Photo Album Five…


Got a picture from the search that is amusing or interesting or curious or in focus?

Here is the place for it…

Send to me in email and I will post it along with your screen name and a short caption.

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The only chest I've found so far - Dal

The only chest I’ve found so far – dal


Tierra Wools, Tierra Amarilla, NM -

Tierra Wools, Tierra Amarilla, NM – dal



No place for the meek – dal


It's always easy going down - dal

It’s always easy going down – dal


My kingdom for a shade tree - dal

My kingdom for a shade tree – dal


The evil eye - dal

The evil eye – dal



Nymph milkweed bug is brave and in the wood – Michael Hendrickson

Brave and in the wood - Homecoming76

Brave and in the wood – Homecoming76

Darn good pair of Dickies... Montana tired and worn out! - James

Darn good pair of Dickies… Montana tired and worn out! – James

So many amazing fenn adventures now! honored to be part of the chase... - LOOFA

So many amazing fenn adventures now! honored to be part of the chase… – LOOFA


Diablo Canyon, down from Santa Fe – Michael Hendrickson (@ic1198)


44 thoughts on “Photo Album Five…

  1. Well, at least you can say you found a chest, just not ‘the’ chest. I see you’re moving from lush green locations to the deserts now. Getting tied of all that green?

    • German-
      It was a nice find. Nothing of interest in it though..some old jewelry and a few yellow stones…just kidding…it was empty..
      Ha!…no I believe in the greenness of the real location…
      These shots were not taken in my actual search area…
      But got my attention for a walk or just a picture..
      Took them on my way…

    • Mike-
      Never ate one of those before. But I’m game…
      I don’t eat Fajitas often and don’t know how to make them myself..
      Is the Nopal good raw?

      • The season is just about past, but there’s still time. It’s the “tunas” you want – the deep purple fruits. Use tongs! Peel the skin back and off. Seeds are edible but maybe not desired. Separate the pulp and use as wanted. Puree, mash, etc. Makes for an interesting Margarita and great topping on ice cream!

        But I wouldn’t put it in that beaver tail stew….. snerk 😉

        • mel-
          hmm..lets explore that margarita idea a little further..I’m with you on the beaver tail stew…I’ll leave that for the really, really hungry..

      • Yes, it is good raw, it tastes like bell pepper. Buy one at the supermarket. Flick off the needles. Trim any spots. Then slice it and eat it raw. No need to peel or seed. If you are stuck out in the desert you can live on them.

    • Very cool places Michael..
      Like you, I enjoy exploring new places..treasure or not..
      The chest is just an excuse..
      Everyone needs an excuse..

  2. The treasure is near the Amazon. Tarzan can go to it. Forget about the desert. I’ve been to Montana many times looking. Trying to understand the chapter about Donnie and Forrest.

  3. Dal, beautiful photos…is the “no place for the meek” picture in New Mexico? Is that snow on the peaks…it looks like snow on ski runs. Is this photo recent…just wondering about the weather on the higher elevations here. Thanks.

  4. Excellent photos Dal,
    Someone ask me if I get any good photos while I’m out here. My wife and I spend 2 months every year for the past 7 in Albuquerque. I tell them that this area is a target rich environment.

    • Thomas-
      Yep..taking pics in NM is the same as looking for a chest of gold..
      You look and snap and look and snap..
      Just about the time you figure you’ve seen it all some new photog comes along and shows you something you’ve never seen before..and you say to yourself..”How did I miss that?”

  5. Thanks for the pics Dal! I love the chest! I hope you took it with you. Also loving the lizard and the place in the easy going down pic.

  6. are those pix a bit of a mash-up? I’m seeing way different vantage points of the Sangres. From Truchas, Taos and west of SFe. Still, great shots. I know where you are. How ’bout lunch?

  7. gosh,dal,i love that funky tree,and the blankets are beautiful,you sure have been to some beautiful are lucky to have gotten to go where you have been,you might have not found the chest ,but you have found so much more.look at the beauty around you.if only to be able to travel and see this united states wilderness would be so awesome,i have noticed,what we called weeds(grasses that grew wild in the woods) people plant them now in son in law let ragweed grow in his yard,he thought it was going to bloom into something.he didn’t know what it my daughter made me tell him what it was and what it does to you,so he pulled it up when he found out.poor guy.virginia diane

    • Dal …The third picture looks like Sleeping Ute Mountain . That is a nice view. I lived in Cortez Colo for a couple of years. I also went to the San Juan Vo tech school that sits at the bottom of Mancos hill Where the Mesa Verde Indian Ruin Entrace is. Nice area for Exploring.

      • Woody-
        You are probably right…
        I don’t recall..
        I take, on average, a gazillion pictures every day when I am out..
        Sometimes I have no idea where exactly I took some of them..
        It’s like an alien knocked me out and then took the camera and shot a bunch of pics of whatever and then brought it back before I woke up..
        Sometimes I have no recollection at all of where/when/why I took that photo…

        • Dal.. I understand I have been so many places it is getting really hard to remember a lot of them and getting older N older doesn’t help much. I used to be able to run up the hills now I’m lucky If I can walk up them with a rest or two. Getting better though seeing as I had a mild heart attack a coupe of years ago. It sure takes time to get up to speed after one of those.

  8. You have some great adventures Dal. I love reading about them and seeing your great photos too. That chest was an interesting find and the blankets are beautiful. Looking forward to seeing and hearing about more of your adventures!

  9. Great photos Dal. Are you still in the Chase for the chest? And have you worked out how far A very sick and tired man, suffering from Cancer and associated treatment, could think about driving, carrying in two loads of chest and valuables, depositing and consolidating the loads, walking back to the car, and driving back home in time to reassure Peggy and the girls that he was alright and not to worry. all in one afternoon? This didn’t happen, but that was the idea at the time of conception, and the final actual location of the secreting by an older, well man and the original ideal location are, presumably, one and the same place. And are you still working out which chemical elements the chest is exposed to?
    Have a great day and thanks a million for your website. Keep it up as long as you can.

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