Scrapbook One Hundred Three…




My Zebras



Hesna al Ghaoui – a great Hungarian film maker, but a little eccentric. When the wind blows she has to sit in the car.

I can’t keep girls out of my Zebras. Maybe it’s because they’ve been known to evoke animal instincts to the wearer. One middle-aged lady who wore them to the opera said they’re hallucinogenic. She thought lions were watching her.

dags 015

Unfortunately my Zeebs are a full size too small and that means I can only wear them for four minutes before my feet feelings start going from discomfort, through agony, to numb.

dags 017

So if I’m ever invited to a Coronation or some other big event, like if I’m Knighted, then I’ll just cut my toe nails short, forget the socks, and sprinkle alum in the boots. That’s what my grandmother used to do. She said it made her feet shrink.


These great boots were made by Leddy’s in Ft. Worth and were once owned by my old friend Snuff Garrett. He was so influential in the music industry that his high school gave him an honorary diploma, and that’s true. He collected art so we had fun arguing about artists. He knows what he thinks, but was always so busy talking he couldn’t hear what I was saying.

I thought about giving my Zebras to Dal but his feet are bigger than mine and he’s afraid of pain. Besides, his wife would steal them away. I just know she would.


That’s my youngest granddaughter Piper who thinks she’s Taylor Swift. She said Dal’s wife can’t have her zebra boots.



98 thoughts on “Scrapbook One Hundred Three…

  1. Notice that giant ring and the turquoise bracelet on Forrest..
    The bracelet is THE Bracelet…
    The Silver bracelet with 22 turquoise disc beads and a wonderful history…
    The one he wants back that is now inside the chest…
    You can read more about that bracelet here:

    That ring is big enough to nearly out yell the Zebra boots… 🙂

    • Some boots are made for walking…and that’s just what they’ll do. I’m pretty sure these boots were made for smoking something. 🙂

  2. Oh wow!! My dream boots!
    Wow wow wow!!!’
    Idc if theres clues in this SB
    …. Those boots!!!

  3. Mr. Fenn it seems to me you can easily compile another manuscript with your entertaining scrapbooks. Surely you’ve got within you #10.

    • Hi Beno-
      Haven’t seen your name around here in awhile. I just read your Dark Knight Returns deconstruction. You sure dig deep….
      I liked it a lot…
      Have you been out looking for the treasure yet?

  4. That’s a funny story…….You’ve just proven that a pretty girl can make anything look good. How much did Garrett have to pay you to take those off his hands? Man those boots have a real bad case of ugly. I suppose they would be good to wear into rattlesnake country…..the snakes would die laughing.

    I worked on a ranch when I was a kid; the women cooks there dipped Garrett Snuff. That was some nasty stuff. I took a whiff one time and my nose burned and eyes watered for two hours. We used the glasses the snuff came in as tea tumblers (after a good scrubbing).

    • @Goofy – here’s another funny story.

      Snuff Garrett turned down an opportunity to sign and introduce The Beatles to America in 1962 for what ended up being more than he was willing to pay for “Love Me Do”. Guess he didn’t feel so great after they signed with Capitol, a subsidiary of EMI, and became the highest selling phenom group of the time.

      The head of EMI during and involved in that deal was John Zerga. Weird coincidence, maybe.

  5. Those boots belong on someone young and beautiful, any of his granddaughters would do them justice. 🙂

    I just cant see Dal in

    Wonder what that means she has to sit in the car when the wind blows?

  6. “These boots are made for walking….and that’s just what they’ll do. One of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you. ”

    Those boots need a new home. Home on the Range!! 🙂 🙂

  7. Only a darling grandaughter singing along with Taylor Swift should wear your Zebras!
    Nice that you are a fun grandfather Forrest. Most little girls go to Gramma’s closet to play dress up.

    Now, I’m returning to “poem’s architecture SB” and argue with all the LOGICAL, no fun and games guys who forget you have a delightful sense of humor and Imagination! I knew I found funny stuff in your poem 🙂

  8. “Wild About Boots”

    All the women
    watched at a distance,
    Trying to tame
    the strongest resistance.
    In a flash they all
    began stampeding.
    They went wild,
    Simply wild,
    about the stripes
    and boots of zebra.
    Men of all ages
    howled with hoots,
    Saying pleeease
    take Your wife home
    wearing those boots.
    All the gals tried them on
    hoping for the right fit.
    Too tight, they all said
    And huffed in a snit.
    Piper knew just
    how to patiently sit.
    For her, the boots
    were a perfect fit.

  9. As nice as my green, brown and white plaid sport coat my wife made me give up. I just loved that coat. I can understand your feelings toward those boots pard’ner.

  10. Forrest

    Good Lord, those are wild, I wouldn’t be caught dead in those,

    Reminds me of : The good, the bad, and the ugly 🙂 lol ha- ha

    I guess some things need to stay black and white , like the Zebra 🙂

    • Amy,

      Those boots definitely exude character and from what we have all learned on here, Forrest is one of a kind (character). I know Forrest understands what I mean by that. 🙂

      • Yes, we are our own , we are all unique in some way or another .

        And different in one way or another 🙂

  11. Pretty Wild Looking Boots!
    So what is this SB hinting through my eyes?
    Zebra: Black & White, Balance by blending opposites, Yin/Yang, Protector, Clarity, Knowing, Opposites/ability to see a deeper truth. Zebra also speaks wisdom and teaches us the need to learn to develop, listen and trust our intuitions and instincts.

  12. zebra boots .they look more like skunk boots,cause they sure do stink.ugly boots for sure. the lady with the zebra hair on the boots,she would become airbourne when the wind blows.but the thing is ,they really do look cute on piper,as shes a young lady, surely not for adults.reminds me of parts in a song,i don’t remember the name,but says in the jungle,the mighty jungle,the lion sleeps tonight.I know why.his belly is full,he ate the zebra and left the skin mr. forrest are you saying this poem is so simple, black and white,day and can figure it out if you know where to start.well you start at the beginning,the beginning is the starting line,oh my gosh,did I just hit on something.huh,you got me on this just keep teasing me mr. forrest,you stinker,you amuse me.even in your book TTOTC.I laugh at things you are a treasure, that’s for sure.

    • Forget about being part of the herd. I’d like to borrow your Zebras Mr. Fenn and fly!

      JC – I often dream that I’m flying above the mountains like Jeb Corliss and have loved the movie and song Born Free since I was a little girl. Just didn’t know I needed Forrest’s zebras to fly. thank you! Just so much fun to wake up today!!

  13. Holy smokes ! Just when you think you’ve seen everything Forrest pulls another rabbit out of his hat. Who wears zebra boots w/manes anyways? Obviously these have some miles on them so someone out there had a serious eye for the WOW factor. I can see how a collector would just have to have these, and of course try them on. Black and white and definitely more!

  14. Reminds me of a pair of zebra corduroys I wore in 8th grade.

    Those crazy pants were the high point of a beautiful clothing borrowing scheme my older sister would endure through out the school years.

    Maybe that’s why she moved to Florida when I moved to California?

  15. you will be one step closer to the treasure when you ask yourself why does a zebra have stripes?….if you don’t know then google it….then maybe you can see….now of course that is my interp of this clue and i could be way off base…but the nose knows, right?
    btw, those boots are really cool…except i’m not into animal hides…my my…did i just make a pun?
    only forrest knows for sure…..

  16. Send those to Washington for our political fiends.So everyone can see clearly what they stand for.
    Maybe we could combine the parties into a new party “American Zebra Party”.
    Those really are pushing the limits of a white boys wardrobe.

    • I’m no Bible scholar, Pieces, but I think a first reference to “Holy Smoke” is from Exodus 13:21 where the “LORD” (YHWH) led His people in a cloud of smoke by day and in a pillar of fire by night.

      Later in Exodus, Aaron supposedly covered his eyes with incense (holy smoke) when he entered the Holy of Holies inside the temple to veil his eyes from the LORD. Some of the strict ritual is described here:

      Later, Isaiah foretells of a future date…perhaps many…when the LORD (IMO Jehovah/Jesus Christ) will again reign over Mount Zion with protective smoke by day and fire by night.

      That may be “too much” for some people, but it’s just Sunday stuff for me. 🙂

      • Maybe at the feet , where the Iron and clay mixes yet is the weakest and crumbles to its end

        • You’re welcome, Lia. I know that topic doesn’t seem to be for everybody. IMO, Lucifer really is the god of this world. In life we all get to experience black and white. Hopefully we learn.

          • Hopefully we learn useful things. I know that topic doesn’t
            seem to be for everybody. IMO.

  17. I’m sure they’re too small, but I’d rock those… only after I spent 15 years deciding what to wear with them.

  18. Zebra boots. Interesting and different, unlike any boots I’ve seen. They certainly have a personality of their own and very attractive on the right person. Lovely pictures. <3

  19. Boy I have seen cowboy boots made from a lot of different animals but this is a first! Mane and all! I kind of like them. I think!

  20. Those would look bad (that means good, for all you young ones) on a bull rider wearing a pink shirt and a zebra scarf on breast cancer awareness night at the Caldwell Night Rodeo!!

      • Reminds me of my daughter she always wears pink – it’s HER color.
        And them boots – only a special type of person could wear them zebra stripes. My colors have changed throughout my life – I think it has to do with the seasons.

        Funny how everything gets recycled, don’t you think. Wonder if that zebra ever dreamed that his hide would be so fashionable and in such high demand. Parts is parts tho and hey if you got some to spare, then why not share. Learned that from my son.

    • Haha..I posted that a few days ago in ‘the void’ what was most interesting was the quote at the top of the page (almost same quote in Forrest’s book) coupled with the Fathers association with “Fenn College”(they have a unique poetry school etc.) lots of random neat stuff to discover and ponder on…if you look.

  21. Why is it dated August 12th 2007??? I thought the hunt started 4 years ago? How did he get a picture of the chest in 2007?

  22. Thanks for sharing Dal
    For God is love and that’s all we need. Love is a beautiful feeling 🙂

  23. Jc1117
    Interesting stuff.God does what it takes to meet with his people…
    The answer on the where Holy Smoke came from is (the Vatican) 🙂 🙂 🙂

  24. like when they chose the pope and they send up the white smoke. some one said in astonishment Holy Smoke!!!!

  25. This girl wouldn’t touch those Zebras! Can’t say exactly why, but the photos made me sick to my stomach. Thanks Dal for changing the subject to the photo hijacking pope!

  26. Its the history of the rock star boots… you know animals die natural deaths and this one is still around reminding us of its beauty. Many would consider them ugly, but they are a piece of history. 🙂

  27. is it just me Or is he hinting at a prison or POW camp/ brave and in the wood

    Two things I don’t understand, why there are holes in the turquoise stones and why everyone turns into a child every time Fenn mentions giving something away?

    Believe me, it would be difficult to part with that bracelet, it truely is magnificent, just curious why the holes?

  28. They-
    The stones were originally turned into beads…beads typically have holes so they can be strung. After they were removed from their finding place at Mesa Verde as beads someone decided to put the beads in the silver bracelet setting…soooo we have stones that were originally crafted into beads now being set in a bracelet..

  29. Forrest, I like that bracelet you have on your wrist… 🙂 Ring’s nice too…
    Now the Boots ? nah

  30. Sad footnote:
    Snuff Garrett the original owner of the Zebra boots and friend of Mr Fenn passed away December 16, 2015.

  31. The zebra hide made some wild boots. Piper looks cute in them. I don’t know if I would slip my feet into them.

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