Gold Nuggets


chestI found some external hard drives that contain files and photos from old laptops that went in the trash years ago. They were from a time when I was acquiring exotics to be part of my treasure. The bronze chest had a name then. It was called Indulgence.

I have other hard drives to search but would like to post some of the artifacts as they surface. All I post are in the chest. I could describe the cultures from which they came but bloggers would analyze my comments into perpetuity. Maybe giant-minded commenters will do those honors. ff



Here are a few of the hundreds of nuggets that are part of the treasure. After this photo was taken I was able to acquire many larger ones. The big one in the top right weighs 1.2 troy pounds. Gold speaks a universal language that everyone can understand.


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    • The inclusion is quartz, the blueish color might be partly due to lighting. The nugget is very reminiscent of the type found on the Kamchatka peninsula.

  1. “Gold speaks a universal language that everyone can understand.”
    …and I’m hearin’ ya too.

  2. The overlapping on the right could be addressed, but what’s a couple of nuggets between friends? πŸ™‚

    OH, and I hope the wiped out items (top black outline looks it could’ve been a certain necklace maybe?), are inside Indulgence πŸ˜‰

  3. Sweet! Ummm what is that blue stuff on the nugget in the upper left?
    Never seen a nugget with that before.
    Sorry I ask so many questions, I have this thirst for knowledge and little time to go to the library.

    Thanks Forrest.

  4. Thanks, Forrest! You da Man! Well…not “The Man” as in “burning man” or …well, you know. I’ve never seen so many gold nuggets. Honestly. I always thought that gold nuggets were the same color. I had no idea they came in such a rainbow of colors. Now I’m really curious what the blacked-out items are. If you would have seen a picture of me just a few minutes ago when I opened this page…I was almost blacked-out! Good thing I came too. πŸ™‚

  5. It’s amazing to think someday someone will hopefully find this. I’m getting to the point I just want to hear the correct solve. I hope Mr.Fenn keeps giving the stories behind these treasures – it will be great to be passed down by the lucky finder someday.

  6. The pot just keeps getting bigger and richer…….Ante up everyone. How much do you have Invested in this game. I hope my money holds out till the end. Let me show you the next card. Game over for those that don’t have enough . More buyins are welcome… The House!!!!!!!!! Nice nuggets.

    • I noticed it was gone. I hope it grows back. Good thing I have a few. Is it a tall one, by chance? πŸ™‚

        • Now I know you’re a tease, Amy…kinda like that candle-in-the-wind, Marilyn, and JFK. πŸ™‚

          • Lol JC

            That’s good
            What about
            Sugar bear
            (Elton John)

            Or what about
            Boogie nights by Heatwave

            I love Disco music πŸ™‚

            Tease, well yes I am πŸ™‚

            Do u ever hear me whisper?

          • Hi, Amy. I’ve got my ears fine-tuned and my eyeball lenses cleaned with Windex to catch any hint of someone “whispering” …and let’s just say …you’re definitely on The List. πŸ™‚

            Speaking of Disco…Surely you remember Saturday night Fever by The Bee Gees. OH! And who can forget Stayin’ Alive? I know I can’t. Good Times!

            Speaking of Good Times, remember this?


    • JC

      Your the best !!!

      I’m a Bee Gees fan
      And I’m so exited !!!
      Just a few more months before my brown boots are on the ground. πŸ™‚
      I hope it won’t be a heartache πŸ™‚ !!!!!

      • I wish you the BEST of luck, Amy. Somebody’s gonna find IT…AS sure as the sun comes up…bet your bottom dollar. I’m cheering for you. Would you just hurry up already?! GOSH! It seems I already looked under every bush in North America. Maybe you’ll look under the one I missed. πŸ™‚

        • JC

          I love u your the best
          Thank u
          I hope to find the bush u missed
          Thank u for the fun conversation

          Good Lord
          It’s still hot here in Texas
          But the cold is on it’s way soon πŸ™ !!!!!!!

  7. Good as gold! Some people spend a lifetime finding a nugget so patience pays off nine out of ten times…. call them the Extra strength thrill pills. πŸ™‚

  8. In the first ‘Six Q’s’ with Forrest, he stated the following:

    “One thing is certain, when a person discovers that beautiful bronze chest and opens it for the first time and sees the bracelet with hundreds of rubies, emeralds, sapphires and diamonds, and the 265 gold coins and hundreds of placer nuggets, he will be in awe. It is easy for me to predict the expression on his their face.”

    Seeing the images of what’s in the chest more closely is bringing a deeper understanding to those words….. I can’t wait to see more and thanks so much for sharing the pictures with us Forrest.

    I’m in ‘awe’ with the images……..

    • This is part of what it is all about….the treasure itself is just a “thing” of the adventure. I hope to be around when someone cracks open the Poem and then cracks open that chest ! I would love to see that person’s face…
      I sometimes come over here to read this quote from Fenn’s first 6 Q’s. It is a reminder of the times when he says things differently…but seems to convey the same message.

  9. I have a habit of finding rocks that I like and placing them in my pockets. I find my rocks in the mountains, parking areas, just laying in crushed gravel, etc. I’d love to have some of those shiny rocks in my pockets. My rocks are smooth. As far as color, none are yellow. My colorblind eyes see them as black, brown, greenish, and a few have yellow hints in a sea of gray. Most are small that I’d like to drill and have them as odd shaped beads to link together and call them a necklace. They would also look nice as a cuff bracelet.

    Thanks for sharing these images, f. I hope to have the joy of cataloging each nugget for display. First, I better concentrate on finding your bracelet. I know you must be worried about it (IMO).

      • Ditto, and so does my husband and son. Now the grandson and even the dogs are doing it. LOL

        • I’m glad there are so many rockhounds on here. I love rocks too and have so many that I had my husband build me a viewing cabinet for them. I like to use the blacklight as well to see what color they may be when under it. The gold rocks are cool too, but not high on my list. I like the clearer ones best, but wouldn’t turn one down though.

          • O geez! Rocks? I think we’ve gone beyond collecting…my guess…we have about 20,000!!! We like rocks!

  10. Tease with a CAPITAL “T”
    Is there a crowd jockeying for position in the starting gates?

    Talk about beautiful treasures in that Romanesque box! Forrest, thanks for your amazing generosity! I’m sharpening my pencil now to finish my layers of solves with AAA F-fort

  11. Forrest ,
    Thanks for all these pictures.
    Looking at all that transition metal makes a person transition.

    All that Alchemy and Such.

    • Wow! That’s a huge rock. I’ve held Alaskan nuggets but we’re small in comparison.

    • Ka-Ching!!! lol

      upon finding it, he said, ” you get it , when the good Lord is ready to give you a bit of it.”, said in that Aussie accent I love ! * πŸ™‚

      • I think if I found this, I would think to myself, “Oh, this is a pretty stone.” Then I’d put it in my pocket, not realizing what I had other than a “pretty stone”. Gosh, it makes me think what other “pretty things” I have around the house. πŸ™‚

          • But, if you go with confidence, then you will have many new “pretty things ” to look
            at with marvel gaze lol
            Hey btw, Denver are you actually in Denver? My pretty doggie in my avatar pic is missing, if you see him there please let me know.;)

          • Maybe if I do a Bake Sale, I could raise money that way, and still keep the “pretty things”.

            I do not live in Denver. I’m further north. Sorry to hear you lost your furry family member. I hope they’ll return soon. If not, check the pounds/animal shelters. Hope there’s a positive outcome for you.

          • Kym, I should clarify. My address says I do, but the other part of my address says I do not.

          • Lol thanks PDenver, doing all I can with much prayer on my end. Thanks ever so much.
            Have you looked around Lyons?

          • Haven’t checked Lyons. I’m not sure if I can make a connection there. The only thing I do is travel in and out of town while heading to Estes Park, and Rocky Mountain National Park. Was there this past weekend.

            Glad to see you smiling. πŸ™‚

          • My son, Geoff and I checked Big Thompson creek, but to no avail. Thanks, gotta get going to work, cya and thanks for the encouragement

  12. What a eye shocker. I don’t think I would be able to stay on my feet, if I found something so beautiful. There is a big job to be done finding this treasure. I wish I had the knowledge to accomplish the mission. Yes I have it in my hands, I have looked at it every day, since its arrival. The treasure Book that is. A true journey of learning has become a mind race to the finish line. A lot of you guys and gals have a 5 year head start on me. Its going to take me 15 years to catch up. Don’t trip or I will have to stop and pick you up. I’m just like that. To give my life meaning I must help others. I will say one thing that should be said. Its out there. Believe that. Its waiting for a 1000 years to pass and if it takes me that long to find it, I know I’m going to fall over when I first see it. Have fun every one JB

    • Kym and pdenver,

      In May, on the Colorado thread,I penned some information about Lyons, CO. It was directed to pdenver, and is still there.

      Give it another shot, my friend; you may be surprised! The Link provided there is informative and interesting.


  13. Thanks Dal for making these easier to get to… Mindy might want to add this picture of the gold nuggets to her list of photo shopped photos… If you look at the far right pieces they appear to be copied, cropped and then pasted…

  14. Speaking of indulgence, we all know that it means to take care of ourselves, but the 1st definition is a 360 from what we usually think of when we hear the word.

    I learned that a mans words were important and a large part of his honor. I’ve also learned that those who walk the talk should be given honor where it’s due.

    Forrest Fenn is a man of honor and superior generosity. Indulgent.

    inΒ·dulΒ·gent (Δ­n-dΕ­lβ€²jΙ™nt)
    1. Showing, characterized by, or given to permissiveness or generosity with regard to others:

      • Hello JDA.

        It’s the same old sense from old, but obscured by time?

        Yes indeed. Thank you sir! πŸ˜€

        Have a great day JDA!

    • I meant 180, I think. Although 360, being a full circle, is more appropriate in this forum. πŸ™‚

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