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My Art For Me

None of my friends know I’m an artist and I hope they don’t find out. That’s why I haven’t shown in galleries. My art is nature-specific and reflective of what freedom of expression means to me.

All raw materials used in my sculpture are free. They must be something I’ve picked up in the mountains or around lakes and river bottoms. Those are the rules and I’ve named each piece in my portfolio.

Loonie Bird

Loonie Bird

I made Loonie Bird over at Vermejo Park one Sunday afternoon after catching a 20” brown trout and two 16” rainbows. It was a good day.

My favorite art supplies are cattails, animal bones, tree knots, water iris, pine needles, wild flowers (especially dandelions), and a host of other such materials. I don’t use lily pads because they usually have yucky insect eggs on their underneath.

I’ve learned to anticipate color changes. When a green plant dries and turns brown it can ruin the composition of my work, so I freshen selected masterworks from time to time.

Loonie Bird with Hackles

Loonie Bird with Hackles

It’s alright if I use man-made objects but only if I find them out in the wild, like barbed wire, beer cans and pop bottle tops. But no tires, dishwashers or refrigerators. I have to draw the line somewhere.

Rustie and Her Friend

Rustie and Her Friend

Sometimes my work reminds me of incidents from youth and I title them appropriately.

Miss Ford

Miss Ford

I really like sculpting because it gets me out where the air blows fresh and my imagination can roam free. That’s when I’m most creative and easy to please. Eat your heart out Andy Warhol.

52 thoughts on “Scrapbook One Hundred Five…

    • Would of been funny if he put mud under that stick haha she would be a real stick in the mud haha

  1. You’re an ingenious person Mr Fenn! I used a Longhorn, picket fence slat and a rusted ring from a goat wagon to make a wall sconce about 3 years ago. “If you can make it, why buy it?” My sons have finally taken that advice to heart too.

  2. I like your depiction of Miss Ford. She’s not a store bought thing, but part of the land; completely natural but wholly foreign. People will be drawn to her assemblages.

    I have no idea what that means. It just sounded like art gallery talk. I appreciate that you create beauty in found objects Mr. Fenn. It’s good to keep the ideas fresh and interesting!

    • I was thinking the same…. Must be no fish around! On the beach here they set out about 5 poles in rod holders stuck down in the sand and kick back and drink a beer… Maybe thats how HE does it!

    • Dal, the true fisherman does not go home when he is done fishing, but when he is done being not home.

      When I limit out early, I strip off the hook and tie a sinker on the end of my line. Sometimes because it’s a beautiful day and I came out to enjoy it. Sometimes I haven’t finished my sixpack. And sometimes the only reason I went fishing in the first place was to get a break from Mrs. TomWhat..

      • Tom-
        Thanks for the explanation…
        Yikes…if Mrs. TomWhat get’s wind of this comment from you I suspect you may be out fishing more than you expected in the next few days…

      • “When I’m done not being home.” Is one of the funniest things I’ve heard, but hopefully not true very often.

    • That’s the kind when the fishing hole is all fished out and no fish are biting . When you need to get a breather to clear your head and you just like dinken around fisherman.

  3. I like the loonie bird and I like that it has pants. However, I can’t see Miss Ford in that piece called Miss Ford and I tried really hard. You could use them as bobbers too if you needed one.

  4. Things made from beachwood are my favorite. My cane is made from a nice piece of cedar beachwood that was made by an artist in Oregon.
    I hope those items were not clues. Ford is El Vado and the bird can be interpreted as a Heron. Beautiful places to explore and fish.

    • I don’t think herons… I think they’re all toucans! Hazaa!

      This could be a reference to hollow trees or Fruit Loops…

  5. I’d be upset if somebody put two rusty cans on my pool table.

    I am totally missing something here with the junk art. Sorry if that’s offensive…

  6. Forrest I saw rustie in our special spot. He’s a ways in there. Lodged under a rock. I should have took a pic.

      • Wilde holds that anti-mimesis “results not merely from Life’s imitative instinct, but from the fact that the self-conscious aim of Life is to find expression, and that Art offers it certain beautiful forms through which it may realise that energy.”

  7. Mr. Fenn,
    I ordered a different piece of your art..your words, through Amazon – a used copy which turned out to be a signed piece and first printing. I can’t wait to receive it and read your storied words about Sharp.

    [Beat of the Drum and the Whoop of the Dance: A Study of the Life and Work of Joseph Henry Sharp
    **Signed by Author on “Mini”-Title Page, with nice dedication to a friend who had helped w/ the book. ** Stated, “First Printing”.]

  8. Forrest we have some of that crap..uhhh I mean art laying around too. Mine is usually incorporating found stuff with rocks. Sometimes it turns out beautiful, but mostly its just odd. 🙂

    Tomorrow I will take a picture of a beautiful piece to share. 🙂

  9. Imagination? Maybe we do need to think like a kid. Dang I have a feeling that chest could be a million places depending on your personal perspective. Looks like his special place could be near a land fill. 🙁

  10. Your Loonie Bird does resemble a Loon, which is the state bird of my home state of MN – not sure about those hackles though. Miss Ford however, reminds me more of a Pileated Woodpecker. I don’t think she would have been too happy with your “art”. 🙂

  11. mr. forrest,I do love your art work.I knew that looked like a head of a bird before I scrolled down,i thought it was going to be a duck.but the loonie bird is very handsome. and miss ford,wasn’t she the one you loved.she reminds me of a seahorse.very nice.your imagination intriges me.i like things made from drift wood brother in florida does that.he has made dolphins,sharks,a boat.then puts a shine on them and they are real continue to blow me away with what you will come up with gosh ,how your grandkids must love being around you.

  12. Loved the art work Mr. F. it is creative and is relaxing I know. Do you whittle? My Pa Johnson on my Mother’s side used to whittle and he came up with some odd yet beautiful things. I know your grandkids and family treasure them dearly!! Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving and Happy Holidays. We are all settled in for a long winter’s nap and still pondering over the clues and scrapbooks and poem while the cold whispers outside and the snow covers all of the trails and secret spots in our dreams. Spring and a new perspective will come after the thaw and all of us searchers will again continue the Chase!! Until then lets all have some hot cider sit by the fire and read a good book, perhaps one of yours, and just ponder our ponderings!!! Relax, Release, Rejoice; God is Good. Give thanks for our families and all of our many blessings!!! Sing a song of Thanksgiving, Share our good fortune and just care; Care in general!!! HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE From MS. Girl Judy W…………..Santa is watching and Mr. Fenn is too!!!!!

  13. Warhol is pure gold these days. Two iconic Andy Warhol paintings of Elvis Presley and Marlon Brando sold for more than $151 million at auction in New York Wednesday.

  14. Art in nature????? Mmmmmm.
    Sometimes art can only be seen and appreciated through the use of imagination. When I am in nature I see art all around me. In the clouds, in the brush, in the trees, in the rocks, and also in the shadows that they all make. Nature art is only special to those that can hear it. When things line up just perfect it will take you back in time. Back to a place were you Started. As a young boy I spent many of days behind the herd looking up at the clouds wishing there was more to life. Today as a grown man I spend many of days working so I can provide for my family. Wishing I could go back to my younger years in life.
    In 2, or 4, or six, or maybe 10 weeks I will return to a place in nature that has in the past took my breath away. I will let nature guide the way. My imagination will be out of this world.
    I prey for safety for all searchers. I hope all will find what they are seeking. And walk away with a positive outlook.
    Thank you Dal, and thank you Forrest.

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