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Many people on Dal’s blog may remember my husband Jerry from scrapbook seventy-nine. He’s the one who was rescued by a helicopter after spending the night in the snow. Jerry has been on many searches and we both have enjoyed being in the chase, but I’m not writing to tell stories of his searches or where we believe the treasure rests. There is more to the search then looking for the chest, at least for us there has been and that is why I had my heart set on traveling to Santa Fe to meet Forrest.

A lot of people want to dissect everything that is said and every story told. We can overanalyze things and end up reading into things that aren’t there. Sometimes we miss the beauty in the moment or the fervor in the person. My day with Forrest was just that and nothing more.

photo 1

Forrest knew that I would be coming but I think he wondered if he was getting more then what he wanted finding out that I’m a psychology major, who’s a counselor/ teacher, with a catholic background. I think you might as well have put a target on my forehead, but lucky for me he let me in anyway 🙂 I’m thankful he didn’t have to use his hole card a.k.a. escape plan “B”.

When I pulled up to his home Forrest was waiting for me outside his door. The first thing I noticed was his big welcoming smile and his down to earth demeanor. Stepping across the threshold into his home and down the steps into his den was a little paralyzing. Seeing everything in person for the first time was overwhelming to take in all at once. It was like out of a movie set. I wanted to touch everything. He was very hospitable and we talked about things that may have seemed of no importance to anyone else, but sometimes those are the most intriguing conversations.

After talking with him and seeing some of his artifacts, we went to the Feed Store for lunch (San Marcos Cafe). It’s one of those mom and pop country folk type places that sells agriculture products in the back and has farm animals around. If one is looking for good food and a laid back environment where the people are friendly, then this is the right place. Forrest said he stops in there often and that it’s on the way to his pueblo. The place was under new management, but that didn’t stop him from being comfortable and in his own element. He introduced himself to one of the new owners and cut-up with her like he had known her forever. I think that’s just the type of guy he is, never meeting a stranger. Sitting at our table I noticed him looking around the room. He’s a people watcher and notices everything and curious about a lot of things. I like that about him and had fun sitting and being imaginative about what was going on around us, such as where the people were from and what brought them there. His storytelling abilities are not just limited to his own life experiences. He would make a good fiction writer. While waiting on our food he took me in the back to show me the feed store that’s attached to the restaurant. I could recognize the scent of alfalfa hay and other earthy tones I couldn’t place at the moment, but were familiar to me from my days on my grandfather’s farm and working in landscaping. There were work gloves hanging up on racks with bins of nails in different sizes, animal feed in sacks, and dog bones for sale. Those weren’t the only items around, but just the ones that caught my eye. There were a couple farmers in the back talking shop with the other owner. Again, Forrest went and introduced himself to him. They talked for a second and got some good o’l boy advice from Forrest.


The San Marcos Cafe

Our food arrived shortly and we had a nice meal together. He likes a lot of spices and asked me if I like jalapeño peppers. I went ahead and confessed and told him that I’m a picky eater. It doesn’t take being around me long to find that out. So, fessing up and letting him know I’m not the gal to talk cooking with saved me from a conversation I wasn’t going to be able to hold for very long. Soon it was time to leave, but not before visiting the little pond they had outside and seeing the chickens, roosters, doves, and peacocks. He told me that the koi in the pond came from his pond at home and how he use to raise red banty roosters as a kid. I think he finds it relaxing being there and I’m glad he took me.

Forrest is the type that opens car doors and pushes your seat up before sitting down. He just does those things naturally. It’s refreshing and I believe are dying gestures in our society. One of the reasons I wanted to go visit with him is because of his knack for getting adults excited and interested in things that under other circumstances they wouldn’t care to learn more about. It’s easier to get kids excited and fired up, but it takes a certain personality to do that with adults. The next time I visit, I will be sure to touch every relic I can reach and hope there is a bowl of candy waiting because I’m a kid at heart.

Now, I know that my day with Forrest would not be as interesting without having a little dirt on him to share. So, here it is… he occasionally has bad hair days!! I couldn’t believe it either!


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  1. Awesome you are so lucky
    Thank u for sharing. Forrest comb your hair daily 🙂 !!!!!!!

  2. Lovely, what a pleasant memory you now have. Our life webs weave themselves with amazing patterns.

    • I really wanted to be seventh, so I’ll sneak in right here. Nice story. Thanks for the blog Dal!

  3. Forrest has a plan “B” !!! It sounds like the San Marcos is a nice little place ,,,,I just love those feed stores and the smells . It smells so homey , Leather, feed and seed all in one. I’m happy for you he let you in he seems to me like that kind of person .. He has bad hair days you should see my hair some days ( Scary when I look in the mirror.

  4. Oh my goodness, I’m beginning to look like The Hulk and I’m not talking about my physique. You have a memory to hold forever.

    • …or “Slightly Tap On Pedal” (S.T.O.P.) signs…to the late person…I mean the never-late person.

  5. Thank you for sharing with us all. You are a great storyteller yourself. I loved your story, made me smile.

  6. Awwww so glad you got to meet the old coot 🙂 where s jerry ???? You gotta keep a eye on that dare devil hubby of yours 🙂

  7. You are so lucky! I’m really hoping that my team (my family) will get to meet with him someday. I’d love it if Forrest could inspire my children with some of his amazing stories and tremendous advice.

  8. Thank you Keri, I have often sat here and what a visit with Forrest would be like.
    Being a kid at heart I would probably drive em up the wall with my questions about one thing or another that might catch my eye. Sometimes I sit here and look over his study photo and catch myself going wooo Ohhh lookie at that.
    I wonder what is the story behind it.

  9. I’m very happy for you Keri that you were able to go and visit with Forrest. I hope to visit with him this coming year for sure. I too want to touch everything in his museum. When else are you going to be able to touch a bunch of old cool stuff without someone yelling at you or getting kicked out. My husband and I raised banty chickens about 20 years ago before we moved out to the farm. They flew in our yard from somewhere and a hawk got one so we built a pen for them to keep them safe and they are adorable! They had tiny babies. They are very sweet and smart too. Our rooster was trained (on his own) and he would fly up and knock on the window with his beak and we would open the window and he would come in and sit on your finger and let you pet him and he would drink milk from a bowl. Anyways, I’m glad you were able to have those memories.

  10. Keri, it was fun hearing about your experience with Forrest at his house and the cafe. I felt the same way when I visited with him. I agree with you that he would make a good fiction writer, but he doesn’t see it. Thanks for sharing!

  11. you was so lucky to have gotten to go to lunch with mr. forrest and to visit his home.I would just love to sit and listen to him talk about things and be able to see his collection of things and the stories behind them.he invited me for coffee at the collected works book store.we didn’t even get to have our coffee.he sat for a few and then left. but I enjoyed him just the same.he was such a just don’t meet people like him anymore.he’s the real lucky,lucky lady.

  12. Thank you for the kind words and sharing some of your stories as well. I’m grateful I got to be able to visit. He’s pretty great in my book.

  13. The Great Forrest Fenn:) He held on to an incorruptible dream………

    Why I grasped at all the corruption of others.

    What I have learned in life is to be your own person:) As authentic and real as you can be. At times it’s a struggle…….

    Keri do you feel Fenn’s more on the path of self actualization then most?

    Yet he says to the effect: “I wish I could have lived to do, the things I was attributed to do.”

    Is the treasure hunt really an extension of continuing that and passing it on?

    What is he looking for?



    • Wanted to add:

      Are we all seekers at heart? Do we seek not to find?

      Would think real seeking is to move towards meaning completion happiness.

      Everyone wants the journey……………….The Chase:)

      What about the ending, where wholeness and the healing effect take place?

      Reminded of a Texas saying: “Everyone wants to go to heaven no one wants to die”

      I’ll leave it with a Fly Fisherman:

      Eventually, all things merge into one, and a river runs through it. The river was cut by the world’s great flood and runs over rocks from the basement of time. On some of the rocks are timeless raindrops. Under the rocks are the words, and some of the words are theirs.

      I am haunted by waters.

      – Norman Maclean, A River Runs Through It

      • That’s deep Rick, I think I was going to cry a bit but the grabbed a beer and went back to watching football

          • LOL:)

            Want to know motives……….

            Does Fenn feel he has mystical connection to the finder of the chest?

            As for the material on hand………..

            Fenn gets all the fun and I get all the responsibility.

            Same dilemma faced on a project over seas……………….

            Should just be irresponsible and more dumb.

            Get no feed back except ha ha ha ha …….

          • Let’s take it past Keri’s training:)

            “Like attracts Like?”

            As for Fenn:

            Will share with you what I do know. Your a Black/White Thinker or a Dualist.

            You deal in absolutes. “All or Nothing” Yes or No. In Dualist terms: Up/Down Left/Right

            Funny how people can sense it but they can’t name it,

            Perfect example:

            The Forrest Fire and Woody Boggs post in “Who is Forrest Fenn?”

            There is someone else like this. She loves Black/White photos, could care less about color. She likes to drink something sweet and then something bitter.

            Her name is Taylor Swift.

            You see where not alone:)

            Sometimes the most like minded person is the most capable of solving a puzzle done by another like minded person………..

            Oh if your from Steph’s board take a hike……………..

            Let’s up this game:)

          • They say where only 6 people away from knowing someone.

            My mom knows a woman that is friends with Hillary Clinton.

            Not that I need to talk to Hillary………

            The plan is simple invite Swift into the game………..

            Know someone that knows Swift personally………..

      • Rick, you and Norman Maclean may have Forrest Fenn figured out… at least more than the rest of us. Keep us posted, you may be at the finish line ahead of the pack.

        • Thanks:)

          It would really take an astonishing human being for me to even consider getting back in to a relationship.

          Not looking for one Taylor, just help:)

          It would take something really, really, really, different.

          A kind of one in a million person for me to face all that.

          Again just help:)

          Taylor Swift People Weekly 10/20/14

          Well we have Forrest and I think we had a million people read about this and a 100,000 players:)

    • Doin’ good, Rick!! 🙂

      Really liked this- -> Oh if your from Steph’s board take a hike……………..

      Let’s up this game:)

      ForrestFire agreed with InTheChase that a lot of what he’s throwing out is bing missed!!!

      mebbe so you help them “catch” it???

      —keep it between the ditches and roll on, big guy, roll on!!!

      **Dal, thanks for hosting this blog and allowing us to express ourselves (you doin’ good too, guy 🙂 )

      • dal, the “fourwhlhntrbo” post is from me –locolobo (if you didn’t know 🙂 )……my bad ( not sure what happened????)

      • Loco – what is the basis of this statement?

        ForrestFire agreed with InTheChase that a lot of what he’s throwing out is being missed!!!

          • They say where only 6 people away from knowing someone.

            My mom knows a woman that is friends with Hillary Clinton.

            Not that I need to talk to Hillary………

            The plan is simple invite Swift into the game………..

            Know someone that knows Swift personally………..

          • Let’s see how Fenn handles being out gunned and outclassed.

            Never saw this one coming Fenn did you:)

            He he he he………..

      • Really liked this- -> Oh if your from Steph’s board take a hike…………….. Really there are teams now? Can’t someone just like people for different reasons? Rick why does something have to have a label to understand it or why get into a pissing match instead of just saying one person maybe more whit than another, It’s never a battle to compare brain pens with someone if you never plan to be on top. Your a smart person and I can’t believe you are a Taylor Swift fan but who I am to judge!

        • Will:)

          Dal asked me not to do that so I’m done doing that.

          Here there seems to be a little more respect.

          As for Fenn it’s nothing personal or is it emotional.

          It’s a game…………

          So why can’t I elicit help and ask someone to help me?

          Say I solved the puzzle………

          Now I want to find a match like Fenn and see if she can solve the puzzle.

          All you still have a chance………..

          I have start with nothing and then elicit help and then have her find the treasure………We don’t even know each other:)

          A lot of people act like money is everything………………

          Turned down $8 million years ago…………Why?

          To do the right thing:)

          Now I’m happy having fun and people so what……….


        • Respect? I like all the blogs for their content, Dal’s blog for helpful information on the chase, Steph’s blog cause that same information gets debated and analyzed but searchers different view points, Jenny’s blog is great in all its forms. So my thought that you take the understanding on the respect in the wrong way that we all have a different way at looking at things either we agree with them or not but for the most part searchers on all blogs have respect for another but don’t always agree. So I say Forredt has this really nice chest full of gold and someone needs to point me in the right direction so we can end this wonderful chase IMO

          • Lol he has excellent humor. You don’t do what he did four years ago and not laugh out loud to your own self. I imagine him being in the spot light has its ups and down but to keep a smile on your face say a lot to me. We all have hopes in finding it on every search but if you don’t plan for a adventure on your search, it becomes nothing more than a job. My wife and I last search we found our way on top of a mountain about 8500 feet and it started to rain so the only thing we could do is laugh at each other 😉 it was something so funny to us cause we knew that certain things are just out of your control in life.

      • Rick, jcm et al. perhaps what’s being thrown out isn’t always missed, rather judiciously picked over to ascertain what is true and what’s not. Plenty of competitors out there to post misleading info. I believe Forrest is trustworthy, but so clever, I often struggle for correct understanding. Dal does a great job moderating, and Forrest’s posts are terrific. However, an occasional disturbing/weird comment slips by and should yield caution on a public blog.

        • @42, forgive me if I am wrong. Your post seems to be alluding to the statement I made: ForrestFire agreed with InTheChase that a lot of what he’s throwing out is being missed!!!

          Although it is at the end of your post, it seems you might feel that the comment was disturbing/weird, and quite possibly should have been moderated??

          That statement, by me, was factual and I provided “JCM” with a link to both Forrest’s and inthechaseto posts!!

          inthechaseto says, “Ya know what has been happening here on this blog – is when you put things right in front of people – they miss it.”

          And, in the very next post, Forrest clearly says, “I agree with you inthechaseto.”

          So, can/ would you explain what you found disturbing/weird about that comment??

          • @ locolobo – sorry for my confusing statemt. My fault entirely. I found nothing weird about the statements you properly referenced. And, as I said, much of FF’s cleverness flies over my head–[:-)

            In fact, because Forrest and Dal are gentlemen, I can count on this blog to be dignified, safe for families, and well moderated. A while back someone made a reference to monica lewinski which seemed of no relevance to the discussion and somewhat weird. That’s all I meant, and in hindsight, it was not worth mentioning. Truly, I wish everyone here the peace we should strive to live out one-on-one and among nations.

          • Thanks:)

            It would really take an astonishing human being for me to even consider getting back in to a relationship.

            Not looking for one Taylor, just help:)

            It would take something really, really, really, different.

            A kind of one in a million person for me to face all that.

            Again just help:)

            Taylor Swift People Weekly 10/20/14

            Well we have Forrest and I think we had a million people read about this and a 100,000 players:)

          • That’s an excellent question, William. “Better things to do?” Is following the blogs something that Mary would do? (You might need to look up the story of Martha and Mary in the book of Luke if you don’t know it.)

            Or is it more like this? …for lack of better choices. 🙂


            Why do I feel like I’m being brainwashed? 🙂

  14. Keri…I am so envious and jealous of you and others that have had the opportunity to meet Forrest. I was looking forward to the October Fennfest meeting, and was all set to go…very disappointed in the cancelation. I hope to journey that direction in spring 2015…and I am hopeful that an opportunity to meet him will present itself. His den must have been SPECTACULAR in person…as I stare in awe at the photos of it.

    • Michael D, If I’m the lucky one to find the tc, I’m returning the Wetherill bracelet in person ‘after’ a tour of the den and vault. I’d give back alot of the treasure just to sit and talk with such an interesting man, and hear about the rest of his collection, wouldn’t you? One thing search failure teaches, is not to be greedy, and brush your teeth with crow feathers. I’m accomplished at both 🙂

  15. Lunch with Keri must have been great, f. She must have been great to have had a conversation with. Did you learn anything new from her? I bet you were a little enviuos of her hair. I know I would have. I would have requested that she smile less so that I wouldn’t be out smiled. If smiling were a game, I’d say she wone. F, you’d have to be the judge on that game. She even remembered the fish are Coi and not Poi. I’d have been caught at not being too interoggant. Keri, what did f do that made you smile most? Was it that he looked like he had a faultered comb? Maybe he should exchange his comb for whimpy hat, maybe not. I better keep quiet before I have my hand slapped by others on the blog. Oh yeah, by the way…. I would appreciate being included in the next conference call, ladies. I don’t mind if the one with the big head shows up either. I kinda like her hair.
    Nice story Keri!

  16. Give fenn a brake! That’s how my hair looks Too when I’m up most of the night… 🙂

  17. REading JC1117 comment about Mary and Martha, reminded me of the oath taken some years ago, when I recited from Kipling’s poem.
    So I just re-read “Sons of Martha” and here is are a couple of verses:

    “They say to mountains, ‘Be ye removed’. They say to the lesser floods, ‘Be dry’.
    Under their rods are the rocks reproved – they are not afraid of that which is high.”

    It sound familiar, but I cannot put my finger on… 🙂

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