you. 😉

    • Jdiggins, We all swing on a thread in Mr. Fenn’s web!

      The Spider and The Fly: A Fable
      by Mary Howett

      “Will you walk into my parlor?” said the spider to the fly;
      “‘Tis the prettiest little parlor that ever you did spy.
      The way into my parlor is up a winding stair,
      And I have many pretty things to show when you are there.”
      “O no, no,” said the little fly, “To ask me is in vain,
      For who goes up your winding stair can ne’er come down again.
      The spider turned him round about, and went into his den,
      For well he knew the silly fly would soon be back again…

  15. did Forrest say at one time he was goin out into the Desert with the treasure?

    maybe he was just hinting that he was gunna bury it in sand. but i dont see any places with sand when im out searching

    my sister suggested it may have something to do with Roswell and maybe Forrest stopped by there to check out the Extra Terrestrial they have in a warehouse. i have no idea what she’s talking about

    • Oh no, not just you Amy. I enjoy many a fine monologue or dialogue with myself.
      By the way hello 🙂 I saw on a previous post you were reading Seventeen Dollars…it’s makes for an enjoyable afternoon. I’m being summoned to turn out the lights. Good Evening to you.

      • Lia20

        Yes I read it, and loved it just beautiful . The art seems so peaceful . Forrest loved his friend he will one day see him again. And Eric can draw paradise and Forrest can write a book about it 🙂 !!!!!!!

        • Amy – yes, so fitting for Eric Sloane to paint the clouds and sky we pass through to paradise and Forrest to travel the path slow enough once to describe it for others. (flying jets, I doubt you have time to day dream about pictures in the clouds like kids do). When the two are reunited I hope they figure out a way to drop a new book on my door step so I can read and see first hand. I guess we have to imagine it by faith until our time.

    • No, Amy. You are among friends. 🙂
      My biggest issue is being off the grid makes for difficult and intermittent communication. I don’t even get half the notifications!
      That’s ok tho, love my home!

    • Awwww Amy –

      I’ll talk to you.

      Did you ever have one of those moments when you find a new clue – and you go dancing around the room? I had one of those times tonight. It happened because – methodically I was going thru each word in the poem – looking them up.

      Thrilling – I might add 🙂

  16. Chris Yates, every time someone mentions Forrest statement he was going out into the dessert with the treasure, we northern Rocky Mtn. sailors lose the wind in our sails. If you find it next week, please notify all so I can spend a week at a spa instead of skinning my shins again. lol 🙂

    Has anyone heard how Dal’s search is going?

  17. Some more or other areas of the Rockys may be called this also, But the northern NM Rockys, there are areas there that are reffered to as the mountainious desert… No trees to speak of , just sage and tumble weed, and mountains.

    • I never been in the desert but it doesn’t look colorful to me I’m sure the heat index is in undescrible and it would be the pits to be stranded out there. 🙂 !!!!!!!

      • Life is short. Eat desert first! Sometimes just being there is the bomb. And nobody interrupts me when I’m talking to myself. 🙂

        • JC1117 – life is short. I plan to eat dessert on my next outing. Going with a great friend to enjoy fall’s beauty, and laughter along the trail. Who knows, maybe 2 old housewives have enough giddiup to slide into the finish line laughing all the way to Santa Fe to return F’s bracelet. One last totc hurrah 🙂

          • Thanks Ken, I always hike with bear spray, and know to watch out for moose on the loose. It’s loose rocks that make my ‘trips’ memorable! This area is safe, albeit cold if I have to wade.

          • Good luck to you, 42. I’ve had about 10 “last totc hurrahs” not counting the first one. For now I suppose I’ll stay home and play Canasta.

      • The desert is actually quite colorful. In Albuquerque, we have the Sandia Mountains. Sandia means watermelon. They are so named because they turn the most amazing colors of pink and purple hues – every single night at sunset.

        While we may be lacking in the greenery department, we make up for it in wide open spaces and sunsets that turn the mountains every color of God’s beautiful rainbow.

      • ITCT, on the poem section you were referring to, look quickly down and tarry scant with marvel gaze, maybe f is saying when you arrive, just get right down to it, dont mess around

        uggh , my cat coco is runnin after a mouse again, brb

          • Smart people here – really

            It’s so nice to have a conversation with serious searchers who have done their homework.

            Your almost there – close but no cigar – except for in that old bar.

          • It’s been there forever – ration D – drinking era etc. It’s not a clue. IMO So don’t spend much time on it. 🙂

          • @ inthechaseto – ok, not a clue but a fun throw back to my childhood; cheeseburger and a Roy Rogers at the corral with the folks, look at the wall mounts on a cold day after camping and fishing. Do you know if it’s the same? May have to stop in and introduce my city slicker friend to a wee bit of ‘local color.’

          • inthechaseto – i was just a kid, or maybe were talking about different locations. Not much else but ranches, dude ranches and occasional roadhouse existed before ’47 and I know more about the community existing post ’72. Have to say that community ‘gets it right’ and I would love to live there.

          • Inthechase, I’m not sure we refer to same place. when year to start or name a place I know up at hill. I’ll have to think on clues overnight. Need rest.

  18. @jdiggins

    We will be empty nesters this Halloween too! Taking our son to the airport tomorrow for extended stay in Europe. Don’t miss Halloween. One of our favorite holidaze!

    Be back in touch soon.

  19. Not many ‘9 clues’ comments today. How many think blaze could be water & ice? The trail water follows is permanent, ice walls make a big blaze in the winter, maybe elvis ice skates on the pond, lol, a rainbow or two is present, maybe a double oxbow shape. Now, if I can find a dry crevice we’re in business. Wolf set the bar high with that solve of his, and Deb too.

  20. I’m only receiving comments from 9 clues and one other thread. Can anyone tell me how to receive comments from all threads. I’ve signed up here and at word press, and always check both boxes, but to no avail. How do I get the full list of Dal’s threads to select all? Thanks anyone.

    • 42 are you getting the confirm follow email from wordpress? You have to click the “confirm follow” button in the email to get updates.

      When you click the confirm follow button it takes you to wordpress with a list of all the blogs and comments you are following.

      I’ve had some that weren’t getting them because their email was putting them into the spam folder.

      • @ Goofy – thanks. I’ve been following for months, and know the drill. Not sure why, but I no longer receive the master list of Dal’s sb’s to check all. Signed back up at word press too. I like looking thru the email posts to see what I missed, but may just have to miss out. Appreciate your help. One more search effort this fall and my tour de tre’sor is finished.

        • A few months ago I was having the same problem and Goofy fixed it! I don’t know if it was a problem with WordPress, the server, or something else entirely but all of a sudden I wasn’t getting all the emails either, and the ones I did receive weren’t linked to the correct thread. It was weird but Goofy the Guru got it working properly. Hope he’s able to fix your problem too. 🙂

  21. I just subscribed. I hope I don’t see every single comment that everyone posts…just the “good ones”. lol. I don’t think I’ve ever subscribed here at Dal’s before so I don’t know. Thanks, Dal.

    • Mind you, everyone’s opinions are good, but (in my opinion) some are better than others.

      …just like my older brother is “better” than me. If you don’t believe me just ask him! 🙂

  22. What does the greek symbol omega actually look like? upside down horseshoe or a w.?

    It’s both. Capital omega looks like the upside down horseshoe, and small looks like a w with rounded edges. Alpha and Omega are the first and last letters of the Greek alphabet; saying A and Ω is like saying “A-to-Z”, or first and last, or beginning and end.

    A = A
    a = α
    O = Ω
    o = ω

    Jesus says in the Book of Revelation, I am the Alpha and Omega (Gk. ᾿Εγώ εἰμι τὸ Α καὶ τὸ Ω).

  23. Funny, I have a crazy lookin little bird buddy I look at every morning. He seems so confused…not sure if he wants to take off from the bottom, the middle or the top of the pond! 🙂

  24. I know this is not the place for this, maybe Dal or Goofy can make a thread. I was thinking about sharing a little about myself, so I can be more than just NearIndianaJones.

    My name is Jerry and I am married with two boys 8 & 5.
    I work in a paper mill and I operate, repair, and maintain a machine used to make Kleenex. I used to work at Toyota and built Sienna minivans too.
    I enjoy building and fixing things.
    I like learning and trying new things. I tried knitting a pair of wool socks for my wife last winter because her feet get cold, so far she has “a” sock 🙂
    I picked the name NearIndianaJones, because when ever I tell people where I am from, I almost always have to tell them it’s near Indiana.

    Hope you can share a little about yourself too 🙂

  25. Indiana jones

    You should get on that other WOOL sock winter is creeping upon us. I’m sure your wife is ready to have the matching pair. 🙂

    I’m Amy from Texas
    I am a massage therapist and have my own little business called Pure Relaxation, I stay busy 🙂
    I am married to my best friend Duane. Who just got a job in the oilfield yea!!! Time to get some bills paid off. I wish he could drill in Colorado that’s where we search. And yes Dal I understand about searching the same area as u do lol. It’s there somewhere Right. Yes same area and location my mind cannot think of another place or state.

    Ok I have a 21 year old daughter ( she is pretty) but a mess, and she has twin little girls they are so beautiful . They will be one in October.
    I have a son 18 years old he loves to fish and hunt. He is so sweet. He is considered a Red neck so to speak.
    And yes God does have a since of humor I thought I was done having children due to my others being older, I have a 4 year old a darling, precious, makes us laugh little girl. She is my Butterfly. There is a story to why I say that.
    I really don’t have any hobbies I’m to busy but I consider this chase as one and it can be expensive at times. This blog is safe haven due to this world and what’s happening. I am aware. Some people aren’t. The Chase keeps me going !!!!!!! 🙂

  26. Amy sounds like you have a wonderful family enjoy them now because times fly by im tony and 51 years old Okie my oldest son is 31 and a history teacher he gave me 2 grandkids the next is 28 he started at center for 3 years for the golden hurricane s my daughter is 22 and a softball picture in college then my baby he is 16 and driving to high school my wife julie is my best friend and thinks I have lost my mind over this quest ( she says that all I talk about ) and extra money goes to new boots to hike in or gps or the perfect backpack but I do this for them I want to find it for these people I love so dearly and im sure you feel the same with your family

    • Indiana, Amy, Tony nice to know you. I’m Jo from texas. my husband and I have two grown sons, and a daughter in law whom we love dearly, and enjoy immensely. we’re an outdoorsy family that enjoys escaping texas to recreate in the rocky mts. We search Montana locations by paying all bills on one credit card which builds airline miles [paying for college on a card adds up fast]. my third and final search effort is coming soon, this time with a close friend. we’ll have a blast laughing and making memories as friends whether we find ff’s chest or not. we call ourselves Sacajawea “Janie” and Annie Oakley. If we’re hungry on the trail Janie digs up wild onions and picks huckleberries, ignoring any dangers. Annie is from Boone country and a sharpshooter with a can of bear spray. She’s also the brains. I’m bringing my daisy air rifle for extra protection this trip, and teaching Annie to shoot backwards using a make up mirror. Oh yes, we wear war-paint (make-up) on the trail so we don’t scare the bears. I only pick beautiful settings to search and enjoy the adventure – places i love for their rugged beauty – i think that’s what Mr. Fenn hoped we’d all do. Watch out for Janie and Annie, we might out laugh everyone on the way to Santa Fe.

      • Okay, I’m in. I’m from Northern Ca and live in a forest. Funny, the first time I heard that name, thought it was weird! :), then came Forrest Gump, one of my faves, then I moved to a forest, and a man named Forrest (Fenn) changed my life! I have a wonderful husband, my soul mate. My children are daughter 26 with 4 year old granddaughter, son 22, and last daughter 18 and just left for college. Looking forward to keeping up the chase, as it is something that is in my blood!
        My favorite part of it all is the learning! Everything in the history books when I was in school has changed, so I am learning anew, and it is quite refreshing!
        I think Forrest is an Angel here to give us all wings…

      • My wife and I do the same thing with our credit cards to earn airline miles that we use to get tickets to fly her parents to the US from Greece. We can usually get at least one of their tickets, sometimes both.

  27. This sounds like fun

    I am Mark, 46 and living in central Indiana. My wife and I got a late start on things, we have been married for only 8 years, and our only child (Andrew) will be 2 years old this weekend. My wife is Greek, and her parents just arrived from Athens to spend the next 4-5 months visiting with their only grandchild and to celebrate his birthday and holidays. So currently, english is a second language in my house as her parents do not speak it. My wife also thinks I am nuts on the quest, but would like the vacation that would be necessary to go and look for it. We have not been able to go this year, and are hoping for next spring. I am a controls engineer and my wife is a piano teacher.

  28. Hi everyone! I love that you are introducing yourselves so here is a little about me. I am Kathy and have retired from the Navy after 20 years. I have been many places in this world but find that I love the Rocky Mountains best. Currently live in western Washington state. My hobbies are medieval glass painting and reading, visiting my grandkids, and I absolutely love doing research. I’m very new to the chase, and mostly just trying to catch up with all of you in figuring out my meaning of the poem. I love that FF has given us this opportunity and truly look forward to visiting the mountains again. It’s been far to long since I’ve been there.

      • OK…I’m in.

        I am Matthew and 57 dinosaur bones old. I live basically in Denver, CO…a nice central location for failed searches. I spent 20 years with Lockheed Martin beginning a nice career as a Propulsion Engineer…aka “rocket scientist”. Here is a secret…the science in rockets ended with brilliant people like Werner von Braun (not to be confused with GG). Presently, rocket science is just good old fashioned sound engineering for the most part. Being an engineer, I have the personality of a dead fish. I have a 15 year old daughter who just finished writing her first book. I also have a son,28, who is a craft beer brewer from Phoenix and has a beer competing in the Great American Beer Festival here in Denver next week. I have another daughter, 30, who works at Rutgers while aspiring to be a play-write. I have mentioned previously that I search areas that are either in my backyard, spectacular, or of historical interest to me. I stick to this model because my specialty in the chase is failure. This way I always enjoy the quest. Very pleased to meet you all.

  29. Out of the box of clarity.

    Mr. Fenn has stated repeatedly that he made two trips….

    Has he ever stated that these two trips were to the same location?

      • Lightbulb went off over here and I’m really wondering about others thoughts on this….what if the chest is hidden at the beginning? Omega…etc…
        Could it be?

          • Agree with germanguy. “It” in the Begin it line is the beginning of my journey to the chest with straight forward clues to be followed to the end or ceas. However, IMO it’s possible that ff wrote/solved the poem three ways significant to differing personal paths, and one of them follows your logic.

          • I don’t believe anyone is saying it is simple GG. Quite the contrary. I currently believe that once you feel you have it solved with feet on the ground, the line…:your effort will be worth the cold” will come home to roost as a …are you kidding me or that is so cold moment…learning that now you get to do it all over again. At least that is what my latest failure has demonstrated ending with a clue blazed “in the wood” and leading me elsewhere. But , I always keep in mind that I am probably still 1000 miles from the TC because I seem to excel at failure in the chase.

          • Windsurfer – Don’t take it personally. ;). Everyone here excels at failure until the one person who finds it!

        • That would actually make it HARDER to find…You wouldn’t be able to know the beginning without the end….and a “blaze” is the start of the trail….think about it!! Nobody would EVER find it had he only said WWWH…you still need the whole poem….

          • Page 35 of the book is “ME IN THE MIDDLE”. It ends with the words” I could be back in the middle again.”

            So, I think there is a beginning, a middle and an end. Where you start the poem is probably where most are getting it wrong.

          • Baah! 😉 I think we search the same place Amy (among a few others)…but really a “blaze” IS the start of the trail, I may check it out next time I’m out there! The thrill is in the chase right? And the blaze is the start and the end

          • Amy- I was just there at the mountain…I went all the way to the end of Forrest’s tale and more…heck I felt like I was about to see a colon or something 🙂 . It was nowhere to be found 🙁

  30. Nice to know a bit more about you all. My name is Michael D and I live in Boise, ID. I work for Idaho Fish and Game raising Rainbow trout, Cutthroat trout, Brown trout, and Chinook Salmon for stalking throughout the state. I began the chase as a way to get my mind off of the loss of my entire family, ending in 2011. I feel I need to clarify that last sentence so as not to mislead folks. My wife left me, but is still alive and well. My parents are both gone now. My daughter died in 1987, and my wife suffered three miscarriages in 2010 and 2011. I have no living grandparents, parents, siblings, or offspring. As the last surviving member of my immediate family, guilt, grief, and hopelessness took over my life in a big way. Forrest Fenn brought me back from the brink and reminded me that we have all suffered, and that our loved ones live on through our memories, so we should write our memories down!! He also gave me something to focus on during those lonely evenings in an empty house. The chase, as well as this blog, have helped me through one of the most difficult three years of my life. The people I have interacted with on this blog have been so therapeutic for me…and Renelle’s story, as well as other stories shared on Dal’s wonderful blog, have taught me so much about myself as a human being. I cannot thank you enough to for your comments, thoughts, blogs, and stories. Whether you recognize it or not, you all had a hand in bringing me back to myself, and I thank you. Having a reason to get up in the morning, and to go visit beautiful places in the Rocky Mountains has been instrumental in my successful bid for hope.

    • Michael D, I had not heard your story, but am sorry for all the loss you’ve been through. I hope you find friends and a new love to spend your life with in the future. We all need family, and are glad for this blog to fill the friendship gap.

    • Michael D

      Your story brought me to tears – I guess it hit home with me, The
      hardest thing on this planet – is to lose a child. I know as SIDS took my daughter. Many couples split after a loss – BTDT too.

      The chase is such a fun way of learning for me. I read where this little boy ended up in this country at the young age of nine – with no family – and no money – and became very sucessful – his name is Otto Mears. His grandson – who is 96 years young, is going to recieve an award in Santa Fe next month. I had the pleasure of meeting him – but at that time did not know the
      history of his family. We never know – “who” we are talking to – and their important history. You are so right, we should all write it down.

      Hugs and very happy hunting…………

      • inthechaseto, Michael, sending you hugs. Can’t imagine losing a child. Our oldest son Daniel was born with a malfunction of the brain section that signals automatic breathing. He was on a sids monitor for 2 years. The alarm sounded many times in the night, he rarely slept and we worried we could not get him breathing again, Truly sorry for your difficult losses. Surviving loss is a test none should have to live through.

        • My condolences to all for your losses.
          When we reach a certain age it is hard to not find a time when we cant relate to these losses. Nothing I can say would ever make that better for any of you. Time makes it less painful but it is all a part of life.
          I am glad so many have found a new sense of community in the chase community.It has been so for many of us. Thank you, to all including Forrest.

    • MD, writing about your pain is very therapeutic. Thoughts put on paper release the mind of the pressure of grief. You should continue to write your thoughts even if only to yourself.

      Each day we wake, we have been given a gift and we decide how our emotional day will be. Make the right decision, it is up to you and you alone. Even when you are sad, you can still find joy in the day……just look harder.

      Sending positive thoughts your way.

    • I’m so sorry Michael. I lost my son (19) in a stupid construction accident in 1984. I was alone too, played solitaire for near 6 months. Then one day I signed up for a 10 day, $99, store-front real estate course. Never had interest in it, but I needed to test myself to function with people again without bursting into tears. Focusing hard on RE contract law, and passing the state boards was my way out of my depression. It grew into a successful 10 year career. The burn in my heart never stopped. I just got stronger. And wiser, and many other things.
      I wish you courage. And focus.

    • Michael my heart goes out to you. I wish you many a sun filled day out in the mountains.

      And to all the people here who have suffered loss, hugs to you all.

  31. Dear MD. I totally understand how much the chase has helped me and you and so many others in life. I go to sleep dreaming of finding that treasure, after spending hours and hours reading maps and such….It gives me hope.
    However I hurt because it is not easy for me to go hunting and I am leaving to go soon. Not sure how far I can go. Since just when I became an empty nester. I planned to hunt all spring and fall, this year. But no. I decided to take on a big big job and pulled my handicapped twin sister out of a horrible home she was in. She was being over medicated and could not walk on her own any more, she could not hold her head up even. Now I took her in and she is alot of work, but I love her dearly!
    But my plans to hunt went to the wayside and it drives me nuts! I am happy to say that she is doing well, and walking on her own and holding her head up. She is diabetic and I give her insulin shots daily. She has gained weight and is looking good!
    I am going to try to take her with me hunting. I am trying to make it work for me and have someone stay with her while I Hike. This has been the hardest summer for many many years for me. I have given up alot. But I am not giving up!
    I am sorry MD that you lost your child. I went through this too, I lost my son.
    If I find the treasure, I want to bring attention to the issue of the over medicating of the handicapped. They call it “Chemical Restraints” These “homes” get more money from the government if they can show a high need for “meds” Its a rip off of the system. I will use the treasure to fight against this abuse of government funds.
    My home has become a rehab for my sis. She is doing so much better and right now on half the drugs.
    Wish me luck on finding it, and it will be a whole different hunt, than the one I had planned for so long ago. God Bless you MB. Peace and Love for you bro.

    Lou Lee, chased by Bears in Jellystone Park!

    • MD, LL, and everyone else with intros…it’s so nice to meet you all, and even though we all face our own troubles, sorrows, battles and demons; it is refreshing to see everyone share this common bond. I truly believe the chase has healing qualities, and may we all forge ahead in health and with a smile on our face! 🙂

    • Lou Lee and MD,

      Thank you for sharing your difficult, but inspiring stories. My daughter has experienced similar trials at the young age of 15 which challenge her daily. Her challenges inspired me to teach Sunday school to Kindergartners and 1st graders, which I have been doing now for the past 10 years. This continues to be the highlight of my week. I have found that this is the only age group that listens to anything I have to say… Keep the faith and believe.

  32. Hi my name is Willi…………… Yeah these thing are really not important to me. I feel that I should tell you the meaning of the chase to me rather then put myself over. 2001 I found myself wanting to do things as soon as I can rather wait until I retire, I would rather die a broke man with a smile on my face and a list of adventures under my belt. I’ve been to Alaska to drive a atv into the Yukon to sit by a creek that was fed by a 700 foot waterfall. I’ve been to Cozumel to dive in a underground Mayan river and drink tequila on the beach. I’ve been to Bahamas to parasail , reef dive , jet ski and drink Bahama mamas. There is a list that goes on and on but my point is that it’s time to live and do it while you can, Forrest made reference with the banana tree. I have family that has never been outside there state not seeing what life has to offer.
    Forrest chase is another adventure that gives on and on with no thought of what I might have spent nor do I care. Every time I go on a search it’s different every time and the memories I take home are all mine to relive in my head. I guess what I’m trying to say if you expect just one thing out of your search you might never find it if you don’t find yourself. 😉

  33. Michael

    I was not expecting a story like that. I’m sorry for your loss and for the others that have had their loss of a loved one.
    See this is safe haven for u this blog and the chase I’m glad u have something to look forward to.
    Also your poetry is really good I enjoy reading what you have wrote.

    And for all searchers u are not failing at this chase. I will admit I have been disappointed 2 times but I’m better and we just keep searching. Y’all know this has been exciting and it keeps us thinking and guessing it’s a challenge and some people like challenges. No one is failing here we are in a chase that will be part of history one day and we were all involved and have signed books by the one and only Forrest Fenn
    I feel like I have met a movie star.
    U have to think Positive and give Thanks 🙂 !!!!!!!

  34. It is late at night, and I need a story. I think we are pass due for a new scrapbook. Dal needs to get back soon.

  35. I am just putting this out there, something to think about. When Forrest said that he put a 20,000 word autobiography in an olive jar I didn’t think much of it, but after writing a short story with about 8,500 words then printed it out, it took about 16 full pages on 8 ½ by 11 inch paper.

    Now think about this for a minute, if he wrote a 20,000 word autobiography just how large was that olive jar? I know he said it was small print and that you would need a magnifying glass, but if my short story were 20,000 words then it would be approximately 40 pages long on 8 1/2 x 11 inch paper.

    How can a 20,000 word autobiography fit in such a small jar, even though it is tiny print? Maybe it’s a large olive jar, but it just doesn’t seem possible. Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

    I know this is not going to help find the treasure, I’m just wondering about it. What do you think? Do you think he could cram that many words into an olive jar?

    • Good ideas, lia and Gey, but I believed he said he took it to Kinko’s to have it sized down. I thought that I heard that somewhere. Maybe not.

      Maybe he put a twenty thousand dollar check in there and that’s his autobiography, and he would know when it’s found if someone cashed the check…. lol

      Just trying to make sense of it.


    • Ritt, I’m convinced it is on copier paper.

      What you need to ask yourself is, “How many sheets of paper can one cram into an olive jar?”

      Once you figure that out then all you would have to do is calculate the number of words per page needed.

      Do some figuring I think you will be surprised. 🙂

    • It is very simple actually, just use a 6pt font with thin paper stock. The pocket bible is a good example. It probably has 300,000+ words in it at a length of a 1,000 pages and only measures 3 7/8 x 5 1/2 x 15/16 Inches. Another good example is them mini booklets you get with cell phones and cameras.

  36. THUNDERHEAD by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child

    “Thanks for a great read from those of us who love the Southwest and the secrets it holds so dearly”

    “THUNDERHEAD was very gripping and wonderful in its texture and ‘truth’ about the Indian culture and landscape and myths. Full of fabulous detail…and just great use of the English language! The violent and really beautifully written descriptions of the snap flood were powerful.”

    Forrest is mentioned in the acknowledgements in the beginning.

      • I read it too Chris. That’s sickening, and it was orchestrated through the feds with power, money and lies. It makes you wonder how many others have suffered the same fate in stories we’ll never hear about. When will it end?

    • Fenn’s home was raided as part of that investigation. It’s any easy guess how he feels about it and he hinted at it in the video interview with Lorene Mills. The thing about it is that the law is pretty clear. Not sure why one doctors life has a higher value to you than the spirit of the ancients that the laws seek to protect.

  37. Inthechaseto said:
    “Page 35 of the book is “ME IN THE MIDDLE”. It ends with the words” I could be back in the middle again.”

    So, I think there is a beginning, a middle and an end. Where you start the poem is probably where most are getting it wrong.”

    IMO beginning, middle, and end is important to solving the poem. He structured the poem to point this way. Past present and future = time.

    TS Eliot from Little Gidding:

    What we call the beginning is often the end
    And to make and end is to make a beginning.
    The end is where we start from. And every phrase
    And sentence that is right (where every word is at home,
    Taking its place to support the others…

    Every phrase and every sentence is an end and a beginning,
    Every poem an epitaph…

    We shall not cease from exploration
    And the end of all our exploring
    Will be to arrive where we started
    And know the place for the first time.

  38. I don’t know much about the Indian laws, but I think they aren’t logical. As a European, can you imagine if there was a law in Europe that said I should get any old treasures from my ancestors and no one could collect them anymore? If they go through an old garbage dump and pull out a rusty old nail then I get to own it. It’s not logical. I understand the feelings people have that the Indians were here first and that we took their land. Those people are gone now. The native americans who are here now are not those people. If others want to buy from collectors and give material items back to them, it should be done that way. I’m sure there are others who will disagree.

    • The difference between the US and some European countries is in the laws protecting individual rights to freely practice the religion of their choosing. Prehistoric burial grounds are considered sacred by native tribes and should be protected as religious beliefs by law just as Christian religions and others in the US enjoy.

      I don’t understand why some people think it is acceptable to dig up human remains and profit from associated funerary objects. Maybe we should be allowed to go dig up cemeteries! Is it because they are not buried in a Christian manner? Oh, so maybe we’re going back to the conquest!

      • Crazyfamily,
        I whole heartedly agree with you concerning human Burials….but what I find aggravating and wrong are the laws that prohibit me from picking up an arrowhead or dart point, or a mortar and pestle or piece of pottery. It is both ridiculous and wrong to think that by leaving those items where they were found it will result in some benefit to future generations…a cow is going to step on that arrowhead and break it, or it will be recovered by someone else tomorrow, etc…

        Excavation is on thing…collecting from the surface is another thing entirely. If I had come across an ancient skeleton lying under a boulder, I would certainly have collected his goods, as would 90% of the people in this country (obviously that number is a guestimate). Do I want somebody digging up my grandmother and taking her wedding band? NO! But when I find a wedding band with my metal detector…its finders keepers!!

        • MD, As a fellow metal detector enthusiast I agree with your points. On public lands (not burial grounds ) I agree that most finds are keepers. I have found personal items w/ names and dates that I have successfully and unsuccessfully returned. Some cool stories there!

        • Crazyfamily stated:
          “The difference between the US and some European countries is in the laws protecting individual rights to freely practice the religion of their choosing. Prehistoric burial grounds are considered sacred by native tribes and should be protected as religious beliefs by law just as Christian religions and others in the US enjoy.”

          I agree with your idea that burials / grounds of any kind should be respected. There are many laws that do protect the human remains as such.

          I disagree that “prehistoric burial ground” or even the possessions, now know as artifacts, such as an arrow head or tool etc. are related to “American Indians” . There have been some, not a lot, of DNA studies that show Prehistoric remains may not have any affiliation to Modern American Indian.

          This in part because of laws that have been agreed to long before such testing could be used. when your talking ancient and prehistoric time periods to the time period of the American Indian… thousand of years have past. It wasn’t till recent times that DNA from Neanderthal Man is more than 90% of the worlds population. Yet prior to this technology, it was believe this could have never happen.

          Religion aside. Just for the fact that a group of people say there ancestors past on that, they have been on this land since time began, doesn’t truly make it so… That is the main reason for Archeology — to find those answers.

          The when, where, why and how of humans studies.

          • If you guys read the article then you know that Mrs. Redd admitted visiting the baby mummy cave looking for artifacts. She admitted having knowledge that there were still mummies in there. These people were not just collecting arrowheads from the surface. She had a couple pairs of sandals that were not found just laying around. I think you guys are making excuses for bad behavior under the guise of arrowhead collecting.

  39. Thanks to all for your friendly and inspiring responses….I certainly wasn’t searching for sympathy, but it is well received and appreciated. I guess I was just trying to communicate what the Chase has done for me, even while I have not found the chest. I was trying to show that if you immerse yourself into the chase, it will pay dividends and you will find treasures galore without ever laying a finger on the chest! In the mountains emotions can run wild, but it is always a rejuvenating and positive experience. The people on this blog never knew, until now, how much support they were providing by sharing their opinions, ideas, and stories. I offer my sincere thanks and I too hope the lives of others become better for having been on this blog, and on the Chase!

    Michael D

  40. Acknowledgement from Douglas Preston’s Book “Thunderhead”

    “Forrest Fenn, who found his own lost city; the Cottonwood Gulch Foundation of New Mexico.”

    • I assume you know this, but they also wrote a book called “The Codex” which is dedicated to forrest and he claims is loosely based on ffs story of treasure…and “the white city”(that’s what I mentioned on the other page) think it’s written in 2002. Many also think “think like a child” is related to the author.

  41. 1. How deep is a hole? f

    2. A deep thinking treasure hunter could determine a very important clue. f

  42. I’m in agreement with Michael. I wasn’t talking about digging up remains and taking those artifacts, although I’m not opposed to it when it comes to ancient tombs where the family is still grieving. I would be fine with anyone digging up my grave in 1000 years to learn from me. I think that would be pretty cool. I’m sure I’m in the minority with that belief, but I would imagine many here pay to see it when paying admission to a museum with mummies and are supporting such actions.

  43. Hello Fellow Searchers…… My name is Tom Hoesten and I live in Coral Springs, Florida. You have seen previous postings of mine listed under the name Tom H. I was the one who wrote the poem “Coffee With Forrest”. My brother Jim and I have been on the search for more than two years.

    This has certainly been a ride and although we walk away empty handed we are not walking away empty spirited. This has beeen a great adventure and we are proud of our hard work and discoveries.

    Thank you.

    • So to clarify, you and your Brother solved the poem and now are stating, the “blaze” was removed, as well as the chest. Do I have that correct? Not only do you know this, but you also have confirmation which you conveniently decline to mention. And to this, you do not possess the chest yourselves, for the fact you were a bit too late?

      So basically your not “Telling” anyone anything at all. OK, I think I got it.

    • Tom, Tom, Tom, you claim to have been searching for two years, yet obviously you haven’t been reading the blogs that long.

      The rest of us are tired of hearing people such as yourself making unsubstantiated remarks. You can just dry up and blow away like the others in the past. Or…. give us proof!

      Tell us your solve. Enough of us can readily tell if you are incorrect. Or, wait until October when Dal returns home and he will surely chew you up.

      Come back.

  44. My first rebuttal is that the blaze is not something that can be removed. But please go on … we are anxiously waiting.

    • Ding, ding sing!
      Now the two cents question: Cannot be removed because is too big or because it’s not there, but somewhere else? 😉

  45. Beyond the digging of graves – is the manner in which “our government” set these people up. First they paid an informant 10,000 cash – up front – and in the end – it cost tax payers – almost 400 thousand to go get someone over what turned out to be a 75 dollar item?

    Are you kidding me ?

    • Yep, government is expensive. If people were good, we wouldnt need governments. But they arent, and so we do. Who you gonna blame?

    • Not to mention it cost two people their lives and one of them were Very Important to their community…!!!

      I wonder how much the court system spent bringing all of these folks to justice…?

      I would rather that money have been spent looking for Dangerous criminals…

  46. Jack….you are incorrect about the blaze. I don’t know where you got that information. I sense sarcasim and ask that as a fellow searcher you take a different approach. I gain nothing in sharing my knowledge except closure and certainly have better things to do then to make up stories. Thanks!

    • Tom H,

      I’m a bit skeptical about the chest being found Sept. 20th. It is the understanding, that if the chest were found, Fenn would be aware of it and announce it’s discovery. Are you indicating that the individual(s) who found it wish to remain anonymous? And regarding Forrest’s request to have his bracelet back, will not be honored? What kind of people are we talking about.

      I like everyone else here, would only accept the fact that the chest has been uncovered, if the person(s) who found it were to at least anonymously provide a picture of the opened chest along side of a dated newspaper. THAT would be factual.

      You have to understand, we have heard this story too many times before and can only question it’s credibility in the absence of proof, undeniable.

    • Tom)

      The Phantom discovered the real location prior to Sept, 20th. He appears to be evasive though and were trying to understand why. Thanks for sharing here.

  47. I am currently working on our story with a reporter and need to confer with him as we move forward. I can tell you the location is in New Mexico.

  48. Germanguy….I understand completely and expected that I would be getting these kinds of responses. I can tell you that I have no idea who retrieved the treasure.

    • .I understand completely and expected that I would be getting these kinds of responses. I can tell you that I have no idea who retrieved the treasure. Tom H. stated.

      How did you get “confirmation” then?

  49. How do you know it’s been found if you aren’t the finder? That doesn’t make sense. Are you saying the finder went to you instead of Mr. Fenn or are you saying you went to your location and it wasn’t there, so you are assuming it was found? Surely you can clarify those points without your reporter being notified.

    • Tom sometimes it’s best not begin a third party messenger. Sense you have all the info please do share sense the chest has been found cause I would like to know how far I’m off.
      I knew it that it must be Dal and he’s dancing a jig. Bastard ;(

      • William we are not sure when the treasure was retrieved. Speculation is some time between 7/26 and 9/20.

  50. Tom H.
    ” On Saturday, September 20th. we confirmed the Forrest Fenn treasure has been found. The blaze has been removed as well. We are not the ones who retrieved it.”

    In-case you missed my question earlier Tom. How did you Confirm the chest was found?

  51. Dave….If I spell everything out then my story to the reporter has no legs. I truly believe that everybody in this search would want their story to be told just as we do.

    • Why do folks that say the chest is found… NEVER answer the obvious questions. How was it confirmed the chest was found?

  52. Seeker…..We knew EXACTLY where the chest was. When my brother went there on 9/20 the chest and blaze were gone. It is very difficult for me to explain how we knew the location but I can tell you we had proof.

  53. I still don’t have a personal problem with people taking items from the dead who no longer have living relatives who are morning them. If we’re talking over 500 year old graves, I see no reason why artifacts shouldn’t be aloud to be retrieved. I understand that it might not be a popular view although most of us as I said would go to a museum and pay to see things like that including the bodies(mummies). I just don’t see any reason for beautiful items to be left underground and not enjoyed by the living. I’m in the minority at this time though. So we have to abide by the laws.

  54. Tom –

    If you are indeed meeting with a report – why post here at all?
    Cuz you feel sorry for us?

    10 minutes and counting ………………………

    • People jave made comments about expenses and so forth. I felt is was only right to assist people by helping them not spend money searching unnecessarily.

      • So on your “word” we should all stop searching ?

        You know Tom, that is not going to happen. If you have been around here – you know that is not going to happen – with out FF saying the treasure has been found.

        So I wondering – why else?

        Who’s the reporter your dealing with? Must be a New Mexico Paper – right?

        • While the dust settles, I’ve been reading R. Sauniers blog. He’s a smart guy, and there’s some helpful info over there. Janie and Annie still plan to enjoy their awesome adventure in spite of rumors, because it will be worth the cold. Yikes, what happened to Indian summer in the Rockies? We are doing a sun dance, and sighting in our Daisy air rifles at targets with Tom’s photo. *Just kidding.

  55. I do not appreciate the condescending comments and if they continue I will end my conversation on the blog. I do promise you however that when all is said and done I will have the last laugh regarding these findings and those of you who doubt and reply in a nasty fashion will be sorry you did.

    • And there it is….. I have proof, confirmation, I understand folks will not believe me, I’m just being a good joe, a faithful searcher. But how dare you ask me questions on How I know?

      Hulk Getting Mad !!!

    • Good Grief…….I leave for a few minutes here come the crazies. You are right about one thing Tom…’re done here. Dal doesn’t allow nonsense like this.

        • You’re fine William…….But Tom is gone. It looks like he got raked over the coals pretty good; deservedly so. I wish I had a dollar for every searcher that said they found it or it’s not there because it wasn’t where they thought it should be.

          • Goofy, thank you for bringing a halt to this kind of agitation.

            As you say, it isn’t the first time. And don’t blink, it won’t be the last.

            Seems lots want this kind of junk to cease. That’s good!

          • Yeah,

            That seems like a reasonable outcome, but what am I going to do with all this popocorn that I just bought in anticipation?

      • Goof, I’m not sure I like Tom being censored out … after all, the audience must be trusted to rake the truth out of the coals themselves, and they are doing a pretty good job. Now I have to worry about a censor doing my thinking for me and that whole first freedom thing. Hows that shoe fit?

        • Ihave have to agree with you Old Shadow, but that being said, this is DAl’s blog/property and Tom |-| can create his own or do it somewhere else. I suspect that Goof asked Dal what to do about all this brouhaha and it was ultimately Dal’s decision.

          Like just about everything in life, it’s not black and white: it’s mostly grey

          • I agree with Old Shadow and Liviu. There are enough seasoned searchers here to examine these types of claims and weed out them out. I think Dal’s concern is new searchers reading these claims or people cancelling trips and losing money based on them. But it seems that this blog is pretty good at self policing, so maybe he should reconsider the policy. But it’s ultimately his call.

        • Old Shadows, Liviu and Jack,

          Suppose for a minute that it is your “first” time on a blog and you had just heard about this treasure chest and wanted to find out more about it…you come here and read what was said above about the chest has been found.
          A) Would you continue searching…?
          B) Give up and never search because someone CLAIMED it has been found…?
          C) Hang out and see if the “regulars” clarify if the chest has been found or not…?

          This is Dals blog and we play by his rules…good rules I might add. All we have to do is say…IMO…when we make statements.

          In case you folks have not been around this blog very long…Dal shut this blog down once already. I like this place. Dal and Goofy are doing an excellent job and I for one thank them both for giving all of us a great place to share and learn.

          So how about we all play by the rules so that this place stays open.

          • Rick… re-read our remarks and address the issue with some deep thinking logic.

            1. No question, Dal’s site is his to make rules.
            2. Other than Military secrets, and the recipe for Coca Cola, do adults need a censor to protect them from stupid talk? I defend your right to speak it or hear it, just as I do Toms.

          • LOL…

            no deep thinking logic needed…plain and simple logic works here…play by the rules or get sensored as you call it :mrgreen:

            Good luck in your search Old Shadows

        • Old Shadows Dal doesn’t allow comments like Tom’s. I do agree with him on this issue.

          You wouldn’t believe the crap that gets blocked. You guys did a good job of running him through the ringer; but if we allowed that sort of comments that’s all that would get talked about and the blog comments would be basically useless.

          • Thanks for the explanation Goofy. I understand the predicament and appreciate your difficult position.

  56. Tom, I am sure you got set up, lots of people searching the same area’s….Fake FF carved into tree’s. I have seen fake Blazes too. And hole’s the size of the chest dug, near Water High. I think You just got snookered! Happened to a few of us.LOL

    • Here’s a simple question Tom… What is or should I say was the “Blaze” ? Seiing it’s not there anymore to look for, what would be the harm in tell all the searchers that tidbit of information?

  57. I had a few drinks and now i’m laughing at myself 🙂 someone was so greedy that they took the chest and cut the tree down with the blaze on it.

  58. OK, let’s see. The blaze was supposed to be there, but Tom couldn’t find it because it was gone. The treasure was supposed to be there, but it wasn’t so someone must have found it before Tom got there. Yep that must be what happened. Too bad because his solution was perfect.

    • Jack,

      That may have been the problem all along, he just couldn’t let go of it. I hate seeing people go down like this. Another pirate goes down with his ship.

  59. question for all – has Forrest said that knowledge of history isn’t needed to solve any of the clues?

    • I agree, Chris……the blaze cannot be removed. He is just a sore loser. A quitter who can’t handle not being right on his solve. Excuse me, their solve, he and his brother. And they want to inflict their pain and disappointment onto everyone else. I know that it must be difficult to strike-out after 2 yrs of searching,Tom, but give us a break here, it only serves to make us dislike you for what you are doing. Just come clean and we’ll forgive you.

      And as for your story, you can still sell it to the reporter. Now get real, Tom, and tell us the truth. We know that the blaze cannot be moved and we know that if you really had any proof you would show it. I think we all know that your claim is “Hog Wash”.

      • Just the manner in which Tom worded his input to us – makes he think – he truly believes what he said. He is just a searcher like the rest of us – who perhaps got it wrong. To bash him – is of no use – and I wish his team well.

    • Sorry Chris, you mentioned “Tom H” which automatically throws the comment into moderation. I’ll have to approve this one because I just mentioned him.

      It’s part of the blocking algorithm.

  60. I was gonna tell everyone what my WWWH is but since there is a claim that it is not needed anymore I guess there is no need to tell it… :mrgreen:

  61. Here is a new way i looked at the chase…..
    I thought that the capital B in HoB could of meant the Bible when I first read the poem, and I was reading the Bible last night and saw a couple of quotes from the New Testament that could fit into this chase,
    1)The Parable of the hidden treasure
    …..”Again, the kingdom of heaven is like treasure hidden in a field, which a man found and hid, and for joy over it he goes and sells all that he has and buys that field”
    and on the same page….
    2)”…..Therefor every scribe instructed concerning the kingdom of heaven is like a householder who brings out of his treasure THINGS NEW AND OLD”

    things new and old is like he says “and riches new and old”

    and maybe Forrest bought a piece of land to hid his treasure…… I do not think he would hid it in a national park or Native American tribal land or private land, so maybe he bought a piece of land that he made sure it would be his long after he died…I am not sure how land owning laws are organized, does anyone know if you could keep a piece of land for a while? I am sure this has been looked into by now…….

    • I ventured as a posibility an empty cemetery plot in Santa Fe, for the place where the gold is stashed.

      Somewhere in the mountains North of SF we have to find the chest with the title to the gold – that would be clear instructions where to go get it (think The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly)
      That’s a possibility of knowing it’s been found.

      Here in Alberta there are cemeteries where you pay up front a certain amount and there is absolutely no more paperwork. No annual fees or maintenance charges. Nothing.

        • That’s true… but this is the question:

          When he said not in a graveyard, was he refering to the chest or the gold?
          See how tricky that could be?

          Another possible intended confusion is that our tresure (the gold) and his treasure (the contents opf the chest: necklace, bracelet, bio, etc) are not the same.
          He can say very casually “the treasure is such and such…” but he means “his” treasure, and we understand “ours”

    • Hey,’ cluesfromphilly’, it’s the idea that the treasure is hidden on a piece of “private” property owned by FF that makes me believe that the key word in the poem is “title”.

      • Hey Mikael,
        That is what I got from that idea I had. Maybe F bought land to place the chest on that noone would go near for a while….. I dont know if anyone had looked into if F has bought land(which I am pretty sure he would hid from everyone) anywhere in the R Mountains….. because I dont think he would put it in a National or state park or indian land or someone elses property……

        what do you think?

    • Thanks amy,
      you always say very supportive things to my posts and I really appreciate you reactions to what I have to say.

  62. the last time i searched i saw a furry little animal paddling across a creek. i thought how bra ve he must be to endure the cold like that. if i was that small, if i had to endure that cold, i dont think it would be worth it. maybe if i had fur on my body it would be OK. all this brought back to my memory Forrwst Fenn and Sauniers mountain blog for some reason.

  63. Some time ago, in days yonder of the horse and carriage, there was a Dance and Social in the town of CherryStone.

    Willy and his buddies attended the event, knowing there would be dozens of eager young girls, each having hopes of dapper gents and dance requests.

    As Willy surveyed the scene, he was reluctant to approach anybody on account of his wooden eye. Yes, Willy had a wooden eye.

    One of Willy’s friends, knowing that his confidence needed some encouragement, said to him “Hey Willy, see that girl over there, she’s kinda cute and super nice, you should ask her to dance. She has a bit of a hair lip and I don’t think that she would care one bit about your wooden eye.”

    This all made a lot of sense to Willy, who was now briskly and boldly pacing across the room towards his new target. With a smile on his face and a twinkle in his eye, he addressed the young girl, “Miss, would you care to dance?”

    Excitedly, she replied, “Ooooooh, would I, would I !!”

    As the happy demeanor on Willy’s face suddenly turned to a frown, and the twinkle in his eye became a splinter, he pointed at her and shouted, “Hair lip! Hair lip!”

    • I see your hair lip and raise you a duck…

      A woman brought a very limp duck into a veterinary surgeon. As
      she laid her pet on the table, the vet pulled out his
      stethoscope and listened to the bird’s chest.

      After a moment or two, the vet
      shook his head and sadly said, “I’m sorry, your duck, Cuddles,
      has passed away.”

      The distressed woman wailed,
      “Are you sure?”
      “Yes, I am sure. Your duck is dead,” replied
      the vet..

      “How can you be so sure?” she
      protested. “I mean you haven’t done any testing on him or anything. He might just be in a coma or

      The vet rolled his eyes, turned
      around and left the room. He returned a few minutes later
      with a black Labrador Retriever. As the duck’s owner looked on
      in amazement, the dog stood on his hind legs, put his
      front paws on the examination table and sniffed the duck from
      top to bottom. He then looked up at the vet with sad eyes and
      shook his head.

      The vet patted the dog on the
      head and took it out of the room. A few minutes later he
      returned with a cat. The cat jumped on the table and also
      delicately sniffed the bird from head to foot. The cat sat
      back on its haunches, shook its head, meowed softly and
      strolled out of the room.

      The vet looked at the
      woman and said, “I’m sorry, but as I said, this is most
      definitely, 100% certifiably, a dead duck.”

      The vet turned to his computer terminal, hit a few keys and
      produced a bill, which he handed to the woman..

      The duck’s owner, still in shock, took the bill. “$150!” she
      cried, “$150 just to tell me my duck is dead!”

      The vet shrugged, “I’m sorry. If you had just taken my word for it,
      the bill would have been $20, but with the Lab Report and the
      Cat Scan, it’s now $150.”

    • The strong young man at the construction site was bragging that he could out do anyone in a feat of strength. He made a special case of making fun of one of the older workmen.

      After several minutes, the older worker had had enough. “Why don’t you put your money where your mouth is,” he said. “I will bet a week’s wages that I can haul something in a wheelbarrow over to that outbuilding that you won’t be able to wheel back.”

      “You’re on, old man,” the braggart replied. “Let’s see what you got.”

      The old man reached out and grabbed the wheelbarrow by the handles. Then, nodding to the young man, he said, “All right. Get in.”

  64. I had an enjoyably visit with Tom and his brother at the Downtown Subscription Coffee Shop in Santa Fe. They seemed like nice guys and avid treasure hunters. But there is confusion somewhere. While it’s not impossible to remove the blaze it isn’t feasible to try, and I am certain it’s still there.

    And while I’m here I’d like to make some comments:

    I have never said that a searcher was within 2-feet of the treasure, or 6-feet, or 20.

    None of my bronze bells or jars are buried at San Lazaro Pueblo.

    The CE5 phrase on the treasure chest is of no value to searchers.

    Snow and freezing temperatures have already arrived to parts of the Rocky Mountains. If you plan to search this winter please be safe.

      • “While it’s not impossible to remove the blaze it isn’t feasible to try, and I am certain it’s still there.” Careful Liviu, this could apply to nonphysical as well.

        • Exactly, i think fenn’s comment was to calm some nerves as well as set the record straight. Saying the blaze is not impossible to move doesn’t say size, just not wise to do it. As Germanyguy stated “this could apply to non-physical as well.”

          If the all the information one needs to find the chest is in the poem… conceivably so is the blaze. A play on words? or a true statement?
          your choice.

          • Seeker –

            I don’t think he said the word – move –
            he said “remove” two different things.

          • inthechaseto is correct.

            But my point is that the Blaze may not be physical at all [we just don’t know ] and just in the poem itself. So technically if you “remove” the blaze from the poem, it would not be a smart idea to do. But fenn’s not going to come out and say this.

            It could also that the blaze is a physical object on the ground and to remove it may have other ramifications. I feel he need to clarify that the chest is out there and he stated it the way he did to remind folks not to mess with the poem and not to mess with nature / surroundings as well. IMO

        • Germanguy,

          “While it’s not imposible to remove” is THE SAME statement as “While it’s possible to remove”.

          To put it in logical terms: the negation of a false statement is a true statement.

          A non-physical blaze is impossible to remove.
          Therefore, as it is possible to remove the blaze, that means that it has to be physical.

          Again in logical terms:
          If A implies B, then Not-B implies Not-A

          As a confirmation of the above reasoning, Forrest also said “it isn’t feasible”, therefore again it is possible to remove it but not feasible to try, and this statement made me think of BIG.

          • Liviu

            just wanted to say, what a nice logical post

            A non-physical blaze is impossible to remove.

            Therefore, as it is possible to remove the blaze, that means that it has to be physical.

          • Your ‘and’, ‘or’, and possibly ‘nand’ are all reasonable, but for a moment consider this. If the ‘blaze’ is part of the poem and you chose to remove it, what do you have left? You’ve now violated one of Fenn’s rules regarding the poem. “Don’t change anything”.

            However, if you believe the blaze lies outside the poem as a physical object, etc, then you are free to do as you please. If that is ‘feasible’.

          • It’s not impossible to remove the thought of a blaze, or a description of one from one’s consciousness (it’s not physical) esp. the one that is in the poem, and it sure wouldn’t be feasible to do so.

          • Germanguy and ritt,

            I can feel that you’re a little “taken aback” by this and I think I know why: I also believed the blaze being contained within the poem. maybe one of these days I’ll explain it in more details.

            GG, you say “to conside the blaze part of the poem and then I should chose to remove it”… but there is a fallacy in your statement. If I chose to remove it, that doesn’t meant it’s being completely removed, it’s only gone from my mind and I also did it really feasibly: didn’t cost a me a second or a nickel… poof it’s gone.

            I think that the blaze or part of it is something physical and big… but as I just alluded, I also admit that it could consist of two or more parts of which one HAS to be physical, and if that part is removed then the blaze is gone.

          • Don’t take my reply negatively Liviu, I respect you opinion as much as I know you respect mine. 🙂

            We’re both individuals or we’d bore each other…LOL

          • Logical is a funny word for me. An optimist says a 1/2 glass of water is 1/2 full. A pessimist says it’s 1/2 empty. A logical / realist persons says, I have enough water to sustain me for now, but will need to find more soon.

            Most think hints in the poem must be physical places. If I said wwwh is not physical and can’t even go to it, most would say, it has to be physical because that is where you start.

            But if I said wwwh refers to the Glacial period… waters that are frozen / halt… and that wwwh is nothing more than a time period and not physical place you can go to. Is this a logical conclusion?

            The same argument can be claim for the blaze. It can just refer to something that is not physical and should not be “removed” from the poem. I know this line of thinking may baffle some. But I hope it will make others ponder in thought.

          • Liviu, I’m not “taken aback” at all, I’m not saying that I believe that the blaze is only in the poem, I was just saying that it is possible to remove it from one’s consciousness or from one’s thoughts. It doesn’t mean that there isn’t some physical blaze out there. It’s not impossible to remove it from a non physical place. Just expressing my opinion, like you are doing. Don’t take it so hard.

          • Ok my chase two cents.

            HOB is an actual location with GPS coordinates as real as the 328 combat missions Forrest flew in Vietnam.

            The blaze is a physical thing too with GPS coordinates.

            And finally the treasure is real too with GPS coordinates.

            I never said F put the coordinates out there only that these things really occupy physical space. I was beginning to believe this was a metaphysical chase…just had to reaffirm it to myself.

          • ED,…I happened to believe that there is a physical blaze out there, also. In fact I have seen it, IMHO. I have been there searching many times. Someday, and I hope it’s soon, I will discover the TC there. But, who doesn’t think that they know where it’s at? If you don’t have any idea of where it’s at then you might as well go home and play canasta. lol
            I think Forrest has written something along those words. Everyone should chill-out and do there own thing. “Consensus” is not in the searchers vocabulary. Have a good search. 😎

    • You know Forrest I’d go get this for the gang if you’d narrow the parameters a little. Is it in the middle in a hole. Up on the sides? I mean look quickly down is pretty vague and that’s a big area to search…this could take 6 months 🙂

    • Fenn, thanks for setting the record straight. The blaze is not missing.

      If you have another really cool scrapbook to post just send it me. Dal’s gone, we can do whatever we want……..That’ll teach him to leave the zoo and leave the animals in charge. 😆

    • A cup of coffee. I decall a cup, large cup sipped by the bookstore girl TTOTC. A cup of coffee with feminist lady TFTW. George Dabich cup of coffee under the tree. Having coffee in the Persian rug story. I hope that’s quality coffee 🙂

    • Thanks so muchy forrest! I wish you the best and hope you live to be 108! I think you can! I am planning on going out soon, in the Rocky Mountains.
      So Hey everyone, Back to the chase. I am sure when forrest talks with “chasers” and they give him their location, he will NOT TELL them where it is not. So he will just smile. He will not say NO, this is the wrong location!
      I think the Blaze could just be a trail, a trail Blaze, of an animal or human. Could be not marked…Might be a mark on a tree. Maybe? who knows.
      Anyway I am glad, at least forrest is keeping an eye on us. See you on the path…..Much Love to him and his family!

      And Michael, and everyone, I am glad Mike D. can feel comfortable sharing here. I thought I would share my challenge too, to give Mike some company. Thank You for all the kind words. Best wishes to everyone!

      Lou Lee, Chased by Bears in Jellystone park.

  65. Wait for it….
    Here it comes….
    The Weekend!
    Take a deep breath everyone. Dal & Forrest always sort it out. There are some great college football matchups this weekend, fall fishing, harvest festivals. Get out and smell the sunshine.

  66. On “the blaze” being a physical object…it could easily exist in a painting of a location, another story or text, or even as the way the sun shines through a hole. All of these would be technically possible but virtually impossible to destroy (I.e. Burn all the books, destroy EVERY painting in existence, or dynamite the place the sun shines through or down on. I wouldn’t put all my ducks in a basket thinking FFs remarks were a clue of any sort…

  67. I am also a bit concerned with several grammatical errors in that post…isn’t forrest a writer? Not picking him apart, just hope it was truly him that posted that. Regardless I think the brothers are morons.

  68. I suspect the whole Tom-Caper was a ploy to corner Mr. Fenn into making denial comments that might reveal something. As you can see, he tried his damnedest to not give out any hints, but still there had to be some content, and that’s now revving up the engines.

  69. I have a few questions…they are rhetorical, but feel free to respond if you feel you know the answers.
    WHY is Forrest Fire now all of a sudden forrestfenn? Why is TOM blocked? Is it to hide the knowledge he might share? Is it because you KNOW he is a liar? I thought our fellow searchers were doing a fine job of sniffing him out….
    It is not IMPOSSIBLE to remove the blaze, but not feasible to try??? WHAT IF TOM WAS TELLING THE TRUTH? just playing devil’s advocate for a second…I for one, wanted to hear what he had to say. If THEE Forrest Fenn says he’s certain it’s still there, then I believe him… TOM seemed sincere to me…but maybe I have “sucker” written on my forehead. I know one thing…I would have liked to have heard his solve through “UNFILTERED” noises.

    • IMO Tom may be blocked for stating things as fact rather than opinion without any sort of proof? More specifically it was quite a large statement to make. Personally I’m surprised if he was certain of the location he wouldn’t be considering he had the wrong blaze…maybe if/when the “story” with the “reporter” fails to come out he will back paddle up that creek to avoid further humiliation?

    • Mike he’s got different logins he uses…….But as far as I can tell it’s Fenn. If it’s not him I’m sure I’ll hear about it.

      Tom is blocked because Dal does not allow (I agree with him) that kind of nonsense. Like I told Old Shadows you wouldn’t believe the junk that gets blocked. Soon the blog would be useless and a place where no one would want to be.

      Tom wants some attention, I’m sure he’ll find a place to post or create his own blog. If you want to argue with him go for it.

      • Understood Goofy. Thanks for the info and the quick response. I hope you get where I was coming from… So if you say that was ff… no more questions from me…

        • Like I said Mike, as far as I can tell it was him. If it wasn’t him I’m sure I’ll get notified and will set the record straight.

          • TO ALL, ff just confirmed he was the author of that post in an email to me, in response to an inquiry I made.

            Thank you for replying Forrest, it was comforting.

            Michael D

          • It sure looked like Fennspeak to me, but I am just a weary traveller on this big ball circling the sun.

    • Answers to your questions:

      1. Because Forrest can post on here using any nick he chooses.
      2. Because Tom came in here making a statement of fact, when he had no facts to back it up.
      3. His knowledge of the treasure was flawed, being he could not provide evidence of possessing the chest.
      4. Not calling the man a “liar”, but rather a confused individual.
      5. Forrest has satisfactorily responded to the ‘blaze’ issue.

      The questioning of “filtering noises”, will have to be taken up with Dal or Goofy.

    • inthechaseto, wow I missed about 624 posts today. Was the Tom affair quenched after Forrest weighed in? The flury of activity reminds me of what a cat and mouse game TTOTC is…..5000 barn cats hungry for one lone mouse and no one can find the barn or the hidey hole the mouse ran into. But ff clearly said the tc was not affiliated with any structure.There exists a finite list of places (listed in totc) that Forrest went IN alone: 1.the barn 2. graveyards 3. his airplanes 4. national forests w/mountains, rivers, canyons. Like lil’gidding I keep circling back to the ol childhood days, which leads me to graveyards, barns, and the west fish hatchery.. ha, young forrest was clever when the trout weren’t biting fast enough.

  70. crazyfamily,

    I did not read the article, and I am not condoning anyone else’s actions. I am simply expressing my opinion of the antiquities acts you speak of. if I find it on the surface of the earth without my having excavated it…it should be mine…as if a one hundred dollar bill blew into my yard while I was mowing and I saved it from the blades.

  71. A quick google/Facebook search of the full name listed by tom yielded me one guy in Florida…who happens to have production ties with IMBD, HBO, etc. most recently a piece on anne frank. I will not make judgements or claims of possible motives, but found it a curious piece of information and wanted to share 😉

    • That figures. I’ve always felt that I’m being watched when I’m at “my” search area. I just wish there were some loud-speakers so whoever is watching can tell me if I’m getting warmer or really HOT as I approach the treasure. Some might think that would take all the “fun” out of it…

      • JC117-
        To paraphrase a quote I once read/heard by someone -“Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean f is not watching you.”
        How about looking for the camera first when you get to “your” area?
        Tip: If you are near a pool and hear “Marco”… ensure you yell back “Polo.”

        • My comments might have seemed to contain sarcasm but I am serious about the camera. I do think he is somehow keeping an eye on the area.

          After my Marco Polo comment I came across another game called-Fish out of water- Made me think of being hooked and reeled in by a professional angler named f. I hope not to be a large mouth bass but my friends have called me a sucker.

          • Safety Joe – since I hate frigid water, so, I believe I will fish for treasure out of water. your safety advice is always great. I’m looking thru hundreds of posts from last 2 days trying to make sense of impt things. if going the suggested private route there are so many combinations of names and the poem can anagram to anything. trying to remember about old place/things in my search area, like diggin gyps looks at old things.

          • Safety Joe, your comment about being reeled in by a master fisher like ff makes one a sucker worries me (i am gullable because I tend to trust others). It looks like you’ve been in the totc a while, me not so many months. Can you explain a bit better? is the whole thing a ruse just to humble people and get them outdoors again? I don’t know much about ff, but why would he want to leave his children and grandchildren to believe their father was a liar about the treasure. or are you saying ff never wants it found, and we’re being teased?

          • In regards to cameras as well as ppl saying how they know being “too big a clue”…there are lots of permanent webcams all over the Rockeys open to the public. Look up pikes peak, browns park in Colorado…numerous places in Teton and Bridger-Teton etc. they’re all over the place and can be accessed by anybody. Several just all went “out for temporary repair” recently, not sure why, but you can view lots of places live or on 1-3 minute updates.

          • @ Jamie, Good info about the web cams. Have days where I’m not clear headed enough for the mental gymnastics necessary to stay in this game. Anyone who believes they can solve the poem without serious research into Fenn’s life and interests is wasting their turn imo. Just when my solve looks done, someone whispers sucker and rips all confidence to shreds, or ‘threads through the wiles of nature and circumstance’ as ff says.

          • @Lia, I can make a good circumstantial case either way. There’s really no need to be here if one thinks the whole thing is a ruse. That is probably the first, and easiest, question every searcher has to answer…..Is it really out there. After that the questions get a tad more difficult.

            I think what Safety Joe is talking about is understanding Fenn. He is many things but first and foremost he is a natural born marketing genius. He made millions buying stuff and then convincing someone else it was worth more than what he paid for it. In one of the videos he describes himself as a hustler. That’s not necessarily a bad term to me. His obvious target was the rich and famous; he made millions stroking the egos and spinning yarns to the rich and famous. They drop ten grand like you and I waste a ten dollar bill at a tourist trap……We know we paid too much; but hey, it was fun.

            He has told us he’s not going to give out any useful information. Most of us think he actually has given some useful information…..not in Utah for example. That was helpful to me because I really wanted it to be in Utah. No need to go down that rabbit hole any more. In my opinion, there are a few grains of wheat in all this chaff. The problem is separating the wheat from the chaff.

            This is a battle of wits between us and Fenn. I’ve always viewed the chase as a marathon, not a sprint. He obviously enjoys interacting with the chasers; and that to me, makes the chase a lot more fun. While at the same time more difficult.

            If you are easily frustrated this is probably not a good place to be. As far as being gullible, you might be the one that reads through this mountain of information here and believes some little tidbit of information the rest of us have discarded; and it leads you straight to the chest……Good hunting.

          • @ goofy – right. thanks. sifting wheat from chaff, or dirt from saphires on a screen is dusty work, but has to be done to find the gems. I get it, I’m just tired today and hit mile 999 in the ‘Fenntathalon’

          • lia20-
            Goofy (OG?) explained my meaning clearly. Thank you Goofy!. I did not mean to imply the Chase is a ruse.
            If you read scrapbook seventy-three and then the poetry page you might see a few post by me that might help understand my post above.
            I have a bad habit of chasing every word Mr. Fenn writes and therefore have spent much TIME researching (and commenting) on things I should have left alone…for example: CE5 and I still think beer in plastic bags is a good idea? Yes, I am gullible.
            The chase has been great but now I can’t drive by a crushed soda can without stopping to pick it up. No hanging loops though.
            I liked reading about suckers and Aspen Groves. Nice addition Homecoming76.

      • JC

        I always like that game

        Ok you are so Cold
        Um your getting Warm
        Now your Hot
        Wow your so Hot it’s on Fire

        It would be nice if Forrest would tell that searcher Something then that way whoever could move from warm to hot 🙂

        Let’s play a game 🙂 !!!!!!!

        • I like that game, too, Amy. It usually takes me a long time because my first inclination is that whatever I’m looking for is out on the edges…but what if it is in the middle of Something?

  72. i understand the concept that the blaze could be something both physical and not physical

    for example, the blaze could be an idea or a concept, but then the concept is ultimately a hint that is either directing you physically in a certain location, or is actually a certain location, or something physical in that location

    in other words,like i say, both something physical and not. but it does need to be and tie into something physical and in a location, otherwise how can it ever lead you to a physical place, and we do have to go to some physical place at some point to actually retrieve the treasure.

    logically, i dont see how the blaze can be something not physical ONLY

    to me that discussion would be like, i see a cup that is solid green, and someone is trying to explain to me how it is actually pink with purple polka dots. they could come up with a pretty good explanation, and even though i continue to point out the cup has to be green, they will continue to have a response that seems to support what they say and yet denies the reality that the cup is green. and my mind would continue to reject what they say as illogical.

    • Here’s one example Chris….if I looked at an old photograph or painting or illustration of a place, and that photograph contained things that don’t currently exist. I.E. There’s a giant X over one spot in the picture. that “x” may only exist in the picture but marks a spot in real life…or an old nursery rhyme or movie reveals a specific spot….see what I mean?

      • Or with the cup…it could be green, but maybe someone would explain that it’s now covered in limestone deposits. This making it currently green but polka dotted in natural essence.

      • Good Morning all. @ Jamie, your nursery rhyme idea is a fun wake-up with coffee exercise. which nursery rhyme, if you had to guess?

        • Ring around the Rosie? Haha, who knows….one of my current “solves in process” has me pretty far over the edge with clues being a maze of illustrations/lithographs that I am figuratively chasing a white rabbit through one by one. Some of these exist in more than one publication and more than one appear as well in an old nursery rhyme book so I opened myself to the possibility I may end in a rhyme. Yes, I’m aware I’m probably past the point of crazy town, but I’m having fun haha

          • Jamie – och, I thought nursery rhymes would be an easy warm up with a cup of coffee and you introduce german to the equation? I’m still thinking about rosie the cow being rosie brown in some barn. maybe gg can help out or we can play Amy’s game and you tell me whether i’m warmer in english or german. my brain already hurts.

          • Haha…now imagine following this path through nine stinking clues!! While probably the least feasible…it certainly excercises the mind and provides more entertainment than my other solves. I am seriously embarrassed to admit just how much time I have spent in this particular land of nonsense…smiling away all the while lol

          • That’s it 42!!! Rosie = COW MOUNTAIN in COLORADO! Let’s gooooooo!!! Our blaze can be 9 monkeys jumping on a bed!! Well follow the trail of bananas!! You in??

          • Jamie – I’m in if you will let me ride along. Afraid my past decoding skills come up short everytime, and will again. So, you’re in charge of nursery ryhmes and names, and I get to jump on the bed with 9 little monkeys! intuition gets me to the ballpark, but never gets me a ticket inside, and there’s not much time left for me. so, Colorado or bust with a pickup full of kids!

  73. Chris Yates,

    I could say the Blaze is not a physical place, just the same as I could say, “There’ll be no paddle up your creek” Is just a metaphor only. Should for example and only an example, the “blaze” being stanza 2 and 3 starting at the WWWH , ending at waterhigh. Is the Blaze technically Physical or is it instructions?

    Do I fully believe that, maybe not, but it does open a door to another side of thinking.

    • you could say, no paddle up your creek is a metaphor only, if we were just talking about a poem

      but this isn’t just a poem, it is directions to a treasure location

      • And are directions physical? Are direction in a cook book physical or is the end result the only physical thing?

        The same premise could work in reading the poem. The play on words that the blaze can be removed doesn’t tell us if it is physical, just not a great idea. The only reason it is presented as physical is because Tom stated it was gone along with the chest.

        If you’ve been wise and found the blaze… doesn’t tell us it is a physical place or object. Are we even gazing at something physical or gazing at the poem and how clever something was hidden in front of are own eyes?

        Yes, before you ask. There is a physical place one must go and that is to ” just take the chest and go in peace.”

        again this is just food for thought.

  74. Somewhere there was a Q to Fenn about the blaze, and I think his answer was “in a word, yes.” And from that, I believe some people projected a Y shape as having something to do with the blaze… but for those still entertaining the uranium links, perhaps the meat of Fenn’s YES was not the Y but the ES …. einsteinium. Not terribly useful as a blaze element for our hunters, but it does have a glow, and that name has some purchase power in the book.

    I see y’all sticking your tongues out at me !

      • Is an Aspen grove one object?
        Has everyone googled: clonal plants?
        I may as well use this topic to counter one of Dal’s assumptions about blaze longevity, …many woody things could house a TC for a thousand years , even 5,000 years … if you don’t use them for firewood.

        Even the simplest question grows legs in all directions, so y’all must like long trips.

  75. Tom may be right someone may have been to his spot but what if it was fenn having a little fun…what if? It just helps fenn when people play into his games he coulden’t be happier… my guess is that phantom pulled it off on labor day judging from all the work it took to be in the wood… 🙂 F must be hiding behind every bush 🙂

  76. It looks like it is going to be a beautiful day here in Indiana, and while I would love to be heading to the mountains, it looks like I will be installing a water softener and then working on the mower. fun, fun, fun.

    • Mower…? It is winter time…grass will not need cutting until spring…leave the mower alone for another day :mrgreen:

  77. Had anyone looked into if FF bought land somewhere in the rocky mountains to hide his treasure???
    because I dont think he would place it in a national/state park, Native American land, someone elses property…….

  78. Not sure how exactly it’s supposed to work with “new” people here but, uh, yo.

    I’ve been reading/researching for a couple months; I haven’t gone out and searched, and I’m not sure if I ever will, but I’m enthralled by the mystery and I want to see this thing found and learn how the puzzle pieces all fit together. Maybe I’ll be able to contribute something of value (I have my doubts, but who knows…)

    I haven’t yet read the books because at this point I’m taking Forrest at face value when he says all you really need is the poem, and I’m too new at this to allow myself to get too far sidetracked from the fundamentals. The way I’m currently looking at the poem (basically in its simplest form within the framework I’m working with) it’s pointing me toward Wyoming. I’m sure the specific area I’m looking at is hardly groundbreaking and has probably been searched hundreds of times, but that’s where I’m at for the time being.

    I’m not big on putting specific personal details out online, but I don’t want to be some weird/mysterious character either. I’m a 30-something psychologist, raised in the PNW, now located in the midwest. So there’s that.


    • Dub-
      Welcome. Relax and tell us your thoughts. I am sure you can help in more ways than one.
      I’ll be following.

      • Thanks Joe. At this point my thoughts are so scattered on the whole thing, I’m just kinda floating things around and hoping they “congeal” in some meaningful way.

        I’m currently looking at the poem in a kind of wrap-around manner. I know I’ve read about people looking at the stanza order as 5-6-1-2-3-4, but I’m looking at it like the fundamental clues are in 2-3-4, and stanzas 5-6-1 supplement the clues in the same order.

        So I’m reading it 2-3-4-5-6-1, with stanza associations 2-5, 3-6, 4-1. I don’t have any particular reason for doing it this way, it just makes sense in some abstract way to me (and as a bonus it fits in a sense with the T.S. Eliot reference, for what it’s worth).

        I haven’t made it through a full, tangible solve yet, but like I said, looking just at the poem to me is pointing toward Wyoming.

        Removing the poem entirely from the situation though, I can’t seem to break away from the statement Forrest made about hiding the treasure over the course of an “afternoon”. The afternoon seems, in a vacuum, like an odd time to hide a treasure. Higher likelihood of running across other people, plus if anything went wrong (a fall, etc.) you’re directly dealing with nightfall soon with far less prospects of help.

        I can’t help but think there was some logistical reason that Forrest took the chest out in the afternoon (as opposed to the early morning, which seems the most logical time to me to do it), and the most likely scenario to me is that it was a day trip–in other words, if taking all the literature out of the equation, to me the chest would most likely be somewhere that is something like a 4-7 hour drive from Santa Fe, which would put it in a loose band from central to southwest CO. Obviously this is hardly set in stone, it could be any number of things, but I give extra weight to anything that falls into this area (germanguy and Mike D’s Uravan solves are at the outer edge of this band, and I am extremely intrigued by that line to the point where even given the opportunity I’d never explore it myself for fear that I’d actually find the chest as a direct result of someone else’s work). Most of what I’ve looked into is not in this area, but it’s just a random detail in the back of my mind that I can’t seem to escape.

        This is a long-winded way of saying I really have no clue at this point, but the wheels are turning…


        • Dub,
          For being the “new kid on the block” your adapting well. As I read your comments I see you have an open mind to possibilities.

          The FF comment on Two trips in one afternoon, maybe straightforwards. as well as, simple information. example: At face value it sound like he traveled from his car to the hide, back to the car, to the hide again and back to the car.

          Could it possibly mean [ Using an afternoon time line of say 6 hours ] that the time was ‘equal’ to an afternoon trip, but physically went at a different time of day or night?

          In the book Fenn stated
          …”at almost 80, I figured it was time to act. So I wrote a poem.”

          This sounds like he wrote the poem near 80 years of age, Then he stated also, [ Paraphrasing ] he started writing the poem after coming/ recovering from cancer and too some 15 years of work which was a much earlier time.

          So the quote from the book also can be read as, he felt it was time to act [ putting the final act in play– hiding the chest ] and the poem was already finalize years before this final act.

          Ya gotta love the way he can secret facts with word uses and just a single period in a sentence.

          • Seeker,

            Thanks for revisiting this.

            I have tried to point out, that Fenn told us he did it “in one afternoon”. That should have told everyone that he was at the site in the “afternoon”. Not the morning!

            I raised the issue that he would have spent the morning, traveling to his location. Now, that should tell everyone that the location is within traveling time from home.

            I know, we’ll start raising questions again about his staying at a hotel or something nearby. But why then does he suggest earlier, that we should take a sandwich with us? I see both these comments as a subtle hint that he drove from home. I estimate 6 hours drive at most, given noon is 12 o’clock, and he leaves around 6 a.m.

          • Germanguy, could boldy mean he hiked in front of others with treasure chest in a back pack until he went off trail and reached a secluded hiding place? Do we know how many homes he owned. If it was on his personal property, he could be bold and none the wiser.

          • Lia,

            As I said in my comment, people will come up with all kinds of ways he could have hidden his chest, but I chose to listen to his comments carefully. Especially when one of his most recent comments, suggest that people are over complicating the poem. I’m a believer in that “first impressions” are the ones that count.

            Keep in mind, there could be a million and one ways he chose to do it. None of us will even know for sure. So keeping it simple at times may be the easiest way to formulate a reasonable conclusion. I guess it is a person’s individual perception that counts sometimes. This one just happens to be mine. Good luck.

          • Germanguy, I appreciate your insightful comments. And I’m laughing at myself for giving a thought to how it was hidden – since I’m clueless where to look. After reading the blog today that TC could be anywhere from a waterfall to a canyon cave to a barn that ff owns. My sisters and I learned on past ground searches how humbling our efforts were.

          • Thanks seeker, yeah I considered that the description of placing the treasure within an afternoon could be just a relative thing. Your anecdote from the book speaks to the possibility for sure.

            I can’t recall the exact words, but from my recollection the way I read it it sounded fairly cut-and-dry; even dudes as intelligent as Forrest have slips, and I think that’s at least a possibility… That being said though, generally Forrest is off-the-charts careful in his words, and the “afternoon” reference could have been totally calculated.

            Either way yeah it was no doubt for me a mechanism to help me orient myself to something (an “anchor point”, if that makes sense) to work with in the early stages of my thinking. I’m anchored pretty hard into it as a concept at this time, but I’m open to everything.

          • Lia-
            Yes, IMO— he did it in one afternoon and in the open–hence bold?
            At least that is what I think today.

          • Safety Joe, agree, imo depending upon the time of year ff hid the chest there may not have been many others around. We have a house full of bold college kids watching games…fun time laughing with good kids.

        • Welcome Dub,

          while trying to figure out a timeline of Mr f leaving home to hide the chest…keep in mind that Mr f has relatives that live in Bozeman Montana. It would have been easy for the chest to have been in the trunk of his car when he went to visit and therefore hiding the chest in an afternoon while fishing.
          In the book Thrill of The Chase, Mr f talks alot of his childhood that he spent in Yellowstone.

          • Yes, good call. That could be extra valid too considering that he originally thought he’d walk off with his treasure and die in the wilderness with it–being close to family in advance of that could be meaningful.

            I like that line of reasoning especially because for whatever reason I really WANT the chest to be in Glacier. I’ve never even been to Glacier, but just from the pictures I’ve seen I consider that probably the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen in my life; I imagine that’s why… Glacier also has my personal favorite, though maybe not highest-percentage, spot for WWWH (Triple Divide Peak), so there’s that too.

            I tried to wangle a line to a waterfall near there (Running Eagle Falls? maybe I’m wrong on the name, it was a couple months ago), the framework was there but from what I could determine I couldn’t make the pieces totally fit, but I didn’t dig super deep into it. It may have potential, who knows.

  79. Playing a hunch
    is not worth much in the search and those who
    start out by looking for the blaze, are wasting
    their time.f

    The blaze at the end of the maze shrouded by haze has escaped my gaze…are you at this faze of the chase.. 🙁 good luck in finding the key hole State clue Pen sill vanity.. 🙂

    • Wy thank you Home76, I hadn’t seen that and it was so nicely informative. I have a desire now to jump in the Kia Sportage and recieve Leviathans September bouquet.

      • 76 & Old Shadows, I’d never heard the word leviathan. thank you for the beautiful photos of nature’s aspen blaze and for adding a new word to my vocabulary.

          • Hey there Old Shadows. Afraid I don’t follow? Does 42 (lbs) have something to do with Hitchhiker’s guide?
            Flew over my head***

          • The reason the TC is 42 lbs may not be accidental.


            The glyph, or character, corresponding to the number 42 in the ASCII character set, is *, the asterisk, commonly known as the wildcard character.

            The number 42 is, in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams, “The Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything

            This was a very popular book when I was in college… hit your library, ask your older science and sci-fi friends.

          • Wow Old Shadows! thank you for the “tour of number 42, it’s *** a three star cardinal to be sure. I had no idea of its relevance in universal beliefs, mathmatics, etc and chose it because my dob lined up with the tc weight. A nice bonus mentioned on a different sb was that the largest fish caught in YNP (from Heart Lake) weighed 42 lbs. The date fit a time when it could have been Forrest’s dad, but I don’t know who caught it. If I don’t start my prop research, I will be tip toeing through the aspen leaves like a fairy on thursday instead of searching with a plan. my plans are to bow in revc at church before searching Creek Canyon, visit an historic museum for fun, take photos of any old barn like buildings (i collect photos of barns) take a cold plunge if all else fails so I can say it was worth the cold with bragging rites for surviving, And we’ll shoot our BeBe guns.

          • Safety Joe – wish/. I could take credit for that bit of cleverness with *** 3×42 = TC page. Have to solve poem 3 times, hoping 3rd trip is a charm for me. Mr. Fenn’s clever threads connecting all never cease to amaze me. The handful that I’ve discovered are elegant, or histerically funny. love one word for nothat translates in all languages to the same beautiful word. Thanks for the fun. Have you seen all the 22’s, 16s, 24’s F.Fenn used everything to make his points all right.

          • also…42…. The angle rounded to whole degrees for which a rainbow appears (the critical angle).

            And lots of Lewis Carrol refs, and religion…. if you are a serious searcher.

          • There are 42 total spaces from the letter A in treasure. All this is great, what does it actually have to do with the solution to the poem?

          • Hi Seeker, just to clarify, are you counting 42 blank spaces between words from the letter a in treasure (ending at meek) or are you referring to counting each character including punctuation? It’s an interesting approach I’d like to follow up.

            42 is also the mirror of 24.
            24 lines in the poem; 24 instraments on his plane panel, not 4, but 24; X is the 24th letter of alphabet, etc.

        • Edit: There are 42 total spaces from the Letter A in “As” to the letter “T” in treasure. How does the 42 help solve the solution to the poem?

          • I don’t see how that helps but there is a set of numbers that keeps showing up in the book like 50,24,4,100 and more but I don’t have the book in front of me nor is it a part of my solve.

          • Why are you asking me? Did you type 42 H… into google and see all the things that corrolate with ff’s sb’s & comments? I think this may be the rosetta stone.

      • Old shadow, I wasn’t asking you directly just making a comment … I may have hit the wrong “reply”.

        @ 42, I counted all spaces including letters and empty spaces between the letters, as well as any comas and periods, starting from the word AS in the first line ending at T in treasure in the second line.

        • @ Seeker & Old Shadows – I think you hit the jackpot. I keep getting interrupted as I’m counting and have to start over. Question… are you counting a blank space at the END of each line before starting count on next line??? Can’t wait to see what your 42 decoder ring illumines.

          • 42,

            Actually no, I didn’t count the end of the line as a space, unless there is a comma or period. I never mentioned this to be a method I use, only that with all the talk of 42… I thought it was interesting that count of 42 spaces ended at the T in treasures. Although I see other references to 42 in the poem as well, not from the book just the poem.

            With that said, I do believe there are number counts connected to the poem. I have a full set of coordinates from this method [ counting another part of the poem] and used with below hoB.

            Structure and format of the poem is something I see that needs to be used, to solve the poem. IMO

            It seems to me that using words like “you’ve” and “there’ll” were placed for a reason. if the words ” There will ” was used it changes the count for that line. the question now is what to do with that number[s].

            I find a lot of information in the poem, from words to phrases, idioms, metaphors, number counts, Multiple meanings, layers etc. Some have turned out to be false leads for me. Others slid into place.
            All I’m saying is IMO no single method / theory is going to solve the poem.

        • Seeker, I’m seeking your advice re our 42 count exercise. Using the initial counting method to the T as my guide including all spaces, punctuation marks and a space at the END of Each line yielded a lot of _ _, for the final anagram. Wondering if you eliminated ‘end of line’ spaces or something more effective?? Asking you because imo this is a terrific idea befitting the poem. Thanks for any help you may have Seeker. 🙂

          • 42, and all of the other 42’ers out there,

            I look at the number “42” as the weight of the chest, that’s it; it’s the weight of the TC. It’s the same way I look at the “CE5”; it means nothing in the hunt for the treasure, as told by Forrest

            Look to the poem for answers to his special spot. He said that there are only a couple of clues in his book other than the poem, so why is everyone coming up with all these wild scenarios with every word he has written or spoken?

            It’s all interesting and educational, and, maybe, just maybe someone might bring up a good clue, but who will even know that’s it’s the real clue that Forrest had actually intended, unless you already have the correct solve going anyway. And, how does one even know that they have the correct solve unless they have actually found the treasure chest?

          • Yes, good advice, its always good to limit your field of vision when searching for something… especiallly in a competition.

          • Old Shadows and crazyfamily,

            As one narrows down their search and has a tight focus on the prize, one must eliminate the noise and garble, and focus on what’s really important to one’s search. It is my opinion (in my search) that the #42 means nothing except the weight of the chest. If you want to include in your search that is up to you.

            IMHO,….If you never narrow down your search then you will never get to the prize in the end. Maybe you like going around in circles…lol


    • When I was going to college, I was told never to trust Wikipedia and don’t use it for references . Anyone can make up things on that site. Some can edit them as well and put false information. I have been watching how may stories on the net are unfolding about FF. Anyway, here is the real trout story, since I do a lot of fishing and I would like to try breaking the record here in Colorado.

      Weight: 50 lbs. Length: 48 inches Girth: 32 inches
      Location: Flaming Gorge Reservoir Date: March 11, 1995 Angler: Randy Calkins – Green River, WY
      Weight: 50 lbs. Length: 45 inches Girth: —
      Location: Jackson Lake Date: 1983 Angler: Doris Budge


      • Geydelkon…Valcito lake has some big trout…or you could try Ruby lake in the needles east of the water tower from the Animas where the narrow guage train runs to silverton. There used to be real big ones in there. Lower shalona lake has some record trout but it’s private I think . We used to fish it when I was young. huge trout. Go find some hay stack and turn the bales over and get the baby mice. They make the best bait . When you throw them in the water they will start to swim making a v ripple on the water. Huge trout love them.

        • EEEK – I could never do that Woody –

          But I did learn how to tie a mouse lure – with deer hair so it floats – so cute I didn’t want to use it.

        • Yikes Woody Bog! Now there’s a new application for no place for the meek – mouse. Remind me not to swim where you are fishing. Lol

  80. Some ppl will never learn…thick skinned. Secret knowledge they pull out of the ether. The gift of logic is very valuable. Philadelphia is the key.

    • Hey EEC,
      I wrote many things connecting Philadelphia to this chase…..
      what do you think it has to do with the chase?
      would you like to hear what i said earlier?

      • I have philly as one of the mirrors…also NY and Kansas and 2 others. They all have the same places in a close vicinity

      • Yes I had seem some of your posts. Don’t you think that Forrest is talking about the treasure when he says he covered up a few million with his thumb?

      • @ CluesfromPhilly – YES, I would love to hear what you said about connecting Philadelphia to the chase. I know its the city of brotherly love, but I’ve never been there. Is there a link to your ideas?

        • I dont remember them all but here is some of the ideas I was think of….
          1)He mentions covering up Philly with his thumb while flying over
          2)he mentions benjamin franklin in the book, who lived in Philadelphia
          3)he mentions “The catcher in the rye” in the beginning of the book, JD wrote that book based on his experience at Valley Forge Military Academy in Wayne PA, which is about 20 miles north west of philly.
          4)the rocky mountains are like the name “rocky” the boxer

          I said more before, but I cannot think of them now, I will think about it….
          I dont think the chest is in Philadelphia but maybe the chase is all around the country which leads to to the Rocky mountains where the chest is located.

          • 6)he mentions George Washington in the book, GW was odviously a big part of Philly in the old days, and he stayed at Valley Forge during the winter of 77-78, very close to where JD salinger went to school at VFMA which he based the school off of in the catcher in the rye….

          • 7) look at When the chest is open, do you see the symbol where the key hole is? its called a “Keystone” which is PA’s state symbol, called the “keystone” state.

          • so there is mention of PA, PA is the keystone state and its state symbol is the symbol that is on the chest where the key hole is…. maybe the chest is in a stone that is like one of those fake rocks where people put their house keys outside in? maybe thats how he knows the chest wont go away in storms and bad weather…… like the key the the poem(the chest) is in a stone=keystone…..

          • @ CluesfromPhilly – hey thanks for the interesting Philly info. Here is my theory *imo on how it may tie in… I believe Mr. Fenn’s life purpose has been to collect, preserve, and record the stories of people who have made America what she is.. The journey of American History on a continual timeline of people. He’s not merely a collector of important antiquities, he’s a collector & preserver of the memories of people.

            How that all plays into the poem I’m not certain. I may never solve it or find the treasure, but 2000 hours of research has opened up a window of understanding into the unique position of Mr. Fenn in our nation’s history. He is a connector and preserver of people and their stories via his collections.

            Eric Sloane, H. Sharpe, Lewis and Clark, Hayden, Russell, etc. all came west via the northern trail, or Santa Fe Trail to the areas Forrest has concentrated his passions on. If not for Sharpe recording the stories of the Crow, Blackfoot, Souix their history would be forgotten. Forrest understood the importance and carried it into the next generation in his books and musuem work. Sloane is important as a “TIME CONNECTOR” of past, present, and future. He recorded the past, painted, wrote & collected Americana, but understood the importance of tech. advances in aviation, tv. etc. That’s exactly how I view Forrest, he is an important connector of time. He loves the past, lives in the present, and helped advance aviation and historical education for our future.

    • EEC…Why would you think Philadelphia is any kind of key..For one thing it’s way populated and has people every inch of the place and you couldn’t hide something there without people stumbling upon it. The only way you could hide it is the way forrest did when he covered it with his thumb from the air. IMO Forrest spent most of his life getting away from the main population in the mountains where the fewest of people have been. I think you need to think like a mountain man such as Meek or Lewis and Clark . You can cover up Philadelphia with your thumb but you can’t cover a territory like the Maxwell land grant that was the largest land grant recorded in the United States.

      • Benjamin Franklin flying a kite with a key in an electrical storm. The connection to Forrests chase would be the keyhole. Forrest is into visual aides in my opinion. Keyhole visual aide gets you close.

      • Philadelphia is a very interesting topic. I wrote a chapter on this topic that discusses how it links to the location of the treasure and is key to the undisclosed item(s) in the chest. I have found two very specific links that I don’t think have been mentioned to date. When I get closer to completing my book, I plan on disclosing this “Philadelphia connection”.
        In the mean time it is a good topic to discuss.
        The Wolf

    • CluesfromPhilly- If Philadelphia is the key in your opinion; is the city of brotherly love somehow found in the poem? Should I be looking for a good place to fly kites? Is there a key blaze? You’ve mentioned historical ties to the book. Have you made any discoveries in the poem? I think Navyigator located kite shapes within the poem, maybe he has more ideas on Philly. IMO Forrest’s thumb over the city was a reference to a time in his life when he flew missions he was given orders for which required him to overlook what the word and original founders of Philadelphia stood for

    • Hi Ed, I’m back. busy household and dizzy brain. I like the poem, but just above the entry reads, “by Toby.” so I assume it’s Toby’s interpretation of who Forrest is and where he would hide the treasue. If you can confirm Forrest wrote the poem, then it certainly answers some questions.

      • here is what Toby said –

        Re: your first and second opinions – I stand by what I’ve written. Re: your third opinion – There are mountains and river bottoms in States other than New Mexico, which was neither necessarily intended or implied. “I would hide it near my home, IF my home were the…”

        So yes, Toby wrote it, Also at the bottom of the question and answers – he wrote look at the by line at the top –

        by line says – written by toby.

      • Never paid much attention to that. I had always assumed it was sent over to Tony’s blog by Forrest. I guess not. Other than peace being in the poem. He had used the words “special place”.

  81. Doing some deep cleaning today found a book that said where to find treasures : the first page I opened up to said Ghost towns guesss that’s just another area to search lol

  82. cluesfromPhilly… You make a good point I never thought of . Your argument is a good one. If it was in a keystone at some kind of entrance it would be overhead and anyone passing through the entrance would def. not stumble upon it. Where do most people stumble??? On the threshold at the entrance.

    • thank you….. maybe i did not think of that like that… do you think he could of hid it in the keystone of an arch somewhere?

  83. FACTS

    By Michael D

    Before we get started lets check what we know,
    A mile plus five thousand we know its below.
    It’s not in a graveyard below five thousand feet,
    And it’s at least eight miles North on a Santa Fe street.

    There’s six pounds of goodies other than gold in the chest,
    And we must start at the beginning then solve the rest.
    There are nine clues in the poem with subtle hints in the books,
    And removing the blaze may be as hard as it looks.

    It’s in one of four states caught up in the race,
    But it took one day in his car and two trips to the place.
    Most places referred to in the clues that he penned
    Were there, and still will be by one hundred years’ end.

    In one thousand years the chest will be harder to find,
    So when planning your search keep that in mind.
    Gold may be the metal that sets the search pace,
    But Bronze is the metal in “The Thrill of the Chase.”

  84. If it was a short entrance what would you do when you went through it . When you duck your head you would look quickly down. Maybe!!!!!!

    • Woody,
      Logical thinking, I like it. Creek: a narrow passage [ no water at all ] cold : adj. as a Seeker. [ no weather / temperature ].
      Hmmm WWWH no water?
      To cease: to finish, to continue to the end. Not, your guest ‘has’ ceased. New and old… maybe old world, new world in regards to hemispheres.

  85. I can understand Mr. Fenns laugh if the poem brings you to an overlook or observation site, and the blaze’s treasure site is a mountain side full of Aspens across the valley from where you are standing. “Tarry scant with marvel gaze” will mean you have no time to waste because you still have months of cotton-picking hunting to do in that Aspen acreage over there to find the box.
    ” Just take the chest and go in peace’ and “I must go and leave my trove”…. (its now below 4 years of dead leaves.) would make me laugh too.

    We’re all thinking portrait, but it may be a landscape.

    • I agree Old Shadows,
      I believe the chest will be found in a setting like this one…

      The best time to visit is late August and September when conditions are drier and the bugs subside. Rushes and sedges turn a golden brown against a backdrop of towering firs This section is one of the newest, geologically speaking, and water plummeting has not yet eroded into larger canyons and river valleys found elsewhere. The result is some of the most spectacular waterfalls and cascade features and many within hiking distance. The area has its own unique geology, water features, wildlife and topography. This area has large meadows and marshes, thick undergrowth, and lush forests with large concentrations of moose and beaver, deer and elk, black bear and wolves also inhabit the area, along with an occasional grizzly, coyotes, moose and sandhill cranes can be found in the meadows. Bald eagles, osprey, water fowl, muskrats, and river otters inhabit rivers and adjacent areas.
      A pull-out opens up to an incredible view of both Targhee National Forest and the Grand Tetons in the distance.

  86. Sometimes a great gift comes in small words, and I couldn’t be more grateful for the Chase. I believe the weather in my search area is going to get terrible and might put a end to my search this year. I wish other searchers the best if you’re able to get to yours and be safe as I went to my search area with 4 feet of snow on the ground beginning of the year. Fun that it was and the adventure was great but a risk that could have ended badly. I post mostly nothing of value to help you in your solutions but I feel you guys have great ideas. The only thing I have until next season is my daughter back from Afghanistan for the holidays and my sons and granddaughter too. Oh yeah my wife LOL 🙂

  87. I hesitate doing this, and Dal may take his ice axe to me for doing it, but some here wanted to hear what Tom had to say. Dal doesn’t allow such nonsense (I agree with him) but if you want to see what he had to say he posted it on the Thrill Of The Chase facebook page.

    I don’t want to put him through the shredder again, and it really wouldn’t be fair since he is blocked from responding. So if you have something to say to him do it there not here.

    The link to facebook is at the bottom of the page.

  88. I’m having a great/interesting discussion with Tom on the thrill of the chase Facebook page. I have posted his picture and proof as well as a hyper zoomed in picture of the image he agrees is correct. I can’t seem to see what he’s talking about, but hoping he points me right now that the picture is in the open as well as a 20 times enlargement. Interesting at the least…

      • Go to Facebook “the thrill of the chase” page…scroll down (on mobile) right below pictures it shows “29 recent posts to page” on the right of the bar is a small arrow pointing right- it’s in that section on top (not the main posts section where last post is ranelle) it’s just above that.

  89. I just read Tom’s story on Facebook…he’s an idiot as Goose Lake and the meadow around it are over 10200 ft. FF has said many times the treasure is hidden below 10200 ft…so don’t stop searching!

  90. Actually the goose lake trail he’s referring to ranges from 8,500-11,500. Either way- I’m more concerned with the image he’s referring to…he says I posted the correct picture, but I have no idea where the chest he sees is…I have it blown up right in the comments section. I’m so confused or maybe in just blind? Lol

      • ok well, Jamie, Ill let you do the good work and see what you can find out over there while i just spectate. i really dont want to post over there. looks like this has all come to a grinding halt anyway

  91. Anecdotally…the post before his is a link to a radio interview with forrest on 9-26-2014, but I can’t find anything on the sight to show it exists or even play it? Did anyone else try? Is this a way to increase “hits” on the page? Ugh. I’m so confused, plus No response on the picture blown up- if anyone sees what I can’t please let me know

  92. Sooo…not that I’m obsessed or anything (haha) but tom never responded to the blow-up, and a search on the photographers name (Michael Calhoun) from his photo yields the name of a reporter for CBS….you have now entered the twilight zone….

    • Jamie I think he is talking about a larger tree behind and slightly left of the one you zoomed on. I can’t get it to zoom in enough.

      • He confirmed my zoom in shot…I think the shadow or limb bending down to the left of the trunk may be what he thought was a bird? Zoomed out a little from extremely close shot I can kinda make out what I think he was thinking was a bird….he seemed to vanish into thin air after the extreme close up. Who knows


  94. “Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)”
    Another turning point, a fork stuck in the road
    Time grabs you by the wrist, directs you where
    to go
    So make the best of this test, and don’t ask
    It’s not a question, but a lesson learned in
    It’s something unpredictable, but in the end is
    I hope you had the time of your life.
    So take the photographs, and still frames in
    your mind
    Hang it on a shelf in good health and good
    Tattoos and memories and dead skin on trial
    For what it’s worth it was worth all the while
    It’s something unpredictable, but in the end is
    I hope you had the time of your life.
    It’s something unpredictable, but in the end is
    I hope you had the time of your life.
    It’s something unpredictable, but in the end is
    If you like Seattle Grung watch the video of this song by Green Day ….it’s always green in Seattle. 🙂

  95. Well… Tom and his brother must have stopped in Colorado on their way to their search spot because I believe they were Rocky Mountain High. Not only is that location above 10,200 ft, but somebody could EASILY stumble upon the chest in a location like that. Remember people, NOBODY is going to stumble upon the chest. This means the chest is not sitting in plain sight on a stump or a rock in the middle of a meadow. Also, the places he made most of the clues about existed when he was a child, and may exist for another 100 years. The power lines for Toms heavy loads did not exist when Forrest was a kid…and neither did that tiny tree in the middle of that meadow. Neither did the Vietnam Memorial he speaks of as WWWH. Lets focus on what we KNOW to be true, so we can eliminate some of our hopeful, but erroneous ideas. I will be the first to admit a persons adrenaline really gets to pumping when “THEE SOLVE” sneaks into our brains…I came on here once claiming the poem had been solved and I was 100% sure too…lessons learned. Tom was convinced and got excited…now he knows he was mistaken I’m sure. No need for us to be too cutthroat about it…we have all been there I’m sure.

    • Thanks Mike. I really cringed when someone called Tom “an Idiot”, and when his voice was shut off. It’s not like there hasn’t already been a lot of inartful speech on these threads. Mea Culpa too.

      • This is a personal blog, that just happens to have an open area for discussion. Not a chatroom or open Forum. Dal’s house – Dal’s rules… That said, whether I agree with the ban, not doesn’t matter.

        Tom, didn’t come here and post I know the Blaze, I know WWWH, I solve the poem, He clearly stated the chest was found… the whole premise of the hunt, the reason 99.9% of you even got involved in the first place.

        His, I have confirmation the is found and shows NO fact to it or Refuses to back up his claim in anyway is not “freedom of speech”… It’s equivalent to yelling FIRE in a crowded theater.

        • In confused cause he said the blaze was gone and someone has the chest and he’s going straight to the media

  96. WWWH=Sea=C

    And take it in the canyon down =M

    Not R, but two RR to walk

    Put N below the O in Brown (O is the “home”, or “center” of the word Brown)

    This along with I have gone alone in there, and I can keep my secret where gives you… C I M I R R O N…Who cares how its spelled f you know what I mean?

    I will give you stanza three tonight…

    • Michael,

      You posted this solve before, an interesting take, but I still don’t get the M being in the canyon down. How do you get that?

      • Just looking at the shape of the capital M…could also be a U or a V or a N….the hollow opens up…Just ideas to keep juices flowing…glad you are paying attention!!

    • MichaelD,

      Why “sea”. Other than it sounds like “C” how do you come to the conclusion that warm waters Halt can only mean Sea?

      Fenn stated in a Q&A that there are many WWH in the Rockies and most are north of SF. I’m just curious how you came to this conclusion from the poem… Interested to hear your reply, Thanks.

      • Just flinging ideas out tghere seeker…I had posted this earlier, but thought I would get the juices flowing again…just another way to look at stuff.

    • inthechaseto, yep you were right about that old wateringhole at Vail after skiing the blue sky basin. it used to be called St. Barns, now It must be called Shakedown bar and still a spot for apre ski. do kids still drink too much and fight there? makes me nervous thinking about some of the brawling, wondering if those kids are ever going to learn a public lesson. maybe a place to stay clear of these days? My sisters and I are looking at possible Search areas near Vail. Already have a great WWH, canyon and HOB but the uncertainty of the ground search eludes us.

  97. I believe the chest is inside of a big rock that has a hole in the back where you could place the chest….. somewhere where a kid would most likely find it since kids are sneaky and small and find weird hiding spots like that and also its like the place where F used to hid his fishing gear like when he was a kid…..its kinda like the “keystone” idea i was talking about yesterday…..
    any thoughts?

  98. I believe WWWH is freshwater…it moves, does not halt and is actually cool/cold to the touch… :mrgreen:

  99. Regarding WWWH, I believe the key word is ‘halt’ we need to think on what causes water to halt

  100. This is Dal’s personal blog, but since Mr. Fenn has decided it’s the main resource for his hunt he shouldn’t deny searchers the ability to partake in the conversation. Dude should have been given a warning.

      • “He who knows not and knows not he knows not: he is a fool – shun him. He who knows not and knows he knows not: he is simple – teach him. He who knows and knows not he knows: he is asleep – wake him. He who knows and knows he knows: he is wise – follow him.”

        • My other comment is in moderation. I guess because I mentioned the “dude”. I’ll phrase.

          GG,….you forgot – He who thinks he knows and thinks he knows he knows- ? a treasurer hunter?, a large mouth bass?, “Dude”?, What?
          he, he. lo

    • Dave- do you believe that maybe “dude” should have given Mr. Fenn and Dal a warning before posting on their sites that searchers should cancel their trips and the entire hunt was over? I see both sides, but think the implications of NOT putting a stop to it (people cancelling trips, mr. Fenn getting thousands of annoying emails etc) are greater than the implications of censoring it and upsetting one person. I see both sides but ultimately GOG had to make a call and tough or not he made a decision for the greater good of the whole period. It’s a sticky situation, but saying the chase is over as 100% fact was a pretty bold and risky statement to begin with. In the real world of business there is actually 2 terms for this ethical dilemma they are “libel” and “tortuous interference”
      Not that that was “dudes” intention, but GOG did the right thing in manning the fort the way he felt was proper. If you trust a person you need to trust their judgement- those of us that trust this blog have faith in its moderators judgement….hence the fact we still believe the chase is on!

    • Dave,

      That’s a bold statement in itself…”…but since Mr. Fenn has decided it’s the main resource for his hunt he shouldn’t deny searchers the ability to partake in the conversation.”

      I believe Fenn has been asked to share stories and such. Has been asked to comment or answer questions and such, I don’t think Fenn “decided” use this blog as “the main resource” or personally ” deny searchers” anything at all… But I guess that would be a question for Fenn to answer.

          • I love the wisdom of the ancient Chiefs, especially Seattle and Cheif Joseph. Thank you for posting it Old Shadows.

          • That was jdiggins post, I only commented on it.
            I’m not tuned to Indian history much, but since I was a kid I loved Red Jacket’s speech.

            I wonder if anyone can tell me if Cowboy’s words are based on another language’s syntax or just cryptic pretender-talk. I find it interesting & difficult.

          • Hi Old Shadows. I wonder the same of cowboy’s posts. They are random and nonsensible, yet curious…

    • jdiggins, I wonder about many things often, but in respect to totc, the wondering thru this blog has left me emptied out and void of answers on where to look. Could your Arapaho friend help me focus, and quit being nervous about wandering this path? lol maybe his/her wisdom will narrow my focus.. Good quote jdiggins.

      • Go Forward With Courage

        When you are in doubt, be still, and wait;
        when doubt no longer exists for you, then go forward with courage.
        So long as mists envelop you, be still;
        be still until the sunlight pours through and dispels the mists
        — as it surely will.
        Then act with courage.

        Ponca Chief White Eagle (1800’s to 1914)

        • jdiggins, nice quote.the voice of wisdom brings a calm when uncertainty of weather storms are brewing in nm, wy, mt. Hard to plan with the brisk fall weather blanketing our search area, so much time,care invested in my solve that we’re going to dress warm and enjoy fall’s blaze of glory, treasure or not. just don’t want my partner to suffer the cold, so we’re taking plenty of gear and staying in a friend’s home. no tents this time.

          • Lia, I hope you and your family have a wonderful time – I know you will. 🙂 Be safe, and bring home great memories (if not the gold too)!

          • Thanks Jdiggins… we plan to have a great time, breath in fall, enjoy a warm fire and make memories in the great outdoors. If we find the treasure, I will be very surprised but who knows. Take care!

  101. Tom is no danger to Fen ..
    The proof is in the pie and in the end it’s right. Wait, left is right..dang pie is a circle too… 🙂

  102. I don’t think it’s too difficult to say “Dude” you need to use “in my opinion”. Others have been given that opportunity in the past that I’ve read. The Dude didn’t seem to want to cause harm, but rather inform others to his beliefs. He went about it the wrong way is all. With great power, comes great responsibility. I believe we’ve been told that second chances are a good thing.

    • Dave… he might be welcome back if he said that. If I started saying forrest was dead and I’d be posting the obituary soon and I had seen the body I too would probably be blocked until I proved it or admitted it was not 100% fact. It’s all about creating unnecessary chaos. Nobody wants to hear it.

  103. So everyone else contributes here to a degree, i figured id share since i havent.

    I started my chase 2 years ago just at the beginning of fall, got my TTOTC book and my maps and spent the fall and winter studying the Rocky Mountains. Every piece of info i could get ahold of i poured over. I was convinced in was somewhere near Mr Fenn’s boyhood love, West Yellowstone and the Madison River. As it favored so much in his book and posts as the most wonderful place, and he had soooo much love for that area.

    So WWWH, i thought about the Firehole, but it didnt “halt” to me, as it continued to flow into the Madison, but it did however “halt” at Hebgen Dam. So i assumed it might be WWWH. Clue 1.

    Take it in the canyon down, after Hebgen Dam the Madison River flows into Madison Canyon. Clue 2.

    too far to walk was a hint that this is taking place along a river, so u would not “walk” it as no one walks on water (cept Jesus)

    Put in below the home of Brown. After alot of reading I found out locals refer to the brown trout as “Browns” and as Mr Fenn is an avid fisherman, that made sense. When i researched brown trout i found out it was introduced in the area in the 1800’s from Europe just upstream from Earthquake Lake. Thinking “put in” being a nautical reference, and Earthquake Lake was downstream from where Brown was first introduced, i.e. its “home” figured that was clue 3.

    No place for the meek. The next 3 miles of the Madison river is class 5 rapids. Being a fisherman, he would know that fishing along that area is not for the faint of heart, it can be done, but it isnt for the meek. Clue 4.

    The end is ever drawing nigh. this to me was another hint that you were on the right track, as if you follow the Madison it flows to Ennis Lake, which is where the end of my solve is. I thought it was a play on words, end-is, enn-is, if you say it out loud they sound similar.

    No paddle up your creek. The next 50 miles or so of the Madison is called the 50 mile riffle. Because of the fast flowing rapids preceding it. you can literally “put in” there and float along for 50-ish miles, with no need for a paddle. Fishing all the while. Clue 5

    Heavy Loads and Water High. If you want to fish along the riffle, its advised you use alot of weight (heavy loads), which in turn will cause you to be fishing at or near bottom (water high) Clue 6

    The blaze. Right after the Riffle is Ennis Lake, from the preceeding hint. and right past Ennis Lake, a few hundred feet or so is Trail Creek. A blaze also being defined as a trail. Clue 7

    Worth the cold. Following Trail Creek you end up at around 7000 feet at a mountain fed spring, (cold) Clue 8

    Brave and in the Wood. Another play on words. Gallatin National Forest, where Trail Creek leads into. Galla(n)t (brave) in Forest (wood). Clue 9.

    I figured it was at the end up Trail Creek at the spring. I was so convinced, i took my tax return last year and planned a trip for me and my brother to go. I took a weeks vacation and drove for 2 days from Ky to Billings Montana and rented a room. We spent 3 days there, mostly trying to figure out how to get up into Trail Creek and found out sadly it was near impossible to do on foot (thinking like an 80 year old man carrying a 40-ish pound box). We spent the last day in Yellowstone Park seeing the sights.

    All in all it was a most wonderful trip. I got to fulfill my dream of seeing the Rockies, and my brother got to fulfill his dream of seeing Yellowstone.

    Me and my brother are 11 years apart, so we dont have many memories together, but that trip was a good way for us to build some, and i will be ever grateful to Mr Fenn for that.

      • Anyone have thoughts on interpreting why Forrest spelled “there’ll” rather than there will be no paddle up your creek.

        1. Air hole
        2. ere means: before, sooner than, to plow
        “Before 2 LL’s” or before 2 falls no paddle up your creek
        3. reference to F’s favorite actor Errol Flynn, Flynn creek? Metaphor Refc to one of Flynns book written about his youthful adventure sailing unprepared.

        Would welcome any suggestions, ideas

          • Ed thanks. I have unique heavy loads at this location also. Appreciate you confirming my logic. Any thoughts on “you’ve”?? I came up with the obvious which is UV wondering if uv light helps illumine the blaze?

          • Ed, what do you think, is this too far out? “You’ve” is close to oeuvre, a French word for opus or final work of art or lit. Perhaps forrest’s blaze is a work of art he created.

          • 42, thats very complicated f at least in my mind intended it to be straightforward. He mentioned that we need to keep it simple a few times.

          • CY, so following your thought I would look for the mirror image of erell or llere in the book or on the trail? Or is lere Leer and a twin to gaze?

        • 42 at least one of the last letters in “you’ve” is important in pre-determining where the blaze is located that and stanza 1. One piece at a time and you’ll have a complete solve…it’s tuff.

          Good luck.

          • Ed thanks for offering opinions and help. IMO the v could be 5 of something. More logical is East side of creek in my solve.
            How is your solve? Are you making any more trips to search before winter?

        • I have one for you 42. What do you think of the line hear me all and listen good, your effort will be worth the cold. Is F telling all to wait for cold season OR is he saying listen to the sentence structure in the poem.

          • Good question Ed…I’m thinking…ok done. IMO cold yields an aspen blaze which directs to the real blaze. I think there are 10 things listed in the poem that help – but I can only guess at a couple like marvel gaze = gravel maze. I do think the poem structure is verrry impt. 6 stanzas and 24 lines for instance could ref a trail or road etc. I also believe worth the cold could refer to freezing temp 32 etc. lots of ideas that work but so much yet to derive.

          • Thats great thinking 42 I had not thought of the roman numeral. 5 is important in my solve too. I would be going west on the other side of the river headed downstream…as far as more trips maybe I’m tempted. If I do it will be quickly before the snow flies. I’m seeing snow reports in certain areas.

            One other thought on here me all and listen good your f for it will be worth the cold. Take the extra f out of effort and add it to all and it reads hear me fall.

          • Ed, I like your listen to fall, quaking aspens could be brave and in the wood if you listen for fall; also leaves crunching underfoot. Gold glistens where you listen perhaps? Also like your ” ‘f’ for it” using F as a blaze. Thinking about Forrest’s Asphalt art, wondering if he left markers nearby literally on the asphalt? Like kids draw with chalk, or what else the trash to treasure is. Really appreciate exchange of ideas.

    • Great ideas McElroy, my solve was very much like yours! I was very disappointed when Forrest took dams off the list of places where WWH as the Hebgen Dam was my favorite solve for that clue. 🙁 It’s been difficult to refocus on a different place to Begin but I’m working on it!

      • Ya i went back and started over with Hebgen as my WWWH, convinced i had missed something, then he took off dams and i havent been able to get any convincing starting places since. Every one i think may be it, then something i find marks it off as not fitting the puzzle. I have over 4000 digitized hi-res maps of the rockies from the Canada border to Santa Fe, and i spend at least a few hrs a week researching, but no love so far. Even considered selling copies of the maps for awhile to raise money for my next trip, but its like 20 gigs, so no way to send it without charging too much IMO.

    • @ C McElroy; That’s a good solution. You should write it up and tells us a little more about you and your brother’s adventures while on the chase and send some pictures if you have any to Dal……It would be a great addition to the “Other’s Adventures” page.
      Just my opinion. 🙂

      • its a thought, i took video of each of the spots and explained why they where what i thought, and even got a good pic of my brother holding up TTOTC book under the West Yellowstone sign.

        • There you go……get to work. It sounds like you had a fun adventure with your brother and it will be an enjoyable, informative read with your videos and pictures.

    • Wow – that is amazingly close to my very first solve 3 years ago and for all the same reasons! Great minds may think alike…I guess we just don’t find the TC on the 1st try. There’s always the next time…..good luck.

  104. I didn’t say I didn’t understand why there was an issue. I just believe it was a bit hasty of a reaction to banish him to eternal non posting status without a warning. I don’t believe he was doing it to harm. No need to keep talking about this. Take it easy.

  105. Has anybody solved where he, or she is suppose to go to start the search?
    The poem gives us a specific place. Has anybody found it in the poem? I think if a searcher goes anywhere else in the Rockies he, or she will not be using their time to look for the treasure chest. If anybody is serious about finding the treasure chest look at the poem until you find the place. If you do not find it look at the poem again. It is in there. If am not saying I know where the treasure is exactly but generally. I have to figure out the other clues, just like anybody else. Good hunting! RC.

    • RC, I agree with you. Pretty standard method. plotted an x on a map and then found the name of a mountain near the x which anagrammed in the poem. I’m starting at the mountain and taking it in the canyon down stream..

    • IMO RC, you are on the right track…

      It is my belief that this is the heart of the statement by Mr. Fenn — “all the information you need to locate the treasure is in the poem”…

      One must first find the “location” or where to go before you even have a hope of finding where to look…

      This is where I differ with most searchers on solving the puzzle in the poem…This is the premise upon which my solution is based and revealed exactly what you referenced with your opening question, a named place to start the search…

      IMO it is hidden in the words of the poem by means of a simple trick and it does begin with WWWH…What to find in the poem to reveal this info is derived from my interpretation of the 1st Stanza…Especially the 3rd line, “I can keep my secret where”…There is much more to this line than a first reading implies as far as I am concerned…

      This brings to mind another of Mr. Fenn’s statements from TFTW…”I warned that the path would not be direct for those that had no certainty of the location beforehand, but direct for the one who did.”…

      I just hope that what I found is correct when I go to look…


      • Sorry, misquoted Mr. Fenn in that last paragraph…”I warned that the path would not be direct for those that had no certainty of the location beforehand, but sure for the one who did.”…

        My apologies…samsmith

      • @ samsmith, ‘virtual’ coffee and fresh cinnamon rolls delivered to your door if I may ask for your help reasoning thru your advice to RC. Trying to apply your poem solution reasoning to our solve. My sisters and I put together a solve which names a mt to start and going with warm waters halting where that mountain meets the sky to start. Also keeping a secret w down in our canyon. So, WWWH line of poem… What Should we be doing with the words? Anagraming? Removing w’s from words to make new ones? Looking for a method to try. If you can help thank you Sam. 🙂

          • Really! Seeker…Ya gotta see it to believe it…LOL

            Besides, I have a missus who has a penchant for collecting sharp, pointy objects!…

            And my Momma didn’t raise no idjit…LOL

    • Okay I will help a little. The first line of the poem, the last three words, follow what it says exactly. When you get it you will know. I don’t care to elaborate on this. Hey, it’s a start.

  106. I’m curious, is there a Rosetta Stone App I can download to understand some of the cryptic language being used here?

  107. :::Folks:::

    If you should find yourself out searching the great Rockies, make sure your in the middle / look for something black (mid) night//////Tarry scant with marvel gaze. I’m off to Montana tooo see what eye can see.

  108. Just a random thought, Mr Fenn said the TC was in the Rockies, but has he ever said all the clues are in the Rockies?

    • no he has not…..i had an idea that the clues were spread around all over the country and maybe you would have to go to each spot to find how to get to the other clue…..

      • CluesfromPhilly thanks for pointing out the PA connection. I think some of your ideas are right. How about other state connections like Arkansas. You had said one thing I don’t agree with….on where f hid the treasure. Don’t rule out federal or tribal lands.

        • yeah that was just a thought a i had…another reason to think Philadelphia is connected is that Forrest grew up in Temple Texas and Philadelphia is home to Temple University…that is a weak connection, i know….. I think that the clues could be all over the country, I wouldnt rule out Arkansas(why do you think a clue could be there?) I also think WWWH is warm spring creek in idaho because that is in the book “Flywater” which is in TTOTC…..

          • Grapette soda is bottled in Camden, AR. There is something there in Arkansas that links to one of the 4 states. A parallel of sorts.

          • oh ok thats a nice find….. I was just thinking maybe that you have to go to different locations to see the other clues, but that seems overly complicated and I do not think that is FF’s style. Do you think the chest could be hidden inside a big rock(boulder) that could protect it from the weather? and maybe thats the connection to PA is that its located in a “keystone”?

          • I’ve said this before here. The chapter where he flys along the eastern seaboard is very important, especially for those at 200ft. That chapter is full of numbers. Count the cities he flys by…when he says he covered up a few million (Philadelphia) he’s talking about the chest that’s a sign to the reader. Hey! I covered this thing up!

          • Ed,

            I’ve often thought about that episode flying over Philly and to me, I imagined that he was seeing things in a new perspective.

            He was ( I believe he said) flying at an altitude, just below that, which would require putting his oxygen mask on, when he looked down. Now imagine for a moment you were an ant. Above you is a power line. How many “ant feet” up would that be? The human perception of distance, is really relative, isn’t it? Supposing now that in the poem, “Below the HOB” is relative too. It could for all purposes be in another state and still (following the longitudinal line) you could be below Brown. I know this might be conjecture on my part, but it does seem reasonable.

        • i am probably wrong though! don’t take my word for it since I do not have the chest nor have I have had a complete solve yet and its been well over a year of researching….

  109. Random anecdotal food for thought (while only wolf may understand or care lol) without writing a novel trying to explain I will say that my search has led me to several specific “hot spots” some are on the map…and some are not (NY, PA etc). I recently noticed that most ALL of these areas contain certain words in a close proximity. (These words are followed or preceded by mountain, canyon, creek, lake, etc different in each location….but odd that they always occur in close proximity and numerous areas of these “groups” across the country) I wonder why it’s like that?
    The words are:
    St. John

    If you happen to have one of these near your location- look for the others…it’s uncanny! wTF?

    • first of all whats your connection to PA??
      and I think snake is important…..Maybe Home of Brown is the home of Molly Brown who survived the Titanic…. that is in Denver and about 50 miles southwest of Denver is Keystone ( like the ‘keystone’ state PA) and there is a river called the snake river there…. I was just looking into that……
      Also Molly Brown was married to JJ Brown, who was born in Waymart PA and that is in Wayne County….Wayne is the city in PA that the school in the Catcher in the Rye is based on….its called Valley Forge Military Academy and is where the author of Catcher in the Rye went to school……

    • Where are the words? On your map, GE, in the books TTOTC & TFTW , on the blogs, in the scrapbooks…. ???

        • The words are names of places you find. Example: St. John mountain near Jenny lake and snake river etc…..mirror lake near snake mountain blah blah blah. Basically it seems that several hot spots all have things named with those words in a close vicinity. If you find something with one word in the name you can probably find the six other words nearby. Not a specific location….but many different ones. Like the towns are modeled After one another or the same guy named all of them. It’s freakishly weird that so many towns / areas have all those words in close proximity. Just pointing it out. Not sure if it matters but it’s still odd…

        • Thanks, It wasn’t clear to me what you meant. I though you found more frequent word correlates in the Chase materials.

      • They are everywhere. Clues in the poem/book would lead me to one of them…or another word in a different place. I just recently noticed that all the different places are connected because they all are nearby the other same words. I have seven different locations that if you looked at a map would all have all of those words in a very close proximity. I didn’t notice it until now.

    • Circumstance,
      Very interesting observation you have made there. I had a snake connection but could never fully connect it so I would like to hear more about your observations. You have sparked my curiosity as I too see the PA, NY and one more eastern state connection.
      The Wolf

      • Whatever snake you found….just for curiosity if nothing else…look nearby, or google the snake location with any of the other words and you’ll probably find them nearby. I’ve found 6 stinking cities that are all almost twins, only difference is they chance suffix (I.e. Mountain vs. canyon or lake vs. creek). This would intrigue me less if I was looking for them to start….but I already had the cities, then I looked down one day and noticed the vicinities were the same. Weird.

        • I’m so proud that y’all have done your homework
          Isn’t it interesting what u will find
          When searching
          So what state did u connect it all to?

  110. Yikes! I step away for a few days and miss all of the excitement. Can someone point me to what Dude did?

    • well someone stole his carpet, then he found out he had the same name as a millionaire whose wife got kidnapped, but really she was faking it for the money annnnnnd the rest is history….

  111. cluesfromphilly….I..just got back from a search… seen some great country. I have made 13
    trips to date. As soon as I figure the next part I’m off again. I know where the poem takes me……as far as boots on the ground…. I’m done for now…. can’t wait till I slip my boots on again… good luck to all..

  112. Arkansas

    Now u can slip your Wool socks on for the winter and sit back with a Juniper Fire sipping grapette 🙂 !!!!!!!

    • amy, wool socks don’t sound bad…lol but winter don’t slow me down much…. good luck to you..

  113. This is my take on the clues of the poem. There are 9 sentences on the poem. Those are to me the 9 clues, but there are also another 9 clues within the sentences. It all starts with the first sentence of the first stanza. That is the physical general area where to find the other clues, physical places.

    I am going to say the first stanza is where to start looking. This stanza tells us searchers where the general idea as to where the treasure is. Now, this stanza alone will not take you to the treasure chest but to the general area. I could tell everyone where to go generally, but that would no be fair for other searchers who have come to the same conclusion as I have. If you read the book line by line, you will come to some words that will stand out that have almost the same meaning as the first stanza. Look for it and you will find it . That is the general area as to where to start the search.

    Some searchers say that Mr. Fenn is just conveying to us that he went “in there” somewhere, but in reality he is telling us to look closely at what he wrote, and not take it as what is seems. Believe me do not take what you believe to be true.
    Searchers start looking at this first clue. This clue is in the poem. Look for it and you will find it. It is my opinion and my opinion only. RC

    • JC, you stated…
      “This is my take on the clues of the poem. There are 9 sentences on the poem. Those are to me the 9 clues, but there are also another 9 clues within the sentences. It all starts with the first sentence of the first stanza”

      I can be a bit A… sometimes or have a brain fa umm errr Full of pressurized gasses that lead to an abrupt burst of pressure.

      I can understand 9 sentences being 9 clues theory. But are you saying, The meaning of the sentences reveal 9 clues? or are you saying, there are 9 additional clues within the sentences?

  114. Hi Everyone,

    Let me start by saying that I respect all of the hard work and time spent by many of you searchers. I know it’s been a real expensive and challenging endeavor for everyone. I know it will be very difficult to accept it when the treasure is found, but we must face it at some point, including me if someone beats me to it. It’s so hard just sitting here wanting to reveal my solution because I believe that my solution is the correct solution to the poem. I need one more trip.

    I just finished writing, ” A Treasure more than Gold” a short story – How I found the solution to Forrest Fenn’s poem – In it I describe how I went about finding the clues in the poem and then confirming them with hints provided by Forrest. Also, I give an account of my “boots on the ground” experiences.

    This is a straight forward and logical solution that will surely get your attention and most likely a consensus as to where the treasure lies. This story is not about boasting and bragging, it’s about how logic and a little luck is the answer to finding the treasure chest.

    Many searchers have brought up very good and viable points while discussing the chase and it’s fun and interesting to see how everyone’s involvement takes them on intriguing searches into gorgeous areas of the mountains and canyons of the Rockies.

    I don’t know if you will want me to release my story because many of you are still out there searching and I don’t want to interfere with your search, but at some point I feel that I must. I have work long and hard just like the rest of you trying to solve this great puzzle. I will from time to time release a page or an excerpt from this story, but not giving out any specific clues.

    I’m not sure that all searchers want this to come out, maybe I should ask everyone what they think. So, what do you think?

    Thank you for any response that you provide.

    Ritt -aka – Plato II

    • Hey Ritt..I agree with the logic and luck for a solve. No anagram, no looking for numbers. Just matching up the words to location. Just waiting to go also! Wanna race?

    • Ritt: you are looking at 3 Bebe guns pointed your way with a target on your chest until after my sisters and I finish our search mid October! Lol kidding. Let’s have it.

    • Ten bucks says you won’t post it after your “one more trip.” You’ll get back and decide you need one more trip. : )

    • Ritt –

      Are you finished looking in this spot – because you don’t sound like you are. It you actually think it is “the” spot – and you missed it – then don’t post it. There may be, at some future point – another clue that will give you the grande finale !

      Can you post it with out giving away where it is? Many have done that.

      As for me, I don’t care if you post it – as I am secure in my very own little spot – but others may care very much.

    • Ritt….Let er rip. You can have a full page write up with graphics if you got any. That’s what the “Armchair Adventures” category is for. I’m assuming you can’t go look to see if you are correct.

      Warning: Be ready to be shredded if you say “this is absolutely where it’s at”. Or “if it’s not here then someone has already got it”. etc. etc.

      If you start the story out with “this is where I think it is”…..folks will probably be much kinder with their critique.

      Looking forward to reading your story.

      Edit: Sorry I just read where you need one more trip. That’s great; be sure to get lots of pictures to document your trip and send it in. I’ll bet it’s a great story.

      I think the driveling one page at a time is really silly. It seems a lot of folks want to do that. Just release the story and get it over with.

      • Thanks, Goofy……I will and have taken many, many pictures and videos. I hope to have pic’s of the TC, and the goodies inside….My story is over 9,000 words and several pic’s, probably too large for this site, any ideas on how to publish? Right now it’s on 20 pages of 8 1/2 by 11 inch paper.

        I will take your advice.

        Thanks, Goofy

        • Ritt, the page can be as long as we need it to be. If you have a lot of graphics it may be slow to load…….

          If you want we could do chapters…..Ritt’s Search Chapter One (or whatever you want to name it) and so on. Then you could get comments (or not) on each chapter if you like.

          Looking forward to reading your story.

    • Release it!
      You know you wanna…
      Take one more trip, and when you’re back tell… it will give you closure 🙂

    • I will give you this bit of information, it’s not much but, it’s a start.

      I have seen where many, but not all, searchers on this site think that the T. S. Eliot quote (below) means that the search for the treasure chest will take you back to the place where you started the (physical) search. Maybe I shouldn’t do this, I may regret it, and I’m not saying that I’m right; my thoughts maybe all wrong but it makes sense to me. So, here I give you my interpretation on this quote.
      Mysterious Writings – Jennie Kile,

      Feb 4, 2013
      Quote from Forrest:
      “The person who finds the treasure will have studied the poem over and over, and thought, and analyzed and moved with confidence. Nothing about it will be accidental.

      T. S. Eliot said:
      We shall not cease from our exploration
      And at the end of all our exploring
      Will be to arrive where we started
      And know the place for the first time”
      This is my understanding on Forrest’s statement and him quoting T.S. Eliot:

      We need to investigate systematically; examine, explore (research, analyze, study) every possibility and find the clues in the poem. And, then when we have discovered the clues of where to start in the poem we can then physically arrive at the starting place and know the place for the first time.

      I don’t think it means that you will arrive at the same physical place twice, only that you arrive where you have determined (discovered thru research) where to start the physical exploration. From there you follow the directions in the poem which he gives. The directions in the poem are not clues, there are just that, directions. The clues are hidden in the poem just as his treasure chest is hidden, they are not exposed to our observation, and we need to discover them.

      I hope this will help you in your search for the treasure. It has helped me; I feel that I’m very close.It would be great to find so that Forrest can fill us in on the details of this enigmatic treasure poem and hunt.

      Please keep the responses coming. Thanks!

      • Ritt,
        Time and experience has tempered my opinion on divulging solves. You have been down this road before, so, you get my vote. Let’s have it… And good luck w/ your next trip.

      • Ritt,
        Your confidence factor is high so that’s a good sign! When Do You Expect To Complete Your search?

          • Ritt –

            to go where I think the TC is – would not be possible during the above dates.

            Good Luck and Happy Hunting – looking forward to your story.

          • Ritt,

            Good luck on your upcoming trip in October/November. If you don’t mind me asking, what state do you reside in, and what elevation do you believe the TC is at?

      • Nope, didn’t help me. Same’ol, same’ol, kinda talk…. i.e….. I think we gotta think harder-smarter, gotta understand better , gotta find different stuff, gotta narrow the focus, hone in on the simple stuff, gotta be direct, gotta expand, gotta see the big complex picture, etc.
        Everybody stop telling everybody else to re-compose the vague image of your dreamy vision of some fantasy site! Navagating thru the language swamp in these tour de crypts is not only tiresome, its boring. NAME A PLACE or show us the goods.

        • Sorry, Old Shadow it’s not time to name a place yet. Just though you could get a little something from the TS Eliot thing.

          Thanks for your response.

      • Ritt: I found your instructions on following directions and confirming with additional hidden clues very helpful! Mucho’s gracias, tusend takk, in any language thanks a million, or at least 42!!

  115. Ritt – the little tidbit you gave sounds intriguing. I would like to read the whole thing. I can tell it wil be well thought out.

  116. Ritt,

    You have finished a “short story” – ” A treasure more than gold”… “How I found the solution to Forrest Fenn’s poem – In it I describe how I went about finding the clues in the poem and then confirming them with hints provided by Forrest. Also, I give an account of my “boots on the ground” experiences.”

    Do you plan of publishing this story?

    Your planning to release – in part -” a page or an excerpt from this story.” and ask what we think of you doing this. OK

    First, I think, wanting to know what kinda reaction you would receive before your releasing this story, shows you are not looking for controversy.

    Second, what is your main reason for wanting to share the story on how you figure out the poem?

    Third, is there a reason you want to share this with the search community, prior to actually retrieving the chest ?

    Fourth, you stated, “but not giving out any specific clues.” in regards to sharing the story to the search community.

    So I’m curious on what kinda information, about how you solve the poem, could you share? How could [ for me personally] think your solution has grit if I don’t have facts. Is this not what most posters do every day… spill a little milk, but not give away the cow?

    You ask for our opinions, what we think about releasing tidbits of your short story.

    If you want an honest answer, I just can’t see how you can share… how you found the answers to the clues in the poem, without divulging the 9 clues.

    That’s just me, Hope that helps.

    • Seeker, I will answer your questions and hope you will understand my predicament.

      First: I am receiving the reactions that I had expected, non controversial, mostly positive ones.

      Second: My main reason in wanting to share the story of my solution is that I believe it to be the correct one, and that if so I wanted to give heads up to those in the field. Not to discourage them, but to alert them to maybe a pending find. I may not find it, but it doesn’t mean that it’s not there at that location.

      Third: I would like the community to know how to go about finding the clues in the poem, this treasure search has gone on for a long time now, and the story of my exploration may help them in their search. I won’t release the story until I have searched at least one more time below the blaze.

      Fourth: I cannot share my whole story with out giving out the nine clues in the poem. That is why I’m debating and asking for responses. I can however share some of my thoughts in the story without giving any clues until I’m satisfied with my final search. One example is my post on T. S. Eliot’s quote.

      Thanks for your question, Seeker. I hope this will do.

      • Ritt,

        Thanks for the answers. Personally, as you already know…I’m sure, I don’t mind sharing or reading theory about the poem, even down, to what a clue may actually be, or how to understand the clue was discovered.

        Some folks think the same way, others get a little paranoid that something another searcher say will give away their theory or solution. With that said,
        I personally hope if your truly interested in getting your story to the public view, That you share the important information of how you found the nine clues [ the whole premise of starting this]

        Warning: I can be very critical when someone says they know and don’t back it up. AND I mean that in a “constructive criticism” way. I need to see if, the solution is solid with facts to confirm, without facts, it just another wild-eye theory.

        If it looks more like Swiss Cheese, it will get devoured.

        Looking forward to whatcha got!

      • My main reason in wanting to share the story of my solution is that I believe it to be the correct one, and that if so I wanted to give heads up to those in the field. Not to discourage them, but to alert them to maybe a pending find.

        thanks for your concern Ritt, in letting us know that you may be about to find the treasure chest

        this isn’t quite on the level of Tom, but it was the same ‘concern’ that motivated him

        i can see now that you are in your own little world

        looking forward to your story

  117. Ritt,

    If I may offer a suggestion. Weebly. com offers a free website for publishing. It has all the necessary tools for text editing and such. You could scan each page of your 8.5 x 11.0 pages as full page images to post there. You can also block pages you don’t want to release, until you choose to do so. That way you can load everything up at one time and when you are ready to put another page or two out there. Dal or Goofy can post your link so that people can check out your site. It’s just a thought, but that would alleviate having to retype everything. I hope your handwriting is good… 🙂

    • We are going to need a new category: Has anyone heard from Ritt after that freak snowstorm

      • To whom it may concern:

        I have seen attacks, or what seem to be attacks towards searchers who think, or know where the treasure is. It is my opinion, and only my opinion that who cares what people say!? If they find the treasure, I say more power to them. why do other searchers have to be negative ,or question their findings, or solves? Should we not be having fun with all of this, or has greed gotten the best of us? I for one have done all that is within my power to find the treasure chest. But I will not feel bad when someone else more clever than me finds it. I know we all have the same chances to find it than the next person so why do we persecute the searches who are confident about their knowledge about the location of the chest? I just do not understand why people behave like this. Everybody wants to find the treasure chest, and I wonder how many of you would stab the other in the back just to have the chest in their hands. Greed is a powerful desire but it is only a feeling that you can control. Is it not that the most important characteristic that distinguish us from animals?
        We should be ashamed of ourselves! Please feel free to attack me or not. Thank you. RC.

        • RC, I won’t attack your comment, I agree with most of what your putting down. Some folks can’t control there emotions or feel brave sitting behind a computer safe and sound in their own little world. This is a full public venue…

          But I disagree about not asking questions. We all come here to chat on The World Wide Web, this is not a few buddies shooting the “breeze” playing pokers on the back deck. If someone makes a claim of fact… then ya can bet I want answers to those claims. when those claims ” of facts” are made..It’s put up or shut up time. This has nothing to do with theories, method, an epiphany, suggestions and thoughts.

        • @RC, I would never stab anyone in the back……I would run them down with my truck and let the bears lick what’s left of them off my grill guard while I count the gold. 🙂

          The reason we care what people say is an attempt to keep the comments a place where everyone wants to contribute. What has happened over and over is someone gets all fired up over their solve and just has to share it. Which is fine except when they come across as arrogant and condescending and are here to bless us poor dumb fools with their genius.

          They start arrogantly attacking everyone else’s opinion because they are the only one that is correct. Of course they can’t offer any thoughts for discussion because that might reveal “the spot”. This arrogance gets old fast and will get them nuked.

          Without the chest in hand (and some pictures to prove it) any arrogant claim of knowing the location of the chest is a waste of electrons and our time.

          If they want to throw some of their ideas out (in their opinion) and get some constructive criticism or verification of their thoughts that’s fine. If they are here to be arrogant and condescending they can go someplace else.

        • RC, there is one other concern.

          When one posts telling every one to cancel their trips, flights, search plans, that is wrong.

          You are correct, “everyone” is excited, thrilled, ecstatic, with the solution “they” came up with. So it is difficult to revel in someone else’s happiness.

          There have been many posts here expressing the desire for someone to find the tc and tell us their story. Probably not as much greed as you express.

  118. Ritt,
    I understand wanting to share your solve, Being confident in your solution, the desire to shout “Bingo” and tell all, is difficult to hold in. I have wanted to do the same with mine. However, the proof is in the pudding, when the chest is in hand and Forrest gives the word, then we shall be all ears. To give everyone a “heads-up” is very considerate and with good intentions. This is a chase, a race to the finish line, and until the chest is found everyone should be encouraged to press on with their search. To tell people to quite or reconsider searching because you believe your solve is “the” solve, is the same as a runner telling the other runners “don’t race because you will lose anyways”.

    IMO of course 🙂

    • I thought is was a challenge, from the Author of the poem. I thought is was a journey, to explore the land to find treasure all a round. Not unlike the T.S. Elliot quote:

      We shall not cease from our exploration
      And at the end of all our exploring
      Will be to arrive where we started
      And know the place for the first time”

      Which to me says in-part… a personal journey of exploring ourselves and find new knowledge when we reach the end of our journey and see it in a new light.

      Competition, Race, running to a finish line. oh crap, I left my sneakers at home… never gonna win in these hiking boots and backpack.

      • Lol…in this adventurous race of internal and external explorations, hiking boots are the shoes of choice 🙂

        Lots of mountains to climb…

    • No, no, please don’t stop searching on account of my posting & story. I am very confident of my solve, so confident that it’s a little scary to think that it is the right one. Most people quit searching after the first or second snow in the Rockies, that’s one reason I want to wait. It’s not in the bag yet, NearIndy.

      Thanks, Good luck.

      • Hey Ritt,
        The days of people believing that the chest has been found or about to be found are long gone. No one believes these claims anymore so don’t feel you have to get permission. In fact by doing so you risk being thrown into the same pot as the “I found the treasure” bunch.

        Initially these claims got people’s hearts going, but the experienced searchers just yawn at these comments now. In fact, I can guarantee you did not find it or have the correct solution just to sooth everyones worries.

        So post away and don’t worry about giving a heads up. Just post it when you are ready, any noise prior to that will just make people angry.

        Good luck and I look forward to your story!
        The Wolf

        • Thanks, Wolf….Let me just say that I am not claiming that I have found the TC. What I am saying is that I have a viable solution to the poem. Why should anyone be angry? What is the point of the blog if one cannot communicate ones thoughts on this subject.

          Everyone please go back to my original post, I said that I “believe” that I had the correct solution.

          Good luck to you too, Wolf, I liked your search stories.

          • Thanks Ritt and I too will be posting my collection of stories at some point in the future. All I was saying is just post it and people will be cool with it – no worries.

            The only thing they are not cool with is any kind of confidence prior to. So that is why I found it best to just say nothing one way or the other. Think of it as a nice surprise for everyone when you do post.

            Good luck once again!
            The Wolf

          • I’m thinking of writing a “how to not do” book.
            Cuz all I know is how to not find the chest.
            I’m open for suggestions on a title…

          • Seeker, I’ve already copyrighted these titles:

            Failure for Dummies
            How to Lose a Fortune Seeking One
            Fennology 101: Worth the F and Cold

            I will entertain chapters by guest bloggers who like me clean their teeth weekly with crow feathers after eating humble pie.

          • Hi, Lia. When I graduated from high school I was voted “Most Likely To Suck-Seed At Treasure Hunting.”

            With that in mind I copyrighted these book titles:

            The Secret Of My Sucks Eggs.
            (How to fail in 365 days…or less.)

            11 Delicious Ways To Make Crow Palatable For Eating.
            (Featuring the ORIGINAL secret recipe for Turduckencrow! …which is a crow stuffed inside a chicken stuffed inside a duck stuffed inside a turd…I mean TURKEY. Btw, I guarantee that if that don’t make a turd it will certainly push one out. Just you wait and see.)

            How To Suck At Treasure Hunting…Without Even Really Not Trying…Meaning You’re Going To Try Really Hard…(See? I Even Suck At Writing Book Titles)…Trust Me. You Want To Buy This Book. This Book Will Teach You All There Is To Know About Sucking At Finding Treasure…So You’ll Know How NOT To Suck.
            (Foreword by Monica Lewinsky …Queen of… well, you know.)

  119. Okay, I’m adding to my above post for an additional nudge.

    a l o n e “IN”
    v v v v v
    t h e r e

    Now it’s clear.

    Hope it looks lined up when posted.

      • It makes a new word(s) for you to discover. I believe it is THE starting place but you still need to decide. I could have just posted it but where’s the fun in that? Anyway, I’m willing to share that one so have at it.

    • @ Peter – I tried unsuccessfully to find your first post to fully understand this one. Would you kindly explain the line up? The kid in me sees alligator teeth, or stalagtites. I’m making at attempt at finding other words down. Looks interesting, but could use your help.

          • I’m not into anagrams for this search, but I am in general. Wouldn’t it be easier to just put “there” before “alone” and get “the real one” and find the Coca reference?

          • CY…can be related to “cold” as well…

            Could the line in the 6th Stanza, “Your effort will be worth the cold” be saying something like…”Your work in solving the poem will reward you for being alone among many?…

            Sort of like you will be out in the cold or alone among all searchers?…

            Just wondering out loud…

          • Sam Smith, worth the cold at our home may be putting the cat(me) out on the front porch for spending too much time chasing treasures. Please set out a dish of milk.


          • ritt: thanks for all of your helpful info here on the blog. I like your a lone tree, as it matches 2 illustrations in the books where ff is near a single pine treel. It’s also a play on words for “single tree” which is an old wooden yoke used for work horses – something Eric Sloane would have written about. (his old riches)

        • Lia, hes merged the words ‘alone’ and ‘there’ (read the odd letters then the even ones) … even though Mr. Fenn said anagrams etc. weren’t used in the poem.

          • OH MY! Yes, Chris, thats what I was thinking of…. and by golly, ff doesn’t eliminate anagrams! I must have read that into it along w/ciphers and codes. I did scan all my computer notes (that ‘find’ feature is fantastic!) and I found no other ref that I could link directly to f. Your scrutiny is welcome, even tho it increases my work load. Back to day one.

          • Exactly. I have tried many things and this did seem to make a genuine hit, but it’s probably just a coincidence.

      • Ed & Pete – vvvery clever placing alone “IN there. ornee is french for adorns usually in a garden or table context. “tah le” can’t find an adequate translation. ideas??

          • inthechase – here’s my best guess at translation: ‘adorns the garden’ or ‘adorns the plain’ – as in a wild flower or purple sage. Perhaps, in the spring wild flowers bloom keeping the treasure company – like Forrest’s statement ‘ruby flush of paint brush.’ At first my kid brain only saw the croc’s sharp teeth. but I do like the word ornee – it has a certain ring to it…like Flint Fyke.

  120. Ritt..Let me get this straight..upon reading your previous posts, you’ve been touting a solve since May. You are certain and dare I say.. presumptious enough to write a book claiming victory..

    1) How have you not found it thus far and 2) Doesn’t this fly in the face of Forrest’s comment “whoever solves the poem will move with confidence and be guided precisely to it?

    Is the search area that large? Do the elements impede you..terrain etc? Without being specific, can you tell us in general what you think has been your biggest obstacle? Respectfully

    • Kook, my biggest obstacle has been the last clue, it has been a conundrum to say the least. I cannot comment any further without giving away too much. Victory cannot be claimed until it is over and the chest in hand. I only say that I have written a short story on how I found the solution to Forrest Fenn’s poem, not that I have found the Treasurer. In my mind it is the correct solution, so yes, IMHHO.

      Thanks for responding.

      • So Ritt, Other than the one tidbit of information mentioned Hours ago, I was wondering if your holding off on furthering us with more, to build suspense or just waiting for more searchers responses.

        I have a small suggestion, if I may, while we wait in anticipation… maybe you can throw us a bone, like how you found a certain clues. One that we the search community can weight in on.

        Something to actually get the ball rolling.

  121. I would like to add my thoughts.

    Until the chest is in a person’s possession (when title passes; questions of legality go here) each statement of a search can only be an opinion, no matter how confident the person is and therefore should be qualified with IMO and not written as a statement of fact. There is a huge difference between opinion and fact.

    Cheers to all and good luck from Oz.

  122. Very fortunate to have our needs met… with food and clothing be yea content…if this is all we ask for we will be richly blessed Amen..

    • Amen pieces of 9. those who have their needs met and enjoy good health should awake smiling each new morning. I’m a believer in finding joy and laughter in all circumstances… Which is a good thing with 3 failed attempts notching my treasure coup stick.

    • And don’t you just love it when a newby comes along and tells an old timer not only where the tc is – but how they should run their search. You can’t do anagrams – FF said so. I just laugh.

  123. I posted details of my (abortive, of course) hunt in the Hebgen area around a year ago. Since then I have been lurking here, but have felt that I have had little to contribute. And here’s the reason why. Every time I dig into that infernally ingenious poem I come up with a new way of looking at it. Then, for a moment, I feel like I’ve had some sort of minor epiphany, get excited, and start poring over the maps. And every time I look at a new area I find half a dozen reasons why it should be THE place to search, even though the week before I was convinced it was somewhere else. Endless rocky creeks, brown this that or the others, high waters and cold places – it’s stunning how many of these things exist all over the Rocky Mountains. And so it goes round and round and round.

    What I’ve noticed is that there is a level of OCD that persistent searchers (including me) exhibit. And some become entrenched in their belief that the chest just has to be in the place where they’ve found some correlation to the poem. And, with a few really focused searchers, maybes become definites and opinions become facts. And once that hole has been dug (no pun intended!), it becomes very difficult to let go of belief, however erroneous, so the outside world has to be remade to fit the solve. It’s a trap that’s been sprung a few times, and witnessed here.

    The problem seems to be that no one has found a reliable key within the poem. Just take the first line. The word “alone” could refer to a lonely spot, a geographical area with “lone” in the name (or a synonym), or it might mean “all one”, or it could be part of an anagram, or it could just be what it states on the surface. Repeat this exercise for nearly every word or phrase in the poem and the permutations are almost endless. For example, I can generate almost any place name from viewing the poem as a series of anagrams. “My treasures bold” produces “bouldery streams,” but if I add “and with” to the letters, I get different results. And in any event, how much use would “bouldery streams” be to my search in an area crammed full of such places? How can one make sense of this almost infinite set of possibilities?

    In my opinion, if the treasure is ever to be found, there needs to be a key to unlocking the hidden directions in the poem, otherwise we’re all doomed to go on hunting to the grave. If, on the other hand, there is no hidden key, then the five hundred or a thousand possible WWWH will just have to be explored one by one until we either get lucky, or take a side trip to Vegas and a new addiction! 😉

    • voxpops…

      IMO also, there is a key that will unlock this poem…I found one that worked for me and I hope you will find one that works for you…Don’t give up looking for it, IMO it is there in the poem…

      But what do I know?…IMO there is also a singular, indisputable WWWH…Guess I just think differently than most…

      • Sam, I’m actually in awe that you’ve found the key, and a singular WWWH. I assume you’ll be making your trip very soon. I hope you find the end of the rainbow – if only to put the rest of us out of our misery! Good luck!!!

    • voxpops,

      If one finds a reliable key they are certainly not going to post it for all to see. So we don’t know how many have a reliable key.
      Perhaps many.

      Good luck finding one.

      • That’s a good point, ritt. Howeever, there can only be one key, and so if a bunch of people have discovered it, the chest should be in someone’s hands very soon, don’t you think?

        • Not necessarily, Vox…… it’s what they do with it that counts. If you don’t put in the right keyhole then you can’t get in. Finding the key is one thing now you must find the house. get it.

          Good luck to you.

  124. Ritt, as much as i am curious about your solve, you should consider that if you don’t have the whole picture correct, you may have some elements. some info you share may be particularly dangerous clue connections, even though you yourself don’t completely see the significance

    • Oh yes, Chris I do see the significance, and I’m not so concerned about the treasure itself, the government will probably get the most of it. For how can one claim where they found it without alerting all of the money grabbers.

      It’s the TOTC, it is for me. I am a simple guy with many interest. I do like a challenge and Forrest has provided a great one.

      Thank you, Forrest.

  125. As much as I HATE to admit this, as I am DYING to know the solves of the searchers that go with CONFIDENCE, CY is right. You may very well be WAY closer than you even realize …and by sharing, you may give another searcher the CONFIDENCE they needed in their solve to take a crack at it. I shared my best solves fully, but only after I was convinced I was wrong, and three return visits. Even now, I regret sharing that info…because I immediately noticed others using previously undiscovered techniques and thought processes…they picked up what I was laying down, and ran with it….calling it their own. This is the price we pay for sharing our findings….I am okay with that. make sure you are going to be okay with that if you decide to share your findings with us…That said, TELL ME!!

    • Mike,
      That is the nature of the beast. The reverse is also true… you discover something unique and keep it to yourself and then someone else eventually finds and discloses it and they get all the credit but any attempt to cry sour grapes and plead your case will only come back and bite you in the butt.

      You pay your money as you take your chances…
      The Wolf

    • How about this one?

      So hear ME all and listen good

      Do, Re, Mi…

      Mi is the key of E and 329.628 Hz.

      Could help zero in with a GPS maybe when (if) you get near the chest.

      Other E frequencies:

      E0 = 20.602
      E1 = 41.203
      E2 = 82.407
      E3 = 164.814
      E4 = 329.628 — regular do, re, mi
      E5 = 659.255
      E6 = 1318.51
      E7 = 2637.02
      E8 = 5274.041
      E9 = 10548.082
      E10 = 21096.164

  126. On a lighter note, I just completely bombed the math question on a job interview I had today for a promotion at work…Apparently there are 2.2 kilos in a lb…not 1.8 (DUH, I KNEW THAT!).

    So the chest weighs 92.4 kilos, not 75.6 kilos….

      • CY & McD: I’ve been looking at poem structure today as well.

        1 stanza 25 wds = 25
        2 stanzas 27 wds = 54
        3 stanzas 29 wds = 87

        6 total with 24 lines

        Mr. Fenn is very orderly, but there must be a clever reason as well. I’m counting out 42 letters/spaces. Looking for other numerical ideas. Got any?

        total wds = 166

        • 9 sentences, 6 stanzas, 4 lines per stanza, 25 total capital letters.

          stanza 1… 7567 words in each line, total 25
          stanza 2… 6777…27
          stanza 3… 8676…27
          stanza 4… 8768…29
          stanza 5… 8858…29
          stanza 6… 7787…29

          24 capital letters in the beginning of each line.
          [ but now what do you do with them ].

          why not the 24 in 24 for lines? you have that count in 4 lines per stanza. try not to repeat what is already used as well as finding the right or correct method / use for the counts.

          Hence the reason: don’t mess with the poem.

          The use of the structure of the poem coincides with knowing certain hints in the text of the poem and combining them to parts of the structure to find an actual clue.

          None of this will help anyone unless you understand the theme or meaning to the poem.

          How do you find hints in the text? By understanding how to read it. Start at the beginning, as multiple meanings of it’s own, try using all of them.

          Hope that help ya is some way.

          Oh Right.. IMO, food for thought, just saying.

          Hey ritt ! when ya going to fill in the blanks for us?

          • Seeker, I wish I could go right now and then fill in all of the blanks for everyone, but an illness in my immediate family prevents me from going on my last adventure.

            I am hoping by mid-to-late October.
            Although, I can share a few non clue pages, but I think it won’t be of much interest to many here.

            I caution everyone to remember it’s IMHHO, that I have a good solid solution to the poem and a short story of my trials and errors with boots on the ground, but don’t be too alarmed…… I do however go with extreme confidence. How can one leave their house to go into the woods & mountains without confidence?

          • Hunh? where did those numbers in the thousands-range come from? Thats way above the character counts… are you assigning a number or value to a letter? Why are they all 5-6-7-8?

            stanza 1… 7567 words in each line, total 25
            stanza 2… 6777…27
            stanza 3… 8676…27
            stanza 4… 8768…29
            stanza 5… 8858…29
            stanza 6… 7787…29

            If you’ve got a private code going on, just tell me to myob.

          • Old shadow,

            There are no codes, If you read my comment those numbers are the words counts in each line of each stanza.

            Theory being that there maybe a reason for every line have those counts, as well as the use of some words to keep those counts… such as There’ll, you’ve, etc.

          • Thanks for the explanation… I go cross-eyed counting things, so I’ll be stayin out of that field. Could never decide what you do with spaces, punctuation, contractions and hyphens at the end of a line. But I wish lots of luck to you coders and your optometrists.

          • Edit: this may help…

            Stanza 1:

            line one 7
            line two 5
            line three 6
            line four 7

            7567 = a total of 25 words in that stanza.
            these type of counts i get from what I call the structure of the poem. some other numbers I get from the format of the poem. There is a lot of work to understanding what they are for… but not any harder then understanding the meaning of the poem as well.


          • 49 dollers,

            i’m not sure what you mean by ” 123 pattern” But i don’t use a pattern or a code. I see- information- that can be used within the poem itself [ call that Information what you will ]. I may see the poem this way, because I don’t use outside source as a “clue” or see the poem as nothing more than a step by step direction.

            To me that is too simplistic. Nor do I over complicated it with anything outside the poem.

            A step by step directions is what most may see at first, I did too, at one time. I see it more as layers of information that need to be organized [ not changed ] to see the meaning of the poem.

            One thing that I don’t understand is folks using the poem to match names of, well anything really. Such as, the name of a river or mountain. Names change all the time..even during the same time period, what European settlers call a mountain is the same mountain called by another name by some Native Americans in the same time period. Even the same mountain, river, valley is called by a different name between The different tribes, native to the same area.

            that Line of thinking is a crap shoot at best…IMO.

            Just a different perspective.

  127. IMO When ppl post “solve coming soon” It’s a bit like saying “let’s talk about ME” I mean…if you’re not going to discuss your thoughts why say anything on a blog about the poem? Maybe dal or goofy could start a new room where searchers who have it “solved” could each have their own thread called “look how smart ____ is!” And anyone that wants to discuss, pontificate, stand on a soap box ad infinitum (and/or question) their own,or someone else’s intelligence endlessly with no actual discussion of the solve itself could just go there?

    • Thanks for your response, Circumstance. That is if you are referring to me. I have given some thoughts on the quote from Forrest and TS Eliot…. Earlier I had discussed my thoughts on needing to narrow your search material at some point and focus on where to start the quest, or something to that effect. I have discussed several thoughts regarding many aspects of the poem. I guess you haven’t read them or just dismissed them.

      I would be happy to discuss my thoughts on the poem.

      Thanks…..Good luck to you.

    • Well ITCT I suppose that depends on what one’s definition of a clue is. I don’t want to start another “useless clue debacle” as I call it.

      In my opinion any information we can take as fact is helpful and therefore a clue; above 5,000 feet, below 10,200 feet, not in Utah or Idaho, and so forth.

    • inthechaseto: Hypoxic pulmonary hypertension occurs at 10,200 and higher. A pilot or athlete training in high altitudes would be well aware. Thanks Mr. Fenn for caring about people. Also, if you’re in the wood most tree lines fall beneath that alt.

  128. Not necessarily a clue…but he did add an upper limit to the lower one he had previously given…giving us a range of altitude to stay within when searching…why do this? who knows?…

    Unless he was simply concerned with searchers safety, and trying to keep them from going where it is too dangerous for most to climb…

    Someplace a 79 or 80 year old man has better sense than to attempt maybe?

  129. I try to match up this comment of his with the places I come up with. I feel there always needs to be one that’s man made.

    The clues did not exist when I was a kid but most of the places the clues refer to did. I think they might still exist in 100 years but the geography probably will change before we reach the next millennia. The Rocky mountains are still moving and associated physical changes will surely have an impact. If you are in the year 3,009 it will be more difficult for you to find the treasure.f

  130. I’ve always thought that some passages of the poem may be built in there to help with legal issues/ defining ownership etc. on retrieval. In this same logic pattern I think that some of Forrest’s statements, or “clues” are to deal with ethical issues (keeping people out of danger, not “encouraging” behavior such as digging up graves or destroying property/structures with the excuse/reason of his chase) I believe that the 10,200 ft. is a true statement but probably offered as a “clue” to prevent people unfamiliar with the mountains from the complications that can arise at a high altitude. I think of forrest as an ethical man who is proud of his word, and has probably been backed into corners with MANY moral dilemmas he did not anticipate so he prevents harm where he can. Plus then we get extra clues 🙂

    • @CY…if you are unfamiliar with state laws you may be surprised/if not shocked at the fine line forrest needs to walk in order to be allowed to continue his “thrill”. It’s mind boggling….the fine lines….and he has engineered and is executing it almost like a choreographed dance.

  131. Or you could just have a 20 minute discussion with his attorney and you’d see quite a few things in a whole new light 🙂

  132. I haven’t been able to actively search lately do to an unfortunate encounter with a hit and run driver while I was riding my motorcycle. But, I am much better now.
    One thing that has been bugging my mind is the phrase “hint of treasures, new and old”. This seems to indicate a place that was the source of treasure in the past. It was said that the famouse Beale treasure had originated when a hunting group went to New Mexico on a pretense. They had taken the Santa Fe trail and at some unknown point made a diversion. Then in the mountains somebody noticed a glimmer in the mountains and struck gold. I imagined that may have been the gold mine above Red River. It’s an interesting story, but doubtful.
    What gets me is FF choosing to use the word “hint’. As if there were not actually a treasure originally there back when it was old. Fools Gold, mica comes to mind…and mine.
    Getting to the point, a mica mine may be involved. Ojo Caliente has a lot of them scattered around. Photos and videos show them glistening like tiaras on the landscape. I would like to take a short walk up to see one as soon as I feel comfortable without the backbrace. And, some of them are privately owned. That would explain why a title for the treasure may be offered.
    On another point, I looked up the History of Ojo Caliente. The natives that originally lived there regarded the waters as not so much hot/caliente as warm.
    I know that most of us have been up there, but it may be worth another look.

  133. This isn’t really anagrams but remember Fenns’ blog about going through his wives spice cabinet and naming cinnamon twice? I’m interested in the double letters that he often alludes to and the double omegas. cinnamon, now put the two n’s together to make a “m”,,,and separate the the m in cinnamon to make two r’s…now you got cimarron…of course the two cimarron rivers where water appears to stop, actually just goes underground, blah, blah, blah…just wondering if anyone else has applied this technique to poem?

  134. Wolf, you win the prize! It is 2.2 lbs to one kilo, not the other way around…19.09 kilos is what the chest weighs…I wish you had been in my corner at that stupid interview! I feel so dumb sometimes…even though everyone I know says I’m so smart! I guess I’m good at pretending to be smart. Anyways, thanks for pointing out my errors…it seems nobody else even noticed?? Or maybe they just slapped there foreheads in disgust and moved on…lol.

  135. Please help me! 🙂 no clue why my OCD has me fixated on this but I need an answer to end my frustration as soon as possible. At the end of the preface in TTOTC Forrest says it’s his ninth book in 26 years. Inside the back cover it lists 7:
    African Animals
    Beat of the drum/whoop of dance
    Nicolai Fetchen
    Secrets of San Lazaro
    Teepee smoke
    Historic Indian Dolls
    Seventeen Dollars a Square Inch

    Those 7 plus TTOTC make 8…
    What one didn’t he list?

    • I had the same question myself, never got it figured out, even checked with library of congress and sent ff an email asking if he wrote under any other names to which he never replied. Good luck!

      • Michelle38, after viewing a fraction of the possible depth and layers of intelligence, through this blog, that Forrest Fenn constructed into the poem, he may have have written the code breakers manual for geniuses only. I’m FULLY convinced the poem will never be solved, and am more interested than ever to understand any portion of it.

        If I was attributing a subtitle to the TOTC poem it would read, “Wheels inside of Wheels Inside of Wheels”

        Furthermore, unless he wants the treasure chest discovered, it won’t be.
        My humble congrats and thanks to all who conceived brilliant solutions and have posted here. I’m in awe of the gifted pool of talent represented.

      • Deb- not sure, but I think that might be a typo or red-herring(?) in amazon…the referenced name “siah armanajani” isn’t spelled correctly (it’s really armajani) and the title “finding holiness etc…” With his correct name spelling is the work of another author which can be read on McKnight foundations page. Hmmm..

        • If anyone is interested:
          McKnight assists nonprofit organizations and public agencies to improve the quality of life for all people, particularly those in need. Through grantmaking, collaboration, and encouragement of strategic policy reform, we aim to build and maintain vibrant communities; enrich people’s lives through the arts; encourage protection of the natural environment; and promote research in selected fields.

          Wow, great people and organization building strong communities by enriching lives. Puts a smile on my face just knowing there are people like this who spend their fortunes to aid humanity.

    • Thanks Wolf…I wondered about that but it says the author is James A. Hanson and the book itself contains pictures of forrest and his dads collection…are you saying he wrote it also? Like a co-author?

    • I was thinking it was about time to start a new nine clues post Jdig. I’ll do that in the next few minutes.

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