Scrapbook One Hundred…



Glory is where you find it

I’m so proud of this football. It’s a genuine Rawlings Pro 5 lace-up.


For two years I was the star 98 pound quarterback for the Central Junior High School Kittens. With this very football I finally made a touchdown. It was a one-yard dash through the middle of the line.

Illustration by the author

Illustration by the author

We were playing the Troy Warriors and my good friend, Edard, who was the center for our team, moved the opposing guard to the right just enough for me to plunge through. It was a daring feat of mental and physical dexterity. I’m sure the crowd was roaring and the Temple Daily Telegram probably would have reported it in headlines if someone had told them about the achievement. I don’t remember who won the game but I got to keep the ball and that’s glory enough for me.

While trying to avoid those who distract me from my self-esteem I am quick to remember those incidents in my past that define me.

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  1. I was right tackle for the El Rancho Mustangs in Goleta, CA. I had a signature move that always got me past the blocker, and chased the quaterback towards my team mates. I would pivot and spin around like a ballerina. Then I would leap, sprint and fly towards the poor guy with the ball.
    I may have missed my calling. Not in football,…ballet!

  2. I played Iron Man Football in High School for the Nucla Mustangs, I was Offense and Defensive End and the Punter. I had dreams of playing for the Denver Broncos when I younger. I never played Football in College because I went into the AF. My first base was Clear AFS in Alaska. I can remember having dreams about catching the winning touchdown long after I had stopped playing. We had a Coach who always used to tell us give it all you got because one you will be a Fat Man in the bleachers. LOL I miss those Glory Days!

  3. *~~[-0-] pat

    Gee, I hope FF isn’t saying the game winning TD has already been scored. I still have a yard to go!

  4. Looking at the construction of the story I tend to lean toward Forrest as the author. Is this correct?

  5. My oh my Mr. Fenn,

    You were just like Bart Starr and Edard was just like Jerry Kramer….is that what “worth the cold” means? So sorry for the Dallas loss that great day in history. As a Bronco fan we are still lurking in the shadows of humility, but thankfully you have taught us well so we continue to have good humor in the end of it all.

    Bet you were Prom King as well!

    lots of fun Mr. Fenn…thank you.

  6. Anyone remember “the running man”? I have yet to find him anywhere. How about the rest of the old timers? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller? Stephanie?

  7. Glory is fleeting, however the memories can last forever!

    This is a story that can be told to your great grand children.
    Thanks for sharing it with us. 🙂

  8. Way to mix it up and throw it down! That’s a grate way to end.In the end zone. The best I’ve done is a 28 yard field goal. But lets try a long bomb in the fourth quarter.. 🙂

  9. I played Powder Puff football during our Homecoming game my Senior year! Hopefully that was not a defining moment. I am sure I stunk!

    OMG! it was a defing moment. Homecoming76

  10. Who would have thunk it?…Nigh of center, huh?…The ol’ QB sneak…

    The rest is old hat too…

    We shall continue to remember and come full circle one day, and there will be no past…

  11. Right down the middle…only way to be. Keep your head high. You can be proud of yourself. Thank you for sharing.

  12. Forrest

    What an honor it was for your 98 pound self to actually be on a football team. I hope you weren’t squashed by the warriors:(
    I’m sure you had an amazing reputation for playing football 🙂

    I like to play catch with the football 🙂

    Another great story 😉

  13. What a touchdown moment. I especially love the Ed Emberly type stick footballer you drew up.

  14. Forrest that is awesome that you kept that memento all of these years. Don’t be around people who tear you down. Life is too short. Besides, I think you are great. And I know you have character defects, we all do, but I prefer to overlook them. You go boy!

  15. “A colorful life lived out on the edge where the cautious and faint of heart fear to go.”

  16. the Kittens? Who thought up that name? You should have called yourselves the Lions and then you would have at least sounded invincible. 🙂 I like your old football though. It’s funny that you wrote “kick” on it. 🙂

  17. this story reminds me of a flag football game my oldest son was in when he was like 9 or so. He had some of those gym pants on that button up the side. One of the kids reached for his flag and got a handful of his pants and ripped them right off. My son didn’t let it phase him, he ran for a touchdown.
    That day he ended up scoring 7 touchdowns. They had to pull him out of the game.

  18. As this mysts of time in my mind part. I recall a summer’s day when my best friend and I collided in mid air one of us with football in hand. We both fell backwards laughing hard and had a great time playing tackle football without pads or equipment. Those were the days.

    Thanks for sharing and bring back things long gone from this present reality.

  19. Touch football (Stout Hearted Men). There exists a hint in this but I must confess I’m without clue. Anyone else.

  20. I sure hope there are some clues here . When I read what he writes I say to myself this is Blazing 🙂 !!!!!
    Lol 🙂

  21. A mentor of mine long ago made me set up a PMA File. That’s for Positive Mental Attitude. It was meant to be a dropbox for recognition by others of accomplishments/goals/milestones I had met. But, more importantly, and in retrospect, it has been a measure of my personal growth and gain of experience and wisdom as I travel my path.

    Your football is a touchstone of the same sort. You know this: It’s important to remind yourself of your greatness, realized or not. In your case: realized, but ever evolving.

    In my case: STELLA! I coulda been a contenda!

  22. Interesting story Mr. Fenn! I realize we Canadians have different football rules but I have never heard of a defensive guard. Not sure how to tackle that one!
    The Wolf

    • Wolf-
      Maybe not so much an international difference as an age difference. Even when I was in high school almost twenty years after Forrest, high school ball was still using the 7-2-2 defense. That was 7 guys on the line including two guards..Certainly the 5-2 defensive line was employed by college and pro teams but it was probably felt that 7-2-2 was safer for kids and it was also the traditional defensive line..There was not much innovation in high school football. It was a place you learned the basics..not the tricks..

      • Boy, this is a walk down memory lane.

        I played about the same time you did Dal. High school football in Texas is a religion. Services are held on Friday and Saturday night.

        We ran several defenses; mostly a 3-4 or 4-3 with a nose guard. We ran these type defenses because big school quarterbacks have throwing arms that resembled howitzers and a couple receivers that could break the sound barrier; they would eat a 7-2-2 alive. It also helped that our nose guard was all state; we called him bull dozer. 🙂

        • Goof-
          You played ball in a much more progressive game than the boys from Detroit..Arms were tough to find but running backs were all the craze in SE Michigan ball in the early to mid 60s..
          But then we were the Jaguars…a fierce and fast cat…not the playful Kittens of mid-Texas…

          • White rock, tis the season to chase ghosts. Think I’ll wear a white ptarmigan costume and cheer for the snow chickens in their football game against the snowy Owls Friday on Halloween. The fur will fly then!

      • Interesting Dal thanks for the explanation, I guess that means no one is “guarding” the treasure!
        The Wolf

  23. Kittens? (chuckling) Here kitty kitty….LOL
    I think I could do that illustration too. 🙂
    Thanks for the laughs Forrest. :))

  24. I think they were using reverse psychology with the name. Think about it, who would want to be known as the team that beats Kittens.

  25. That football jersey looks a bit tight. That ball looks over-inflated and that sure is one big helmet for such a little head. It must be designed to keep from messing up the bed head look. I think I will get myself a helmet like that for the next time I go out and spend the night in the wood to hide my hair.
    Congrats on your milestone!

  26. Great story Mr. Fenn. My sisters and I tried playing powder puff football in college, but the guy coaches were so cute that we couldn’t keep our eyes on the football. I think they got pretty frustrated with us. We could run, we just couldn’t catch. Your story reminds me that I have more work to do on my solve before I could run it in for a touch down. Learning the plays in your poem takes some work.

      • Ed, glad you laughed. The coaches thought they’d wrangled up a bunch of gals they could take to the powder puff play…we cared more about getting dates than running plays. We had a great time, and after raising football players I laugh even harder now, knowing how serious those powder puff coaches were. Back to work, I’ve a project to wrap up by tomorrow and send to a client. 🙂

      • Well darn it all Slurbs and Ya-sh-wa…I thought I had a chance. I’m a she and f’s famous “sshh” post on Jenny’s site said she. What did I miss? When did it change to “THEY”? Is this Your Opinion or a fact?

        And help us out, please. What are the hints we aren’t understanding?

        • darn
          mend (knitted material or a hole in this) by weaving yarn across the hole with a needle.

          What your missing Lia

          • Gold fever – out of kindness will you enlighten me with an explanation of your message to me. [cncr medicine related dizziness today]. I have woven a thread through the wilds of my solve and found yarns to darn, but I’m confused as to your meaning and trying to wrap up work. If you’re aluding to ff’s implied meanings in books about setting things right, i get that. also understand R.C. and stone mas tools, architect, illumination. what else do you refer to?

          • Certainly Lia my pleasure you’d said what did I miss and I’m saying the right hole. You see I believe Mr. Fenn put his treasure in a hole. Deep thinkers are needed.

          • @ Gold fever “the right hole…deep thinkers are needed” do you ever think the hole is in each searchers heart/soul, and deep thinking is necessary to realize no amount of gold will fill that hole? Are you alluding to that or a physical hole” Is that the lesson Mr. Fenn is teaching, or perhaps like in his life, it’s just thrilling to chase, and it doesn’t matter what’s at the end of the chase? I completely believe in the validity of him hiding the gold and antiquities, just can’t figure out if he ever wanted them to be found.

            In TTOTC, the opening epigraph sets forth the theme:
            “Life is a game of poker,
            HAPPINESS is the pot.
            Fate deals you four cards and a joker,
            And you play whether you like it or not.”

            Ever question whether the quest for the chest simply refers to finding treasure and happiness within? Ive clocked in hours of rewarding research before each search and tried my best to be a ‘deep’ thinker, but some of the leading or misleading comments leave you feeling toyed with. if a person’s been burned in the past, it’s harder to determine who is shooting straight.

          • “It’s faith in something and enthusiasm for something that makes a life worth living.” Oliver Wendell Holmes

          • I’m beginning to wonder, too, Lia. Does Forrest want the treasure found at all? Or maybe it will have to be found by some already-wealthy person with high-tech equipment. Par for the course, I suppose.

          • Forrest has always said that he would like the chest to remain hidden way into the future. He does provide us with the opportunity to look for it now, but then again, doesn’t he have to start the search for the chest at some point, while he is still with us.

          • German..I don’t understand.. you said-
            “…doesn’t he have to start the search for the chest at some point, while he is still with us.”

            I thought he had started it…
            I am confused..

          • That’s the point Dal, he HAS started it, but if his wishes are for it to be there at some future time, it won’t be so easily found now. He says he doesn’t care if it is found now or later, but down deep inside I believe that he truly wants this legion to survive more than a couple of years.

          • I think you are right German…BUT…he also has jars and bells he has buried with no clue to their whereabouts..the jars have other treasures in them and an autobiography. Those will certainly be uncovered in the far away future and guarantee the vocalizing of his name long into the future.

            I have heard him make three different statements about having the chest found:
            1. That he would like it found in his lifetime
            2. That he’d like it to remain hidden for a thousand years
            3. That it makes no difference to him either way

            He is conflicted…as most anyone would be…
            On some days it would be fun to have it found while he is here and can appreciate the moment…On other days he hopes people will search for it…utter his name…and have it slip into the folklore of the American West much like the Lost Pedro Mine, The Army payroll in San Juan County or the Arapaho Princess Treasure. People are still looking for those treasures a hundred fifty years later…and unless some unpredictable technology comes along..they probably will remain lost for several additional centuries to come.

            So he has already taken steps to insure his name lives on..which I believe means that he is in fact comfortable with the chest being found in his lifetime…or not..

            But the real question is…How did he feel when he selected this spot and wrote the poem..
            That was the moment when he really decided how hard it would be to find…

            If he really didn’t want it found he would not bother with hints and clues to narrow it down for us…
            Why bother making a game out of it if you have no wish for it to be found??
            Just bury it like his bells and jars and be done with it…

            I believe it is findable…
            I also believe it will take resolve…persistence…cleverness and many attempts to figure that poem out..

          • Dal,

            My sentiments exactly. Well said. Sorry I wasn’t as through as you, I guess I was too lazy to put deeper thought and time into my comments. 🙂

          • Lia makes sense but I don’t wax philosophical. Aristotle did that for me. I really couldn’t say about hidden meanings of Mr. Fenn. I haven’t heard Forrest elaborate on this, only that the thrill is in the chase. I can only go based on what he has stated publicly. The chase was intended to get kids out of the game room. Yes I’m talking about a physical hole. Whereabouts do you live Lia? I live near Miles City, Montana so for me the chase is not a big deal. I can do out and back trips all day but I guess others have much longer distances to travel…so in that regard yes I see how a person might think they had been toyed with after so many trips with nothing but empty pockets.
            Good day..

  27. Congratulations on your 100th Scrapbook. Fun story and I especially like your illustration. Kind of reminds me of a map I like. <3

  28. Forrest, you’re right (as always) in ttotc game… glory means nothing. Now confidence and the game ball are another story. I’m planning a quarterback sneak for the game chest. I’m reading the play book (aka poem) and drawing all over my white board (aka map). Only drawing X’s, none of those football O’s. If I make it to the endzone, I hope to beat Michael D and Goofy!

    • Michael, I hope you are right! It looks just like the trail of a arm of the @@@@@ and I think, I hope I find the treasure!

        • OK, lets play ball: The ball is made by Rawlings. Now look on the map, in Wyoming there is a town named Rawlins. So look around the map of Wyoming. To the west is the Red Desert, and the Green River. then Rock Springs on HWY191. Along that road is Flaming Gorge Recreation Area. Now here is a twist in my logic: turn the stick figure upside down, or the map. The shape of the stick figure matches the shape of flaming Gorge. The two streams going into theGorge on the north end match the legs of the stick figure. The lake at the south end matches the head of the stick figure.
          Now if I could just see which road to the side would match the arm of the stick figure.
          Play Ball !

          • Micheal, I agree with you. Plenty of basins in the greater Rocky Mountain region, and the stick figure matches River to pond drainage routes in basins. Also indicates whY confluence etc.
            All in the middle which is of importance.
            I can make the symbols match my location but so can 1000 other people with their location.

      • Whiterock – imo, you’re correct, and it hit the mark –>*<3. There may also be white rock near by, and a few trees for Tesuque.

  29. I’m growing fond of your short vignette’s, Mr. Fenn!
    When I was in high school, me and a few other athletic-type girls petitioned the principal of Merritt Island High School to let us try out for the football team.
    However, in 1986, that was still sadly unheard of.
    I think my confidence would be much higher today if we had gotten a chance to kick the boys’ butts!

    • Hi Mindy,

      How are you doing? I have been thinking about you and praying.

      hope all is well.

      • Hi Wind!
        I can still use prayers. The mass in my armpit is solid, firm, and suspicious. I meet with the general surgeon on Monday morning to try and get to the bottom of things.
        The sucky thing is that my ex was supposed to provide us insurance by December of last year, and it still hasn’t come through. In the last two weeks, I’ve spent almost $1000 just in doctor’s visits and tests out of my own shallow pocket.
        My ex said he would reimburse my medical costs, but he lives in CA, and drags his feet when paying anything.
        It’s just frustrating, and waiting for an answer is hard.
        I also take care of my terminally ill mom, and if my news comes back bad, I don’t know how I will be able to take care of her, my family, and myself.
        HOWEVER, I trust in God. He has always gotten me through every trial, some even larger than what I face now, and I have faith. And optimism. And a measure of peace. And contentment. 🙂
        No matter what happens, there’s always at least one reason to smile, even if it is at a rerun of The Office. Lol. 🙂

        • Mindy,

          I will keep praying!! First things first. Your attitude is remarkable and helpful.

          Blessings to you dear.

  30. Gold fever, how about hole number 9 on the golf course? lol, maybe right there in the Middle of the course and all I need is a sand wedge to dig it out of the sand trap, and my flash light after midnight so the home owners don’t kick me out. hmm, I think the grim ‘raker’ of the traps would have already found it. Thanks for answering Gold, appreciate it.

    • Lia thats funny but you know I’ve been doing some reading.

      My God!!!! I had completely covered up Philadelphia. I had covered up millions of people with my thumb. The thought occurred to me that I was getting hypoxic, so I removed my glove, grabbed my flashlight and looked at my fingernails.

      While the “Sandy” propeller driven fighters strafed the jungle all around to keep the enemy heads down, two Jolly Green Giant helicopters arrived.

      I think this story tells us to look with a flashlight in a dark place. The treasure is covered up. Sandy part makes no sense just that you mentioned sand 🙂

      • Gold fever, thank you for finding that reference to remind me. I appreciate your kindness and see the rightness of your logic. What do you think of Forrest’s statement regarding ‘there are no notes to be found?’ IMO that rules out monetary and promissory notes. Do you believe it also eliminates finding directions printed and hidden near the TC?

          • Gold fever, a while back I asked the question on this blog about a note being hidden and someone kindly responded with a quote from fenn which was stated in an early scrap book. The chest will be there waiting, there are no notes to be found or safety deposit boxes to be searched. *Paraphrased

          • Ok, yes you jogged my memory this one. I’m not sure Lia what he means. Id venture to guess like other notes to help find the treasure outside of following the poem.

            “I said on the Today show that the treasure is not associated with any structure. Some people say I have a desire to mislead. That is not true. There are no notes to be found or safety deposit boxes to be searched. The clues can lead you to the treasure, and it will be there waiting when you arrive.”

  31. In my high school days… back in the old days of the 1990’s, I was a 170 pound soaking wet Offensive Guard, yes, lineman, I was so small I thought the other team GIANT defensive lineman that were 250 pounds plus would eat me. I used my speed and fear to my advantage and learned how to block and protect my quarterback who also made many touch-downs via the good old “quarter back sneak” It was the best play for our team and I think we average 5 yards whenever we did it.

    I still think back to those days, the heat of wearing pads, screaming coaches, survival almost…. It taught me to NEVER QUIT. And size doesn’t always matter…

  32. Gold fever, imo “associated” leaves a big question mark:

    To connect in the mind or imagination.
    To connect or involve with a cause, group, or partner.

    The TC could still be hidden at a structure given this common definition. Said TC is not in any way connected in my mind to a building or cause but may be hiding there.

  33. In the chase some hit bottom.. some rise to top and some just rock on and on in a never ending end. Behind every bend is a missed turn.. a chance to go strait to the Chest.. now lets imagine ….

    • Perhaps we will have to resolve to live without resolution. Any luck in the chase there Pieces?

      • @ Gold fever – just one question: how would you know “a hole – its what you’re missing lia?” To my knowledge we’ve never spoken, I’ve never discussed my solve with you. So why would you direct that to me? that’s what I mean by feeling toyed with on the blogs. While I sincerely appreciate your help, your comments are presumptive in nature about my solve and I’m clueless why you’ve assumed such. Kindly explain.

        • LiA

          At times I have this same issue being toyed with . That’s why I just said is there a bug in my phone lol
          Things I research or even say out loud show up on this blog:(
          I’m like you gatta be kidding me .
          It’s a conspiracy 🙂

          • Amy, no bugs just one or two savvy sharks patrolling the on line streams and messing with people. The key is recognizing healthy fish food vs the Sharks circling you! Lol
            Hopefully getting better at it.

          • Lia
            I thought I was getting better with this. The sharks need to stay away.
            Seriously it’s crazy I research something and then it’s here on the blog it has happened several several times. It’s disappointing in a way cause the sharks do not know my solve completely and what it means to me:) !!!!!
            I will only play a game if it’s fair .

  34. @Gold & JC – my toying remark is related to blog comments which can be leading and misleading (who knows folks intentions). I’ve enjoyed each search attempt and knew full well the chances of finding gold were narrow. I live further away but have family in near my areas and stick to beautiful country that I love; so no wasted trips, always enjoyable.

    My point is… if ff doesn’t want it found in his life time, it won’t be. He may be timing events around his chest that the public is unaware of.

    If that’s the case, it would be nice to enjoy time spent outdoors with family hiking, skiing etc… rather than continue hours of research which drains family life. IMO tc won’t be found without understanding ff’s reason for hiding it, his background, the 100’s of hints in his books, and some of the lit he refers to. The “effort” lies in adequate research before searching. He’s said [paraphrased] fully solve the poem and walk confidently straight to tc or any trail is the right trail if you don’t know where to go – which sounds contradictory to simply geting kids off the couch and outside to search. Aparent contradictions and inigmas IMO.

    • Always enjoyable, Lia? How would it be? What if understanding FF’s reason for hiding the chest wasn’t as rosy as you think? Good day.

      • JC – yes, my past searches have been enjoyable because to date Forrest Fenn has indicated no reason for them not to be. Do you know something we dont?
        I concur with you that if FF makes any statement – that as you say, “his reason for hiding the chest isn’t rosy” I will walk away. I’m not greedy and especially don’t wish Mr. Fenn’s death or any ones harm. May ff enjoy many more years with his family.
        (Have to sign off now)

    • Lia on one hand you say Mr. Fenn controls wether it is found and then you say just solve the poem and go right to it. If the solution is the gatekeeper then how is Fenn controlling the outcome, by proxy? maybe you could explain.. a tad confused here.

      “When I hid that treasure chest and walked back to my car, it was totally out of my hands. And in a loud voice I said, “Forrest Fenn, did you really do that?” I started laughing.”

      Shark attacks are rare along most beaches in the U.S and I assume here as well. I have freely given out my thoughts. Heck if someone was hacking then why not get the treasure. Dal certainly doesn’t know, Esmeralda knows that. About your whole, well I didn’t know that was a part of your solve. You used the word darn and I wast just saying what in my opinion it was you were missing. I think people get jumpy if someone mentions a similar idea. Time to chill!!

    • @JC1117: You asked; Does Fenn want it found? He said he doesn’t care if it’s found. In my opinion he hid it for future generations to find which is why he included his autobiography in the chest; to fill in the blank spots he talks about for future archeologists.

      So finding it is not impossible but very difficult. If he should change his mind he can give out a real hint…….Hey dummies, it’s in Colorado; for example.

      As far as the fancy equipment goes; I’m not rich but I have lots of equipment, it hasn’t helped to date. I know of several off road clubs that are pooling their resources and doing some serious searches. Two of them communicate with me; I’ve told them I am in contact with another club, they don’t seem to care and trust I won’t divulge what they ask me. But again, lots of equipment and no chest……I don’t know if that makes you feel better but there you go.

      @Lia: You asked; are you being toyed with. The answer is absolutely you are; that’s part of the game. Don’t be distracted by silly comments…..Fenn is our biggest adversary; he hid a chest, we have to find it. There’s no reason we can’t be friends with Fenn and enjoy his company, and he seems to enjoy interacting with the searchers but have no doubt he is our adversary. Like two professional ball players; best friends off the field but on game day it’s serious business and big bucks to the winner.

      Ones true character comes out under stress and emotional situations. There are some good people involved with the chase and there are some real slime balls that have no integrity or ethics.

      There are the over emotional that live in a romanticized fantasy land and will have their dreams dashed on the rocks of reality….and there are those that feel they “deserve” it; those are the ones that got stars and trophies for nothing.

      Man, the chase is starting to sound like the real world.

      @Amy: I don’t think your phone is bugged. What I’ve seen over the years is there are many people searching the same areas and their solutions are similar. Just proves there’s no single instance of genius. 🙂

      I get a kick out of the newbie’s that come up with solutions that have been out there for years, and thoroughly searched. But hey, maybe everyone is correct but just missed the chest.

      Wouldn’t that be a hoot, some newbie goes straight to the chest where everyone else has already searched.

      • Goofy,
        That’s the title of the book I’m writing ….”Hey dummies, it’s in Colorado” or NM or MT or WY…I might as well write a book, seems everyone else is…

        And as you stated- “he hid it for future generations to find which is why he included his autobiography in the chest; to fill in the blank spots he talks about for future archeologists.”
        The thought of the chest being found – 1000 plus years down the road, must have been on fenn’s mind. Not only for an area that, at best guess, would remain somewhat the same over a long time period. The place the chest lays in wait would as well, needs to be undisturbed for the same time period.

        So does exposed to the “element” mean what we think it means or are there Multiple Meanings to that statement as well? I guess time will tell.

        • Just remember that “exposed to the elements” doesn’t mean the same as “effected by the elements”. IMHO. so which one did he actually say and/or mean?

          • If being scorched by fire is any indication, I would say that it is exposed. Fenn did say the chest could be scorched by fire. Anyone got something else?

          • GG (for below comment) where is that ff quote… I’ve never seen it or heard it from ff, it’s always just been referenced to. Would like to know.

          • James,

            “Colokid on March 27, 2013 at 3:35 pm said:
            I believe the “exposed to rain, snow, and fire” comment was made in the Daily Beast article. It’s second hand from the writer, but he claimed FF said it in the interview.

            “He told me the chest is “exposed” to rain and snow, and could be scorched in a forest fire. He told me the box, which is just 10 inches by 10 inches, is unlocked—suggesting it’s someplace where it is unlikely to be toppled or otherwise thrown open.”


        • It was exposed to the elements during alchemical process – when Fenn generated his rainbow to draw you in.

        • Seeker – you bring up a topic that has been on my mind of late: the part about being exposed to the elements. We read from Tony D. in the Daily Beast that Fenn said the chest was exposed to rain and snow and could be scorched by fire. But that wasn’t a direct quote, as far as I know. Have there been any other statements directly from Fenn which confirm or invalidate this statement? Does anyone know?

      • Goofy, thanks for words of wisdom, helping maintain realistic blog expectations. In keeping with the importance of definitions to Mr. Fenn, I wish to say that I could never see him as an adversary, rather the most worthy, clever game opponent any of us will face in a lifetime. He does a fair job with stick figures as well… actually gave me clues as to done it tired. Nice job Mr. Fenn, although since I’ve taken a thorough look at the sculpted figurines on your bronze jars and bells, I recognize talent and genre when I see it.

  35. Amy, you can turn on Private search before researching and change passwords, but nothing on line is too safe or will ever be fair with so much at stake. But I think you already know that.

    Enough from me. I’ve worn out my keyboard and welcome this morning. Enjoy your day.

  36. If you think they are after you! What about those who have had close contact with F !! It could be like Eboli tracking down the source of leaks(infections)..They may be aware of location but afraid to make a move. There info would be stolen and cause public outrage! Be careful avoid people who know to much about you or your solve. Make sure your info is not on a device connected to internet! Warning…Have seen things that are suspect on online sites!

    • Thanks Mindy – a great observation. and they are equally interesting upside down, just like maps when you turn different directions.

  37. @ Dal & GG: it’s interesting to hear what Forrest has expressed about the chest being found. Thanks for your synopsis. We try so hard to solve the poem we inadvertently miss the obvious, like him continuing to give hints, or tours of his man cave. He must be a great guy and real character in person!

  38. #100 is a number of perfection. It indicates honour and glory. If this interpretation is correct, or how Forrest thinks, then he must be feeling pretty good about how things are progressing. “Just a feeling”

  39. WiseOne, I’m thinking about playing 35 also. I’ve been lucky in Santa Barbara with it. JUst kidding, I only purchase one lotto ticket per year and never win.

    • 35? your age? Is that where you live…Santa Barbara? Like it?
      I’m wondering what f is dreaming up for the next SB…
      Any guesses?

    • #35… Play it again 42, You could still get lucky.
      Visionary Jacob Boehme calls 35 “the eternal residence of the soul… “I heard some mention of “soul” today on the blog.

      Well, maybe we’ll get more Fenn tomorrow. Night.

  40. Wise, wish I were 35 again and do love Santa Barbara. Try 53, and just throwing out numbers for fun. Too tired to clue solve. I don’t think Forrest can outdo sb 100. It’s a classic in my book. What do you guess?

  41. An uncertain Wind is blowing through the house. My radar tells me a fishing expedition is afoot.

  42. Is there anyone here that has thoroughly searched/researched the flaming gorge area?

    • Maggie-
      That would be a very lengthy search indeed…
      The area is exasperatingly large with hundreds of miles of roads and places to explore..
      I have looked in only a couple spots near there..
      Others have looked in some of the same spots and in other places..

      But as far as the reservoir itself…I think one would have to ask if a man-made reservoir is the kind of place that would attract Forrest??

      On the plus side you can eliminate about half the area because it’s in UT..but all the WY area would still be in play.

      On the periphery of the gorge there are some interesting places to explore. And certainly there have been very interesting cultural finds from early Native Americans in that area…

      • What makes that area so interesting is Browns park is 25 miles downstream from the dam “water high” not sure what WWWH would be. Cassidy and gang lived in the area. Somewhere in one of his stories Fenn says he pretended to be Hopalong Cassidy.

  43. An explosion of chatter at the witching hour. West coast peeps any wisedom being scattered.

  44. Wow Dr. Says I need to change my medicine says i need to switch to Red Bull or take a break from the chase… I told him to relax and calm down that stuff makes me shake. 🙂

    • Funniest comment to date. I am going to have to read this at least once a day. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  45. Safety Joe, I’ll have to look at that movie and old scrap book later…but don’t worry, we’ll all be here keeping you company over the long winter. Probably posting 23 times a day! Lol

  46. Talking about numbers… Did we ever establish if 6-24 was Forrest’s sister June’s birthday? I’m looking for 6 and 24 tie ins this week.

    • Yes, I believe that to be correct.
      According to Bell County, TX records:
      Fenn, June Gay 6-24-1932 Mother: Lillie Gay Simpson Father: Marvin Fenn
      May I inquire as to the tie-in importance?

      • WiseOne, thank you for your help and the approiate reference. Of course you can inquire… imo everything about Forrest’s poem is symbolic – in some way he placed remembrances in the poem for all of his treasures – family, close friends, and mentors. I’m better at locating symbols in nature or on a map than I am at finding them hidden in the poem. I can find twins all over my map and two nearly identical landscapes, but fail at decifering the same in the poem. Trying to articulate on paper my complete solve (for next summer) is time consuming, and a bit frustrating for a perfectionist missing the mark largely. I may just punt and keep the written part simple. not planning for it to appear publically anyway. btw – loved the history/theol reference. thanks.

  47. On a recent expedition:

    Upon leaving town, I turned right onto a dirt road as I approached a closed gate the sign read.

    ‘Not a public access road.’

    Brave as I was I forced the gate open and continued on my way, after a short drive I reached a fenced area. Pulling the car to one side I exited through the driver door. As I surveyed the landscape I could hear the ancient beat of drums and saw no one. The large grass field appeared only occu pied by cows. I turned and reached back into my car, grabbing my backpack (the little green one that has been very handy on 3 different continents) I made sure my trusty pocket flashlight LED Fenix (600 ft throw) was there. And without further hesitation I proceed on my way. My first obstacle was a barb wire fence. I extended my right foot forcing the middle wire down while using the left hand to pull the wire above up, as I moved forward through the gap, somehow as if I had violated a law, my pack and I tumbled through the fence. Finding myself face down on the ground, unsure of which direction I was pointed, peering through my right eye I noticed a landmark on the horizon and realized I was facing south my left leg was snagged and pack had slid awkwardly right. I pushed myself skyward and in one motion pulled free of the fence. How had that just happened, I’ve been through many fences as a child. Thankfully I had only sustained a small cut. In my confusion I hadn’t noticed how close the cows were. A sudden snapping sound startled me. Betsie and I stared at each other for a moment and then as if I wasn’t there she went back to whatever it was she was doing……..

    Bored on a Saturday, just hitting keys.

    Happy Saturday to everyone.

  48. Does anyone think Forrest would’ve ever left printed directions at row number five somewhere? Imo row 5 May play in, just not sure how.

    • Maybe its a Forrest Road? I have come across a lot them in my searches. Now to find Forrest Road #5

      • Definitely worth a try. I’m going to have t invest in a new map, I gave mine away.
        Thanks Spallie!

    A (B) , A B C D (E)

    A B C D E F (G)

    A B C D E F G H (I)

    A B C D E F G H I J K L M

    (N) ………..(BEGIN) There is where you BEGIN. No trick.Just a treat for you all from SeattleSullivan. Whats a guy gotta’ do to be searcher of the month on this site anyway???

    • SS,
      OK… why omit ” The end is ever drawing nigh;
      There’ll be no paddle up your creek” ?

      A B C D E F G H I J K L M”

      Why is there a “SO” from… water high — SO — If you’ve been wise? And “Your” is wrong, No “been” etc. etc.

      ” Don’t mess with my poem ” comes to mind…

      Sorry Bud, No special parking for you this month.

      • Your right no tampering , I’ve tried all those tricks. All code even old Roman code by Julius Cesar. There are no sentences that I have un covered.

      • Its out of order cause im at the library trying to memorize the poem . YOU look at it starting at (to far). IT IS IN ORDER AND I AM NOT MESSING WITH THE POEM you guys need to start sharing. I try and give a little life to this dieing hunt and ya’ll dismiss my work as tampering with his poem? Sorry. Again, my fault for not having the book with me. Follow the correct sentence then . It still spells begin. wHATS YOUR REVELATION THEN A-HOLE?

        • Well Lets have another look. The line: “From there it’s not place for the meek” You have to change ” It’s” to “it is” to force your method to work.

          And Again, you skip two lines in stanza 3 completely with no reference to why. I can only conclude because it won’t work out the way you hope.

          In the Two separate Lines in stanza 3 to stanza 4 you count “you’ve” as one word, but in stanza 3 you count ” it’s ” as two words… which method are you following?

          I may Just be an “A_HOLE” as you say, So maybe you can “enlighten” me with your Brilliant method. I just see a whole lot of forcing going on.

          PS. did ya memorize the poem yet? Just wondering.

          • Lets try this again. Sorry for the a-hole. Yes it starts in the middle of a stanza. Point is, Forrest says you have to know where to “begin”. Yes I counted there’ll and it’s as two words , because they are.
            Not far , but to far to walk
            A (B) A B C D (E)
            Put in below the home of Brown
            A B C D E F (G)
            From there it’s no place for the meek
            A B CD E F G H (I)
            The end is ever drawing nigh
            A B C D E F
            There’ll be no paddle up your creek
            G H I J K L M (N)

            There is the correct wording. I find it quite interesting it spells begin.
            Want more?
            Count the remaining sentence PLUS the next stanza. It come to 36 .
            count the next stanza. Its 32
            and the next one. Its 29
            This is the exact latitude for Las Tablas, New Mexico. Now google Las Tablas golden frog. Seen that anywhere?
            Tablas in Spanish means table or plank. What is the chest sitting on in every photo? A rough plank table.
            I trusted this enough to drive from Seattle to New Mexico twice, once in April and again in July. The area Dal searched in Tres Piedras with the film crew is literally in the same spot, so I’m not the only one who has interest in this area.
            Yes Forrest is a sly dog. But he said the person who DECIPHERS the poem will go with confidence. Thats all. I figured this out myself. I only wish EVERYONE would “cut to the chase” and share more . The whole hunt IMO is getting old, and will soon fade away without more fresh blood like what I just posted. But the kicker is I didn’t find it. I did find a set of rusty bed springs where the metal irrigation pipes take water from the Rio Tusas. The pipes had manufactures logos that are identical to the postmarks in the book. I e-mailed Forrest about May 25th. Three days later Dal revealed Forrest said someone solved the nine clues but hadn’t found the treasure. I don’t know if he was referring to me or not. I do though have the date sent and the contents of the e-mail on my g-mail account to back this up.
            So good luck. Fact is I’ve shifted my thinking to “knowledge” or know the ledge, which isn’t a “ledge”, but a “ledger”…the list of contents in the chest. Golden Eagles and Double Eagles. Eagle, Colorado .Eagle county Colorado. The beads on his bracelette found by Richard Something….(riches old and new). So try twisting and turning . Bottoms UP!

          • Dal, would you please elucidate on seattlesullivan’s statement?

            ” I e-mailed Forrest about May 25th. Three days later Dal revealed Forrest said someone solved the nine clues but hadn’t found the treasure.”

          • Wish I could. I have no idea what seattlesullivan is talking about. Forrest never told me or anyone else I know of that someone solved the nine clues and I certainly never told anyone else that Forrest told me that..

            It’s all news to me..

            And just how did I “reveal” that info? If it had been on the blog I think a lot of folks would have taken notice..including me..

          • I also just checked the email between Sullivan and myself. I sent him 4 emails from this computer…might be more from another computer and I’ll check that later…none of the 4 say anything about anyone finding nine clues or anything even close…so I don’t know what Sullivan is referring to and I am about to send him an email asking for an explanation..

          • Okay…shedding some light on this accusation from Sullivan…
            I received an email from him on May 28. It reads in part as follows:
            “Hi Dal,
            Earlier today I read a post where you said Forrest said someone solved all 9 clues, but they haven’t found the chest. Now I can’t find the quote. And more important…..Was it Me???!!!!”

            I can find no evidence that I emailed him back an answer. I suspect because I had no idea what he was talking about and second because I know that Forrest would never tell me a thing like that. It would be between Forrest and the searcher. If the chest were found Forrest is on record as saying that he will notify all the blogs….not me…

            and, once again, if I had posted something like that I am certain everyone here would still be talking about it…
            So maybe Sullivan dreamed it..or got my comments mixed up with someone who claimed to have figured out all the clues…
            I am still waiting to hear an explanation from Sullivan..

        • French have the expression “du jour”.

          Here is an example: your excuse “du jour” is not having the poem with you, but this would be a wrong statement.
          A more accurate comment would be: your excuse “du année” is not having the poem with you 😉

          You had the same excuse back on August 8th.
          I think it’s time you learn the darn poem by heart.

        • While am at it-

          You are “at the library trying to memorize the poem”, but you’re “not having the book with” you.

          Good luck finding the treasure chest 😉

        • Just thinking out loud. If there is a poem anyone and almost everyone would start at the beginning of the poem.

          So, why say you have to know where to begin?

          I am not saying this is right. I am not saying this is wrong. What I think is open minds solves problems. I don’t think anyone should be called out just for thinking and seeing things differently. Last time I checked. No one on here has the chest.

          • Arggggg,
            As you said, ” What I think is open minds solves problems.” This for me is the reason I started to chat on the blogs. I hope that common sense folks would say… Seeker, I read something you said and see a mistake or a fault in your method / theory. Some have done this for me.

            There have been many ways others see, interpret, and use different methods to solve the poem. But should one share their theory with all the searcher, they should expect that those searcher will comment if they see something that is out of whack.

            But there are some that seem to just want “enlighten” all us dummies and don’t like it when their mistakes or miscalculations etc, or even have their award winning theory is questioned at all.

            Just thinking out loud myself, I see three starting points in how I read the poem. The start of the 1st stanza… Begin it WWWH… and So why is it I must go.

            For myself, all three are related to understanding the underlining meaning of the poem.

            Just food for thought

        • Okay now ya got me pissed seattlesullivan. Ya think your doing a solve…and then talk crap when someone tries to help your logic. Funny … The poem in order for you who want to find a code … Here ya go…..A hole
          As I.. the first two words of the poem …….. Look up the definitions A hole….or is your 1800’s dictionary broke, if so hears my 1800.00 dollar one for ya one time only. As the word by definition in use , is the equal sum to I… I is the square root of -1, so As is op1 op2 using as I, would look something like op1op2 over the square root of -1 and you can figure out the rest. It almost dictates the equitation of Motion and Force and you must follow the clues to move forward.
          I have already gone through the whole poem and I’m formulating a Solve …. But you all ready knew this right … CAUSE YOU READ THE POEM RIGHT
          Or did you separate the stanz over Forrest’s comment 4 cards and a joker … which is really 5 and a joker … uh… 6 stanz…. 5 plus 1 is 6 . 4 lines per stanz with a joker add the number of words per line get a total for 5 cards add the Joker and maybe you’ll win a Car, we played that with dice when I was a kid. … Already been there … Or are you biting on the flies Forrest set out for ya fish to bite on one of his 1000 streams to fish on?
          Sorry all but , I don’t take well to people who talk crap to folks they don’t know.
          Next time try nice… I did and ya called me a A-hole…I still gave ya a hint. Logic…….Now , you want to play nice. Maybe solve this thing. I’m disabled , don’t have a job and I have 5 sons that need to go to college. I have nothing to do but help find this thing. I can’t get out there until the fall of next year due to therapy and surgery? I want to find this thing! I’ve studied for 10-15 hours a day on this project for months and months.

          • Hey Mike,

            Your “As I” is the same understanding as mine, Although we went in different direction. I Have said this before, so no harm throwing y thoughts out there again.

            Like ya said AS is egual to the I. I – by definition is knowledge of self or self knowledge. The words that follow in the first stanza are similar in reference. Alone; meaning 1st or one, Treasures; Possession important to one [ unlike Trove – is of value with no owner ]. Secret; known to one, As well as the words where and there are not always a place but can be a time.

            If ” I ” in the 1st stanza refers to knowledge of self… who is I? In understanding who I is, You have to understand where and there as time.

            The “hint” New and old will help in understanding who I.

            Understanding, I [ that would be me ] uses Multiple Meanings for all the words… I don’t believe any one definition of a word or phrase will solve the poem. It still amazes how ‘clever’ the poem was written … that we all read it so differently. will be a hoot when the solve is revealed.

            Oh right, IMO, Just saying, food for thought, Just sharing thoughts.

            I wonder if SS has memorize the poem by now? I click on his avatar and he claims he has been at the library 7 days a week working on the poem since last winter….I only have 24 lines in my copy of the poem, Am I missing any?

          • Hey seeker,
            ” Imagination is Greater Then Knowledge.”
            This is my last solve. I’m doing it to dis prove the spot I’ve already found. This spot matches the poem by lines and a common logic . But, for me all other avenues must be discovered or I cannot move forward. But, to start a Poem with those two words tells me this was constructed. We must finish this poem all the way in order to determine the rules. ” Here” in the poem could be a point of begging. But holds the question
            As to the position, direction , and or destination as in the definition of the word.
            So , To explain some of the operators ,
            I= imaginary number, E=sum but I have notice this depends on if we are talking energy or not. E also stands for eternal energy. ” I’m spiritual ” Forrest ha stated.
            To the question who is I….
            Good question . It doesn’t have to be anything , but believing Forrest is my Maverick I will let him dictate what that is. Also if you look at the word IN , it may help you in what is I this is a mode , this is the indication of motion. In which 3 is tied to 1. Keep going , I need a small logic break .This damn poem hurts my head.
            Listen I love to share…
            But, I would also like a cut of this thing if someone finds it due to these new clues.
            Seeker are you going on the hunt?

          • one other thing …Seeker , I also see where you are speaking of Treasures and I believe what is stated here by definition is “Wealth or Riches Accumulated or Stored” Forrest did again say he bought a 10 x 10 Lock box.( Square…subjective the square.) or could meana square the problem here….. Which if stored then this means accumulated and or SUM total.
            Then if you look at the word” Bold”
            Adjective Beyond the limits of conventional thought ; Imagination .
            ” Einstein was a bold mathematician,
            a difficult problem demanding a difficult answer.”
            Then going on , ” I can keep my ” When you get done there let me know. See what you think on your end the only thing I saw in your answer was with treasures equal to E or Sum. He is making you and or anyone on this road , formulate a solve by math and logic. Using a poem code .
            one other road some searcher may want to go on is, Poem coding which is done by locking 5 letter words . Usually starting with the 5th letter in the code. Or with a picture. Can also be done by call and receive, in which 2 people would be needed. ” Two can keep a secret if 1 is dead. Navajo Code talker died at age 80… Maybe Forrest knew him. I’m not sure of that , but there is a road here weather it ends in a dead end, I couldn’t tell ya. But I did find a secret poem,
            Weather he put it here or not it’s cool! I call it……..

            ” The Maze ”
            The moving writ
            Move wit

            Shall Alien
            Nor all of it

            A like Fe Pair
            And a throw stair

            A Muezzess crys
            Fools Your there

            Strangers who
            Before us through
            Not owed
            Which now I owe too

            Move wit
            The moving
            Can you find it … If not I’ll tell ya what page it’s on. Pretty neat.

          • Yes 24 lines .. 6 stanza and 4 lines per .
            Once again is his another rhook set by Forrest. I can say If you don’t follow a idea all the way to the end then you will not find this thing. NOr will I , and right now I feel solid in my solve for this location.

      • Again. I am at the library. I dont have the poem with me. I was trying to enlighten you all with begin. Look it up. count the correct sentence then. I am correct and I AM NOT TAMPERING WITH THE POEM. I AM SIMPLY COUNTING WORDS .

        • OH right, I forgot to ask… Why do you start with the line ” Not far, but too far to walk”? It’s not the start of the poem, It’s not the start of a stanza, and it is the last 7 words of a 20 word sentence.

          But hey, what do I know…

        • Fellas , no need for this. Look here is a tiff. Forrest has placed many Locks which lie in the stories of his life. He has also told us every word was crafted over and over. So, it is not that you are wrong. More like just another ave. for people to roll down . But, with that said. If you were tring to follow a trail in the 1800’s …. you would not have all this knowledge at your finger tips. The land educated the man , not the books or a school.
          Only my opinion , but as far as a A-hole. What’s a A hole?

          • I wish I could. I’m no smarter then the next guy Will, never said I was, just trying to help a fello out and calm some rough water. Just another story of the Buffalo and the Porky Pine. Lesson Learned. Lol
            My last Post.

        • By Defination it is .. to commence to begin,
          to cause to start,
          the first or earliest form of some action or motion
          to weaver between .
          If used in a negative it has the least cupidity.

    • Def imaginative. So many ways to make it work for the idea of the moment. I say that for myself especially…I must stay objective and focus only on the words/and the multitude of meanings. The tract is getting clearer…for me. So close, yet, so far ! IMO

  50. Somewhere I recall he has said something about word meanings are important. I agree with you.

    • forrest said to” unlock the clues.” So I think the are in the Poem, all you need is the Poem……Or? A few tid bits in the Book. Maybe.

  51. Well I’m a burnt out massage therapist of almost nine years 🙂

    I want stay self employed so I’m looking to open here where I live a very nice very nice daycare 24 hour for those nurses that need child care as well.

    Guess what I will call it
    Little Treasure or Little Treasures
    Daycare 🙂

    U like I do
    Thank u Forrest for the treasure adventure I have gotten myself into

    You have inspired me in many ways u may not realize it but I do
    Thank u

    Wish me luck with my new business opportunity it will take some time and planning 🙂

    • That’s awesome, Amy. Those nurses could prob also use a massage, too! I know at my job in an orthopedic surgeons office, we beg each other for massages between patients! 🙂

  52. Amy, my warmest wishes for a very successful daycare business. Nurses will truly appreciate it.

    • Lia
      Thank u I appreciate that. Where I live it’s growing fast has 2 hospitals here and no daycare offers such . I want it upscale. What daycares are here I’m not impressed.
      Thank u so much for your wishes for me 🙂

      • Amy, I’m sure you will do a tremendous job. Loving daycare workers and loving teachers can make a huge difference in kids lives.

      • Amy, don’t forget to check your state regulations. I’m sure states vary in their requirements. Some states are requiring educational backgrounds in daycare. Best of luck.

  53. Off Topic, I thought some would be interested, if they have not heard yet…

  54. I must be nuts. 14 hrs of flying for a free ticket. I could have driven faster. Waiting til sun and my legs are warm before searching 😉 the gold would be too cold in the morning anyway! Was half worried the phantom would jump out and scare my shadow.

  55. Happy Halloween 🙂
    I wonder if the phantom
    Will come out and play today
    Maybe he will give us a Thriller of his thoughts. 🙂 !!!!!!!

    • We are doing the Halloween Stroll downtown. I am sure there will be lots of little witches and ghosts! Happy Halloween!

  56. Spallies – yep, north of SF.
    55 degrees and gorgeous. Enjoying a nice “hike and see” and THINKING. Or trying to, I get distracted by the brook and birds. in between 3 major home of Browns and 3 very local ones but not successful in the center of all where I expected. May head to a nice spot to pray and see if that helps.

  57. It’s funny. When the horror stories came out in the news about some wackos putting objects in candy they handed out to kids, I started thinking how vulnerable good heart people were in just wanting to see kids have a fun and safe Halloween. It was then that I decided to not give out candy any more. Instead, I gave the kids a can of soda.

    One year a little guy came to my door and when he saw the soda, looked up at me and in the cutest voice said “Youd da bomb”. I think of that little tike, every Halloween since.

    • Ok Spallies, but only 1 small dammed pond for kids. I will start there for inspiration and maybe kayak up on a mountain lake later

  58. I remember folks getting all ramped up contemplating this centennial scrapbook would be especially meaningful. I agreed with this hypothesis. In my opinion the finder of the chest will possess a superior intellect with acute analytical abilities to navigate the complicated and complex concepts Fenn presents us with.

    The first thing that stood out to me is I doubt a millionaire who is a fighter pilot with a Silver Star, three Distinguished Flying Crosses, a Bronze Star, Purple Heart, and a box full of Air Medals would need an old football to maintain his self esteem. While trying to avoid those who distract me from my self-esteem I am quick to remember those incidents in my past that define me.

    So what is the football trying to tell us? The obvious analogy would be of Lucy and Charlie Brown. The scrapbooks are footballs and Lucy (Fenn) keeps putting the ball down in front of us; and like Charlie Brown we go for the ruse every time. Only to have the ball jerked away at the last second and we land flat on our back. It would seem Fenn is trying to tell us the scrapbooks are meaningless when it comes to finding the chest.

    Well Fenn didn’t fool me……I’ve taken the picture of the football, rotated it ninety degrees and calculated a Universal Transverse Mercator projection; from which I created an Orthophanic projection which in turn creates a perfect map of the search area. I won’t divulge the precise algorithm used to calculate the coordinates but you start by dividing the number of dimples on the map (football) by the number of horizontal laces then multiply by pi.

    I’m going to verify the numbers with the remote viewers, astrologers, medicine men, psychics, and last but certainly not least my ouija board mouse pad. I think I’ve got it nailed this time.

    • LOL Goofy… I needed that !!! By the way how many laces did you count? I got 8, does that mean we’re missing the most important clue? maybe “kick” knows.

    • Goofy, usually Forrest is telling a story to cross reference the book. In this case he would be referencing “Stout hearted men”

    • You are a much deeper thinker than I. For me, the story brought to mind Al Bundy

      just joking 🙂

    • Love it Goofy. If there are hints to finding the chest hidden in the scapebooks and vignettes, I’m certainly missing them. I haven’t really looked for any hints either. I’m just enjoying them for the fascinating glimpse at the items shown and the interesting man who has collected them. Of course, reading all of the post on the meaning of all of the items provides an entertaining read as well.

    • Gee Goofy, I was going to saw all I saw was a football and a stick figure running with the ball, or is that Forrest moving the treasure? 🙂

    • What about
      I sq root of -1 I also the imaginary concept of complex numbers
      have … instruction ( ) possibly to posses
      gone … instruction passing of , or arrow meaning forward
      alone… symbol for 0
      in is a Indicator of time and or motion usually y or x indicated by 1 or -1 under these terms.
      There opposed to here , apart or separate which dictates 2 objectives and at a place of point of action.
      If ya find it I get a cut…

  59. Lol, Goofy. You forgot the most important part, though. Without the GPV 1000 Homing Pigeonionater, you can’t equilibriate the specific flux calculations needed to pinpoint the nearly invisible giant X burnt into the landscape.

  60. IMO – Don’t discredit the mirror images in 99.5 which could be a hint to flip geography or look for two. or the goal post in 100 which looks just like the recurrent pie symbol theme throughout. TT or PI look like many log entrances to dude ranches. Just saying Goofy, SB’s may have subtle hints. Or as you indicated I’m Charlie Brown. By now, Thousands of people know they are no match for the poems master. The question is, is he glad we try? It wouldn’t be much of a game if we didn’t.

  61. “a one yard dash through the center of the line” against the Troy Warriors.
    I’d call that play —the Trojan Horse.

  62. The Running Man is back! That was a very interesting Steven King movie and even had a character named Weiss (wise). Richard Dawson was awesome in that film.

    • The Running Man wasn’t written by ‘Stephen
      The King’ .. It was written by Richard the Math –
      Eson Of Buchanan Dam .. Old Bubba Burke’s
      Running Man isn’t what you think. Dot Dot ..

      Study the Blues Brothers Clues a little bit
      closer ..

      Que Psuedo Nym Brad, dot dot .. Dash? Dash?

  63. Something always bugged me about this.
    The stick figure is a map. The torso is the canyon. The helmet is a symbol for a spring. The arm and ball is a path to the treasure.
    The legs. What about the legs? That’s what bugs me.
    They remind me of a road in the Jemez mountains, NM. Road 126, off of NM4. Stop at San Antonio Canyon and park in the small lot. Walk through the gate and down the road past the private residence. Halfway to the springs turn right. There may be a sign that says Ice Cave. There are cliffs up ahead. Above those cliffs is a community and another spring that is used as their water source. No need to go drive around there. Just stay down in the canyon beneath the cliff. That is where I would search if I had the strength.
    It’s kind of funny. The first place I scoped out was that community way up on top. When I showed the poem to my sister she said, “I know where that is. I was just hiking there last weekend”. That’s when she said San Antonio Canyon. She told me about the path halfway along to the Ice Cave. I assumed that it was beneath the cliffs in the shade.
    Another thing is that this canyon was one of the places that earlier searchers went. But they always walked past that trail halfway to the springs, beneath the cliffs. And that is what bugs me.
    So I will ask New Mexico searchers who have the heart and lungs to make one more look there. Halfway and to the right, under the cliffs.

  64. Forrest just posted scrapbook 199 today, which made me wonder if he has anything special planned for scrapbook 200, which made me think to check back and see what he posted for scrapbook 100.

    I’m not sure what to make of this entry. There are no geographic features named “football” or “rawlings” (at least not in the search states). Perhaps the shape of the football is a subtle hint? There are plenty of football-shaped lakes and topographic mountain peak lines in the Rockies, so perhaps a reference to that? Or perhaps there’s some reference to home of Brown since the football is brown? Or maybe a related football term is a subtle hint to something about the hidey place? Or maybe some wordplay on the name: Pro 5 -> Pro V -> Prove -> Improvise? Nah, that seems silly.

    Or maybe the man just wanted to share his football and simply reminisce for entry #100. I will likely be mulling further over this entry some more today.

    • You are correct theres no Rawlings named in the search area…..but there is a Rawlins Wyoming and it’s on I-80…..which you could reference to him being almost 80 when he hid the treasure!!

      • Gordon – I suppose that is a connection, but I’m not sure if it gets me anywhere. You did bring up a humorous little skit in my mind:

        Person: “Hey Forrest! How old are you?”
        Forrest: *thumps chest* “I eighty!”

    • Blex – A few streaming thoughts:

      1) Forrest’s quote about 200′.

      2) Improvise: Imagination>Pro>V>Wise

      Prove “IT”??? What say you, Einstein? E is the Fifth letter of the alphabet. And Einstein begins with “IT”. And he proved a lot of things. Like: E = MC Squared. Isn’t the solution to that a blaze, also?

      Loved the biography I read about him, by the same author who wrote the great ones about Benjamin Franklin and Steve Jobs. I worked for that fruit company, so I only read the first two. We had a great blaze as our company logo. At the end of the Einstein one, a theory was left unproven. I wonder what’s going on with that? Ken? Do you know???

      3) Cleveland Brown’s > home of Brown > Brownies mascot > Little People > Pryor Mountains

      Is that near Rawlins on I-80 in Wyoming, Gordon Swain??

    • *** *** ***
      Blex wondered – “Forrest just posted scrapbook 199 today, which made me wonder if he has anything special planned for scrapbook 200, which made me think to check back and see what he posted for scrapbook 100.”
      *** *** ***

      Because of the missing entry, the 100th scrapbook is actually the one numbered “scrapbook 101”.


      • Jake – I did just take a look at scrapbook 101 too and I think I’ll stick with pondering this one with the football.

      • Actually, because there is a SB 99.5, that makes SB 100 actually SB 100.

        I like to say actually.

        – TH

    • If you go south from rawlins into colorado, you can get to steamboat springs where they held an annual splash just like santa fe. It was also held this past weekend, I believe…

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