Scrapbook Ninety Nine…



family in crisis

My granddaughter Noah has this mix of a poor dog. She named him Tucker of all things. Well, Tucker’s hair kept growing over the winter, and spring, and summer, and fall. The unfortunate thing was awkward by necessity because he couldn’t see out. He kept running into trees, and rabbits in the yard were absolutely safe.



Finally, one day while Noah was in school, someone sneaked Tucker to the hairdresser. Here’s the result.


Later, Noah asked about that strange looking dog that was prancing around the yard with such artistry? No one dared speak under penalty of death. The problem was that Noah is a pretty bright girl and soon figured it out. So she started crying, and laughing, and then crying again. Sometimes she didn’t know for sure which one she was doing.

But all ended well. Tucker had rediscovered himself, the trees were relaxed, and the rabbits hid out under the wood pile till after dark. The other dogs in the family: Chappy, Tesuque, Boss and Apache, all though Tucker was charming, so Noah was pleased at last.

Don’t you just love a story like that?

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  1. Beautiful dog, beautiful granddaughter, beautiful scene! And yes, I do love stories like that. Dress warm, Forrest!

  2. I had a big dog whose hair grew like that. He loved to play in the yard and flirt with this little poodle across the the street. Then we took him to the groomer.
    His first adventure outside didn’t last long once he saw the dog across the street. He ran under the car which was next to the front door where I was standing and hid. He refused to come out. I guess he was embarrassed. It was too cute.


  3. Forrest
    We love stories like that
    Tucker was a little on the shaggy side 🙂 I’m sure he feels 7 pounds lighter 🙂 !!!!!

  4. I have a pom poodle and a Yorkey. The pom poodle needs a hair cut once every 4 to 5 months. It’s like shearing a sheep. The yorkey wondered in one day and decided to stay. After an exhaustive search for the owner he decided to adopt us.
    Love my dogs 🙂

  5. I loved Tucker’s natural, unruly hair (before his artsy cut)…reminds me of mine! …and I plan to keep it…sorry Forrest!

    • You’re funny Philly, I suppose you could make up names from the dogs, but he probably threw them out there just to throw people off. Combing rather combining the dogs not including Tucker one could arrive at Pasich, Chisap, Apchis, Sapchi, or Chiapet!

  6. this is the second time the name tucker appeared in a scrapbook, the 1st one was when he was talking about his Veteran friend Tucker Wyche….maybe there is a tucker involved somehow is this chase….?

  7. Tucker is gonna be much more comfortable in the long run. Once a year for our long hair shepherd. A bit awkward looking at first, but it doesn’t take long to grow back. Thanks Forrest…

  8. “Till” is a funny word. I used to write it as ’til , till I started trying to solve the treasure puzzle and looked it up one day.

  9. Just thinking that you have a darling grand daughter, who must bring you joy and laughter! Kids & grandkids keep us young at heart.

  10. Off topic… Scrap Book 100 will be next. Really hard to believe ! Time really does just scream by…

  11. Tucker is a great name for a dog……ours is a German Shepherd. 🙂 I must say I prefer his shaggy look but in the hot summer I’m sure he’s more comfortable with the shorter “do” and it will grow out to keep him warm in the winter. Cute dog and even cuter granddaughter!

  12. Ninety nine, I have a real close friend who is 99 years old.
    We go to lunch once a week and have pizza. 🙂

    I can’t say that that is the secret to long life. LOL

  13. So just who sneaked Tucker to the the hairdresser and why did that person threaten everyone with death if they spoke about it? Did grandpa not want to risk enduring the wrath of a displeased grand-daughter? 🙂

  14. Change is in the air, are you saying you want to trade a necklace for a bracelet? I aint got da chesto, the treasure states not bein good to me.

  15. Thank you for the dog story Forrest. Dogs truly are a part of the family, around here too. Tucker is a handsome young man, I am sure it didnt take long for it to grow out. 🙂

    Both my dogs are getting older, but they still race each other out the door to see who can catch the rabbits. Good times! 🙂

    I dont know if I believe you are afraid of your grandaughters reactions? LOL

  16. I think Tucker looks prettier with his hair short, at least it’s cooler for him and safer for him; watch out bunnies. Besides, he can stay inside when it’s cold can’t he?

  17. Who said that f wrote that scrapbook? It isn’t signed “f”. So, is it because the writer wrote the last line as f writes? Check….

  18. Dal, did Forrest specifically say he hid the chest and not something smaller like a certificate in a tube. Are we sure what exactly we would expect to find?

    • Tom-
      Yes he has said more than once and in different ways that it is the chest that is hidden and that the poem leads directly to…not a piece of paper, not an IOU.

      Please don’t asked me for quotes. They are here and you can dig them up unless someone else decides to provide you with that information.

  19. Cool dog F. Thanks for sharing the personal stories. Your granddaughter looks just like you, the both of you have movie star looks 🙂 BTW you should have done some sort of acting. What makes you think supervising is your skill set? Errol Flynn ambitions…I think your strong suit is acting 🙂

  20. Cute Story! I can only imagine Noah’s reaction! We have a little rat terrier Nana who we have to bundle up in the winter and she doesn’t stay outside for very long at all.

  21. mr. forrest.that was the sweetest story.i have heard in a long time.tucker is a beautiful dog.he just needed a good grooming of he looks like a poodle cut.but still pretty.he is loved by all. noah loves her dog.beautiful granddaughter.

    • That might not be a bad thing on a day like today. High is 83 today, Rapid City gets mighty cold in the winter.

  22. Mr. Fenn I think you should write a children’s book. You definitely have what it takes. I like kids books with illustrations too. One of my favorite books growing up was The Mad Scientists’ Club. This group of kids had such imagination, it was incredible the things they did.

    But all ended well. Tucker had rediscovered himself, the trees were relaxed, and the rabbits hid out under the wood pile till after dark. The other dogs in the family: Chappy, Tesuque, Boss and Apache, all though Tucker was charming, so Noah was pleased at last.

  23. Great pics, Forrest!! I’ll bet that someone else will get a “shearing”, if Noah finds out who the culprit is!!

    Reminds me of “Mary” and her little “lamb”!! 🙂

  24. Great story… Haircuts are always good in my opinion!

    I wish I could do the same to my German Shepard named “Arrow”… Fortunately she has a natural coat that doesn’t require grooming.. She sheds hair all over house! My fancy Dyson vacuum works overtime every day!

  25. Tucker is awesome, shaggy or not so shaggy. I personally love the shaggy look, although I’m sure he felt much better with less weight!

  26. Seems that small threads are woven into this scrapbook from Gold and More/Teachers with Ropes.

    Then one afternoon when I walked home from school in the rain my string had disappeared.

    All of the children had their own knots and they couldn’t let go under penalty of death.

    Maybe it’s a respect thing, like the sheriff who told the outlaw he was going to hang him with a new rope because he respected him so much.

    Finally, one day while Noah was in school, someone sneaked Tucker to the hairdresser. Here’s the result. Later, Noah asked about that strange looking dog that was prancing around the yard with such artistry? No one dared speak under penalty of death.

    Anyone have thoughts I’m curious. So why did he do this scrapbook? I think Dal said recently that he didn’t think Forrest at 79 would be capable of repelling.

  27. Gold fever, my thoughts are basic, and unreconciled: the warnings are extreme and don’t appear to be simply sarcastic humor. Forrest has said no repelling, no dangerous locations. So why penalty of death for letting go of a knotted rope? The kids are inside the Fenn gallery/museum.
    Off topic knot and kno ledge have same root: greek root gno or kno
    Knowledge, knowledgeable, know, knowing, acknowledge, gnostic, agnostic, gnosticism. Knot: rope, nautical & airspeed

  28. Gold fever, no but I can definitely tell you where not to rapell! I used to rapel in hs and college. Lots of fun going down but no fun at all climbing out. Got onto the ledge of a very steep cliff on one search and my shin is still regretting it.

    • Mmm yes understand, I’m thinking more along the lines of something a kid say 10-11 could do.

      • Gold you must have a serious fever, have you checked your temp lately? Ha ha just kidding but seriously a 79 year old repelling. I don’t know if you remember the question about danger from Jenny Kiles site. I was the one that asked that one.

        Question posted 6/9/2014:

        You said in the past that the chest is not in a dangerous place; yet searchers are searching along Cliffside’s, raging water, and other seemingly dangerous places. Could you please elaborate or qualify your statement in which you said” The chest is not in a dangerous place”

        Edward, thanks for the question.
        The treasure is not hidden in a dangerous place in the normal definition of the word, realizing that there probably is no place on this planet that is safe under all conditions. Bloggers have quoted me as saying that a child could walk up to the treasure. I don’t think that’s an accurate quote because a three year old girl would have a problem without some help. Remember, I was about 80 when I hid the chest, and had to make two trips.f

  29. Gold, I climbed fake rock at city park this summer and sat under an arch. Lots of fun jumping into wood chips. Maybe Dal would post my photo. Good night to you. Thanks for the help

  30. I enjoyed that story very much. Those dog names are very unique (I am told that is improper grammar) and makers me wonder what ever happened to those old fashioned dog names, like Rover, Fido and Rex?! Tucker is a pretty cool name for a dog but I wouldn’t recommend it for a person, you know how those name games go … Banana-fana fo….

  31. So what is the hint in this scrapbook?
    I think it represents unconditional love…
    Where that fits into your solve… I have no idea. 🙂
    Just my opinion.

    • WiseOne, a nice interpretation, and I’ll take God’s and people’s unconditional love over a box of gold every time. In my solve and in my life, a cross rather than an x lead to treasure. How nice if we were each loved with all of our imperfection = to perfection in others eyes. I have to believe God loves me just as I am, since He made me just this way.

      I enjoy the movies, but Hollywood’s opinion of external beauty ruined it for every middle age, average sized person.

      Back to clues, hmmm, not sure.

      • Hi Lia,

        I love that quote “I have to believe God loves me just as I am, since He made me just this way.” and I agree unconditional love is a gift greater than gold anyday.

        • Hello spallies, Amy, WiseOne:

          “Tuck er in” makes me smile! Wasn’t it great as a little kid being tucked in by mom or dad at night. Biggest worry was who you were playing with the next day. 😉

  32. I’m not one to think ever word said in the SB’s or pic shown is a hint…
    But did anyone else notice the Rock formation Tucker and Noah are standing in?

    • Dear Noah, will you allow the vet to X-ray Tucker? He may have swallowed a large diamond with my TOTC homework. Just kidding!!!!

      Noah, you and your pup are darling!

    • Amy,

      Really?! Of course I know. It’s In the Mountains , more than 66,000 links north of Santa Fe , 300 miles east of Toledo, Above 5000′ and below 10,200′ near The buffalo crossing of wise creek…you know the place! it as big f on the tree, next to the waterfall.

      • Seeker, I know that the chest being below 10,200 feet above see level has already being accepted as a given , other than being posted on Dal ‘ s Rumors page , do we know for sure Forrest said this gor sure? Can anyone let me know where I can see and hear this with my own eyes and ears?

        • RC,

          I thought you would be more interested in the “Buffalo” crossing of “wise creek”…

          The 5000′ comment I believe was on the Today show. and the on a video from one of the meet and greets [ book signings ]… But don’t quote me, I don’t keep notes on ” after the fact ” statements.

          Where’s Jason when I need him?

        • RC-
          You need to read the blog from front to back…
          That question has been asked and answered multiple times on here.
          Forrest made that statement to Bob Boze Bell at lunch in Santa Fe. (Treasure is located between 5K and 10.2K feet)
          Bob printed it in his editor’s column in True West Magazine in the fall of 2013.
          Forrest was then asked if he actually made that statement and he replied in the affirmative.
          Since then Forrest has used that statement many times when referring to where the treasure is located.
          If you need to read it you’ll have to get the correct issue of True West Magazine.
          If you want to know where Forrest affirmed that he actually said that to Bob Boze Bell you’ll have to do some research unless someone else here makes your life easier.

  33. Thats a pretty high mountain for an eighty year old man to climb? But, it is Forrest so who knows.

    • It would be awesome if the chest is in a Valley 🙂 then we don’t have to walk up a mountain. 🙂

      • I have already walked all the way up to one mountain, thought I was going to die:(
        And I know I have said this before I will never literally walk another mountain 🙂
        I walked the most important one in the whole world 🙂
        Just Beautiful

        • Oh, I forgot we were looking for clues in the dogs. I don’t have any… my only thought was that 5 dogs is a lot of dogs! Must be a bit of a doggie party when the Family gets together. Sounds like a lot of fun!

        • Could be, Tucker = ” I’ve done it tired and now I’m week”

          I mean, the dog is Tuckered out and needed to be carried up the Mountain…

      • Yes Amy, call us Valley girls! I’ve hiked too many mountains. My shins and toes are still healing. Next time I’m having a helicopter drop me
        On the top and walking down hill eating penny candy on the way and picking Wild flowers!

  34. Tucker is about as big as Noah is lol
    She said, hurry up and take this picture tucker is heavy !!!!!

  35. here’s a fun little tidbit…the first letters of all the dogs name in order make ctbat, the most common bat in Connecticut is the big brown and little brown.

  36. Just got back home. All I can say at this point is…
    When I read Forrest’s scrapbooks, I try to feel what he is trying to convey. Not getting too detail orientated, and just going with my own intuition.
    This one screamed “unconditional love”! It may not fit into everyone’s quest, and there is probably more to it than what I’ve been able to get out of it, But I wish everyone would/could just come up with an overall feeling about what Forrest is trying to convey.
    I always go back through his scrapbooks after I’ve read all the comments and the action has died down. I can get more out of them that way. That’s just my way of doing things.
    The closet and bathroom still has me thinking!

    • Wise, let us know what you come up with on the closet! I can wager a few good guesses in the bathroom scrapbook but the closet had me baffled, although it’s very comical iMO…like “I’m not getting any younger in my Velcro Nykes, someone please just do it!” Or…”Who cares to join me in my guest recliner for a grapette and story about my Fenn Cache or jeans!”

      • Come on Lia, I know you;re smarter than that!
        Let’s all just look at the first photo image of the bathroom and go form there..
        We have a whole/complete image of Forrest in the middle mirror and on the sides we have two half images (I think that is what F is trying to convey here, although it’s not exact).On the left of the counter we have cleaning items, toothbrushes, sink, (sink has been mentioned before) kleenex, (all except for the clock / time @ 2:50). What does the time reference mean?
        In the middle of the counter we have the hand lotion. (soft). Then on the left we have (hard) items like TV, wooden box for pennies, (copper)….
        Let’s look at this information and see what we can come up with. ok?

        • …Come on Lia, I know you;re smarter than that!…

          I beg to differ with you…But feel free to figure it out and just tell me. Cuz that’s about where I am these days. I’ve done it (solved, hiked, searched) tired and now I’m saving my energy for other things. Young at heart but weak in the gold chase.

  37. “…the trees were relaxed, and the rabbits hid out under the wood pile till after dark.” sounds like a hint 🙂

  38. Yes… go on. What are your thoughts on this? I’m sure it is a hint, but what is it telling us?

  39. I think it’s and odd thing to say and is a hint that is telling us that ‘in the wood’ is one of the 9 clues

  40. Really Really Really

    No way have u ever seen the Cross in Colorado
    Beautiful , Amazing
    I wasn’t going for a big mountain I was going for the most important one of the world .
    If no one has ever seen it then u should go to the Cross 🙂 !!!!!!!

    • True that, Amy. Just do an image search for “dead bodies on Everest”. There are over 200 bodies there already. Doesn’t sound like fun to me. DON’T sign me up. 🙂

  41. JC

    See that’s really sad what are people thinking when they start such a dangerous adventure.
    It’s really ok if u do not make it to the top and it really doesn’t matter. Maybe to that person it does but not to me. 🙂 really sad

    • It is very sad, Amy. I’m sure it’s a long study into the psychology of the individuals who attempt to summit Everest…or other dangerous summits. I enjoy climbing mountains, but I’ve never done it if I felt my life was at risk to do so. I climbed to the base camp on Mount Elbrus once. That was as far as I cared to go. I saw the grave markers there and knew…fairly certain anyway…my name would never be on one. Truth be told it was less dangerous there on the mountain than it was at the Mineral Waters Airport where we…me and another adventurous student…found a bus going up into the mountains. The airport was right on the border of Chechnya and was the most dangerous airport in the world back in ’94! The Second Chechen War erupted just weeks after we got out of there. Good times! 🙂 Btw, that’s the region where the Boston Marathon bombers are from.

      I also gazed inside Lermontov’s Grotto! 🙂

      • That’s interesting! The base camp where we hiked to in 1994 was called “Priut 11”. Apparently, it burned down in 1998. I didn’t know that. 🙂 It had a rich history before that. I have pictures standing in front of that structure. I even have a “challenge coin” showing the Soviets waving their flag while standing on a Nazi flag on the summit of Elbrus.

  42. JC

    Thanks for sharing all that info.
    I’m proud u are smart and to know to stay away from anything that can become dangerous:)

    So in my adventure I came across a sign with a drawing on it and it says danger cliffs ahead the sign was donated by the family of the deceased 🙁

    So I’m like ok when I get there if these cliffs look dangerous I will turn around and take another route 🙂 I said to my husband
    Good Lord this is crazy 🙂

  43. How about this Scrapbook being a type of metaphor for this Chase. Replace Tucker with a searchers name, Mr. Fenn with Noah and other searchers names with the dog names. Maybe he is telling us we need to get haircuts so we can see a little clearer or he is just suggesting to stay focused in a long about way.
    I’m so confused, I don’t think a haircut is going to help.

  44. He may be saying if we can cut through all the fluff we will find something of substance. This blog is 85% shag lmo

    • So, do you think he’s saying to hide out under the wood pile until after dark to find the chest?

  45. I think there is no hints in this little piece of forrest history just him telling us we all are talented someway somehow no matter if some Aint good at cleaning there home your talent might be better used elsewhere . Maybe the ole coot sees our talents we don’t see thru the years in all the emails we flood him with and we don’t quite recognize them ourselves . He is a very observant man .

  46. Oops I posted on the wrong scrapbook lol and hey I know that dog Kujo looks are decieving

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