Casting Call….

October 2014



“As our film aims to document the people seeking the treasure – their lives, dreams, experiences – we’re looking for compelling and interesting subjects to document.  We think this could really be a fun opportunity for your blog readers!”


I was asked by a team of filmmakers if I would post this notice for them. I do not know them personally.

30 thoughts on “Casting Call….

  1. I’m in…I doubt if I’m interesting or compelling but assume I meet the “diverse subjects” category, which is just the polite way of saying “weird”, right?

  2. Sure they can follow me next year my solve is interesting. 🙂
    I’m not ready to give my clues to them if that’s what they want.
    Sounds like fun 🙂

  3. I’m ok with it so far. Are they ready to go? Chasing again may be in a couple days. It wont be easy.

  4. Is this a new production company? Howard K from the previous query of this type advised me THEY had halted their production.

  5. Gmail. Seriously? If you can’t figure this out good luck with fenns treasure. Lmao. No wait…share your story! Seriously. I’m a producer too. Tell me all you’re solves. Seriously….DEEERRP.

    • No, this isn’t a cheap camera from Wal-Mart. This is just a compact movie camera. Where is my crew you say? Well, here is my brother….er….sound guy. Should there be more?

      Now, what’s that blaze you were talking about?

  6. Sign me up! From Philadelphia to the Rockies: How one man solved the riddle of the century…..

  7. I’m always a bit skeptical when I read…. ” Two acclaimed Hollywood filmmakers” and nothing more.

    “As our film aims to document the people seeking the treasure – their lives, dreams, experiences –”

    I don’t knock those who find this exciting. I’m just wondering how much of your “lives” will be shared and in who’s light will it be shown.

    I did mention, I am a bit of a skeptic. Right?

  8. My hand is up, I’m a ready teddy.
    “Well I hope you’ll come and see me in the movies
    then I’ll know that you will plainly see
    the biggest fool that ever hit the big time
    and all I gotta do is act naturally”.


    Excitement cost money……how exciting do you want to get? I’ll need a million up front plus expenses to start.

    Tell you what I’m gonna do…..make it two million and I’ll guarantee the cameraman gets mauled by a grizzly. That should make a good season opener.

  10. Me and the rest of the diggin gypsys might give it another try it was a lot of fun 🙂

  11. With all the hoaxes going on, it would be nice to see some names and links regarding your production company.

  12. Has anyone heard anything back from these guys? I just got a email in return saying that they were still searching for the right candidates…

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