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I have already posted a story on Dal’s blog about my trip to Santa Fe. My husband encouraged me to go out there so I could thank Forrest in person for helping him through the snow on one of his searches. I wrote at the time about having lunch at the San Marcos feed store, but there was much more to the adventure, and there was no way I could add all the pictures I wanted to share and tell everything in great detail as my mind remembered. Jerry suggested I make a video to help capture the experiences and here it is.

After visiting at his home and meeting his wife Peggy, Forrest was kind enough to take a break from his writing and show me around Santa Fe. He showed me the sights and told me about some of the town’s history. I can’t go into great detail or I would need my own blog. 🙂 He showed me parts of Santa Fe that aren’t on any tour guide such as the College of Santa Fe. We visited the Downtown Prescription coffee shop, his former gallery, and can’t forget about having to find the water tower because everything there is hidden. Ha! We also visited the more tourist attraction destinations such as the Loretto Chapel and The Palace of the Governors. All so beautiful and rich in history. The moto there in Santa Fe is mañana. I believe I could get use to that way of life.

Song: Blur Into Beauty by Wade
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  1. I really enjoyed your beautiful video Keri! Can you put in a good word with Forrest for me – so I can visit him without my husband getting lost? Looks like a great trip for fall.

    • 42, Funny! He was never lost, just stuck. At least there are some perks for when they go searching in the snow.

      • Keri – I just love the song you chose for the video. Downloaded it and enjoying Wade.
        Thanks 🙂

  2. Don’t you just love Santa Fe? I was fortunate to visit relatives there last summer and saw quite a few of the sites you did. The Palace of the Governors and the Loretto Chapel were really very interesting, and I loved the lunch we had at the La Fonda Hotel but the San Marcos Café looks like a good place to eat too. Unfortunately I never got to meet Forrest while there like you did but maybe next time! Thanks for the video – it brought back a lot of good memories.

  3. The last time I was there we ate at the Cowgirl BBQ ! Yummy BBQ and great local atmosphere. Mmm Mmm good..

  4. Awesome video…thanks for sharing. I also showed my recent company around Santa Fe to many of these spots…I was probably not nearly as good of a tour guide as Forrest…you were one of the fortunate ones! I like Lia’s idea of Fenn jeep tours…what do you think, Forrest? Something to entertain us all with during the winter months when we can’t search…

  5. Keri what sort of psychology did you employ on our pal Forrest. Thanks for sharing always nice to see someone smiling and having a good time.

  6. WoW I know f had a great day also. Did she sing that song? … If so nice! , cute and went well with the presentation , thank you for sharing that.. It’s been a long day.

      • Very cool……..I haven’t met him but Tesuque doesn’t strike me as the guard dog type. He seems to be a gentleman and a scholar; his kindness and good manners are only exceeded by his good looks.

        I hope you got some pictures.

          • Like I said, I haven’t had the honor of meeting Tesuque. I was just going on what Fenn said in Scrapbook 98:

            With my little dog Tesuque on constant alert for terrorists I have time to sit in my recliner and write poetry. He’s the only thing I have now that eats, except my wife, and she doesn’t eat much.

  7. Great story, keri..can’t watch the video til I go down into town…hopefully the next few days. Thank you for sharing, can’t wait to see it!

  8. Keri, enjoyed your video, excellent!

    If there is a way to pause just a little longer on each frame, it would allow reading of the signs. Some of us are a bit older and slower. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  9. Keri …. Nice presentation!!! Not to change the subject but has anyone been to the St. Micheals Clock tower and is the dragon time peice that Gene Chiply built still in the front picture window. I helped gene on it and was wondering if it still there.

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