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chestI found some external hard drives that contain files and photos from old laptops that went in the trash years ago. They were from a time when I was acquiring exotics to be part of my treasure. The bronze chest had a name then. It was called Indulgence.

I have other hard drives to search but would like to post some of the artifacts as they surface. All I post are in the chest. I could describe the cultures from which they came but bloggers would analyze my comments into perpetuity. Maybe giant-minded commenters will do those honors. ff



These old Mayan gold beads were in my personal collection for many years. My dear friend Wolfgang Pogzeba (RIP) gave them to me as friendship gifts. Indulgence holds them now as more evidence that a part of me is hidden with the treasures. I can’t help but wonder through whose hands they passed during their 3,000 year journey to where they are now, or where they will be in another 1,000 years . Maybe in the same place?


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    • Wouldn’t it be awesome when or if the treasure is found…for the finder to voluntarily choose to leave possibly a slightly smaller chest in a slightly different location and a clue be left in the originL location…. So forth and so on…it sure would forever keep your legend alive and keep that childhood dream of being a treasure hunter open for everyone….personally I’d choose favorites you’ve posted to mix with other unknowns and add a few myself -although I’d have to choose a book rather than gold as I treasure my books far more than my jewelry…. But just a thought

      • Renee (and others),

        I do intend to leave something behind if I am the first finder of Indulgence. Mostly because if I am the finder it is my intention to not divulge the find until all my “affairs are in order” so that when the storm hits all my hatches will be battened down. This also will allow others that solve the poem something to continue looking for/find until the storm is released.

        It should be no surprise either to anyone that what I leave in stead of Indulgence will not be anywhere near as valuable, as I am not as well funded as Mr. Fenn is.

        Good luck to all!

      • I have thought this myself. It will be sad when the chase is over but the thrill will carry on in the memory of the journey.

    • I think my loving wife has figured it out… We will make an attempt following her thesis this fall.

  1. Oh Forrest, indeed that is a part of you. Too much to sacrifice in my opinion. You are overly kind to include such a personal item like this.

  2. Forrest, It makes me sad for you that you have lost so many good friends. Hug those grand kids and make every minute count.

  3. Remind me to take my Horse . I don’t think I can carry it all out in two trips.LOL The beads are nice F. The place maybe won’t be the same in 1000 years. When your reincarnated you might not reconize how to get there . Maybe by then the government wont let you have access to the place. Sad to think it may get that way.

  4. Although many years gone, the loss of close friends always leaves a hole in your heart. Forrest really is placing things dear to him in the chest. Maybe this will cheer you Mr. Fenn. I lived as a child in a city in Montana where your friend was in charge of cleaning large scale C.M. Russell paintings in public buildings. I used to pass through one of those buildings daily with a friend on our way home from school to buy candy and a soda and to gaze at the magnificent paintings. Even as kids we understood their beauty and importance. One time there was a man on a ladder cleaning or conserving the painting. We asked him what he was doing, and in an accent he took time to tell us. It would have been in the early 70’s… could that have been Wolfgang Pogzeba?

    • Dal, did Mr. Fenn ever state why he is no longer leaving clues as he did through the media in the beginning? Thanks, Gem of Texas

      • Gem-
        Not to me. But I am guessing that he simply had a few clues he intended to give out from the very beginning..That is to say that he always knew he would be able to narrow things down..Remember when he started all we knew was that it was in the mountains north of Santa Fe…Could have been the Canadian Rockies, the Alps in Switzerland, the Brooks Range in Alaska or even the Altai Mountains in China. So now we know it’s in one of four states..and we know a lot of other things about it’s location as well. I would suggest that this was all his intention from the beginning..and there may be more so I think we should all pay attention.

    • Dal you say “there would be less confusion”. I’m not confused at all, I am confident that I know where it isn’t! LOL

  5. As I gazed at the gold beads a thought occurred to me. ” Why do I want to find the treasure? ” Followed by ” What would I do with it? ” I could travel and see some of the places I have dreamed of over my life time etc etc.

    Suddenly I realized that those things would not be in keeping with the spirit of of the chase. Forrest many times you have stated that you are just a temporary guardian of things. Nearing 60 I now know what I would do if I found the chest.
    Now where does warm waters halt?…. πŸ™‚

  6. Thanks Forrest for fulfilling my earlier request. Fascinating designs on the beads. It seems they were very skilled in creating the molds to cast them. I’m curious though, are these beads strung with wire?

    • I’m a Mayan nut and really am enthralled with this ancient culture. I look forward to finding Indulgence, just to have this and other gems in my collection. :o)

  7. oh,mr. forrest,I know a part of your heart will always be within that chest,look at all the memories that are in many memories to live off of.I’m sure it was hard to part with your treasure.but with all the good you have done ,people will never forget you in their hearts.very rarely does anyone ever come across someone like you,there are a lot of greedy people in this world.and you sir,are not one of them ,but most generous and kind. Virginia diane

  8. WOW I got to be honest F I’d like to see those hanging around my neck. Now if your old hard drives could be hooked up to the internet that would be a museum like experience.. EXCEPTIONAL PIECES πŸ™‚

  9. Those are beautiful. It always amazes me the detail that ancient items were made with when they had such basic tools to make them with.

    • There’s something I have been dying to know, so would you mind taking the gloves off and finally ask Fenn this most important Question!!!!!!

      “Forrest did you really fly around Vietnam with a bumper sticker on your plane?”

  10. I love Mayan beads! Makes me happy Wolfgang gave them to you as a symbol of friendship.

  11. Wow, 3000 years old? Beautiful beads and Amazing workmanship! Sad story about the loss of your friend, Wolfgang . I imagine finding these images brings back a lot of memories. The treasure gets more and more interesting!

  12. So far these beads have triggered my OCD “self diagnosis” more than any of of the other items I have seen in the chest. Once I find the chest I will wear these every day for the rest of my life.

  13. “…we had the experience but missed the meaning.” T.S. Elliott Let’s not miss the meaning as we search for gold.

    Thinking of how costly and perfect Wolfgang’s gift of friendship was brings to mind the type of deep abiding friendship he and Forrest must have enjoyed. This type of generosity and self-sacrificing love for friends and fellow man is what I believe the chase is all about. As Forrest reveals the hidden items, we discover not all are simply investors gold nuggets, but also treasured items/memories given to Forrest by those dear to him. Forrest also mentions exchanging friendship gifts often with Eric Sloane. His example inspired me to give away 2 gold rings to my close friends. Items I love and have worn, symbolic of our friendships.

    I wish to thank Forrest for sharing his treasure and nuggets of wisdom with us publically, and Dal & Jenny for selflessly dedicating time and expertise to provide excellent conduits of information.

      • That’s a great ? Sugarloaf – Forrest is the only one who could answer that with integrity as it relates to his mindset. For me, the entire poem is worth digesting, not just Little Gidding. I put aside all research today to really think about the poem, and it led to treasure… or understanding of the pathway Forrest has trod mentally, physically and perhaps spiritually during his life’s journey. IMO, understanding another person is worth the effort. With so many references to literature and poetry, Mr. Fenn opened the windows of my mind to grow personally. I don’t really care if I find the tc, just glad to have taken a rewarding journey at this stage in my life.

    • I tend to agree with you Lia. I have read many comments on the different blogs and there are more than a few people who are just out for the “quarry” (treasure) and not the “chase” (the adventure). Just ask Forrest about the crazies who email, call, or stalk him wanting, demanding to know where the chest is!

      I would guess that most of the gold coins in the chest hold little sentimental value to Forrest but probably the other items have a history and story attached to them that is precious to him. That’s one of the reasons I love these pictures of some of the items in the chest that he has never shown to us before. It’s the stories he tells about the history of the piece or the story of where it came from and how he acquired it. I’m very glad he’s sharing these wonderful stories with us and answering questions on Jenny’s site. And thanks to Dal and Jenny for providing these sites!

  14. I really don’t think anybody missed the meaning. We all understand that each item in the chest means something to forrest. We are all on are own romantic journey in the search for the chest and I feel that some people have forgotten that there is an actual treasure chest out there.

    • What do you mean rooster? You came out of no where and what are you saying I’m trying to compute it.

    • I have not forgotton the tc is real or out there Rooster. But what are the odds of me finding it? Statistically, my chances are slim or none. I’d love to hear the actual odds. Given the inordinate amount of time Ive spent researching combined with 3 expensive failed searches, gashed shins, and cold family members, there’s no romance left either. One thing that makes it worth while is finding ways to grow personally and enjoy nature. Is that so wrong?

        • Behind-
          Maybe you should stop looking…
          Just saying…
          I personally believe the odds are in my favor…and the rest who keep looking..
          But the more who drop out…the better my odds..

    • Maybe rooster we should get together. I like your name and we both believe in a real chest. What do ya say?

  15. I imagine that perhaps those beads were passed down from a mother to her daughter, and down the line, each passing from a larger, wiser hand to a smaller, more innocent one. I imagine the passing to be profound and significant, because during the age of that necklaces existence, children revered and respected their elders.
    So, if I ever find the chest, I will not wear the beads, for they actually belong to someone else…

  16. I just returned from an adventure in Central America to learn more about my Grandchildren’s Mayan ancestors, meet their family today, and explore their 256K acres of jungle. ! I didn’t know that Mayan’s had gold beads like this. Beautiful!

  17. 256 acres of jungle? How awesome is that! Lets hope they always love the land and take good care of it. πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing that Wendy.

  18. Woo Hoo!!! It’s 2015 and I just found out about the treasure a couple months ago, and it’s still not found! Man, this is so cool! Thank you Forrest for this opportunity!!! And Dal, the search aint over yet!!!

  19. If I am lucky enough to find the TC, I will offer to give back to Forrest, as many of the items as he wants. Reminders of friendships lost, or memories of cherished moments. I hope that he takes me up on the offer…IF I am so lucky as to find it.

    Good luck to all, and STAY SAFE


  20. “I could describe the cultures from which they came, but…”. I love your sense of humor, Forrest!
    Thanks for sharing, every comment you give us is a treasure!

  21. The Ancient Mayans were a Mesoamerican civilization that lived in areas of what is today Mexico, Honduras and Guatemala. They were one of the more advanced civilizations of their time. Evidence of Mayan civilization dates back in history to well before the birth of Christ. The Maya excelled at agriculture, pottery, hieroglyph writing, calendar-making, mathematics, astronomy, and had a written language and books. Jewelry from this ancient civilization can be traced back approximately 5,000 years.

    In the earliest period of Mayan civilization, metal was hard to come by so the Mayan’s created jewelry out of bone from jaguar teeth and claws, stones, feathers, and various colorful shells. As natural resources became more readily available, the Mayans would craft beautiful jewelry out of gold, silver, copper, jade and bronze.

    Both men and women were known to wear much of the same jewelry with the exception of lip and nose plugs. Nose plugs and nose ornaments were reserved for men with a high social status. Lip plugs were known to be quite sophisticated pieces of jewelry and made of similar materials as nose plugs. Earplugs were also worn by the Mayans and were often so heavy that they would permanently disfigure the earlobe.

  22. It is incredible to me how Gold has always had some inherent value to every culture throughout history. Fundamentally; it is just a shiny naturally occurring metal like many others. You can’t eat it or drink it. But given its imposed intrinsic value (and in the right amounts); you can live like a king or die living an adventurous life trying to find it… Thanks Mr. Fenn for giving us this chase…

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