Gold Nose Rings


chestI found some external hard drives that contain files and photos from old laptops that went in the trash years ago. They were from a time when I was acquiring exotics to be part of my treasure. The bronze chest had a name then. It was called Indulgence.

I have other hard drives to search but would like to post some of the artifacts as they surface. All I post are in the chest. I could describe the cultures from which they came but bloggers would analyze my comments into perpetuity. Maybe giant-minded commenters will do those honors. ff



These solid gold Pre-Columbian nose rings are very heavy. They must have presented some problems when worn, but beauty sometimes comes with a price.


44 thoughts on “Gold Nose Rings

    • Goofy, your comments are shocking!!! But Forrest’s nose rings are the perfect accessory with your golden coat. Now go fetch them from the chest πŸ˜‰

  1. Perhaps Forrest is the only one who really NOSE what he’s doing πŸ™‚ …but I want to see how long it takes for somebody else to notice what those two things resemble. Surely I won’t be the only one that sees it.

    And, Thanks…again, Forrest.

  2. Seven is my lucky number I found a real nice gold necklace piece lat year and I could use one to hook it together with the chain I bought for it.

  3. South american origin or the African continent?
    Interesting that they were pinch type nose rings.

    Thanks Forrest πŸ™‚

  4. Very nice, pretty, shiny gold. Almost makes me forget that they were probably once in someone’s nose. I know, I know, germs don’t live that long. Wish I could feel just how heavy they are. Thanks for sharing, Mr. Fenn.

  5. How was it determined these are nose rings? Why two of them? Could they have been “ear” rings? Very curious indeed!

    What is there actual length?

  6. Those are man sized components are you sure a lady is close…? Fen keeps dangling these lures… is he trying to catch the big mouth bass ?
    Steph has a active jaw is IT her ? I apologize in advance for the shock i may have caused.. just poking fun.. πŸ™‚

  7. I wonder if these nose rings are inside of Indulgence. Maybe I have holes in my solve that need filling… It’s not 100 percent done (my solve, that is). πŸ™

  8. Likely, one was for him and one for her. Reminds me of the modern day version of the split heart that a couple shares. I wonder what archeologists of the future will make of the tongue pins kids wear today. Or the belly and teat ones for that matter.

  9. We could wear those to the Bull Ring next time I’m in town. I’m sure no one would notice πŸ™‚

  10. Just as in “17 dollars…” picture on page 204, it all depends how you look at it.

    Some look at them as presented above: a $2000 orientation.
    But the $1000 orientation is the one that speaks to me πŸ˜‰

    • Wow! My first time conversing with {} …aka the artist formerly/currently known as The Phantom. I see you’re referring to Skippy’s “should have been” orientation. I’ll make one correction and I’m sure Forrest would agree. You might agree with me, too, {}. Skippy is priceless. From what I’ve read Forrest really loves his brother. It’s a good thing our spirits are infinite. I’m sure they will spend more time together in The Happy Fishing Ground one day. Maybe Forrest can even fly Skippy to The Great Wall of China to get some egg rolls.

      adjective: priceless

      so precious that its value cannot be determined.
      “priceless works of art”
      synonyms: invaluable, of incalculable value/worth, of immeasurable value/worth, beyond price;
      irreplaceable, incomparable, unparalleled

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