Scrapbook Ninety Eight…



Closet stories

I’ve decided to simplify my life. Things are just too wild out on the streets so I don’t go there anymore. I’ve also stopped watching the news. And I had to give up reading Dal’s blog because it cut into my nap time. And the Lawrence Welk show is on my agenda again.

With my little dog Tesuque on constant alert for terrorists I have time to sit in my recliner and write poetry. He’s the only thing I have now that eats, except my wife, and she doesn’t eat much.


It didn’t take much for me to move a few things from my closet to the basement, like my suit, my tie, and my pair of good shoes. I don’t plan to attend any more weddings or funerals, and that space is needed for jeans, shirts, fur slippers, and Nikes.


My closet is attached to my bathroom so when I lock the outer door I’m a king 

I wear my shirts from left to right and change every five days in the winter - four days in the summer

I wear my shirts from left to right and change every five days in the winter – four days in the summer

Most of my hats are gone now too, because I’m into my “retired rancher” persona these days. That’s why I always keep my brown Stetson in the Jeep. It cost me 10 bucks extra to have horse manure put on the crown but it’s worth it. How else would anyone know I’m originally from Texas?

Now days I supervise a lot. That probably was my calling all along.

I enjoy excavating at San Lazaro Pueblo

I enjoy excavating at San Lazaro Pueblo

And I’ve turned into a bird watcher. My favorite is the Whippoorwill because it reminds me of the song “My Blue Heaven,” which I like to hum.

Friends don’t come around much anymore but once in a while someone will wander in. They always want to talk about the treasure and when they ask where it’s hidden I say “Why do you want to know?” That really stumps them and I’ve trained my grandkids to come running in about that time. Ha, I may be getting old but my shadow still ain’t cast by no fool.


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  1. Bird watching is enjoyable.

    I seen a BlueJay the other day. It was the first one I have seen in about 35 years. I sit now and watch hoping to see him again.

  2. My cat Nene likes to roam around the back yard and then takes a running leap and up a tree he goes. Then you see all the birds flying in all directions. It is so funny to watch. You can learn a lot watching nature.

    If only people could stop long enough to observe.


  3. Looks like Tesuque doesn’t miss too many meals. 🙂

    That is one big closet you have! I’ve never seen one with chairs in it.

    When we are in MN we do a lot of bird watching. We especially enjoy the eagles that have made a big comeback around the lake since they discontinued spraying DDT for mosquitoes. Of course the mosquitoes are TERRIBLE now! 🙂

    • Mr. Fenn, you inspired me to become queen of my closet (okay, you shamed me into cleaning it out). Ah, it feels great to know where my 9 sizes of levis are again, and give away nice clothing that someone else will enjoy. I haven’t found any skeletons, or posters of clovis points. But I almost have room for a small recliner. 🙂 My dad was also AF, and is organized, tidy, with pressed jeans, as you seem to be.

  4. Forrest,

    Why is it we look for ways to keep our lives simple in our old age? I look at your Nikes(?) and humor over the fact, that like you, if I can’t close a simple Velcro strap, the shoes aren’t worth a damn. 🙂 Also, I only keep about 10 pairs of jeans around. My waist seems to have a mind of it’s own and demands that I keep up with it.

  5. F I have three hats that look about like the one your wearing a little different maybe . one is gray one is brown and one is black.. Although I do have one nice stetson black To go to dinner or to a meeting . Your Indian sidekick probably wouldn’t trust me!!!!!!. I think that a simpler life is an easier life and probably happier . Nice Hat Forrest. And one cute dog!!!!!!

  6. HA! I guess some Texans are a like. I love dogs. I have 12 pair of Levi 517’s (boot cut) hanging in the closet without holes in them. The ones with holes go in the drawer. They vary in color from almost white to dark blue. I use the pair of dark blue blue jeans for formal events; those are the events where proper etiquette requires one to tuck his shirt in.

    I don’t own a suit; I had to rent one when my daughters got married. Any good friend of mine would never expect me to wear a suit to his funeral…..anyone else I don’t know well enough to get all dressed up for. I do wear my formal blue blue jeans and tuck my shirt in.

    I do have a tie someplace……I seen it a few years ago. I’ve never worn it; I received it as a gift from someone that didn’t know me. Or maybe it was from someone that did know me and was trying to give me a hint…..I don’t remember who gave it to me. In any case I’ve taken good care of it, I’m sure it still looks brand new wherever it’s at.

    Maybe I should have become an art dealer. 🙂

  7. I’m glad you finally have time to relax, Forrest…and after seeing Tesuque I suddenly don’t feel like I need to lose very many pounds. 🙂 I guess that’s even more reason to lose the ones I don’t need. I suppose I just don’t chase birds like I used to. My wife tells me I’ll get myself hurt…real bad. That’s not true, anyway…I was always too awkward to chase birds…unless you consider turkeys to be birds. I caught a couple of those before. 🙂

    And, Forrest, I’ve seen some of your poetry…and it’s GOOD. I hope you plan to publish a book of your poetry soon. Btw, I like the short-sleeve, button shirts. They look really comfortable.

  8. I living outside of the detroit area I stopped watching the news years age. To much drama for me these days. The simple life is elusive for me. Recalling something about mice and men and plans going astray. One thing I will promise you Forrest, if blessed with the chance to meet you I will not be asking where you hid the treasure. I will be to busy listening to your wonderful stories about things you have done or collected. 🙂

    • Well now, that’s confirmation. You can go anywhere in Wyoming in clean Levis. He must have hid it in Wyoming.

  9. Happy trails to you Forrest which ever way they turn. The simple life is the most worthwhile life. Simple is simply the best. Enjoy writing your poetry. I really like your belt buckle….

  10. f, you are so funny! The hat looks authentic, but the shirt (where are the pearl buttons?) Nikes, and closet give you away. Now if you traded in Tesuque for Skidboot, you’d be more on track. jk Tesuque looks like he’s resting up from chasing zombies. You should train him to sniff out ebola while your at it.

  11. Not too shabby Forrest, the fall always gets me in the routine to shift clothes and house around as well. The fall has a way of saying ‘it’s time to move on, winter is coming’. I see the leaves fall as I wander the woods for some late season ginseng here in east tn. Cold and wet, moving through the dark with light in hand and the narrow view of ground before me and seldom sounds around i wonder many thoughts in these serene peaceful moments. I wonder what will winter bring. Oh ya and what will it bring to the chase also? I have been a lil’ disconnected of late but the thought of winter and the chase has me wondering if I should be wandering in the winter? There is so much chase every where and any where. I did find some very old forty year granddaddys that have blown my mind. Sometimes treasure is just waiting around the hollar at an untouched patch of earth that is is so special it leaves you wondering how many amazing places like this exist. N.

  12. Tesuque has it made. He gets to sleep all day and listen to Lawrence Welk ?! Nice jeans collection Forrest. Thanks for the glimpse into your life…

  13. Now I dont feel so bad about my clothes, my excuse is my fluctuating weight. Cant bring myself to just chuck them and start all over each time.LOL
    Hey, you know you have my favorite chairs in your closet! I have stopped doing some of the same things you have. News all seems bad, people using words like rocks thrown at one another just doesnt seem to fit in to my peaceful place anymore.

    I am more likely to find a cat in my closet these days, and thats ok. We are all getting older together around here. 🙂
    Thank you for letting us inside.

    • “Closet Tails” starring Tesque & Forrest

      btw, Mr. Forrest, your friends here on Dal’s blog would love to visit you and listen to you tell stories, but we’re respecting your privacy.

      Funny pictures and really funny story! got me laughing and out of bed. was having one of those mornings where I wanted to pull the covers over my eyes and stay there. Thank you for continuing to surprise us. You keep us thinking about being released from civilization’s stale familiarity and listening to nature’s chorus. Even in suberbia, I found a blue jay in my holly tree this morn.

  14. Thanks for another great read, Forrest! Do you not have any more fish, alligators and burros to feed? Did Tesuque eat all their food?
    I could’ve added the cow poop for free! 🙂
    I hope you are able to enjoy San Lazaro for many more years!

  15. Funny, I had to go to the rest room to not have an accident 🙂 Then I rolled around on the carpet. Then I got my brain thawed out and started to dig for clues but got stuck . Guess I should take a stroll and clear my head…

  16. We sure have some funny people on this blog. I like to read it for the humor.
    Forrest, there is nothing wrong with Tesuque being the size he is. Don’t let the vets tell you different. He should be happy, not just lean. I’m sure if the vets heard me say that, they would be pissed, but oh well. I used to work at the zoo and I feel the same way about those animals. They should be eating what they eat in the wild and not put on a diet. They are not in the wild and have to live in a cage, so let them be happy. I love your outfits, my husband gets to dress that way too. Y’all are so lucky! I have to work in a business office where they don’t let you wear jeans so I only have two pairs. I do have several pairs of moccasins though. There so soft and you can just slip them on. I wouldn’t mind being supervised by you at San Lazaro if you’re up for it. Hope you have a good day and get your nap in! Your friend from Texas.

  17. An enjoyable read Forrest. My Dad frequently sang “My Blue Heaven” around the house. Oops, now the lyrics are in my head.
    Tesuque is adorable, love watching and letting sleeping dogs lie. Just wondering, are there also some folding chairs kept in your closet? Thank you for the smile.

  18. Forrest, this is your best post yet…now we meet Forrest the man, instead of Forrest the treasure chest. If and when I get to Santa Fe, meeting and talking with you may be enough reward for the trip. Please tell us more about your life and thoughts and experiences excavating San Lazaro Pueblo.

    • Byron, I agree. Its nice to see a bit of Forrest ‘just as he is’ without all the trappings of treasure. People are far more interesting than any form of antiquities or gold. How many would trade in all future looking and a possible treasure to spend a day listening to Forrest tell stories and look at his collections? I would. It would be nice to meet him and call him friend. Any one else with me?

      Someone who knows Mr. Fenn, Please forward my suggestion. It sounds like he gave up reading this blog in lieu of nap time.

  19. Forrest

    Glad u didn’t have any skeletons in that closet. Wow that’s quite a few blue jeans u have. Very proud that your closet is very clean and organized, some closets that u open can look pretty scary. I call those people lazy 🙂
    That’s awesome that your nice suits are in the basement, it feels good to be simple Right.
    Let’s see writing poetry, well I find that the thrill of a chase poem is one of the best I never thought I would ever try and figure a Poem out and it’s meaning , I guess its all downhill for me now due to my research:)
    Thank Heavens you are so involved in your Chase your stories are top notch 🙂
    We all Love you Forrest for all the adventures 🙂 !!!!!!!

        • jj – I think the bass has morphed into a large mouth, well-camouflaged whippoorwill. Look at a photo, those birds would be missed if you didn’t know exactly what to look for. I’m guessing she’s eating well… in her own closet, still thinking how to link Molly brown and staying quiet to honor ff’s “sshh” probably trying to chase down every last lead to write the best possible solve. Didn’t ff say something about a special prize for the correct solve? Maybe that person at least gets to meet mr. Fenn. Sounds like Rick thinks we should all walk away. What’s that about? Feel free to walk Rick; Its too much fun for the rest of us to quit.

  20. That’s really sad:(

    Friends don’t come around much anymore but once in a while someone will wander in. They always want to talk about the treasure and when they ask where it’s hidden I say “Why do you want to know?”

    Does anyone want to just enjoy your company?

    Everyone just wants to take that one special thing away from you……

    Who’s with me in leaving? Really you had your fun time to go……..

  21. Forrest,
    You surely are familiar with Yogi Berra, after all your epitaph is a take on one of his gems.
    So you probably know to always go to people’s funeral otherwise they won’t come to yours.

      • When I’m 80 (God willing) I’m knocking off 3 banks at once burning those banks down and throwing money around………

        That’s just for starts………..

          • Rick Your writing a Book!!! What kind of book is it . It must have a lot of action in it and have one heck of a dramatic ending Especially if were all dead . I’ll enjoy reading it. When is it going to be done. Please send me your address so I can buy a copy. ( Tease)

  22. You are lucky Forrest you have a lot of closet space… My wife takes all of mine and has an obsession with fancy handbags and enough shoes to fit a hundred models if they went to war…

    I stole an old saying… “I wear the pants in my family, but my wife tells me which ones I can wear!” 🙂

  23. Bill and I would come to talk metals and baseball and art and I would ask your wife if she knew the minute she met you that her life would be like this. We would talk grandkids and education and why the men we love aren’t dressed up like Susanne Summers husband is. I would ask about how so many people can apply so many different interpretations to words in a poem and on and on . Billl is close to your age and loves rocks and arrow heads and fossils and fishing and wears blue shirts work pants and steel toe shoes. Our dog Maddie is his pal. he will tell you about the Daisy rifle company and guns and hunting in Michigan . I am. on a short list to teach art in Shiprock. so perhaps we will meet . The retired but still needs to work teacher from Detroit.

  24. (Puts a new spin on home of Brown.)

    I made my first blue jean quilt out of my Dad’s work jeans, worn knees and grease spots and all.
    I also had plenty of material when I couldn’t keep my son in Levi’s. ( He grew like fire and I think they purposely made them ‘weak.’ )

    Could be a great project for the grandkids when you downsize further.

  25. If you were to invite me in…the treasure, in my mind, is found.
    Just to know you would be such!
    I’d love to talk about your Clovis collection, and San Lazaro, and here more great stories! I have some pretty good stories too! We could just “shoot the shit”! 🙂

  26. He’s a dude or gentleman rancher, etc. And trying to look irrelevantly old. You don’t fool us mr. fenn. Ha, your only as old as you convince yourself, right? Line up the Bebe guns and cow patties and lets have a shoot off – winner take all! My sisters and I can shoot the cr@p with the best of them… providing we can find our readers first!

    Anyone else notice there were 9 pair of shoes?

    • and he was blatantly seated in the middle of the room. C’mon Forrest don’t be blue your fans love you!

    • “Line up the Bebe guns and cow patties and lets have a shoot off” …or a knife throwing contest! Yeah, baby!

      Btw, is that a bunch of fleece jackets or pants on the back wall. I love fleece. What are those? Anybody know? He has like a whole rainbow of them.

      • JC1117 – that was choice! now throw in Hasselhoff singing to the hurl of knives and Tesuque appearing in the video…

        Do they kick you off this blog for having too much fun?

      • I must apologize. It seems I was communicating like my wife does with me most times. i.e. She expects me to read her mind. 🙂 When I asked about what looks like fleece pants or jackets on the back wall I was talking about the ones IN FORREST’S CLOSET. If so, it seems his effort will be worth the warmth. Whatever they are he’s very serious about it. They’re covered with dust protectors.

        • JC…
          Blue jeans, blue jeans what do you see? I see blue eyes looking at me. Blue eyes, blue eyes what do you see? I see a blue shirt looking at me. Blue shirt, blue shirt what do you see? I see a blue chair looking at me. Blue chair, blue chair what do you see? I see Forrest, waiting for company.

  27. And lia, as the whippoorwill is nocturnal, perhaps she (or he) will (smile) only post comments at night.

    • Ellen, if you were the he/she, wouldn’t you be hiding quietly, and obeying the don’t send emails to ff rule or post on Dal’s site? Heck, you know there must be sophisticated crooks and people watching the blogs; probably hacking f’s email now that he said ‘sshh.’ Too many people lurking in the wings ready to take pot shots or steal that treasure thru online sources. Naa, if the whippoorwill is smart enough to solve the poem, he/she’s also smart enough to remain hidden from the public. Must not be greedy though… why wouldn’t you just plow through early snow in the high country and retrieve that chest? Surely, snowshoes or a horse would work… an ini?ma to be sure.

  28. I can’t understand why someone would need that many Levi’s. I’ve never owned more than 2 pairs of jeans at the same time in my life; one to wear, the other in the wash.

    I counted hangers and came up with 47, plus another baker’s dozen hiding behind Forrest’s noggin. That’s 60 pairs of jeans, at $50 per, that’s $3000 worth of pants!

  29. Hey Tom

    It’s called : Lifestyles of the Blessed and Famous:)
    I can assure you he did something RIGHT 🙂 !!!!!!!

  30. I don’t where jeans during the summer here in Colorado. I work best that way. I feel very comfortable. I think I have about 7 which one is black. Anyway, sometimes I feel I am an American Hero by design.

  31. I’ve always loved the call of the Whippoorwill. And I love the way they lie on a branch as though they are on a nest. We spot them usually at dusk. My favorites are owls. We have a pair of Eastern Screech Owls and can hear them calling back and forth to each other at night in our neighborhood, but sometimes right in our backyard. This is why I sleep with the bedroom window slightly ajar, no matter the temp.

    Loved the pics. Sure wish my closet was as organized. You need a job??? 😉

  32. F, Tesuque and your hair are the tame! I thought I was the only one who sorted their closet by color hue.

  33. Why would I want to know where the treasure is? Hmmm
    Now I’m stumped. Or at least my right leg is stumped. I was searching when I did that and I would like to know the whereabouts of the treasure as some kind of balance.
    I have a black cat name Mowie that knows the game of life and love.
    I have a closet full of southwestern style shirts, but I usually wear my white t-shits.
    I have one pair of jeans that I wear until they can stand on their own. Until then they are thrown in a corner on the floor.
    I have a couple of hats that I don’t wear because I am a fat head and they don’t fit me anymore.
    I don’t watch birds. I just put comments and wise cracks on twitter. Click on my name if you dare.

    • I agree, Joe. That’s a great color for Forrest. I’ve discovered that brown pants suit me the best. 🙂

  34. Somebody other than Tesuque better start eating around there…keep your strength up….your friends still want to see you.

  35. So dog gone much fun on the blog today! worth celebrating. Tell the dogs to hide under the bed. :*\ |*: /*: Ok, sparklers are done, dogs can come out.

  36. mr. forrest ,you impress me so much with your stories.boy are you good.I am sorry tho that all people want to ask you is about the treasure.thats a shame.I’d say lets go look at san larenzo, ,it sounds fascinating in the book I have on it .seeing where people used to live and how did they make such stuff.thats would be nice to pay off bills and live comfortable for the rest of your life.but won’t bring happiness constantly.I do love dogs of all kids, so cute.I bet he follows daddy everywhere.we all have our good days and bad days.wish they were all good .life would be good as apple to you and ms. peggy.virginia diane

    • Virginia Diane, it is pronounced teh-sooh-keh. Sooh sounds like the mame Sue. Pojoaque… Poh-wahk-eh. Toas… pronounce the T and the s as you would think and pronounce the “ou” as the ow in “Ow! I hurt my finger!” Or like the “ou” in “Ouch!”

      • Oops… Taos.Ouch, Taos… kind of sounds alike. Dang, I can’t even spell the name of Taos! That is why I just call Forrest f. I don’t want to get his name wrong.

  37. forrest, YOU are a Handsome Handsome man. I show your picture to people and they all agree!
    Do you have a house keeper or do you keep your closet like this yourself?
    Lou Lee Belle, Chased by Brown’s in Jellystone Park.

    • Lou Lee, he does have a housekeeper. I met her when I was there, and at first I thought it was his wife. She said she’d been the housekeeper for something like 40 some odd years. Nice lady.

  38. May I recommend a short book-The Simple Life by french aurthr Charles Wagner.
    Found a copy years ago. There a several chapters I should reread.
    And it was written over 110 years ago.

    • Yes, we were meant to be human beings, not always human doings. Thanks for the book reference Safety Joe.

  39. Mr. Fenn,

    If I was ever to win a day with you, I would bombard you with questions, but none of them about the chest.

    As a lover of history, I would want to know more about how things were when you were a young boy.

    I would definitely want you to show me San Lazaro. My interest in archeology was how I found your chase to begin with.

    I would ask you what you regret in life…I have a feeling I know, but I would love to hear your story. I know, through experience and intuition, your Air Force years during wartime had to be both the most punishing and most rewarding. And not just physically…I can tell through your writing that there are events you look back on that wrench your heart. There are moments when you wish you could turn back time and do things differently, just like we all do.

    I know this chase has made you appear larger than life to many people. And I’m sure a part of you even may regret that, a little, because at heart, you’re a simple man (not as cryptic as you’re made out to be), with simple loves (home, art, family), and all your life you had one goal–to provide for your family, and do your duty when you were called upon.

    It is those stories I would ask you about.

    Of course, I would still love to find the treasure, but I can honestly say I’d rather spend a summer helping you excavate San Lazaro than search for the treasure.

    My treasures are things that interest me, and money, as nice as it would be to have some, is not on my list at this turning point in my life.

    So, write on, Mr. Fenn. Write on. You are truly becoming a writer. As Stephen King has said, “A writer writes.” Simple as that!

  40. Since u mentioned Stephen King
    I’m really not interested in any of his stories I stay away from horror books and movies
    Just to scary for me !!!!!! 🙂

    • Me neither Amy! Life is scary enough these days without fiction story induced nightmares. How is your solve these days, are you sleuthing away or fitting in one last trip before the snow flies?

      • 42

        My solve is done . 🙂
        I will not head out again until spring / summer / June more than likely . This way Forrest can continue to sell more books until then lol.
        Let’s see I believe in the poem where it says I have done it tired and now I’m week is a clue.
        And hear me all and listen good is a clue because what I found/ translated goes with it.
        Me having to wait is called Patience . I’m going to a place I have never been to but with my solve and where it ends looks disappointing but I’m trying to follow the directions with my imigination.
        Heck it may turn out to be beautiful . 🙂 !!!!!

        I will just Relax In fact I’m getting a massage tomorrow 🙂

  41. Yes I have very different , interesting, sad
    Tom Hanks is such a good actor 🙂

    My daughter watches scary movies all the time and then she’s afraid to be alone at night, humm I wonder why lol. That’s why I don’t watch or read that stuff I’m afraid of the dark at age 42 lol . Yep I have a night light 🙂 !!!!!!!

  42. I missed out on this great post while I was on a different treasure hunting adventure in Central America. I wondered why everyone kept talking about all Forrest’s jeans. Now I know why. I met his housekeeper, and I’ll bet she’s the one that keeps his closet looking so organized! Hmmmmm, I think forrest will get bored staying away from reading the blogs and come back. I’m crossing my fingers. 🙂

    • Is Forrest staying away from the Blog? Seems like he has been posting alot and commenting too lately or at least in the last weeks or so. Wendy, where did you hear this?
      Lou Lee chased by bears in Jellystone Park

      • Lou Lee chased by bears in Jellystone Park, if you mean about the subject of all of Forrest’s jeans, I believe I read the comments in one of the more recent scrapbook threads.

  43. Did you ever notice when the sun goes down
    Out of nowhere comes a strange and pretty sound
    It’s a whistling tune for walking in the night
    If you listen you can hear it in the breeze
    Specially when the breeze is drifting through the trees

    It’s a whistling tune for walking in the night
    And the murmuring waters sing the song
    The echoing mountains HUM along
    The whispering valleys fill the air
    With a whistling tune our hearts can share

    It’s so wonderful to walk beneath the moon
    Listening to old mother nature’s favorite tune


  44. Does anyone know what happened to Dexter and Bandit? They weren’t mentioned in the dog name list.

  45. It’s really great knowing everything and not being able to find the treasure – maybe someone could explain BTW the 10$ represents X marks the spot…a horse ranch maybe. All IMO

  46. I’ve never had a favorite bird until I moved to Colorado, but then my heart was set on the magpie. Beautiful birds that look like sporty fighter airplanes when they take flight. Energetic animals that always look like they are ready to pursue the next adventure. Calls that sounds almost like a hip-hop artist scratching on a turntable. The more upbeat cousins of the crows and ravens. For me, they capture the thrill of life and are emblematic of the Rocky Mountains. I continue to smile whenever one crosses my path, and consider it a sign of good fortune. 🙂

    • Hi, Iron Will. Glad to see you back! Are you going to share your old NM solve sometime? I’ve been looking forward to reading about it.

      If it makes you feel any better, I just completed my last BOTG search for the season with no luck. That pretty much kills my WWWH. Looks like I’m back to square one, myself. Ah well! I’m planning to write everything up and share over the wintertime here also.

      • Sorry you did not find Indulgence. I guess she is getting ready for a “Long winter’s nap”. Hope she rests well. JDA

        • Hello JDA. I believe it may soon be looking this way. It’s forecasted that Denver is suppose to get 4-7″ of snow tomorrow, with the front coming in tonight.

        • IW…did you have a good break? The Chase has chewed up and tossed away many searchers. Not too many come back for more. Your tenacity is appreciated….

          • Not really, too many hungover days. Stress about one’s future changing can drive a person to drink. Might have only been a six pack at a time, but still. Yeah yeah, I know I’m a lightweight 😆

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