Valley of Fire….

October 2014


boggs02Johnny D. Boggs won an award last year from True West magazine where he was named the best living western writer.  That’s a headful of recognition. He’s also won six Spur Awards for his writing and has at least twenty books out about the west, the Civil War and the Revolutionary War.

This year Johnny penned a new novel in a series of books he’s writing about the character Micah Bishop. Micah is a likable guy, unless your playing cards with him. He has a reputation for cheating at cards and borrowing horses from ranches all across New Mexico (that’s not really bad is it?). He’s not particularly tall, or good looking. He’s not the smartest chicken in the coop and not the best dressed either. I identified with him right away.

BoggsThe book is called Valley of Fire. It begins with Micah in jail, waiting to be hanged when a nun breaks him out to lead her on a journey across the most savage geography in New Mexico in search of hidden gold…beginning to sound familiar?

They meet up with Micah’s arch enemy…a fellow by the name of Fenn (I kid you not)…who also has an interest in this gold hunt…

Everyone heads out to get the gold in a place that is “Too far to walk” and Micah is convinced that the lord works in mysterious ways.

Now, I’m not going to say a whole lot more about this book but you need to know that Johnny and Forrest are friends. Does that mean there might be a hint or two in this book? Maybe.

You also might benefit from understanding that Boggs writes books that feel like entertainment and  specialize in information. I guarantee that you’ll add a few words to your vocabulary and learn some things about New Mexico, nuns and surviving in the desert, when you read this book…oh..and you’ll have a rip-snortin good time too…

That’s, Valley of Fire by Johnny D. Boggs.

I read the Kindle edition…


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  1. Sounds like a great book Dal! Thanks for the introduction. Also u could be one of the smarter chickens in the coop n one of the best dressed too. It’s all in ur point of view n I think u dress great! And r really smart.

  2. I love the literary hunt as much as the real treasure hunt . I wish the ship rock district would hire me so I can share this with a readers group. My search is halted until I can get work. read learn search share

  3. I couldn’t help but notice, that this book is available at the Collected Works Book Store…:)

  4. I have a long list of books I have been meaning to read. Westerns are not typically my thing, but I might have to add this one since it was recommended by Dal.

  5. Ok, haven’t really gotten into this, but on the surface, makes me think about “Two Mules For Sister Sarah”, which I ABSOLUTLELY LOVED when I was about 15.

    Talk about URST. OMG.

    Hmmm. A lot of NM connections therein….

  6. Sounds like an interesting book by a good writer, whether it has hints or not. Maybe Forrest won’t call him a friend for much longer now that Johnny has turned him into a bad guy who probably wears a black hat too!

  7. Thanks Dal. I return I highly recommend this book written by treasure hunter Lee Elders:
    ‘Expeditions – Gold, Shamans and Green Fire’

    It’s an amazing true story and very well written. It’s actually what motivated to seek treasure hunting adventures.

    You can get the kindle version and here’s his website:

  8. Sounds like a real good read ! I have always loved a good western book or movie. Most of the movies I’ve watched many times and will probably watch again. For some reason it seems that I have only read western books once and that’s it. Huh…I am definitely going to read this one soon.

  9. So does anybody like the
    Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
    You and me going fishing in the dark ? 🙂

    • Slurbs, I used to love a song called Ripplin Waters by the NG Dirt Band. had forgotten all about them.

      Maybe we should borrow those pom poms and cheer louder for the Cowboys game. Mr. Fenn will be proud of us tonight. His boys are tied 10-10

      • 42

        Love it, love it
        Thanks if I only knew how to post things like that.

        I have the phantoms cape
        For Halloween 🙁 lol 🙂

    • Amy, I’m so sorry that I mistakenly responded to Slurbs about the Dirt Band. I’m not sure how that happened, its been a day full of silly mistakes. I used to enjoy listening to them in college. Are they still around?

  10. FYI: drove to Collected Works Bookstore in Santa Fe this afternoon…they are out of the book but expecting more next week. I suggest calling the bookstore prior to making a special trip there…

  11. It sounds like an interesting read, thank you Dal. How about those cowboys last night…? so close and yet so far…

  12. When worked in the north range of white. I would go to the valley of fire and hunt for diamonds.

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