Scrapbook Ninety Nine Point Five…



I have rules:

No one comes in my bathroom and that’s final. Except to get dirty clothes from my hamper when I’m not there. But they’d better not mess with any of my other stuff.


I don’t like clutter so everything on my counter is necessary. Kleenex, tooth brushes, clock, and sink are on the left. Lotion in the middle. A wooden box for pennies, and my TV on the right. Everything else is hidden in drawers or cabinets. That’s me in the three mirrors. I cannot imagine why there are three mirrors.


My wife designed my shower except I didn’t want it enclosed with glass. She said I’d have to squeegee it after each shower and I knew that wasn’t going to happen. I’m careful not to splash.

And she put the huge skylight above my sprinkler. It’s just right there, and let’s light from the entire world in on me while I’m standing naked. Next time I’ll design my own shower. That’s shampoo and conditioner on the banco, and my towel drying on the warmer. I don’t know why the wall is pink in this photo. Please don’t tell anyone the walls in my bathroom are pink. They’re white.


This door goes to my closet where my jeans and shirts are stored. The flowers never bloom but who cares?


This door leads to our bedroom. When it’s locked I can exhale and loosen my belt two notches. It’s where the ever vigilant Tesuque and I can hide from the grandkids and the rest of the world.


Our 17th century Spanish traveling desk stands against the south wall. It has children’s faces carved up and down both sides.




The sculptures on top are an antique Kongo nail fetish and an old pottery children’s game bowl from Mexico. And in-between is my faithful bamboo back scratcher that has served me so well for about sixty-years. If you look close you can see it. In the mirror that’s me again, also early Spanish. The mirror I mean, not me.

How fortunate we are to have the luxury of warm water and electricity, an extravagance that 80% of the world population doesn’t have. That fact is not lost on me.


241 thoughts on “Scrapbook Ninety Nine Point Five…

    • the alovera is a awesome Indian healing plant i dont know to much about pink but it sure dont make you less a man thank you for sharing your tidy ness i guess im one that dont mind the mess of any place but i do like to find what i loose from time to time for that venture tidy is good some times i feel like a kid in a candy box i cant wait for our trip to yellow stone its my last state to search maybe it should of been my first but it has been a woth while adventurein wy colo nm beauty all around us thanks for taking your time to put this together for us enjoyable thank you Sir.

    • i think you broke your rule we have all entered your bathroom
      now nothing is ever final but its a fun twist just the same

        • thats the twist and yes it is my very first time to see the great country Forrest spent his summers in ystone

          • Jeff, you’re going to love it. My family and I have returned many times, and will, once more, on Friday. We’ll have a young lady with us who has never been there. Can’t wait to see her expressions.

        • Pdenver: FF BATHROOM
          Someone here has noticed that where your bamboo brush is, and it is funnier at this table if you notice in the middle of it you will see doors, but you will see that for those doors to be seen there is a keyed lid that Becomes a table to put objects, and because it mentions, pink, mirror, both sides wall, naked (deactivated, without cover), they are white, flowers that never bloom (desert), stored (or ancestral pottery or some pot) , This door will go (look at the door arch above and see the plans on the side, there is a vigilante on the spot, (potter), Spanish (Spanish market.), You already heard it in the book, but not put like this -> ( The land in Cappadocia and northern New Mexico is shaped by a history of volcanic activity and its high plateau sites.)
          The state is also the birthplace of the celebrated black and black ceremony, which today is associated with the peoples of San Ildefonso.
          To rock churches, fairy chimneys ..

  1. I thought I was the only one who loves to hang out in the bedroom, bath, or closet. .. nice. Quiet. Comfortable

  2. Oh good me first 🙂

    I love stories like that:)
    Don’t u just love mirrors?

    Beautiful desk 🙂
    And I love arch doors in fact I love arches everywhere it adds to the look of the home:)

    Oh yes clutter I hate clutter
    I’m so proud that your bathroom is so clean. Especially for a man:)

    The shower has a warming touch of color I would say Mrs. Peggy did a fine job 🙂 !!!!!!!

      • I have been to tesuque,new mexico too,nada there.been to camel rock,nada.I think it is here in Colorado and I told mr. forrest where I think it is ,but have not heard from him,need to go look,but i’m scared to go down there.been up above central city near Nevadaville, serene in the cemeteries up there.peaceful and awesome.been to red rocks looking,been to the staute of Christ on the mountain,buffalo bills grave,went up the old scary road,two lane switch back.bikers love it,so you have to watch them peddeling up the mountain,I enjoy watching the people fly off of mount zion above school of mines.and love to sit on side of clear creek and watch the people in their little kayaks go under the water and come back up.they get caught in the current under there.just amazing things to do.they remind me of little ducks.don’t drink,so I have not been to coors,i don’t like the smell of the hops or yeast,i smell around to tell you a story about me and my sister at one park in golden by coors,golden,clear creek.we were looking at the small dam closure by coors and she got goosed in the butt,she was about to turn around and smack the crap out of someone,and it really was a goose,i laughed so hard,and so did she,cause she was ready to give somebody what now I tell her duck, duck goose.and she’ll start real life,got goosed by a goose in the cracker.virginia diane

          • I’ve been to those cemetrys in the fall and summer,nevadaville,thats toxic in those yellow mine shavings.been to nederland,which was called brown.nada.thought of boulder area,too many mountain lions in that area.good luck.

    • What interesting Dal is that it is where Frank Turley’s blacksmith shop is. I have always liked page 136 the best. The way Forrest describes the making of the horseshoe. It is so descriptive….I really felt like I was there with Forrest watching, listening, and smelling the same things he was.

      • I agree Fred Y… you could almost hear the pinging huh ….. would be something to see…. I need to check my horses and see if they need shod… 🙂

        Have a great day… until next time.. see ya Fred…..

    • i recommend the foundry i spent many of fine hours there its play full it brings the child out of your soul a fine picnic spot

  3. Thought I was first 🙁

    Oh well I guess I will go and roast some marshmallows in my burn pile that we raked up last night 🙂

    Yes need a coat hanger first 🙂

  4. Gee Forrest when you open up you really open up! LOL

    That beautiful pink tint was from those clouds in the sky. I didnt think a little pink would scare you? 🙂

    You have a lovely home, thank you for letting us see your kingdom.

  5. You ff crack me up in a good way. This reminds me of one of my grandpa’s own numerous,humourous antics in his later years. God bless.

  6. Scrapbook 99.5? Forrest you are too funny! 🙂

    Love your home – Peggy did a great job designing it, including the skylight over the shower. 🙂 The writing desk is a beautiful piece with those wonderfully carved cherubs on the sides, and the other items in your bath are wonderful also.

  7. Forrest….Your message is not lost on me! I read you loud and clear…Thank you for the two missing shirts and left tor right comments in scrapbook 99…that plus the new scrapbook sealed my solve! Waiting patiently for her to indulge me… until spring!

    • Michael

      Umm humm
      So you think u have this: good luck see u in the Spring lol

      Yes when I get there to my location I’m just ganna Boogie right on up to the BLAZE 🙂

      Confidence once again, and Patience don’t u like that word?

      • Michael

        I really like Disco music:)

        KC and the Sunshine Band:

        I wanna put on my my my my
        Boogie Shoes:)

    • Maybe, a lot of people are getting close and Forrest is creating a foot race for the spring. Does seem like his “hints” are narrowing in.

    • Yep this solved it for me also……I finally got it. It only took 100.5 hints. Rearrange the tiles and it’s obviously a map that goes with the gold dust map. Notice the time on the clock. One shot has the TV off, the next shot the TV is on. Why is he framed in the small mirror, he could easily not have done that. Why does he mention the pink walls, I’m sure he understands white balance when taking or editing a photo. I wasn’t for sure, but Tesuque nailed it for me.

      I’m not waiting til spring.

      • Wait a minute Goof-
        Sounds like you’re seeing the same thing I’m seeing. Was that Judge Judy on his TV? I mean there is no question about the blaze anymore, is there!

      • Goofy

        Now hold your horses and tie them up and wait for spring
        No need for you to chase you will be ahead of us all 🙂

      • Goofy, dog to dog whisper…Tesuque is a cute companion with an unusual NM name. narrow place of cottonwood trees. It may be where Tesuque does his business, you know his version of in the wood.

  8. You sure are getting up close and personal now if we could get some close shots of where the chest rests.. think I’ll get me a hot dog roast going… not you tusu you weigh as much as the chest I bet.

    • I agree, Onuat. That looks like a beautiful green marble. It very earthy and natural. I love natural stone. I hope one day to learn how to do that.

      Btw, for some reason this Scrapbook makes me think of a radio station…with some DJ…like that guy in Chicago who interviewed Forrest…or better yet, some sultry female voice…saying, “When you’re hearing continuous hits…you’re hearing…Forrest…99 point 5”. 🙂

    • Forrest, that’s quite the honest look-see. Peggy did a nice job picking beautiful stone tile. In my bathroom, I most enjoy the tub – time to think, read, or imagine pictures in the natural veins of the tile. To date, I can find 11 different animals, 2 birds, a bow/arrow, the outline of florida and idaho, a heart, and some animals playing musical instraments – all on one piece of natural stone tile. Nature’s artwork with a bit of imagination. 10 years and I’m still solving one piece of tile – this doesn’t bode well for me in solving the poem! 🙂

  9. Scrapbook 99.5, 99.6, 99.7, 99.8, 99.9, 99.99, 99.999, 99.9999, How many clues and hints are there? Oh my it is never going to end is it?!?!

    • It reminds me of playing hide and seek with my brother after we learned about fractions. That last second lasted for at least a whole minute… 😀

      • …or infinity! LOL! I used to play that trick on my brother. The first time he must have waited for a few hours until he remembered what an awesome joker I am…and that I was likely eating nachos at the seven-eleven and NOT looking for him.

        • JC1117 . . . INFINITY!

          Hold that thought . . . it’s a hint, although a
          very small one . . . in my opinion.

  10. Ha, ha, I love it Mr. Fenn. I Love getting to know a little bit about you and getting a glimpse of your treasures and home. Thank you. P.S. I too feel fortunate to afford the luxury of warm water and electricity.

  11. Very nice forrest, the bathroom makes mine look like a small closet.
    No matter it still serves it’s purpose.

    Please give Tesuque a rub for me. 🙂

  12. Forrest,

    I won’t say anything about your ‘pink’ walls, but that ‘pink’ towel, that’s gotta go…LOL. BTW your Christmas cactus (or Thanksgiving cactus) will only bloom once a year. Have they ever bloomed for you over the years? Beautiful blooms, too bad they don’t last longer.

  13. Bigger isn’t always better take a hole in your head for a example..Nice mirrors Almost as good as the ones on my Ford… 🙂

  14. “As I have gone alone in there”….. Bathroom
    “Begin it where warm waters halt”…. hint: not in his bathroom, but further down the line.

    Works for my solve perfectly. Been stuck on the last stanza for over a year though. The path so far has not been easy, but it has been sure.

  15. When my husband and I went to Costa Rica, we were in a hotel in the cloud forest that had an open shower similar to yours. It had walls that came up about your showers wall height, but a little shorter and it had the roof, but the windows were not there so it was like being outside. A little green tree frog with red eyes took a shower with me. And in the morning, we were awakened by a toucan, which we didn’t appreciate properly. It was a great trip, so many animals!

  16. mr. forrest,ms.peggy put the three mirrors in your bathroom,so you can see how handsome you are all over when do have a lovely home.I don’t blame you ,my bathroom is my private space.I think the skylight was a lovely idea.large closet ,large bathroom,boy are you clean up pretty good.i’d say splash away,as that sure is a beautiful shower,wow.a tv in your bathroom,really,never heard of that.your bathroom does look pink haha.but white it is.the carved wood is amazing.and tes-key-que,still follows sweet.I have a fawn mini pincher,I could put white Dots on her and she’d look like a baby deer.shes a spoiled mess,love her much.always loyal,no matter what.virginia diane

  17. Forrest, Thanks for sharing your bathroom with us. Your wife has good taste,and I am sure you know that by now. The traveling desk is just great. I love old furniture…

  18. The Phantom had great mobility 🙂 So, I doubt, you can keep him in the house if there was a excuse.

    The stick flew high
    it touched the sky.
    He came down
    without his crown.
    King of fools

    • I enjoyed your riddle Pieces of 9. Maybe some brain food will get me going today. here’s some others I found on line:

      What is always in front of you but cannot be seen?
      — the future

      Bury deep, pile on stones, yet I will dig up the bones. — memories

      You must keep it after giving it. — your word

      Dead and bound, what once was free. What made no sound now sings with glee. — a cello or violin

  19. If Peg claims the kitchen as her personal domain, Forrest will need to bargain with her to get his toothbrush cleaned… Which reminds me, don’t cha think that Forrest could write a book on cleaver usages of common household items? I gotta assume he has a number of unique ideas for utilizing plastic wrap, bleach or tools in the shed.

  20. Yes you wrote about the skylight and other features in your TTOTC book and we all thought it was a clue then and we believe it now. Come on Chasers, lets figure this one out. Mr. Fenn and his slick self, is reinforcing his first Treasure book!! But what does it all mean? Hey Ya’ll, I have been soooooo busy and out of the game lately and miss the challenge!! I do read the blogs but have not commented in months. See you all in the funny papers and at the finish line!! MS Girl

    • Judy Ms. Girl – nice to see you back.
      Sky light, F’s portrait in mirror, tri-mirror images (fenn, phantom, shadow), showering in the open, water sprinkling from above, arched doorways, natural stone color of patinized bronze, Time ticking away, Fenn in the Middle, window shade exactly 1/2 open, maybe RR will peek in, brown dog, near Peggy-his true treasure, Spanish theme, his domain is his kingdom, message of infinity, mirages. The antiques are intriquing and Fenn’s always a hoot. Entertaining as we que up for a tour of FF’s bathroom like frogs on his treasure log ready to leap, but trapped in our own brain fog.

  21. I stumbled across this article in people magazine from 1986. Thought it was interesting maybe others would care to read.,,20093822,00.html
    Fenn claims an inventory worth $20 million and presides over it all with a staff of 16 and a seemingly cavalier attitude. “Does the guy at One Hour Martinizing love dirty clothes?” Fenn asks, knowing the answer full well. “Does the guy selling used cars like clunkers? Art is a business, and what I love is the business. I’m not particularly into art.”

  22. I had to look at the pictures again because everyone is talking about items in them, and I noticed I think I have the exact same clock. Mine is an old wind up clock that I used when I was a teenager because I did not have outlets in my bedroom, but it looks the same as that clock.

  23. So why remove the telephone to take the picture? Funny stuff. The last place I want to talk on the phone is in the bathroom. 🙂

  24. Tesque is the cutest. How he can look both happy and forlorn at the same time, I don’t know. Maybe he’s feeling as I do when someone takes a picture of me, lol.

    I feel there are subtle hints everywhere in this little piece of Forrestabilia, but who can say for sure? If there’s one thing I’ve learned in this search, is that coincidences are everywhere. I don’t feel hard logic will solve this.

    However, combine a deep thinker with an imagination and mix that with some intuition and maybe a pure heart…

    I love the bathroom, but I love my bathtub. It’s where I do my deep thinking. 🙂

    I am so tempted to move back to Albuquerque to pursue the search more thoroughly. If I get bad news with my biopsy, I may just do that. The kids have been dying to move back ever since we moved away.

    Springtime in Albuquerque in the Sandia foothills, riding my bike alongside a buffalo herd was magical. Even more magical than surfing in the Shark Bite Capitol of the world.

    I am ready for a change. The stirring in my heart makes me want to live life a little more fully…deeply. 🙂

    P.S. I don’t think that was Judge Judy. Maybe “Dancing with the Stars?”

  25. Mindy
    I was wondering where u were 🙂
    Glad u are back.
    Now let’s find that chest of Gold 🙂 !!!!!

    We have plenty time
    Unless Lou, Michael, or Goofy finds it first 🙂

  26. Hi Forrest, curious if you know when that travelling desk came to America. Was that thing a witness to history? Wouldn’t that be special.

  27. Hello Forrest,

    Really like your bathroom. Does you’re aversion to clutter stem form your military training? I have a shower similar to yours and I do not splash, either. My wife trained me not to, in a similar manner as Peggy did when she suggested the squeegee!!

    Agree with you that few people recognize the opportunities we have here. Such as warm water and electricity. It’s too bad modern technology can’t devise a method to produce more hydroelectric power, without adversely affecting the ecosystems with dams. Lots of water runs out of the mountains.

    Thanks again for the stories……..loco

  28. Just finished going back through this scrapbook again. This thing seems laden with hints, and not too many people are discussing much about it. Strange. Now, if I could just put all these hints together and get them to make some kind of sense…
    Sounds like a few have figured out some answers. “Good for you all!”

  29. How about that mirror on the wall chapter? Maybe that is a twin reference, mirror image. This post has him looking into a mirror. Two items on either side of the mirror twins….? Curious also about…and with my treasures bold. Surface meaning a bold maneuver. As I have gone alone in there (first part) and with my treasures bold. (2ND PART)

  30. OK, here we are in the correct place.
    Comments on the first bathroom picture here.
    Anyone? Anyone? Buelller?

    • Wow, the extra long day of work will have me catching up on comments til midnight!

      Yep, I think there are clues here. I also think there are some locational type clues in the Mike Kammerer story, and a couple others.

    • Yes, I have comments.
      oh, cr@p, i’ve just wrecked my dads vintage Ferrari! Forrest can I please come hide with you in your bathroom? Will you protect me with that wicked knife or deploy Gold Bond lotion on my dad if he comes looking!

      • Lol, that’s a funny movie. I like that contemporary house with all the glass. It’s a bit too cold for me, but architecturally pleasing in it’s wooded setting. It’s in Illinois I believe. I saw it for sale a year or so ago.

        • I had a calculus teacher that spoke in a monotone just like in Ferris. Each morning he would go through attendance, we would be laughing so hard because it was just like in the movie.

          • Well, I guess if you have to get up every morning to teach calculus, I can see the tendency for becoming monotone… Numbers are boring to me. Although very important also. I just can’t get there.
            I’m more of a visual/artistic minded person.

          • You might have liked calculus, there were a lot of very creative graphs that we created with our formulas. This was before all the fancy calculators to draw the graphs for you.

          • Mine was just algebra, but it was always a struggle staying awake. Many times I fell asleep in his class.
            He was also a minister, I thought his congregation probably had the same problem. 🙂

          • My classes were scheduled in the afternoon. Calc was my first at 1:30PM. I was working 3rd shift I would get home, sleep a few hours, then I would go over to a friends house and we would have a hamburger lunch, a few beers, then go to school. Listening to his voice after a few beers put me asleep.

            One guy in the class would balance his class ring on his fingertip, so when he started to go asleep, his ring would fall, hit the desk, and wake us all up.

          • It was in the afternoon, I forget because I worked third shift. So I would wake up, eat lunch (breakfast) go to school.

        • I forget my dates as well, except the ones that invite me in for a cup of coffee – I enjoy a good cup of coffee. One date did so and to my surprise she didn’t have any coffee… not even a coffee pot…I told her the next morning, Sorry this isn’t going to to work out.

          This was in the day before, The World Wide Web. It’s so much easier today… just send a text.

  31. I finally toured f’s now famous bathroom tile collection. Found a St. Bernard dog in the top left tile and a beautiful eagle landing below. Hmmm, anyone else think he hand picked each tile?

    • anna, My impression of this SB was that f doesn’t like the tile in his bathroom because of the imagery he sees in the them. So no, I don’t think he hand picked the tiles. Did you see these images of the St. Bernard and eagle in the SB pictures? I wonder if these images are significant to solving the poem.

  32. yes mr. f why there are three mirrors? this could take 10,000 years to solve. more white too. 🙂

  33. Ok. So… maybe I’m now onto something here, finally.

    Mirror is espejo in Spanish. Quit reading at this point if you’ve lost interest because of my propensity to see all things in Spanish. Sorry, Jake. Propensity is a word you’ll just have to google.

    Antonio de Espejo was one of the original Spanish explorers of New Mexico. This scrapbook and all discussion of mirrors are likely hints to point us at New Mexico.

    I’ll post more later in the “Looking in NM” section when I have it organized, like how the dragonfly on his bronze jar could be related to another explorer / official of early New Mexico (Oñate); how AF Bandelier’s writings of legends mention a lake named “Guavativa”, and a litter (like Fenn’s “sedan”), and maybe why Litter81 was Fenn’s call sign; how Fenn’s elevation range clues of 5,000 to 10,200 pretty much matches Bandelier National Monument; how Fenn’s car is named “Bullet”, which is pretty much the meaning of “bandolier”, and lots of other fun facts. Other thoughts related to NM include how local features may have been triggers to stories that went into TTOTC, such as the Tierra Amarilla Grant may have triggered his “In Love with Yellowstone” story; how Abiquiu’s Georgia O’Keefe paintings of pineapples may have triggered his love of pineapple pie; his much debated “Billy the Kid” photo; and the several Taos connections, like Taos Pueblo formerly known as Braba (brave). There are also lots of other possible subtleties like 66,000 links pointing to the acreage of the Antonio Martinez Land Grant; as well as Cody the “buffalo” being the Hawikuh word for the legendary Cibola, and how they sprinkled gold dust and gum on their chiefs as a death ceremony, a cute tie-in to Fenn’s affinity for bubble gum.

    I’m still looking at the architecture angle and maybe a nonagram as being able to tie it all together, but this is still just a theory. Maybe all of this will help you find it. Maybe not.

    • E.C. Waters, I like your style, but IMO you are a bit too smooth. I am still in the chase, so don’t count me out.

      • @Slurbs – A bit too smooth? In what way?

        Smooth like the baked fruit of the Yucca baccata? Smooth like the pimento spread of the capsicum annuum? Smooth like the Spanish word and synonyms for “griffin”? Or smooth like the radio schedule in the 1940s where “Mr. District Attorney”, “Amos ‘n’ Andy”, “Your Hit Parade”, “Hopalong Cassidy”… and “Truth or Consequences” (a city in NM)? Or smooth like shooting at a scissortail (Tijeras, NM) with a Red Ryder (see “Foster’s Diner” in NM)?

        Smooth like that, Slurbs?

  34. Not that I think it’s a clue, but nobody mentioned the missing light bulb just above the clock in the first picture…

  35. Don’t have time to read through all the comments. Did anybody mention the very small carving below the “running man” and possibly below the 2nd F? That works for me. May not be X marks the spot, but close enough.

    PS. Would be honored to go trout fishing, soon.

    • I have said this many times,you start at home and end at home.and the beginning and end is the same.a to z. A straight line,cooked line,begin and end at either end.its the same.but no one paid attention to me ,not even mister forrest.birth, dies .one cyle of life of nature in everything. Humans,animals,forests,mountains.alive,they all are and replinlish with the ash.I’m agreeing with ya.

    • Me too.SL, And by some quirk, ff’s white dyed hair took me to the white hedges in Little Gidding. I wonder, Is it a lie if someone tells you he is lying, or just a way to draw your attention?
      And what is a ‘preface’ anyway? A place before time? Waiting for the light to change to show-her? Waiting kills, even if health is good.
      SL, Keep exploring. and check SB116 for a tarry scant shower and a marvel gaze.

  36. I continue to pay attention to you, Virginia diane. Yours is a unique wisdom which doesn’t go unnoticed

    Spiritually into infinity; one is…..all.

  37. After rereading this scrapbook, things seem to have different meanings than what I thought, but it could be just me. I enjoy this scrapbook nonetheless whether there is anything to be understood or not.

    • Hello SL. It looks like a great place to see. I’m not sure if I’ve seen area before. My mom use to live in Grand Junction, and would have had to pass through Palisade to get there. I just look out the window and see the beautiful surroundings not knowing whether it/they have a name to it. I feel a little embarrassed by saying so, especially living in Colorado for forty years. Have to look at my calendar to find out when you and Virginia diane wish to go.

    • I went to the sand dunes.the water is cold,i waded in it ,was nice.warm could be cool.anyway the waters there dry up.they were alttle water left .but gets enough water people tube in it during the year.but later begins to dry up until the next year run off..i kinda think maybe the treasure may be around san luis valley.but i have another hidey spot with birds galore,gotta go back and check it out.went to one place i gotta check out again and slipped and fell. Hurt my pride more than snything was heavy loads and water high place.gosh i need to find that treasure.i been praying just like everyone else.went to ted feathers lake area by myself.was pretty.i went to see the gnomes.came back with no treasure on all these trips,but was fun.

  38. FF has provided some hints in this scrapbook. But we know that a hint
    doesn’t help solve a clue, right? A hint only confirms a correct solve of
    a clue.

    The above is my opinion.

  39. Tighterfocus: I agree that there are hints in this SB. Forrest has said that hints will help you with the clues, but only the clues will lead you closer to the chest. I don’t think Forrest has ever been too definitive about *how* hints will help with the clues. It ~could~ be that the hints primarily serve the purpose of supplying Easter Eggs for clues that a searcher has already solved, but that’s just a theory. Forrest has been silent on that.

    • zaphod73491, here’s how I think a hint could help.

      A hint that confirms a correct solve for clue #3, for example, would let the solver know that it’s time to move forward to the next clue (clue #4). But who’s counting
      the quantity of clues? Not me.

      Even the very last clue can be confirmed as correctly solved by an appropriate hint, despite that hint not telling us to “move forward to the next clue and work on solving it.”

      • Sorry . . . I forgot to add “in my opinion”. I’ll try harder
        to remember in the future. Starting now . . .

        The above is my opinion.

  40. Sorry for showing up when I did, wasn’t watching the clock. I didn’t see anything, I swear! ; )

  41. To the Signal…

    “From time to time at night, the king goes around reflecting on the many directions ….. ….. ….. of mankind”

    Its a reebus isn’t it? If you want me to figure it the rest out you’ll have to sharpen the image.

  42. No one has mentioned that in the first pic there is an angel and birdman or thunderbird kachina type figure, then he goes and changed it out for the maypole looking item and the “shining” mixed with the other freaky movie with the guy with needles sticking outta his face, uck lol why did he do that?
    And if you add all pics with mirrors, there are 5?, or were we really suplosed to see 3? Lol as face unveiled in a mirror…?

    • Kym, I believe that there was no change of items. The only change I notice is that of perspective. I see the same items in each photo that contains them. It is a different appearance from a different angle is all.

    • There was a change of items, i know what i see when i see it and what i say when i say it. Lol i have 2 sets of eyes and 3 when i wear glasses ,but you go ahead and see ehatcha wanna. Smile

      • Hello Kym. Have you compared the bases of the two items? The craftsmanship on the desk is beautiful.

      • There was no change.if you look at the fetish figure he has his arms up and is holding a knife,you just can’t see the whole knife from the front, just part.and the other is still the candlestick thingy

  43. The previous five comments were not made by me. Someone is commenting using my name. My next search date and time are only known by myself at this moment. I have been receiving awkward e-mail since I posted my e-mail address. I do not comment often. Whomever is my imposter, you should come up with your own name. Pdenver, you were conversing with a ghost and please don’t reply to this comment!

    • Whoever is using Slurbs name to post , you need to use another name. Slurbs has been here for years and the last thing we need here on Dals site is not knowing who we’re really speaking to.
      IF It was an honest mistake we understand. Thank you…. until next time… see ya

    • Slurbs,
      The same thing happened to “JDA ” a few years back when he was just “JD ”
      I hope Dal or Goofy can get things straightened out for you. Have a good night my friend… until next time…. see ya

    • Slurbs, I looked into your complaint. You are correct; that person also posted as Blazerider, Indy, Pioneer days, and Curious.

      He/she has been nuked.

  44. Ah ha!! Ok i see now my bad!! Sorry imposter slurbs, all i also have is a phone tht doesnt zoom far enuf, i apologize to the ghost, the holy one i mean

      • Pdenver
        look and pay close attention to the pictures calmly and understand my message
        I REPAIR the sprinkler in the bathroom, and then at the counter where the wooden box is, look at the granite between them and see the white stripes, look at the basin, these words reminds you of geography, pay close attention in the direction that he has his table of the century 17, then look at the image of him in the mirror and try to understand the direction he shows you, see every detail even on the plants, storage, and up to the arch of the door, principally his brush and his tip, reminiscent of his story. friend who painted the wheels of the car.
        An image says a lot and even more classified of type comics, I’m-one, I was-one, do not forget the word NU that appears some stories of your ff as well as HEAVY, LOADS, LOUDS AND OTHER POEM WORDS THAT YOU WILL FIND.
        which meaning of waters in the verb and synonyms
        look at the shower, as a wise man knows when the water is hot or cold, or he puts his hand in the water or enters it, or uses a regulator of temperature, the beaver dams are also excluded from the search because this beaver stops waters

        • (Second try.) Thank you for your response. I appreciate your help pointing out the things in the photos.

      • Yes it is, i love antiques and the history that goes along with it.
        I used to wish i could have lived back then with all the amazing dresses and hats lol
        ,but, then i figured that i would still have been the one getting in trouble for putting on pants and just taking off on my horse!!!

        • Kym, I felt I should have been born in the Victorian era. With the large gown, one could always hide the pants underneath and ride side saddle and no one know the difference. 🙂

          • pderver
            not forgetting look well behind the lavatory sink has a photo of a horse in a pasture next to the clock, the basin means basin geography, look with attention friend I hope to have you help.
            So how did I go there.

          • rhonny, I hope this will post for you. You have good eyes and imagination. I can see how one might see a horse in the granite backsplash. Thank you for point this out.

  45. OCTOBER 2014
    month has 7 letters and date adds to 7, 7+7=14
    I have rules: 3 words + 14=17
    22 letters to and, skip and because it means + or in addition to, 10 letters to end the sentence, 12 words in next sentence, 10+12=22. 42 letters in last sentence plus 1 word we had left “and” =43
    No one comes in my bathroom and that’s final. Except to get dirty clothes from my hamper when I’m not there. But they’d better not mess with any of my other stuff.

    43 letters in second sentence, lotion in the middle=17 letters, 5 words to and, 17 letters left in sentence=22, 22 words in last sentence.
    I don’t like clutter so everything on my counter is necessary. Kleenex, tooth brushes, clock, and sink are on the left. Lotion in the middle. A wooden box for pennies, and my TV on the right. Everything else is hidden in drawers or cabinets. That’s me in the three mirrors. I cannot imagine why there are three mirrors.

    43 words to sprinkler., 17 words to naked, 43 words remaining. don’t count and, it means +
    My wife designed my shower except I didn’t want it enclosed with glass. She said I’d have to squeegee it after each shower and I knew that wasn’t going to happen. I’m careful not to splash.

    And she put the huge skylight above my sprinkler. It’s just right there, and let’s light from the entire world in on me while I’m standing naked. Next time I’ll design my own shower. That’s shampoo and conditioner on the banco, and my towel drying on the warmer. I don’t know why the wall is pink in this photo. Please don’t tell anyone the walls in my bathroom are pink. They’re white.

    17 words then the rest do not matter.
    This door goes to my closet where my jeans and shirts are stored. The flowers never bloom but who cares?

    17 words to “notches” representing the seconds of coordinates. 17 words remaining, don’t count and, it means +
    This door leads to our bedroom. When it’s locked I can exhale and loosen my belt two notches. It’s where the ever vigilant Tesuque and I can hide from the grandkids and the rest of the world.

    17th word is “up” representing longitude.
    Our 17th century Spanish traveling desk stands against the south wall. It has children’s faces carved up and down both sides.


    The sculptures on top are an antique Kongo nail fetish and an old pottery children’s game bowl from Mexico. And in-between is my faithful bamboo back scratcher that has served me so well for about sixty-years. If you look close you can see it. In the mirror that’s me again, also early Spanish. The mirror I mean, not me.
    43 letters to warm water, and means + or in addition to so it is a symbol here not a word, you have 17 words remaining in the sentence.
    How fortunate we are to have the luxury of warm water and electricity, an extravagance that 80% of the world population doesn’t have. That fact is not lost on me.

  46. I am thankful for these pictures, I was trying to understand the meaning of banco. Google is useless to define it the way Forrest uses it. It’s makes perfect sense now. Next is wellbug:) I think I know what he means by that term now. My grandma would say wellbug if she was still alive, she was kind that way, and would send me one if she could. Precisely is another word that has some varied definitions, which is ironic, isn’t it.-JK

  47. Message for Forrest Fenn:

    Acknowledging the signal and shall return to it to find número uno…


        • I have 9 WWWHs in “one single” place.

          1 – a Spanish,
          1 – a Name,
          1 – a River,
          1 – a Place,
          1 – a Condition (Hobby),
          1 – Direction,
          1 – a Instruction,
          1 – a Single Object,
          1 – Humm… This will be a great surprise!

          All send me at “in one” single direction for “all clues” and to the spot of chest.

          Hear my whispers…listen good…

          IMO, of course. I don’t have the chest, yet.

          And you?

          • No i don’t, but I think someone will figure it out one day. FF is right: the Poem is all you need to map it. I am studying his map & poem with the mind of a child in order to catch something else.
            IMO it would make sense that between Begin it…and Take the chest, there isn’t such a long distance even if Too far to walk is in the middle. I almost decipher wwwh but i am facing an addtl odd clue, and i think it is that Spanish element. I found what wwwh means…but FF is definitely not making it easy for anyone to find the path to the TC.


    Like how the man behind the curtain had the telegraph split in the middle of the message so it seemed garbled. Made it a lot more difficult.

  49. To WWWHDOTCOM… I broke your code and am apparently one step closer to the lead dog. I’m ready for the next step. I’ll Butcher your next code. 😯

  50. Had to revisit this scrapbook. There are those who noticed the television is on in one photo, while the other it isn’t. I had wondered if it had to do with “channel”; a form of waterway. Plenty of mentions of mirrors and things in the middle, which are mentioned in the books.

    • Hi, pdenver. I agree that this SB is an odd one, but not sure exactly why. For some reason, I was thinking that this was one of the entries included as a chapter in OUAW, but after a double-check, I see I’m mistaken. I must have mixed it up with the one about Forrest’s spice drawer. It’s interesting reading other people’s comments when this was originally posted in 2014. Several people saying something along the lines of “Aha! Now I know where the treasure is!”

      The item that catches my attention the most that no one has mentioned specifically in the comments above is the “old pottery children’s game bowl from Mexico” on top of the traveling desk. I don’t know if that’s a hint, but I’ve just never heard of something like that before. It would be cool to see a closeup of it and some description of how the game works. It looks like it has a lot of beautiful detail.

      Things in the middle is another interesting topic, as is the odd 99.5 number assigned to this entry. Could there be any significance to this SB entry being between a SB about a dog getting a haircut and a football? Who knows? So many odd little things in this one.

      • Hello Blex. As time passed, I could look at this scrapbook and think I see a search I did about a year after this scrapbook. In particular, a place where the treasure chest lies. Mr. Fenn had posted something about if searchers were looking in the desert, to get a new solution (paraphrased). It was one of the toughest solutions I had to give up, especially when I used the word “alone” in the poem to mean desert(ed). “My” keyword. As for the odd numbered scrapbook numbers, most are “.5,” which could be a hint to “middle” again. It also looks like a radio station/”channel”. With imagination, one could see what they believe they understand.

        • PDenver…the figure with the nails sticking out of it reminds me of Angel’s funerary pot in SB 166. As well as porcupines. What do you think?

          • Hello Sally Colorado. It is interesting how the scrapbooks could relate to one another. The other day I had looked up a word, and I also found that it went back to another scrapbook and made me wonder if it was just coincidental. As for porcupines, there’s always barbs.

        • Pdenver – I had considered “alone” be a possible key word too in the solve I posted earlier, referencing Isolation Peak, which was in close proximity to my WWWH. I’d be interested in reading your desert solve if you choose to write it up. We still have some time to kill before the new search season begins! 🙂

          • Hello Blex. I’ve been tempted to share, but I can’t find myself to commit to it at this time. I know others have been there and I believe they continue to do so.

  51. PDenver…there may a thread connecting *a few* of the scrapbooks together…sewn with a porcupine quill perhaps!

    • Very possible, Sally Colorado. Not sure if some are simply coincidental or drawing attention as if to say, “Pay attention to this.” The word I mentioned I looked up lead to a meaning/synonym that produced barb. As I continued, it lead me to the last scrapbook posted and the Washington Monument. Again, I had asked myself if it was coincidental. More than likely was. Your mention of “sewn with a porcupine quill perhaps” reminds me of the scrapbook (?) about the yucca plant used as a needle and thread and it was found in a ball of mud/dirt. While visiting a destination in Colorado, I saw yucca plants, I recalled that particular scrapbook and thought it was amazing how at one time it was used as such. Always learning something in the Chase.

  52. On page 157 of TFTW, there is a photo of Forrest holding an animal’s leg bone attached to a stick with baling wire that he found in the countryside. He writes in the caption that he hung this artifact up in his bathroom, but I don’t see it anywhere in these photos. Could there be something to this aberration?

    This scrapbook was posted in October of 2014 and the publication year of TFTW is 2013, so I think that the bathroom shown here and the one mentioned in the caption would be the same one.

    • Hello Blex. Perhaps there was an interior decorating change between the two times.

      • Pdenver – That would be a simple and plausible explanation. Another would be that maybe he was referring to a different bathroom in his house when he wrote “my bathroom”. Maybe that’s all it is?

      • pdenver – Or, Forrest was ‘pulling our leg’ with that caption. Would Peggy let him hang that in their bathroom? I think not!

        • Lisa – Would Forrest allow Peggy to mandate something like that in his personal bathroom? He seems in this post to be very firm about what he will and will not allow in his own private domain.

        • I’m not sure, Lisa. If this would be the case, for all we know, it could be hanging in their garage.

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