Ivory is the Flesh of Minerva…

by forrest fenn

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chinaThis 4 ½ – inch ivory bird was carved by a Chinaman during the Qing Qianlong Dynasty (1711 – 1799). I call her Minerva.



Her body can be wiggled off to reveal a lush basin filled with antique ivory beads. I cannot imagine what skills the carver used when making the two sides fit together so snugly.


The delicately carved feet on her gently feathered under-belly tell me the artist had a lot of class. I’m pretty sure that’s true.


I was once in a small shop in Hong Kong where similar objects were being made. The artist sat on the floor, a hunk of ivory wedged between his feet. A wooden mallet moved adroitly in his hand as a very precisely-formed object began to appear under his chisel. Little flakes of ivory flew all about, cluttering the area. My eyes couldn’t believe such talent.


For many years this little bird has had a peculiar effect on me. I acquired her from a vague acquaintance; a severely mature man whom I had met earlier in Dirty Sally’s Saloon in Ten Sleep, Wyoming. He asked for almost no money and when I told him it wasn’t enough his eyes turned to sugar. “Yes, but it’s special to me and I want it to have a good home.” He may have thought the discussion of money was an affront to his little feathered friend. Me too.

I started writing this story late last night but soon became word weary. So I slept and dreamed about writing the story, which prompted me to arise and finish it. It was all so weird. But it’s finished, and now my mind must consider in whose deserving possession Minerva should next reside. I would entertain your thoughts.

Thanks to calidreamer5 for researching Minerva.


618 thoughts on “Ivory is the Flesh of Minerva…

    • That is…… the Metropolitan Museum of Art…….. They’d know what to do with it….. or where to send it……..

      Or if your “museum friend” who sold you the chest is still alive, give it to him/her……..

  1. A beautiful, beautiful work of art. I bet it was amazing to watch.
    Perhaps Minerva will whisper to you…

  2. I think she should live with me. She looks just like an old bookmark/mirror cutout that fell out of a 100 year old poetry book I acquired once, except that it was in color. It means a lot to me for reasons I couldn’t explain. I think I sent you an email with the picture awhile back. I could place her with it on my shelf and smile when I passed.

      • Haha. Meant to type ‘inside her head’ I have a squirrel like that with a secret head opening…there’s a lock on it too… I wonder if that’s a lever by the foot of this lady that does the same thing?

        • Ounat-Haha…I’m serious!! My squirrel has a tiny little dove in her head! No clue why though…

          • …and the beads in mine are like a necklace/rosary/bracelet type thing. Look close and you can see the string here too 😉

          • That little bird has such amazing detail! How is it even possible to make the pieces fit together with such precision? I think whomever Forrest gives it to should cherish it and never sell it.

    • Looks like she hasn’t yet gone to seed……. probably still has a lot of woman left in her…….

  3. You have exquisite taste Mr. Fenn. Minerva, I should think would be treasured by one of your daughters or grand daughters.

    • Minerva

      The goddess of wisdom, invention, the arts, and martial prowess, medicine. She came to be identified with the Greek Athena.

      Do you have a grandaughter studying medicine or the arts?

  4. OMG! Minerva is so beautiful! What an incredible piece of artwork. I think you should add another wing to your Fenn museum so that you could display all these stunning pieces so we all could see and enjoy them. 🙂

  5. She’s beautifully fashioned. What was the curious effect Minerva had on you. Perhaps that will help you make the decision on where her next home should be.

  6. Beautiful, I like to see things of ivory 🙂 it surely is not cheap.
    In fact ivory can be high dollar.
    Jamie it would be nice if gold was inside that bird 🙂 !!!!!

  7. F, that beautiful piece is fantastic. The next custodian of Minerva should be one who is pure of heart. Do you know of such a person, f?

  8. Forrest, she is exquisite. I am sure you have an old friend who would appreciate such a beautiful object to remind them of you? You know so many people, I am sure someone will come to mind. How can we presume to know who comes to mind in your life? Whoever receives it will recognize it for the honor that it is. 🙂

  9. Oh, but I’d love the pleasure of holding that dear bird. My Nana had a fondness for the birds and had a collection, which I now keep. None were of real feathers and bones …just artistic likenesses. All the better, as far as I’m concerned.

    She would’ve loved this this beauty. As do I. most Precious.

  10. Mr. Fenn,

    If I were you…I would give it to someone you think is deserving and someone who reminds you of yourself. That way you know she will be taken care of and cherished.

  11. She’s breathtakingly beautiful, and looks like the quail that come to my birdfeeder. As a bird lover, I’d love to have such a work of art! Forrest, I’m curious, how did you come up with the name Minerva? That’s the name I gave the grandmother in the children’s book we started writng together. Yes, it’s all so weird.

    • I just read that Minerva is a Roman Goddess of wisdom, music, arts, crafts, medicine, commerce, defense and magic, virginity. The eggs/beads probably symbolize creation and new beginings. Maybe you should give her, or each one of her eggs to people who possess the traits the Goddess symbolizes.

    • Hey Wendy,
      I talked to last Winter about the book you are writing with Forrest…. I was just wondering where you guys are on it? Do you have an expected release date for it?

      • I plan on releasing it early next year, just prior to treasure hunting season. Thanks for asking. Did you get to hear the theme song that I wrote to it?

        • I am listening to it now, Thank you… I replied to your other message down below, but to far to scroll..haha

  12. That is a beautiful work of art. Let your heart and your dreams guide you to the one in your life to gift it to.

  13. Me never going to own that beautiful birdie..so I say,have an egg hunt for your grand children at Easter and let them feel the THRILL OF THE CHASE.
    Play it forward !!!

  14. That is a beautiful piece of art.

    Here is a little food for thought. If by chance you would have another bronze chest why not Put it in it with your story and maybe allow searchers add something to the chest? A time capsule so to speak. Searchers could send a small something that is special to them along with a little note about. It to a p.o. box.

    Just a thought… 🙂

  15. mr. forrest,she is the most sweet beautiful delicate little bird,I have ever seen.such love went into making this little song bird.she really is special.she shows such love as a mother would gather her little chicks under her wings to protect her babies.this little bird with all her heart protects her babies to be.this little mother would be willing to die for her babies.just looking at the work ,the image of the bird,her face shows such bravery.it actually does make your heart flutter alittle bit with joy.did you feel anything like this when you saw her for the first time?

  16. Exquisitely beautiful, I can’t say who should have a piece like this. Certainly not deserving myself. Perhaps a grandchild or special friend. Very nice work of art! Each time you tell us a story it seems as though you were in the right place at the right time. Good thing you were at Sally’s.

  17. Forrest,….Minerva should go to the one who cherishes her most, and that would be you. You should take her with you when the time arrives, pillowed down and scented in with the knowlege she is with you always.

  18. As always Forrest, you present us with some very interesting pieces of art…

    Hong Kong is a very interesting city. I took 2 weeks there on R&R. I imagine that was one of your destinations back then too.

  19. Located on Highway 16, a Scenic By-way to Yellowstone Park via the Big Horn Mountains, Dirty Sally’s is an old fashion store with old fashion Malts and hard Ice cream. Hunting and fishing gear is also available as well as Wyoming gifts, handmade crafts and souvenirs made by local crafters. We offer quilts, kitchen and baby gifts, afghans, and many unique Wyoming items for sale.

    Our rustic building was originally built in 1918 as a bank. Over the years it has found use as a Post Office, Drug Store, Ice Cream Parlor and Gun Smith Shop.

  20. Well you know what they say around these parts, f.
    A bird in the hand is worth more than a treasure chest in the
    bush. It’s a beaut!

  21. Minerva was made by a true craftsman. The idea that two human hands did what the brain told them to, is short of a miracle. The end result is a piece of the makers soul. Perhaps you connected with the maker and not necessarily the piece. I am not worthy of an opinion of who should be given your belongings. Thanks for sharing Forrest…

  22. Have to say she is well crafted.Would look good on the cover of a new book? 🙂 “The Fenn Collection”
    If I had her I would put my extra keys inside. I hate looking for misplaced keys… She’s too pretty to sit in a glass case somewhere.

  23. The intricacy of the carving is remarkable but how about the underlying meaning of its design?
    Imagine the carver as he is chiseling away thinking of the bird protecting its unborn treasure. The contents within are to be hidden and kept safe from unwanted prey. Not being a carver, I wonder if the time spent in its making builds a strong sense of attachment. Did the original carver of Minerva know or think of where it might end up?
    Are those the original contents in Minerva? If so, it appears the design was a success.
    Anyways, how about puting a note inside that reads…Travel Safe…then place Minerva it in the bronze jar mentioned in Scrapbook Ninety-Seven?

    And I’m betting you probably have a box of all those “Little flakes” that you couldn’t watch get swept away.

    • Safety Joe,

      That’s is an interesting question ; “Did the original carver of Minerva know or think of where it might end up?”

      I think about all the items in fenn’s collection, as well as, in the chest the same way. Is this not the reason for this challenge, not only to find the chest that lays in wait, but to find the answers to those items as well?

      Why are we as people so interested in the understanding of lost civilizations, the way of life in those past times and how it is possible that those ancients artifacts survived for us to study and ponder for the answers. I think it maybe called by another word….

      • Seeker-
        I believe I think the same way. Not sure of the word you might be suggesting but my question could also have been said in a single word—HOPE! Maybe there is some of that in the belly of the bird and the bottom of the chest.

        I wonder if the promise of a Quinquatria would be a
        determining factor in finding a good home for Minerva?

        (5, V, quinqu)

        If I only would have put this much time and study into schoolwork…especially English class.

  24. Absolutely beautiful.

    I went to a woodworking show once and there was a traditional Japanese woodworker there. He was wearing a Fundoshi, and only had a few basic tools. He was making a keepsake box. I don’t think I could have made cuts as square as his with my power saw.

  25. Nice piece Forrest, but I’m wondering if your mature friend shared with you how he came to have the piece and just why he considered it so special to him, besides it’s beauty and the obvious care taken by it’s creator. Is there a unique story from his perspective that might suggest where next it should reside? Your generosity continues, regardless.

  26. I want it too Forrest, but you don’t have to pick me. I would like to touch it. I’m also curious why there are those little swirlies on her butt when you take the top part off. What were those for? Also, what is that oval mark on her head near her eye? The details are amazing. I love her feet. Where was she sitting at your house? I don’t want her to go to a museum.

  27. Mr Fenn, I think you are the one that does all the whispering and the person you whisper to the most would love it. You probably have that email address and I’m sure that the individual won’t mind you asking for the address. I even bet there would be a spot quickly reserved next to the wood-carved White-cheeked Pintail. Might even do a little trading.

  28. Now that the shock of such beauty has passed, FF, I have a beautiful double weave Choctaw basket that I will trade you for it. I might be getting the better of the deal, but I do love my basket!

  29. Well, at this point in time there is one posted search story that I believe has come closest to the spirit of the Chase. I am certain there are other deserving searchers who have come just as close, but I hear Minerva whispering to Mindy.

    Mindy shares with us her excitement in her research and solves, and posted the most heartfelt story about her search with her son. It was a loving adventure that blew me away as she cared mostly about her son’s safety.

    As she is about to Cross yet another Bridge Over Troubled Water, I can imagine Minerva whispering to her as she stands upon that bridge looking out in the shadows. Wondering, pondering, ever searching.


    It is just about time for Minerva to leave the nest behind and fly south for winter. I cannot think of a better place than the Sunshine state with Silver Girl. And anyway Mr. Fenn, don’t you think all those ivories Minerva is keeping warm reminds you of that pretty smile that Mindy seems to share willingly as a gift to us all? Me too.

    So, as I brush a tear aside, it is now off to Sunday school to teach those kindergartners a thing or two about life and prayer.

    Lyrics for Bridge Over Troubled Water By Simon & Garfunkel

    When you’re weary, feeling small
    When tears are in your eyes, I’ll dry them all (all)
    I’m on your side, oh, when times get rough
    And friends just can’t be found
    Like a bridge over troubled water
    I will lay me down
    Like a bridge over troubled water
    I will lay me down
    When you’re down and out
    When you’re on the street
    When evening falls so hard
    I will comfort you (ooo)
    I’ll take your part, oh, when darkness comes
    And pain is all around
    Like a bridge over troubled water
    I will lay me down
    Like a bridge over troubled water
    I will lay me down
    Sail on silver girl
    Sail on by
    Your time has come to shine
    All your dreams are on their way
    See how they shine
    Oh, if you need a friend
    I’m sailing right behind
    Like a bridge over troubled water
    I will ease your mind
    Like a bridge over troubled water
    I will ease your mind

    Songwriters: SIMON, PAUL

    • Oh Wind, you made me cry.
      I believe the search with my son was one of the most significant events in my life.
      Growing up with Asperger’s, sometimes it’s scary to leave my house.
      I feel that my life has nevertheless been full as I continue to conquer every fear and do things my heart and soul scream for me to do.
      But wow, thank you, Wind, for that huge compliment.

    • Windsurfer – thanks for that trip down memory lane. Love that old S&G song! Any yes, if Minerva doesn’t rest in a Fenn grandaughter nest, then I vote for Mindy. Dal would appreciate something a bit more masculine – like the chest!

      ps. I noticed you’re a snow skiier from the Denver area… is the summit starting to stockpile that downy white fluff we all enjoy?

      • Hey 42. The snow has begun to fly from time to time, but we are still experiencing 80 degree weather here in Denver. A-Basin has opened 1 run, but I bet it is melting faster during the day than they keep up with at night. Supposed to be cooler Monday with some snow, but the season will not get going in earnest for some time. Halloween is looking good for tricksters and treaters.

        But based on Mr. Fenn’s closet, it would not surprise me if his clothes hamper weighs anything less than 70 pounds and maybe as much as 90. Man does that guy have clothes. I buy my jeans at Savers which I get 2 pair for $6 on senior Thursdays. My total investment is $6 to date.

        • That rack of jeans gave me a chuckle. I have nearly as many just in case I ever return to the weight of my youth(s).
          I spent Easter break skiing A-Basin many moons ago on a college trip. skied with guys who taught me to jump the cornice. Great time but my knees would buckle now. I stick to the cruiser runs where older ladies don’t get hurt. Where do you enjoy skiing?

          • I mostly ski Keystone because it is close to home and the day starts with a spectacular drive up over Loveland Pass. The tunnels are for …. Of course, Vail is “Like Nothing On Earth”, but just a bit further down the road so it is hard to pass up the fantastic skiing through the trees in the Outback at Keystone. It is all about the key…don’t you know?

          • @ Wind, I haven’t yet decided if its about the key or the stone or the river. But leaning on a stone with a key hole near the river just might work.

          • Hey 42,

            You have to be pretty brave to jump that cornice. I might give it a try, but how many searching buddies of mine do you think it would take to help build the courage and strength to pull it off? I am not sure I could do that without some support.

  30. That is a very pretty piece. And the name is fitting, even though this ivory bird isn’t an owl. Minerva is the Roman equivalent of. Athena.

    Athena was a fierce protector. A wise warrior. She stood for Truth and Equality. She had pure heart, and her warfare was courageous, just and strategic, and didn’t have the violent tendencies and bloodlust that her brother, Ares, had.

    I think Mirerva should go to a searcher who:

    1. Has searched in the way you intended, meaning to get the family outdoors and see our wild, wonderful country.

    2. Has displayed wisdom in the search, but not in a way that boasts about knowing “for sure” where the treasure is, or in a way that belittles or uses dirty techniques to belittle or humiliate other searchers. Also, someone who has used their resources wisely in searching. Meaning they haven’t spent their rent money on “one more search.” Someone who realizes what priorities come first in life. Providing for family, and spending quality time with family should come first.

    3. Someone who does not dwell on the $ signs in the search. Someone who would not turn around and sell Minerva once they got their hands on it, but display it proudly in their home, knowing it was given to them because a good man they respected greatly thought they were deserving.

    If Renelle was here, it should’ve gone to her.

  31. Okay, without more insight to The Bird’s provenance, but recognizing it has flown nearly around the world, and perhaps longs to fly again, I suggest it might get a workout if residing with Dal….he has made over 40 trips to The Bird’s current home, and seems not to have stopped traveling. With the wisdom of the Orient, Minerva might just tip off Dal as to the whereabouts of the Chest. Heaven knows Dal could use a little unnatural help with his quest.

  32. Mr Fenn, This little bird has a good resemblance to a Quail. Maybe us TEXAS guys love having a little bit of home around us.

  33. Mr. Fenn,

    I noticed the beads inside the carving and was wondering is there a reason for them to be a necklace, instead of just representation of eggs. And is there a purpose for them to be worn?

    I’ll make this standing offer… should discover and retrieve the trove… I’ll trade the Bracelet for Minerva. I just can’t stop gazing at her!

  34. Go to the library for their storytime or to a classroom you can read a story at about a bird that would fit. Maybe you or someone here could write one. Bring your bird with and I believe you will find one child who will unconditionally fall in love with her as you have.

  35. What a beautiful bird. I can’t take my eyes off the detail of the underside of Minerva’s tail, feet and the garland of seeds. Wow the focus, skill and care the artist has shown. I hope he is aware and pleased with our admiration of his beautiful bird. Thanks so much for sharing it Forrest–what a wonderful image to see as I begin my day.


    • Mary, I agree that animals should never be harvested for their ivory, or as trophys. I’ve never killed an animal but I was raised in a family where dad hunted deer and elk for the meat.

      Who is to say Minerva’s ivory wasn’t the product of an animal dying naturally and an artisan carving a piece of art that honors nature’s splendor. I see no harm in that.

  37. I’m late to this party, but my birthday happens to be tomorrow…

    Seriously, that is a beautiful work of art. It will take wisdom, Forrest, to find the right home for her.

    ByTheWay—Minerbio in the province of Bologna might be home to the original Minerva springs. I don’t know if they’re hot, warm, or cold. I spent a couple weeks at the Hotel Nanni, taking a bus into Bologna nearly everyday where I never ran out of museums, gallerys, or churches to visit.

    BTW 2—Is Dirty Sally’s anything like Durty Nellys East (or West) Irish Pub?

  38. That is quite a choice of name Forrest.


    “The 19th-century idealist philosopher Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel famously noted that “the owl of Minerva spreads its wings only with the falling of the dusk”—meaning that philosophy comes to understand a historical condition just as it passes away.[17] Philosophy cannot be prescriptive because it understands only in hindsight.”

    “ One more word about giving instruction as to what the world ought to be. Philosophy in any case always comes on the scene too late to give it… When philosophy paints its gloomy picture then a form of life has grown old. It cannot be rejuvenated by the gloomy picture, but only understood. Only when the dusk starts to fall does the owl of Minerva spread its wings and fly. ”

    —G.W.F. Hegel, Philosophy of Right (1820), “Preface



    “Bavarian Illuminati, an Enlightenment-era secret society founded on May 1, 1776. The society’s goals were to oppose superstition, prejudice, religious influence over public life and abuses of state power, and to support women’s education and gender equality. The Illuminati—along with other secret societies—were outlawed by the Bavarian ruler, Charles Theodore, with the encouragement of the Roman Catholic Church, and were permanently disbanded in 1785.[1] In the several years following, the group was vilified by conservative and religious critics who claimed that they had regrouped and were responsible for the French Revolution.”

    “The Order was made up of freethinkers as an offshoot of the Enlightenment and seems to have been modelled on the Freemasons.[4] Illuminati members took a vow of secrecy and pledged obedience to their superiors. Members were divided into three main classes, each with several degrees, and many Illuminati chapters drew membership from existing Masonic lodges.”

    Quite an Illumination here Forrest !

  39. Mr. Fenn, this is one of a very few “pieces” that bridge the human spirit to creation. What care and love the carver placed in her. It is like the carver placed some of his spirit in her. Perhaps it is the carver’s spirit that speaks to you when you hold or gaze at her. I would place her in the care of someone who would cherish her, then pass her on to one of like mind. To me, it would not be fitting to place her in the cold confines of a museum.

  40. I would like to thank those o you who nominated me to take care of Minerva.

    I would love to cherish that beautiful bird forever.

    However, I still thinks it’s rightful caretaker is Renelle. Maybe one of her relatives could have it and be reminded of how high Renelle soared every time they look at it?

    And as a however to that however, if Mr. Fenn ever did offer it to me, I would most graciously accept. 🙂

  41. Mr. Fenn,

    Your little ivory Bird was made by a true artist, with a deep interest in exquisite detail, full of love and understanding, working hand to hand to create a masterpiece. It is so beautiful to gaze upon.

    When I look at the last 3 pictures of it on my screen, I see Dals face staring at me on the blog page. It is amazing how much the little Bird looks like Dal!

    I truly believe that Dal should get “THE BIRD”, and so do a lot of other hunters and searchers.

    He has performed a great service, in his searching and preparing this blog over the years, and deserves “THE BIRD”, to remind him of the “REWARD”, for a job well done.

    My vote goes to Dal, with the option, that he can pass “THE BIRD” on to whomever he thinks deserves it and would appreciate it.

    The last picture of “THE BIRD”, with the grapes or berries under her breast look just like Dals mustache under his beak! What a TREASURE, “THE BIRD” I mean.

    “THE BIRD” has the same intense look in her eye as Dal!

    I vote for Dal.

    • I wouldn’t dream of giving Dal “THE BIRD” but I’d nominate him to have Minerva! 🙂

    • After all his hard work the last thing he wants is THE BIRD i mean he probable gets it all the time on his trips !!! Or do drivers not do that to Dal… 🙂

  42. Just a joke but yah he deserves it cause one bird in the hand is better than two in the bush. Who wouldn’t want something from fenn to brag about…

  43. It should be on permanent display in one of the glass cases in the breezeway of the Inn and Spa at Loretto…along with some of your other meaningful memorabilia…along with your books…OR in a special display case at Collected works bookstore…a lot of people can enjoy it at either place…’just ‘sayin

  44. I would definitely not be upset if the bird goes to Dal. He’s shown nothing but fairness, kindness, patience and persistence in the chase! It’s hard work maintaining this blog and doing everything he does. 🙂

  45. Mr. Fenn

    What a beautiful piece of art! I have an Inuit carving from ivory from a walrus tusk which was made in Baffin Island and it is my favourite. Any new owner should be ecstatic to own such a fine exhibit.

    If you truly wish to find her a new owner, then I think it would be wonderful to present the piece to a searcher that represents the qualities of Minerva from your eyes.

    Or alternatively, since Minerva it is a Goddess, you could present it to a female searcher or the supportive wife of a searcher that you feel has approached your search in the true spirit of the thrill of the chase. Someone who exemplifies the qualities that you admire as an example for all to follow.

    The Wolf

  46. A person who understands Asian culture and who is a world champion duster would appreciate a ladybird like Minerva.

    • 23kachinas – I like your new white down. Is this a fall outfit? I always look forward to your creative hummingbird avatars. Thanks for changing it up.

      • Lia, I’m happy you like my avatar update. This week I’m sporting the albino hummingbird because it’s close to Halloween and looks a little ghostly don’t you think?

        • You only need a set of pink contacts to finish your costume. It’s perfect. My grandfather would have called you a spook, as he did my cousins with large eyes. lol, he was a character.

          Please come to my door trick or treating 23, I’ll have a special hummingbird candy dispenser just for you.

  47. I think she was intended to be a wedding gift. Her belly held a string of beads as meaningful to the gifter as the vessel that protected them. The bride would never see the treasure. As her betrothed held the beads tormented with the news of her sudden passing. The beads suddenly broke and fell to the floor. There was no monetary value of her lost life.

    • Oh alchemist, that’s a tragic love affair. Reminds me of that poem on the poetry page about annabelle lee. Rewrite it with a happy ending to your imaginative tale, and you’ll have a best seller.

  48. I believe that Minerva is the wise vessel that holds and protects a dear set of prayer beads.

  49. The Great Seal of the State of California adopted in 1849 features the Roman goddess Minerva

    • 23 – that’s interesting. IMO the chest will be found at Minerva’s home (no, not ancient Greece)… a wise owl’s nook by a beautiful brook, where she can protect her owl chicks and hunt for mice, since its no place for the meek.

  50. This story reminds me of my quest for the owl blaze. Do you think this is Mr. Fenn meant by wise?

    http://www.ttotc.com/the-poem/stanza-4/poem-41/#comment-133663 (this one has the doodle of an owl inside the challis)

    Then there is this one I found last year (scroll half way down)-
    or this one goes right to it
    The Wolf

      • Amy,
        I am not sure I understand your question. Do you not see the owl or do you want to know where it came from?

        The owl is carved inside the chalice. It is difficult to see and I am not sure if I have a close up of it. I tried to use some contrast features to highlight the owl but it is difficult to see but trust me it is an owl. It looks like an owl FF has posted nearly a year ago, hidden amongst many objects.
        The Wolf

      • Amy,
        Do you see the thumb print in the Chalice? This represents the thumb that covered Philadelphia.
        The Wolf

  51. Maybe the chest is inside a sculpture. If there is only two pieces is it a structure? He said to define one. Also, he showed told us how he created threads on bronze and just showed us the jar with them.

  52. Windsurfer – 30 plus yrs ago you were able to ski down the ridge line until it wasn’t too large or scary, and youth is wasted on youth 🙂

  53. It is either that or this is the key to the teeth of the matter. Ivory comes from the teeth of mammals. Ivory was used to make billiard balls which is a nice link to the silver bracelet which Mr. Fenn won in a pool game from Mr. Harvey. One will have a whale of a good time trying to figure this one out. Now if I could just figure out why those ants circle trees in a certain direction I will be on my way!!!
    The Wolf

    • Anyone else on the blog spending so much time concentrating on their solution that they are screwing up other important work? Yikes, today I sent out a document giving directions to a client and told him the meeting was on the North side of the river when I meant the South side! I didn’t proof read until too late. Yikes, now I can’t reach the client and he’s likely to be drinking coffee alone and wondering where my mind wandered.

        • German, right That’s my plan, but he’s a dignified gentleman my Fathers age and doesn’t have a cell. Important client and new account for me. I’m hoping he’ll get there and understand I meant its on the South side rather than north. May be awkward honking from the car. Busy day and didn’t proof everything. Hoping all will be well. Or I may be looking for a new job – professional treasure hunting.

      • Ok wise guys and gals, I will lose an account. But I’m still trying to get the message to him. I may need Tylenol pm tonight. Thanks for the support.

  54. Mr. Fenn,
    If you are up to having some fun, then you could offer this beautiful ivory piece to the searcher that best describes what hint(s) that lie within this story. Similar to the contest you had with the necklace and the funny stories.

    I am sure that when you publish the winner’s response, there will be lots of interest, speculation and excitement to get us through the long winter.

    Food for thought,
    The Wolf

  55. I am sure that Minerva has brought a great deal of joy to all those she has touched during her long history. I can only hope that I am worthy and get the opportunity to share her with someone special.That would be nice.

  56. The intricacy of the tiny seeds impressed me when I first saw the photos. I’m even more amazed when I imagine the scale of it. Look at how small 4 1/2 inches is–this dove would perch in the palm of your hand.

  57. A little OT, but…I got good news at the surgeon’s office today! The lump seems to be shrinking and we are taking a wait and see approach. I don’t have to go back for three months! I think that’s a good sign, so I’m revving up on my spin classes, eating some steak and tatos with butter (gobs and gobs of butter), and starting to research this chase again!
    I am so thankful for you all and your prayers!

    PS–I’m not really eating all that butter.

    • Mindy,
      I am sorry I missed the background of your situation. I pray that you continue to get well! From one searcher to another – persevere!
      The Wolf

    • Mindy,

      That’s really good news. Hang in there. This story looks to have a happy ending. The real secret, is to keep your spirits up.

      I’ve been through this and was so glad when the treatments saved my life (knock on virtual wood).

    • Great news Mindy! Best wishes for continued improvement with the shrinkage of the lump. And go ahead and eat the gobs of butter in celebration tonight, then back to the healthy eating Mañana. 🙂

    • Be well Mindy, I had my own scare with a benign tumor not too long ago so no question the bloggers are in your corner for more good news any day of the week.

      • Deb

        Is that picture of Forrest supposed to be there by your name.
        Also today Mindys picture was on Onuat name
        And Forrest’s picture was on someone called shadow
        Anyway not sure what’s going on there 🙂

  58. Mindy, that’s great news. Like germanguy and forrest, I had stage III cancer and am happy to say that I’m healed! Keep the positive attitude!

  59. I imagine the bird in a plexi-glass cube, suspended in a well lit white room all by itself, hung high enough off the floor to enable both young and old to admire the masterful details, while a narrator softly regales them with the history, provenance, and craftsmanship details of the bird from the Qing Qianlong Dynasty. Donate it with the stipulation that it be displayed that way permanently for all to see.

    • Nice idea Michael D. but first let one of Forrest’s grand daughters hold onto it a while to really appreciate how lovely and dear it is. It should be treasured first before displayed for all.

      • Yes indeed, and whoever finds the treasure chest should be able to Marvel Gaze at it for a while before donating it to a museum.

  60. Mr. Fenn communicates to us with deeper meanings, IMHO. He doesn’t actually want to give this away, but he is simply asking us in a clever way: Who is deserving of great wisdom?

    This is yet another clue to the final solution, IMHO.

  61. I think mr. Fenn needs to hold on to the dove and her pure white pearls of wisdom a little longer. I think there is more to be learned yet. The color white represents purity and incorruptibility, straightforwardness and honesty, not cunningness, misleading and misdirection. Those are the real qualities that I admire in the proverbial white dove, or in a mature and age seasoned white haired man.

    • Forrest has some pretty lengthy white hair.I’d guess he is equally wise before and after his cut.. Maybe a little sharper when he trims his wits. He would look good in golden blond but it’s a little late for that. Oh ya hair is a little off subject birds have feathers..

    • Santa Fe/ Agents Search Home for Artifacts

      By Polly Summar
      ABQ Journal
      June 11, 2009

      Agents descended Wednesday on the Santa Fe home of former gallery owner Forrest Fenn armed with a search warrant seeking eagle feathers, ancient American Indian artifacts and sacred items, as well as a series of records dealing with sale or possible illegal possession of such items.

      Even a mummified falcon reputed to be from King Tut’s tomb, allegedly taken by Egyptian President Anwar Sadat from the Cairo Museum to give as a gift, apparently ended up in Fenn’s hands — prompting searchers to include in the warrant “correspondence from the government of the Arab Republic of Egypt to Forrest Fenn.”

      The story of the falcon, according to the affidavit, was based on taped and monitored conversations an informant had with Fenn over the last year. Fenn currently sells Indian artifacts and other items online at http://www.oldsantafetradingco.com.

      Videos and audiotapes led agents to believe many items Fenn collected over the years may have come from public lands or may be sacred items that could not be legally taken from tribes, according to the affidavit filed in U.S. District Court in Albuquerque in support of the search warrant.

      Fenn did not return calls from the Journal on Wednesday.

      Vehicles surrounding Fenn’s home at 1021 Old Santa Fe Trail came from a number of federal agencies, including the FBI, the Bureau of Land Management and the Fish and Wildlife Department.

      “I can confirm that we executed a federal search warrant at that address this morning,” said Darrin Jones, spokesman for the FBI in New Mexico.

      The search, Jones said, was part of the same case in which some two dozen people were indicted in a sweeping federal investigation into ancient artifacts stolen from public and tribal lands in the Southwest.

      An undercover source purchased 256 artifacts in 2007 and 2008 — Anasazi pottery, an assortment of burial and ceremonial masks, a buffalo headdress, arrowheads, hair ornaments and more — totaling $335,685. Jones said the case originated in the bureau’s Salt Lake City office and is being coordinated out of that office in conjunction with the BLM.

      “Twelve indictments have charged 24 defendants, and arrest warrants were issued for 23 out of the 24,” said Melissa Schwartz, spokesperson for the U.S. Department of Justice on Tuesday.

      Only one of the 23 people arrested was from New Mexico — David Waite in Albuquerque, according to Juan Becerra, an FBI spokesman in Salt Lake City. The others were from Utah and Colorado.

      No charges were filed against Fenn on Wednesday.

      The investigation is the nation’s largest investigation of archaeological and cultural artifact theft, according to Melodie Rydalch, a spokesperson for the U.S. Attorney’s office in Utah. Some 300 federal agents from the BLM were involved in the arrests.

      The search warrant for Fenn’s home outlined conversations with the informant and items displayed.

      Under the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act, any American Indian human remains, funerary objects, objects of cultural patrimony and sacred objects must be repatriated to Indian tribes, according to a statement from Rydalch. In regard to items seized from the four states, the BLM will consult with tribes to determine cultural affiliation and to facilitate repatriation.

      The Four Corners area, once the center of Anasazi or ancestral Puebloan culture is a treasure trove of archaeological artifacts, said Mark Michel, president of the Archaeological Conservancy, a national group based in Albuquerque. “There are thousands of archaeological sites in that area, and I’ve never seen one that hasn’t had some looting,” said Michel, who has worked in the areas for 30 years.

      Regarding the overall regional operation, Ken Salazar, Secretary of the Interior, issued a statement: “Let this case serve notice to anyone who is considering breaking these laws and trampling our nation’s cultural heritage that the BLM, the Department of Justice and the federal government will track you down and bring you to justice.”

      In the early 90s, Fenn sued, and later dropped the suit, to keep state officials from entering a prehistoric pueblo site that he owns in Galisteo. A state archaeologist reported at the time that he found a human arm bone and several finger bones atop a large pile of potsherds on the property.

      In a counterclaim, state officials charged Fenn knowingly disturbed human burials at the site. Fenn said he accepted a settlement offer from the Attorney General’s office in which both parties agreed to drop their claims.

      In the affidavit filed Monday in connection with Wednesday’s search, the BLM did say that it was legal for Fenn to have items from that privately-owned site.

      During the search at Fenn’s home at about 2:30 p.m., a BLM agent said the team leader at Fenn’s home could not speak to a reporter. “They’re swamped in there,” he said.

      But the activity did attract a passer-by.

      “Is there a sale?” the man asked. “I thought maybe Forrest was having a sale.”

      • Gold fever,

        This is old news. Anyone who’s been following this blog since the beginning has heard (and read) about this witch hunt. It was motivated by a bunch of envious Archeologists. They would prefer to dig up these artifacts and store them away from the public in dank, damp and dark basements of museums.

  62. I can’t help notice the dove is a sign for peace and in the story Forrest is trying to find a place for the dove. ( go in peace ) this only works if the ivory bird is a dove

    • I am also having difficulty in thinking this is a dove. Doves have a long tail and this bird certainly doesn’t. Doves also have a longer beak. It doesn’t look like a dove to me, imo.

        • symbology of quail…
          In mythology and legend the Quail is widespread and appears in many different cultures. It was a fighting bird and so depicted courage and victory in battle for the Romans. The term ‘quail’ was one of endearment; the bird was sometimes given as a gift from one lover to another. In Greek legend the jealous Hera turned Leto into a Quail; she was the mother of Apollo and Artemis, so the bird was associated with them also. Asteria changed into a Quail to escape Zeus. The bird is connected with Heracles/Hercules. The Phoenicians sacrificed the Quail to Melkarth when he defeated Typhon (Sephon), as darkness. It was also sacrificed to the Tyrian Baal. The Quail was also a game bird and was symbolic of the hunt. The Quail was the protector to Germanic farmers who captured them and penned them inside houses as protection against lightning strikes.

          The quail is a symbol of a contrite spirit, communal love, and higher consciousness. It is Artemis in the Greek mythology, who lived on “Quail Island,” and the sacred animal of the Phoenician sun god, Bel. The quail is the early, dewy morning awaiting the first rays of the sun, Apollo, Artemis’ twin brother.

      • I also can’t seem to get past the wording f used saying “his eyes turned to sugar”… the way he writes paints pictures in my mind as if I was there seeing this conversation in person.

          • I know… His words just melt me.
            There may also be a symbolic connection between Zeus and Forrest’s Nike tennis shoes… imo Check it out.

        • He’s a storied writer who is able to weave beauty and attachhment to the treasures presented here. 🙂

          Too bad history books arent written in similar fashion, they’re so dry.

        • In Greek mythology, Nike (/ˈnaɪki/; Greek: Νίκη, “Victory”, pronounced [nǐːkɛː]) was a goddess who personified victory, also known as the Winged Goddess of Victory. The Roman equivalent was Victoria. Depending upon the time of various myths, she was described as the daughter of the Titan Pallas and the goddess Styx, and the sister of Kratos (Strength), Bia (Force), and Zelus (Zeal).[1]

          And alas Nike was part of Zeus’ retinue.

  63. In Chinese culture:
    Birds (t:鳥; s:鸟 – niǎo) – associated with the sun (t: 金烏; s: 金乌; pinyin: jīn wū); served as family emblem in ancient China, associated with allegorical folk tales.
    t=traditional Chinese s=simplified Chinese

    • That’s so cool German! Love the artistry of the Chinese language. Amazing they have to learn a Characture for every word. Thanks for sharing.

  64. Quail, trail, Grail – a nice treasure rhyming sequence.

    Quail…trail…Fail – a realistic rhyming sequence.

    It will be fun to learn who Forrest gives his endearing quail to. Glad he presents us with these nice distractions.

    • But why now, at this particular time is Forrest wanting to let his little Minerva fly away to another home? What peculiar effect did she have on him?It makes me think of when someone knows their time is nigh and they start thinking about who gets what. It worries me.

      • I truly, truly hope all is well with Forrest. Let us hope it is something else that has him finding a good and caring home for his special item.

        • As do I spallies…. And I’m sorry if I upset anyone here on the blog. And please forgive me Forrest if I sprinkled a bit of gloom into you morning tea.
          I will now go hide my head in shame.

          • I am sure Forrest will forgive you! You are just searching to the answer of what triggered him to give away his dear beloved Minerva. Perhaps Zeus knows?

      • Oh, good grief!! We asked to see some of his collection. He is just throwing a ball that has a little spin. None of us know when our “time” will be. I certainly don’t sit around contemplating that time and I doubt that FF does either. He is too busy living!!

  65. I’m guessing the intro to the vignette page changed when Minerva went missing for a little while mysteriously…
    I sure do love the new intro, to the fenn collection is fantastic!

  66. The detail in a 4 1/2 inch piece is amazing. Has anyone determine the branch with the berries on it are? I imagine they are native to the place where it’s carved.

    • William, its not a rare box. I find several listings for similar boxes and they note that it is a sprig of millet.
      Google, carved ivory quail box. You will find several similar works of art.

      • Thanks Deb for the heads up on the boxes. The ones I found come in pairs? I wonder if Forrest has the pair to Minerva and if so where is it? Is it the object in the treasure chest he doesn’t want to talk about?

  67. Come on and cut the sympathy crap. A 80 something guy Forrest is really staying with us because he can’t leave for fear some one will get the chest and he won’t know who.. Or maybe his health is good and he likes his life.. If he should disappear I think it would be because he is having some major health issues I mean a 1.5 million chest is not worth his life!! Or is it more valuable then he lets on? I know I have made conflicting statements in the past but that’s what keeps them Guessing. How close is VERY close . 🙂

  68. Let the beautiful bird fly south for the winter to Crystal Springs, Ms. It will be winter soon and it should go to Flora Blaylock Ms. Girl’s Mother who in nearly 80 years old!! Her Birthday is the middle of December and it would make her year… it is an amazing piece and would be an honor to own such a find!!!

  69. Pieces of 9
    Here’s your VERY def:

    In a high degree; extremely.
    very happy; very much admired.
    Truly; absolutely.
    the very best advice; attended the very same schools.
    Used in titles.
    the Very Reverend Jane Smith.
    adj. adjective
    Complete; absolute.
    at the very end of his career.
    Being the same; identical.
    That is the very question she asked yesterday.
    Being particularly suitable or appropriate.
    the very item needed to increase sales.

    • Still room to wiggle.. The moon is VERY close to the earth when compared to the sun. Thats still a long way from the earth… Thanks anyway 🙂

  70. I think the clue lies in the title. “Ivory is the flesh of Minerva.” The statue of Athena (Greek equivalent) in the Parthenon is made from ivory (among other gilded materials).

    Curiously, I found something in a black and white picture in TTOTC that looks a great deal like the layout of the Parthenon. There are a lot of Athena references throughout the chase, in my opinion.

    • Mindy . do you see the word “Mine in Minerva”? Yes, that is a clue and Forrest knows what he is doing and trying to tease and inform us all at the same time. I am going to check into a few things here and see what falls out…. Are ya’ll all with me in this challenge?

  71. Yes Mindy, lots of references to old myths, gods and legends. I sent Forrest my solve based on that very thing. It was interesting reading all those old myths and legends. I still havent found the chest though. LOL

    • One of my many special interests growing up was Greek mythology. My parents were awesome because they would never say no to buying me a book. Toys, yeah, they said no to. But I didn’t want toys. I wanted books. And since they’d never say no, I had stacks of them. Lol.

      I would literally read every single chance I got, and then take a stack of books into the bathroom to read in the bath.

      I still have a few of the books on mythology.

      Last year, I wanted to volunteer to be on a team that is excavating what they think is Troy, but for that team you had to either know someone important or be a “real” archeologist.

      So I checked out a team excavating an area in York, England, and was going to go on that one, but, that was about the time my mom’s health declined and she moved in with me.

      One day….

      • Thats right Mindy, your time will come. You were lucky to have parents who saw the value in your mind. Very lucky indeed.
        Keep on dreaming and reading. 🙂

  72. Minerva/Athena/owl = wisdom

    “If you’ve been wise and found the blaze..” Wisdom brings you to the right place in life with yourself, God, and others. There’s definitely a golden treasure out there to be found; and the opportunity to gleen wisdom vicariously through Forrest’s stories and our own paths of discovery as we search.

    WISE, MEEK, OO,s in poem:
    I believe we are looking for Owl habitat. Owls eat mice – no place for the meek.

      • Seeker, I’m being serious. The blaze could easily be related to owls and near an owl nook. ask The Wolf. Plenty of owl references in the poem imo can be interpreted as owl or showing OO’s.

        • OK, question, what happens when the Owl decides to move to a better location (Nook)… And if your talking about the poem, I’m curious to which words you refer too with OO. Wood, Good, Too? To make the word “wise” fit… shouldn’t it work with the entire poem?

          I have a hard time seeing the poem as lines = clues or a single meaning of a word to be the only conclusion . Maybe I have those dang blinders on again. Wise and Owl and OO I would like to see it… but I don’t.

          • Seeker, I’ve been wrong so many times trying to solve Forrest’s poem. Please use your own judgement rather than my ideas. My health dictates extra rest now so Im out of blogosphere for a day or so and of no help. My imagination always lands me in a pile of brown. Wise iMO holds 3-4 meanings anyway.

          • Wise one,

            For discussion purpose, maybe you can explain how the Blaze fits an owl? I’m Not saying it couldn’t ,I just don’t see how it add up with the theme – for lack of a better term – to the poem. I can see how some use the word “wise”, as in wise ole’ owl… But how does it reference the poem?

          • BTW Seeker not saying this would be a blaze just maybe like one possibility to wise. I see this thing as layered so two layers to wise. An owl could land on the blaze y not?

          • Seeker,
            That’s exactly how I see it. “Wise Old Owl”. Sorry I can’t be of more help. For a while I tried to connect it to Academia or possibly to a person’s name like “Wyse or Weiss”… But f says “don’t mess with his poem”, so spelling it differently was not an option from that point on. Even though he does say he bends things a little. Go with your gut feeling or your own intuition. Everyone thinks differently, so who’s to say who’s right or wrong.

          • Ed, one of my first areas was Twin Owls. I would still like to look there. It has a perfect blaze, which totally fits with what I think you have to do to find the chest.

            There is also another location very close to Twin Owls that I think Mr. Fenn would think is a good spot to rest his weary body.

        • I agree Lia. I too have used the wise in ‘ if you’ve been wise (owl) and found the blaze’ as an indication that the Blaze is somewhere near an owl. Not a live one but an owl nook or something which has been around for years and will be still visible in 1000yrs.

    • I agree with you Ken. In life and in this Viginette. Ivory symbolizes union and unity.
      Perhaps it was a bride gift at one time.

        • I think you mean bass, a rather large and bulky string instrument, instead of a bass that is a fish. 🙂

          Sorry, couldn’t help it.

          Oh, the joys of the english language, so many words, and so many different meaning.

  73. This is all so magical to me! I’m so glad that Forrest never stopped believing in magic so that we could all share it with him! Here’a a great quote by Robert McCammon “We all start out knowing magic. We are born with whirlwinds, forest fires, and comets inside us. We are born able to sing to birds and read the clouds and see our destiny in grains of sand. But then we get the magic educated right out of our souls. We get it churched out, spanked out, washed out, and combed out. We get put on the straight and narrow and told to be responsible. Told to act our age. Told to grow up, for God’s sake. And you know why we were told that? Because the people doing the telling were afraid of our wildness and youth, and because the magic we knew made them ashamed and sad of what they’d allowed to wither in themselves.”

    • Wendy, there is truth in your statement. We take beautiful butterfly’s, clip their wings, shove all but head and shoulders back into the cocoon and tell them to be responsible the rest of their lives. Without a bit of fun and freedom we would all die on the vine. The chase has been a great source of freedom and adventure for many kids and kids at heart.

  74. And, isn’t it interesting how Athena’s momma, Métis, could change her form into any shape she wanted? Maybe like the fox that had to pretend to be something else to elude the hound?

  75. No one wanting to say what every one is thinking… Owl carved in white rock =Blaze. Pick up white rock and you have the goods!!!

    • Piecesof 9, if your still out searching, I think your blaze could me on target. It could be OWL, 00, 8>, *,* and white rock makes sense.

    • pieces of 9,

      No one else will say it, maybe I’m not like everyone else, so I’ll throw it out there… What is it in the poem makes you believe that the “blaze” is a white rock with an Owl carved in it?

      You make it sound as if this is a positive solution for the Blaze, So out of curiosity, what exactly do you interpret the poem telling you about a “white Rock” and a “carving” on it.

      I’m Not discrediting the thought, I just see many comments as to part of the poem means This… and part of the poem means That, Yet with no real explanation of how it is represented to the poem.

      • Well if it came from the poem I would be a lot less bold.. 🙂
        It has more to do with extra poetic deductions and what is being whispered by the masses. As for support in the poem well we just don’t go there unless it’s alone…

  76. I wondered why the quail was given the name Minerva, when it’s origin was Chinese. Then it dawned on me, the statue of Minerva was not only made of ivory, but also of “GOLD”, for her dress. Which to my way of thinking, was quite appropriate.

      • Ed, I would venture my appraisal of Minerva is based on my own thoughts. If I were to do the same with Tarzan, I venture I would probably see a connection there as well. Who really knows?

      • My guess would be that indulgence fit his frame of mind at the time better than Tarzan did.

        Or maybe he just like how indulgence rolled off his tongue.

        • Yes Mark but there had to be a reason behind Tarzan. He talks about a jungle in TTOTC and TFTW.

          • or maybe a jungle has nothing to do with it. Think about who Tarzan was. He was considered the perfect male. Someone with high ethics, values, morality etc.

            Just a thought, one of many.

          • Did I miss a post where he said the chest was originally called Tarzan or are you making a joke?

    • Germanguy,

      I had come across some Chinese charm symbolism for the quail that I believe may be of interest.

      “The quail (anchun 鹌鹑) signifies courage because of its fighting spirit.
      The quail can also represent poverty.
      The quail is often used as a visual pun (rebus) because it is pronounced the same as the word for “peace” (an 安).”

      There is dual nature relevant to Minerva symbolism as a warrior for a good purpose. She appears on the medal of honor. Some of her symbols include the spear, helmet, owl, olive tree, but also a butterfly. So you have symbols of a protector, wisdom, peaceful, stability, and even life, happiness.

      When I first read this story of the ivory bird, I could not help but to think about my mother and the seemingly overprotective nature of a mother and her children as possibly symbolic of the beads contained within the snugly fit or guarded container.

      I have had a great opportunity over the last year and half or so to reconnect and spend more time with my mother and my father and share my excursion experiences. Being the mother figure, she of course expressed her concerns for our (w/ wife) travels into the wilds. My father passed away this summer. One of the last things he gave me was some type of combat helmet, go figure, lol, I had to laugh with them at the time, but I know to some degree that was their message to me to be safe and probably in a way made my mom feel more secure.

      If ff is compelled to give away his beautiful bird, my original thought was Renelle. Her spirit and drive, she was/is a peaceful warrior.


  77. Minerva is also mentioned in the poem “The Kingis Quair”. Has anyone researched or read that?

  78. WiseOne, looks like an interesting poem if I can find a modern language version. Joan Beaufort was a grand daughter of John of Gaunt &Katheyn Swynford – a love story for the ages. I enjoy that period of England’s history but it took TOTC to introduce me to the poetry.

  79. I believe the new owner of Minerva desires will be pure. His will must be to cultivate his wisdom to avoid being prey to his changing fortunes. I believe many of the folks on this blog would espond these qualities.

      • And maybe you meant to say “His or her…”? 🙂

        I think the Athena/Minerva symbolism is one more aspect of duality that we see repeated. Athena Parthenos and Athena Pollias were polar opposites (mirror images, hyperbola, etc) She was both a fierce warrior and gentle protector. She was fair, but her judgment could be harsh (and yet she still had qualities of mercy).

        She was courageous. She was beautiful, inside and out. She helped Jason in the search for the Golden Fleece. She seemed to aid the underdog heroes.

        She was pure and moral, but competitive (very competitive). She created the olive tree to win the favor of the people.

        So, there seems to be a connection to the chase here. But is it a true connection, or are we yet again seeing coincidences where there are none?

        • Mindy, your insight into this search seems to follow my line of thinking also. It’s nice to find someone that has the same or very similar thoughts.

          Yes… His or her?
          Maybe Spallies can clear that up for us today.

          That brings me back again with the “she” statement… “when she sees it.”…. Was that a slip-up by Forrest or deliberate? Personally, I don’t think he slips up very often. If it was not a slip-up,
          how do you think he knows a ‘she’ is going to be the one to find the chest? Clairvoyance?

          The connections along the way are many, and one never knows for certain which path we are to travel to solve this. Maybe one day we will all know.

        • Athena often given the epithet Pallas was the goddess of wisdom, courage, inspiration, civilization, law and justice, strategic warfare, mathematics, strength, strategy, the arts, crafts, and skill in ancient Greek religion and mythology. Minerva is the Roman goddess identified with Athena.[2]
          Athena is portrayed as a shrewd companion of heroes and is the patron goddess of heroic endeavor
          Perhaps Minerva’s match is named Athena?

          • Right, TTOTC demands a he or she of heroic endeavor. That’s what Forrest’s life and his hidden treasure are about…unless it’s about counting pairs of Levi’s 🙂

          • Opps I meant this to go below your comment. Won’t make sense up there…

            Or counting how many times he changes his shirt:)

  80. Forrest-
    Your Minerva appears to represent a giant bird that is seemingly embroidered on a piece of a giant puzzle nestled up near the bank of a beautiful slow rolling stream. It’s where I’ve spent many days searching the nearby areas. This bird of peace is over 2100 feet long and 725 feet across. Just need one more good hint.

  81. Yes indeed, I’m sure we can all afford to make million-dollar donations to museums…

  82. Anyone can afford to make a million dollar donation if they have the opportunity to do so, especially if it never belonged to you in the first place… But you are richer by the knowledge you gathered along the way. And just imagine the opportunities AND adventures that await you!

  83. I’m just not real sure if an owl has anything to do with the search.
    I understand about the word wise, but trying to find something that pertains to an owl will take someone forever to find that. Wise is having knowledge about the poem . IMO

    • If you are searching late at night, with your flashlight and sandwich, you might hear an owl.

  84. Lol mark,
    Let’s see what are the chances of that happening the owl might not want to Hoot at that time 🙂

  85. Maybe we should look at the definition of Quail. (as not just being a bird)
    Wordnik.com has different meanings that we could possibly consider taking into account.

    • I don’t really like any of those other definitions too gloomy…. I am in Rainy Washington I need cheerful thoughts this time of year:)

      • Spallies is right, those definitions at wordnik present a coward or prostitute, and who wants an ivory quail if that’s the intent. No, certainly Mr. Fenn has in mind Minerva or Athenic qualities for such a rare and beautiful gift. His heart and friendships are generous imo, not demeaning.

          • Wise one, of course being thorough and looking at all possibilities is prudent in the search for Fenn’s gold. Here’s a possible scenario for consideration…
            How many serious contenders in FF’s treasure hunt would trade or give up a friendship for a TC worth millions of dollars? If truth be told there are people who would sacrifice a friendship. I’m not one of them. I’ll take a true friend over millions every time.

        • 42 do elaborate, bit confused here. What friendships do you speak of? Quite frankly alot of topic here isn’t making much sense.

          • Hi Maggie, sorry I’m not trying to be nonsensical but simply putting forth a scenario for thought since I had to process it for myself.

            Simply put, I had to question my own integrity and ask if I were presented with millions of dollars – Would I sacrifice a friendship or familial relationship to obtain it?
            IMO its a great question to follow to its conclusion because for me it answers where my priorities are.
            Sort of like asking yourself if you knew where the tc was but didn’t want to ruin the fun for Mr. Fenn and other searchers could you just sit on your knowledge.
            It’s just me thinking out loud. Sorry if it was confusing.

          • Thank you for explaining 42. I see now what your talking about and agree. I would choose a family connection or good friendship over the chest, although I can’t see a scenario presenting itself. I wonder too wether someone in the know isn’t keeping hush.

          • 42,

            Interesting thoughts on the matter at hand. I see several uncertainties in it all.

            1. We really do not know where Mr. Fenn is with it all at this time. It has to be very all encompassing and time consuming for him. Does he wish it to end…or not?

            2. Does Mr. Fenn really desire the Chase to go on for 1000 yrs? His Scrapbooks and Vignettes would suggest otherwise to me. If 1000yrs was the goal. Why not just write the book and be silent? I think that would have pretty much guaranteed it.

            3. Friendships should be cherished. Just like those of us on this blog struggling along with each other in the Chase and having great fun with it all courtesy of Mr. Fenn. But, it is important to know that people and the friendships they represent are real or hearts will soon begin to hurt.

            4. Once the chest is found….if ever…I would love to participate with the other searchers at the location of the find to experience the correct solution(s) first hand clue by clue.

            Any thoughts on this 42? Not an agent 86 or 99 matter.

    • The etymology of Minerva from Wordnik is: From Latin Minerva, from Etruscan, originally from Proto-Indo-European *men-es-wah₂, extended from the stem *men-s- (“mind”) (Sanskrit (manas), compare manas-vin- (“full of mind or sense”)), ultimately from the Proto-Indo-European *men- (“to think”).

      I have no idea what this means but hasn’t Forrest said many times to “Think”

  86. You know what is so cute? Little baby quail just starting to hang with the covey. They look like little shelled peanuts with legs…and they are fast! 🙂

    • A few years ago I saw several dozen baby quail that had just busted out of their shells in an incubator. They were so tiny and storming around just as you described. It was one of the sweetest things I’ve ever seen. All this talk about quail prompted me to go out this morning and pile up some branches from a fallen oak tree to provide a spot for some of the local quail to use. They are so lovely.

  87. Did not Mr. Fenn state that a searcher within 12 ft. should be able to see it? I do not recall exactly where. Or is the “it” just and “it” ? And is the trove the TC or is it the it?

  88. Maybe I should be looking for a Quail,s nest on my next search…just maybe somewhere near a nest is…hmmmm.
    Just thinking out loud…

  89. I don’t think you need to look for a quail’s nest. I think the bird doesn’t so much have to do with the species, but in what it symbolizes, and in my opinion, it symbolizes the eternal caring of a mother of her children. I’m beginning to see a bigger picture. One that leads me to Wyoming. We need to be thinking about the chest…and what the chest means for Mr. Fenn. I’m beginning to see, and my heart aches…

      • You’re right James. I’ve veered a little since that last statement, finally realizing what the Parthenon and Athena has to do with all this. It all fits in. Now to analyze the poem to see if that line of thinking will lead me to the right spot.
        Maybe not quite the guilt of not spending enough time with his mother, but maybe more toward the mirror image aspect. The phi.

  90. Does anyone know where the word “Brown” comes from? The best I could find is from some lady from ancient Greece….

  91. @windsurfer – helpful comments. family relationships do become strained. The game winners have to velcro on nikes like Athena and run the up the middle and just figure out the rest of the game as it unfolds, like kids – just winging it. I’m Tired of thinking about it anyway. THX.

  92. It seems that this ivory bird has had “a peculiar effect” on those into whose hands she passed through. Perhaps she simply mirrors back the feelings cast upon her by her caretakers.
    I found the following quote interesting because of the moon in the night sky in TTOTC, and moon acts like a mirror.
    “She was Stemming from an Italic moon goddess *Meneswā (‘She who measures’)…” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Minerva

    • The Americans won the Battle of Fallen Timbers in 1794, ending the Northwest Indian War. As a result of the battle, the Treaty of Greenville was signed, which ceded much of southern and eastern Ohio to America. In addition, Article 3 ceded a number of other tracts, including #11: “One piece two miles square, at the lower rapids of the Sandusky river.”[1] The lower rapids is today in Fremont, Ohio, and the reservation is on land that would have otherwise been part of townships four and five north, range fifteen east of the Congress Lands North and East of First Principal Meridian.[2]41°20′33″N 83°06′40″W[3]

    • Goofy, ptarmigans are beautiful in the winter. I wonder when there plumage turns snowy or if it happens with the first November snow fall.interesting visual goofy. Thanks for sharing.

        • It is a Button Quail.she wants you to cup her in your hands and keep her safe and love her,really weird.this little bird has a effect on me,I can’t explain.its just so loving and special.she gives off something you can feel good about,but can’t put it in words.its as if something good has come into your soul,that has meaning, for some reason I know not why.does anybody else get this feeling.

          • Virginia Diane – you remind me how nice it would be to be small again and tuck in with mom or dad, feel safe and warm and know everything will be ok because they make it so. The little quail should find that home.

          • Yes, Virginia Diane. I also feel that about the covey of quail that come to my birdfeeder twice a day. This one in particular is very inspiring, maybe because of the eggs inside that symbolize creation and new beginnings.

    • Sorry Goof (to bust your bubble.) Well… it sure is NOT a Ptarmigan that’s for sure. Not even close. Good research though.

  93. Well reguardless what kind if bird it is it is beautiful:)

    Maybe Forrest will tell us:)

  94. She is very Sweet and Cute…..Forrest, Like YOU! I am sure you will find her a good home.

  95. now my mind must consider in whose deserving possession Minerva should next reside. f
    I am surprised, with the time you planned for the chase and poem that I would assumed you already had a plan for Minerva. With such a nice piece I could only assume that someone you know should be its keeper. 🙂

  96. About the Kingis Quare

    “Minerva, who probes the nature of his love. Once satisfied that his desires are pure, rather than being simple lust, she advises him on the nature of free will, telling him that he must cultivate wisdom if he is to avoid being prey to changing fortunes. Finally, he descends to the earthly paradise, where he sees Fortune and her wheel, which fill him with fear. Fortune sets him to climb on her wheel, and as she pinches his ear, he awakes.

    Consumed by doubt, he is reassured by the appearance of a turtle dove carrying a message, signalling the beneficent quality of his vision. He claims that Fortune kept her promise to him by increasing his wisdom, so that he is now in a state of happiness with his beloved”

    Yep, FFs poem does have elements of this.

  97. Deb, nice pic link.

    I too believe that Minerva is a chinese painted quail or button-quail. The color mutation of silver or white, for example.

    I posted prior about the chinese symbolism potential on the quail vs Minerva but the post, 10-28-14, showed up a day later. No matter, here is quick info interest-

    “The quail (anchun) signifies courage because of its fighting spirit.
    The quail can also represent poverty.
    The quail is often used as a visual pun (rebus) because it is pronounced the same as the word for “peace” (an).”

    There is dual nature relevant to Minerva symbolism as a warrior for a good purpose or “peaceful warrior”.


    • Steve, nice research on the peaceful warrior. Speaking of peaceful warriors, anyone else braving a couple more days of searching before the snow and snowbirds fly? The cool weather may coincide with “it’s worth the cold” At least the summer crowds will be gone and searching peaceful.

      • If you do be sure to bundle up some places this time of year can be very frigid and unwelcoming.

        • DP – my Thursday is already interesting..
          called how many cities do I Stop in to fly free. 12 hours of flights to get the Freebies. Friday I may be instructing my legs to bend and move 🙂

        • Thursday. What about Friday..it is Halloween you know. That is when your senses should be at their peak. Be on the look out for the Phantom, you never know when he might show…but most likely only if the prevailing winds and odds are ever in his favor.

          • Wind, here’s the game line up:
            Thurs-where’s Waldo – and she’s currently eating Asian food in Seattle airport. My fortune cookie reads, “you a winner! Big chest of gold in future.” (If Dals home wasn’t so far from airport I would invite myself to dinner 😉
            Friday – we play Marco Polo, and when darkness falls the fun begins with a game of phantom’s cape swallowing bass or snow chickens who can’t out fox him. Bobbing for gold nuggets fir every participant. Who’s in?

  98. Thanks for your concern Spallies! Have plenty of warm gear and snow storm not due until Sat. May be a bust, but I will go down solo having given it my all flying no white flag of surrender

  99. Another clue from Philadelphia…..
    Scrapbook 31 on this blog is about Forrest’s friend Glenna Goodacre….her biggest piece of art is the “Irish Memorial” in Philadelphia…. any thoughts?

    • Go Philly,

      That is one spectacular piece of bronze! I have also seen the Goodacre work at the Vietnam Memorial in D.C. Most recently I visited with my family during the Gov’t shutdown this time last year…oh joy. Lot’s of protesters, but we were still able to experience it. Truly amazing and captured the moment …

      My daughter really wanted to visit the Holocaust Memorial, but that was closed. I was happy that we were able to visit the Spy Museum….very cool. Taught me how to hone my skills for Mr. Fenns TC.

      • thats some good stuff windsurfer….here are some other clues from Philadelphia for ya….

        1)Forrest mentions he flew over Philadelphia and covered it with his thumb
        2)Forrest mentions Benjamin Franklin in TTOTC, who is considered a Philadelphian
        3)Forrest grew up in Temple, Texas…..Temple university is in Philadelphia
        4)The first chapter in TTOTC is about the book “The Catcher and the Rye”…the book is written by JD Salinger who attended Valley Forge Military Academy outside of Philadelphia and based the school in the book on that school…
        5)when the chest is open, there is a keystone symbol, like the state symbol of PA…”The Keystone State”
        6)One of Forrests scrapbooks on Dal’s blog is about his sculptor friend who is most famous for her work on the “Irish suffriage” statue in Philadelphia….
        7)Forrest mentions George Washington, who was elected the 1st President in Philadelphia, and fought a lot of battles around there during those times…

        • I like it Philly. And just to be clear for folks, Ms Goodacre’s piece is the “Womens” Vietnam Memorial and it it will a tear to your eye…please check it out.


          Other than the fly over and references you mentioned, do you know of any personal connection between Mr. Fenn and Philly?

          • I do not, I am still trying to figure that out….Philadelphia was the founding city of America and Forrest served/loves this country….. But I do not have a personal relationship between FF and Philadelphia…..

          • Amen to that JC!….
            he does mention bells in his book….maybe you have to ring a bell for a spirit(the blaze) to show you the way 🙂

          • Micheal Hendrickson,
            I looked up Liberty Colorado and it seems to be a ghost town now a days…the only building remaining according a website I looked at said it is a “little BROWN brick building” hmmm…..let Liberty ring fellow searchers!

            p.s. Make sure you and everyone you know votes this upcoming Tuesday…

    • I know the perfect good luck blaze-shamrock near Blaze Mountain Seriously…but I already looked there.

  100. While all of you here are full of praises, admiration, bowing down and almost kissing Fenn’s feet, I have a serious concern regarding this Chase. I have a concern regarding the safety for the finder and the searchers. According to my solution, Fenn has created a public safety hazard, a dangerous trap, and I think Fenn owes the searches clarification and answer to my concerns. I have ask him the question regarding safety several times in e-mail and on the blogs, but to no avail.

    Since he is so forthcoming with many questions, answers, clues and hints lately, I hope that you guys will ask the really important question regarding safety to the finder and demand an answer. As soon as he answers that question on the record, the Chase will be over and the solution will be released – at least the level 1 solution, which most of you are focused on here.
    For those of you that do not know what I am talking about, see this http://youtu.be/U504tS9wGCU

    • whiterock7-
      You get extra points for being immeasurably creative in your ideas about the chest and what’s in it..
      But ya know…I think I’ll have to deduct a few points for creativeness in your video…
      You say you have an image of the chest in it’s hiding place…yet it isn’t in the video…
      Like all the rest…you expect people to believe what you say with no evidence..
      and no convincing argument.

      My personal opinion is that your house in upstate New York is probably inhabited by an evil spirit, who likes to take away everyone else’s fun, whenever you are in it.
      Words are cheap…anyone…even me…can make a video with words…
      Anyone…even me can make wacky claims…
      Anyone…even me could try to scare others away from looking for the chest so that I would have less competition…
      But only a few have tried it on this blog…and I don’t think any of the real searchers who frequent this blog have allowed any of them to dampen their spirit or limit their fun..
      So, stick around… or don’t…but don’t try to make the rest of us as miserable a creature as you must be..
      oh…and by the way… BOO!!

      • Hey Dal,
        If you are so sure that I do not have the pictures, then maybe you should ask your friend Forrest if he did get them from me! That is my challenge to you! Forest said if someone found it, he would tell blogs – we’ll he did not. He had the pictures since April or beginning of May.
        And when you are at it, also ask him about the dove, the BLAZE being one in a word, the feet, the mirrors, the bathroom, the skylight, the x which he has not mentioned yet, the alligator, the elements, the every word he uttered that is related to the Chase and he knows I know them!
        Then come back and tell all here what was his answer. I’ll and am sure others here will be looking for your response
        Btw – you are being irresponsible!

        • whiterock-
          Let’s see here..
          I am being irresponsible…for what?
          For countering your unsubstantiated and wildly unearthly claim that Forrest is capable of secreting his evil self in the chest and that whoever opens the chest will be struck down dead???
          Is that what you mean by irresponsible??..okay, I humbly accept that honor..
          But only if you accept that you are delusional and in need of some prescribed meds..
          You sound like you’ve watched to many low rent horror movies whiterock…

          Here’s a point you made and probably didn’t even see..
          You said: “Forrest said if someone found it, he would tell blogs”
          Then you admit that he has not said anything to the blogs about anyone finding it…
          Hmmmmm…could it be that no one has found it..???
          Could it be that what you sent him was irrefutable proof that you did NOT find it???
          You are just like all the other folks who have claimed they found it…and by the way, each one had a different place…but no one could produce the chest or a picture or one item from inside it…no one…and apparently not you either..

          Let’s see here…who should I believe…Forrest Fenn…or someone who hides behind the name Whiterock on this blog and is unwilling to offer a single piece of suitable evidence that the ridiculous and profane ideas he/she/it is uttering is even remotely true?

          You sound like an exorcist without a church Whiterock..

          Forrest does not talk to me about the chest. I could ask him til I was on my deathbed about the chest…
          Remember, I’m only 17th or 18th on the list…so he has no reason to tell me anything 🙂

          • No, you are irresponsible in publishing info that is visible to you by the IP. That is irresponsible!
            Sorry, I did not realize that you do not talk to Fenn about the chest. I did not mean you should ask him about the chest. Ask him if he did receive a picture of the chest in its hiding spot. Not where it is or how it is hidden. But you can also ask the question of it being a safety hazard – for safety sake. I don’t care if you tell him that some crazy guy is concerned, it will be no skin of your back.
            Btw – I do have emails with pictures that he received from me.
            The picture of the treasure has been posted on multiple sites already, but you guys cannot see it.
            And when you will finally see them and realize that I was correct, I want you to keep in mind that what is revealed is only the first level of the solution, and that it is likely that I was also right about the other aspects.

          • white-
            Wait…you mean you really do reside in upstate New York???
            I was simply making reference to all the otherworldly and creepy goings on in places like Sleepy Hollow and the professional wrestling hall of fame in Amsterdam and the unlucky guide monument in the Adirondacks…
            Gee…that’s too bad…
            So why hide??? Tell us who you are…don’t cower behind a curtain of cat5 connections..

          • Dal,

            Why are you even wasting your breath on this guy (or is it two guys?) If I recall, I saw that video before, and likely from the same person(s). Take it for what it is, just a couple of ghouls out celebrating Halloween pranks. Probably be gone after midnight, when mommy calls them home.

        • I might be stating the obvious here, but why didnt you just put the pictures in your youtube video?

      • The simple solution to Whiterock7’s accusations is a first grade teachers solution used when kids are tattling in general. “Name them.” Name or spell out the poem’s malevolent layers. That should be simple as should posting your photos. If you are truly concerned for people then here’s your chance to prove it, with your name behind it.

      • I just seen someone post the same video on ChaseChat but couldn’t remember who. It’s simple if you don’t believe just don’t search, but like me I believe in the win win scenario, go search and enjoy the adventure and possibly find a chest full of gold. I’m not hurting anyone by searching and truly enjoy it.

    • According to my solution he has not done any of those things, and I have no concerns about it.

      • hmmm..it made it look like my reply was to Dal, sorry about that Dal, it was meant for whiterock7/

    • Whiterock7,

      Hmm, this all sounds so familiar, I just have to ask…Not unlike others who claim they found the chest and have pictures to proof this to be true… ya’ll never seem to show such proof. I would think if you want anyone to take you seriously at all, you would show this proof you claim you have in your possession.

      So, are you going to show the “proof” you claim to have stated in your video or not?

      But for some reason, I doubt if we’ll ever see this “proof”… there is always an excuse to not being able to show it … I can’t because it will reveal too much, I can’t because I’m concern for the other searcher, I can’t because I sent my only copy to fenn, I can’t because the dog thought it was my kid’s homework and ate it…..seems that always happens as well.

    • Whiterock,
      I watched your video, and have a question for you. If you truly be live that searchers are in mortal danger, why don’t you post your solve and pictures right away so that no one is hurt by whatever it is you think is in the chest?
      Also, as a child of the Living God, do you really believe that a mortal man can in any way “curse” a material object in the way you are implying?
      I know that I, as a believer in Christ, can pick that chest right up from its hidey spot, open the lid, and do some serious good with the treasure. No Pandora’s box can harm me, no demon can touch me, I am protected by the LORD MY GOD who has complete control over all principalities and powers and over every living thing, and everything under Heaven.
      And I will also say this–since my trip with my son, he is talking more than he ever has before. That, my dear sister, is God-given. That is a treasure that measures FAR.more than the net worth of that chest. I would rather see my son laugh and smile at a homely girl (or ANY) girl than I would lay my hands on that gold.

      In this world, people sometimes think money can buy happiness. It cannot.

      If you all knew my whole story, you would see that I would give every material possession I own for the happiness and safety of my family, and basically, that’s just what I did when I found out my Air Force officer husband had molested my daughter from a previous marriage–his stepdaughter, when she was 11. Unlike weak,scared women, I got me and the kids out of there the day I found out.

      He was court martialed, and before it went to trial, I was counseled that if I pursue the court martial, I would lose half of his retirement pay, blah, blah, blah.
      I was like, “Oh hell, no. NO ONE WILL TOUCH MY CHILDREN TO HARM THEM AND GET AWAY WITH IT.” Because of the stand I made, me and my son and two daughters are TIGHT. We may not have tons of money, but we have enough.
      I know I did the right thing. My hearts desire if I do find the chest is to help families in the situation I found myself in–to encourage them to put their children FIRST, and to get the counseling they need to be survivors, not victims.
      Before my ex did this, my son was a very vocal talker. After, he never talked at all.
      After our trip, he is emerging from his shell, and I am so filled with wonder and joy and pride.
      NO ONE can tell me I didn’t find a treasure from the very hand of God on the trip.
      Anyway, I believe that when Mr. Fenn speaks of having a part of himself in the chest, he is not speaking of anything demonic, just that he treasures the treasures he put in there.

      Can I get a show of hands, my friends? Who among you have benefited from the search, not monetarily, but emotionally or spiritually?

      I know I have. As Forrest said, these memories will never fade. I will NEVER forget my 13 year old son holding his mommas hand as we searched through pristine wilderness. I will never forget his eyes,his joyful eyes, as we saw the world as we’ve never seen it before.

      So, Wind, if you truly want to save us all from spiritual harm, please stop being cryptic and save us. Post your solve, your pictures, your reasoning. Some may believe you. But if I feel the Hand of God leading me toward the chest, I have to believe He does it for my good, and not for evil.

      • Mindy I would love some time to go on a hike/ treasure quest with you and your kids. I wonder if Whiterock would you like to join us? Whiterock would you like to join us?

        • Spallies and White Rock…I would love it. Wouldn’t that make a great reality show.the one who thinks it a curse, the two who think it’s a blessing. Oh, how will they ever work together to find the chest? 🙂
          And white rock, I have nothing at all against you. I think you really believe they way you do, but are letting ingrained doctrine cloud you from the truth.

      • Sorry to hear of your difficulties.
        When you find out how and where the chest is hidden, I think you will perceive the Chase differently. And in time you will really understand that there is much more to it than just an innocent giveaway!

        • I’m sorry, but if you have this knowledge right now, how is that helping anybody? Why the secrecy?

          For example, (hypothetically) I know it as a fact that a man down the street hates a neighbor . He wants to harm him and his family by calling down a meteor to incinerate their house.

          I have taken pictures go the meteor with my telescope. It is, in fact, hurtling toward said neighbors house, no doubt.

          Now, as a rational Christian, how would I naturally react?

          Would I hold all info from my innocent neighbor by asking the bad neighbor something like, ” Meteor Sending Neighbor, you either tell us you are sending the meteor, or tell us we are safe. If you don’t respond, I will release what information I have.”

          That’s stupid. Heroes ACT. people wanting the best for you warn you with PROOF when trouble is coming.

          I’m sorry, but until we see something more substantial than words, we won’t believe your claim.

          • Ok, I’ll settle the Halloween caper. Phantom didn’t give Out treats and this was the resulting trick. Oh, and I whipped up the wind over the hazard on hole nine today and chased the sand away to discover the TC. All I needed was to wait out the golf season and use my sand wedge. After I try on all the jewelry I’ll post my photos.

            Too much excitement. I’m ignoring the chase tomorrow and scaring off the Grizzleys instead.

      • Mindy
        Absolutely u did the right thing as a mother very proud of u.
        He needed his punishment 🙂

      • Mindy, what do you think would happen if I posted the solution and pictures here?
        The person nearest the location would run and grab it! I have been challenging the people to publicly ask Fenn about the safety, so far to no avail. Why, is it so unreasonable to assure his audience that all is on up and up? If I hid the chest, and heard of any concerns, I would immediately assure everyone that there is no danger. After all I would have nothing to hide, right?

        • Remember, it was an 80 year old man that hid it, and he survived the hiding of it. He also reminds us not to go somewhere that an 80 year old man could not go. If your solution is a place that an 80 year old man could not go, then it is probably not the correct solution.

          And while I cannot speak for others, I myself have no concern with where he might have hid it.

          • White rock

            It would interest me and the others to know just some of your solve like what’s your warm waters, Brown, Blaze, ?

          • Keep in mind that this 84 year old man has told us all he plans to bury one of his bronze jars yet this year and wants our recommendations of what to put in it. He buries them 3ft deep so a metal detector cannot locate them. That means the top of the jar needs to be at a depth of 3ft.

            How fit are you? Go outside and start digging a 4ft deep hole. Not a trivial exercise and not recommended for those who are not in shape. Then come back and imagine what he could have done at the age of 79.


        • The question is, why, if you found the chest and beheld it’s evil with your own eyes and the harm it could do, did you not take it and destroy it?

          • What if there is part of his soul in it? Would you destroy it, throw it into furnace or bottom of the ocean? I could not do that, even though I. Believe the soul is eternal, and therefore indestructible.

        • Whiterock 7, you’ve posted everywhere so the great majority of treasure hunters already know what you believe to be true.

          If someone does run to get the chest, then aren’t they responsible for whatever fate befalls them? My vote says you’re feel powerless in your life, and this tirade you go on in all these chats, gives you what you think you lack, power.

          None of us are children, and you don’t have the power to save someone from him or herself. No human does.

          There are tc hunters here who are absolutely blinded by the thought of finding the treasure, people who will squander their last dollar to their own detriment. Some people just have to hit rock bottom before it sinks in, and no one can stop them, but themselves.

          You claim you’re trying to save people. What’s with that? You have some urge or need to be a charismatic leader or messiah of some sort? If not quit playing savior and stop putting it all on Fenn’s back. That’s just an excuse.

          People die on this planet every day. Be a good sport, and help one of them along.
          Might be worth more to see someone sucked limb from limb by the devil whirlwind himself than find the treasure. Then the rest of us can sigh a relief. There, but for the grace….

      • Also, if Mr. Fenn’s intentions are to harm us, why base your life saving responses to HIS answers? If you really had the salvation of searchers on your mind, wouldn’t you post the pics and solve, go get the treasure yourself, then throw it into the fires of Mordor?
        As Judge Judy says, “If it doesn’t make semester, it isn’t true.”

        • Mindy, you have repeatedly asked Whiterock to post his picture evidence AND his solve.

          Whiterock7, do your part and protect us by not giving us your solve yet. Everyone has made it quite clear that you do need to give us some evidence to demonstrate YOUR credibility. Show us a picture. If you establish that with us, then I and probably everyone here will then place the burden of proof on Mr. Fenn’s shoulders.

          Nothing can be accomplished until you give us reason to believe you and accept your credibility.

          The ball is in your court, Whiterock7, do something.

          • Fair enough, I will give you Minerva. See my gravatar. – I’ll change it soon.
            Btw, how would one post a picture here, without going through Dal.

          • Whiterock7, thank you for your response.
            The longer you wait to show your pictures of Indulgence the greater the risk of which you warn us.
            Time is of the essence, share with us now!

          • Fenn is not a fool, treasure is not a giveaway or a lottery, I do not believe it can be found by just anyone – he took certain measures to assure that. But he left himself an out, and also an option to change it up a little if he chooses to. It is his game. My hands are tied until somebody asks him the question regarding the safety straight up or some other circumstance changes.
            I am sure Dal will not resist and will be the first one to know the truth, or be denied the straight answer. Then this blog will likely be terminated – I would predict not too long from now.

          • white-
            Folks have asked Forrest about whether it would be safe for their children to get the chest and he has answered that it is…the safety question has come up multiple times in various ways. Forrest has always been affirmative about the chest’s hidey place not being dangerous…
            What’s with you?
            Did your solution take you to a dangerous abandoned mine shaft and you took a picture of it and now you believe that’s where it is?

          • Whiterock,

            Do I have this correct? Your biggest concern is that when you open the chest part of Forrest’ soul will jump into your body? After the amazing life he has lived and the way he lives it I think many of us would welcome having a little bit of Forrest reside with us for the remainder of our life. Would probably make life a bit more exciting don’t you think!

        • Lol, Wind. I am meaning my comments for White,but the comments are ending up all over the place. This thread is getting harder to follow than a 14 year old girl’s emojis. 🙂

    • Whiterock7 or jayA or whatever you call yourself. I have kindly asked you not to spew your crap to other searchers and to take your garbage elsewhere. At one time I have told you that you have come from the very depth of a sewer pipe and would you please stay down wind from me and us as searches. No you don’t even have the courtesy to stay down wind so we don’t smell your stink. Maybe one of these days you’ll go back down the sewer pipe you came out of and we can be free of the odor you let off Thank You very much.

    • Good grief……he’s back yet again. How many incarnations does this make. Wasn’t his last spot in one of Ra Paulette’s caves? Maybe I’m getting the crazies mixed up.

      He’s a few fries short of a Happy Meal and been preaching the same story for years. His medication obviously doesn’t interfere with his delusions but it keeps him calm. Before long he’ll go ballistic and start attacking everyone and get blocked again.

      • I had not heard of Ra Paulette’s caves before, so I had to google it, and all I can say is WOW, that is some neat stuff.

      • Insert both keys into key slots at same time, count to three turn keys together clockwise, remove protective cover from red button, press button to launch… Poof !

    • Why are you still pursuing this same agenda? We’ve already gone through this once before. Don’t you realize by now, Forrest doesn’t have time for idiots? Personally, you’re a quack and understandably so. I’m glad Forrest hasn’t given any credence to your remarks and wasted his valuable time responding to them.

    • no one is bowing down and kissing mr. forrest feet,as if he were God.but I can tell you one thing,you don’t know this gentleman.if you are alive,you can’t put part of your soul into the chest.even if you were dead ,you can’t put part of your soul in the chest.once you die ,your soul goes to heaven if you know jesus Christ as lord and savior,or you go to hell and burn forever,because you deny there is a God.God don’t send anyone to hell,you send yourself.he gives you a free choice from right and wrong.mr. forrest would like to live again and do things different if he could,we all would do things different if that was so.because we make mistakes.but that’s not what he is saying about the chest.things he has gathered in his years mean things to him,not treating it as a god or idol.but pretty to look at and think about.reminese about things,when you found it or got it.don’t you know this earth is very old and peoples bones are buried everywhere.gone back to ashes,dust to dust.your blind,you need your eyes opened by god.then you will know the truth and the truth shall set you free.you need lots of prayer.may god save your soul by you asking him yourself.if you ask me how do I know God is real,i’ll tell you he lives in my heart ,because I can feel him.i just know that I know ,that I know.don’t say no one ever told you.mr. forrest is one of the nicest people I have met.and he does a lot of good for people you don’t even know about his chairties,etc. hes not a hoarder of money like some people.but he must make it possible so he can live out the rest of his life in comfort.he earned it. and for his family.I sure hope you don’t take this the wrong way.I don’t mean to hurt you or anyone.like they always say the truth hurts.

      • There is a lot that we do not understand regarding the nature of the soul. Your soul can be imprisoned by outside entity and your body can be taken over if you fall for their deceit and your desires – that is their door. It has been documented through ages and the current state of the world is a reflection of it. The world has turned dark, and nobody has noticed. The end is ever drawing nigh. The dragon has a grip onto the world by means of art, music, education and culture. Almost everyone is blind to it.
        Having said that, your body can also be taken over by the Holy Spirit, which will strengthen your soul and mind. By his guidance ONLY you shall know the truth.

        Btw – the charity is one of their means/vehicles of corruption and deceit = one of their engines of ingenuity ( right Kit Williams?)

        • It seems to me then the best thing for you to do is just leave the chest alone, for your own safety.

          • Kit mate the mistake of telling someone about the clues I believe. And there is still some good in the world you just have to know where to look and how to THINK.

        • You are correct about the grip that is occuring yet you seem to discard the fact of the grip that others have made on you as you probably have never understood what the name “Holy Spirit ” actually was.

          Holy Ghost is the better to research as it yeilds the Greek Words that Holy was derivived from in these instances as the Greek was what the Holy Spirit and The Messiach was combined at the time of the Murder of Yeshua

          The Word Holy comes from the Greek Word Haggios which means “an awful thing”
          and is related to the Hebrew Word Chag which means “Sacrificial Victim Of A Festival.”

          So all together what was being conveyed is Channeling Of A Victims Spirit.

          That is how Martyrs Are Created Thru Religion.

          Amongst Other Wicked Behaviors Induced By The Religion of The Serpent which is the Mating Of Good And Evil In Scriptures as the word for “Tree” in the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil actually is reference to “Scrolls” which were Rolls of Writings on a Vertical Spindle.

          Here is your Tree Of Mating Good And Evil


          • Your knowledge of Holy Ghost is from books I.e. Wikipedia . My knowledge is first hand, and I can attest you do not know what it is.
            I would partially agree with the mating of good an evil and the resulting confusion. As Fenn said, “it was something about negative going to positive…..”
            Or like pulling a white rabbit out of the black hat etc…and that is exactly what this Chase is about
            = ALCHEMY transmuting lead into gold, death to life, mortality to immortality! yoking evil to good so that either both be condemned or both be spared – there is your tree of life, it’s real meaning.

          • Hey Whiterock7/ Jay A – can you tell us the story/theory about the alien egg?! That is my favourite!!

          • Responding to:

            whiterock7on November 1, 2014 at 10:17 am said:

            “Your knowledge of Holy Ghost is from books I.e. Wikipedia . My knowledge is first hand, and I can attest you do not know what it is.”

            My knowledge is based on the written scriptures.

            Whenever the name Holy Ghost appears in scripture the word Holy was translated from the Greek Word “Haggios” and Haggios came from the Hebrew Word “Chag” which means “victim of a sacrifice festival”.

            Your socalled Knowledge is just regurgitating the words of The Magicians,Witches and Sorcerers that Hang Around the Mating Of Good And Evil Writings.

            But please do continue to share what you think !

    • Dal, this is your site. Free speech is NOT necessary when it comes to crazy…. and crazy seems to be hijacking this page for his own agenda (so just delete it all). What a beautiful object, the Minerva. Thanks FF

      • decall-
        Things are slow on the blog so I decided it might be interesting to continue the dialog and see if Whiterock7 can produce.

        • I like Whiterock because as Dal just wrote – it’s a long winter and in between looking for clues we need some entertainment. What if he actually has found the chest, but believes it’s haunted or a trap for his soul and won’t open it.
          I would love to have that kind of conviction about anything in my life.

          • To me Whiterock is just someone looking for attention. A “normal” thinking person who had the kind of information white rock claims to have would go about releasing it in one of three different ways:
            1. Tell everyone what he believes in frank and unconvoluted terms to avoid catastrophe
            2. Tell a close friend so they could figure out a way around it and go get it
            3. Figure out a way around it and go get it him/her/it self

            This grab for attention and holding back information is simply a transparent scream for attention…and we are giving it to him/her/it 🙂
            The next step is up to him/her/it…show us your hand…

          • Dal,
            as being a little crazy myself I must say after watching the video that would make one cool cartoon about a man leaving his soul behind in a chest of Gold…I think Scooby Doo and The Mystery Machine might show up!

        • Dal I believe Whiterock might be JayA on Steph’s blog. The funny thing is most crazy people are sometimes the smartest but it’s their actions that makes them crazy so when people comment on the issues please be aware of poking a bear cause it bites. It’s not the guy that shoots up a store cause he didn’t get napkins, it’s everything that happens before that. That’s the best analogy I can come up with.

          • Dal,
            I can assure you I am not looking for any attention. If I was I would simply have claimed the chest and write a book like all of you here would.
            I want nothing. The only thing I seek is that Fenn removes the chest himself, takes it back and does with it whatever he wants. Nobody will hear from me after that.
            And as to how to solve this issue, I honestly do not know. I have been sitting on it for long time, and the only way I see it is if someone asks him in public regarding the concern. Then my hands will be free.

          • white-
            As mentioned Forrest has already been asked..
            He has repeated that it is not dangerous..
            So why do you go on?

          • whiterock7,

            Your comments seem mundane. You make claims to have a picture of the actual chest, knowledge of it’s location, knowledge that the chest is dangerous and portent the harm it will bring to the finder.

            In my opinion, you are trying to elevate yourself to a higher position. In your religion you see the world as an organized collection of beliefs, cultural systems, and world views that relate humanity to an order of existence. Purely, your goal is flawed. Your goal seems obvious as well.

            In biblical terms the world says – show me and I’ll believe. God says – believe and I will show you. Which is exactly what you are attempting to do. I’m sorry, but that position is already taken.

          • Dal, can you show me the comment where the Fenn addressed that issue? Where did he say that opening the chest is not dangerous to the finder?

            Chest according to my solution is a bait, and it is intended to steal/imprison your soul. For those of you familiar with TT by Stadther, it is same as ANA was imprisoned. This Chase is just a continuation of Kit Williams, and Stadthers treasure hunts – just a bigger bait, higher value target. As I said before, this is the end game.

            Btw Dal – comments are all over the place, since there is no reply button by your comments. I do not know how to respond to your comments.

          • White-
            You need to do your own homework unless someone here takes more pity on your uninformed remarks and educates you about all of the questions Forrest has answered since the TOTC began…
            Don’t ask me to spend hours tracking down what YOU want to know..
            It’s here…go look for it..

          • White-
            Blogs only allow so many comments to be made in a thread..
            After that number of comments you don’t get a “reply” button anymore.
            Just go down to the bottom of the page and reply or start a new thread..

        • I have found the treasure everytime and everyplace I have been too. I have given details of how each place fit the clues. As for the actual box, … who cares?
          I think the actual box is down old Bundman Road where it becomes a dry creek bed and goes into the Rio Grande, across from Whiterock.. There is a curious pile of rocks 15 feet off shore. A cairne. That is where I think it is. But, I don’t like it there. So, I search in places that are dear to me.

    • JayA,

      I personally like Winter solstice – it would be a good time to pick up the chest.

      How about we meet there on Dec 21 around 11:00 p.m.?
      Bring the sandwiches; I’ll bring the flashlights 😉

        • Go in peace. Loosely translated blown to pieces. (Or you will go in pieces upon opening) Your end is ever drawing nigh. Very ominous sounding poem.

  101. Speaking of concerns for the safety of people. I have 3 acres that i am in the process of selling. The soon to be new owner is in a hurry to close because he has 3000 garlic plants he needs to get in the ground before winter. So I have to ask myself, is he running an herbal medicine company, or preparing for a vampire apocalypse and should I be sharpening stakes and stocking up on holy water.

    • Mark-
      Costco sells pre-sharpened stakes in bundles of 24 at a very reasonable price. You might find this more expedient than sharpening them yourself…

      • Now I have to ask, are you preparing for a vampire apocalypse also? Is there something going on that I should know about?

        Actually, I am impressed that I was able to spell apocalypse without spell check correcting me 😉

        And it appears that CostCo does have everything.

        • Dal where are you at in Washington I am also in Washington. The pic I see sometimes in the top of the website looks like Chuckanut Drive. BTW you have some amazing photos thank you!

          • spallies..
            I am on an island in the Salish Sea called Lummi Island. A simple, quiet and very green home to about 800 folks…population gets larger in the summer…
            But okay…I get your point…I live in a rural area too and might very well be a bumpkin…

            I have to ask..What is a spally…I assume it’s the singular of whatever those spallies are…
            and how do you get it through spell check…my computer keeps trying to change it to sallies..

          • spallies-

            Although I’d like to take credit for those photos at the top of every page..I cannot…because Goof would wring my neck..
            Those lovely photos are his…

        • I am vary familiar with Lummi Island although I have actually never been on it. I grew up in Skagit Valley and now live in Glenhaven near Alger. Wow small world!!!

          • Pallies is my married name. S. Pallies. And I myself am very proud to be a Bumpkin it the best way to be. I am jealous of you and Lummi my neighbor goes there often and speaks wonderful things about it. I will try to plan a trip soon. Just need to get that reservation at the Willows first!!!

    • No worries, there. If garlic grows well in that area, that’s what sells. It could’ve been onions, or honey, or if you’re in Denver…

  102. Forrest mentioned that he was too old to get any more education, but I believe he’s doing his doctoral thesis in sociology, based on searchers’ comments and discussions of solutions. He certainly has found a way to produce the most amount of material in the shortest time possible! He’ll probably write a book about some of the, umm, more interesting subjects…

    • Very funny Dakota. I’ve thought many times that the searchers reactions, thinking, emotions, etc. reflected in the many posts provide a bonanza of material for someone to do a doctoral thesis. Its been very revealing in so many ways….and at times quite disturbing. Us humans can sure be goofy. Oh , sorry Goofy, no offense intended.

      • No offense taken Raven…….One might say we are authorities on goofy. After all we are on a blog about looking for a chest of gold based on one man’s word whose tech support and administrative duties are handled by a guy named Goofy. So when we say a guy is goofy, he’s really goofy.

        @Whiterock; are you Jack Ackam who communicated with the reporter from Santa Fe? He changed locations after that and claimed the chest is at Ra Paulette’s cave, but the theme was the same. The chest is going to steal our soul.


        If you’re not him then you are just a re-run plagiarist copying another guy’s idea. If you had done a little research you could have a least come up with an original thought.

        • Goofy,
          I can confirm that Whiterock7 and Jay Ackam/ Jay A are one the same. I dealt with him quite a bit as moderator on the other forum.
          The Wolf

        • You know, I tried to stay in tight focus, and guess had a couple of clues right. But treasure hunting is like tuning a guitar, you are bound to hit some few bad notes.

          Nevertheless it is a same instrument

    • LOL. You gotta wonder if some of these are just an act to try to pry information from people.

      • When I first read some folks unsubstantiated claims that they found the chest, my initial (and frankly only) reaction was to conclude that they were lying to either gain advantage or attention with their false claims. I thought they were just liars and I think I even called some of them that . I now regret doing the name calling because I’ve now come to realize that some of them REALLY believe they figured it all out and simply are incapable of accepting that they are wrong. They are so completely immersed in their delusion that they can’t see anything beyond it. Its really a lesson for all of us. Seemingly normal, well adjusted people and our capacity to delude ourselves into believing just about anything. I guess it wouldn’t hurt to reexamine some of our own self deceptions–especially given the fact that we don’t seem capable of effectively reasoning others out of theirs. Maybe we can at least help ourselves.

  103. If I had to place my guess, the bird is a quail. It looks very much like a Brown Quail. However, the Brown Quail is only native to Australia, and most other native Chinese Quail species do not have similar feathers to this bird. I have seen some Chinese Quail that are small and white and have feathers similar to this, but it looks like a Brown Quail to me.

    Maybe there is supposed to be some irony in there – or a hint.

  104. I have a question. The term “class” or derivatives thereof , has been used frequently in SB’s, responses to bloggers, books, etc.. Is anyone able to make a connection?

    • I think overall most of the people on this blog are of the same class. Caring ang giving people who just want to enjoy the Thrill of the Chase. Not looking for any limelight like some appear to be.

    • Oh believe it, we are all in class!
      But here’s an alternate definition to let some thought about the word class.
      In Statistics: An interval in a frequency distribution.

  105. Just read through the last couple of dozen entries or so. Entertaining is the word that comes to mind. It is a tough call as to what is more entertaining. Back to the laboratory for me… I still like the finely crafted Ivory Quail and the mystery behind it. Really makes me want to think.

  106. Does anyone know when Forrest’s children’s book is coming out? I know that he was working on one with a lady that wrote on this blog last winter….

        • Clues From Philly, thanks for asking. Forrest started writing the children’s book with me, then changed his mind, saying that he can’t write fiction. I beg to differ 😉 and have continued writing on it, keeping Forrest’s contributions intact. Since then, I wrote the theme song Magic Forrest Treasure for the soundtrack to the book. Forrest loved it so much, that he wanted to share it with all of you before the book release. He even mentioned that he was tempted to continue writing on the children’s book. Let’s cross our fingers. Here’s the youtube song link again, and I hope all of you will play it and share it with others! Thanks http://youtu.be/aDT3XNcmY5E

          • Very cool Wendy….listening now, I love that kind of music, I always imagine me flying through the mountains and valleys looking at the scenery when its playing…

          • Thanks for listening, cluesfromPhilly. I like to write music to heal people and the earth.

  107. I have no fear that Whiterock has found, or will ever, find the chest. The mind that produced his fantasies will be incapable of the kind of logic necessary to do so.

    In the end, it’s probably best to follow that old internet saw, DON’T FEED THE TROLLS!

  108. Whiterock you have so illuminated us on what is wrong with America. People are so worried about safe that they say “be safe” or “stay safe” or “be careful” they mean well but what they don’t know is they suffer from an anxiety complex and could easily die from a stress related illness. Anyway thanx for the warning se ya…. maybe you should get a mental exam… 🙂

  109. Because someone mentioned something 😉 , here is what I believe to be the most important hint in this scrapbook – but firstly, let me just say that in my poem “then down into the canyon’s core” verse, was at some point “down onto the basin’s floor”… so, in my opinion, “lush basin” is an important hint 😛

  110. According to Dal, Forrest has stated that there is no danger to the finder who opens the chest. I cannot find that comment, never heard he has made that comment or anything close to that. My question stands, and if any of you get Forrest to state that there is no danger to Finder’ body or soul, or if you can point me to where he had made similar comment, please send me an e-mail to whiterock7@hushmail.com.
    I will release the picture and the solution.and I still do not want anything from it.
    It is very difficult to keep up with this format of the blog, comments seem to be all over the place, so of I did not answer your question or comment, sorry.

    • Here you go Whiterock, I’ll repost my question to you.

      @Whiterock; are you Jack Ackam who communicated with the reporter from Santa Fe? He changed locations after that and claimed the chest is at Ra Paulette’s cave, but the theme was the same. The chest is going to steal our soul.


      If you’re not him then you are just a re-run plagiarist copying another guy’s idea. If you had done a little research you could have a least come up with an original idea.

        • whiterock, your evasive answers (won’t answer a direct question with a straightforward response) and your inability to provide a photo of the chest only emphasizes how airless the balloon you are trying to launch really is. Might want to stop with just a bit of your dignity left.

      • Whiterock/Jack Ackam you said: You know, I tried to stay in tight focus, and guess had a couple of clues right. But treasure hunting is like tuning a guitar, you are bound to hit some few bad notes.

        The same could be said about treasure hunters…..once in a while there is a broken string.

        The first time is a mistake, the second time is a coincidence, the third time is a pattern.

        Every time you were absolutely sure you knew where the treasure was and had pictures to prove it. As far as I’m concerned you have committed blasphemy in the House Of Fenn; I would have nuked you after your first post; but Dal wants to play so lets see the pictures where you think it is this time.

        I can guarantee you are wrong because I have direct communication with Fenn through our encrypted Ouija board mouse pads. He says the lights are on but nobody’s home and you need some serious help……..

    • White,
      The problem with your logic is this:

      If Mr. Fenn is an evil man trying to steal your (or your child’s) soul, what makes you think he would tell the truth if he decided to answer your question? An evil man would not hesitate to lie in order to gain immortality.

      So, what is the point in the importance you place in his answer?

      And the biggest flaw of all–there is absolutely zero zero Biblical basis for your theory.

      I’m sorry. I believe you truly believe you have found something. You may even have blurry pics of a vague square-shaped object wedged into rocks somewhere. But until you provide some kind of absolute proof, no one will believe you.

      To say your hands are tied and you are unable to do anything until Forrest answers is just complete nonsense. If you are a believer, you have authority over the devil. You aren’t bound by whether Forrest answers or remains silent.

      In fact, if you withhold information that can harm a searcher, the blame lies on you.

      I can’t fathom why you would come up with such an errant story. Do you feel slighted or ignored by Forrest in some narcissistic way that makes you seek revenge? Have you squandered so much money on searching that you can’t pay your rent, and this is the way you get Forrest to stop the hunt (if I can’t find it, I’ll make sure no one does)?

      Who knows? I just know for an absolute fact that your story is very off.

  111. Here are a few WR observations.

    1. Why did whiterock suddenly become Whiterock7?

    2. WR made one very disturbing statement in my view and it has nothing to do with dangers to the souls of searchers, but has to do with the integrity of the Chase. I have worked very hard to maintain the integrity and I believe Mr. Fenn has as well. Why then is it that Whiterock states:

    “Fenn is not a fool, treasure is not a giveaway or a lottery, I do not believe it can be found by just anyone – he took certain measures to assure that. But he left himself an out, and also an option to change it up a little if he chooses to. It is his game. My hands are tied until somebody asks him the question regarding the safety straight up or some other circumstance changes.

    Whiterock’s claim that Mr. Fenn can “change it up a little” strikes me, if it were true, as suggesting that Mr. Fenn will choose the winners and losers in this game. That does not sound like a level football playing field to me. Kind of like someone moving the goal posts for the extra point. I will tell you, that if I ever believed that this were the case, then I would be out of this game. As much as I enjoy the fun of it all, I have better things to devote my time and resources to. I strongly believe that integrity is Mr. Fenn’s hallmark so I discount Whiterocks mention of this.

    3. The rest of Whiterock’s spiritual/demonic mumbo jumbo is all noise to me because I am a believer like Mindy and my Lord and Savior covers me. But it is curious to me that no one has yet posed the questions to Mr. Fenn that Whiterock7 simply requested. Oh, I guess it is so hard so let me help us all out:

    a. Mr. Fenn- have you placed anything in the chest that would be harmful to a searchers soul or physical body when the chest is opened in their presence? (Reminds me of Raiders of the Lost Ark…)

    b. Mr. Fenn – has Whiterock7 or anyone else ever sent you an email photo, photo by any other means, or otherwise any other proof that the treasure chest currently known as “Indulgence” has been found,located,discovered,touched,seen,smelled,tasted,heard, or otherwise resurrected from or at the site from which you hid it as claimed by you in the TTOTC book and in interviews, written statements or any other form of communication that you have made to individuals of the human earthly kind that speak any number of languages …Fennspeak Xcluded.

    • Windsurfer, I appreciate why you have asked the questions that Whiterock has instigated but I really think it is unnecessary for Forrest or anyone else to answer them. Answering them only encourages people to make similar claims. For me, the claims are so silly that my first reaction after reading whiterocks manifesto on youtube was to laugh and figure it was a spoof or a halloweenee gag. I just don’t think Forrest needs to address every kooky claim to smooth some folks ruffled feathers. We need to elevate the discourse somehow and hopefully drown out all the static that these kinds of claims emit. Just my 2 bits…..

      • Why would anyone else make similar requests. This is a question of public safety, and the Chase being up and up. We deserve the answer, one would think Fenn would be very happy to answer that and put it to rest.

      • Raven,

        My main point is …when it is easy to say you are sorry….then say it! Apologize. Be humble.

        This was a simple request by Whiterock7…not to be confused with whiterock…apparently.

        I honored it because it was a genuine request…just like an apology should be forthcoming.

  112. The only danger I see is what ff said about siting down to open the chest.. One could faint at what they find and fall.. depending on if the location is high this could be a danger.. one should open the lid slowly !! imo

    • I agree pieces. When I’ve imagined what it would be like to find the chest, I actually wonder if I might explode. You know, like spontaneous combustion that’s ignited by an explosive laugh. That’s why I carry extra blood pressure meds–just in case.

        • The feeling of awe can describe many different things. You can be in awe if you are in the presence of a King (almost like an “I can’t believe I’m here,” kind of thing). In that case, it can be a mixture of reverent fear, respect, and admiration.
          You can be in awe of a majestic sight. I was so in awe at Maroon Bells I almost walked into a moose. That kind of awe is akin to wonder and amazement. It is this kind of awe I think Forrest is referring to. I know that, if out of the thousands of searchers, I was the ONE to peek beneath a rock and find the chest and open it and see all the golden artifacts, I would most certainly be in awe and shock. But not because I was being possessed.

  113. OK, keep feeding the troll, it’s what he wants. Twisting all your panties in a bunch…

  114. Since this thread has gone off topic and that is where I like to be I thought I would share some dreams I have had including treasure….

    1)the first dream I had I was in the woods some where and came upon an old train station…. I was searching very hard and noticed a crack in the wall…I started peeling away some bricks and guess what was there? The famous chest itself! When I opened the chest I found music lyrics hand written by Johnny Cash(one of my favorites) and some gold of course….well while I was reading the lyrics all these people started showing up and taking the gold from the chest and it made me feel bad but after it was gone at the end of the dream I saw my picture in the newspaper with sunglasses on with the lyrics and it said something like “man finds treasure” and that made me feel better….

    2)(*did not involve FF treasure, just a bunch of Gold*) the second dream I had was one of those vivid dreams where everything seems so real and alive….this one was a wild one where I was trapped inside a giant greenhouse with the most tropical cool scenes around! It was really rad but got scary when someone had a key to unlock the room where the gold was hidden, but he was scared to unlock it because he knew once the room was unlocked you had to fight bad people off and if you did you got to keep the loot and everyone in the World became peaceful….Well anyway there was a bunch of us and we opened the treasure room and we started collecting the gold but then came the bad people and we had to fight them off and had to go to different levels where there was bears chasing us, fly fishing rooms and you had to act like you were one of them because if they found out you were one of the Gold hunters it was over for you….and thats all i remember but don’t you love those vivid dreams?

    3)the third one was where the man, myth and legend himself (FF) showed me around to a national park with stone monuments and then showed me a barn sort of building… I kept asking him where the treasure was but he would not say 🙁 ….Then I woke up….

    p.s. I know there was some comments today and yesterday regarding the person with the video claiming that the chest is a trap for evil spirits…Though I do not agree with him/her and I do not like the way he injected himself/herself into the blog I think it sounds like a cool short mystery novel..but anyway I would like to ask this community to be more respectful of mental illness….as someone who suffers from bi-polar, you know its not something I would ever wish on my worst enemy and somedays are worse than others.. I come on here to try to forget about the hardships of life and live like a kid for a while for some parts of the day and I would appreciate if people would stop making references towards people being crazy or forgetting their medicine and stuff like that…. I mean I have said stuff about this chase that have been wrong and injected my opinions like they were the truth and I apologize for that and have tried to be more respectful and offer my opinions as out of the box thinking that are wrong but gives me a feeling of being a kid for a few hours here and there….so I really like reading this blog and now I feel what the chase means to me, to feel like a kid for a few hours here and there and maybe take a trip out west to see the beauty and fresh while searching for a treasure chest(I mean that is really cool!) and not to read comments reminding me of how people think of me that know me or when they find out I have a mental health disease. Thank you and happy chasing!

    • cluesfromphilly, I have a lot of compassion for those that suffer from mental illness and their families. I don’t think the other bloggers are intending to insult people with mental illness. I think they are just standing up to those that appear as a threat or trying to cause damage. It’s sort of a natural pecking order to maybe ward off those that try to ruin the fun for everyone.

      As for your dreams, they sound amazing! Happy chasing!

  115. So Windsurfer, any news yet?

    You see how quickly the important stuff gets shoveled over and buried here? – not by coincidence, but by design
    Al I can say is ….wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round, round……

    I hope you will stick with the important stuff, and press the issue of concern, since you seem to be only one with ears, and guts to speak your mind.
    I will check from time to time here, but it is hard to follow this blog. If you or anyone else hear or know that Fenn has addressed the issue of the safety concern, please let me know by email.
    I’ll keep my word.
    Email Whiterock7@hushmail.com

    • Whiterock7, I brought up the important stuff in my last posting to you. You have not responded. Time is of the essence. You need to post a picture to establish credibility. You haven’t kept your word. When you do, you will have all the support you want.

      If you truly care about us searchers, post a picture.

    • WR7,

      I had no issue in satisfying your simple request by posting the questions to Mr. Fenn because you seem to be truly concerned. I personally feel that Mr. Fenn has not constructed the Chase as a means to harm anyone. I also personally do not share your concerns of any physical or demonic sort of catastrophe awaiting the person who opens the Chest. You seem to be well enough versed in such matters and the Scripture is clear that demons do in fact exist and that Jesus and his disciples disposed of such demons on any number of occasions. Therefore, as a believer in Christ, I have no fear of such spirits. In fact the Lord’s Prayer …”deliver me from evil”… pretty much covers this. Pray it and believe WR7 and you will be at peace. Whether Mr. Fenn elects to address your specific concerns is another matter. I doubt he feels that he controls the spirits, but Jesus does so my recommendation is to follow Him.

      Matthew 5:9-13

      • Amen Windsurfer, I hold the same beliefs and appreciate your conviction to express the truths you hold dear about Christ to others.

      • Amen, amen, Wind.
        I believe there are demons and angels, as well as a God who is Lord over them all.
        And as His child, and a temple for the Holy Spirit, no evil spirit can possess me, because God holds me in the palm of His hand.
        And no, that does not mean I dance with rattlesnakes in my hands. Lol. 🙂

  116. Mindy, and others

    Mindy, to clarify your questions:

    I am not saying that Fenn is an evil man.
    I am saying, I believe he is in a predicament, because he is one of the many deceived – you can see their hearts on the wall inside cave, ripped open by the dragon and put in below the HOB (earth), bodies taken over by evil spirits.

    The cave itself is a reproductive organ of the dragon = in there, ( windows in the Earth – 2 skylights) with a uterus and an ovary chamber. “It was intended to be transformative” – those are the words of the creator of the cave. There are fountains with mirrors, ( one with 2 biddies over it), alien creatures, and when you look into the mirror, you will see a reflection not of you, but of an alien – you might go into a shock.
    There is a sound chamber , resonating all sound to a focal point with a chair in the alcove..etc. etc. I did not read his books, but the stuff in the books describes the cave, with biddies, Frosty, cake bathrooms…..all is in there.

    This is not a first cave Ra made, one was filled with the hearts, and Ra backfilled it with dirt – they are now permanently below the HOB.

    The cave is also a time warp – you will begin where you finished, no time lost, 2 entities will die to their original existence and a new entity will emerge = 2 Omegas / new Alpha. You will no longer be You, however no one will be able to tell, but you and the others belonging to the same hive. By entering the cave, you will open yourself to possible possession.

    Why would he have to tell the truth? Because there are spiritual laws that he/his evil parasite must obey or face obliteration. He cannot straight out lie to you, but he can deceive you, by twisted words so that you interpret his words to fit your wishes – therefore the onus/guilt will be on you, if you fall for his words – word is a key. Which you lovingly call Fennspeak. I prefer straight talk – yes or no.

    Fenn is carrying a heavy burden and his soul is drowning = heavy burden and water high. He cannot go on, and has to replace the aging host for his parasite – I believe against Forrest’s wishes. Forrest is high up in hierarchy and is looking for equivalent replacement – high value target.

    I think that those contaminated found the way to pass messages pass their narrow minded host, and are trying to show us something, while at the same time they have to corrupt others. They are passing messages to us by all major engines of society – religion, advertising, arts……..and documenting their evil exploits in children’s books.

    See D. Kirk’s Miss Spider’s New Car, Robot Nova, Magic School Buss, Watering Hole and others( Scholastic Books) .. – all dealing with alchemy, devil Robot Nova creating new Alpha, corrupted Miss Spider delivering innocent to hell etc…..
    Btw – I believe that David is a personal friend of Forrest, he has commented on his blog ( swan lake)

    They have opened the portal by means of alchemy, because of their desires, disobedience and lust for eternal life, and now they are unable to shut it.

    No Mindy, I haven’t spent much money at all. Surely less than 95% of you here.

    So the post sounds crazy? Heck yes, but chew on it for while before commenting, pls

    • I read. I chewed. I comment.
      This was such a much better explanation than I expected you’d come up with…
      I really thought you were heading into the mundane possession of his soul by evil incarnate..
      But the cave…being the reproductive organs of a dragon..
      and kids books being the messages from those trapped..
      Good stuff..
      Certainly glad you were here to interpret it for me because I would have never seen it on my own..

      Well…all I can say is that I appreciate you telling us this…
      It was worth the wait!

      • He’s not done yet… I’m sure of that…

        I find his explanation lacking in the “proof” he consistently says he has, in reference to the chest, The only true fact that could make his accusations have true meaning and not just blowing hot air. Some say he is just doing this to get our attention, when I think the true reason for this, is a personal obsession with fenn.

        His self proclaim reason is to protect and ask for blind faith in him. Never revealing the proof, which would put a stop to this “so-ul called danger”. Can’t help to use the word, Coward, when I hear such. No JayA, that is not name calling… It’s means, you feel safe enough to make false claims, provide no proof, while hiding behind a keyboard. That is a Coward in my Good Book.

        • You’re right Seeker, he’s a long way from done. Just wait until he gets going. But hey, Dal asked for it.

          I see he hasn’t changed his spot from Ra Paulette’s cave; so it will be interesting to see if he has changed the narrative any.

          I’m going to get a pot going on how long it takes for Dal to nuke him…….He ain’t heard nothing yet.

          • Goofy your trigger happy. Dal is right, let Whiterock self destruct. One thing we can all agree on is he has a creative imagination.

          • I’m not surprised you haven’t heard of him…..have they got electricity run out to your island yet?

            He’s been around for years. The first I heard of him was from the Santa Fe reporter. I put a link in a previous comment.

            Then he got started on the Ra caves. He posted on several blogs with pictures he got from the web…….If yall want to keep up you should google Ra Paulette and his caves.

            I think he posted here before under a different name but you blocked him when he started getting really weird……..Unless he’s changed his narrative you haven’t heard anything yet……We’ll see what happens. This should be good.

          • Goof-
            We certainly have reliable electricity here on the island…and since we bought the second burro and the additional treadmill we have a back-up generator too. It’s the broadband that is a bit tricky. It involves a series of radios attached to derigibles and a fair wind. The dirigibles are dependable. The fair wind is not and we do go through a lot of AA batteries.

            I looked at that Ra thingy you linked to. I like the Earth Motherships out near Taos better…But it’s good to know that in a single day a person could visit both…

          • Thanks Goofy I google it and it is very impressive. I bet he loves going to work everyday. Does he also carve small rocks or just caves?

          • Perhaps we should give him his own page under other searchers stories complete with pictures; or maybe armchair searches. That way we can get the whole thing out there instead of him driveling it out in bits and pieces. I don’t know why folks want to do that, trying to get attention maybe. What do you think?

            It’s actually a very imaginative story……but he gets really weird if he hasn’t changed it. And goes ballistic when someone disagrees with him.

            If he can maintain his composure it won’t be so bad, he might offend a few folks, but hey it’s his opinion.

          • Jay’s/whiterock’s story would make a great movie – kind of like the Exorcist meets Indiana Jones. 🙂

          • Goofy,
            No I do ‘t have much more to say here. I said what I felt needed to be said, mainly for the benefit of few here, so that they would question their blind faith in Fenn, and the Chase.
            I am glad that you guys heard what I had to say for now, but without showing you the chest, you would not be able to hear much more.
            It would be a futile effort.
            And I cannot show you the chest until I get my question answered. But my challenge to you Dal and all others stands – then I will show you the chest in its hiding spot.
            The longer I wait, the longer you guys will have to wait – sound like a fair deal to me.
            Btw Goofy, I do not recall going ballistic. I do recall being viciously attacked. Are you by any chance confusing the two? Pls, verify your memory.

          • JayA states;

            No I do ‘t have much more to say here. I said what I felt needed to be said, mainly for the benefit of few here, so that they would question their blind faith in Fenn, and the Chase.”


          • @whiterock; As far as I’m concerned Fenn has answered your question several times. If you would bother to do the research you would know this.

            One could argue that some have already had their soul stolen by the gold. That is not true. Power and money or the quest of power and money only shows who you really are.

            Those who would lie, cheat, ignore their family and friends, put themselves and family in financial peril, acting without any integrity, ethics, personal responsibility, self respect, and a set of solid principals don’t have a soul to steal to begin with as far as I’m concerned.

            Your accusations are absurd; the chest or money or Fenn or even a good looking auburn haired Texas angel with tight jeans can make you do anything.

            You are responsible for what you do, like it or not that’s the way it is. Your comments do nothing but start a heated religious argument. Which is what I think your intentions are, just to cause trouble. We might as well start a political thread.

          • “auburn haired Texas angel with tight jeans”

            I’m sorry, forgot what I was reading once I read that line.

        • I would love it it he were to do that I am tired and weak and a bit weary of searching for things… Although, it has been so much fun:)

          Until then, I don’t think I will believe it’s real…:)

      • Now isn’t it better to let her elaborate ?

        Let me help you understand her.

        She is not fully wrong ,yet what she does is misrepresent things that are so and things speculated.

        Here is where she is coming from.


        Enneagram Of Personality
        Type 1
        Basic Fear: Corruptness, Imbalance and Being Bad.

        She overcompensates with her stories and the truth be told she fears how she would behave if she had the wealth of the treasure in her hands.

        It is a far better thing for her to think this way than to act upon what she is fearing she would do if she had the finances to do so.

        The Enneagram Chart Type 1 State of Security which would lead to
        Type 7 Personality

        And that Basic Fear : Being Trapped In Pain And Deprivation.

        (His explanation of having a Soul Taken Over )

        He is not totally wrong , He just misunderstands because of what the Religions have spread as Wisdom which is more like Wise – Doom or Knowing – Doom.

        As you should see that Type 7 Personality under Stress which would obviously be what a person who is in the state of fear and deprivation would feel.
        Reverts back to Personality Type 1 and the Cycle / Circles Continue For ever until; there can be a Break In The Chain that Binds Them.

        As you should have noticed the Chain that Binds Those 2 Personalities Together is Basic Fear and the Security of being Financially Secure.

        Sure there is much more to the story as Type 1 has an Ego Fixation of Resentment
        Vice of Anger

        What is best for Whiterock7 to realize is it is not totally her fault she feels this way.

        It is Perfectly Natural as the Enneagram Of Personality Chart Shows.

        So on the end she is competent enough to stand trial no matter how much cryptic sillyness has been posted.

    • Whiterock7…….Who’s deceiving who? Sounds like your the biggest deceiver of them all. Although, you are a good story teller.

      Didn’t Forrest mention to keep it simple or something to that effect. What you had just expounded upon is not simple to say the least. I believe that the TTOTC has nothing to do with anyone’s soul, it’s about leaving a legacy, and doing something incredibly unselfish, and creating a great puzzle while doing so. Forrest has given us a challenge and a dream to either go after or not.

      Anything spiritual or religious is a personal belief, no one knows the truth of it. At least, there has been no real proof of what is the truth. The truth……..we may someday find out when the time comes for us to be pillowed down and scented in. Notice I said may find out. Anyway, to each his own.

      Wisdom, logic and a good imagination~ IMHO~ are the qualities needed to solve and find this treasure. There should be a day set aside for treasure hunting, a holiday to search,…say, maybe August 22….(kids are out of school) ~National Treasure Hunting Day~ (NTHD), not only for Forrest’s treasure, but for all hidden and lost treasures of gold, artifacts, and most of all finding one’s self..

      A Challenge and a dream! That is my mantra.

      Good luck to all !

      • I posted a reply to Goofy, I do mot see it, so just testing if this works. If Dal blocked it , it would be good to know somehow. I did not think there was anything offensive to anyone.

      • White rock7 may be spending time at the home of Thomas Browne, 17th century philosopher. White rock 7’s assumptions resemble Browne’s ideas iMO. Unfortunately, Browne also leaves little joy or hope in eternity – painting brilliant, well researched – but skewed positions, imo.

        One basic train of thought to be considered at the time the spirit of a person leaves his body upon physical death is his individualism. In Billions of people no one fingerprint has been duplicated; even identical twins have different fingerprints. IMO, logically this leads to the conclusion that our eternal spirits remain ours with individual characteristics not able to be consumed by another.

        Philosophers and deep thinkers should all be instructed at the school of Dal to preface their OPINIONS with “IMO”

        One important thing I’ve learned in this chase is to investigate and research for myself. Just because someone’s solve is highly intelligent doesn’t mean it’s correct. Mr. Fenn reminds us in his wisdom that children may understand truth more quickly than adults.

        Thanks for listening to my opinions. I’m at my third airport today with another 2 hour layover. Too much time on my hands :-))

    • It is the pi symbol or 3.1414…. Let’s see who can guess where I found it. Let’s see, I will give the first person who can tell me where I took the photo a $50 gift card from Amazon. I really do think Forrest put it there. He has been there many of times perhaps eating his lunch.

        • I actually took a picture on one of hunts for the treasure. When I got home to analyze my hundreds of photos , I seen it in the background. I enhanced the photo and there it was. I went on another hunt and took many more pictures of my spot.

          My area started out when I found that the architect of a nearby building went by the name of Chase. The cook who wanted to live there, his name was Brown.

          I don’t plan to go on any more hunts. Something in my solve is missing. Yet it all fits.

    • No one has identified where the picture for my avatar came from.

      Any others guesses? Many people on the blogs talked and have traveled to this place but didn’t understand the significance and walked right by it.

  117. Minerva and Athena (if I believed in such things) would be ROFL on Mount Olympus right now after seeing how this thread has twisted from a discussion about purity, courage and wisdom into a trough of mysticism and, for lack of a better term, bumbling theology.

    I won’t get into a religious debate with Whiterock7. I am confident enough that I would hands down, win, but…not really. I see two, or perhaps three possibilities:

    1. Whiterock7 is being deceived by the devil, and truly believes what he or she is spouting off. If so, just like any of us here with firm faith (whether it be in Jesus, Allah, Buddha, Gaia, Thor, or Santa), he or she cannot be convinced they are wrong, because they are convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are right. That doesn’t mean Whiterock7 is intentionally deceitful or malicious, because IF what he or she said turned out to be truth (it’s not), they would be doing the right thing by warning people. If this is the case, I would not bash her or him on the blog. Mercy and understanding go a long way. Maybe the best way to deal with it all is to say, “Whiterock7, you have voiced your concerns. You’ve done what you could. Please stop now. We get what you are trying to say. But now let us make our own decisions.”

    2. Whiterock7 is in league with Ra Paulette, although by reading a little about the artist, I’m not convinced of that by any means. But, if Paulette wants fame and fortune and recognition, starting a story like this is sure to bring it, even if it is negative. Just like investors buy up famous haunted houses–negativity sometimes sells, as sad as that sounds.

    3. Whiterock7 is simply a jerk and a liar who craves attention any way they can get it..unfortunately, it happens all the time, and I find it sad. Bullies act like this. And 9 times out of 10, that bully bullies because something went very wrong in their life (molested, abused, had parent die, etc) and most often, they need help, not punishment.

    Our country is just soooo wrong. My heart aches for teenagers who get hooked on drugs because they were molested by a parent or father figure when they were young, and then, when they’re in too deep and can’t get out and ask for help, there’s none to be found, and the ones that are around are nothing more than violent, careless, filthy places where your son or daughter is mistreated, judged and sent back out on the street a week later. It’s no wonder our youth are getting messed up and addiction rates are spiraling out of control. We, as parents, as a nation, need to stand for the kids whose parents won’t stand for them. Things need to change. We can make a change.

    Okay, now I’ve went off on a tangent, but this hits close to my heart. Yes, Whiterock7, there are dragons out there looking for children to enslave, and to sacrifice. But it’s not your dragon. It’s addiction, our totally lacking medical care system, our lack of compassion, our tendency to judge before knowing the whole story.

    So, before we judge you, Whiterock, what IS your story? What is your name? Do you have children? What brought you to the Chase in the first place, and when did it go wrong for you?

    • As whiterock pointed out, you left out the possibility of him being right.
      If you want God, Heaven and Good, you have to accept Devil, Hell and Evil.
      You cannot have one without the other. Duality and all that.

      Furthermore, you cannot say: there is God, but there is no evil spirit within the chest. Either you believe both to be possible or neither, like I do (the latter I mean).

      • Oh, I definitely believe in hell, demons, and evil. But do I believe a mortal man can harness evil in a metal chest to be unleashed on anyone who opens it?
        Ummm, no.
        I believe in Biblical teaching, and what Whiterock describes is not Biblical.
        I don’t want to get into a religious debate. I didn’t include the option that Whiterock is right, because he/she is not.
        I could publish a paper with enough evidence to prove White wrong, but this is not the place for it. And others have already done it…

  118. whiterock,Id like to ask you a question,please.you say you know where the chest is,and are waiting on mr. forrest to answer your question.before showing us the chest.are you afraid to touch the chest,or open it.if your not afraid to touch it,then why haven’t you just picked it up and brought it to mr. forrest yourself and see if he will open it himself.

    • I want Fenn to remove the chest, to take it back. I believe there are multiple forces at play – inside and outside of the chest. There is also an issue of time / space continuum, and certain frequencies that can affect a finder. Not all of it is fully understood.

  119. Mindy, you are full of baseless questions and speculations. You have left out one more option, and that is than maybe Whiterock is telling the truth and knows something, that is way beyond your ability to even consider, not to mention comprehend.
    I’ll let little more time to speak on my behalf. When the truth is out, you will judge yourself.

  120. Goofy, contrary to your claim

    on November 2, 2014 at 6:17 pm said:
    @whiterock; As far as I’m concerned Fenn has answered your question several times. If you would bother to do the research you would know this ”

    Fenn has never answered the question regarding safety of the finder.
    No I do not want to start, or continue religious discussion.
    I am simply waiting for the answer from Fenn. As soon as he does, then God Bless you all, I will give you the solution and be out of here.

  121. Last night I had a profound personal experience. I was up in a beautiful heaven, at the very top of the world, looking down into the abyss of earth, with souls moving up and down on escalators, pure white ones going up, dirty, black ones going down. It was a most efficient machinery . The view was indescribable.
    I was being brought up on charges of speaking the truth with conviction. To make a short story long, I was shown that evil is all around us, and that you cannot fight evil, because he only comes back at you with more force. When you stop fighting evil, he melts away. I have always known that, but maybe I was not fully applying that in my life? I don’t know. In any case, the profoundness of Our Lords Prayer words ” deliver us from evil ” has been shown to me. And I am grateful for that.
    So we will see what that means for the Chase.
    Btw – God sends his love.

  122. yes, whitrock7, evil is all around us and always will be while on this earth.satan attacks us in our minds,can’t let your guard down ever.you think about it,but if you put it into action,look out you have been caught in the devils wiles.you can fight evil with the word of God.remember when jesus was tempted and he always came back with the word of god.finally he told satan to flee.well you can do the same by sending satan and his demons away in the name of jesus Christ and send them to the pits of hell bound in jesus Christ name and the blood of jesus christ also protects us ,if you know jesus Christ as savior and lord.you have to chose who you want to be your father.God or satan.as for me and my house,i chose God.I am not going to hell and burn forever.I’m going to heaven and live forever.so why are you worrying. you can’t save the whole world.but you can pray for all.relax and let go and let God.so if you are that determined about the chest. just go away and leave the chest alone forever. maybe no one will ever find out where it is.if you feel that bad cover it up so no one can find it.I have told you the truth ,now just leave people alone .they have a free mind to chose what they want to do.you can’t stop them.so its time you stop and just pray.so please no more about the evil of the chest.I do not believe forrest can leave part of hisself in the chest ,its impossible.you can’t take part of your sprite out of your body and keep the rest.thats just a plain stupid idea.you need much more teaching on the word of god.I’m not trying to put you down ,but to help you.

  123. NOTE: I wrote this the other day, and have not read the last three days post. Sorry I’m behind!

    Nice piece f! A life time collecting some cool stuff, but now what to do with it? I like stuff… but as I’m getting older dislike dusting… I’m think n’ grand kids, but Stephanie or Michael D’s ideas sound reasonable. Even though as mentioned… museums are sometimes cold… tough decisions Sir!

    On another note… Minerva and rainbows have been my only choice from jump street. However I’m not sure if I’ll ever make the meet! lol. Or is that Tomicita in the sense of keeping an appointment. No difference, I’ve come to find I’m not so wise!

    Seeker, I connected Minerva to the poem. I think “wise” is the only word in the poem that might lead/lean towards an owl. However, I saw markings on a tree a pirate and his band… had found… that COULD be construed as relating to Minerva. Symbolism is THU 101. Owls perhaps carved or etched into stone by man or nature isn’t/aren’t impossible thus the blaze could be an owl. Owls and rainbows sound cool!

    Thought about these dog’s and their names. Wolf makes a good point f, that your families dogs names are very interesting… could it be? Na… prob not… too easy for family and friends to figure out. I guess I’ll stick with canasta and put n’ in without a paddle.

    Just checking in!
    Mark H.

  124. Reading back through the quail comments. If it is hint:reference to a brown quail, Sacajawea and Pocahontas were the most famous ‘brown quails’ and only Sacajawea applies in the Rocky Mountains. Quail is an equivalent of the French word squaw – an unfortunate term given to Indian women by French trappers. That said, perhaps the chest can be found beneath or under ancient Kiva poles or a Teepee ring. Just running definitions and thinking outside the box

  125. I think this is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. So sacred and multifaceted. Through the photos and words, Minerva’s mysteries captivate us. The essence of her power resonates throughout our beings, bringing to us experiences of feeling the fascination amidst her splendor.

    Minerva will captivate every soul she encounters…that is what she does.

    I wonder though, who is it that captivates Minerva?

    Her flesh is pure of ivory and her first and final flights are infinite. Her power is incalculable. We have already directly witnessed the way she, in perfect grace, touches all of the hearts she comes into contact with. She must be revered.

    After all, isn’t this why she chose you?

    Thank you so much for taking the time to share your world with all of us folks out here. It brings a lot of life to our many hearts.

  126. I would honored to house Minerva for you, something tells me she may of been a hen in the valley of ephraim as well.

  127. Indeed, as if it were the first time…

    She’s so stunning. So absolutely intricate. Amazing artist. Truly, Minerva is a work of art.

  128. It’s warm and fuzzy to think in 207 BC, a guild of poets and actors was formed to meet and make votive offerings at the temple of Minerva on the Aventine Hill.

    On my bucket list to visit Rome during Quinquatria (March 19 to March 23).

  129. An interesting sideline to the carved ivory quail is that they were traditionally made in pairs. Wonder where the mate to Forrests Minerva ended up?

    • I agree. Unless the animal died of natural cause completely unrelated to Ivory Hunters and Slaughter for Money and the Locals have used all the meat and bones to fulfill their community needs, then, and only then, is it acceptable to turn Tusks into works of visual art.


  130. I love this ivory. Would make a awesome gift to my mother. Maybe soome day. It had to be very difficult to create and the bottom is so delicately detailed.

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