Could it be Here?…Part II

JULY 2014
by germanguy


Hello Treasure Hunters. I have an update on my current search:

Well as you all know by now, the search based on my solution, which was undertaken by my then partner Michael D., wasn’t successful. However, because I felt and still feel very strongly about the area, I partnered with someone new who lives only 15 minutes from the area. She goes by the nick ‘dallasholmes’, which in reality is her real name. She became a new member to Dal’s blog in the beginning of July. When I discovered she was from the area, I contacted her and she agreed to partner with me in finding Fenn’s chest.

Dallas is a tremendously dedicated person. She’s a librarian at the Naturita Library in Naturita, Colorado, where she offers free story telling to small children. In addition, she is Director Of Development at West End Economic Development Corporation, owner of Cup Cake Designs and actively involved in a number of community organizations. One of her most important goals, is to see her area get the historical recognition that it deserves. Finding the treasure here, will do exactly that.

We started out returning to the spot in which Michael D. was unsucessful. She and I agreed that a more thorough search was warranted. The results were disappointing and we finally put that spot behind us. In the meantime, I continued looking at other promising spots that would work as well. My new spot turns out to be better fit than the original one. It required just a different understanding in Fenn’s use of certain words. I will tell you this though, he did choose his words carefully.

Because of certain conditions, Dallas was unable to get into the area of our new spot. Being as busy as she is, it is taking longer than we had hoped. Hopefully, she will be able to get there before bad weather hits. For now it is a waiting game. Soon though, we hope to be able to say the chest has been found. Wish us luck. I am posting some of the pictures Dallas has sent me.

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flume run 085flume run 088



72 thoughts on “Could it be Here?…Part II

  1. Interesting like the photos

    So that so does not look where I search 🙂 yippie 🙂

  2. Thanks all for your comments and good wishes. I’m sure Dallas appreciates them as well.

  3. GG, I believe that one day you will find your way to the treasure. Keep searching until you know where it is.

  4. I see the relationship between the photos and the poem.
    Best of luck. IF you ever give up on that site or find the treasure please share the location of those wonderful glyphs. I would love to hopefully one day see them for myself.

    • I believe if my memory serves me right, those elderly people are members of the local historical society.

  5. So GG, glad to hear you aren’t giving up on that area… But some of those pictures seem much closer to MY solve…which I obviously disclosed to you when we were partners, and you promptly shot down, announcing you were the brains and I was only your gopher….I hope you aren’t using my ideas as your own now, and using a new partner to “cut me out”…Anyways, we both know I would not have located “MY SOLVE” without “YOUR INTERPRETATION” of stanza six, so I guess all’s fair in love, war, and treasure hunts! FF is aware of my solve in that area, and I know you are too. I wish you the best of luck below MY HOB.

    • I will not respond to any of Michael D’s remarks. All one has to do to understand the truth, is to read MD’s comment on the blog when he initially heard my solution. I believe it was sometime in March of this year.

      That said, I would apologize for his behavior, but I believe that should come from him.

      • GG, I owe you nothing in the way of apologies. I have ALWAYS given you FULL credit for your solution (singular)…and I have ALWAYS included your name and your contributions to MY solution…which I spun from yours. The problem becomes that you never invested ANY confidence in my spin off…because of your OVERWHELMING confidence in your own…so now, here we are, months later, and you have NEVER once admitted to the fact that you said to me, and I quote,
        “I’m the brains and your the brawn and any ideas you come up with using my solve are yours, because mine is THEE right one, it HAS to be.”
        Do you deny saying that to me GG? Do you?!! So when I get possessive of an idea it is more aimed directly at you!! Because you use the words Michael D was my partner like we both had input in YOUR solve…but really, we just shared a common belief in YOUR solve of stanza six. I NEVER agreed with the rest of your solve, but because I was headed in that direction, and LOVED your interpretation of stanza six (and still do), I ENDANGERED MY LIFE to check your location…even filming it for you. And then I checked MY LOCATIONS, based on, but different, than yours. And the deal was, I would give you half the chest if I found it in ANYPLACE that I used ANY part of YOUR solve. So now I get a bit defensive when I see your new partner searching in what appears to be some places I SHARED with you in confidence, and some LARGEMOUTH BASS throws her two cents in like I did something wrong??? Let’s get it straight buddy….Our partnership may be over, but I deserve and demand as much respect as you seem to think you respond or not to that! I am NOT your enemy, I just find you abrasive and obstinate. Now, those on this blog that disagree probably haven’t spent numerous hours skyping with you, and having your superior intellect thrust upon them when they try to get a word in edgewise. So, if everyone is through slinging arrows…what’s done is done.

      • MikeD and German Guy, don’t worry about it until it’s found. Then you can join the chorus of thousands that will claim they are the one that come up with the critical clue no matter where it’s found.

        Heck, Dallas will probably find it and leave both of you high and dry anyway. 😆 I think that person will be pleased when she sees it. F

        IMHO (in my huge opinion) it’s not in that area…….even though I really wanted it to be.

        • Goofy,

          How and why can a true statement of “which was undertaken by my then partner Michael D., wasn’t successful.” raise such a stink with Michael D.? I’m curious to know why after he dissolved our partnership and told me he was no longer going to search, he should be periodical badgering me and now with his most recent outbursts, actually attack me. It makes no sense to me what so ever. Based on comments from others, they are as confused by this as I am.

          I’ve tried for the most part to avoid any situations with Michael D’s remarks on Dal’s blog, but why is it that it’s even allowed to take place. After all, didn’t Dal already state that this blog was visited by school age children and he didn’t want this sort of thing to take place? So are we changing the rules now. Think of the bad example it sets for these kids. Or maybe that only applies to bad language. Maybe a post with instructions on what is allowed and not should be added to the pages.

          I agree with your comment, and don’t dispute it at all, however, I doubt Dallas would take the chest and run. If she did, it means very little to me anyway, as I have always wanted to be able to come up with the perfect solve. I’m sure many others can appreciate that it’s truly “The Thrill of The Chase” and not the treasure that drives us all. And “NO”, we will not claim we found it, until it is actually in one of our hands.

          “IMHO (in my huge opinion) it’s not in that area…….even though I really wanted it to be.” I truly appreciate your sentiments. Remember, if and I do mean “If” I am able to live up to the framed memory, I will. 🙂

          • GG, lets go through the blog and count the number of times I have “periodical badgering me and now with his most recent outbursts, actually attack me.”
            READ my posts! They say only MY opinion of the truth….just as you call me a cynic, and Sally calls me Dramatic….I saw a picture Dallas took that you posted that was MY home of Brown…and you could argue the other way, since we discussed MY solve at length…but my argument is you were so confident in your solve that you gave me free reign on my spin-off solves…then I see your new partner standing in my footsteps taking pictures of things having NOTHING to do with your original solve…the Flume was my water high, the confluence was my HOB, etc, etc. So I got a little possessive and let my mouth override my brain. I apologized, in case you missed it. But I feel genuine animosity in your tones…kinda like I struck a nerve or something….and no forgiveness or acknowledgement of my apology speaks volumes to me about how close I must have come to the bone when I cut you. So you stop bad mouthing me, and I’ll stop bad mouthing you, and we can agree to disagree on the rest….neither of us has the chest yet…we can gloat over it then. I don’t know how much more clear I can be than the truth hurts. sad too, because you are a REALLY sharp guy, but not the only one…..


            Michael D

          • Dal, please ask Michael D and germanguy to take their war somewhere else, (private)!

            It’s obvious you guys don’t know when to quit.

  6. Sally,
    I feel like I am one of the least dramatic people on this blog… but we are all entitled to our opinions. I really appreciate you sharing yours, especially since you obviously know all about GG and I and our history. Thanks for your two cents.

  7. Sorry mommy, I guess I should just let it go…water off a duck’s back. So glad you are here to pass judgement and point out my childish behavior for me…god bless you.

  8. Anyways, Sally’s valuable opinion aside, I truly wish GG and his new partner success. It kinda goes back to what I SAID earlier…Don’t share ANYTHING on this blog you aren’t willing to turn completely loose of, and have thrown back into the mix as somebody else’s idea. GG, I am not saying that is the case at all! Just saying I HOPE IT IS NOT. Some people cannot interpret what they read…but I know you can. The photo of the confluence of the delores and san Miguel appears to be VERY FAMILIAR to me, this is the only reason I am EXPRESSING MY OPINIONS AN THOUGHTS FREELY, regardless of the DRAMA I seem to be causing.

  9. dra-ma

    [drah-muh, dram-uh] Spell Syllables

    Word Origin



    a composition in prose or verse presenting in dialogue or pantomime a story involving conflict or contrast of character, especially one intended to be acted on the stage; a play.


    the branch of literature having such compositions as its subject; dramatic art or representation.


    the art dealing with the writing and production of plays.


    any situation or series of events having vivid, emotional, conflicting, or striking interest or results:
    “the drama of a murder trial.”


    the quality of being dramatic.

    Guliy as charged.

  10. GG,

    My home town is Nucla Colorado, 5 miles from Naturita so just to let you know I am also familiar with this area…That would be great if Mr. Fenn put his trove in this area…but IMHO I don’t think so…Happy Hunting!

  11. I always like the pictures with feet on the ground, but too many feet and you are lost. Thanks GG for the post, but I think you and MD should knock down a couple of cold ones and you might find that the TC is closer to home for you.

  12. To Michael D and German Guy

    I have enjoyed your spirited conjecture. Not to worry though.

    In my opinion none of you have anything to be afraid of. Especially in who will find the Treasure now. I believe It is already too late this year. Remember Forrest said it will be worth the “COLD”. I have tried the cold two winters straight ( I do not contemplate a third winter in the mountains) and now believe I am close even though the ice cold creeks near froze me and mountain cold chilled me it all helps to show the way but equally also prevents the ultimate solve until the window of timing is right. Forrest was quite clever in picking this location and a fairly brief season of discovery.

    In my opinion based on my numerous solves, ventures, and hands on experiences doing everything Forrest said to do, the snow is at hand and will be building well beyond your reach and mine till near next May and likely June. In my opinion the elevational location of the treasure is around 10,000 vertical.
    You may ask – How could Forrest have done such a feat? That answer came from Jenny Kile’s answers to questions from Forrest. To understand the answer from Forrest one needs to do alot of research and sole searching.

    In my opinion it is well concealed by the use of landmarks and signs and you will have to literally stand on the very spot where the treasure chest is. In my opinion if you do not heed Forrest’s comments as he provides insight clues routinely and in an advancing learing agenda in each and every chapter in the TTOTC ( forward to back and back to forward) and understand how and where he hid the clues and what they look like and apply them to the land “marks”. you will have nothing to worry about finding the treasure.

    Forrest has a keen eye and wit for details – the most smallest of details.

    I am already waiting for an early Spring. Ha! Ha! Meanwhile, I look forward to more of the spirited talk. At least there is some substance and conjecture to it. I think it will be a long winter.

    Most of all Thank you Dal.

    Good Luck to you all!

    Doug the Demo Man

      • GG –

        What a great film. You certainly won’t find me hanging from a fume. And I think Mee Canyon hike looks treacherous. Thanks for sharing.

          • Oh, I’m sure there were leaks, but with water flowing through then constantly the loss wouldn’t matter at the placers. I would imagine that there had to be some swelling of the wood, which would have sealed some of the spaces between boards as well. In everything I’ve read, I didn’t see any mention of pitch being used to seal the wood.

            Most of the wood, after the gold operation failed, was scavenged by locals for building homes and such. So I guess it was still in good shape.

      • Oh mercy! That video.

        FF has specifically said that the location the chest was at is not dangerous. I hope you are not suggesting that one has to traverse that … THING … to reach the chest. Can you imagine a parent responding to their kid’s insistence to venture onto it … “sure, Bud, just be back in time for our picnic back here on solid ground”. 🙂

        Just now read your Part 1 ideas from a year ago (I’m kinda late to the party 🙂

        In the Part 1 thread I may post a few questions for you about your ideas. I’ll just say now that your interesting solution required some heavy-duty, industrial strength thinking.



        • Sorry, I should have been clearer as to which video I was referring to. It’s germanguy’s video that is prefaced by his comment … “This will give you a really good look from the flume itself”.

    • Wow – Michael –

      Do you see the Wendy’s on the first page – I am currently a block away from that in a campground and headed for Utah tomorrow.

      We are snow birds and heading south for the winter.

      What a trip that is – thank you so much.

  13. Someone once said sometimes its good to just have to slam the door on a relationship and start over… happy hunting to all

    • Hiya Cog!…Long time no hear…Still chasin’?…

      Not asking you to divulge your info, just wonderin’ how ya been?…

      Missed your postings…Take care pal…Good luck and Good hunting!…


    • Hello Cognito, you are a legend on Dal’s blog. Welcome back, I look forward to reading your valuable information.

  14. Just curious about the “she” who is really close or knows where the tc is. What reasons would cause a person not to retrieve the chest? If not weather, what else?

    • Yea really makes no sense if someone is close or knows why don’t they finish this. Can it be that hard really did not Forrest say if a person solves HOB they could just go get the treasure paraphrase. then somewhere else he said she’d turn over every rock over if she knew where she went. I’m confused too lia.

  15. @Lia
    I agree if you BELIEVE you have the correct solve why wouldn’t you yell it from the rooftops and go find TC?! I am pretty confident in my solve but when I tell my family they just scoff since I don’t have TC in hand. So why would you blab to the local newspaper when your own family doesn’t believe you?!
    Happy Hunting All! There is still lots of good weather to go find that darn thing!

  16. Just learned, my partner Dallas has been in the hospital. She had emergency surgery and is currently in ICU. Please, if you have a silent moment, if you would say a prayer for he speedy recovery. Thank you all very much.

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