The Nine Clues…….Part Thirtytwo


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This is the place to discuss the nine clues…For instance:
What are the nine clues…
Is the first clue “Begin it where warm waters halt” ?

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  1. Ritt–some things you said about your solve sounded extremely similiar to my own. I’m planning my last trip of the year in a week and cannot resist inquiring if we have the same solution- it’s driving me nuts! I must ask…does your search begin on the west coast and off the map?

    • Hi Circumstance, In thinking where warm water halts. Forrest said what I was thinking, before he said it. Lots of places where warm waters halt. So well we need to go next, to the Canyon, down…Well lots of those too! So on the next clue. Not far but too far to walk. Well this could be anywhere too. However its not too far from the warm water and canyon. But too far to walk. From the beginning its not far. Forrest said 10 miles is too far to walk. For him. So we go on and on. Now the real important clue’s are coming up soon in the Poem. So you see were I am going?


      • I’m not quite sure what your saying, so I have no idea if it applys to what I’m asking Ritt….I’m referring to a very specific location out there, not just general warm waters if that’s what yours asking?

        • Kat- To the spot on the coast or the spot on the map? I’m looking for someone to join me that day…

          • I’m a girl and I hate being in the middle of nowhere alone. If we can guarantee were going to the same place I could even let someone use my frequent flier miles. I literally have nobody willing to go and it’s a lot carry equipment with just one person in there. I’m not crazy I swear 🙂 haha

          • I was responding to Ritt, but since you asked, i was talking about my spot on the map. I will have to wait to go to my solve till the weather is better, but since you asked, where (generally) on the coast are you talking about and which state are you searching?

      • Forrest has also said words to the effect of, “People under estimate the importance of the first clue….if you cant figure that one, you may as well stay home and play canasta.

    • Sorry, I’ve been out all day…I hope you haven’t gone off the deep end …….I’ll set your mind at ease, Circum,… NO, my search does not start on the west coast…or o ff the map.

      Relax and have a good time, I wish you all the luck.

    • my solve links to the west coast… but don’t begin there….so many roads to take….

    • oh ok i see it…… yeah i thought yesterday or the day before that the chest could be hidden in a big boulder or such…… like a nice hiding spot that is hard to find but easy for a kid. I dont know if it would be real admirable though……

  2. inthechaseto,

    “I would like to know – if anyone here thinks FF saying “below 10,200 feet is a clue.”

    I feel Fenn was just putting an upper ceiling on it. I’ve always believed that it was closer to being just over 5,000 feet. That was his original comment “above 5,000 feet”. It would be like him to put it at 5,001 feet above sea level… LOL 🙂

    • Thanks GG and also to all the others that responded to what seemed to be a stupid question.

      Out of all – I think only one other – gets it. 🙂

  3. Just thinking, has anyone tried to put together in one spot all the things Mr Fenn has said about the chase and the TC?

    • That’s a tough question to ask, but in my case (and mine only), I feel that based on actual facts of the area, they fit perfectly.

    • Dal has done a great job here on his blog of trying to gather together the quotes by Forrest or link to all the interviews and videos of the book signings and Q & As. There is so much information on this site – have you been able to read, watch, or listen to it all yet? There may be some info on some of the other blogs too but not as much as here. I’m still trying to review as much as I can here as I probably have forgotten some of what I’ve gone over in the past – it may take all winter and then, if the treasure isn’t found by next spring, I’ll take a look at a hidey spot! 🙂

  4. Michael Hendrickson (@ic1198),

    While reading Douglas Preston’s book (one Fenn has commented on), one of the archeologists enters a dark Anasazi kiva holding a somewhat dim light. As he shines it around, it reflexs back a golden sparkle. He initially thinks he is looking at gold objects, but closer observation reveals mica painted on the surface of the objects.

    I share this, because Preston was one of Forrest’s close friends. Fenn was mentioned in the ‘acknowledgements’ in the beginning of the book.

    Whether this has any relation to your comment, I leave that for you to decide.

  5. Jamie

    in response to your previous post

    i remember seeing information that stated TFTW was Forrest’s 9th book

    that would mean TTOTC was his 8th

      • Are you referring to Everard (Jean Hinrichs) as in “ever drawing” and the painting of the Canyon?

        • No. but there is an ever drawing near in the painting that I am referring to. A moment frozen in time and so he is ever drawing near. but that’s only part of it. There are symbols in the painting. two that are together that over shadow the third.

          • He is ever drawing near the symbols but never reaches them. The symbols were meant to bring empowerment to the people but are not realized as the yoke of oppression is not cast off, it only takes on a different form and the very images that were meant to represent freedom from oppression take on the exact opposite meaning.

    • Decal if you look in the videos on dal blog the red seal wasn’t Forrest’s idea it was the book designers

  6. I posted this yesterday prior to comments closing on The Nine Clues 31 so here it is again:

    So hear ME all and listen good

    Do, Re, Mi…

    Mi is the key of E and 329.628 Hz.

    Could possibly help zero in with a GPS when (if) you get near the chest.

    Other E frequencies:

    E0 = 20.602
    E1 = 41.203
    E2 = 82.407
    E3 = 164.814
    E4 = 329.628 — regular do, re, mi
    E5 = 659.255
    E6 = 1318.51
    E7 = 2637.02
    E8 = 5274.041
    E9 = 10548.082
    E10 = 21096.164

    Oh, and “the cold” equaling 67 which we have seen before may help too.

    • Peter-
      I like the way you broke this scale down. I came across these frequencies while researching phi and the golden ratio about a year ago. I actually thought about the poem somehow having a musical possibility (that’s might explain my posted thoughts on the Phantoms Poem)-but my efforts were to no avail.
      e – E4 is also the 44th key on an 88- key piano. The 45th key is f. The 42nd key is d (in case you were looking for one).
      I also wondered about the sound on a fiddle.
      This thought process became too complicated for me since I cannot play an instrument. I hope I have talent enough to listen.
      Decided Mr. Fenn probably didn’t make it that complicated. Then again- who knows.


  7. @Michael Hendrickson- I think you hit something with your post on Ojo Caliente.

    mica comes to mind…and mine.
    Getting to the point, a mica mine may be involved. Ojo Caliente has a lot of them scattered around. Photos and videos show them glistening like tiaras on the landscape. I would like to take a short walk up to see one as soon as I feel comfortable without the backbrace. And, some of them are privately owned. That would explain why a title for the treasure may be offered.
    On another point, I looked up the History of Ojo Caliente. The natives that originally lived there regarded the waters as not so much hot/caliente as warm.

    And Forrest said he had a real big clue in tftw.

    If you read the chapter (5) about him skinny dipping/bathing in the Fire Hole River, he talks about a place “where the hot water tumbled into the stream”

    I went there last week in Yellowstone. Followed his directions he has on that page to the spot.

    The name of that geyser pool is Ojo Caliente.

    I was always thinking that his “clue” from tftw was the the Yellowstone springs is where WWH. or maybe the the spring Ojo Caliente was.

    But maybe its both.

    He could be talking about the town or area of Ojo Caliente.

    BTW, first comment on here.

    • Very nice first post Mark –

      I always thought Ojo Caliente could be a possibility. I know many have looked there.

    • You really don’t think he knew exactly what the name of that hot spring is? And then said “oh I didn’t know about that huge clue after the book was published? That’s a huge stretch and FF is way too smart for that IMO…but it probably wasn’t named that when he was a kid 😉

      • I think/pretty sure but could be wrong the TFTW clue was the map and forrest actually said that that clue was that the printers accidentally left off the top of the map thereby eliminating canada. He didn’t know or see it till after it was published. You could check with dal for where he said it though…If I’m wrong I apologize.

        • I’ve never heard that until now. Sounds like something he’d say tho. Why isn’t NM ruled out yet – especially with all the new clues?He has said he found the spot when he was a small boy – I ddidn’tknow he went to NM when he was a kid?

          • Clayton-
            I don’t remember him ever saying he “found” the spot when he was a kid. He has said other things about the poem and the clues that were there when he was a kid

        • Jamie has more info than I have. All I know is that he was surprised when someone pointed out to him that the map in TFTW cut off Canada. Forrest has said that eliminating Canada was the unintentional clue..

  8. Also, on page 115 in TTOTC, Tea with Olga, at the top of the page in the sketch of the mountain, does it say GOLD on the side?

    • I dont see it Mark, but that doesnt mean its not there.
      I see lots of things in the illustartions, just unsure if they pertain. 🙂 I even took one page of my book and folded it like the back page of a mad magazine or a kids highlights magazine to try and see if there was a hidden picture. LOL

      • Deb,

        I see where your talking about. It’s on the front right slope in the scribbling. It is close to looking like “GOL”, but no “D”. I think it is just the artists rendering and nothing more. But hey, good eyes 🙂

        • I was thinking the outlines on the front slope are depicting a shadow of the clouds over the mountain top. That’s if the sun were to be behind the clouds? Does look like GOL though.

  9. Kat- you said you were responding to ritt…I don’t think Ritt wrote anything on this thread….I wrote something and and put Ritts name on the first line so I thought you were responding to me. Oops

    • Circumstance: Sorry about the mistake, I looked back and turns out I was responding to Lou lee. But I am interested in your coast comment and which state you are searching in!

        • Circumstance -I won’t be able to help much there, I’m in Washington state. Would love to chat by email if you want to post it here. If not, I understand. Good luck to you.

          • Was out that way a few weeks ago looking at a piece of land north east of there. The fire in that area pretty much ruled it out, though. I will be going through Spokane on my way to Montana in late spring. Maybe we can meet for coffee?

    • Sounds like fun to me Ed – enjoy and have a great time. Time is precious and it’s getting cold where I am.

        • Ed, sounds like you had a very special day! To see all 3 (Bear, Bison and Moose – oh my) in one day is great.
          We keep going back to visit (not for the search) as there is something special that draws us there.

          One night last year we were just sitting in a small parking area to watch the sunset when we were joined by a large group of Bison. They just hung around our car for the whole time.
          Hope you also had good weather.

          • Thanks Ellen. Weather was cold but sunny. Sis and I had a great time. She had never been. Yellowstone is a national treasure. Roosevelt got it right.

  10. why are most searchers “shooting in the dark?”. Don’t you ladies and gentlemen think that without a general idea of where to search most of us are lost? All give you an important clue, or hint. Read the book(TTOTC) and find a sentence that has to do with more or less the same meaning as the first sentence of the first stanza of the poem. That is your general area as to where to start looking for the chest. RC.

  11. 9-11 ? why are both these numbers of high importance in the chase….I have never been to ground zero…but if i ever get a chance i would want to be careful to show the highest respect for those who risked their lives. 9 for me points to 11 which represents the towers and so much more…the modern world does not understand what little brother is trying to say but 9-11 made us realize we don’t have all the answers….change comes slowly one step at a time.

  12. Has anyone thought about any significance to the story of digging up the zero plane and pistol from TFTW. it seems like there might be somethin up with that

    • Eric, I am puzzled by the toy hints unless he is saying dont forget to think like a kid. He never forgot his toys, even though he was so young, that seems odd to me but he does have an amazing memory.

  13. There is a Mountain in Montana called Blaze mountain that I found on google earth and it has mirror lake close to it witch cast really cool shadows.

  14. In the CW bookstore appearance 10/22/13, Forrest said there was one clue in TFTW that wasn’t in TTOTC, and that he didn’t know it was there until after it was printed. He didn’t explain at the time, what he was referring to.

    McGarrity brought up the subject again a few moments later, calling it “the accidental clue”, but Forrest wanted to talk about the book cover instead.

    In the Moby Dickens Book Shop appearance in November 2013, Forrest referred to it again in answer to a question. He said he didn’t realize until the book was printed that Benchmark Maps left Canada off of the map in TFTW. He said it was a major clue but it won’t help you find the treasure chest.

    • Yes Chris,

      Canada is left out yet again, it makes me sooo “I think I’m going to throw this napkin on the floor” mad.

      Bad jokes aside, up until the point when Forrest said “people were within 500ft” how many have searched Canada?
      I don’t believe that anybody did, therefore if “not in Canada” is the accidental clue, it was not really of any use, eh?

      • Liv-
        I know of many folks that searched in Canada. The poem works up there as well as in New Mexico and many people like to search near where they live. Many books have been sold to Canadians and I have heard from darn near a hundred via email.

        You might be surprised to learn that many still search for the chest in Idaho and Utah and Arizona too. I suspect some people just head out without doing any research.

        • Dal, welcome back

          … and thanks for the update. I am surprised that people searched here, but hey… whatever works for them.
          As for buying the book, of course many Canadians bought them – we are just as obsessed with THE PRECIOUS!!! as the next guy 🙂

    • I believe that the unforeseen “clue” has nothing to do with Canada being outside the search zone on the map.


  15. Forgot to xplane who little brother was… it is who big brother used to be…. back when America was simpler and more human friendly…before skyscrapers and jets and well a lot of conveniences.

  16. germanguy & Michael D – research has brought me to the conclusion that while you’re uranium solve may not be where the chest is hidden, imo it’s a strong contender for WWWH, in alignment with the borders of YNP. If you’ve been WISE is where warm waters halt and are exposed world wide WWW.

  17. Still in the process of figuring this puzzle out, I may have a solution that can be resolved 🙂 !!!!!

    • Careful…you might get lambasted for saying that. Hahaha 🙂 just kidding- good luck can’t wait to hear!

      • Thanks Jamie

        But it will be next year before I search again I hope the time doesn’t creep by 🙂 !!!!!

  18. One called lone as well. Might have gone aLONE in there. Is there a bike path near there for him to throw his bike in the water high?

  19. Hi All, my name is Ramona, I live in Las Vegas. I have been following this chase since the beginning. I only started working on this for myself in May of this year. I made a trip up north in July and, of course, I did not find the tc but had an awesome time searching. Sorry I don’t comment a lot, I’m very quiet and keep to myself most of the time. Does anyone else live in Las Vegas? With all the great minds here, I’m sure someone will crack this soon. Keep on keeping on….

  20. Confusing…
    The following has been stated by Forrest and it has me completely confused.

    1.) He told me the chest is “exposed” to rain and snow, and could be scorched in a forest fire.
    How could this be if it was in a cave or underwater?

    2.) It is not in extremely close proximity to a human trail.
    Great, so you need to be looking at where nobody has been before.

    3.) He has stated he wanted his bones to be with the chest for eternity but if in a cave his bones would be scattered by animals.

    • My take on these statements is:
      1 – probably not in a cave or under water (I never really thought it was but many still do)
      2 – not close to a “trail” exactly, but perhaps might not be too far away from a road or parking area – how far is is “close proximity” anyway? 🙂
      3 – the original poem said something like “leave my bones” but he was cured of cancer and changed the poem. Who knows what he intends to do now when the end is near?

    • He never said it wasn’t buried. 🙂 And remember the quote about it being scorched etc is a reporter’s words on what he remembers Forrest saying, but did Forrest really say that to him and even if he did say the tc could be “affected” by the elements, could it not be affected if it is only covered by a rock or a half inch of soil? There are a lot of contradicting statements floating around so I guess we all just have to decide which statements seem the most logical to us. I believe the things that Forrest says about the tc and not reporter’s interpretations of what he has said.

  21. Also, he said it is in a “thrilling” location. What would be thrilling? You have to look down after you see the blaze, so you have to be “up” somewhere above it right?

    • Hi Rick Nelson – you say that FF said it was in a “thrilling” location. Would you be willing to tell us where you saw that? That is not a clue I’m familiar with.

      • I try to keep up with all the Fenn quotes, interviews, Q and As etc, and I’ve never heard him say the place is “thrilling” either.

        The following thoughts may be more my opinion: so I preface it with ‘I think’ it is fact that the finding of the treasure should in no way include ‘dangerous’ territory or actions; as in doing something that risks your life or requires special skills or equipment (a flashlight is not ‘special equipment’ but, scuba gear is, (my opinion). I base this from Forrest saying to go only where a 79 or 80 year old man can go and that a child could pick it up (that is if he can lift 42 lbs.). Although I think many may put the physical aspect to the 79 or 80 year old statement, I think it could also include the wisdom of a man of that age. Forrest hid the chest in a ‘safe’, but ‘Thrilling’ location.

        • Wisdom….thrilling…flying…with my luck I’d get hooked on the sign, hastily chase the cow (on horse, of course) , head out there too soon, fall in a great big huge hole only to realize it was yet ANOTHER mirror.

    • Rick Nelson

      Confusing (?) I thought you said you had located the chest in several prior posts. Was it in a cave or underwater?

    • I think Rick means special, surprising or the latest quote of “in high regard” based on the admire statement on Oct 1. But Forrest never actually said “thrilling” unless he emailed or spoke it to Rick directly and we weren’t privy to it.

        • “Thrilling” is not a word I’ve ever seen in print anywhere regarding the location of the treasure or heard from Forrest in any interview or Q and A about the location. Do you remember where you may have seen that? My solution definitely doesn’t lead me to a place that is “thrilling”! 🙂

  22. I forgot FF said the chest was exposed to the rain and snow….so i guess my idea that the chest was located inside a big boulder was off by a little bit…..maybe its on top of a big rock that has a nice spot on top for it…idk I just wish I lived closer to the rockies so i could actually get outside and search…….

    • Can someone point me to the article/video of where he said its not in a cave and exposed?


      • Here is the correct quotation: “I considered mudslides, forest fires, earthquakes, and floods.”
        Bare in mind it’s given by a journalist.

        So, it doesn’t necessarily mean that can resist fires and mudslides, it could very well be placed where there will never be a forrestfire 😉 mudslide or flood.

    • Be careful about what people claim he said. The reporter claims Forrest said it was exposed to the elements. I can tell you fire can burn seeds 12″ in the ground, and rain/snow can enter a cave 20′ feet deep in a monsoon or blizzard. So a cave can work as well as being buried or in a boulder assuming there is an opening. The word elements and exposed can be interpreted to mean anything and so let the solution lead you wherever it may.

  23. Ritt, You mentioned earlier you had it all solved except for the last clue…what do you consider the last clue?


  24. I don’t recall him saying it wasn’t in a cave. I recall him saying something to a reporter from New Mexico in an interview to be careful of bears in a cave. I don’t remember if he took them off the table or not.

    What is considered exposed? Might have to google that word.

    • Dave,

      I have always believed that given the period the chest was made in, that leaving it out in the elements would have no impact on it holding up to the elements. Research the Romanesque period and you will see what I mean. Hint: The difference in the swords used by the troop commanders and those use by the troops.

    • Oh. Also, since he said it could be scorched by fire, would elude to a possible forest fire.

      • the chest should hold up to forrest fire: melting point of copper: 1,981 Deg F, melting point of Gold: 1,948 Deg F

        avg forest fire floor temp: 1,472 Deg F

        guessing that the paper he has inside should hold up as well if sealed in glass and under a vacuum. if not under a vacuum, the glass containing paper would probably explode.

        • Could be, he has an extinguisher with an electronic trigger hooked up to the same power source that is running the field camera and cell phone , wrapped in a flame retardant IOU, when someone finds the chest!

          Or could be, he understand sh ummm errrr … excrement happens.

          • Guessing that’s sarcasm.

            I believe forrest would have taken fire temperatures into account (if it is exposed to possible fires). He did put a lot of thought and effort into protecting the written material inside the chest from moisture.

          • Evil Dick,

            Most folks don’t catch on to my, dry sarcastic, warp, sense of humor…LOL

            The real point is, How much protection can be designed to protect it from natural events. My understanding is, the Jar was just “sealed” with a wax of sorts, for moister. I don’t believe the chest itself was mentioned, only that it is unlocked with the key inside, that doesn’t say that the chest could not have been sealed as well or even chained closed… but that’s just a thought.

            Bronze case, wood inlaid frame, unlock, lots of metal contents. Do we even know if the bottom of the box is encased in bronze or just a wooden bottom?

          • Wouldn’t that be dependent on what other element was used along with the copper in making the bronze?

          • Germanguy – yup, you are correct 🙂

            I’m not an expert on metallurgy but 1742 would be an avg according to the google machine

            point being that the chest’s melting point wouldn’t be below a forest fire’s temp if the chest is on the forrest floor

  25. Yawn
    Maybe we need to start a thread on how well our handheld GPS devices work. I pray everyone takes one while searching. I bought a Garmin 62. It’s amazing technology, except for the last 15 ft. Yeah I can locate a spot 2000 miles from home, but when I get there the unit vears off. it won’t settle on a exact location. Horseshoes and hand grenades I suppose

    • I feel ya 9 clues…I’ve acquired a compass and handbook for map nav…I’ve not yet read it, but I have it! 🙂

    • My advice is too read the instructions and know the unit’s capabilities because on my last trip mine almost got me in real trouble.
      I bought a Garmin 61 series and it turns out the track me function shuts off in “Elevation View” mode. So while walking and looking at my elevation I didn’t notice it wasn’t recording my path 100% of the time. After a few hours of hiking along side the continental divide I was lost because I had no full path recorded and couldn’t understand what the thing was telling me.
      I need to write that story up because it’s hilarious for how I made it out with no gps and no map last May. The wolves howling in the distance motivated me to find a way back down the mountain.

      So a GPS page might be good because I hate mine and wish I had bought a different one.

    • I am slowly working on building my own GPS. Just got my microprocessor, next step is to build scary blinking eyes that come on when someone comes up my sidewalk for Halloween, then after that, build a GPS. For fall back, I am pretty good with a map and compass.

      • LOL that’s humorous. A double-duty device. If nothing else, you can put it away and scare the kids next year 🙂

          • I have to give you credit for taking on this challenge. I imagine you have the necessary background in electronics to attempt it.

            I recently received a picture from my son regarding replacement of a power supply. He was trying to locate one to replace the old one in his tv. In the picture he sent me, I could see a whole bunch of ‘caps’ that were bad (swollen and cracked along the tops) so I recommended he replace them. Hopefully, he won’t need to search for the replacement supply.

          • I have a piece of paper that claims I am an electrical engineer, which basically means I know enough not to get myself killed…..hopefully. But that aside, one of my first jobs out of college was repairing an old main frame computer system for a small newspaper (about 20+ years ago). I learned a lot about electronics in that job, one of the most satisfying jobs I had, unfortunately, it did not pay well. Just a few blocks away was the greatest electronics store ever. 2 men in their 80’s ran the place, and had been running it since WWII. They had everything. It was great too because I would just go in with a list of parts I needed, they would put in on my tab and bill my boss later.

            So far this project has been fun, but it has also reminded me how much I have forgotten since then. The good news is, it is a cheap project to do.

    • theycallme9clues, I going need to replace my old gps. Can you enter a location in lat/log to go to?

  26. Lets talk food.. chocolate no dark chocolate hmm.. I see it I get it..The Thrill of the taste.. Really its good to have on a hike a real motivator..anyone else into candy bars? what do you look forward to snacking with on your adventures..nuts? almonds …cashews …pecans …Brazil or Mixed.. : ( )

      • mirror on my wall…. very last …. if you’ll just make me 44… any thoughts on this?

    • pieces of 9
      Whenever I go searching, I take a flashlight and a protein bar (since sandwiches tend to fall apart in the mountains). Plus maybe a few roasted almonds.

  27. Some named are suspiciously absent from the roll call.


    And I sionara

    • @don’t know nothing 2
      42 aka Annie Oakley and Janie checking in with Bebe guns in hand. Out searching for last time before the snow flies. Higher reaches of Montanas peaks are glistening and blanketed in white. Cold winds blowing and no place for the meek unless you packed long johns.

      **Is Dal still in Montana. Tell him we will buy him steak dinner in West or on the Gallitin**

      • Thanks 42…I am on my way home…but a meal with fellow searchers sounds like a good time..very sorry I missed the opportunity.
        I don’t expect to be back and catch up with the blog til Sunday..

      • Hey there agent 42. Thanks for sharing your aka Annie Oakley, but IMO based on my latest chase, it should not be Annie, but more formally Ann. You have to be precise when deciphering Mr. Fenn. Being even a bit raggedy in your thought process will not get you there. But since you mentioned the cold winds…I thought you might be Xpecting a reply from me.

        So glad to hear you are out and about.

        • Hello Wind, not sure what you mean about formerly Ann, but you are right about raggedy thinking will get you nowhere. We are grinding our teeth v v v v trying to figure it out! We enjoyed a glorious Indian summer day hiking trails in the sunshine. What do you do when you can see a distinctive natural landmark on Google earth, but you cannot get to it??

        • Hey there Windsurfer, thanks for well wishes. We lucked out with nice weather, and enjoyed hiking beautiful territory. As far as tc goes…F’s painted on foreheads for fail, but new plan tomorrow to access an area from the bottom middle of the V. Trying hard to access an area we can see on GE, but hard to find access point on the ground.

  28. I think the only reason we would need a gps to find the treasure chest is to find Manby Hot Springs. Once a searcher know how to get there then he does not need the gps unless I am wrong. This is where I am currently searching. It is the only clue that I have found in the poem, and I am not guessing about this. The first sentence of the first stanza is a very important clue. I takes me there to the hot springs. I cannot however make a connections with the other clues. I have always supported the idea that the treasure is somewhere close to the hot springs, and I think most searchers who have done their homework have ended up in there too. It think the problem lies on how we interpret the clues in the poem. Maybe, and just maybe, we are not defining the words correctly. Anybody who is searching anywhere else is, in my opinion, wrong about the place where the treasure is. All clues point to the hot springs but are we searching for the chase, or the treasure chest? RC

    • The only reason I want a gps is because it gives me a good excuse to try and build one 😉

      • Good Mark! Did you find anything in Manby Hot Springs? I know you have been in there. Any luck?RC

        • I was watching a documentary about the first hackers called phone phreaks and it has a lot of information about how they got into the phone lines to make free phone calls. “Captain Crunch” as one of them was called was a phreak who made a module to make sounds for the breaking into the system. Later, Steve Wozniak, put together the first personal computer, apple had been born. Very interesting watch! RC.

  29. Has anybody else found the Manby connection to the poem and given up on the notion that somewhere in Taos, or where the hot springs are ,the treasure is hidden?

    • Did his family travel through NM to get to YNP? If not how could it be their? He found the place when he was a boy.

      • Clayton you keep saying he found the place when he was a boy. You may be correct; but is that your opinion or do you have a source where he stated that? I’ve never heard this before.

        • Goofy,
          I believe that Clayton has this in mind:

          “That’s important, because Fenn is a sentimental guy, and he told me he hid the treasure in a place he has known for years.” – Tony Doukopil.

          • Liviu, everyone already knows that F has known about the place for years

            what Clayton said is something different. rather he is claiming that Forrest said it, that he found the place when he was a boy.

            i have never seen anything where Forrest said that, and people come on this blog and make mistakes all the time saying things that aren’t true. so i have to assume this isn’t true unless someone can give a source

          • Poor Chris, their beginning to surround him now. Where’s the Lone Ranger when you need him…:)

          • Chris,

            Clayton also based his reasoning on “the clues were not around when he was a kid” remark.
            I believe it was the combination of these two quotes, that made him believe Forrest knew of the place since he was a boy.

            Clayton, any thoughts?

          • Liviu, the combination of these 2 quotes?? one of the quotes is only a ‘claim’, it doesn’t even exist as far as we know

            the quote would allegedly be, Forrest said he found the place when he was a boy, but like i say, this quote isn’t even a quote, unless you can provide me the link. i have NEVER seen it

            as to the OTHER actual quote that is confirmed, Forrest said none of the clues existed when he was a kid, but most of the places did

            and logically this has NOTHING to do with the first ‘ALLEGED’ quote

            that would be like saying, Antarctica existed when Forrest was a kid, so therefore, Forrest MUST HAVE visited it when he was a kid. of course that is ridiculous logic. either Forrest visited Antarctica or he didn’t. the fact that Antarctica existed when he was a kid, has NOTHING to do with it.

          • Chris,
            I should ‘ve been more specific.

            The two quotes I was thinking about are:

            1) Tony’s “…a place he has known for years”.

            2) Forrest’s “The clues did not exist when I was a kid but most of the places the clues refer to did”.

      • Clayton –

        Could you please clarify for me – He found the place when he was a boy? Is there a quote etc. Thanks

        • Yes – I’m sure I read it somewhere,also his latest posts about the clues not being there when he was a kid confirms it…imo

          • Clayton,….Of course the clues in the poem didn’t exist when f was a boy, they didn’t exit until f hid the TC, because that’s when he made them up. But, many of the places that the clues refer to did.

            I have not heard or seen anywhere where he has said that he found the place when he was a kid. I fact, I believe that he came across this place while searching for artifacts on one of his adventures. Just my thoughts. GL

  30. Has anybody found out what the frog about to spring,the gold nuggets, the letter M on one of them, the what appears to be a log, or some sort of ledge on the old New Mexico map mean? It is strange that all these pieces are arranged as to make an arrow. There is an arrow in the map just above the big x. Maybe Mr. Fenn said he was not going to put a big x on the map, but how about an arrow? This arrow corresponds to the Manby Hot Springs in the map. Has anybody seen this, or am I hallucinating? Anybody. RC

    • I thought the nuggets and frog made a cross (not an arrow) and the coin-circle underneith them implied the NM flag. The NM state amphibian is the spade footed toad, and that gold toad sure has spade feet (not like the ones ff puts on his jars). Plus the map is only NM, it is not THE ROCKIES. These were the first thinks that convinced me the TC is in NM. Granted, following the book, it sure starts out strong for Yellowstone — for his anxious years.

      When the Chase first came out, I think the poem & book were supposed to be enough to find the TC… No Scrapbooks, No 6 Questions, No interviews, no TFTW, etc. And a really astute person could find it without the book.

      I’d really curious to know how you get Manby out of that first stanza… there is one B and one Y in the sentence … so are you using some cipher technique, or associating the words to conceptual ideas? Good Luck.

      • shadows, I agree with your nuggets and frog theory.. as far as the coin-circle.. I believe it has something to do with a banner, palm, knives etc..
        the crimson red sky this evening has now turned to a golden yellow… I love the sky after a evening thunderstorm…. good luck to you

        • Palm? I am unfamiliar with the coin, but suspect it depicts an arm holding an olive branch (peace)… just like John Charles holding out his arm and with an olive jar. Hopefully, nature trumped nurture for JC.

          • shadows, your right about the arm…. and holding a branch.. some things just remain nameless for evermore……..there are so many things that are nameless in this search. Trying to name them has got me tired and good luck to you shadows in your search .

      • Old Shadows –

        The Colorado State insect is – the Flutterby – oops

        • But ia buterfly is not on the map…. and there is no map of Colorado, or WY, or MT. I think flutterby was a reference to an anagram, perhaps that ‘dirt butte’… i mean, ‘attributted’.

          • There is only a NM map in TTOTC.
            I think Fenn did not expect the popularity of TTOTC to go nationwide. I think he hoped it would market well in NM. But he knew how to jump on a live horse and ride it hard.
            Granted… its all conjecture.

          • Simply because the map in the book is of New Mexico – rules out that state for me.

          • OK. It rules it in for me.
            I guess then you are solving the puzzle by its omissions… eliminating MT and WY too.
            The NM map in TTOTC tips the scales strongly for me, but I am always open to recognizing evidence pointing towards other states. Granted, its all subjective. I’m not familiar with any of the 4 states, and I am well past the time when I can throw a sleeping bag in the truck and spend a night under the stars, anywhere. So I am impartial as well as handicapped by mobility. I just don’t see any point in taking a strident position on an unknown.

          • I believe I saw only one graphic map in TTOTC, pg 133, and it covered a small part of NM. There is an enlarged map in TFTW which includes the other states.
            Are you calling a string of descriptive words about an area a map? Or referring to pictures of landscape features maps? If there is a graphic map in TTOTC other than the one on pg 133, please tell me the page number. Thanks.

          • Chris, has nobody seen the other state map pointer in the TTOTC book. It points right too it. Thought some chasers figured it out. Anyway, I haven’t opened my book and in awhile since the other day to look at my notes…as once I wrote something down, it was well noted. Very Interesting. Furthermore, I think I undertsand the stanza about trove, you will be looking right at it from the ago. I had to go too Australia to get the answer. It’s in the news.

    • RC,

      I can tell you this: Forrest did put an X on the map, but on the one in TFTW, and it’s there in spirit. He’s very clever that way 😉

      • Chris

        I’m glad u can see that fuzzy map on page 133 because I can’t make heads or tails out it lol 🙂

          • I feel like a cannon ball on fire I blew this blog up with messages this evening
            It’s just that I haven’t posted much lately 🙂 Thank God it’s Friday !!!!!

  31. Well Regis, I think I’ll poll the audience on this one…

    Hypothetical sit.
    Searcher in NP. Encounters Ranger suspiciously nice and salesman like and undergoes a friendly 10 min. Interrogation of sorts. All is well and good. But, next time call first.

    A. Call first
    B. I forgot…
    C. ???

  32. Can anyone recommend a GPS for iPhone??

    Out on the trail next two days.
    Found frequency in search area topo, but need reliable GPS on the ground.

  33. Anne,
    I’m sorry I had just seen your question. I live in Texas and it’s still hot in TX. You asked at what elevation I thought it was at, well I’ll give you a range, I hope that’s okay. Elevation can change quickly within a short distant so keep that in mind. I will say that I have been looking at elevations between 6,200 to 8,900 ft. I know that this will eliminate many searcher’s spots, and set them at ease, but it may be right in the heart of others. If so, don’t be too concerned, the treasure is still out there. I have a good solve but it hasn’t been proven, many searchers have believed that there solve was correct and it wasn’t, I may be just another one of them. Good luck Anne…Hope you will go out searching.

    • Ritt,

      I appreciate your reply from the Lone Star state. Please don’t take offense, but IMO I was under the impression that the individual(s) who knew the location of the TC would go in there with complete confidence – the elevation range you mention is very substantial, and not a pinpoint spot. You may very well have solved the poem clues, but just not in the right location. Personally, I wouldn’t suggest publishing your solution, as you may give one of your competitors the ‘slap in the forehead’ clue they needed to complete their solve.

      Again, I wish you all the best in your upcoming trip; please take care – and take along your thermals! But remember this, if the TC isn’t where you thought it was – DON’T GIVE UP! I’ve gone on one search in NM in 2013, dusted myself off and ate my humble pie, but will give it a go again next year to a different local (that is if it isn’t found before I go) – it’s a long way to travel from across the pond 🙂 Now it’s time for you to get on with your planning….

      Kind Regards,


  34. Wow, October 2, possibly the lowest point in TTOTC. If you don’t have anything to say, just post a bunch of nonsense or made up Fenn quotes. At least the IPhone post has useful information in it.

  35. The way he gives you title to the gold is by leaving the chest unlocked with the key in it. This way the box and its contents become yours because you have the key to lock it as well as unlock it.

    • TW,

      Interesting way of seeing the meaning. I could argue, should I discover a key in the ignition of an unlocked vehicle… does not give me title [ ownership ] of that property. I use the word “property”, for the fact, that is what needs to be determinded.

      Maybe, the use of the words “your effort ‘will’ be ‘worth’ the ‘cold” … states …for your ‘work’- you are ‘willed’- the bronze chest. [ passing ownership ]
      This may work should the chest be found after the passing of the Author.

      As well as, I give you title to the gold… prior to, acknowledging or transfer of ownership. This argument now falls to the person who wrote the poem, as stated in the book… “so I wrote a poem..” and to the question, “So why is it I must go and ‘ leave’ my ‘trove’…” The definition of trove is : something of value, having no ownership… to the definition of treasure : being possessions, any possession that is highly valued by its ‘owner’… and I may add the ‘value’ maybe be only of ‘importance’ to that person and have no other value.

      Just thoughts

      • Seeker, thanks for the reply—after a little research—Abandoned property is property that the rightful owner intended to discard, thus giving up possession of the property and relinquishing title. If another person (the “finder”) comes across this abandoned property, acquires possession of the property, and intends to make this property his or her own, then that “finder” becomes the rightful owner of the object.

        • ****in many states the “finder” has to give written notice to original within a set/ short time period or legally it is not theirs- they MUST notify owner or they lose it**** IMO “how forrest will know”

          • Jamie…Hence which is why he asks that the finder return the bracelet. For example along the lines of a reward for finding, say a lost wallet, you could say “please return wallet, all i ask is that i get back the ID’s, credit cards, important docs, and you keep the cash as reward.”

          • TW- in states such as montana you are legally required to notify the original owner in writing (either 30 or 60 days of find is all you get if I remember correctly) or will not belong to you period. Whether you return the bracelet or not.

        • I personally believe it comes down to the legal definition of trove vs treasure – for ownership. The physical property the chest lays in wait is a horse of a different color.

          Personal property… property in trust…parks… historical areas… public lands…too many to list.

          But all have different laws pertaining to each other. So it will be interesting to see what develops from the find. I’m more interested in the solve.

      • If you are brave and in the wood
        I give you title to the gold.

        The ownership or rights to the trove, upon retrieval, are intrinsic to Forrest’s challenge to solve a poem and retrieve the chest. If you find it, you can have it, as Forrest has said (despite any legal concerns). However, I don’t believe that he’s composed that last line just to affirm that. And I don’t see a transfer involved, as it’s already “out of my hands” for Forrest.

        The matter-of-fact quality of ‘title’ veils what I believe is the value of that line and its connection to the poem and the treasure. In addition, the lack of a comma between those last two lines implies continuity of reading and a relationship between them, along the lines of BiwwwhAtiitcd in stanza 2 (which Forrest recites without pause), which steers you in a direction into the poem.


  36. This is an extended version of something I posted on Jenny Kile’s blog yesterday. In short, several clues from various sources lead to the Greek letter theta, which looks like a circle with a horizontal line dividing it in half.

    From the poem itself:

    Go to Stanza 4, where the blaze is mentioned. Grab the letters THE. Keep going. Quickly look down, and in lines 3 and 4 you see two words, tarry and take, beginning with TA. THE + TA = THETA.

    From TTOTC:

    The chapter in TTOTC, My Spanish Toy Factory, is filled with references to round objects (marbles, tops, and coins), and the last paragraph is filled with words containing the letters pi (e.g. pineapple pies). There is even a reference to breaking two pies, and 2π corresponds to a circle. There is a circle in the picture. Three boys on one side plus 1 boy on the other yields 4. 3.14 is a good approximation of π. The same 3 + 1 = 4 pattern is seen with the marbles: the three on the ground (by the three boys) and the one in the hand of the solitary boy on the right. So again, the picture yields 2π. Theta is the symbol for angle in trigonometry, where the key definitions flow from the unit circle with a circumference of 2π.

    From TFTW:

    The cover art is all about angles. Enough said.

    From the strange WWWH website:

    We now have three marbles and an arrowhead rotating counterclockwise. Once again we have 4 of something unequally divided into 3 and 1. The marbles are round. The moving arrowhead calls to mind, for you physicists out there, angular velocity, which is symbolized by a small omega, which looks like, well, a w. One could even take this one step further and do: Marble + (arrow) Head = Marblehead >> Marblehead MA. The M M corresponds to 13 13 or a pair of 1-3 dyads.

    Finally, consider the title of the book, THe THrill of THe CHase. Again we have a 3-1 split composed of TH (theta) and CH (chi = X). Putting TH and X together yields a common abbreviation for Thanks, in my view a central theme of the poem, which pays homage to Forrest’s parents, friends, and role models.

    So where does all this lead?

    Looking quickly down from 250-300 feet, it leads here:

    • Eliza,

      I’m not so much commenting on your post, as much as, your post made me think, and not trying to change the subject… By the way, your comment is very interesting and thought out…

      It seems we could be working backwards on understanding the poem. We read the poem as to start at the beginning and go towards the blaze. IF we read the poem and understand where to “start” is the place we are at considered the Blaze? If you’ve been wise and ” found ” the Blaze… [ past tense ] look quickly is now, not a movement, but in excitement [ for lack of a better term ] an emotional reaction more than a physical one.

      Looking down, may now just simply refer to the poem. Starting at the Blaze, the physical place, the meaning of heavy loads and water high. The searcher now follows the poems direction, example stanzas 3 & 4 leading to the chest. to the chest.

      This still means one needs to start at the beginning, but only to understand what the Blaze is… to find the physical starting point.

      Eliza, I didn’t mean to jump in your comment. it was just something you said that made me think.. thanks

      • Thanks Seeker.

        I think the blaze represents Hanging Lake, which in my solve was the fourth clue. The first three were:

        Glenwood Springs
        Routes 6/24
        Dead Horse Creek.

        Once you get to Hanging Lake, I think that there are five more clues to follow, but they all are in the same general area, in a secluded grove of trees about 30 feet east of the boardwalk surrounding the lake.

    • Eliza,

      I enjoyed that breakdown. Also, since you brought up the marbles, note that on the wwwh site there are in fact three marbles, but only one has three children reciting two stanzas each.

      And if we’re trying to find the end of Forrest’s rainbow, that in itself is quite a challenge, due to the fact that not only are rainbows elusive and ever drawing nigh but their circular nature makes the “end” quite indeterminate, and wherever we begin we would likely end up back where we started:|main5|dl8|sec1_lnk2%26pLid%3D539711


  37. Does anyone have a resource for past snow cover totals for areas by date? Something Fenn said on a certain date I found might help me.

  38. Nice way to see that Liv. He also spoke about riding his bike in YNP when he was a kid and said he’d throw the bike in his water high.

  39. I was joking, but you are right Jenny. I did find a good link for past snow depth. National Weather Service has it.

  40. I’ll share some about my resolve, not sure why, guess I just hate keeping things in:

    But here is my OPINION.

    1) It’s in or near YNP. After reading TTOTC, its almost all about YNP and his fond memories of it. I used to have a place in Colorado I thought of, but I dont think he mentions CO once in the whole book.

    2) It’s a place he’s very fond of and wants his bones laid to rest. What better place than YNP.

    3) It’s going to be at the top of a waterfall somewhere. Probably the best heart chapter of the book and the longest, “My War for Me”, has a part in there that changed his life (so it seems). When he stumbled on the grave stone visiting the waterfall that saved his life (keeping him from going into shock)

    Plus I believe that the water High is a waterfall.

    I believe that just like the foreign soldiers buried above the waterfall is just like he would want to be buried.

    4) I believe the WWH is where hot springs go into rivers like I mentioned above about Ojo Caliente.

    I’ll skip the rest until I can get to where I think it may be hidden.

    I did try to get there last week but seeing a pesky Grizzly Bear 1000 meters in front of me, walking the same way I was needing to go, kind of puts a damper on it. Especially hiking alone.

    I guess I am too meek!

    Next year.

    And BTW, GPS! I honestly would probably be dead if I didnt have my GPS. Being on a mountain in the middle of a dense forrest can turn you around quickly.

    I think anyone going more than 50 feet in the woods off a trail without a GPS is just plain irresponsible. Especally when you can get them now sub $100.

    Anyone hiking for any amount of time needs at a minimum,

    Food (buy an MRE)
    Topo map
    Compass (real, not electronic)
    Emergency silver blanket
    radio 2-way
    Bear Spray if going into bear country.

    and extra batteries <–important

    And if you can afford it, a SPOT locator. Nice thing is that it can send your location to friends and family every 15 minutes or so. Plus with the IM OK and SOS buttons.

    ITs about $100-$150 for the SPOT and $150/yr subscription.
    is your life worth $300?

    Anyway, "That's all I have to say about that!"

    • BTW, It’s not that I dont like the bears. It’s just hiking alone with the bears.

      I would much rather hike with someone that runs slower than me.


      • Mark they’re are plenty of falls outside YNP, granted Yellowstone is considered a wonder by most. Forrest hasn’t stated special is special to everone. BTW special has a twist to it. All in my opinion of course.

    • I think, if it is Yellowstone, it is along one of those irregular borders….. in IMP Lit, he went to Borders, and in other places in the book he talks about finding the edges. A border is a good starting place for a map hunt.

      • Ive never been an off-trail hiker nor used a gps, but I imagine following a straight line border with a gps would be considerably easier than picking out an unmarked irregular border. On an irregular border line may be a good map place to hide a treasure.

        • have you looked at a map of Yellowstone? nearly all the east side is irregular, and so is the north side, east of Gardiner MT. i do believe the sign by the principles door that designates his parking space does refer to county lines. Park County WY and Park County MT share a common border. And I think the principle door into YSNP is the Roosevelt arch. If you continue to read the stories, you can find a pretty good trail… up to a point.

          • Just curious…is that point near old faithful? This is not in my search by any means but I ran across a random spot/coordinates near there that really intrigued me but didn’t pertain to my solve so I moved on. Always wondered about it though…

          • No, Old Faithful is kinda in the center of the park, but lower than midway. Its on the west side of Yellowstone Lake which is a huge lake fully enclosed within the park. It too is in the lower (southern) half of the park. I recommend getting a AAA map of Yellowstone, or checking the road atlases at your local library. The AAA map is better than Google earth or Google maps for a basic overview of the shape of the park and the location of the 5 entrances.

  41. I believe if you read all of the available materials, and put two and two together, ff implies the chest is NOT in YNP. I believe he also implies the chest is not in water. This latest jenny question seems to imply that the chest cannot-or should not be retrieved in the winter when there is snow on the ground…and if a searcher solved the poem in winter, he should remain silent until spring. Of course, none of this info is stated anywhere in plain English for all to see, but is only my conclusion from “reading into” the things ff has said, and using my logical mind.
    Then again, I could be mistaken.

    • Michael

      A searcher implies someone who is still looking. Inclement weather would be a factor in searching. Could it be retrieved in snow? Yes, but only someone with exact knolege.

      • I recall a news story, many years ago, of a man who took a Mountain road to make is travel time shorter. An early snow storm prevented the car he was driving to continue his travel, trapping him on the Mountain.

        For some days he wrote down on anything he could use, for what he was doing… such as eating his leather shoes for substance, digging out the exhaust and around the car, melting snow in the engine compartment for drinking water. trying not to use all the gas, as he knew it would be a long stay.

        Family became concerned to his none arrival to dis destination and a search took place… searches on snowmobiles travels up the same mountain road, only to find a closed gate used to block the road every winter season. They neglected to travel more than one mile from the closed gate and turned back. 2 more miles from that area, the car was found with the man inside that spring, the vehicle still having 1/2 a tank of gas … when the road re-opened.

        A sad and unfortunate story, but my reason for telling is… The location of the chest could be blocked by seasonal road closures and beyond the reach for a “safe” travel to the chest.

    • I agree with you Michael D. Secrecy is an important element. He admired JD Salinger because he was secretive, two people can keep a secret if one of them is dead. I can keep my secret where. So the actual places he talks about in the book can be ruled out IMO. The more he talks about them, the less likely they have anything to do with the location of the chest, so I think YNP is the least likely place in the Rockies.

      • Think about this way though.

        It’s someplace he wants to be laid to rest. Someplace special. Almost all of his “reflections” are in the YNP area.

        It’s a place that he hiked to TWICE in an afternoon from his car.

        I’m sure he know YNP and the area like the back of his hand. He would know what areas close to a parking area that people wouldnt wander around.

        One of the places I was going was only about 3 miles from a main road and even the park rangers never heard of it. Even ones that have been there 10 years.

        So, there are a lot of places in YNP that can become “undiscovered country” in only a few minutes from the road. And he would probably know of a lot of those places from when he was a kid.

        Personally, I would think that if it wasn’t in YNP, he would tell people, so they wouldnt tear up the place looking for it.

        Next spring though, when I go back with my cat to keep the bears busy, 😉 , I will prove it!


        • Did he say that he went back to the car for the 2nd trip or just that he made two trips? I don’t remember, just want to be certain that we don’t add anything to his words.

          • From MysteriousWritings :

            “Joe, you make this thing so complicated. Reminds me of the reason I don’t like meetings. I hope you don’t belong to a PTA someplace. I made two trips from my car to the hiding place and it was done in one afternoon.f”

          • Thanks Mark that settles it. I wasn’t sure if he didn’t just carry all the gold to a spot. Hide half of it, then return and collect the other half. A matter of logistics I guess.

      • He also spent a lot of time with Olga in the Two people can keep a secret if one of them is dead. Just a thought.

  42. Let it snow let it snow let it snow. I bet f. loves that song…..or is he ready to have his bracelet back? Anyone wearing it yet…. 🙂

  43. I may be stating the obvious but I believe the recent answer on mysterious writings is telling us that it is very unlikely/near impossible that the chest can be retrieved in the winter due to snow or road closures.

    Narrows the search down but there are numerous roads in the Rocky Mountains, in all 4 states that are closed for the winter. Even if not related to road closures, most mountain trails and roads in the winter are not passable.

    • You don’t want to wake the bears in the winter 🙂 As bugs bunny would say….”SHHHH! Be vewy, vewy quiet!!”

  44. It will be over 80 degrees here in New Mexico tomorrow. I will continue to search every weekend until the weather shuts me out. However, the Balloon Fiesta starts tomorrow, and the weather always seems to turn during that week.

    • Nice, I love to watch hot air balloons. I have a few pass overmy house each day when the weather is nice. Somedays, they
      land near us.

      • I live near a golf course, and on the edge of town, so they are always landing nearby. I have been on a ride, and it was amazing. We go to the fiesta every year, but this year I paid a king’s ransom to get Gondola Club tickets for this Sunday. I carved out some mother-daughter time in the middle of the chase madness.

    • When I first moved to Albuquerque I lived in a lttle place behind a tv repair shop in the north valley. I worked at an Italian restaurant named Capos a few blocks north. Every year I would sit out on the patio there and watch the balloons float over us as people crowded in to enjoy the food and the view. One year I thought that I would attend the fiesta to watch the grand acension of all the balloons going aloft. It was a once in a life time experience.
      I know I wiould never do that again. I know better now.

  45. Pete or James can not remember now which mentioned five v’s were you saying a person has to go into the middle of the v? doing it tired could be a circle like wagon wheel

  46. Montana “Treasure State” 🙂
    Mt. (M)em (T)tee empty 🙂 Who can you trust… he he he….

    • Everyone is entitled to there own opinions. Montana is far from empty. Forrest spent many of his childhood days there.

  47. Pleasant weather here in Tenn. Wish there was a more local adventure…Whats it doing were you live…

      • We’re expecting 1″ of snow here in Northern MN – much too early for snow. 🙁
        Time to go back to sunny CA!

        • East Texas was a tad chilly this morning but turned out to be a nice sunny day:) at night I turn my Heating blanket on before I go to bed that way when I crawl into my bed it’s nice and warm, and then at times it gets to hot , do u ever wonder why at times your body temperature goes from warm to hot and then cold, sometimes I hate when this happens . 🙂 !!!!!!!

          • Due to me being a massage therapist , if I have a client who is hurting or a part of there body is achey I tell them while at home use something hot or cold but not warm because warm is not healing so they have a choice between hot or cold . I always prefer hot it feels better 🙂 !!!!!

  48. Might not be a bad idea to join in on something like that over the summer where it might be nice weather.

  49. After reading TTOTC several more times, I began to rerun my searches in my brain, and a light came on…I believe I may have just cracked the first three clues. If I am correct, the first three clues take you to a certain spot to enter a certain canyon…Then three more clues become more clear “from there”. If correct, the first two clues will also bring you within 500 feet of the chest. You must use logic to decide which direction to approach from…If you come from the same direction FF came from, you pass within 500′ of the chest after the first two clues. Everything FF has said fits oh so well with these ideas. It is a remote canyon in a desert in the Rocky Mtns. You cannot define the clues without using one to define two and so on…You must “THINK BIG” when defining HOB, which also happens to be WWWH…they are one in the same. If there, many may be surprised by its location, but all would agree it is a perfect spot to hide a treasure chest. If my first six clues are correct…then the next three MUST exclude more ground somehow…but seem more difficult to solve than the first six…still working on the last three clues. What I like the most about this location is I remember a few searchers mentioning it before…but they gave up on it. Feeling rejuvenated and re-excited, looking forward to smelling the sunshine. Only one problem…I cannot seem to find any subtle hints in the book that help me confirm or rebuke my “solve in progress”. Do my subtle hints stir any other pots out there? Anyone else feeling the same vibes? All is my opinion only.
    Responses please…

    • Keep on stirring the pot Michael:D. I’m still excited about my solve in progress inspite of falling short today. Where is that treasure I seek? For two days we’ve done it tired but enjoyed every minute. My hob is very large (name and place) and is also my wwwh. Regrouping and looking forward to smelling the sunshine, “Its Now or Never” down the middle of the v to destination…please don’t be a heartbreak hotel. At least giving it all we’ve got to find F’s treasure. Also need to return and pick up 3 cans of coors beer left by others. Going it alone in a field of sage on the flats in the morning near na site. (by the way, this is my “non-uranium” solve) 🙂

      • NA site? Sodium involved?? If you are wwwh AND below the HOB in the sage flat…we may be speaking of the same place…have you solved all 9?

        • MichaelD – nope I’ve not solved all 9 and a quick search of my sage flats revealed no sodium. Just searching a very old piece of original prairie. My dad always loved the ‘untouched by time’ prairies that are the same as when the ancients trod them. Feel like this area is with looking at since its near a graveyard and Native American site.

    • Keep stirring the pot, but feel free to just blab what you have in mind. I had not really thought about whether the HOB was a big general area. So that was a big help. Except Once I had decided that Cimarron was a french derived word, not spanish. I thought that the prefix “Ci” indicated a placement, such as below. And maroon is a version of brown. I looked it up and found that somewhere on the internet. Did FF learn any french while in Vietnam? Probably not relevent. Lexicon translations like this are inherently flawed as they do not account for nuance and vernacular use. But, cimarron is also below the Moreno (brown) Valley… and our fondness for the area will always make it an area to visit. But I blab again.

      • Blabbing is great, well some of the time anyways, as long as it makes me think and not fall asleep. I don’t describe to the hints in the poem to be so much places, but more as, how the Author gets one to the location to actually start hunting for the spot. The hints IMO may not even be in the “commonly” known search area. which itself, is a very large area.

        But I am in agreement that some hints are very large in area and could be a bit of a surprise of what they are or mean. At this stage of the hunt, most searchers are glued to there own theories and method. I find myself wear blinders sometimes. Still at time, when all the chit chat blabbing falls back into a discussion, I see some very helpful ideas and theories. A the very least a good suggestion.

        • One of my favorite sayings is, “The greatest obstacle to discovering the truth is being convinced you already know it”. So I don’t subscribe to any particular state, spot, or philosophy solving the poem. I envy those that have narrowed it down to one spot. I wish I could drive a stake and make a stand, but I can’t. Perhaps some of my scattered dart board solutions are because I work in the Rockies but I never know where I will be sent next……so I come up with a solution for wherever I’m going.

          The one commonality I have seen in all the solutions (including mine) I have read and been sent is some of the clues fit beautifully, so beautifully that it just has to be right. So the rest of the clues are stretched, or hammered, or basically ignored to fit the solution. Can a complete solution be derived without visiting the spot? Some say yes, all you need is the poem, or does that mean you have to take the poem to the spot to see all the clues. The answer to that and many other questions won’t be answered until the chest is found.

          Some methods of solving the poem I don’t understand, some folks use several methods (hammering the clues) to solve the poem; others are just day dreaming in my opinion; but hey, until the chest is found their ideas are as valid as mine.

          I believe the solution is elegant and simple; which does not equate to easy. It will flow effortlessly to the chest and in hindsight be obvious; as most solutions are.

          I have drawn a red line on the insane-o-meter; if I ever understand what cowboy is saying it’s time to quit and attempt to find my way back to the real world. 😆

  50. Cat and mouse… Where is the cheese. More cheese please, to go with the fine wine. One and one make two. Two and two make four. Four and four are at the door. Opened now explore… A olive to go with the tuna cracker mmm late snacks taste betta… 🙂

    • Pieces, it’s a little early for wine and cheese. I think I’ll have a slice of pie, or maybe two. Lot’s of references in the poem about peace, piece, pi, pie. Wise, weyes, yy’s to pay attention.

  51. Owls are not only a hoot but good eating to boot…………
    A good friend of mine who I know very well and would not identify, was recently arrested for shooting and killing a Spotted Owl. When he appeared in front of the judge who demanded to know why he would kill a endangered species he told the judge the following; Your Honor I was lost in the woods without any food or water and starving and I came across this bird, and said to myself, self it’s either me or the bird. So I shot the Spotted Owl, cooked him and while eating him, the Forest Ranger came upon me and arrested me for killing a endangered species.
    The judge after hearing his story must have felt sorry for him because he let him off with a stern warning not to ever do this again. And out of curiosity the judge asked my friend, what did the meat of the Spotted Owl taste like? and he said, Your Honor, it tasted just like the Bald Eagle.

  52. That’s a Hoot 🙂 Shoot Iv’e been known to eat chicken feet and they have less meet than a bull frogs tail. 🙂 Great post kind of puts things in perspec…

    • I’ve eaten plenty of chicken feet, Pieces…and chicken feet pieces to boot. Street vendors in the Philippines sell grilled chicken feet called “Adidas”. LOL! You’re right…not much to chew on. You just kinda eat the fatty skin off the bones, but they do have a nice flavor…and I’m SURE the chicken feet I ate never stepped in anything “gross”. The least you can do is make sure the Adidas stayed on the grill for a good while. 🙂 Mmmm…now I’m craving some Isaw dipped in spicy, chili-pepper vinegar. Masarap ‘yan!

  53. So has anyone heard of Forrest mentioning anything about that website has he debunked it or has anyone even asked him about it?. I would like to put it to bed!

    • i dont think he has said anything with regards to that….but I will tell you that is the scariest web site on the internet right now

    • Anyone thought that this could be something dreamed up by or connected with … {} “The Phantom”?…If it isn’t Mr. Fenn…

      Just strange…The Phantom didn’t make his appearance known until rather recently so as I can tell…Definitely after the weirdness began with that website…

      So, Phantom {}…is this your game?…

      • yes i know quite a bit about the lady in Brown who walks alone and how she disappeared over Gardners island

    • imo

      this is like the drawings in the book. Forrest is definitely behind it but prolly won’t acknowledge it or may even deny it if was pestered with enough questions about it


      • Ok reading all the hoopla about that site. Why get all nuts over it , just watch and see what happens.
        Rememeber when Forrest said he wanted to write a kids book and then the subject got lost on the radar?

        When they added the kids voice reading the poem, I started to think maybe its a reveal for a childrens book. Time will tell.

        The translation for the name means the guide in one of the native indian languages. Sorry cant remember which one. I have been watching it and will keep watching just to see what it turns out to be.

        I personally dont see Chris doing something like this.

    • I agree we those who suspect that Forrest is connected to the WWWH website. Don’t forget that at one point, immediately after it was pointed out that the clock runs to zero at 15:15H MST on August 15, 2015, whoever controlled the website promptly reset the clock by 12 hours so that it went to zero at 03:15H instead. (Presumably we were originally to have read the time simply as 3PM).

      This would be important if we were supposed to substitute letters for numbers and the first setting could potentially be interpreted incorrectly. In the first case, we would have had:

      H O O O O

      With the correction, we now have:

      H O O C O.

      At first blush this does not look like much, but perhaps, in the first place, the H O O is to make us think of owls, and perhaps the double Os owl’s eyes. CO could simply be a reference to Colorado. This still seems like a long climb for a short slide, but we could go one step further.

      Replace H O O with the most natural three letters to use: O W L.

      Then we have O W L C O which anagrams to COOL W.

      RAINBOW, and in my solve, the puzzle, both end with a W.

      • A couple of other thoughts.

        Going back to Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, Y H F corresponds to 25 8 6, which, when added together, yield 39, a number which seemed to figure prominently in the earlier Amelia Earhart-related recordings. 39 could refer to 1939, the year the Wizard of Oz came out, or 3 x 13. 13 always makes me think of a suit of cards as well as the first two digits of π discussed a couple of days ago. If MM is two suits, then 39 is three. Maybe The Thrill of the Chase ends with an ace.

        Also, O W L C O, at least in the American Southwest, could also be anagrammed LOCO W.

  54. Just read an interesting solution to the poem by Wolf which references owlewis and his grave. connections to the poem lead me to believe the wolf is on the right track; just can’t find the right name/place in my search area. snowy owls are sure beautiful though and would line up with ff’s conservation idealology. enjoying a peaceful time in the forest, and that may be as close as I’ll ever be to the poem’s solution – “go in peace.”

    • I tend to agree with you Dave. It’s hard for me to believe Forrest is behind the site but I suppose it’s possible.

  55. Okay- I did the google search rather than speculate. Here is the info. The company (Wild West) buys, builds up and sells domains. If I’m reading it correctly it looks like it can’t be renewed next year (?) which would be 10 or so days (renewal period(?) from current clock running out. IMO it’s a marketing ploy to sell a domain and get ppl to visit.

  56. ** I was wrong on the renewal date, misread something on site. It was created on May 15, 2014

  57. Apparently they increase the sites value by increasing “clicks” within in. Seems like a genious way to increase clicks as well 🙂 props to them!!

    • yes, someone has looked up and posted this information before

      you can speculate that its just someone building web traffic, or leading up to something, but still just speculating, how does this tell us Forrest is not behind it. it doesn’t. he could be behind it, and i think he is

      • Or…you could look up and understand that it is not “speculation” to see it is owned by a company you “join” and “pay monthly” to build and resell sites with no other express purpose. Just “my opinion” of course…based on the entire premise of the company. 🙂

      • Chris,

        Come on, this isn’t like you. Remember, Fenn said all we need is the poem. Don’t let garbage like this side track you. Focus.

        • My brother is an IT guy and did a little unbound research on this. Maybe Chris has some more information about this that he would like to share with all of us…..Chris?

  58. If I am convinced it has been found then I will announce it immediately to Dal and three major media outlets.

    Based on some emails, Fenn said he believes they have come within 200 feet of the treasure

    My Prehistoric freinds: TTOTC

    One hot summer afternoon Ernest drove us in his old Ford
    pickup to a small creek of water that wandered deep into his
    ranch. Gentle flooding over the decades had eroded the side
    of an Indian campsite that had been occupied about 5,500 years
    ago. We dated it by the stone artifacts that were scattered about :
    spear points, atlatl dart points, hide scrapers, drills, knives and
    burins. Charcoal and ashes from early fires were washing out. There
    were no arrowheads because the bow would not be invented for
    another 4000 years.

    After a few minutes a man, woman and (three) small children
    approached within about (200 feet), and sat down. Ernest waved
    them over. He had cautioned us earlier that we might encounter
    this family and that’s why he wanted to be present when we first
    met them. None of the (five) wore clothes. They didn’t speak Spanish
    or English but they seemed to communicate very well arnong themselves.

    • :..Annie and Janie haven’t surrendered to defeat yet, but almost. Out with our flashlights at 12:30 am falling in holes…accidentally deploying bear spray as we search for the elusive bronze chest and our way back to camp, but it’s just too far to walk! Please send a clue or a midnight sandy.

      • Why so late? Watching stars Annie? I think the references to graveyards and midnight mean chest is hidden in a dark place, not that you should search @ that hour. Anyways good luck Annie because I ain’t haven any in Montana.

    • I knew he seemed familiar…I just couldn’t put my finger on it. I’ll sleep better tonight…without so much “flipping”.

  59. @CY…Please deny this evidence and tell me you are unjustly accused so that I don’t lose my confidence in the people on this blog and their true intentions. Or, if you cannot deny it, please apologize for crossing the line on this blog, and I, for one, will forgive and forget, and we can all move on with our chases. “Inventing” clues, and then sharing them and attributing them to FF, in my opinion, crosses the line BIG TIME! But we all make mistakes…So let’s hear your defense….

  60. Cynic? I’m only showing what was shown to me and why I personally believe that that website is a fruitless path. Bypassing the clock does nothing productive for me in regards to the chase and confirmed my personal belief that it was created to derail people and generate web traffic. I could be wrong as well. I’m just sharing what I have seen. Anyone can do with it what they will. Personally, I won’t be spending or wasting any time there. You can spend all the time you like GG! Not judging anyone’s path, only sharing my own down that “trail”

  61. For the record- I thought the author coincidence/ web seller is in addition to Nataly Sanchez (the real name of the ‘nah-E-thlai’ admin)

  62. Well Chris Yates –

    Where did you go – into hiding?

    If you did this – you’d better fess up now, my patience is running thin. To be duped by you, when I thought you were my friend is to say the least – devastating to me. I am finding nothing funny about a web site that dupes people.

    Obviously your credibility here right now – is in the tank.

    If you didn’t do this – forgive me.

  63. Can someone help me? I’m new to topo maps I don’t understand what BLM vs. State land is. If I’m looking at an area that contains sections of both are there reasons one may be more accessible or likely to contain a chest or something more than another? What is the difference? Sorry if this is wrong spot but there’s no good place I can ask- any insight would really be appreciated! Thanks in advance

  64. Hey look, I found this link to someone who has the same name as me

    if you click on it, you will see that I am a form Univ of Wisconsin basketball player who loves crack and is serving a life sentence for murdering my mother.

    Things you never knew about me, am I right?

    No offense, but some o y’all are dummer than dirt

    • No we are not dumber than dirt –

      That guy doesn’t look anything like you – but the one we are talking about does look just like you

      What say you now ———-

      • PS Chris –

        Now I know what you were doing –

        You went and removed the clock from your web site – ?????

        Yeh – we’re dumber than dirt alright.

    • Chris, you better be behind this site cause if your not I’ll be disappointed. You went up a couple notches in my eyes when I found out.

    • Chris,

      Like I said earlier, all you need is the poem. Who cares if you are or aren’t who everyone is suspecting. To me, you’re just another energetic searcher. Focus…focus.

    • Chris,
      You are a really intelligent guy, and yet twice you stated your opinion of Forrest being behind that web site.

      Now why would you say that?
      Most of us don’t believe it, and surely, if you have nothing to gain from people web trafficking, you wouldn’t believe it either.

      Do you understand what I’m saying? Of course you do, you’re smart, and yet you were (insert here that last adjective you used) enough to keep saying that Forrest is behind it.

      In the end is all about money, and greed got the better of you.

      To everybody still in doubt that Chris is behind it, consider these:

      1) On Chasechat, a certain Nick-Papagiorgio character posted yesterday, apparently after being gone for a while (he has only 26 comments). BigChad then discovered that one of Chris’s facebook profile picture is the same as Nick’s, and after commenting on it, Chris blocked it on his FB page.
      Coinkydink? Not likely. He is just dusting off old identities.
      Well… maybe I’m not the one to comment on this particular 😀

      2) Chris also changed his gravatar.
      I don’t know when he did it, but if he did it yesterday, it’s likely because the comment about him looking just like the other CY.

      3) The site is forbidden as of now.
      Another coincidence?

      To Chris, some may be dirt; but to some, Chris is a dirtbag.
      Let’s stop clicking his website and make it die on the vine.
      I’m sure it’ll be coincidentally blocked soon.

      • The bottom line is, who really cares? If what you propose is true, does it really have any bearing on the chase? Personally, I visit this site to see what’s going on with the search. I’m sure that most others do as well. If we have something useful to share, then we do that. But to start analyzing others on here has nothing to do with why we are all here. I say get back to the subject that interests us the most…The Chase. Leave peoples character out of the discussion. After all, it goes no where.

        As always, this is only my personal opinion.

      • “Coinkydink? Not likely. He is just dusting off old identities.
        Well… maybe I’m not the one to comment on this particular :D”

        Skeletons in the closet? I think you just did.

  65. Is doesn’t appear that the website caper is the only suspicious activity that 205186187111 et. al have been involved in lately either. It may be advisable for searchers on this site and others to check and remove random cookies etc. i imagine, and hope, that one will claim responsibility for their actions before any further publications are necessary. My personal clock is now ticking….

    • yes circumstance i agree , after researching wwwh. com i believe it should be left alone and it is not the work of Forrest , nice web design though, kinda creepy

    • Chris Yates

      Your denials ring hollow with me. You are member to a hosting site that wherewarmwatershalt belongs too. I’m no detective but every time that site was mentioned on this blog, you stirred the conversation as if you had a vested interest–why? Foot traffic? Your own side show, because you haven’t found the chest? Your denials ring hollow and thats all i’ve got to say.

  66. I really like DAL”S site, to keep up w/ the latest from Forrest. The rest of the drama is just static. Hope Dal has a good story about his latest adventure…

  67. Maybe cross reference that with the website that honestly used to read “in loving memory of our daughter holli” had a burning candle, the chest, and the poem…but as of this afternoon reroutes to the clock page. I know exactly who and where it’s coming from-it’s a disgrace. just giving them an opportunity to do the right thing before pulling out ALL THE STOPS…

      • You’re the one who brought up the title page in an earlier post Sherlock… Maybe there’s something you’d like to share?

        • Hey Circumstance,

          thanks for spilling the beans…but if you know “more”…then go ahead and throw out ALL of the “Dirty Laundry” for all of us to see.

          I only get to post on the weekends…last weekend it was all about Tom claiming the chest has been found and now this…?

          I think I will just go fishing.

    • I mean really Circumstance!…Why be so upset?…It isn’t like whoever it is has anything useful to share with the rest of us…

      Someone enjoying the anonymity of the internet to make people wonder and have some fun is all, just being silly and mysterious…

      If they knew anything they would have the chest, which IMO they do not…

      Let’em have their fun and ignore their silliness…It isn’t worth getting fired up over as far as I can see…

      Just sayin’…

      • Hey- I understand your point…I also understand the point of using a blog to waste a bunch of people’s time…it makes one feel as if they’ve been “had”. If this is a “fun game” to them…I imagine its “fun from both sides” 🙂 my STOPS aren’t more info about what they’ve done here…just other places they waste ppls time as well. Maybe their just crankybeforecoffe or something, but maybe their an ashwiper in general. That’s all. Sorry for being childish…I get upset when people waste my time. No need to waste and more of yours- enjoy the day and have fun!!

        • ** I also believe it’s beyond crossing the line when they are collecting peoples personal/computer information. I think That’s actually a punishable crime. Maybe they were hoping for Forrest’s…(?) that’s what has me really hyped up…NOT just the sites existence. Hope you understand!

          • Thanks Circumstance, for bringing this info to my attention. You have great sleuthing abilities! Can you tell if the site is actually trying to mine our information? If it is, I would certainly quit looking at it periodically as I have been. I’m not sure why Chris didn’t just come out and deny he was behind that site here on Dal’s blog like he did over at Chasechat. It does make me wonder…….

  68. Last week I gave out what I believe WWWH is to me. I am heading out for the day so I will leave my hoB.
    This is only My Opinion…I believe part of the poem has to do with fishing and I have not heard anyone mentioning this as a possible hoB.

    The Brown Drake

    Do your own research.

    Have a great day all…I am gone fishing. 🙂

      • Hi Ken,

        fishing and trout have been talked about. Have you heard anyone talk about the hoB being the Brown Drake…?

          • Old shadows, that’s an interesting fishing correlation. I had to look up what a house and a lot are in fishing terms. Finding the right combination of definitions and four numerals is tricky. Don’t want to be locked out of the poems house and lot.

          • House and Lot is the name of a trout lure. Theres a whole subterranian world world out there of lure lore. Made me want to change my UN to DumbasDirt&cross-eyedtoboot.

    • So what’s everyone doing today. We know Rick is going fishing 🙂
      I am here at my mothers home to help her clean the inside of her house it’s a tad dirty but not that bad just here to help her due to her working all the time and she doesn’t have much time to do much at the house.
      She loves me 🙂 !!!!!!!

      • I am trying to organize the garage so I can park mine and my wife’s car inside. I have realized I need a bigger work bench.

  69. The natives are restless…
    Moral is low …
    Dal, Forrest, please give a Scooba snack!
    Dal, how was your trip?

  70. The NATIVES are doing a war dance…They need a Post to get them calmed down.
    Who is getting scalped next? They should all go to there tepees or hunt in peace.. 🙂

  71. Tepees were
    usually 12 to 20 feet (3.5 to 6 metres) high
    and 15 to 30 feet (4.5 to 9 metres) in
    diameter, although larger structures were not
    uncommon. When very large shelters were
    needed, two pole frameworks could be set
    adjacent to one another in a figure-eight
    shape, with poles and covers left out of the
    adjoining walls. Many examples are known of
    small tepees sized for children’s playhouses
    and very small tepees sized for dollhouses.

    In the wood (teepee) they come in all shapes and sizes..
    * *
    * *
    that looks more like a Christmas tree. lol

    • @ inthechaseto, Janie & Annie – the natives – came unhinged again after ripping our pants on circles of barb wire. lost our hearts on a windy peak. Not enough sleep, resting and drinking coffee at the stone wall lookout. Thinking we may tap an old fashioned beer keg after dark and saw logs or take up knitting. Hoping Janie’s not dangerous with knitting needles.

      • Hi Janie & Annie –

        What ! Barbed wire and no treasure? Can’t wait to hear all about your chase. Knitting huh – naw I don’t think so – but the beer sounds good. LOL

      • Annie, what is your preferred method of transport? Avis? I went with Enterprise. Make sure that Chest is secure for the gang.

  72. This Is How You Remind Me…

    In order to bring us up out of the funk
    I thought about sharing the chest in my trunk,
    But I changed my mind because I am greedy,
    And when this Chase is done the blog won’t need me.

    I like the stories and ideas that we pen
    About the clues left behind by Forrest B. Fenn.
    The photos we post bring a smile to my face
    And remind me of why I search for that place.

    If there was no bad there could be no good,
    And I’m reminded of this when I’m cold in the wood.
    A cynic to some, but I’m just a man
    Getting by in the world the best that I can.

    Experience teaches and if we pay attention,
    We may just take home a valuable lesson.
    Be courteous, kind and try forgiving,
    These are the acts that make life worth living.

    All the gold in the world won’t make you happy
    So pull your head out and make it snappy!
    Someone once said the fun isn’t the finding
    But the looking; do we all need reminding?

    So don’t be in a rush for the Chase to be past
    Forrest made certain it was built to last.
    Find your own treasures on the way to the chest
    But stay out of my trunk while your on your quest!

    Michael D

  73. With all this “chit shat” about who’s doing what on some site, on this blah blog or that.

    I sit here with the impression that a lot of folks are talk-out on discussions of the poem, it’s meaning, significance, the solution….

    So I’ll ask this Hypothetical question. a wise searcher puts all the clues together and discovers the place the chest lays in wait. What do you believe that he/she/they are looking at? Try and describe the area, view, surroundings, sounds, etc.

    I would also like to ask FF, once the chest is discovered, removed and the place is known to all… how do you feel or have thoughts of, so many people will stampede to this place that you hold in high regards ?

    • To Seeker…. Since you asked for fantasy, heres one… find a mega-O, like a big loop road, a caldera rim, the base around a lone mt., etc. Then find 3 points on the edge that are relatively equi-distant…. The WWWH, the HOB, and the Blaze. From each of the 3 points, put in (move inward) to their convergence area. Then search for the TC. An arial pic would be a Y in a circle, the peace sign.

      to Mike, nice sentiments in the poem.

      • interesting, Old Shadow.

        3 points on the edge or maybe a triangle, put in to move forwards and a Y center… have you heard of 9 point circle? Just for fun look up the Author of that geometry equation on that subject… that’s interesting as well.

        just pondering.

        • Thanks, thats something I can understand, maybe work with. Let the Winter Games begin.

        • Seeker, I printed 9 point circle stuff and read it during The Good Wife. I am one of those rare sorts that enjoys a touch of geometry from time to time. Loved it in high school 60 years ago… but unless I were designing machinery or laying out airport runways and needed to estimate clearance for turning wingspans or something, I see no use for it in the rustic rule-of-thumb context of The Chase. Just as I see no point to so much of the other inch-worm techniques that, on occasion, I do understand on this blog. Thanks for a fun reminiscence anyhow, but like writing an autobiography, precision geometry is antagonistic to freedom. However, you said to “look up the Author”, so maybe during a later show…

    • I see a cave on side of a cliff. From the point of view of the cave, I see a forrested valley and mountain

    • I believe the area the chest will be found in will be as natural today as it was back when native americans walked there. Trees standing talk by the waters of the creek that flows gently by while the meadows sway lazily in the breeze as wildlife is in abundance. An area that 100 years before Mr f was born had fur trappers that stashed their furs in small cave like places until spring time. This place is off of the beaten path where the only people that go there are the few people that “want” the be there.

  74. OK…..Chris called some dumber than dirt…..Apparently no offence intended some how. Now he has been called a dirt bag…….I’ll call it even; no more name calling.

    @Chris, Fess up if you did it…..if not say so. I’m surprised anyone would try something like this. You would have to know from past experience these guys would take you apart. Remember Fenn’s tree picture, way back in the beginning, when he forgot to take the EXIF info out of it; and recently with the street art coke can.

    I think Fenn (just my opinion) would get a kick out of a creative snake oil pitch, I mean marketing plan. I’m not sure he would like you claiming he did it when he didn’t. This probably falls into his epitaph category. Personally I think Fenn would hire a good programmer to set the site up, not have rinky dinky sites like those.

    @pip; you’re right it’s going to be a long winter.

    @Amy; I’m getting the trucks ready for winter; which is odd because the forecast says it’s going to hit 100 today.

    @Seeker; I agree lets get back to the clues.

    • no that doesn’t make it even. not even close, if you think so your moral compass must be seriously broken

      i dont have anything to do with that website . i only visit it and have opinions about whats there like everyone else

      someone posted a link to someone named Chris Yates who has something to do with flipping websites, that isn’t me

      • Chris,

        That was me who made the comment about “flippingwebsites”. I didn’t say it was you personally, it was just my pointing it out to you. I didn’t go searching for it, it was posted by someone else on here. That maybe the person you’re referring to.

        I still don’t buy into all this babble talk about you. It really makes no sense. And has nothing to really do with this site here. Calm down Chris. It’ll go away, it always does.

        • It was me that posted the link he is referring to where I referenced a coincidence in authors name. My intentions were not to start a rally against the author of the website, but to focus on the nature of the website itself and our personal information being compromised. It is not my place to call anyone out personally and offer up their personal name/address etc. Everyone should remove its information/cookies/tracking devices from their computers.

  75. IMO, it is not a place that most people would be drawn to if the chest wasn’t there. I think just because it’s special to FF does not mean everyone would find it special. I believe it is special for reasons other than natural beauty, although beauty is in the eye of the beholder. when I close my eyes I see a high desert canyon with a dry stream bed running in the bottom. I see grasses and trees growing along the edge of the streambed, along the base of the cliffs. Behind a particular bunch of vegetation I see a small and hidden opening, one you would need to be brave and crawl into to enter. When I turn on my flashlight I see an old indian mummy, and carved or pecked into the wall of the cave I se the letters FBF. Below the letters I see a large piece of flagstone laying flat on the floor of the cave. When I slide the stone out of the way, a wooden crate is revealed. Inside the crate sits a beautiful bronze chest.

    • MD,
      Sounds like a good description of a nice cozy hidey spot…the kind that a kid would find just poking around…

  76. Maybe my comment seemed harsh to Chris but here is why.
    He questioned people intelligence and placed it at ground level or below because they think he’s behind wwwh website.

    But here’s the kicker, working with the same data set which is to say {}, Chris believes that Forrest is behind it.
    How would he feel if Forrest would come here and say: Chris you’re such and such.

    Because his comment was uncalled for, and for failing to see that he’s in the same boat, that’s why I said what I said. Maybe I should have kept my mouth shut ; anyway I apologize and am hoping that Chris does it as well.

    Now, as Forrest put it himself: that’s all I have to say about that 🙂

    • the equivalence is astounding. these things are not even comparable. please open your eyes

      ive said for a long time my opinion was its Forrest’s website. ive never accused Forrest of anything untoward and i am happy he does it, if he does

      i was accused yesterday of being behind that website and lying about it to mislead searchers and i guess you are suggesting i may be doing more nefarious things than that

      there is nothing for me to apologize for

      • Chris…Thanks for defending your honor….sorry I doubted your intentions for a moment. I guess we all become victims of circumstance sometimes. May I be the first to apologize for jumping to conclusions.

      • I know you had no play in its just a wordpress embedded site. I definitely know as well has no bearing. That site is reserved for a purpose.

        Just saying for I am an Indian Scout and a Saint.

  77. No need to look for a word that is key we have photos of the open chest. Just a thought…

  78. For another fantasy trip, please describe what you know when you know a key word? If the key word is gold, or treasure, or peace, or Ora-Mae…. then what? And how can you be sure it is the keyword until you have the TC? If the keyword(s) is Yellowstone or Colorado or latitude coordinate… you may have an edge.

    • The word is ______.And it is a key to unlocking the poems contents.It won’t crack the clues but it could help you know how to go at it.long story short it starts by having a tight focus on a word that is key… all imo.

  79. The key word is THE in my opinion…not just any canyon down where warm waters halt, but THEE canyon down where warm waters halt.

    • “A Word That Is Key”, is not the same as, a key word. Might as well say treasure and trove are the same as well.

      Oh right… IMO

        • I’m suggesting that a word as more than a single meaning and the use of those meaning can have implication to the entire poem.

          Example; As I have gone alone in there..

          I means knowledge of self OR self knowledge Or first.

          Alone: means first… not just by ones self.

          There: can be a place or a time

          where: a place or time

          Secret: means hide, not telling

          So you may read the first stanza, as fenn went some place, by himself etc.

          I may read it as, The first to go some where during a specific time. If you twist it a bit.

          So “a word that is key” is a word the helps understand the meaning he wants to relay.

          a key word unlocks [ for the lack of a better term] a pattern.

          so it your choice on how you twist your key, I guess.

  80. Summer’s greens and blues
    Give way to autumn hues

    Such a season it has been
    Feeling the Thrill again and again

    The creatures of the woods
    Wrap tight their winter goods

    The searchers in the chase
    Out of breath from the race

    Keep searching for more clues
    Amongst the autumn hues

    A few still scurry about
    Trying to figure it out

    But soon all will be packed in
    Planning when to begin again.

  81. The dead-end cemetery is alive and well! We have been putting up Halloween decorations today. Beautifule Fall day!

  82. Michael D and jdiggins nice poems! Sums up TTOTC. Thanks FBF – Fun Bringer Fenn!

  83. He made TWO trips from his CAR and he did it in one AFTERNOON. In my opinion, we may infer a few things from this statement.

    1. He says he went in there alone in his car in the afternoon. The place is NOT frequented by people, at least not in the daytime.

    2. If we take him at his word, the location of the chest cannot be more than the distance an average man with a 20 pound backpack could traverse four times in one afternoon. At 4 miles an hour, (generous in the mountains) a person could travel 32 miles in two round trips, or an 8 mile radius. However, my experience in hiking allows me the confidence to cut that in half. I don’t believe more than 16 miles could be covered in one afternoon. That’s a four mile radius from the car. And I personally believe it is much closer to a road than that.

    3. Forest either used weather, or location, or both to assure he would not be observed, since he went in broad daylight. I believe this means the location is remote and accessible by a rough dirt road.

    4. Since he did the hikes in one afternoon, he must have spent some time driving to the location in the morning, and driving back in the evening. If he was on vacation, he must have driven, since he no longer flies. How far would you drive with a million in gold under a blanket in the back of your car? No…I believe it to be within a days drive of his home…close enough he could make a run at it when he’s at death’s door if he got a wild hair. Close enough he could stash it and not raise suspicion with his wife.

    • Micheal D –

      Well thought out – just a few tricky things I might add –

      1. He went in there alone – alone means NO OTHER PEOPLE went in there when he did. Maybe, just maybe he had a key.

      2, Distance – the latest is – he said people have been within 200 ft. OK – would that be 200 ft. from the car – or would 500 ft. be from the car. At the altitude and his age and alone – I don’t think he would be hiking very far at all. Really no reason to.

      3. We agree – it’s a rough road.

      4. I think he stayed overnight – why do I feel this – just a woman’s intuition. So he drove in the morning to the hidey spot and got there about noon. Hid the TC – got a motel room and drove back the next day. That way the TC is never left alone in his car.

      • “He went in there alone – alone means NO OTHER PEOPLE went in there when he did. Maybe, just maybe he had a key.”

        I wonder what we get if we “twist” the meaning a bit to make it fit? Paralleled, unequaled, All- time, unmatched, only, entirely, solely… and many others.

        Just thinking out loud, alone with myself.

      • I agree he may have spent the night/or more…but no hotel rooms…FF is a bedroll guy when he’s hiding treasures…just my opinion….although cash and a fake id with a rental car is possible he stayed in a motel…but I have a feeling its a long way from the nearest motel.

    • I’ll add that it must be a VERY remote location for privacy. In my mountan searches I seemed to run into people on roads that surprised me.

      Also, many mountain roads (remote) are quite narrow with very few places to turn in and park. I found this frustrating on searches because of the odd vehicle that would come by.

    • maybe he used a horse. agree about a rough dirt road. Do not think he could drive on that dirt road though. hike or horseback…imo

      • Charlie, I felt at one time an alternative mode of transportation could have been used. but as per the discussion about two trips in one afternoon, comment, a horse- snowmobile- boat etc. could easily carry a 42lb load. No need for two trips, other than hiking.

          • a lot of difinitions for the word car…
            n. A wood or grove, generally of alders, on a moist soil.
            n. Any hollow place or marsh
            .n. A rock.
            n. A yellowish brown sediment deposited from water which contains salts of iron, as in the drainage from coal-mines. Also carr
            might be stretching a little, but, cannot overlook anything said by f. imo

          • Charlie,

            I have looked at all my normal resources to find those definitions of Car. where do you find your meanings?

          • Hey Charlie –

            Since a “car” can also refer to a hot air balloon – maybe he attached a parachute and dropped that TC over the side.

            Whata ya think –

          • Interesting about definitions and such.
            Is the word found and some word definitions related to it. Act out, forge, build, launch…
            If you Been wise and Found the blaze….

            what is it that we need to build, launch into action and forge straightforwards to?

            Launch is interesting as well, But I digress.

        • c’mon chase, you’re better than that…@seeker, let me find the web page, i’ll get back to you.

  84. Checked out just to see what the commotion is all about. Could be a hint. 3 aggie marbles indicates an agate arrowhead. Now if the marbles are shooters that may be one hint; if they are peewee’s that might indicate something entirely different. What NA used lareger arrowheads (shooters) versus smaller arrowheads (peewees)? Could indicate the tribe and the general location of the chest. What about the Fremont? Does anybody know much about them? I don’t think I have seen that group mentioned by Fenn but could have missed it.

    • I find the pretty amusing. Someone put up a fake website and people lets there imagination run wild and now mass hysteria sets in and people are trying to find clues in something that probably another searcher setup 🙂 Chris no just joking!

  85. Home has always been in the wilderness,
    and our cave just a temporary place to rest,
    have our children and share a meal

    The mountain is a mother. In patience,
    sitting there being silent. Praying for all,
    and just waiting for us to climb onto her lap.

    Now the mountains are getting that gold tinge, the trees,
    they are just solid covered with a blaze of leaves relentlessly there.

    The land throws up its clouds of dust and steam.
    There is something brown and holy about the canyon down.
    When you separate from the mountains and rivers,
    what have you got?

    It was the only decent activity left in the world.
    To be in a riverbottom somewhere, beneath the falls,
    absorbing a flesh eating bacteria
    I had my leg amputated after walking barefoot in a stream.
    It was the work of the quiet mountains,
    this torrent of impurity at my feet

    Suddenly I’m limping in a hot broiling sun,
    in sandy dust and thorns and sage… just like life
    Where is the rock that will sustain me? It is in my shoe.
    Forcing me to slouch ever forward on the road
    It is as final as the mountains: a fact. There it is.
    When you realize it you cannot complain about life.

    Microbes do not discriminate,
    they are very progressive that way.

    This can’t go on all the time…
    all this bumping around.
    I’ve got to go someplace,
    find something hidden behind the mountains

    I am mangled, and later I will begin to disintegrate,
    and then I shall die conclusively.
    How can I face such a fact and not live it up now?

    • just working on possibilities for the blaze…just tossing around ideas in my head…. some things just linger… you know

  86. mirror on my wall…. if you’ll just make me 44 ?
    phantom poem….. 4 2 4 merely this and nothing more…?
    all the knives in the scrapbook and vignettes..

    so much to think about…lol

    • Arkansas,
      Let me help you with that, I think I can 🙂

      The 44 implied years in “mirror on my wall” became 44 ounces on the scale.
      You see, in my “trance” Forrest is the Phantom/Shadow and I thought, wouldn’t it be funny to make him think about mass and not time? It’s all relative anyway 😉

      As for the 4 2 4, think of it this way : 2 4 2. Does it sound familiar?
      I had to find a good rhyme for the closing, and I thought why not “far too far” to explore?
      There you have it, mystery solved; now… how about them knives? Any theory? 🙂

  87. Yes so much to think about I re-read both books again I’m liking it found me some more info that I missed before. I have my route for next year already planned 🙂 !!!!! I think it’s time for me to Relax some 😉 I have been extremely busy the last year and a half.

  88. me too.. 13 trips from arkansas since feb. I made alot of progress but still don’t have the chest…lol
    so I guess I will keep going till the snow stops me…

  89. Wow that’s quiet a few trips where do u search at or state I should ask . I love this chase 🙂

  90. OFF TOPIC-
    I am back. I have eliminated one more place where it could be hiding. I am certain I was within 12,250 miles of it 🙂

    Missed you guys…

    No one arrested me. I was not chased by bears. The water was much warmer than the air. I had wonderful pan fried oysters and a great grilled elk steak and comforting hot apple pie.

    Forrest has a new scrapbook and 23Kachinas has a story…
    I will get those up this evening..

    Thanks to Goof for tending so well to the site and dealing with a couple of whacky entries.

    Just a reminder that this is for discussion about The Nine Clues. There are other discussion pages for many other topics..

    Please try not to fill this one up with talk about other websites unless it has something to do with the nine clues..


    • Sounds like you are getting closer. I bet next year you get with 10,000 miles of it (which will probably be closer than I am)

    • Welcome back Dal! We missed you too!

      There has been lots of activity while you were gone. It will take you weeks to read all this stuff. So let me summarize. Still lots of weird approaches to solving Forrest’s poem.

      Glad you had a good time and good food.

      Goofy keeps getting better all the time!

  91. Question about this Q&A:

    Do you think that someone who is sure about the location of the home of Brown could reverse-engineer where warm waters halt? ~Ben Raylor

    Thanks for the question Ben.
    If you are sure about the location of home of Brown why are you concerned about where warm waters halt? But to answer your question, sure you could and a few searchers might throw in some gas money for a percentage of the take. Good luck.f

    Would you get the meaning to be that it is a looong distance between WWWH and HOB?

    • Maybe and it sounds like you should definitely be driving from wwwh to hoB. But maybe not, boats use gas too. Right? Darn.

    • I’ll gladly share my National Forrest with you , please stay at least 20 miles away 🙂

    • Distance may not be involved at this point [ hoB ]. Should you know what home of Brown means there is no reason to know what WWWH means.

      Maybe one way of reading it is…WWWH is a stepping stone to to understand what HOB should be.

      Example: If you walk 20 paces from point A to Point B, it’s because you knew Point A. But If you know Point B as a fact, there is no need to Know Point A. Or no reason to ” reverse-engineer” backwards to Point A.

      As well as, no reason to know the “distance” between.

      • agree seeker, so that means the distance from wwwh to hob is in the 2 lines in the middle. so, “And take it in the canyon down”,or, “Not far but to far to walk” or both will translate in an actual distance. My two cents, imo, 5.5 miles.

      • That’s a very good possibility. I was attempting to answer marks question to fenns response, as if you know hoB, the distance between WWWH and hoB is now moot, no matter what that distance is or even if they are the same.

        But I’ll ask, How do you mean the are the same? The same name, the same area, the same entity, hoB and wwwh being the same meaning…?

        • My question though, it that if you know WWWH, did his comment mean that there is a large distance between WWWH and HOB. That other searchers would “Pitch in for Gas”

          I agree that if I know HOB, I don’t care about WWWH.

          But if I am at WWWH, how far is not too far but too far to walk?

          10 miles? 100 miles? 1000 miles?

          His response makes me think its in the 100’s.

  92. Welcome back dal. We have missed you and your authority over this site. I searched according to what I believed were the nine clues. Circles on Google Earth sometimes disappear when ones boots are on the ground! While at my latest spot, my wife kept an eye on me from below. She noticed another keystone (I was at another similar keystone about four searches ago) above me. This keystone was a bit too dangerous to reach so I retreated. Before leaving, I noticed a stone which looked somewhat like an arrowhead. I might go to it in the springtime. There was some snow in this area where I search and it makes me want to pause on searching until the warm weather comes back around. I have been finding out where the TC is not. Next year, I shall go to the end of my search area and hopefully find all that I expect given all of the clues f left that lead to the gold. Amy, Moonshadow, Cynthia, and other regulars on the blog have been inspirational. I miss Swan too. Thanks for everything you do dal and f. Phantom, I shall look more into your words. My wife turned 44 today and she has gone with me on a few searches. If it wasn’t for TTOTC and f, she would have stayed home. Instead she had a great time in the mountains hiking around and seeing wild game. Thanks for helping to get her to smile.

    • Slurbs,
      Happy birthday to your wife.

      As for my words… hmm, I’m sitting here debating myself, but I’ll probably blurt it out while I’m sleeping anyway… so here it is.

      I have given a couple of clues, but those are mine and not Forrest’s.
      Nevertheless they are my best ones and I decided to share them, only concealed in verses.

      • {}…okay, I’ll just come out and ask as I believe many (including myself) are maybe confused or mislead by some of your words. Are your intentions to imply that you actually found it as in you have been there and seen it? Or that you believe you have solved the clues and have yet to go?

      • {}, Sorry to be pedantic here, and thank you for indicating that your “clues” are your own and not Forrest’s, but after all the recent misinformation and spurious claims, I don’t think anyone should claim to be giving out clues except Forrest. It might be helpful if you could use a less loaded word, like “ideas”.

    • @ slurbs, it’s always nice to be missed by friends. I hope your family are well and getting closer to finding ff’s treasure. (Sorry, but I no longer have time for totc or the blogs). Best wishes & good luck.

    • MichaelD,

      research. Just a curiosity…no specifics, what type of research are you following up on today or for that matter, starting new?

      History, maps, meanings, a certain line stanza, method, theory, reviewing after the fact statements… I’m just curious what others have in mind on their direction to pursue the poem’s solution, is all.

      We all have interpretations on the poem. I’m more curious on what avenues other use to help figure it out.

      • Looking for clue solutions to clues 7,8 and 9…trying hard not to let my thoughts of the first 6 influence me…that’s a rough row to hoe. Also looking in the text of TTOTC for sublte hints that could help me confirm my solution…it’s such a good one! but, for some reason, I think you already know that.

      • Seeker, MichaelD,
        Thought I’d chime in. I’m using topo maps and TTOTC to try to find (IMO) clue seven; planning another trip soon.
        (With reference to an earlier question, IMO, one meaning of “not far, but too far to walk” is more than 10 but fewer than 100.) Safe searching, everyone!

  93. Maybe someone could be so kind as to tell or refer me to the exact quote from Fenn on…I made Two trips from the car to the hide in one afternoon. [ Best as i can remember it ]

    I’m kicking myself for not noting some, if not all the after the fact comments and statements now. But would like to review this one in the original form.


    • @Seeker: here -> Mysterious Writings, Questions with Fenn(archived), question posted 06/19/14.

      ” I made two trips from my car to the hiding place and it was done in one afternoon.f”

      🙂 🙂

      • Your right – locolobo –

        Here is the entire uestions plus the quote –

        Also, you’ve mentioned on multiple occasions that it took two “trips” to secret the chest and contents to a very special place. Perhaps someone has already asked this, but I’ve not found an answer yet posted or video recording that contains an answer. Forgive me if this is redundant, but were both trips made on the same day/date? Not to be anal, but that would be one spinaroo of the giant ball we call Earth that constitutes a single 24-hour day to its humble inhabitants.

        Thanks so much.
        Kind Regards,

        Joe, you make this thing so complicated. Reminds me of the reason I don’t like meetings. I hope you don’t belong to a PTA someplace. I made two trips from my car to the hiding place and it was done in one afternoon.f

        • Thanks folks, appreciated.

          i needed to see the full Q&A to made a judgement call. SO I’ll place this thought out for others to dissect. [ sometimes the dang blinders are just a bit hard to get off.]

          Without seeing the entire entry prior… My thought went to reasoning of – Fenn language.

          But now I’m double guessing- my double guessing.. so welcome to my world.

          Two trips to the hide. or ‘two separate trips’ were made.
          Regardless of one day or not. I don’t think anyone can argue that point. Point A to Point B
          [rinse and repeat].

          Now “and it” threw me a bit. why not something like ‘completed in’ or ‘finished in ‘ ‘ finalized’
          This may sound nit pick, should “and it” [ it: meaning single ] refer to a single trip and with two trips involved… could / should, “one afternoon”
          be used for each trip?

          Temporarily Insane conclusion: two separate trips from car to hide… in two separate, one afternoons.
          A straight, truthful answer, with a bit of a twist.

          Logical or Loco? …jury is still out !

          • Me think you complicate the most simple of things –

            One afternoon – singular
            Two trips in that one afternoon


          • Seeker I like that you analyze things looking for different interpretations/meanings. But I’m going to go with loco on this one. Hey, you asked.

            To me this question is very direct/precise:

            Forgive me if this is redundant, but were both trips made on the same day/date? Not to be anal, but that would be one spinaroo of the giant ball we call Earth that constitutes a single 24-hour day to its humble inhabitants.

            His answer is also precise:

            I made two trips from my car to the hiding place and it was done in one afternoon.f

            Am I misunderestimating something?

          • Seeker,

            I agree, that he likes to put a twist on things, but “I did it in one afternoon” pretty much says it all. You suggest possible 2 different trips, but in order to support that theory, you would need a reason why 2 individual trips would be necessary to begin with. I cant imagine 2 would even be necessary. All we could come up with, would be conjectures. After all, he does say that the person is complicating it.

            Remember the KISS principal.

          • Once i saw the entire entry it gave me pause. Fenn seemed frustrated in the response to the question, leaving the answer as simply stated.

            The weak argument was 1/2 the answer involved two trips, leaving room for, the second answer referring to the same two afternoons. One afternoon each trip.

            You have to admit it would change the time line and distance….

            walking away… head hung low.

  94. Read my lips this is not your President. This is not your babysitter. This is not a tv talk show .Why do you think the chest is still out there! You won’t get off your mental sofa and solve the clues…
    Ok some are trying but some are hanging out like they need a friend… You will earn this chest and thats what f. said.. 4 years and the old mans got ya wooped.. pathetic.. 79 or 80.. what chance would you have if he were 28 none. dang! you want him to hold your hand. Fenn can hold his own… smarter than any teenager on his XBOX. Can’t believe I named one of those brain drains by name… this is a war to get our people back from the digital Hell.. Cap. Fenn. at your service…

  95. pieces of 9!! What has gotten you so riled up? There are MANY real searchers here…both those that actually go to the Rockies, and those that cannot for various reasons. I, for one, need all the friends I can get, but I find it helpful, fun, and encouraging to visit on this blog. You must to, or I assume you would go elsewhere. Who’s got you fired up??!! Let’s get em!!

    • Just making people aware that this is not a scratch it game from McDonalds… Ok I eat a Mc chicken sandwich once in a blue moon.. 🙂

      • Apologies to Samsmith… he knows.

        Quote: A dare went out to everyone who possessed a sense of wanderlust: Study the clues in the book and thread a tract through the wiles of nature and circumstance to the treasure. If you can find it, you can have it.
        ” I warn the path would not be direct for those who had no certainty of the location BEFOREHAND, But sure for the one who did.”

        • “no certainty of the location BEFOREHAND”, supports the idea that the solution doesn’t need boots on the ground to solve. But would, only to actually retrieve it.

          • Ah hah. Almost magical is it not? That has been my premise for quite some time. Daunting almost…

        • Seeker,

          Interesting that you posted this quote. I’ve been thinking about all of it for quite sometime, and I’ll probably reveal some of my thoughts once the snow comes. I think that this page is the most important page in TFTW. My feeling is that he’s almost daring us to remove that page because it’s the only one we need. Map on one side and clues/hints/instructions on the other. More about this later.

          Of course that BEFOREHAND implies that you can solve it in the comfort of an armchair, and he re-iterated the same idea in a recent post.

          But here is something else that piqued my curiosity a while ago: STUDY THE CLUES IN THE BOOK (TTOTC to be specific) .
          This seems to imply that there are clues throughout the book.

          Yet he always said there are clues in the book “because the poem is in the book” (I consider that an elusive answer).
          Why not say “no clues in the book, just in the poem” – this would be a straightforward answer, and it wouldn’t reveal anything.

          I guess he couldn’t because there are clues in the book, but why the evasiveness?
          Why not come out and say “there are clues in the book”?

          Here is a possibility for people that like ciphers and codes:
          The book has 24 chapters (plus an Introduction and an Epilogue).
          The poem has 24 lines.

          Just maybe… who knows?… only the Shadow 🙂

          • {} – reminds me of the old Plymouth hood emblem, on my 65 fury II, did I just age myself. anyways.

            The suggestion I am getting from your post is to say… The book, not only holds clues, But the book is 24 chapter to the 24 lines, instruction to solve he poem. or maybe,

            The book is the Blaze to be found.

            As, clues are in the book because: the poem is the book / the book is The poem.

          • As I recall, Forrest said that there were clues in the book, because the poem was in the book. I believe (if my memory serves me right) that it was on the Today Show.

          • Actually for both books, yep even the one, TFTW, after the release of the poem and TTOTC

            There is a clue in the book because the “map” is in the book.

            [ paraphrasing ]

            Seems I heard others as well; clues in the book were not deliberately placed.

            There are subtle hints in the book, if you know what to look for.

            The poem holds all the information….

            I’ll stop there, we all have heard and read them a 1000 times…. My typing finger is tired and weak.

  96. Pieces of 9 ..I for one have to travel by air unlike Many searchers on here. Then rent a car to do my search. This can be very costly.
    I have spent a lot of time on research and have been to NM once,knowing I would come home without the TC. Nothing like research while boots on ground. I pinpointed my location and thats where I spent all of my time.
    I hope to be a lot more prepared in the spring when I search the same area again.
    I come to this site to see if everyone else is thinking the same way I do when researching. There are some very interesting searches here and some not so. But I have my own and I’m sticking to IT..
    I did send an email to FBF about my first experience in the mountains N of Santa Fe but to this day have not gotten a response. But I will take that as a good thing because Silence is GOLDEN.

    • I know that feeling, i drove, and it still cost me 3 grand, car rental, gas, hotel room, eating, etc. ive only made one trip, but it was a once in a lifetime trip. But if i go again, i have to be dang sure about where im going.

  97. Or perhaps SHE is the other person that can keep the secret, because SHE is already dead…perhaps an indian princess or an ancient cave dweller. Perhaps there is something in the chest that FF wanted to return to her, and so he did.

    • Maybe “she” is the wife of the guy in the old pick-up with 12 kids on a 1600 mile road trip complaining how much it will cost? where will we stay? do you know how will cross the creek? did you being the kids gameboys, and xbox and laptops PS2 -3 and 4?

      Maybe it’s a big Diamond… that’ll shut her up and he would be pleased.

      Oh right …IMO

        • Thanks Forrest I could use a big fat diamond. A woman is close? Not sure I would take it to mean a woman is close but that the item would be desirable to a woman.

          • Are there any objects placed in the Bronze Chest that are connected, or have meaning to the place the chest is hidden? ~ Mike


            No Mike, everything in the chest is straight forward and visual, except my autobiography, which some might find dull. Oops, I forgot, there is one thing in the chest that I have not talked about except to say I don’t want to talk about it. It is something saved especially for the person who solves the clues. I think that person will be pleased when she sees it. f

          • I like the comment that Forrest stated :

            See Guys, Girls are pretty smart. We are really good at using our imigination.
            It all started when we watched Cinderella
            ladies all want a PRINCE Charming 🙂 !!!!!!!

            Right Girls 🙂

            This chase would be cool if all the girls got together as a team and all the guys got together their team
            I bet us girls would Win :).

            What do u think Guys ???

          • Amy, just wave your magic wand /*• the poems clues are solved better with an imagination like yours. After all, how many times did ff say imagination is more important than knowledge?

  98. So, has anyone given any thought as to how many angels there are on the head of a pin? Just wondering.

  99. As always Fenn is steering the boat without us realizing the heading is a big circle… 🙂

  100. I suggested once, that it would be interesting if Forrest would share his Archeological experiences. If you will notice, he shares history, war and flying experiences, but never archeological ones. I wonder if that is not telling us something.

    Back when, he would make comments about all the states in play, but never Colorado. Which to me was somewhere he wanted to keep in the shadows as much as he could. In eliminating some of the states, it has forced many to give serious consideration to Colorado now.

    • Hi All, Annie and Janie had a great time searching, but came up empty handed. Looks to be a long winter beside a juniper fire after midnight sleuthing and solving.

  101. Maybe FF just put the chest in a random hiding place and made up the poem to see how people came up with the solve….. maybe its just laying in the grass somewhere in the rocky mountains like that tombstone in Vietnam.

  102. Forrest’s answer to Mike’s question @ Mysterious Writings???

    Question: Are there any objects placed in the Bronze Chest that are connected, or have meaning to the place the chest is hidden? ~ Mike

    Answer: No Mike, everything in the chest is straight forward and visual, except my autobiography, which some might find dull……. Oops, I forgot, there is one thing in the chest that I have not talked about except to say I don’t want to talk about it. It is something saved especially for the person who solves the clues. I think that person will be pleased when she sees it. f

    –It seems Forrest initially said there are no objects in the Chest that are connected, or have meaning, to the location……

    –“But”, then he appears to correct himself and says there is one thing!!

    So, is this mystery object connected to, or have meaning, to the location???…..

    It’s not what he says, but what you think he says!!! (Forrest put several twists in the trail, here!)LOL!! 🙂

      • LOL!! Thanks Emmett! I’m just a “D” student, but Yogi is a good teacher. I hope to be an A bear next spring.

        Looks like I’m trespassing here, better get back across the fence before Goofy spots me!! 🙂 🙂 – jk goof

        Good Luck to All Ya’ll…..loco

      • Your going to inflate his head so large… he’ll finally be able to reach that dang carrot. lol

    • Loco-

      No one thinks of this but blog owners..
      But please do not copy and paste Q/A from Jenny’s blog here..
      Blogs live by traffic..
      If you copy and paste entire questions and answers people have no need to visit Jenny’s blog and see what’s there…
      By reading it here we rob Jenny of her well deserved traffic..
      Whereas…if you put a link to it people have to visit her site to see exactly what was asked and Forrest’s answer..

      I feel this is particularly true with new postings from other blogs..

      But at any rate please try to use links rather than copy/paste…

      • dal, I do understand about blog traffic and I do apologize to Jenny. I merely assumed it was OK on your site:

        on October 6, 2014 at 11:20 am said:

        Your right – locolobo –

        Here is the entire uestions plus the quote –

        Also, you’ve mentioned on multiple occasions that it took two “trips” to secret the chest and contents to a very special place. Perhaps someone has already asked this, but I’ve not found an answer yet posted or video recording that contains an answer. Forgive me if this is redundant, but were both trips made on the same day/date? Not to be anal, but that would be one spinaroo of the giant ball we call Earth that constitutes a single 24-hour day to its humble inhabitants.

        Thanks so much.
        Kind Regards,

        Joe, you make this thing so complicated. Reminds me of the reason I don’t like meetings. I hope you don’t belong to a PTA someplace. I made two trips from my car to the hiding place and it was done in one afternoon.f

        If you scroll up from here you will find where ITCT made this post, after I had directed “seeker” to Jenny’s site and I posted an excerpt.

        I stand admonished and see how it is. I doubt you will have to worry about me crossing the fence again!!

        Good Luck to ya jarhead!!! 🙂

        • Loco –

          I realize I posted that and when I saw Dal’s post thought – Oh Boy – he should have never singled one person out for that – as a few of us have done it – as it makes it easy to talk about because it is right there in front of us to refer to.

          I am very sorry you are upset and please do not blame Dal for what is my mistake.

          • LOL!! chill ITCT.

            I’m not mad at dal. He is not dumb or stupid.
            I’m quite sure he saw that post of yours (and others) and declined to comment on them at the time.

            Can’t be mad at someone who is just following orders. Someone doesn’t like the fact that I am posting what I see in Forrest’s posts… I think the order came down to get my attention!!

            That’s the way the game is played!! 🙂

            No hard feelings, dal!! Just stepped over to let ITCT know everything is cool!! Goin’ back now.

          • Well Lo –

            I don’t think any orders came down – as I really feel FF wants the TC found fair and square and soon. That’s the kinda guy I think he is.

            I appreciate your comment to me.

    • You know that something special? could be a pocket-sized Spanish>English translation book. IMO i.e. Spanish for dummies

  103. “Nobody is going to happen upon the chest” would seem to indicate it is not in a place that a person could trip on it or otherwise stumble upon it by accident.

  104. Philly –

    You know I like your ideas – but I got to tell you –

    Seriously? After working on the poem for 15 YEARS – he just randomly walked out in a meadow and tossed the treasure in a grassy spot – for someone to trip on?

    Think – Forrest is pretty methodical in the things he does. He is precise in every word he selected. So random “anything” is not in the mix for me.

    • yeah thats true… it would be funny though…
      I think whoever figures the poem out is going to have a lot of imagination though because I mean what could HOB mean? this has been going on for 4ish years now and no one has come up with the solve? It really has to be hard….

    • inthechaseto, I have to agree with you. Mr. Fenn is anything but random. imo a lifetime of his personal experiences went in to cleverly planning the perfect hiding spot and writing a poem that is above all…personal to him. TTOTC is either fun or frustrating for us as the treasure hunt he meant it to be…but don’t forget, this is about Forrest – his treasures (family & friends); his passions; his desire to be buried in a place most meaningful to him. Numbers, anagrams, cleverly hidden meanings are all part of the puzzle, but research to understand the man behind the poem is the most important and meaningful imo. That said, I’m not sure any of us can expect to understand ff, if his sweetheart of 60 years doesn’t fully understand him.

  105. Lets use logic for a moment…If you’ve been wise and found the blaze, look quickly down, your quest to cease…So unless down is South…the chest lies below the elevation of the blaze…so the blaze would be above 5000 feet…of course, if down has a different connotation than loss of elevation, then that’s all out the window.

    • What about take it in the canyon down? Would down here be vertical or south. Do you think he would switch from one being south to the other being vertically down?

      • Maggie –

        I think some canyons have a twist – they do not always go in the same direction. The same thing goes for trails. 🙂

        And if you have a good WWH – you would not ask this question.

      • Unless down means: South as to a map… but South could mean North as to direction of Decent. Down could mean bend over, a play on words. Down could imply Read your instruction, the Blaze you found. Down can mean simply follow the next lines in the poem[ eyes down on paper] Down could mean all of them, not just one. But then there is Quickly…..

        This reminds me, are after the fact comments as straightforwards as the poem… My head hurts…

      • Suppose ff means ‘down’ in a poetical sense… down are the small soft fluffy feathers under a birds wings… ie…. Goose down pillows. So a canyons ‘down’ might mean a place that looks soft and feathery, maybe a place of ferns, or whispy grasses, or where a field of white flowers have dropped their soft petals.

        • Old Shadows, that’s a nice way to look at the meaning of down. Perhaps there are multiple definitions to be applied or layered for each clue and the sum of the whole yields the pie.

          • Thank you guys/gals, my head is swimming. I wonder sometimes if discussing clues on this blog is getting us any closer. As I see this thing now; Im leaning towards down meaning south in both instances. Look quickly south or you’ll walk right past the area–a hill obscuring ones view possibly.

        • I like that Old shadow, How can i get it to work with quickly or even quick?

          Some meaning other that movement are:
          Area if the body, highly sensitive to pain.
          Mentally agile, Perceptive, brilliant, thinking, reasoning, intelligent.

          I ask for the fact that a lot of words used in the poem and combined with other words in the poem just seem simple at first, till I see stranger connection in meanings of words

          Example: Quick shown above…
          Wood: a horse’s hoof called the coffin bone.
          Bold: sheer or vertical
          End: final, border.
          Found: act out, forge, launch, build.
          semi: half
          precisely: dead
          creek: narrow passage
          peace: harmonious, security, the absence of mental stress or anxiety

          Just to show a few.

          • Those are some good ones Seeker. The web appears to be tightly woven. 15 years in the making… My brain aches a little.

          • Ken,

            One of the reasons why I even started to visit Blogs- almost a year after starting this challenge- was in hopes another would kick start a thought I may have over looked or not know before…

            Goofy always reminds me to think… It”s not who you are, it’s who they think you are.

            Loco put a bit of a twist on this… it’s not what he says, but what you think he says.

            I like to add – IMO – It’s not How you read the poem, it’s how the poem was meant to be read.

            My list of thanks is growing, for those who did just that. The two gentlemen I mentioned are too on that list.

          • Why do you assume ‘canyon down’ and ‘quickly down’ are the same ‘downs’?

          • Seeker,
            Another one for wood(archaic)
            violently mad
            One never knows where the intel may come from… good luck to all

          • Old shadow,

            I should have made my question clearer. Using that word ” Down” in the 4th stanza in conjunction with the word “quick”.
            My only assumption was that you could put two and two together.

            Still would like your meaning of down with the word quick or quickly. If you have one you like to share.

          • I dont have a ‘quickly down’ interpretation if ‘down’ means soft feathery. At least nothing that i think would fit ff’s style. Every association I come up with is pretty awkward, and Fenn’s style may be arcane and arty and archaic, but never awkward.

        • Old Shadows,

          Interesting angle, reminds me also of Mr. Fenn’s comment about being “pillowed down and scented in” when he does pass on……

          Can’t quote exactly, loaned my books to a friend to read…I’m sure you can find it…


          • I’d forgotten that passage… could be… and ‘scented in’ a fitting reference too.

          • That was some of my point in some of my comments. “Pillowed down” or as old shadow stated, a down as feathers, being passing on. There is a great number of hint / meanings of words, that could be interpreted as moving on or passing on, after life etc.

            Even the stanzas 3 and 4 sound this way. Canyon down a right angle hole low bottom sheer sides, not far can’t walk, between a rock and hard place, covered with Mother Earth, crossing over, …

            Precisely ; dead or dead on
            end; final
            drawing: pulling towards
            creek: crossing over
            peace; harmonious, serenity.
            will: to pass on to, last will.
            wood; section of a horses hoof called coffin bone.
            wwwh ? the human body at death
            cold: dead.

            Just heavy loads and water high.
            Pillowed down.
            the end is ever drawing [ near ]

            Could As I have gone alone in there…mean at the time of death?
            was it ever expected the chest be found while still on this Earth.

            Or maybe all that is just a coincidence, and Molly Brown, is hoB and the special item is the Hope Diamond.

            So down could mean Down Feather?
            I like the thought.

      • Maggie, this may be of help to you. In Too far to walk, chapter 1: toys are forever. Down and south are used in the chapter.

        I was about two when our house burned (down) and my dad built it back with a cement porch instead of a wooden one.

        A few years ago, when no one was around, I scraped through the dirt on the (south) side of the porch with a small hand tool.

        The front porch still stands in front of where my house used to be–one block (south) of where my parents and brother are buried.

        • Ed, the examples are great, but why use those from the book Too Far to Walk? The book never made it to the public until some for years after the release of TTOTC that contained the poem.

          Although I’m sure some example are in that book as well.

          • What i mean is the book TFTW may have never been released at all… seeing it was some 4 years later after the release of the poem and the book TTOTC.

            So I’m asking why use those examples of south from another book other than the one the poem was in?

            You stated:
            “Maggie, this may be of help to you. In Too far to walk,”…

            Just an observation is all.

          • That doesn’t make it any less relevant. There are other examples from TTOTC too. Even a sixteen-year old genius would have a tuff time piecing this all together. One more example from Too to far walk.

            Chapter 6

            Ernest had a ranch that started about seventeen miles (down) a little dirt road (south) of Boerne, in the beautiful Hill Country of Texas, and it ran for miles. That’s very special country and the Boerne Chamber of Commerce swore that God had a summer place (down) there somewhere.

          • I’m not disagreeing with, that they are good examples, and as far as the solve. We have been warned it’s difficult but not impossible.

            I just brought up the fact, the book your using the examples from, may not be a wise thing to do. simply for the fact, it’s after the fact.

            But I guess you can find suggestion/ and help from anywhere. For me i’ll stay with the book that actually held the poem.

          • Seeker here is another example from TEA WITH OLGA

            I know Olga’s spirit was pleased when her white bone fragments floated (down) to a place where the chamisa and mountain laurels were blooming, and chipmunks scurried all year. When my plane turned (south) for home I felt a serene sense of warmth and satisfaction.

            So many things can be gleaned from paying close attention to word associations. Fly fishing is connected to the chase as well as chase itself being connected. WWWH can be figured out from the book too.

        • Ed thank you so much for the references. I only have one of Fenn’s books TTOTC. Looks like I might be onto something with down/south.

    • Musstag,

      There are over 70 meanings to the words “quick” and “quickly”

      using nouns, verbs, adj, synonyms, antonyms etc. pick one, anyone or maybe a few.

      • ‘understand with alacrity’ what ff means by quickly, and the right meaning(s) may rise to the surface.

      • Seeker, I’ll share one with you and everyone else:

        “Look quickly down” could refer to look down across the downs to the quick. Quick being the out skirt of the trees and brush down by the creek.

        Or, quick-ly , quick-lea, being about 120 yards down on the rim of a hill.

        Oh darn! Now I’ve given out too much.

        Hope this helps someone.

        • Ritt, Wondering how did you got “about 120 yards”?
          And if we’re going there, lee means to shelter from wind or weather by a neighboring object. But I dont think quick-lea or quick-lee is a quickly reference. IMO

        • An out skirt of the trees and brush near a creek. Ok I’ll throw this one back at ya.
          wood: an area between a treeline or forest adjacent to an open field.

          Or to match you 120 yards… the rough.

  106. On another note….I just read scrapbooks 90 91 and 92 ……WOW!!!! This opens up a whole new area of Special Places. Such great stores.

  107. Realize that he was in these areas as a kid and as a young man before he was in the Air Force, and after, something kept bring him back to these areas,

  108. Down could also mean a fine cloud of a hatch, or the surface of bug-dust as the hatch dies out.

  109. I wonder, during those 15 years of working on the poem, how many erasers did he go through. 🙂

    • LOL, Now I have to think about pencils? Did he use a no. 2 with a wooden outer casing or a lead pencil pen. I wonder if “she” knows.

  110. I think FF said “she” on the last Jenny question just how he said “he” when referring to the one who finds the chest. He just said it, I do not believe it has anything the chase or anything thats in the chest…just something he said… because he said many times that “he” will do this find he finds the chest ect…

  111. long day work..looks like more gridlock…see a hint of light at end of tunnel…only way to solve this is to combine knowledge “united we stand divided we fall” pink f was that the bell or dark side getting tired time to rest a spell..

  112. When I was young and then some, I used to read the dictionary page by page to see how many words I knew, and to give myself a test on those I didn’t. I thought my vocabulary was strong.
    Then came google. OMG!!!
    My brain ain’t that big!
    (Ain’t weren’t in thar when I’s a yungin)

  113. If you’ve been wise, and found the blaze………………..this is where I’m at in the chase… the nugget are tough… not as large as hens eggs…….poker, play wether you like it or not…. I know I’m talking random and skipping all around , sometimes it helps me….start at the edge ? maybe… my hogey too… thanks for listning everyone……. 🙂

    good luck to you

  114. Thanks so much everyone for sharing awesome definitions and exchanging ideas today. It was very helpful to me and I appreciate you all…

    • I concur, Lia. Thanks for sharing your ideas everyone. I don’t post much helpful information myself. I’ve tried contributing in the past…but I found myself listening to the devil on one shoulder instead of the angel on the other…and writing things that I didn’t believe just to throw people off and keep them away from “my” solve. LOL! I stopped after I realized what my subconscious, spiteful self was doing. Shortly thereafter me and the angel on my shoulder had a good laugh when we threw the devil from my other shoulder into a roaring fire in the backyard after he taunted us NOT to! We figured he deserved it.

      It turns out the devil had the last laugh because he actually loved it! That’s what he wanted us to do! Can you believe that? “Pleease don’t throw me in that campfire (aka briar patch).” That little devil is conniving. I hope to remember that the next time he shares some of his “good ideas”.

      My life seems like a bunch of “It seemed like a good idea at the time”(s) all strung together. 🙂

      Btw, do you think that the little angel on my shoulder has his own little devil on his shoulder, too? I mean, he did laugh when we threw the little devil in the fire and all. I found that kinda strange. I’d ask him myself but we haven’t talked in quite a while. 🙂

      See why I don’t post very often?

    • Amy- Maybe JC took my advice to you and burned the map too! 🙂 IMO Best. Idea. Ever.

  115. Jamie

    Maybe so 🙂 I know I don’t need the map but I’m not ready to burn it just yet maybe next spring/ summer when the temperature will be warmer 🙂 !!!!!

    Please call the counselor today no need to waste any time 🙂

  116. Mr. Fenn,
    anyone should be pleased with the beautiful Romanesque box and your bio ‘alone in there.’ However, if we are rendering guesses as to the mysterious object (which just makes it more fun)… Intuition and the poem lead to the presence of an Athenian Owl coin, symbolic of ancient wisdom, democracy, philosophy, and architectural elegance ancient Greece passed on to western civilizations. By the way, I hope you included your history of when and where you collected each of the trove’s antiquities.

    note to Paris – Answering your question on Mysterious Writing (there and here)
    the family cabin Mr. Fenn describes is quite similar to cabins built from 1934-1941 by President Roosevelt’s Civilian Conservation Corps. as part of the New Deal on National Forest properties. Here is a link:

  117. Anyone have a great historical site on Molly Brown? (NOT Wicki) All I can find are the Colorado references, but I’m trying to link her summer travels to another place.

    • Germanguy,
      after reading and re-reading my earlier posts, I have decided to make a public apology to you on this blog. It was both disrespectful and rude to air out my dirty laundry on this public forum. If I had some moral dilemma with you I SHOULD have e-mailed you in private and we could have discussed it further. I regret my hasty decision to post my grievances for all to see, I hope you can forgive me for that. You were up front and honest about your position in our partnership, and I made you out to be the bad guy in my post. Some things are better left unsaid or at least said in private. No excuses, I’m an A**hole. Truth be known, I would be tickled to find out you and Dallas found the chest near where I searched. I guess Sally struck a nerve and I just went off the deep end…Funny thing is, I believe this is the third time I have felt I needed to apologize to someone on Dal’s blog. maybe I am dramatic after all…the truth hurts. Anyways, I don’t expect this to “make it all better” between us, but I hope you at least can tell it comes from the heart.

      Good Luck to you GG,
      Michael D

      • Michael

        Forgiveness is good I hope he excepts I did the right thing 🙂

        See don’t u feel better. 🙂

  118. Dal, sorry to place this here, but I was wondering…
    How bout another contest?
    It was great reading all the stories and it gives us searchers something else to “do” besides research! 🙂

  119. GG-
    And I will NEVER quit searching for the chest…and it appears you’ve also had change of heart, since you once told me you were finished looking after our last try….maybe we just needed a break. I wish I had heeded Dal’s advice…and I will from now on. No more partners for me, Apparently I work better alone. We just had two too many chiefs!

  120. I’ve done it tired ? Could that be a intertube.. Bicycle.. Car.. Wagon.. It’s wide open anybody have a clue that narrows this one? 🙂

    • Pieces of 9 – Airplane, car, bike or combination. Are we certain that “IT” means hiding the treasure. It could mean 1.hide the treasure, 2.walk the tftw path, the back country, 5play, 6.trail of tears, 7. roam the ragged edge of wilderness.

      If we’re certain “it” in stanza 5 refers to hiding the treasure, then I’m with Amy. Forrest drove in a car most of the way.

      [other Tired defs: tie-red string near by; done it bored, exhausted; float tube]

  121. I would say he drove there 🙂
    Cause that’s what I will do
    This time I would like a ATV then I can get around quicker and see more. The altitude really gets to me

    Walking up hills is not fun for me
    But going down is 🙂

    And I’m allergic to the Cold 🙂

  122. Have these been discussed previously?

    1. Thrice tempo of poem. Imo it foreshadows solving the poem 3 times.

    2. “I can keep my secret where” are we certain ‘secret’ refers to the TC? It’s used as a noun. It’s an odd way of stating a secret place. I believe ff refers to something else here, or means keep his secret “w” wampum Here.

    secret definitions:
    Kept hidden from knowledge or view; concealed.
    n. Something kept hidden from others or known only to oneself or to a few.
    n. Something that remains beyond understanding or explanation; a mystery.
    n. A method or formula on which success is based: The secret of this dish is in the sauce.
    n. A variable prayer said after the Offertory and before the Preface in the Mass.
    from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English
    adj. Dependably discreet.
    adj. Operating in a hidden or confidential manner: a secret agent.
    adj. Not expressed; inward: their secret thoughts.
    adj. Not frequented; secluded: wandered about the secret byways of Paris.
    adj. Known or shared only by the initiated: secret rites.
    adj. Beyond ordinary understanding; mysterious.
    adj. Containing information, the unauthorized disclosure of which poses a grave threat to national security.
    adj. Hidden; concealed.
    adj. Withdrawn from general intercourse or notice; in retirement or secrecy; secluded.
    adj. Faithful to a secret; not inclined to divulge or betray confidence; secretive.
    adj. Separate; distinct.
    n. Something studiously concealed; a thing kept from general knowledge; what is not revealed, or not to be revealed.
    n. A thing not discovered; what is unknown or unexplained; a mystery.
    n. The parts which modesty and propriety require to be concealed; the genital organs.
    transitive v. To keep secret.
    from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    Set or kept apart; hidden; concealed.
    Privy; not decent to be exposed to view.
    Occult; mysterious; not seen; not apparent: as, the secret operations of physical causes.
    Affording privacy; retired; secluded; private.
    Close, cautious, or discreet in speech, or as regards the disclosure of one’s own or another’s affairs; faithful in keeping secrets; not given to blabbing or the betrayal of confidence; secretive; reticent.

    • I can keep my sec r et w here= my sec are e t w= my seconds are etw. next line = and 3. imo, seconds = etw and 3.

  123. Michael D,
    Someone else on Dals blig recommended the dictionary reference. Seems like one Forrest would use. WORDnic,com

    Btw, your sincere public apology to germanguy was humble and admirable. Good night to you, enjoy tomorrow.

  124. So if Forrest tried to think of everything…AND it is well known he has significant knowledge of bronze, I give you one of my favorite tidbits….just to stimulate some conversation….
    Bronze disease is the irreversible and nearly inexorable corrosion process occurring when chlorides come into contact with bronze or other copper bearing alloys. It occurs as a dark green or a lighter fuzzy green coating on copper, bronze, and other copper bearing alloys generally due either to contamination by salt water or after burial in dirt (as chloride salts are generally present in soil to some degree). If not treated, complete destruction of the affected artifact is possible. Transfer of chlorides from the contaminated artifact to other artifacts can spread the condition.

    So…IF the chest is buried…I argue it has an outer container to protect it from contact with the dirt…Or, it’s not buried.

      • onuat,

        Excellent observation.

        Fenn is very knowledgeable in bronze work. As was evident in his choosing of a chest to use for the gold. He chose a ‘Romanesque’ chest which was a combination of tin and copper. In addition, the best protective coating would have been a lacquer finish with a couple of ‘cold’ wax applications. That would have added to the preservation of the finish. Given the size and weight of the chest, it would survive a very long time due to it’s thickness.

        This should tell us something. Knowing what he knows of bronze, he would have very possibly have taken this into consideration in hiding the chest.

        My thoughts on this tell me, he would have hidden it in an area that sees very little rainy weather. Little to no humidity. Very arid most of the year. Most important, would be away from any industrial areas where pollution levels would be at high levels.

    • @ Michael D – agree with you. Even if tc is not technically buried, but cached near dirt or exposed to “elements” (not necessarily weather) I too believe it is encased for protection… possibly in a high grade fireproof, waterproof case of man made materials. 🙂 Maybe it’s agent 99’s atache’ case! lol

  125. I have been “admonished” 🙂 for using the word “clues” as only Forrest or the person with the chest in her/his hands can give them.
    To a certain extent this is true, I debated it myself when writing my previous post and balancing between “clues” or “hints”, but later reading the replies, it seems that neither was advisable, and that made me chuckle.

    Now consider this: people always use expressions like “solve” or “solution”; go ahead and CTRL+F it, you’ll be surprised how many times it’s been said right here on this page.

    So I rhetorically ask this: can a person have “a solve” being clueless? Even if it’s the wrong solve, by using the expression that person implies working with clues; her or his of course, but clues nonetheless.

    Therefore I’ll stick to my clues 🙂 and I feel it’s time for another one.

  126. What follows is my opinion of course, and the clues are solely mine 😀

    Forrest said that the unintended clue in TFTW is to be found on the map, and it’s in fact the exclusion of Canada, but what I find more noteworthy about the map is the inclusion of the poem.
    I haven’t heard anybody commenting on this particular, but maybe people are just keeping the cards close to their vests.
    At any rate, Forrest seems to be very exact in his replies with what belongs where, and if I was a betting person I would put my money on him wanting the poem to be placed on the map. Why, I’ll explain later.

    Here are three statements from Forrest and one fact; the statements are not ad litteram, but we all know them.
    1\ There are clues in the book (TTOTC), because the poem is in the book
    2\ There are clues in the book (TFTW) because the map is in the book
    3\ I declined to put an X on the map, but I will admit that it is there in spirit
    FACT: The poem is on the map.

    Could there be a unifying concept to tie them neatly in a logical sheaf? I believe so.

    Here are some possible questions and answers;
    Q: Are there clues in TFTW
    A: Yes because there are clues in the poem, the poem is on the map, and the map is in the book

    Q: Is there an X on the map
    A: Yes, it’s there in spirit, because there is an X in the poem and the poem is on the map.

    So this is my clue: There is an X in the poem and Forrest being Forrest, decided to put the poem on the map so he can say “Yes there is an X on the map, and it’s there in spirit.”
    Yes, the X is spirited within the poem and Forrest is a very clever and tricky person 🙂

    As for the X, it’s hidden pretty much in plain sight:
    You begin to draw the first line where warm… well, you can take it from here and you know where – it’s somewhere down 😉

    And to support this theory here is one more quote (ad litteram this time):
    “I had written seven books before this one, and it seemed that none of the lines crossed where they were supposed to, metaphorically speaking”

    There you have it, LINES THAT CROSS metaphorically or in other words: a spirited X – The Blaze.
    And this is one clue that I alluded to in “plotted on its mapping” verse.

    In the next installment I’ll muse about Forrest’s clues; I think I know what they are – a bird gave them to me 🙂

    • Hi {}-

      I think that many of your musings are on-target. In particular, I think that the lines do cross on the map and correspond to an X that is hidden in plain site. The curved lines of magnetic deviation are simply distractors. The presence of the poem is indeed key as is the presence of the title. I think you are warm about where to draw the lines, but not quite right. I think the lines are to be drawn from the precise midpoints of both items. Like this:

      • Eliza,…..The X being placed in the middle of the page would be very close to Lander, WY… Forrest mentioned this place in the Toby’s video at the Moby Dickens bookstore in Taos. How do you get the X mark near Glennwood Springs? Going SW down the canyon(Sinks)
        you will find Frye Lake (waterhigh?).

    • Phantom

      I believe we are both on the same track / path . I may be just a little ahead of u 🙂

    • I grasp the concept yet find myself questioning the following logic….
      It seems to me that it would be a fallacy to believe that BOTH of these are true
      A) the poem provides a location of “x” the map
      B) forrest was unaware of the contents of the map itself. (If Canada was included the map would take up a different space/relation to the poem)

      Im not alluding to anything specifically here or there- just offering up my thoughts on the matter.

      Without going inTo the how’s,where’s , or whys of the “x” or whatever… may I ask- How do you guys resolve this conflict of orienting something on an unknown map? Or do you simply claim he really did know canada was not there and thus knew exactly where everything would be placed on the page? What am I missing here?

    • Here are my questions Mr. {}: (1) are you the Phantom? (2) Did you write the Raven poem? (3) Are all of the {} posts yours? (4) Are you someone other than Mr. Fenn? I have my own reasons but I don’t see how a “yes” answer to all of these questions can be consistent with this latest post.

      • {}, answers to Spoon’s questions would be appreciated by all following this blog, imo.

        • Hi Lia – No, I don’t suppose {} will answer those questions. He’s a little too caught up in himself being “mysterious”. My take is that Fenn wrote the Raven poem – note the discrepancies in the intro, where after he provides his little “f” signature – they are classic Fenn clues: (1) The poem is called, simply, “The Raven”. (2) The line in the real poem is “QUOTH the Raven”, not “Quote the Raven”. Fenn generally makes mistakes like that only when he is giving clues; he is otherwise too fastidious. (3) The word anon has several meanings (other than an abbreviation for anonymous – it is unlikely that Fenn would abbreviate the word and THEN not use a period to indicate abbreviation), including soon and again. Most likely Fenn is saying that he wanted to live (remain) again (anon), or something like that. (4) A Raven is the divine culture hero and trickster of the North Pacific Coast Indians. It all sounds like Fenn.

          However, it does appear that {} is not Fenn, which is what I had previously thought. And all of his postings are using the same icon – they must be cued off of email address – so it does appear to be a single person. He says some things in prior posts that concord with parts of my solution and so I have been following him closely. This latest bit, however, does not work for me. I see an X on the map around Farson, WY. If that is his spot than I am relieved, because it’s nowhere near where I’m at. Don’t know if that’s it, but either way I think the TFTW clue is something different.

          • Spoon, so kind of you to help me understand {}’s cryptic Raven poem, and his other posts. I must admit to bewilderment when I read it, and actually thought quote meant to read Poe’s poem as well applying its interpretation to phantom’s version. I may have mined one clue towards the poem but didn’t understand what I was to see or bring clarity for solve. It would be such a sweet thing to talk face to face with sone of these bloggers to hear voices and understand what is meant.

            On a different note, If you’re looking for a delightful read in relation to totc, I’m thoroughly enjoying Eric Sloane’s “Seasons of America” Wonderfully written! I’ve ordered 2 more books because his stories are so pleasingly told with vivid descriptions of my own childhood, bucolic memories. “Freedom becomes stale and expression becomes poor without constant appraisal.” Eric Sloane
            When I arrive in heaven, I hope to sit next to Mr. Sloane at the banquet. I hope to meet Mr. Fenn before that time.

          • Just so you understand, Lia, I’m saying that {} is NOT the author of the poem and not the original Phantom – Fenn is. I could be wrong, but that would not explain Fenn’s apparent clues in the intro. I mean, is it really likely that Fenn would screw up “Quoth the Raven”? It seems to me akin to one of the intentional misquotes in the book, such as “God subtracts from the allotted time of man…” or the “Courage wears a crimson coat” poem by Nancy Byrd Turner or any of the myriad of quotes every so slightly reconfigured in the book. It all looks like more of his particular genius to me. Anyone want to opine on this?

          • Spoon, I believe fenn is trying to engage his audience to look past convention and laziness in believing everything you’re told. Use your mind, read, discover truth…

            (In Turner’s poem patience makes courage’s clothing. One much smarter than me said,”It means having the patience to wait and follow rather than brashly or selfishly walk in one’s own way. (war vs peace) This connection between courage and patience is beautifully expressed in the correct version of Nancy Byrd Turner’s poem:
            Courage has a crimson coat Trimmed with trappings bold, Knowledge dons a dress of note, Fame’s is cloth of gold. Far they ride and far they roam, Much they do and dare. Gray-gowned Patience sits at home, And weaves the stuff they wear.)

          • Spoon, I understood you correctly and also hold the opinion {} and ff are one and the same. Furthermore, ff may hold a near perfect memory and any ‘mistakes’ are intentional. I’m not sure they are all hints to unlocking the poem and I don’t often understand ff’s cleverly concealed meanings… but I’m determined and self-reliant genug to slide in at the finish line next to germanguy yelling, “what a ride!”

          • Lia – you think {} and Fenn are one and the same? I hope so, but that was not what I was saying. I do think Fenn wrote the Raven poem, though, but I wouldn’t bet my life on it. But I have to tell you, my head hurts from trying to figure this all out. Both {} and the Phantom are using words that more or less confirm my solution. Then {} says things that just seem wrong to me. Either way, I just can’t find the chest!

          • Thanks 42. If you mean that things are not as they seem and we need to think hard about it, then I agree.

      • Let me address all your “grievances” 🙂 in proper order.

        (1) YES
        If I didn’t say this before then I’ll repeat it.
        I sent Forrest the Poem as a late birthday present without signing it (why should I) and it was he who added “The Phantom” signature, probably to mess with people’s minds; to me he is the Phantom/Shadow.

        Anyway, I think I’ll ask Forrest to let me be his Phantom, and I’ll let him be my Shadow 🙂
        I know he will be OK with it, because he’s a great guy who even slows down at stop signs (good one Forrest)

        (2) NO
        If you believe that I didn’t write the Raven poem… well, you’re right; it was written by Edgar Allan Poe; as he is dead now, I can keep his secret.

        Though I did write “Only the Phantom”, it was done in one trip and took me two afternoons 🙂 and you know what’s really funny: it’s absolutely true.

        We’ve seen a movie Saturday night that triggered that stream of nonsense verbosity, and come Sunday morning we went for a little trip to the mountains (North of Santa Fe, just to be clear). As I would drive, I’d think of verses and what to include, bursting with laugh sometimes, seemingly without reason to my wife. She would just give me a look, because I didn’t tell her what I was up to; real men don’t write poetry, do they? Whenever we stopped I’d take a pencil and jot down whatever lines I mulled over in my head, before forgetting them.
        We returned Monday evening and without wasting too many electrons, I sent it to him Tuesday morning I think – Forrest… a little help please with the timeline.

        (3) YES
        I think so, but cannot be sure. I don’t subscribe to threads, and don’t follow the blog closely, but why anybody else would post using my “nom de plume”, and can it be done? Maybe I’ll sign “Spoon” on this post to see if it’s possible.

        (4) YES
        Of course we are different, but I wouldn’t mind if he adopts me 🙂
        Joking along, I think we’re somewhat likeminded individuals with a major difference; mine stays at about twelve.

        In the end, it turns out that you were absolutely right: I didn’t answer YES to all the questions.

        Ah, one more thing: I’m not any more mysterious than you, unless your real name is Spoon. For example, I don’t even know your gender, but looking at your avatar I’m inclined to say “a mysterious female”, because after all, there is no spoon, and I’m not the one. Or am I?
        See here? I just hinted that I’m not Forrest, unless you believe he knows his Matrix 😉

        • {},
          Do you have trouble sleeping?
          I do.
          So I ck here to c what’s going on. I admire your talent in matching Poe’s work.
          Thank you for interesting reading.

          • No, I sleep fine – right now I’m sleeptyping 🙂

            Thank you for the comment, but it wasn’t really much talent… just thinking of verses to quote and then stringing words together, while weaving my clues.

        • Well {}, I sit in utter amazement. I’ve read your poem and your posts – you appear to have a minimum of 7 clues worked out that correspond to my location. And I’ve yet to see anyone else even hint at them on this or any other blog. Additionally, I understand the vodka, raspberry and lime reference and its use in the final stanza of your poem. Let’s just say it is a really hard clue and very deceptive. Now how could anyone have figured that out without knowing the hiding place? That all explains why I thought you were Forrest.

          And now you say you are not a searcher. At least one of those clues would be difficult (but not impossible) to make out without being there – even from satellite. When I read and digested your poem I figured you had beaten me to my location and closed the deal. I even thought you were illinoisghost for awhile. Then, since there’s been no announcement and Forrest has continued to give out clues, I figured you must be one and the same.

          In conclusion: (1) I think it would be easy for someone to adopt your nom de plume – but in order to retain the same icon you would need to enter the corresponding email address – I think that’s how it works, (2) yes, my name is Spoon, and I’m male, and (3) if you are not searching for the treasure, you should be. You clearly have the talent to unravel Fenn’s cleverness.

          • {} and Spoon,
            Not sure if you are one and the same and the same as Fenn. But since I enjoy a challenge, I’ll wager a guess at your most difficult hint. Vodka, raspberry & lime may be two-fold:

            1. Like S&G’s Scarborough Fair, Fenn’s poem hides a Clarion Call and also a memorial to a dearlittle girl.
            lime=thyme (time)


            2. Vodka ‘twist’ – you may have to twist off a top to reveal the tc, where the contents are below the bump line.

            If I’m correct, is there a prize? a great hint at unlocking the location.

          • Spoon and {}… lia and 42…
            I feel like I’m seeing double around here…. Or maybe it’s just this Purple Hooter?

          • Can only speak for myself, 42, but I’m neither {} nor Fenn. Just another trying to figure out Fenn’s (and now {}’s) clues.

            No, that’s not what I had in mind for that concoction. Besides, you left out the parsley.

            As to the twist, you may be right about that, but I would not know.

    • Phantom hints an X ablaze,
      But Shadow knows the poems a maze.
      Hither to and fore to fore
      A straggler searches evermore.

      Not once, next twice, perhaps its thrice
      For in the wood is not so nice.
      Speaking truth or paradox?
      Phantom trapped in Shadow’s box.

      • @ Spoon & Windsurfer:
        UNCLE, UNCLE!! my brain can’t take anymore. Extremely clever poem Windsurfer, but now I’m not only trying to solve the poem, but also determine who Phantom, his Shadow, and now a Straggler are? Seriously, please pass the community bottle of Extra Strength Tylenol from Forrest’s medicine cabinet or provide me your cliff notes, before I jump.

        SOMEONE PLEASE send me the cliff notes on Phantom {}’s version “The Raven”

        The only thing I can help you with is the location of the chest.. 18 inches down in elevation from your head. It houses your heart. When totc makes no sense, tune into your heart’s treasures…family, friends, memories, the color of daffodils, the smell of sunshine, your best childhood memory.

        I’m going quickly down to my happy place now 🙂

      • @ Windsurfer, I’ve been following a while now and adopted your chase philosophy of always searching a beautiful area so that I’m rewarded with scenery rather than disapointed in not finding forrest’s tc. So, why now are you stating, “for in the wood is not so nice.” Kindly explain your meaning.

    • Hi {} you probably are not the person fantom that is. My take Fenn is summarizing what he thinks the fantom knows. My guess is Fenn has no idea if fantom has treasure or not. I think fantom is among us and playing as big of a shell and pea game as Forrest.

      • Gold I’m with you on this although I would add this. Here are my candidates.

        1. Phantom is Cowboy
        2. Don’tknownothing2 is phantom

        But not sure about knownothing he or she might be a copycat of original knownothing.

    • Hi brackets you probably are not the person fantom that is. My take Fenn is summarizing what he thinks the fantom knows. My guess is Fenn has no idea if fantom has treasure or not. I think fantom is among us and playing as big of a shell and pea game as Forrest.

  127. Phantom

    Well depending on what state u search !!!!! 🙂 I whisper all the time 🙂

    • Amy, was that you I heard whispering? I couldn’t tell if it was wind through the pines, or you, or the phantom! But it certainly was beautful fall weather and a blaze of glorious aspens – they looked just like golden dollars.

    • Amy,
      I don’t search, but mentally I’m already in there.
      Wait a minute, does it sound like bedlam? 😀

    • inthechaseto – thanks for the topo information! After another failed search attempt, I’m enjoying supplemental materials. Okay, confession time, I’m shelving clue solving for a while to enjoy reading two excellent books. I reccommend them to anyone trying to understand a bit of who Forrest Fenn is through entering his world: Western and NA history.

      1. The Shadow Catcher by Marianne Wiggins
      (best book of the year by WA post, LA Times, etc)

      2. The Heart of Everything That Is – The untold story of Red Cloud. (NY Times best seller)

      [I’m hoping the books will be the catalyst to write a more inspired solution to the poem.]

      • 42 – Your welcome – Those books sound interesting.

        Luckily the thrift store here had a bag sale on books for five dollars so – I am currently reading – Sam Walton – The Inside Story of Americas Richest Man and Jimmy Buffet – Pirate Looks at 50. Awh heck – we gotta have some fun.

        • Inthechaseto – sounds like a fun read. in late 70’s I attended a Jimmy Buffet concert where thousands of McD’s cheeseburgers were hurled into the audience. Of course it was difficult to see flying cheese burgers through the haze of smoke.

  128. I have found a slight error on the map other than Canada being left off. Some may not even consider it an error. Whether it’s relevant to the chase or not I am not sure. I only noticed it because it is in an area I am researching. I think if interpreting the poem, hints, and clues lead you to the area you will see the error but it will not hinder your search in any way. I think the map is best used for determining if your search area is in the Rocky Mountains. But still it is a map and I would expect it to be correct.

    • RMannanaa: it’s an interesting typomit mistake with all the colors and shading, etc. Forrest must not have insisted on proofing one last time before printing. lol. But my last name is fail, so what do I know.

    • I knew of one error almost right away. The San Juan River does not go through Aztec, the Animas does. That’s where I live so of course I saw that. You know of another error?

      They corrected that one on the wall map I’ve been told after I brought it up to Mr. Fenn. Maybe they corrected the books too in a later printing, I don’t know.

      • actually, if memory serves, when Mr. Fenn brought it up to Benchmark, they informed him that they had already discovered the error and fixed it for the wall map.

        • Cloudcover –

          I thought after all the maps were sold – Benchmark was going to come out with a statement. Did I miss it?

          Now – when I go to Benchmarks web site – the stamp on the map is gold – not red. ???

          PS – I adore Aztec – we have stayed there quite often. They have a great VFW there.

          • You know I don’t know if Benchmark ever made a statement about that error or not. If they did I never saw it either. I had emailed Mr. Fenn about it and he responded to me and that’s how I knew that Benchmark was aware of the error. I think both dal’s blog and chasechat posted a comment about it. I can’t remember for sure about this blog but on chasechat I know where to find it.

            I’m glad you like Aztec. Some people don’t. I graduated high school there and so did my mom. I’ll probably never leave NM.

    • It is a river mistake. But not the San Juan one. So with all the mistakes how could the map be used for anything except as a general reference to ensure our search area is in the Rocky Mountains. But I suppose if searchers are using it to place an X they would hopefully cross-reference with a better map.

      • RMannaa –

        IMO – Forrest Fenn does not make mistakes. In my opinion he would have carefully looked at a final draft. Benchmark I don’t know about – but they have been in the map business a very long time – and it seems highly unlikely they would make a mistake. A mystery ————-

        • inthechaseto ,

          I agree with you. I don’t think Forrest Fenn makes mistakes. That’s why I paused to take a better look and ask myself why?

  129. The person that finds or has found the treasure may never come forward. Fear of consequence could keep this hidden forever. Anonymity doesn’t exist in this world.

    • Michael, Just thinking maybe “she” decided to wait to retrieve it out of deference to Forrest enjoying another winter of TTOTC or seasonal difficulties with retrieval.

  130. If someone finds/found the chest and is keeping it a secret, they will be unable to sell some of the things that are inside without destroying their inherent value.. gold can be melted down (although it is worth much more as coin/nugget) But jade masks, etc ?? it will eventually be known

    • Another thing to think about is the location of “secret where” if it’s an off limits area that person would never want to disclose the actual spot.

  131. Fenn might be having a thrill just waiting to check on his chest to see if it is still in waiting… I wonder when he last checked On IT. IMO it’s still there since
    I don’t have it. 🙂 not yet anyway… Fried chicken hmmm.. Got to eat.

  132. Yes, but Forrest has mentioned he believes most would want to claim credit for the find…it leads me to believe that he has thought of the “ABANDONED PROPERTY” issues, and has somehow covered those bases…he has only stated that keeping it a secret from the IRS may be a concern…I think wherever it is…the loophole has been found and utilized by Fenn.

  133. Since its a dead night, and I am feeling generous, and I KNOW this has already been heard before, and since I cannot get there any time soon, I am about to give away something REALLY deep…There are those on this blog that I KNOW are on the same page as me and they may get upset…but I am considering divulging my WWWH and my HOB…the problem is…that AUTOMATICALLY gives you the next three clues…..which I refuse to divulge…so how to go about it….thinking….

    • Micheal,….I would think twice before giving out your WWWH and HOB…..This hunt may go on for a long time and you may regret it later. Anyway, I’m sure you have some dated proof of your solve, and if and when it is found you’ll at lease have that to offer.

      Settle down……..All of this with GG has got you reeling and you need to step back and chill-out. Think about it. Good luck.

  134. A few here thinking tarry scant can be seen from the blaze. Many references in the book to night and midnight.

    As I passed Joe’s new car, shiny and boldly black, I thought I saw an oil leak, so I stooped to see if there was a problem. Nope, it was just a (tear). ○

    After all the bullets and rockets and bombs had finished flying through the trees and across the skies, there was nothing left for us but the memory of 58,266 Americans whose names have been etched, chronologically by time of death, on that shiny black war memorial, which is constantly being washed clean by the (tears) of a million visitors.

    How many have a complete solve?

    • Ed, after searching well over twenty times I am sad to say I have only had five complete solves….one of which was based on another searchers fantastic outlook on the interpretation of the last stanza. I have learned a VERY valuable lesson though, I don’t travel anymore until I have knowledge of where I am going beforehand. If I cannot match place to poem, I skip it until I can…but as goofy has said, it becomes a trap easily because you catch yourself “bending poem to fit place”. And Goofy also said that we find a fit for the first few clues and convince ourselves we HAVE to be right…I’m in that pickle as we speak.

    • Ed, I have 4 complete solves and a seperate solve set aside. Four work on paper and on the ground but no TC in hand. Seperate solve is untested as of yet. Guess I’m not narrowly focussed enough. Anyone else think you need to solve multiple locations?

    • Ed-
      Been thinking of your post all day. If I had a complete solve then I would know exactly where the chest is pigeon-holed. Not yet.
      I can see the tears making the stone a little darker.
      And it was a shiny black RENTAL car. 🙂

  135. I have decided to change my mind…but I will tell you where I believe the chest is….Somewhere in the New Mexico Rocky Mountains more than 8.25 miles North of the city limits sign of Santa Fe, NM…IMO. AND one more thing…IMO Brown is a person.

    • That’s great…MD. Just don’t tell me Molly Brown, other wise follow next instructions. Raise foot to mouth and insert. LOL

      I’ll even volunteer, part of my hoB .. person, place, and thing. But that is still not the answer to the clue, just yet.

        • Ed – are you sure your not in my spot ? I have indeed thought of other places – even other states just to see if I could get them to work – but no – they didn’t fit at some point along the way.

          • Lately I’ve been tying up all the small connections–loose ends so to speak. Possibility we’ve crossed paths.

          • The path to the treasure will not be direct for those with now knowledge of the location beforehand, but sure for the one that does….or something like that….With that in mind…you guys must be struggling with the same three clues as me…So we must all be in the same “neck of the woods”

          • No Michael –

            I’m not struggling at all – but I must say – it has been a roller coaster ride watching you. You sure keep things lively around here. Good Luck to you.

        • Ed, inthechaseto, Amy and others with a one and only complete solve – for me, I was blinded and stifled by quietly thinking I had all the clues and the location I had searched a few times was the correct one.

          I stopped digging as deeply as I could have in my research and thoughts, stopped cramming my brain with all that I found and then letting my brain think on it by itself (while busy with the rest of my life.) I now realize that was a mistake.

          Don’t let thinking you have figured it all out stop you from keeping your mind searching and questioning your location. I realized I also missed learning about poetry, art, history and people on a daily basis.

          I was able to make a course correction and I am amazed how perhaps it was right in front of me all the time.

          Good luck to you all.

          • Ellen, I agree with you. So important to continue questioning. More importantly for me, I also enjoy the people. poetry, art and history. For that reason, I would tarry awhile allowing others to continue enjoying ttotc and Mr. Fenn’s scrapbooks.

          • To continue to question is good – Even when I thought I had all the clues – there were more. The wonders of the world are many and my journey on the chase has taken me many places I would have never gone. I am a better person for it.
            I cannot thank Forrest enough for the fun of it all.

          • Inthechaseto, Amazing that you’ve discovered all or many of the clues. I may have enough of the 9 figured out for a solve, but there are 100’s more hints within book/poem combined. I’m amazed at the levels and intricacy of the poem. Decoding what Forrest hid in the words at the edges perplexes me. We are each so differently hardwired, and telling others you have intuitive ability is laughable. So I go the extra mile researching history, geography and poetry to prove myself to skeptical guys. lol Funny thing is I can walk an area and instincts kick in. Women understand how that works. I really enjoy working with a close friend who is like-minded. We have a blast together thinking and laughing. In the end, Forrest wanted it to be fun, and it is. Thank you Forrest.

          • Yes there is a lot to learn. I agree don’t ever stop learning. I think this is about history and getting out in nature both of which I love. Oh and word meanings too, I’ve learned a lot in that dept. The more I read the more it confirms the area Fenn put his treasure in. I’m off to do some camping today. Here in Oregon were having great weather.

      • In the chase

        Same solve
        Same location
        Going to take a different turn on my next trip
        2015 🙂 The End 🙂

        Real quick I’m a little slow to everything
        How do people post videos on here from a I phone ?

    • I have figured most of the solve as well and I have heard the cold. The last 2 lines have me perplexed. I can hear it now. How do I get it out is the problem I am having. Lets just say it is with in two feet of me.

  136. After reading several of the recent posts, I think I would caution (IMO) against over-complicating the search. 27 June 2014: “No specialized knowledge is required…. My Thrill of the Chase book is enough to lead an average person to the treasure. f”
    Safe searching, everyone!

  137. The only “X” that I see anywhere on the poem or the map is the x in New MeXico…funny enough, that x is right over the area I started with…Huerfano mountain/mesa…Navaho legend holds that it is the site of first hogan…home of Brown? Also, about misspellings, your effort will be worth the cold…could be worth the code? Code talkers? Navajo sacred mountains, both directional and inner could have a place in all this, also Navajo myths and legend. Thoughts?

          • Here’s one- “The W’s” is what they formally call the road(s) leading down into Manitou Springs from pikes peak. Manitou also means both beginning and end, life and death….there’s a lot to be found in that little town 😉

          • Wyoming designated the plains cottonwood as official state tree in 1947. The plains cottonwood is a large, fast-growing, short-lived tree of the Great Plains and eastern border of the Rocky Mountains. Members of the willow family, cottonwoods are named for the cottonlike mass of hairs surrounding their seeds. They are related to poplars and aspens.

          • Could Y be the reason he has to leave. Cross over Y to dry? @ Gold I’ve ruled out none of the 4 my MO search all of them. I mostly focus on Indian lands.

        • Gold Fever, hmmm….looks to me like a game of Duck, Duck, Goose in their snowshoes (bird feet) with a treasure in the middle. Now if those silly childhood games could give the combination to unlocking the path to the Treasure…what a fun game it would be.

  138. Ok you guys and gals w/ all the “ff quotes” stacked away… ff stated that a child (person younger than 10) (IMHO) could go straight to it (paraphrasing here). “IT” is the ????? Anyone have that quote specifically?

    After where I’ve been and believe that the chest rest, I don’t believe that a child can do it by themselves. I’m not saying that a child is out there by themselves, but they obviously couldn’t retrieve the chest by themselves.

    The child can help with the “wise”
    The child can find the “Blaze”
    The child can even find the “chest location”

    But the trick to getting into the location is more difficult than a child can do unless the conditions are right IMHO. Plus, 42 lbs is a good amount of weight to pull, pickup or move from one position to another.

    I was sitting there back in August and wondering, ” there has to be a trick to getting in there at any given time”. Then another thought occurred to me, “I did prepare myself enough for what I found”. Courage, rope, sandwich LOL, flashlight and my walking stick. ” Hey Forrst Fire! You never let me know how you liked my walking stick!”

    So I sat pondering my position.

    • There are may ways to look at “child”. They [ a kid] have a simpler way of seeing the word around them. Child: in some meanings, is reference to coon or raccoon, as well as child/ ole’ coon is a term for Mountain men [ show the poem to a child?]. A child also has the adventurous side to them [in both those examples]… everything is new to them… always exploring and learning.
      We know looking under a bed, we just find dust-bunnies or that sock we missed place a few weeks back. A child looks under it to explores it and imagines it a secret place, not unlike a Mountain Man may see the Mountains them selves. Commonality? I’ll leave that to your imagination.

      The comments such as, a child could walk right up to the chest, or a 3 yr. old girl could, with a little help etc. IMO, look at the poem through the eyes of a child…. the question I ask is, What is a “child”? … to Fenn.
      This though bring me to How to read the poem. Example ” Tarry scant”, we know the meanings of the words. But what are the meanings of the words that describe Tarry and scant? Tarry is a tarred rope or a pitch like substance. Does this really help anyone with the solve… How about asking what the word “pitch” means, That opens up a whole new word. If you like, the word Cold… as over 70 references to the meaning of cold [ have you ever look up the word several – Someone once asked].

      Maybe all that is being said is… use more common sense and not so much book smarts. IMO

      • certainly tarry scant could stand for many things, but what about don’t dalley/ or hesitate

        think that phase must be the toughest of all

        • Callofthe9clues,

          Tarry and scant seem to me as well. Could the words refer to something other than the definitions. we are not Just trying to know a word… we are trying to solve a riddle. So meanings may not always be a definition.

          Example: Tarry can represent something other than Tar, Pitch, linger. A tar rope was a use of measurement. Pitch is also an angle as well as other things. Tarry- could represent, Math.

          Scant; may not be just a small amount [ a measurement as well ] or a slab.
          if could be, even simpler to see it as a pin point or just point – still a measurement of sorts

          So trying to find what it means to the poem is difficult without twisting it a bit.

          Possible conclusion : Tarry Point or [ 9 point circle]

          Not unlike the word nigh. Near , close, left side.
          can those definitions be use in a solve, Yes. are they the only information that can be used, No.
          another thought could be West @ 270 degrees.

          My method is not a single meaning or definition that works for a line, it’s all the Multiple Meanings that flow through the poem layered over each other.

          Difficult but not impossible.

          Read the poem, then read again, think, analyze, read again.

          It’s not who you are, it’s who they think you are.
          it’s not what the meaning IS, it’s what they ThinK the meaning is

          Food for thought.

          • Seeker, wow thanks for the fish food. This ol native trout will enjoy digesting those morsels
            After 2 games today! Red River Shoot out – 11:00 Hook em horns!
            8:00 tonight Gig em Aggs!

    • James, some solid questions and ideas. A walking stick makes a nice fulcrum point to hoist the tc just enough to slide a rope under the chest, and is can be found anywhere in the wilderness, elk horns would also work. Those light weight expensive walking poles will buckle under the weight. I Forrest would like that we’re being resourceful in the wilderness.

  139. (A kid would have an advantage) I think he said… Could that be because they fit in small places and go places adults are too big to go? Fenn is in his 3rd childhood at least.. …

    • p o 9,

      IMO, I believe he was referring to the fact a child’s mind is not befuddled with life long garbage, so they will see things in a clearer view. He does tell everyone to not over complicate it. The KISS theory.

      • Germanguy,
        Q. do you know how children respond when you mention KISS theory??
        A-1. Mmmwah,
        A-2. ewwe… ick!

  140. 9 –

    Sitting here thinking about how a kid could have an advantage – I thought about the stories in my collection of old treasure books, which were handed down to me from my father. There is a story about two guys who were looking for a hidden treasure and sat on a rock to rest – not knowing the treasure was buried right under that very rock – as later they saw two other men dig it up. That made me wander back to his story of the blanco. A bench – His father was sitting on the blanco – why did he write that story. It was about money sure – but is there more?
    I think we have established that it is not buried but IMO probably well hidden.

    • Good point 9 about kids having an advantage. They are unrestricted in thier thoughts. Would they see BLAZE as be-la-ze (be lazy) and find that place to sit?

      • Good point Peter. I have tried numerous times in my comments to get across the idea of the way children think ‘unrestricted’. They are ‘unpolluted’ in their thinking, in that they haven’t had to live the lives of adults yet. With all it’s pressures, media exposure, etc.

        Your breakdown of ‘blaze’ is interesting as well, as in b-la-ze. In reading that line and the following line, it would seem logical that the chest could be located just below a large rock or boulder, where one would sit and look down to see the chest. Nice.

  141. Lia

    You had asked awhile back for a reference on why I thought Fenns treasure was in a peaceful or beautiful place. Reading through My War for Me he uses both of those words to describe the clearing with the waterfalls. I always drew a parallel between the two areas.

  142. Ed, Thank you for remembering. I appreciate your response and agree with you, In the past I centered two completed solves and searches around waterfalls with peaceful, beautiful meadows near by, believing Forrest’s memories reside there. I have since narrowed my focus to understanding who would be meaningful to Forrest and where they may have shared memories together. It opens up different possibilites.

    • 42 don’t misunderstand he really is writing about south Vietnam so this isn’t exact but a person can draw a parallel. I think the jungle part fits the best and historical references are woven in too. The story of sixteen-year old Forrest and Donnie also has some historical connections. Also 3 is connected to all that kinda like the wagons of old. Picture on the back of Too far to walk.

  143. A Fifth Stanza approach … maybe …

    So ________ {is it} that I must go,
    And leave my trove for all to seek?
    The __________ I already know,
    I’ve done it _________ , and now I’m _________.

    1) By the 2nd sentence, the ANSWER he already knows, so is the ANSWER in the prior sentence?

    2) In TTOTC: we are told “little things mean a lot” , and that switching & paddling is a fix.

    3) Switching the little words ‘it’ and ‘is’ changes the first sentence (the question), into a statement (the answer).

    4) analyze: WHY , ANSWER, TIRED, WEAK

    WHY …. WY, Y (shape), etc …
    ANSWER(s) …. near S.S.W.( anagram), 42 (‘The Answer’ in famous in SyFi book) ….
    Done it…. Past tense, it happened before…
    TIRED…. Tired (worn), on wheels, tried it, red, etc …
    WEAK…. on foot, awake, there (a name of place), done, going back, etc …

    5) EX:
    So WY is where I must go,
    And leave my trove for all to seek.
    The near SSW (area) I already know,
    I’ve done it (before) by car and now (I am) _________.

    Note from an old mother: Dyslexia is a relatively new diagnosis. In the past, dyslexic kids often failed at school. Astute teachers and parents knew they weren’t dumb, but constant failure and misunderstanding caused anxiety and misbehavior. Achievement/attention in other areas (like Grand Marble Champion, etc.) builds control and confidence.

    I wouldn’t be too resistant to switched words and letters and ideas.

    • I think he flew the treasure in his aeroplane so done it tired has a different meaning to me. I don’t think driving was what tired him. What he did tired, tired him.

      • My impression was that Fenn made two trips with the TC, then laughed on his return to the CAR. ??
        I think TIRED refers to that part of his journey when he was on tires (not rails, or wings, or boat), and NOW WEAK is a reference to either being on foot, or a clue about the place where he is.
        I cant imagine what you mean when you say “What he did tired, tired him.” Unless you mean he took a bike or motorcycle from the landing strip to the hidey place, and no car was involved.

        • I’ve done it tired and now I’m weak could easily be the simple explanation of WHY he stashed the chest in the first place…He’s Lived a full life, adventured until he’s tired, and now he’s older (weak) and sees the writing on the wall….time to act on his idea to “take it with him…” IMO I’ve done it tired is definitely NOT a clue about transportation, as he has stated boldly he drove his car and made two trips from it to the spot.

        • He IMO used a bicycle or an inertube once he arrived at the spot. I don’t think it was as simple as getting out and walking to the spot from his car.

          • An innertube? You mean he and 22 lbs of gold floated downstream to a hidey spot? How did he get back upstream tor the 2nd load? Unless there was no flow and he was on a lake, so I guess its possible. Thanks for the outside-my-box thought. Four years and no finders leads me to believe neither an X nor KISS is is on the road map.

        • Apparently you are wrong as I was too. Maybe if this is misinformation Forrest should correct it. 2 trips from the car that to me means each trip was to the car and back to the spot. Previously your opinion was the same as mine.

          • Try just putting in to cross, were talking not far. No place for the meek. Get in the water. I mean you could do the whole thing or you could walk it. I wouldn’t pay much attention to anything outside the poem even the stuff in scrapbooks or Jenny kile site. Focusing on what the poem says is key.

    • Old shawdows

      Nope Forrest said, “Don’t mess with the poem” 🙂

      As far as him talking about switching and paddling well it’s ok to discipline your children.
      And all children need discipline look at these children today they need a spanking every now and then there is a difference in a spanking and child abuse Big difference.
      🙂 !!!!!!!

      • Are we having a Dr. Phill moment? I was neither commenting on, nor passing judgment on child rearing. In my experience though, I do see more adults in need of discipline than children.

    • Food for thought –
      Answer – A North South West East Riddle = the answer he already knows. And ff knows the north, south, east west coordinates.

      Just trying to think out of the box here.

      • As long as I am at it. People seem to get caught up with the treasure.
        1) ff loves discovering things from the past. 2) he has a had a bad experience with the goverment coming in and wanting to take his items.
        So. After 15 years there is no way his plan would include (or ignor the fact) that someone would need to destroy or melt down these artifacts. He also would not want the goverment to coming and take the “prize”. So how could he have fix that.
        A) easy way at be a quick claim deed that once signed the title is yours Just in case any questions as to it a DNA sample (depending how long it takes to be found). I am not a lawyer but I am sure some tyoe of papers could be written up.

        …. she will like that ….(some statement like that)
        IF he truely planned in this not being found for 100 years then no one now will be alive. With knowing he had avoided the “who has been closer a man or a women ” discussions or a least didn’t want to go there with questions. I don’t see him throwing that out there and tilting the playing field. I would see him enjoying getting everyone into a frenzy about it.
        Now I for one would not pass up the opertunity to leave a note and or a gift to my great great great grand daughter (how long depends on how many greats). This could be a easy way to know when treasure is found if I was still around plus what a great way to reach into the future. IF requested or a condition of title all who found it would complete that request.
        What we need to do is not worry about these little things and have faith he has taken care of it in his 15 years of planning and worry about finding it first.

        These are just my thoughts. I have never claimed to know anything but it makes since to me. I believe the KISS rule needs to be applied to his statements as well.
        With that these are all my mis-spellings too as I am using my phone today to post this.

  144. “As I have gone alone in there” is the first clue IMO. Since this is a thread about the Nine Clues, I just want to say that for the record.

  145. Hi, Everyone, Just returned from West Yellowstone and went to the Madison. And stopped to see the Lakes, and on to the Pioneer Mountains. Mined for Crystals. Looked at a couple of places, but mostly just enjoyed Amazing Places, and the weather is just perfect!
    Thought a lot about Forrest and his life too.
    Keep having fun.
    Lou Lee

  146. It seems that some people got hung up on the X being on the map.
    I know that Forrest said he “declined to put an X”, and it can be interpreted as having something to do with declination lines, but that’s a red herring.

    I explained where I believe the X is in the poem, but because I only hinted it and let people take it from there, of course some didn’t and start looking at the map instead 🙂
    What I was trying to say is, “remove the poem from the page and there is no more X on the map”
    I think I’m going to stop calling it an X and say “two intersecting lines” 😛

    Therefore, to draw two lines you need four points (Euclid just whispered “three” in my ear, but what does he know? Just plane geometry and we know it’s in the mountain), so here is my theory:

    Begin the first line at point (A) and take it not to point (B) but to point (C). Then, put the pencil on paper at point (D) and from there move it toward point (E) and draw ever nigh to that point (without reaching it).

    You end up drawing two lines: First from (A) to (C) and second from (D) to almost (E).

    So what were the assumptions?
    A – Where warm waters halt
    B – not far
    C – too far to walk.
    D – Below the home of Brown
    E – no place for the meek
    For insurance purposes, let me state the possibility of B=D

    A thought to support my theory: “thread a tract”; draw and tract do have the same meaning of trace.

    Another thought that just came to me while writing the above and thinking about threads. I’ve read on the blogs, comments about Forrest saying that the ruler tool in GE is helpful, and people were discussing measuring this or that. Personally, I think that Forrest inferred a pure “straight edge” construction tool, not a measurement tool.
    That’s all folks- next time, if it’s allowed, I’ll muse about religion and belief. After all, I believe it’s secret and there is always time for that 😉

      • Just a brief answer for now.
        I would categorize his clues in three types:

        The WHY hidden?
        The WHERE hidden?, and
        The HOW hidden? clues.

        These are second types 😉

        I believe that people should start thinking first in terms of “Why he did it”, and if my theory is correct, somewhat related to that statement is this one: “read the poem over and over again”.

        Did Forrest meant something by that? 😉
        I think he did.

        • Whoa… After reading this, I can’t help but wonder if maybe…just maybe….you “jumped the gun” on “calling your hand” so quickly. Seems the cards you have are good…but is it possible you realized you’re missing a few after you’d already laid out your hand? And maybe…just maybe….did you realize that there’s a big difference between Omaha Hi-Lo, Texas Holdem, and Caribbean Stud? Could it be mr {} that you, yourself, need help in figuring out which table to sit at? Quite a big thing to have missing…

        • Yes, I agree –

          Are you a mind reader?

          I was just thinking about the “The answer (s) I already know,”

          So what is the question ——— 🙂 I think I know.

    • OK Mr. {}, U cm 2 B snEKy, Lik Mr. f, but mAB ur chest wonting 2B stealthE iN spirit…O fantum, but Nsted ur AL1 and mossLE g1, and 22LE Owl Tov tssh with RE..LT.

  147. Something jolted me out of bed..well not exactly but it may have changed my orientation. What would that be you ask? Well all I can tell you at this point is it hurt…maybe I’m not fully awake somebody shake me ¥…

  148. Slide the S to the left in tarry scant = tarrys cant …. cant = slope or cantilever. Perhaps a geologic marvel to gaze at, or from.

    But I guess that would be crontrary to ff’s box, “don’t mess with my poem.”

    • old shadow,

      I have tried that line of thinking, with some noticeable results as well. the problem now becomes, what is “tarrys”? so I agree a good thought but, changes the poem, not a good idea.

        • I’ll throw this thought out that has been on my mind since the start…

          Why a poem?

          Fenn could have just easily wrote a ‘ story’ or hidden the clues in ‘the book’ TTOTC.

          • Perhaps poetry is considered artistic, which tends to allow the writer a more vague set of boundaries. Stories all seem to have an expected ending…

          • Which would circulate quicker, a book you have to buy, or a free poem from the internet. That’s called ‘Marketing Genius’.

          • Amy,
            I agree there is a story or even a journey.
            I’ll add I see three, cleverly hidden in a poem.


            Poetry allows flexibility. Yes. but I was wondering if there was another reason for a “poem” than clues just simply hidden in a Novel, short story, etc.

            The 1st things that come to my mind is control… meaning to create a structure [ literally ] that a book and / or story can’t possibly do.

            A poem give freedom to use different words, a book could do the same.

            But not keep a format / structure intact.

            Just my reasoning for, a poem vs. a story/book.

      • So you’re eliminating ALL possible anagrams and word switches, as that would alter the poem?
        What is your rational for obeying the rules of a person you admire for breaking rules?
        Funny, I can think of several interpretations of tarrys.
        Imagination is more important than knowledge…. or something like that, so instead of instructing me curb my wandering, I’d invite you to get out of your box and see a little more, but I guess we all have our reasons to stay in our comfort places.

        • I think you hit the nail on the head with “breaking rules”. What I mean is changing a word [ butterfly-flutterby ] is not the same as taking two words and creating a whole new set of meanings different from the original attempt. the difference between twisting a rule and breaking one.

          1 rule was don’t mess with the poem. By moving letters from one word to another, changes both or more words in essence changing the entire meaning or theme of the poem.

          But, I am a true believer, that rule are made to be broken, then someone comes along and adds new rules, and makes me have to start all over again. How rude!

        • Old Shadows-
          I for one do not think we need to solve anagrams or mess with the poem to find the chest BUT I do think there are anagrams purposely placed in the poem by Mr. Fenn- (I have given many examples in the past). Hey and if I’m wrong they do not need to be attributed to him. For example I’ve noticed you have posted the word wander several times in the last few days… I see Andrew- coincidence or the subconscious playing games. I noticed several times the word dream was used after “admire” was written-that’s why I posted
          ” I dream”… I am not playing games-these are things that stick out to me.

          You mentioned thinking out of the box…makes me wonder why no one has commented on 4277.
          Coincidence or has fate dealt Mr. Fenn two pair
          (4’s and 2’s) and a joker.

          I wonder what hand s he was dealt.

          Don’t fold…only Time will determine the Chases destiny.

          Thanks for making me think.

          • You have a keener eye for anagrams than me, Joe, Frankly, I don’t recall any that you have revealed. I just think there might be a few words in the poem where some slight repositioning of letters or words might crack open a vault …. similar to that famous Holy Blood, Holy Grail hidden thing some years ago, (Sang Roi – San Gral). I thought that was darn clever.

            I havent mentioned 4277 because I have no idea how 77 shows up in this puzzle. I think I was pretty clear on 42 though. I try to tell my ideas AND a rationale for them (if it is not self-evident in the idea itself). I’m growing bored with all the IMO announcements that offer no supporting rationale for their O. Why do people feel the need to say: I think its under a rock, or, I believe its in a pond, etc.? Unless they have a proven record of solving puzzles, who cares what they think or believe, unless they supply a rational or chain of evidence for their opinion.

            I try to be brief, to describe my ideas with some precision so I dont have to go back and re-explain what I said the first time. I don’t play the teacher/pupil card in a cryptic ‘guess what I know’ game. Its hard enough to guess what ff is thinking, much less the half-baked ideas of another failed hunter. I dont have the compulsion to add my 2 cents or 99 cents at every opportunity and watching the blather performance and the non sequiter responses is getting a little thin … so, I’m going cold turkey for a while . Grandma used to say, when you open your mouth, let the roses comeout, not the frogs, so, I’m gonna go tend my garden for awhile.

  149. My newest poem philosophy brings me back to “don’t mess with my poem” and “It is straightforward.” If you find the key word, and the word that is key, IMO you can thread a tract to the general area (only one general area…there can be no other interpretation using my translation of the clues)… but I struggle after the blaze…and have not been able to interpret the rest of the poem to my satisfaction…but I feel there are 7 clues if you include “finding the blaze”…but here’s the weird part…I’m not sure finding the blaze is a clue…I think if you’ve been wise the blaze is super easy to find, so maybe there are only 6 clues in the poem before the blaze, and the blaze isn’t a clue, so the other three clues exist in the poem AFTER you find the blaze.
    #1. Begin it where warm waters halt
    #2. And take it in the canyon down
    #3. Put in below the home of Brown
    #4. The end is ever drawing nigh
    #5. There’ll be no paddle up your creek
    #6. Just heavy loads and water high
    #7. (MAYBE) If you’ve been wise and found the blaze (or IDK)
    #8. IDK
    #9. IDK

    • Michael D, a thought to ponder.

      #1. IDK
      #2. IDK
      #3. Begin it where warm waters halt
      #4. And take it in the canyon down
      #5. Put in below the home of Brown
      #6. The end is ever drawing nigh
      #7. There’ll be no paddle up your creek
      #8. Just heavy loads and water high
      #8. (MAYBE) If you’ve been wise and found the blaze (or IDK)

      Good Luck! 🙂

    • MichaelD – “My newest poem philosophy brings me back to “don’t mess with my poem” and “It is straightforward.” If you find the key word, and the word that is key, IMO you can thread a tract to the general area….”

      Since when did both, “the key word” and “word that is key” come into play? Did fenn say, “the key word”, in a comment that I don’t know about.

      • I have heard or read that ff has said only a few are in tight focus on a word that is key…and likewise, I have read or heard ff said there is a keyword, and a word that is key…but I lack the intestinal fortitude to search for the source of those quotes. Therefore, I have to qualify these as third hand information…unless somebody else can source them for me/you?

      • I have only one source for ” A word that is key” as ken stated, it can be found in the Q&A comment from Fenn. The key word I have not seen, other than searchers misquoting Fenn or at the very least misunderstanding.

    • I have always believed that…

      Heavy Loads is a clue

      Water High is another

      Two clues in one sentence.

  150. Water high for example doesn’t get you there, but tells you that you’re in the right area for sure.

  151. We’ve added a new category called Treasures Bold. You will find it on the right side menu, near the top, under Forrest Shares.

    These posts come from Forrest and to find out what they are about..go to the index here:

    Then you will understand what “Indulgence” is and where these pics come from.

  152. weird…In and out of moderation… and I have been trying to keep it civil, respectful, and on topic…oh well, I’m used to the doghouse.

  153. absolutely not wanting to spread rumors…perhaps I attributed a searchers Idea to FF, but I am CERTAIN I read it somewhere. Forgive me if I am mistaken…My current Idea requires tight focus on a word that is “key”, Also helpful, but not required, is what I would label a “key” word…but it is not present in the poem, only implied. Again, no misinformation intended…All is IMO.

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