Scrapbook One Hundred Two…






Of course she wasn’t 29 but I don’t dare mention that. You know how women are about their age. That ad ran on November the 16th sometime during the 20th century, and that’s all I’m going to say, except that the phone started ringing and she didn’t know she knew so many strangers.



If you want to know her age you can ask Peggy, but if you do I suggest you come wearing a bullet proof vest and carrying a bible.

A few relatives know that I’m ___years older than my wife so I can’t talk about that either because anyone who’s good at math could figure it out. But I’ll give you a hint; all of my friends tell me I don’t look 49.



Some men are a little secretive about their age also – like Dal, so I would never embarrass him by saying. But he’s 20 + 9 – 7 x 3 + 13 – 6 + 8 + 8. If his wife works the arithmetic and tells him his age he’ll probably deny it. But he is however old he is.



Maybe I’m just mad because political correctness won’t let me say what I’m thinking.  Guess I’ll just go fishing. f

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  1. I did the math (20 + 9 – (7 x 3) + 13 – 6 + 8 + 8) and that has Dal at 31, he must have had a rough life.

    Good Luck fishing (catch a nice one for Mrs. Fenn’s Birthday)

      • Sorry Mark ,
        Happy Birthday Peggy.
        But Dal is 52 by my count , but I’m not giving up Mrs. Peggy’ age.

        20+9 – 7×3 / +13-6 + 8+8
        29 – 21 21+7 + 16
        8 + 44

        Peggy’s 29/ (9 8)3-5(6 3) 3

        Thanks Forrest … I love this stuff. Got more?

      • I gotta laugh Dal Is 64. I was off by ten.

        20+9 – 7×3 / + 13-6 +8+8
        29 – 21 / 29+13-6 8+8
        8 / 41+7+8+8

        Peggy’s Birthday 29/(9×8)3-5(6×3) 3
        Im not showing the math I need to get back to work on this poem.

        Im a little slow . I honestly never made it to 10th grade. Although I did seek computer science as a Adult seeking a higher education. This I learned from Fenn , in the last two weeks. along with
        E=IF \ I/op1op2-1 E=IF
        (op1op2)/ -1 . (op1op2)/ -1
        /I/ op1op2

        The Maze on page 101 of TOTC

        The Moving Writ
        Move Wit
        Shall a line
        Nor all of it

        A like Fe Pair
        And A Throw Stare

        A Muezzess Cries
        “FOOLS” your there

        Strangers Who
        Before Us Through
        Which Iowed,too
        And now I also to

        How, read his book. Thanks Forrest. I have learned more then this trove of yours has in it. But, I still like shinny……
        So, I will be searching form here , until I can travel again.

          • Ok Dal , your 31.. : )

            But , I think this was Forrest guessing your age. I don’t think he knew. But, Even still that was close at 64. I checked ya get get more then 64 out of it. Still , you are lucky to know Fenn personally. That guy is brilliant! Period. I’ve learned more from this school ever taught me, a nd in less time. I feel like he is squeezing my brain .
            Any way I respect botlh of you guy’s ,
            Thanks for keeping my brain alive in this difficult time in my life.. Thanks

          • MrD,

            Been call a lot of things…but never The Stuff…I’ll take it as a complement.

            You forgot, good lookin…It’s OK most everyone does.

          • seeker ..



            Sorry your 1 off too..
            So was I when I rechecked my logic again My addition was off again. so I corrected it.
            20+9 – 7×3 / + 13-6 +8+8
            29 – 21 / 29+13-6 8+8
            8 / 41 +7+8+8
            But , Your still good looking… Boy I hope your a

        • Mr.D
          My bad, your right 22… that makes 67.

          Dal did say he had a birthday coming up. So i’ll use that as to work my math… 67 to be.

          It’s good – i’m good lookin, I’d never get by on my brains.

          • Funny. Me either
            .Lesson learned. Some times another pair of eyes help. Take R easy..

          • Well hell…. you got this . How about Peggy ….. what’s her age.
            Since my 9th grade education never got D. May be you can show me how to work the other out.

          • Well , ya won’t be getting by on mine or looking good from them either. I only saw recently you really think you have this treasure figured out . So, he’ll no need for my imput.

          • Seeker, let us know how being good looking turns out. lol

            Mike D, can we just settle on Peggy is ageless? 🙂

      • Sorry Mark ,
        Happy Birthday Peggy.
        But Dal is 52 by my count , but I’m not giving up Mrs. Peggy’ age.

        20+9 – 7×3 / +13-6 + 8+8
        29 – 21 21+7 + 16
        8 + 44
        Thanks Forrest … I love this stuff. Got more?

    • Forrest didn’t use the parentheses. The math comes out to 89. In which case, not even an exceptionally easy life could explain it.

      • I added the parenthesis to display the correct order of operations. Which is, first, exponents and roots, second, multiplication and division, third, addition and subtraction. Each done left to right.

      • You don’t have to use parenthesis; first you have to solve the multiplications and the divisions THEN additions and subtractions. The answer is still 31

      • Righhhht. Because as we all know everything Mr. Fenn writes and says should be interpreted literally and/or according to established rules and/or most common definitions.

    • Sorry Mark ,
      Happy Birthday Peggy.
      But Dal is 52 by my count , but I’m not giving up Mrs. Peggy’ age.

      20+9 – 7×3 / +13-6 + 8+8
      29 – 21 21+7 + 16
      8 + 44
      Thanks Forrest … I love this stuff. Got more?

      • Mrs. Peggy Fenn’s age is a given. No more guessing or figuring. She, on November 16, 2014 will be 29 years young. She is a doll who fell for an older man. How much older? He’s 80 something, you do the math.

        • I wish it were , but by your calculation She is only 55… So, Forrest would be 30 when he met her. Well they where high school sweet hearts. So, Sorry 30 year difference is impossible. But, I will try to help you ……

          29/(9×8)3-5(6×3) 3 I = ?

  2. You’re awesome, Forrest. I’ve discovered in “all my years” that a good man and a good woman totally deserve each other…and can’t live without each other. You’re a great example! A lot of men could learn a lesson or two from you. May God grant you many more years to keep up the good work.

  3. I like the Top hat Forrest gives you a distinguished look. My mom used to say it doesn’t help to be mad . You’ll just have to get glad in the same pants you got mad in. I still wonder what she meant when she said that.

  4. Forrest,

    1. Peggy’s halo shines brightly after putting up with your shenanigans all these years, and she’s still beautiful!

    2. Just say what’s on your mind. Guys your age get away with saying anything as long as there’s a twinkle in their eyes.


    You’re still a pup..but you’ll age quickly in blog years…happy early Birthday!

  5. LOL wonder how many calls that number will get? May just get as popular as

    Jenny’s 867 5309 did.

  6. Lol Forrest
    Ok so u look kinda like a Grinch you know Chrustmas is right around the corner , now let’s see a smile 🙂

    Wishing Mrs. Peggy Fenn a very Happy Birthday 🙂 what a beautiful lady 🙂

  7. Christmas I have to spell that correctly 🙂 guess I need some eye glasses or a smaller thumb to type with:)

    • The clue is George Washington, because everybody knows that it wasn’t him who shot Billy the Kid; it was Thomas Jefferson 😛

  8. Thanks Forrest. I’m looking forward to calling Peggy on November 16th now. Come on everyone, mark that date on your calendars. I just know it will be a hoot for her, but keep it short, they’ll be a lot of people trying to get through. One minute each caller for at least 10,000 people equates to just shy of 1 week. And that’s if it goes through 24 hours a day. Hummm… maybe just sending an email would be better. What y’all think?

      • Clayton,

        Wouldn’t it be funny if Forrest covered the directions in his dreams and Peggy was laying there next to him and writing them down. Then when everyone least expects it, she brings forth the chest and blows everyone away and tells Fenn “Never again, you hear me? Never again.”

    • It’s hard control is, especially when no desire no thought no emotion no thing can be done. Lone ly feeling.

      • Dontknownothing, hope you’ll be ok. I’m joking around tonight because it’s better than the alternative when circumstances are tough and age isn’t a factor. Yesterday I said goodbye to a friend I won’t see again.sadness and loneliness can be overwhelming. Not everyone has a happy 60 yrs together like forrest and Peggy. They’re blessed.

  9. I have absolutely no idea what Forrest and Dal are thinking! But the photos are great. Could you model the hats in Forrest’s bathroom mirrors so we can get the full effect? Is that a beak in front or left over seafood? Sorry, I’m loopy tonight.

  10. LOL Darn it Forrest, it looks like you are being punished wearing that hat! Hahaha I think this is my favorite post so far.

    Dal, great pic. A little intimidating though. You could have smiled yourself.

    Peggy has always been lovely. 🙂

  11. Peggy is a beautiful lady……Happy birthday Peggy.

    Wow, Fenn grew horns, looks like whiterock caught up with him. I think I liked the Billy the Kid hat better.

    I think the new picture of Dal is more realistic. He’s doing pretty good for being 89. (Forget about the order of operations in the calc.)

  12. LOL!! Ole Forrest is having a bit of fun.

    Betcha his non-PC thoughts are, “you have got to be kidding me?? Nobody is picking up what I’ve been layin’ down!!!”…, let’s see what they can “see” with this!!….IMO-IMO-IMO 🙂 🙂

    “it’s not what he says, but what you think he said!!”

  13. OK, Forrest, you and Dal are showing us what you wore for Halloween, but that doesn’t explain the picture of your beautiful wife.

    Your clues to Dal’s age is like your clues to Indulgence. No one seems to be able to get the right answers.

    Happy, happy, birthday, Peggy!

  14. I think there’s plenty of people that get it they just need time off work to rest and heal so they can carry 42 pounds.

  15. Someone’s age is killing me. Wish I could go fishing.
    Peggy is lovely, happy early birthday, pretty lady.
    Dal great photos, then and now.
    Mr. Fenn, both your hats, very serious looking.

  16. I just noticed Forrest’s picture looks a lot like Johnny Depp! I never realized before how similar they look. Amazing. I think I get it now.

    “It seems logical to me that a DEPP thinking treasure searcher could use logic to determine an important clue to the location of the treasure.”

  17. Forrest, you are one handsome dude! No wonder Peggy fell in love with you. 🙂

    Love Peggy’s picture – she looks like a model in that coat and pose.

    Dal, you look very well preserved for an 89 year old. 🙂

    • Wow, I don’t have a problem with that company. They have amazing designs. I have a yard that needs their services. I think I will keep her number and give her a call sometime.
      The big lettering makes it easy to see the numbers to write it down.

    • Oh Lordy!! More new pics… I have to work tomorrow but I can’t wait to see what is next! Indiana Jones is a favorite of mine BTW. John Wayne is awesome as wellI loved True Grit.

    • onuat-
      Just having some fun tonight..
      None of the pics are hints of any kind. I know that because I am the one that changed them around and Forrest had no idea who he would be next..

    • It’s 1120pm here on the left coast and I am finished fooling around with pictures on 102…
      Forrest is in his topper and I am in my dive gear..

  18. Ummm, Happy Birthday Peggy. ( Best wishes early ) That photo would suggest it was taken in the mid 60’s to the early 70’s No later than 71.

    I love that hat Forrest, any chance you could share the story behind it?

    Yep just as I thought, thar be bears in them mountains… Hi Dal 🙂 😛

    • Chad,

      I think the picture was taken in the mid to late 50s.
      Notice she’s not wearing a wedding ring. They have been married over 50 years. A very nice looking lady, and still is to this day.

  19. I missed the picture changing. Dal, could you post the pics we missed. The time chage had many of us going to bed an hour earlier because we were falling asleep in front of the computer. What is the story behind the hat? As far as the math, everybody, remember… Forest neverr was too good at geography!

  20. And a great big early HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY Peggy! 🙂 One of my daughter’s turns 20 that day this year.

  21. Scorpios (my sister) drive me crazy but they keep life interesting. Happy birthday month to Peggy – clearly she’s got class at any age.

    That topper is a hoot – I don’t care if your not smiling because I’m not obsessed with people being cheerful nonstop. I think I’ll frown at some strangers today as I roam around the city looking for good a good slice and dog just to mix it up.

    I have a rule for you to try on – don’t stay grumpy more than 24 hours if you feel your heart smiling.

  22. Dal
    Out of the sea I saw a beast 🙁

    Forrest smile you are going to Heaven 🙂

    Peggy we need to get u out of Hollywood 🙂 (Beautiful classy picture) 🙂

  23. Too funny! Who knew Forrest wore so many hats, and Dal is his side kick Diving Devil? No, make that Dandy Diving Dal! (Before the alien egg stories start.)

    Whatever it is, not sure how Peggy ended up with you? That must have been one heck of a plan!

  24. Fenn looks like one of those riverboat dealers/card player on a Mississippi

    Reminded of “Maverick”

        • true -in the know – last year I went on the treasure hunt and I couldn’t get to my hidey spot cause the elevation was to high I thought I was going to die

          • Frank,

            I have a hard time breathing on my hunts too, and I don’t have any medical issues. It must be difficult to get boots on the ground with your condition.

            I search at about 7200 ft., and if the sun isn’t cooking you from the top, the lack of oxygen will zap you from within.

          • in the know that’s about how high I went and I didn’t start filling better till I got to roswell – I wont go any more waiting for my son to get out of the army so he can go he likes one more year to retire mybe it will still be there if not well I can always say I almost died trying

  25. Age is just a number… I’ve seen young people act llike they are 100! and Old people act like they are 19!

    • I agree Justin. My Dad always said “old people were born that way”. From what I’ve observed over the years, he was so right. The men who i have found are the most fun and interesting have a part of them that arrested at about age 14. At times they are exasperating but that is part of their charm. I think Forrest is one of them.

  26. Happy early Birthday Peggy, how have you put up with Forrest all of these many years? I bet you think all of this Chest business is a bunch of hooey!!! You wish ya’ll’s lives had not been interrupted by all of us nutty chasers and a little peace and a lot of quiet would be appreciated right about now. You have a wonderful family and we all wish you many many more years of fun and excitement. Mr. Forrest just needs you to show him a totally new quiet hobby like sewing or knitting!!!L O L L O L!! You need to find the chest yourself and move to Paris and start over Oh the stories you could tell….. Forrest would follow he can not love without you but Ah Parieee

    • Hummingbirds are still my thing, but I can see his point about the Sandhill Crane. Nature vs nurture cases are always the most perplexing IMO.

      • We have a lot of Sandhill Cranes in my neighborhood. I’m surprised at how “tame” and unafraid of humans they are.
        And as an avid morning bike rider, I’ve grown to know them personally, as each couple (or family) has distinct personalities. They are extremely curious and if you are patient and gentle, the dad will bring his family right up to meet you. And they also mate for life, which is very cool.

        On the other hand, we also have a lot turkeys. Turkey’s are terrified of people, run VERY fast, and loiter in a couple general areas, looking tough…until you get about thirty feet away and then they bolt toward the woods like…well, like turkeys. Lol. 🙂

          • That’s crazy, Amy. This year has flown by so fast! I wonder if there’s time for one more treasure hunt before things freeze. Of course, that could still be a little while in New Mexico.

          • JC
            I search Colorado
            I’m not sure if snow is there yet I haven’t checked the weather .
            It’s funny u mention another hunt my husband Duane is working in Oklahoma on a oil rig.
            Sometimes I think to myself for him to go alone and search , but I don’t want to miss it when we find it lol:)
            The moment would be very important to me , so next year will be our last search:) and I have to go. We had quite a few trips during the summer and then Duane starting going by himself. We are playing catch up 🙂

            I don’t regret any of our trips
            You make money and you spend it.

            JC what about you are u planning a trip before the cold snow hits?

          • Hi, Amy. Sorry. I got distracted putting together a bid for work for the last 8 hours. I have to keep the bids rolling after work so I will actually have work to do. It makes my back AND my brain really tired sometimes.

            I’m thinking there’s a real possibility I could go back for one more search this year. I’ve got my eye on the spot I went to on my very first trip! However, I now feel I lacked the necessary equipment when I went there the first time. The reason I went there is because there’s a giant X there. It’s also in the wood…and in the wood…where I hope to finally be…(wait for it)…(the suspense is building!)…IN THE WOOD! 🙂

            If that’s as clear as mud then…mission accomplished! I have a few weeks of work, but I might be able to leave as early as November 17th. I’d originally thought I was done “tripping” for this year, but there’s a lot at stake. I’m not 100% certain yet, but that’s a possibility. Mother Nature might cancel my plans, though.

            I need to send a letter to an old friend and see if he wants to accompany me…even if just in spirit. He doesn’t believe in “digital” communication and sort of lives off-the-grid in his own LaLa Land…(drooling)…but he’s a really nice guy to have around…and he’s very handy in the great outdoors.

  27. One thing that I always find fascinating is how he’s a savant at keeping things for so many years. Me personally, I lose things the very minute I get them

  28. Well, that stovepipe hat, caused me to have to take a look at stovepipe creek, in the Lewis and Clark Nat. Forest. That’s a desolate looking place. I’d rather be out on the desert.

  29. Does anyone know if F has released the 1st version of the poem or not? Or if he said he was planning on it or not?

  30. I love all the pictures! Mr. Fenn looks like you asked the wrong lady her age…you’re lucky to have gotten out of there alive! LOL Everyone looks full of life, which comes from living a good life and being a little mischievous every now and then. Here’s an early Happy, Happy Birthday to Mrs. Fenn!

  31. Forrest,

    Thanks for the clues.

    I hope everyone else will pick up on them.

    I plan to retire in January and be there in February (keeping my fingers crossed that nothing else comes up before February). I here it is a good time of year up there. By April/May it would be more difficult, especially if there is a heavy snowpack this Winter.

    If it is a heavy snowpack an old English paddle would not work in my canoe or kayak so I guess I’ll have to hoof it.

    If I get lucky and find the treasure, please tell John Paul.

    Tarheel Searcher

  32. I did some research on PI today 🙂

    But when someone mentions math I run 🙂 lol

    Knowing the basics is fine with me 🙂

    • Me n math don’t get along so good..beyond basics that is…
      And speaking of “subjects”, I have learned more from all of this research than anything from school…which was all wrong anyways…(the history we were taught). And, words only had one or two definitions. Now it seems as if our language is melding together. (Is that a word?) 🙂

    • Everyone missed it. He prefaced by saying he’d give us a hint, and that a math person can understand it. I’m a math person.

      The underlying message is unless you know where to put the parentheses, you’ll return with whatever answer you want. Quite appropriate. Find the parentheses by studying the known contents of his chest, reading his scrapbooks, reading the literature suggested from hints in the book… Lots of reading.

      My parentheses are at and near Seven Falls… The hint is 49, meaning square root of 49 is 7. Start there. It’s fine to disagree with this theory. While you’re doing that, ask yourself what is the probability that most everything we’re seeing can somehow land within this theory? This is the only reason I am staunch about it.

      • EC
        Sorry, I am having trouble with the logic here. Not about the hint being 49, for I have written plenty about the significance of 49.

        So you are good at math, so am I and several others here, why square root? Why not just 49? In fact, why not square or add or subtract 9 (number of clues) and get 40 or 58? Or add, multiple or divide but that or any number you choose?

        What is the rationale of 7 over 49? Sure I see the need to confirm your bias but to convince me, I need to understand the independent reason for choosing square root. Otherwise 49 sound pretty darn good to me all by its lonesome.

          • @Wolf – Furthermore, the variables needed to complete the radial survey are found in My War For Me.

          • Hello E.C. Waters. Do you feel trigonometry truly will find the answer(s)? It would seem it would cancel a lot of people searching if this is true.

          • @pdenver – I’m still learning about radial surveying. I don’t know the answer to your question yet, but I am recognizing parameters given in My War For Me.

            Any land surveyors out there, besides Fenn?

          • @pdenver – it’s never too late. That’s what I’m doing at the moment, studying radial survey (and other surveying) techniques. Maybe the chance of finding $1M will motivate you to learn it?

  33. Good Lord, Michael

    Slow down your all over the place
    Take a deep breath and Think 🙂

  34. Forrest,
    I’m almost afraid to ask about the significance of the Horned War Bonnet…
    Or what that round black thing front and center?
    And what kind of animal is that on the top?

  35. Thank you Dal for all that you do. 🙂
    Forrest, you be extra special good to sweet Peggy. She has had to deal with lots with the chase. She deserves a very special birthday. 🙂

  36. When it comes to the discussion of age, what is the true question?

    How old would you be, if you didn’t know how old you are?

  37. Lovely picture of Peggy! Now about those other 2 characters not so sure,

    Happy Birthday Peggy!

  38. Thanks for the blog DaL. You have many talents and together you and Forrest are unbeatable.

    Also, I’m glad to see the photo of you as a young guy. It puts age in perspective for me,,, we’ve all been there, just at different times and we’ll all be whatever age you are now, eventually, if we are lucky. You have awesome blue eyes 🙂

    And thank you Forrest for the wonderful scrapbook and vignettes. I enjoy you so much.

  39. Speaking of age, and not to speak of anyone’s age in particular, it seems to me that there are a lot of folks from middle to older age working on this treasure hunt. I find that curious. So I asked my son, who’s 18, “why do you think there aren’t many younger generation, 18 to 25 or 30, people working on the treasure hunt”? His reply was that his generation is apathetic. Interesting and sad but probably mostly true.

    • r.mannaa- every woman reading the memoir will agree with you.. And very sweet how well loved Peggy is after 60 years.

  40. As the Beaver moon heads into another night the Chest must wait for a couple more nights. As this Chase had brought me closer to a few old friends I thank Forrest for that.
    The Yei’Bi’Chei Ceremonial had two more nights and I again am humble to attend. They say I have to dance too but to watch these stories is such a learning experience as I know they have gone on for hundred of years. To be called brother by some for what little blood I still have in me makes me swell with pride. (enough to be listed on the Cherokee rolls is a joke when on the reservation with full bloods) I can’t wait to get back and learn through the old ways of teaching.
    Mean while, I know the chest will wait for me.

  41. With creative parentheses, Dal can dial in almost any age he likes:

    20 + 9 – (7×3) + 13 – (6 + 8) + 8 = 15
    20 + (9-7)x3 + 13 – (6+8+8) = 17
    20 + (9-7) x (3+13) – (6+8+8) = 30
    20 + 9 – (7×3) + 13 – 6 + 8 + 8 = 31
    20 + (9-7)x3 + 13 – (6+8) + 8 = 33
    20 + (9-7)x3 + 13 – 6 + 8 + 8 = 49
    20 + (9-7) x (3 + 13 – 6) + 8 + 8 = 56
    (20 + 9 – 7) x 3 + 13 – (6 + 8 + 8) = 57
    20 + (9-7) x (3 + 13) – 6 + 8 + 8 = 62
    20 + (9-7) x (3 + 13 – 6 + 8) + 8 = 64
    20 + (9-7) x (3 + 13 – 6 + 8 + 8) = 72
    (20 + 9 – 7) x 3 + 13 – (6+8) + 8 = 73
    (20 + 9 – 7) x 3 + 13 – 6 + 8 + 8 = 89

    There are many other combinations that produce unrealistic ages, including negative numbers.

  42. Hello E.C. Waters. This is the scrapbook for which I spoke. I decided rather than naming said place or give coordinates, I would like you to continue looking in the general area for which we spoke. The photo of Mr. Fenn in this scrapbook always bothered me. Can you see a connection? Does this scrapbook have any hints? I really don’t know. It’s his photo has stuck in my mind and wondered about since the time this scrapbook was posted. I just noticed that this scrapbook mentions ringing.

    • Pdenver, you’re just tickle me. I have tinnitus and it only comforts me. Sometimes I dance to a different tune I guess. Yup, we should all rock together. I went to see Bob Seger last night. He may or may not have something to do with that comment. Run, Forrest, run!

  43. pdenver, I can only speculate. The rock is filled with ages and dates. I have to wonder if the clues suggest words leading to dates that are a further code, perhaps math-related that sum up to coordinates. I’m not there yet. I did see a photo of a couple of Brown inscriptions. I read De Smet carved his on the south side. And “chase” does have a definition of engraving. So it seems logical to me that the whole thing is related to hunting down clue allusions to match the names on a rock of those who left behind theirs like an Egyptian.

    • Hello E.C. Waters. I hadn’t thought about the one for which you suggest, although I can understand how you came about this. The one is approximately north of this area. Other thought while looking at the photo is Cold War and Trail of Tears. There’s something about this scrapbook, but I can’t put my finger on it.

      This is an opinion, offered as a thought.

      • So for me, I am not connecting to the same wavelength as you. For me, I have to find something mentioned in context in the book to gain confidence before associating the poem words to a location. But of course maybe I’m not looking at it correctly at all. I look at the pic with his crazy multi-themed hat and relate it to the mishmash of Independence Rock, where there are pictographs, trappers, 49’ers (as he mentions this number specifically), and emigrants who hunted the buffalo carelessly. The word “bullet” is a word of significance that I know I need to study more.

        I look at his phone number ad and then his crazy math and start to wonder if there is meaning in the ages and dates from the rock relating to clue allusions. But again, I haven’t gotten this far. I feel certain though (so far) about the allusions to the Oregon Trail and to Independence Rock.

        • Hello E.C. Waters. Locate Great Stone Face; it’s north of Split Rock. One may need this while playing Poker.

          This is an opinion, offered as a thought.

  44. On second thought, there is a Mountain Bell company in the area that was started by Vaille, Walcott, and Morgan. The company was eventually purchased by Qwest. So it appears that all this talk about bells, a belle, a ship’s bell, and phone numbers is related. When connected to the book, “an old bat” could also allude to Fenn’s crazy hat with “bats in his belfry”. I’ve seen a Belfry Road in Wyoming. I’m a little hazy here.

    • But I am clear about the “if you should pass this vale” bit on his bell and it being connected.

    • Hello E.C. Waters. Are you able to make other connections for Mr. Fenn’s use of the comment “an old bat”? I know rather than Baby Ruth, he has Babe Ruth. Any connections? I think if someone called me an old bat, I wouldn’t think it so kindly.

        • Which also leads to the connection of cats and attribute of catapults, via the history of baseball.

        • Hello E.C. Waters. I can understand the connection with Allen Hurlburt for which you’ve made. In regards to the “Big Deal” mentioned in the book, your thoughts seem to lead you to the Gangplank. Have you considered the “Big Deal” might refer to the Louisiana Purchase?

          • I guess to explain my strange thinking, when my brain links something, I will have had to pull from multiple references in the book in order to reach a confirmation bias (right or wrong). It’s important to understand that confirmation bias is necessary in solving this puzzle as it serves as motivation to get off the couch and into the wild.

            With that said, I don’t readily see how Louisiana Purchase would come from TTOTC text. Will you kindly point me to it?

          • The beginning of several mentions of “big deal” I believe begins on page 6 of TTOTC:

            “Then all of a sudden I started getting bald, just a little at first so it wasn’t a big deal.”

            “Big deal” seems to be something we may need to consider because it’s repeated throughout the book. What is it about “big deal”? The Louisiana Purchase comes to mind. With this said, President Jefferson commissioned the Lewis and Clark Expedition; “Looking for Lewis and Clark” is something we have read by Mr. Fenn.

          • So I guess from here it is going to depend on your collection of hints. For me, my collection leads to overland trails, which, for me, has a foundation with the Gangplank. For me, “a really big deal” is a clever allusion to the Gankplank and seems more compelling to me than specifically Lewis and Clark.

            Hope that helps explain my reasoning.

  45. E.C. Waters,

    E.C I liked your posts in the past and even wondered if you were maybe heading in the direction of my search area at one time, but in your post now adays you have me wondering where your headed.
    I will say one thing about your bell comment, that there is a bell involved with this chase but don’t think it’s in the way your thinking. Of course I can be wrong in so many ways, but there is that “what if” factor.

    Good luck,

    • No worries, Bur. I have come to accept my reputation here of rampant and unchecked “apofennea”. I get onto tangents and try to stretch them, soda speak.

  46. Discretion is the better part of valor. A big deal or no big deal? Some days are just not yours. Make sensible choices. Philosophy is grand. Ask yourself a question like, “How deep is a hole?”. How about, At what angle must a face be to be considered a wall? Must a face have a nose? I wonder what f’s answers would be.

    • Sounds like a question for “Mr. District Attorney”. Or if we’re considering hints, Fort D. A. Russell.

      • Hello E.C. Waters. In regards to “Mr. District Attorney,” is there the possibility of any hints to title/salutation, communications, court/bench, judgement, or something else that may be considered to this other than Fort Francis Warren? Francis Warren/Fran Warren certainly seems plausible.

        • Probably. I’ve been chasing nostrums lately, and Forrest’s taste in Dr Pepper and sarsaparilla. Apparently this could also lead to land patents (title).

          • Dr. Pepper may be important. Haven’t thought about sarsaparilla when he mentioned this over at Jenny’s. It seemed a little odd, which grabs the attention. Makes one think about the collection of bottle caps. Some have made connections to Soda Springs. Perhaps Dr. Pepper and sarsaparilla might make a connection to Medicine Bow. Many strings to follow.

          • Hello E.C. Waters. I thought you might like the following about the sodas mentioned in the book, to a place on a map. What is soda, but “sweet water,” or Sweetwater. I think Mr. Fenn could have used a little Ginger Ale for his “gut feeling”. Gosh, this Chase is so much fun, even if one is going around in circles. 🙂

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