Gold Coins


chestI found some external hard drives that contain files and photos from old laptops that went in the trash years ago. They were from a time when I was acquiring exotics to be part of my treasure. The bronze chest had a name then. It was called Indulgence.

I have other hard drives to search but would like to post some of the artifacts as they surface. All I post are in the chest. I could describe the cultures from which they came but bloggers would analyze my comments into perpetuity. Maybe giant-minded commenters will do those honors. ff




Some of the 265 gold coins that are in Indulgence. Some are rare. I was still gathering them when this photo was made.


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  1. Wow. The heart quickens, the chest tightens and an exuberant belly laugh explodes outward. Indulgence is simply beyond words and maybe even comprehension. Wow!

    • Get out of my way Germanguy, I’m sliding in ahead of you yelling, “Holy @#$$, what a ride!” Just kidding πŸ™‚

  2. Be still my heart. I would settle for the treasure on the cover. Just to have one coin strung on a necklace would thrill me. Truthfully, I’m not sure I would know how to steward the entire treasure, or what to do with the priceless antiquities. Forrest, will you sell me one of your coins that’s not so rare?

    • Heya, 42. Be still my heart in deed. Forrest, you crazy, Bro. I imagine they’re really heavy, too. It’s difficult to wrap my mind a round all those coins…let alone my body. They probably wouldn’t stick to my naked body easily when I roll around in them like zinc pennies do…I reckon. :/ That’s all I’ve been able to afford thus far.

      • Sting’s video for that song is pretty good. I just didn’t want to post it and take up bandwidth.

      • It’s good you mentioned the lyrics to a Sting song. I was about to tell you to go to therapy after that post.

        • πŸ™‚ I have to ask myself sometimes, “Self, are you Serious?!” What really makes me angry is when I don’t answer myself for a while…because I’m giving myself the silent treatment. I really know how to get under my own skin…like I’ve been living with myself for a while so I really know how to make me angry…if I want to. I’ve had to be the mediator between me and myself on several occasions when I’ve gotten out of control. πŸ™‚

          I love myself.
          I think I’m grand.
          I go to the movies.
          I hold my hand.
          I put my arms
          Around my waist,
          And when I get fresh
          I slap my face.

          I’ll really craving some Cocoa Puffs right now.
          I’m not helping…am I? πŸ™‚

    • @ Slurbs, thanks friend for running interference with jc1117. JC, your a trip and I wish you well but don’t include me in your zinc penny rock and roll trips, please.

  3. Do I see some Canadian gold there, or maybe some British gold crowns?…

    Hoo Boy! A numismatic’s dream come true!…

    Out’en th’ way, I’m a’comin’ through!…LOL

  4. Since I didn’t find the gold hoard that was recently discovered in CA, these will have to do! πŸ™‚

  5. I’m Kinda disappointed really… No Story on any of the coins? Maybe one of the coins was placed on a pool table to cover a bet or something? Oh well, the finder will have a story to tell anyways…

  6. Ahoy, Matey
    The hours is apon us to leave the poop deck and pillage them doubloons in that there Coffer.

    Shiver me timbers! Coxswain…Time to Weigh anchor and hoist the mizzen!

    • Pirates are out. Thats just a glorified name for a Steeler and they be walking the plank too…at the hands of Browns. Foot ball hmmm.

      • Lol. As in the dog pound as I have been, don’t let a win get you fool hearted the for the fourth quarter brings disappointment a lot more then glee

  7. I always tell my partner . You know what kind of an effect looking at gold has on most people. You’ve seen it change people in an instant. I don’t know if I like that . Those coins sure are pretty though.

  8. I love the ones with the birds on them that are just standing there. Can’t tell if it is an eagle or what, but sure is cool.

  9. I’m not Catholic and no disrespect but all that gold on top of a prayer from Pope would fail to lift a soul from (well will leave it at that).. πŸ™‚

  10. looks like a gold American eagle and some queen Elizabeth coins also,very fine coins mr. forrest.pretty,I like sparkly stuff,weather real or not.just one of those are worth a thousand something.too pretty to part with.but a coin is a coin and like I tell my sister ,money is only paper.but gosh would I like that treasure to buy a ranch house and pay off bills and help my sister.thats why i’m looking for it,anybody else,why are you looking for the treasure?do you have enough money already or really need it like I do husband has liver cancer and am fenn knows.tell us your story why you are looking and what are you really going to do ,if you find would be interesting to know what would you do.

    • That’s a good idea, Virginia. If I found the treasure I’d give 25% right off the top to charity. I’d give another 25% to a guy who has worked with me for 10 years or more. I’d then pay tithing on “my” take…since I believe in that stuff…you know, Malachi 3:10 and all. I suppose the IRS would want to get their greedy little paws on the rest of it. I’d hire a good lawyer/accountant to mitigate that damage and I’d happily take what’s left over. The first thing I’d do is take my wife and kids to see Grandma and Grandpa far, far away. They haven’t seen them in a few years. Then I’d pay off my house…about 150k. If I had enough “coin” I’d consider selling the house I live in to move closer to family about 45 minutes away. That would really help my wife out since we don’t live very close to my family and her family is nowhere near. On really rare occasion we hire a babysitter to go on a date…like twice a year. Living closer to family would really help us a lot. My family has even requested it…if you can believe that. πŸ™‚ I just can’t afford to double my mortgage payment, that’s all.

      I have a big list of other stuff I’d like to do…like career change, but I’ll do my best to find the treasure first and save ya’ll from my boring list.

      • I might hire a shrink on account of this poem that keeps repeating over and over in my head. Wait, that might not be necessary once the chest is found…

      • your list is not boring at fact ,it is true,you are to give your 10% to god first.your plans sound very good ,to take care of your family,thats what it is all about.helping others

  11. I wish we knew more of the chest. It looks to be in great shape, and even still has the key. It is amazing that it has lasted so long.

  12. Dal,

    Has there been any confirmation lately from Forrest that the treasure is still out there?

    Haven’t heard any confirmation in a while.

    • IMO the TC is still laying in wait. It will be there at least until June. IMO, as well, my solve is finally (IMO) complete. Thankfully I can edit prior to posting… Loose lips sink ships, IMO. Right? Time to relax and go snagging for Kokanee. I smell venison calling my name too (it is Big Game season). Have tag, will travel. I, being a peisces, have to wonder if I am attracted to sparkling gold coins as a trout is to a “Christmas Tree.” Hmmm. Note to self, don’t get caught in the

      • the largest Yellowstone
        earthquake in the past 30 years registered as
        a 4.8 magnitude on the richter scale. Despite
        this event occurring in April of 2014, is there a chance nature may claim the chest with time? Just saying….I know its not in the yellowstone too dangerous…

  13. Gold has a quality and vision of its own. Interesting “coinage”. Thank you for sharing Mr.Fenn.

  14. The Gold coin with the head of Queen Elizabeth II on it has got my interest. I am from the UK so curious as to what type of gold coin this is.

  15. Game theory … example …. zero-sum game … where one person’s gain is another person’s loss. Yes. That could apply to the Chase. No. It does. Definitely. Without a doubt. TTOTC is a zero-sum game. My opinion.

  16. What does the quantity (265) of coins in the chest mean to y’all?

    Symbolism seems to be pretty important to FF. IMO.

    I wonder how small or tiny some of those gold coins really are.

  17. Senior Andrew,
    265 seems to be a random number, or at least “not a significant number” .

    I see no symbolism in that number, but if you do see symbolism in that number, please expand your thoughts.

    Thanks in advance!


  18. 265 is a special number – at least to me. I also think if you look closely you might notice that there are silver threads among the gold.

  19. Sigh….. I am now the embarrassed owner of a fake double eagle coin. I traded several guns and shotguns (5) for a coin that turned out to be fake. I thought I would have something to be proud of, a coin I could let my grandson play with (he loves the jingle of silver coins as much as I do and having a GOLD one would of been AWESOME !) and later when I come to the end of my life a small treasure I could give to Lucas (my grandson) but noooooooooooo here I am with a fakey that is an embarrassment. I learned my lesson not to trust in a situation like this, but I still want a real one, and once I take this jerk to court and win I will find a reliable source to purchase a real coin.

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