Scrapbook One Hundred Seven…




People Just Don’t Understand


Don’t you just hate that? Look at it! With copious people wandering by that spot you’d think someone would pause for two seconds and untangle the poor phone cord? Why would anyone stand there talking and twisting the thing in the first place? It’s so jumbled the sound probably gets distorted going through it.

And that’s not all, there’s always a write way to do something and a wrong one. Maybe I’m just too meticulous, but for me it’s important to keep my priorities straight.



Please don’t tell me that I’m the only Homo Sapien on the entire planet who cares about these things?


It’s been a bad day, I mean besides my hair. It’s the last date to get my driver’s license renewed or take both the stupid written test, and the driver’s exam. Just because I’m over eighty I have do it every year.

In my rush to get over to the MVD I ran out of gas. It was right in the middle of the busiest street in town, and because I forgot to plug my idiot phone in I had to just sit there until the honks brought every cop in town to my “location.” Big deal, you’d thought I robbed a bank or something.

A cab brought me home and I’m resting comfortably by Tesuque and my warm little fire, but I guess they towed my car to the Walmart parking lot. That’s ok because I don’t ever plan to drive again. I’ll just stay home and keep my eye on the telephone lines.


589 thoughts on “Scrapbook One Hundred Seven…

    • This isnt the first time Fenn has came out of left-field with some melancholy remarks about staying in and never driving again. Funny how everyone sucks up to him and misses the OBVIOUS.
      Dont you think he knows the difference between Right and Write? just saying.

      • tcm9c – f absolutely knows the difference between right and write… Read that sentence again and discover his simple and fun sense of humor… most people miss it completely and assume he is up in the night and is an idiot. Laughing and humor is so much better than nitpicking and belittling.

        Speaking of idiot, did anyone catch his humor on the “idiot phone” as compared to a “smartphone”?

        I should probably read it again… I might find some more pranks he hid in his writing. Maybe it is just me, but I find smiles and happiness when I read f’s words.

        IMHO, knowing how f thinks is far more important than knowing who he is and what he has done.

    • Ya know something, Forrest has left out some of the stamp. There’s only the greatest Flag in the world and a Starburst showing for the most part. I believe the price was intentionally left out of the picture, because you cant put a price on freedom…it’s priceless.

      The flag could be used metaphorically to represent our national bird, the Bald Eagle. The Eagle is also a proud symbol of the Indian culture.

      The Starburst looks like a face possibly, Red bandanas were worn by the masses but maybe that face is wearing one with stars on it, looking out the window of a train, coming home. But on second thought, maybe its that same kid as a youngster, next to the mighty Eagle, head to head proud, and the mighty Eagles beak has Indulgence secured,firmly within.

      The black felt tipped pen playes a part in the big picture as well. I would say it could represent the same thing but separate from themselves. Possibly the combination of a helicopter and a bull(horse). There’s more..

      All IMO only.


      • Oh, and here’s the kicker, a full house of a meld…

        In Christian art, the eagle often represents the resurrection of Christ because the sight of an eagle rising in flight is a powerful one.


      • I just caught this post on my way to bed. Looks like Forrest might have been naughty again, unless its my over active imagination!

        • Just a glance at the pictures and text says he might have been. Will study it tomorrow.

    • I spent two hours in traffic this morning. Wished I was by my fire instead with my puppy ohh and my dear Hubby:)…. Glad you made it home safe.

  1. Ill give you a call Forrest…
    We can discuss how the Cowboys are about to choke once again and the Eagles are going to win the division again, and maybe the superbowl…

      • HA! you made me look. Long time no see Mike.

        I don’t see a state named on the back of a five. Now you’ve got me wondering, what state is named on the back of a five.

        • “Hi Forrest,

          Last month, i read about the treasure hunt you started – and I have been thinking about it ever since! I just wanted to send you a note to tell how much i appreciate the adventure that you started. I’m having so much fun!

          After reading about the hunt, i ordered the book and started thinking about where the treasure could be. Since i live in Colorado, i feel like i am in the perfect place to look in the mountains “somewhere north of Sante Fe.”

          Have you provided any guidance about how we should be reading the poem and approaching the hunt? Any advice you can offer would be greatly appreciated.

          Thank you again for initiating this adventure! I’ll let you know when we find it.

          PS: I recently found a solution to the poem that would be brilliant, if it was correct. I am tempted to share it with you… do you give feedback on hunters’ ideas? But perhaps it is better to just wait until i can go to the spot myself and see if the solution actually leads to the chest.

          Forrest responds-

          I agree that you are in an ideal location from which to search for the treasure. I have received 4,526 emails, many of them similar to yours. It is not feasible for me to give feedback and be fair to everyone. There is lots of feedback on my web site if you want to follow what other people are doing. I am glad you are in the chase with your friends. I will give you an important clue, no need to look for the treasure in a place where a 79 or 80 year old man couldn’t go with a 44 pound treasure chest full of gold and precious gems. Good luck f ”

          The above is from Forrest gets mail.

          Colorado Hmmm. Five doller bill huh, dang this might be there are many WWWH and nearly all are North of SF, all over again.

          Well this may just be a new meaning to “The end is ever drawing nigh”

      • Unum?
        U(Nu M)exico?

        No, what am I thinking, that’s silly. I just can’t figure what state is listed on the back. I don’t even have a five on me so I can’t remember if e pluribus unum is on the back and isn’t that listed on all the bills. Dang I need to go get a five dollar bill.

        • Cloudcover, where did you come from? I just read your story about sliding in the snow coming from Tres Piedras. And you then you show up here. Small world I guess. Saw some strange things near where you spoke.

          • I’m usually around because I just can’t stop reading the blogs even though I keep promising myself to go cold turkey.
            I love that area up in the Tusas. Oh who am I kidding, I am in love with all of new mexico. These strange things you speak of were they at the top or somewhere else along the hwy 64 from Tres?

          • New Mexico is a fascinating place, as are the blogs. Love that Hwy. 64, there’s a place near there that makes me feel reborn.

          • Hmmm……a place of re birth. A place of emergence? Well I hope I figure it out. The canasta weavers play a big part in my interpretation of the poem

        • Hey cloud cover
          My brother in laws daughter just graduated Air Force class room training. Shes doing great, but if you google the back of a $5 dollar bill it gives you a great readable picture.

        • I’ll be darned it’s there……….That really is interesting. Now don’t tell me there are hidden words with the location of the chest there.

          WAIT!!! My five has the coordinates of the chest in the serial number. Fire up the truck, I’m hitting the road.

          • Ahh some interesting conversation about my favourite solution. I see Mike and inthechaseto you have been doing some interesting reading. Follow the money… 😉

          • Ah yes Wolf, a good detective always follows the money. 🙂

            I wonder why marbles are called marbles – were they first made out of left over marble?

          • The Lincoln Memorial is constructed with marble blocks from the Yule Marble Quarry and is of classic Greek design, consistent with the perceived Greek theme and the memorial also contains the Gettysburg Address and Lincoln’s Second Inaugural Address carved in marble. The most interesting fact about the Lincoln’s Second Inaugural Address carving is the word “future,” which is spelled incorrectly as “EUTURE.” In The Thrill of the Chase, an infamous “F” was mistakenly carved as an “E” just like Forrest’s “mistake” of engraving an “E” in “dollers;”

          • States on the 5$ bill reverse on the Lincoln Memorial and a crazy overanalyze FICTION SOLVE using the first letter of each state.

            A mile from the intersection with Canyon Mountain Overlook, keep west. Very near now; caution never doubts danger. Park north junction gate. Cave Mountain. My chest has “V” nearby. Yours.

            UPPER FRIEZE: Arkansas Michigan Florida Texas Iowa Wisconsin California Minnesota Oregon Kansas West Virginia
            Nevada Nebraska Colorado North Dakota
            LOWER FRIEZE: Delaware Pennsylvania New Jersey Georgia Connecticut
            Massachusetts Maryland Carolina Hampshire Virginia [sic?] New York

    • Yeah, people don’t keep land lines anymore, unless they don’t trust idiophones. 🙂

  2. Officially the worst brain twister to date. Something about all this is backwards. I’ll have to go on vacation to get the time to figure it out! Love the order you keep bet the chest has little compartments oh yah they should have named you Haon. 🙂

  3. I know what you mean about the corded phone – how do they get so tangled?Staying in a cabin in N.MN, we have to have at least one corded phone for when the power goes out – which generally happens a few times each summer.

    Sorry about your bad day – Hope things are better tomorrow!

    RELISH I DONT EAT FISH NOW! just salt and vinager chips !!

  5. Forrest and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day
    —a movie I’d like to see
    At least you’re safe and sound at home and by a toasty fire.
    First snow flakes here today.

    Now, is he mailing a letter to Florence Italy or Lawrence Kansas. Judging by the stamp, it’s domestic. Okay, but what’s with the upside down five dollar bill?

  6. that name on that letter looks like UPENN(kinda sounds like it if you say it out loud)…maybe another clue from Philadelphia??

  7. Forrest ..You know dang well you can’t just stay home and stare at the phone lines. You know you’ll get cabin fever and you need to feel the fresh air in your face. Living in a town like Sante-fe where there’s lots of people and lots of traffic has it’s downside. You experienced some of that today . The typ of person you are I’m surprised you don’t have a place in some beautiful meadow with a dirt road to the house and deer in your backyard. Then when you go to town there will be just a few if any to contend with at the DMV . You would still have to put gas in your rig though. Eat good and keep yourself busy you’ll be fine.Sometimes a simple life is a happier life.

  8. Oh my God! Forrest! Where will you take us next.

    My biggest concern, is that you will next be pulling out your scrap book of outhouse doodles and sayings or phone numbers offering you some fun. Tell me it’s not so… 🙁

    • life is complicated—— spent half a day trying to get entergy from charging me $5 because I paid my light bill $6 short by mistake, and paid it 2 days late, after the told me about it. Never late for 20 years, but who cares.

    • I have really enjoyed this post also…and the timing is uncanny. I almost ran out of gas too. It’s a good thing my truck is dual-fuel so I was able to just flip the switch and go. At least it has that going for it. The truck is a 2001 with about 160k miles on it. It’s near worthless off-road, but it still has some treasure hunting life left in it…whether it likes it or not. 🙂

      Hey, German…do you know for a fact that Forrest has a “s crap book of outhouse doodles”? If so, I don’t think I want to see the “smudges” in it…intentional or otherwise. For example, I’d raise an eyebrow if Forrest circled a smudge of what he labeled “brown ochre” and I’d raise the other one if he also wrote “scratch and sniff”.

      …but I don’t reckon he’d do something like that. He’s much more refined than that. That low-brow “humor”…or high-brow as I have demonstrated 🙂 …is best left to construction workers and such.

      Ok. Time to stop being silly…now what is this scrapbook all about?

  9. 🙂 lol Sorry 🙂

    Your tablet with notes to yourself
    Is what I do so I don’t forget . It’s an age thing lol.

    Your silverware drawer much neater. So organized now before that was a mess inside that drawer.
    Good Lord I would have had to straightened it up as well.

    I like a clean man 🙂 !!!!!!

  10. Call me Forrest, for a small fee I’ll wear my FF halloween costume and take the driver’s test for you. I’m also good with silverware. Actually, I group the spoons, forks, and knives as I place them into the dishwasher. That way they’re already sorted coming out. Sorry you had such a lousy day! My dad always says, “A good meal and a good night’s rest, and things look better in the morning.” Eat steak, and take Tylenol PM.

  11. Hate to kick a man when he’s down but you spelled right wrong (lol). BTW Thank You for the email today Forrest.

  12. Well Forrest, you’re right again (were you wrong once?)…We probably don’t understand the clues, but now we’ll all be waiting to see who receives a letter with a consolation prize of $5.00 cash, and a congratulatory phone call to boot. although, not many folks have land lines these days. Now, its a race to see who can google Puceet first. All joking aside, sounds like you had a rotten day. Enjoy a fire and night with your family.

  13. This website is acting squirrely. I was posting and hit submit and it wouldn’t accept it. Then I posted something else and it went into a different scrapbook.

    Or I messed up somehow…


  14. It’s called obsessive compulsive and my husband has it too,so my house is clean. After he cleaned kitchen counters behind me once too often, he now has the job!

  15. Mr. Fenn,

    If a tangled cord and out of line flatware gets your panties in a wad, it might be time for your yearly martini. 🙂

  16. I love the fact u left the car and had it towed even though it was only out of gas.. That wld have been so liberating!

    Most wldve hitched a ride.. Bought a can filled it up.. Hitched back… Poured the gas in and hopefully it wasnt a diesel .. So it starts back up easily.

    Not u… Ur like.. Screw it.. Bad day.. Ur getting towed! Go back home.. Check out the phone cord.. Ahhh

    Haha love it!

  17. Sharron you and i have something in common then. My has a serious case of OCD. I also gave up on helping out with the cleaning. It never met her standards .

  18. About that phone cord

    Bell’s Rule #2 states: Linear object (such as wire, string, etc.), when left to their own devices, occupy time by twisting themselves into tangles and weaving knots.


    • Bell’s Rule #4 is one of my favorites, it states that:

      There is an updraft over wastebaskets.

  19. Your sense of humor keeps us all in stitches. Any of it could have happened to anyone here…just not in that exact order and on the same day. We’d better get that bracelet back to you soon to turn the tides of luckiness in your favor.

    After a NYC trip I discovered an ant infestation in the freezer and spent my first 48 hours back home dealing with FedEx tracking of a lost phone with the wrong zip code and name misspelling.

    We refer to these first world problems in my family.

  20. If hear you Forrest..nothing more annoying then answering the phone at 5am and finding that it is all tangled up..I myself untangle the poor phone every morning at work…errr!!
    I like your utensil arrangements..I do mine exactly the same.Wouldnt it be nice if it stayed that way always.Hope you are feeling better.
    What I don’t get is ,why they didn’t tow you to a gas station?? So much disrespect for senior citizens nowadays.
    I think I got it…Don’t wait too long,anything can happen in the future.
    Making travel arrangements….

    • With the Forever stamp and the design’s connection to Francis Scott Key, I thought this could be a hint to look for the key.

  21. I looked into New Mexico licensing for you. The good news is you shouldn’t be charged any renewal fees.
    Dal–can you remove the picture of silverware on the left.

    • Amy, I also see possible hints in the address on the envelope: TCU – where Forrest’s parents met.
      P Uceet could = Tee Cup back wards. Olga/tea or Forrest enjoys golf = tee cup
      What they could hint at I haven’t a clue.

    • Licence = noun form. License = verb.
      “The official will license the vehicle and give him a licence.”
      F said…”It’s the last day to get my driver’s license renewed…” not licence.
      The date on the phone is not Aug. I see the things we spoke of!

  22. Sorry you’re having a bad day Fenn. Some days you’re the windshield, some days you’re the bug……Just think it could be worse; you could be Dal.

    No you’re not the only homo sapien that feels this way….You and my wife must be kin with this OCD behavior. It’s a good thing there are people like me to provide balance for the world. Perhaps if you would have given a little more thought to putting gas in the car instead of rearranging the silverware or turning all the cup handles the same direction in the cupboard your day would have been much better….Just a suggestion.

    As far as the phone cords, I got rid of mine years ago. Some say the radio frequencies are going to fry my brain, but that’s OK, I need to be insane to tolerate the OCD behavior.

  23. Forrest, This was quite an entertaining scrapbook, and I believe filled with clues…you are the most meticulous and well-organized man I know…your silverware drawer and closet, bathroom, and bookshelves prove it…I bet all the heads on your dollar bills in your wallet are all turned the same direction…I know mine are and I have to make them so when I am handed a wad of change at the store.
    You never accidently use a word incorrectly as you did here with “write” instead of “right”…this is definitely a clue…
    I believe in New Mexico, a person’s driver’s license expires on the date the month following his birthday, which means your license expired Sept 22, 2014…maybe you intentionally let it lapse for a couple months because you hate going to the DMV as much as the rest of us New Mexicans…(continued next comment)

    • Just my opinion…I think he intentionally wrote;”write” instead of “right”..I believe what he is trying to convey is that he overlooked the note Peggy had written to him reminding him not to forget his license and to gas up the car..
      That is why he couldn’t drive his car anymore after he had run out of gas.

  24. You have the memory of a kid (and some women who never forget when their husband is wrong)…so I doubt you forgot it. Definitely another clue…

    As far as the angst over the phone cord, hmm…I think the cord is another clue…sometimes a cord develops a memory, and it doesn’t matter how much untwisting you do,
    “…And at the end of all our untwisting
    Will be to arrive where we started
    And know the place for the first time.”
    I think you just confirmed my search area…thank you.

  25. Forrest I can relate to having a bad day… Going on about 3 months I have had bad days, ahh well so is life. My general attitude is everything has it’s place and it should be in it’s place. So when things are amiss I go a little bonkers.

    You sit at home? Cough cough, I can think of a half a dozen things that could derail that. :), besides righting on the various blogs. 😉

  26. Forrest even when you express frustration they call you cute and funny oh well. Sun is shining somewhere just depends on your altitude.

  27. Forrest,
    You are very sharp. I know if I get close, I’ll know what to do to clearly hear whatever it is I’m supposed to hear.
    The upside-down $5 bill folded in the southwest corner was genius.
    I also believe you want the treasure to be found soon!
    And you are right–I, for one, don’t understand everything you try to drum into our thick skulls! 🙂

    • Hi Mindy,

      Do you really feel Mr. Fenn wants the treasure found soon? I think he enjoys laughing at us too much for this to cease. I am also enjoying the chess match, but he is a trickster…not sure I should let on that I have resorted to planning two andd three steps ahead hoping to outsmart him…I have considered raising my arms in defeat as he checks me down, but for now I am raising my hand toward becoming an artist to put me in a zen state of mind and it seems to be working for now.

      I still remain concerned that WR7 indicated the chest could be moved on a whim so I am reluctant to chase zebra’s for fear of porcupines, skunks, and rattlesnakes.

      I believe there is more to this game than simply finding the treasure. More like Survivor with new twists and turns…or perhaps more akin to Lucy and the football…again! Appears best to conserve energy and wait until he leads us to it on his timeline…probably when we see Scrapbook 900.

      • Wind, I’m conserving energy now too, so im not skunked and laughed at again in the 4 corners region. I’d rather go skiing this winter than wander about all winter wondering about the TC. In fact, just mail me a letter with the next scrap book clues plain as day. LOL!
        Something real and old fashioned sounds pretty good. I’m no good at figuring out the cryptic side of the blogosphere like others are.

        Are Vail/Beaver creek getting snow?

        • 42…good to hear from you. The snow is flying high, but I plan to fly low for now. Best of luck to you in the four corners…it’s probably in Mesa Verde or Purgatory.

        • Ah, the sanctity of good old fashioned snail mail! That reminds me, it’s time to send my wish list to Santa.

          • Great reminder Elementary,

            I never get what I want from Santa because I am a lefty and my handwriting looks pretty much like the tangled cord or hair as the case may be. Oh well…I suppose I will just have to mail off a letter and see if Santa thinks I am naughty or nice. I only wish I had something worth more than a kind word to offer him. I wonder if Santa takes IOU’s for good behavior.

      • Hi Wind,
        I’m also conserving energy til Spring, but I’m tempted to brave some snow as I research more. I can’t devote too much time to the search right now, so all of my rambling are pure speculation. It does seem like Forrest is giving some REALLY good clues lately, but you’re right, he could just be brilliantly tricky!

  28. My mind wants me to think the $5 bill is a hint to the Four Corners area. To be more specific ….Colorado. The bill folds at the 5 which makes it look similar to the Colorado flag. Does this mean Co. is out of play?

    • If that SW-corner-folded $5 bill looks like any of the four states left in play, you’d have to choose Montana. Wrong aspect ratio for Wyoming, Colorado or New Mexico. It’s also upside-down, just like the artistic rendition of the states on the cover of TTOTC (with gold coins representing Montana!)

      • I’d call it a half-joke. It makes as much or more sense than someone saying it’s a hint that the chest is in Colorado because Colorado is the only state of the four that appears among the 26 states on the back of the $5 bill.

        The hints in this Scrapbook are more subtle than that.

  29. Hear you Fenn:(

    My license is expired and needs to be renewed. Need to get glasses, the fourth line is blurred for me.

    We never see letters like FGJJKLLPPJJ

    Wehre werid mlneatly to fnid ltteer gourinpgs. You see “St” you know it’s “Stop”

    Now it costs $300 for all that and then $25 to get the renewed license. Work my rear off to appease all this stupid stuff society demands.

    Time to get a chauffer Fenn I have tow watch out for FGJJKLLPPJJ when I drive for now on.


  30. On another note Fenn you ending up like Citizen Cain who just barricade himself more and more into his house.

    Hiding in a closet…………..

    Oh please leave us one word like “Rosebud” when you leave So these people can nth that apart to the 10th degree.


    • Haha Rick…I commented on this to him once, but I looked up his middle name and it came back to mean “death by smothering” I can’t help but wonder if there’s irony that (in a spiritual sense with what must be happening both ways) lol

      • Jamie

        You used a dictionary for Burke

        1.To suppress or extinguish quietly; stifle.

        You need to switch to a name meaning dictionary to have other views.

        Burke is an English variant of a surname that is common in England and Ireland which originates with the Cambro-Normans. In Old English, the name means “fortified hill”.

        Also Fenn’s mansion has been called:

        “Fortress Fenn”

        To me that supports more of the name meaning dictionary then a plain dictionary.



        • I could be wrong, but I believe Fortress Fenn is applied to the art gallery. I am sure I read that somewhere? Oh well, a man’s home is his castle and if he wants a drawbridge and mote to boot, it’s his home. IMO 🙂

        • My comment was about the irony. It doesn’t matter what I used…most people wouldn’t need to pull out 5 different dictionaries to understand that as I included the definition in the statement. I find your response extremely ironic as well on a whole different level.

          • And I didn’t use the dictionary. I used etymological roots. Literally “death by smothering” 😉

          • Rick, I have always been taught, “pick your battles,” but good lord I can’t let this one pass.

            Just wondering what classification you think you fall into?

      • I think I might have finally arrived at a good interpretation of” I’ve done it tired and now I’m week.” Anyone else having trouble with that line??? Somehow it just seemed apparent to me now…:)

        • Enlighten us .. here are my top 4. I don’t think there is anyway of figuring out what he means from the poem. Here they are in order.

          1.Tire tube (river flotation)



          4.Tired (worn out)

          I’m going with 1 because that gets me closer to the chest of course the others would too except number 4. I’m not sure though it really is a toss up with me either option 1 or 3.

          • Let me add some thoughts here after putting in below the home of brown he says it’s no place for the meek well the meek inherit the earth not the water in essence he saying take the water but later on he tells us he did it tired which means he didn’t take the water.

          • Or is he saying tired as in floated a river. These are minor details I’m not sure anyone will know. Maybe if presented with evidence of the chests location he would be willing to divulge more knolege

  31. I think the actual double entendre of all of this is how the first paragraph belongs/can be moved to the bottom and it provides new meanings/irony to the excerpt. A double..trip…quadruple entendre… The poem does the same thing as well …if you decide a good place to stop each time. Just a thought 😉

  32. I like the organized silverware, mine is also like that and in a wooden box like that which my husband made for me. I however, like my money all going one way and folded without any things like the corners down. And yes, OCD, but who cares. I wish we had a fireplace. It has gotten cold and windy here in South Texas now. Supposed to be a long cold winter the farmer’s almanac says. Stay warm and get that license unless you have a driver.

  33. Unless someone takes that chest there not good enough to go treasure hunting with Fenn

    Took care of a 96 year old man that would go out for walks………..

    He sure does like a good pity. Doesn’t give us any looking for his treasure chest.

    It goes both ways Fenn:) Not going to be a false friend. Tell it as it is and your free to tell it on back.

    I’m the best there is Fenn……….Your lost not mine on that offer.


        • G-5, If you read Rick’s blog, you can deduce where he is from. It’s actually very entertaining. When he threatened to leave Stephanie’s blog, I jokingly said we would miss him because he is a legend in his own mind. He seems to have taken offense. I was just joking Rick! I am enjoying your blog, keep it going.

          Hint: Rick is from a place that is round on the ends and high in the middle. We who live here are often called nuts.

      • RIck That is a ridiculous statement Rich or poor Everyone is born the same and die the same Thats one thing that is the Yo- mismo for everyone,

        • Nice try in trying to trick everyone:)

          Everyone is born the same and die the same.

          Yes, correct

          My statement “The rich are different Will, they also die different”

          Would be correct.

          Also you capped Rich and not poor which means you respect rich people more than poor people.

          So you want to play games?

          Let’s see Boggs get a Blog and start Blogging on Treasure Hunting Traveling Adventures……….

          Are you going to solve this Fenn any time soon?

          Big fat YAWN:)

          • No rick none too soon so you can go back to sleep . MAybe I’ll take Forrest for a buckboard ride to his special place and get the treasure at the same time. I figure you’ll be waiting a log time though . I don’t think thats going to happen anytime soon. LOL

  34. Forrest, you said you don’t ever plan on driving again. Why not? The world needs men like you behind the wheel. It kind of reminds me of The Beetles song, “Ticket to Ride” off of the Help! album.

    I think I’m gonna be sad
    I think it’s today, yeah
    The DMV that’s driving Fenn mad
    Is here to stay

    He’s got a license to drive
    He’s got a license to drive
    He’s got a license to drive
    But he don’t care

    Btw, Primus has a song called “DMV” on their album “Pork Soda”. It’s very fitting. 🙂 The DMV puts the “rats” in bureaucrats. Did I type that out loud?

  35. All WRITE! Enough of this! I will never get my book done if you Mr. Fenn keep providing extra material. This is very nice and it will definitely enrich my story.

    Now just to muddy the warm water, I offer a counter interpretation to the pen and $5 bill:
    First of all with all this mirror hinting going on, I noticed only half of your $5 showing. Everyone, take out your $5 bill and fold it over exactly like image and then do the same on the other side to complete the mirror image. What do you see?

    Have fun!

    • the “Mirror” is one of self-reflection. The mirror — in the symbolic form of a lake. The mirror offers an honest, unbiased analysis of what it sees. The mirror also see the opposite of what the observers see.

      The same difference.

      • I find it interesting that y’all claim to find “that pen” extremely interesting.
        This reminds me of the Paper Mate Flair marker(s) I used to use. After
        doing a little research about this product, I learned that they used to have
        ridges (ahem), and a cross (ahem). Sometimes I am surprised by how
        subtle y’all can be. Oh, but “Mate” in the product name isn’t quite as

        That’s a lot of work for some tiny confirming bits of info. As always, IMO.

        • In my solve the important things here are BIP, the pen holder, the shot glasses, the fold in the bill, and the pen cap. I know what all of this means and it’s obvious mostly. He tells you what all of this is when he put it in quotations. Peggy called Fenn’s car the bullet because it was shot. BIP means Be In Peace. Take the Chest and go in peace. On the notepad you have an area that has to do with what? It’s all right there. What did Fenn keep his pens in? What does the pen cap equal? It’s all right there in front of all of you but you’re all out of time. I’m leaving as soon as certain states get into phase 2.

          • alienboy – I think BIP was more like a basketball in my imagination. Well fed though.

      • I think it’s an odd idea. But y’all probably know that unless an object
        generates light, the visual appearance of an object depends on reflection.
        Please take care not to become infected with COVID-19 before your next
        expensive vacation. I’ll do the same. All IMO.

        • tall andrew, your advice seems both, highly prized, and surprisingly negative. I know you mean well so I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and try to keep my expenses down whenever I travel. Coming up empty handed has become the norm. Reflecting on the low price of gas is the new standard. That object generating light is the often-confused, ever-glowing bulb inside my head.

        • Thanks for the enlightenment tall andrew. I prefer replication to act as my mirror, when the glass is opaque or less than translucent. Shadows of knowledge also play a part if we allow our imagination to turn a corner.

        • Thought I’d add, happiness and contentment guides my path… even around corners, where the light is only reflected.

          85% is good enough for me!

  36. Mr Fenn, are you left handed? And, what are planning on doing with those shot glasses in the silver drawer?

  37. kingfisheroftheskies: Many read but do not comment. Your stories are a nice way of staying in touch when you are too far away to be in touch. flickering…

    • Geez. I just barely found out what twerking means. Now I to go look up flickering? 🙂 What a hassle. I had to go to the Library of Congress to uncover the meaning of twerking.

        • I lied. I didn’t go the Library of Congress to find the meaning. I just went to Congress. I’m still a little confused, however. I asked the first congressman, “Which page are you on?” and he replied, “Steven”. For a split second I thought he said, “Seven” but then I realized he did, in fact, say, “Steven”. Anybody know what that’s all about? I swear Congress isn’t like it used to be when it first started.

  38. It would turn cold and snow now. Bummer, I have already had more than I wanted this year. I think I am going to stay indoors this winter too Mr. Fenn. I got a sock to knit, lol my wife would appreciate that! Who knew it would take a year to finish 🙂

  39. Lol
    That sock u should finish omg how funny ,

    Yes this cold is the pits , I can’t believe how cold it is here in Texas 😮 !!!!!

    We just keep the fire burning at home 🙂

  40. Forrest
    You say the Cold will be worth your effort 🙁

    For me I wouldn’t be able to get out and search I would be stuck in my heated vehicle 🙂

    Me and Cold we have our differences that’s why I wait till June 🙂

    See you at the Wood 🙂

  41. Speaking of mirrors, the area near Breckenridge Colorado has many names similar to Red River NM. Wheeler Mt. Blue Lakes for example. I’ll be up there this weekend. It’s already deep in snow. I hope that it is worth the cold.

    • A mirror is a reflection
      Now u see me and now u don’t 🙂

      It’s kinda like Peek- A – Boo 🙂

  42. Forrest , You do realize that Peggy was trying to teach you a lesson not to complain about the twisted phone cord ?
    Peggy knows you better than anyone and after you made her answer the phone to all them strangers on her birthday , well , payback is a b*t*h.
    The note next to the phone is for you to remember to not just get your license but “get gas” also.
    You should probably apologize to Peggy for the Birthday Phone Call Set Up.
    And she may tell you she added “get gas” after you left the house.

  43. Forrest, this one cracks me up. I am all for being tidy but as far as the drawer goes it was just fine the way it started. Lining up stuff in drawers is just unnatural! The contents are suppose to be in disarray, otherwise they wouldn’t be in a drawer. Closets are the same way. I suppose you are worried about the stuff swept under the rug too. Oh well. I guess someone needs to worry about those things…..I am sorry you ran out of gas though. Looks like your wife was looking out for you. She sure is a sweetie.

  44. I’m pretty sure this scrapbook contains some hints for us to decipher.

    The six paragraphs start with:


    (and the title starts with a P)

    When converted to their place in the alphabet, we get:


    These are the squares of the first four integers.

    Next, if you read through the text, it seems that there are a few more examples of alliteration than you would expect by chance, and by misspelling “right” Forrest generates an extra one: write and wrong. Looking at the notepad, the first two lines start with “Dear” and “drivers” and then there is “get gas.”

    Finally, the titles to the last two post on Jenny Kile’s site start out:

    “Doing it Different” and “Short and Sweet.”

    Next, There is a lot about angles going on. In the first picture there are nothing but right angles. in the second, lots of acute angles. Also, the middle two letters of the six letter string at the beginning of this post are PI, which in turn are the first two letters of Plains Indians, who showed up recently in another of Forrest’s postings.

    Putting this all together brings to mind the Pythagorean theorem (c*c = a*a + b*b)

    Finally, Peggy Fenn’s maiden name was Proctor, so she and Forrest had something along the same lines in common when they married: matching initials.

    How this bears on the poem is not clear, but as I’ve pointed out before, Hanging Lake, Colorado, in Glenwood Canyon just a few miles east of Glenwood Springs, looks just like a big theta:

    The hike up the canyon wall entails a 1,050 foot elevation gain from the trail head, so it’s definitely water high…

  45. He said no codes, ciphers, or riddles in one of the posts on this blog. I think you might be too smart to figure this out Eliza.

    • agreed, when it involves the poem.

      Eliza, is commenting on the SB…With all these hints outside the poem, Someone will solve it soon……..we just need to figure out how much fur Tucker lost, multiply that, to number of desert forks, divide Dal’s age, add the count of beads on the bracelet…..wait!
      Do we add the beads or subtract them….Crap, Now I have to start all over….@!#%

  46. I’ll take this as a warning. Drove home this morning on empty…only 8ks…but winding roads shared with logging trucks and milk tankers. Yep wont do that again. Cheers Forrest.

  47. Thank you Mr. Fenn, now can I show my wife I’m not the only one in the modern world who thinks phone cords should not be twisted, and there is a order to placing silver ware in a drawer, and address lines on an envelope are best done straight. Looks like a five dollar bill makes a good ruler.

  48. Windsurfer – thank you, love that old song and it’s message. In my family I was taught to be self-reliant and independent. [In my case thats 42 not 21].
    So easy to forget that you can lean on someone else and let them blow the wind back into your sails. And it feels good to lean on friends…share one another’s loads.

  49. Here’s a thought for all you guys… Why is the last line in the address on the envelope written different than the rest? Hmmmm??????

  50. Does anyone know if you can volunteer on tribes land? I remember someone chatting that up on this blog a little while ago and that seems like a fun thing to do…

  51. Looked up 1921 as in the year and Amelia Earhart bought her first plane. Einstein won a nobel prize.

    • And Lincoln County in Wyoming lost part of its land when Sublette and another area became counties as well. The result sure looks like a certain shape, with only a little bit of imagination needed.

  52. Who puts things away that way? Not me but think about it the chest may be that well organized.. it will be like his home away from home. That gives me a warm feeling..

      • I have been as close as Chaco and Pueblo Pintado. I’m such a tourist. It looks like I would take 550 north to Nageezi and take 45A south. From there it is a short drive. I think I have taken that road to Chaco but drove right past it. Probably within 500ft !

        • Very close! It’s unbelievable to me how it is so different from the area around. It’s an amazing place with the North Road running right through. I love the hoodoos!

          • Michael, speculating is all we have….

            Now can you tell me why there’s a green paper over the yellow pad of paper in the pic?

            It’s driving me crazy!

          • ok maybe I misunderstood. Are you saying the X in New Mexico is the spot or X marks the spot? Or the X is the state where the chest is hidden?

            Spot not in the search area…

          • Michael, speculating is all we have….

            Now can you tell me why there’s a green paper over the yellow pad of paper in the pic?

            It’s driving me crazy!
            [posted the comment above in the wrong reply, sorry]

          • Those shades of yellow and green are used on maps. The yellow could represent lower elevation below and forest above.

            If the envelope and five dollar bill represented the four corners, the corner folded is Colorado. Since I am going to Breckenridge this weekend. I will interpet all clues in the context of that area. There is Lincoln just to the east, which is below Wise mountain and brown gulch. Nearby is Pennsylvania creek to the south and Keystone resort to the north. That refers to the pen in the picture. The stamp shows a picture of the 4th of July, independence day. Jefferson? The 16th president ona $5 adds up to 21?
            There are too many connections to be made in this area.

  53. Amy, sorry that I’m not much help regarding clues on this SB. It’s a busy week for me w/o much time to dedicate to clue sleuthing. Others have already mentioned obvious reference to TeeCup and KEY.

    How about forrest’s penchant for palindromes = AVA.ya with angles in the word to consider. [Info on company: specialized in secure web-enabling for clients in homeland security, criminal justice and intelligence, defense and civilian agencies within the federal government and at state and local levels.]

    Maybe he’s sending a message about how he prefers to communicate via handwritten letters in case the ‘she’ has recovered the bracelet. perhaps the telephone system is a high security system. Who knows for what? I think silverware organization is a red herring, but may help us understand who he is – which is a highly organized individual who puts systems in place, and believes in doing things correctly. That should let everyone know the poem is highly organized, and has different levels of organization hidden within. Everything in his plan has its place and time…unless you forgot to gas up the jeep, and then timing stinks:-)

    • I apply similar thinking to you regarding most of ff scrap books. That is to say they are written to show his way of thinking and what kind of a person he is, and then we could use that to figure out what was on his mind as he wrote the poem, rather than every little detail to be used as a direct clue…

    • Nice insight. Been reading all the comments here. Missed this thread/sb due to a funeral at the time. Now that I got a chance to read it, I believe the white streak (Amy saw) has meaning. I don’t know about the handwritten letters other than I fear sending an email because of Internet privacy – I’m paranoid of “packet” captures. I gave up last winter with the chase; but got a renewed effort over time. I think your statement about highly organized has merit. I kept puzzling over the “you can walk up to it” because I was left with too large an area for walk up to it. I think this time I have it narrowed down to walk up to it distance. If the white streak is in the pictures, then other hints should be in there too. I also found the geometry thread of interest. Turns out I had to use a bit of geometry to get the “your quest to cease” part. It was a much simplier geometry than what was in the thread.

  54. I enjoy reading comments from you folks as well as from ff. I usually look at the words and wonder if there is more to the words than the plain meaning. This group of folks sounds more confident that there are ‘new’ clues being provided outside the poem.

    I enjoy this as you all seem to enjoy this. Has there been cause for the increased interest in new clues?

  55. Has anyone noticed that the phone is upside down and the cord is tangled around the antenna,so this means the phone was unplugged..This is what he is referring too when he says ” I forgot to plug the phone in”….I don’t blame you Forrest. I would have been ticked too.

    • Good catch Onuat! I thought something looked funny about that handset. Wonder what that’s supposed to mean…
      If the handset has an antenna, it shouldn’t need a cord…?
      But on the way to MVD is when he was talking about an idiot phone (opposite is smartphone) he carries with him when he drives that had the dead battery…
      Also remember when he and Creighton flew to Suzanne Somers party and he talked about almost running out of gas? This is definitely an important hint IMO.

      • Ounat: I believe it was Shiloh (F’s grandson) who flew Forrest to Suzanne’s home.

        Forrest lost 3 close friends in the Pogzeba plane crash when they forgot to take on fuel. Guessing that would cause sad memories every time running out of gas comes up.

    • I’m not sure about antenna. Seems both ends have a straight section of cord that plugs into the phone unit and the hand held. The section of the handset has a extended back that hold the speaker on the ear section…the mic section doesn’t need that as it is much smaller.

      Idiot phone = smart phone

      So Clues? Only One I see, is he doesn’t like electronic devices

      • Does that mean you wont need to take your metal detector.My cord for my metal detector keeps getting tangled too. I don’t have one that is cordless yet.Now they make cordless with gps in them also.

    • It’s an Avaya Partner 18D. It is not upside down and there is no antenna.

      I think ‘idiot phone’ refers to a basic prepaid mobile phone. Lots of people keep a mobile phone in their glove box for emergencies but don’t use them otherwise.

      When the coiled cord gets twisted, it can be replace with a new one from Walmart for about $5.

  56. Wait. I just looked up that phone model and it looks like it is in the correct position. google Avaya phones and look at the pictures.

    • Good one!! How could I have missed
      Did look like an antenna..but I guess it just the cord. Seen one before like that,supposed to stop it from getting all tangled up. So much for that.

      • Tangled: Well I guess what it all boils down to is… It’s an aggravating thing to have to untangle the dumb phone cord every time you need to use the phone. It would bother me too.
        And no Forrest, you’re not the only Homo Sapien that feels that way about a messy flatware drawer… If I opened a drawer and saw that kind of mess, I’d immediately have to straighten it!
        Now, could you please put the cap back on the felt tip pen so it doesn’t dry out, and straighten the corner on the 5% bill? Oh, and when you stick the stamp on the envelope, make sure it’s on straight. Thanks. 🙂

  57. Thanks, Forrest; your scrapbook entry reminded me that I also needed to renew my driver’s license before today ! Happy birthday !

  58. Forrest

    I like your choices of words u use
    This Chase is for deep thinkers only. Ha 🙂 have a nice cold day

  59. DP,
    He said last year he did not have one, unless he has a really long cord and that AVAYA land line with him. lol

  60. I think we (or maybe just i) may be going about the solving the clues wrong. As I researched, I stumbled upon something that may be helpful.

    Maybe we are to find pairs of words in the poem that can have the same meaning. Once the pairs are all solved, you will have a specific location.

    For example:

    wise and blaze = BRILLIANT

    Just thinking out loud…

  61. Based on what you posted that would be “Set Math” which uses only pairs.

    There are 9 clues, meaning one doesn’t have a pair. How is that to be worked?

    Then your idea gives 4 sets with 1 single. The best way is the logical steps


    Just thinking out loud:)

    • Maybe the clues are the 9 sentences that end with a period? And the words to be paired are in each of those?

      • Hey Mindy- try looking at all the things that match shiny things…or throats….or folds…etc. there’s quite a few things to be matched 🙂

  62. Amy, you and I might think alike. What does CE5 mean to you? Look at the address. There are 5 E’s visible. One is different. That one is the “C” IMO. “People just don’t understand”

    • what I “understand” is fenn stated CE5 is not related to the chase [paraphrasing]

      I’m confused…why is it thought the SB’s and such, are hints to aid the searchers?

      Paraphrasing; will not give a useful clue…will not aid a searcher…all is needed is the poem… the book as reference… GE/ good map…asked if anything in the chest related to the poem, no. …Asked if any part of “US” history needed, no…etc. etc.

      The only statement I can recall that even comes close is…To level the playing field, WWWH is not a dam… in-regards to a conversation that most searchers were not aware of. [end paraphrasing comments]

      Don’t get me wrong…All this is Informative, interesting, enlightening….But Hints or clues?
      Well if they are, then my question is why? I would think this is contradictory to all the other comments.

      Unless I’m missing something…………

      What say you?

      • Deb said something like she sees him like a cheerleader. I can relate to that. He’s been cheering for months now.

        • Crazyfamily,

          I get that…why not keep the excitement, the thrill, the influencing flowing. At least that is my perspective. Clues?

      • I think he is tired of aNswering the “C” word question. It was laid out at the start of the chase. Here is A recent answer when asked about more of the C word in these very scrapbooks. It’s eAsier to notice now. I know, you k ow what it is.

        ” I don’t want to broaden the clues and hints I’ve written about by pointing them out. What surprises me a little is that nobody to my uncertain knowledge has analyzed one important possibility related to the winning solve.”

  63. Eliza,
    How do you factor in the fact that F said there is no known human trail near the treasure when you promote Hanging Lake?

    Side point – Peggy “Proctor” and “Life is like a game of Poker”. Combined hints to Proctor and Gamble -> have you ever noted P&G’s controversial logo – you know the man in the cresent moon and the 13 stars?
    The Wolf

      • Ahh, now that I look it up, I see that besides many, copious also means “Having a plentiful command of language for the expression of ideas; having a large vocabulary”
        Thank you Forrest for helping me be a more copious person. 🙂

    • Interesting questions Wolf.

      When I discovered that Peggy’s maiden name was Proctor, I also thought there might be some kind of Proctor & Gamble angle somewhere, but did not come up with anything. I remember the controversy about the 13-star logo but I doubt if it’s relevant here.

      There was some debate at the time about how near was “near.”

      My nine clues are:

      G lenwood Springs
      R oute 6
      D ead Horse Creek
      H anging Lake
      E ast ten paces on gravel maze
      A zure cloth
      T wist SE
      O wl nook
      O ur Woven Braid

      The initial letters anagram to GOOD EARTH as well as GOOD HEART. Both have two paired vowels. EA may be homage to Amelia Earhart, whose name is hidden elsewhere in the poem, and the ever present OO, which is likely related to the owl theme.

      The last four letters can generate AT OO, or if rearranged, TA OO. If you replace the two Os with OS, you get TAOS.

      Back to “near.”

      When you reach Hanging Lake there is a boardwalk around the southern border which ends at the east side at a rocky gravel path which goes west to east (sounds like “quest to cease” doesn’t it?) about 10 yards. The rocks are pretty big (6-12 inches perhaps) and I would not view it as a path that was constructed for walking on. In fact, it leads to a dead end in a small area you cannot see from anywhere around the lake. I went there. I found an old piece of blue cloth a few yards off to the southeast. There was a large log near by (T with OLGA = AT LOG?) but no sign of an owl nook or any braided material.

      I still suspect that someone a lot smarter than I got there first and is keeping his/her mouth shut. Hanging Lake is ordinarily mobbed with hikers. It would be difficult for Forrest to personally check periodically on the integrity of the hiding place although I suppose he could send a trusted friend (who presumably does not exist if Forrest is to be believed.

      In short, the spot I can best identify as the (former) hiding place is about 40 rough-going feet from the boardwalk.

      Is that “not near?” You tell me.

  64. One more thing that I don’t believe anyone has mentioned…
    Does anyone think it’s odd that f put quotes around “location”?
    He says: “It was right in the middle of the busiest street in town, and because I forgot to plug my idiot phone in I had to just sit there until the honks brought every cop in town to my “location.”
    Police Code? Like what’s your “20”? Maybe I’m overthinking it…

    • What’s your “20”?
      Considering you are S
      Head N ,W on Cristo/Camino .Circle around Camino(MVD)and E down Wagon, head S to Take out where you PUT IN.(Walmart).
      CRISTO,CAMINO,WAGON…what a coincidence..”location”

  65. CE5,
    Seeker what you say is true with an *.
    * Mr. Fenn says the CE5 will not help you find the treasure. When I challenged him for marking up an 850 year old Romanesque box he said :
    “The information indicated by CE5 on my bronze chest is of no value to anyone who is searching for the treasure. It is merely a note for my personal use… If the figure confuses the casual viewer then it is doing the job for which it was designed….”

    So in summary it won’t help you find the chest, but is a note for personal use.

    Question what is this then?

    Does that look like a similar mark? So I have included another chapter to explain why the note and I think it will get people pretty excited it proven to be true.
    The Wolf

  66. Eliza,
    I have a nice little story about Hanging Lake I will tell some day. The problem with Hanging Lake is that the only way to get there is via a human trail. Thus it has to be discounted by Fenn’s own words. Now I could go on and really get you excited about why it is the perfect fit, but what would be the point of that?
    The Wolf

    • ♦There isn’t a human trail in very close proximaty to where I hid the treasure.

      Hmmm. I don’t think that means you can’t travel on a trail. Most of the trails end somewhere. I don’t know about Hanging Lake, but I can go on almost any trail, and then leave the trail and go my own way. (Except in Boulder county they get mad. haha)

    • Wolf-

      You can get most of the way to just about anywhere on a human trail. The question is exactly how much further from the end of the trail one would have to go to satisfy Forest’s criterion.

      I’d love to hear your story….


  67. And just cause no one mentioned it yet…license is spelled wrong on the green paper, everything is set on a granite countertop (looks a lot like the marbleized paper in SB 104), and I’d be willing to bet that the letters covered by the strategically placed pen and $5 bill are not the letters you might think they are. 🙂

  68. Chapter 44 the world lost its darling. Talks about Earhart running out of gas and also talks about penman ship. What have we here 1921 was when she started flight lessons and she worked at the telephone company. Alot of phone stuff lately from Forrest.
    Working at a variety of jobs, including photographer, truck driver, and stenographer at the local telephone company, she managed to save $1,000 for flying lessons. Earhart had her first lessons, beginning on January 3, 1921, at Kinner Field, near Long Beach.

  69. All this telephone talk reminds me of when I was a boy. I would hear the sounds of violins that the wires played as I walked down the prairie trail with arcing grasshoppers abound.

  70. Ok folks,
    I am done with the chase myself… I wish everyone a happy hunting and best of luck to all of you…
    here is the email I just sent Forrest….

    “The chase has ended for me’
    To FF:
    I will start from the beginning when I first found out about your treasure….
    It was April of 2013 and I was smoking weed and being lazy for a while then, delivering pizzas part time when late one night I found an article on yahoo about your chase. I got excited because I was going to find it and become instantly rich. One thing led to another and I was begging my Dad to take off for a week and drive cross country to pick up the chest. I arrogantly said I knew where it was, that I was smarter then everyone else and when he said he could leave next week I was irate. I started yelling at my parents that they wouldnt let me drive cross country out of no where. How could I treat them like that? Well anyway we never went and over the next couple of weeks I became convinced that over the internet people were telling me where the chest was. I thought stuff popping up on youtube was directed at me to get the chest and this lead to me making my Dad drive to some random place in the middle of the night because I thought you were going to be there with the chest. We drove around and I told my dad to stop and he would not so I jumped out of the car. Then walk to a corporate center and read something inside that I thought was directed at me and smashed the windows of the building. I had many charges leveled against me and had to go into a mental health facility for a couple of weeks. I got diagnosed with bi polar disorder and was put on meds. For the rest of the summer of 2013 I felt terrible. I would never put anyone through that terrible year I had. Anyway I made it out OK in the spring of 2014 and felt much better. I emailed you saying that I was going to do great things like help out inner city youths and what not. Well I think I like to hear my self say those things and not follow through with them. During the summer of 2014 I found my religion again and started going back to church. Anyway I went back to school in the fall and stopped thinking about the chase for a while. But I looked at Dal’s blog and noticed my last name on a couple of your scrapbooks. I thought once again I thought the chest was meant for me in some weird way. Well anyway after a few weeks back at school I feel into a depression and quit once again and stopped going to church and reading the Bible. And since then I have been feeling sorry for my self, being lazy and at 24 I am to old for this pathetic lifestyle. All the time I have been involved in this chase I have just been thinking about gaining money and fame, through books I wanted to write, having documentary people film me search, what I would spend with the loot in the chest ect. It was so sinful and disgusting. I now know that my last name had nothing to do with me in those scrapbooks (Tucker)….that there is no secret clues from Philadelphia involved in this chase, that I am not special…I am just a sinful man looking to get rich quick anyway possible. I do wish to help people out from the inner city though but not through being deceitful trying to get rich from a chest of gold. I am now turning my self towards the City of God, and I am going to find the true treasure in like and that is a love/fear of God…

    I wish you all the best and once again Thank you very much for serviing this country!

    • Clues, that’s too bad. I really liked some of your Philly clues. Try balancing your time between work and home life. Maybe you could come back older with more experience, different outlook on life. You know be someone different. Try it sometime I think you might agree 🙂 Your shadow might try following you, just ignore him he’s the old guy.

      • Thanks Ed.. this weekend will be the last looking on this blog or anything involving the chase for a while though…Maybe if I lived closer or had the money to travel and actually search I would keep doing it but in the mean time I have to put God first in my life and allow him to show me what I am meant to do in this life….

  71. Did you not learn an amazing amount of new information on anything from A – Z you neverwize would have looked up on your own on Google…. It’s like a free college degree without the tuition… Trust me I went to college and I have learned more hear than I ever did there. Please don’t give up… It’s better than smoking weed and a lot more FUN!!!!

    • oh I learned a lot…. I learned about my hometown (Philadelphia and Valley Forge) than I ever did before…. I dont smoke weed anymore and this had been fun but I dont think I am doing it for the right reasons….I am fixed on material things and fame rather than the thrill of the chase…and that is not want F wants nor do I anymore….

    • Yeah Fame is dangerous and I really thought I could become famous through this chase, with writing a book or giving the loot away to poor people…but there are better ways to help people out….my heart is in the wrong place with this chase since day one and I need to move on and put God first in my life for now and focus on long term life goals for myself as I am a little to old now (24) to be sitting online all day at my parents home not accomplishing anything with my life…and I believe this is not a good distraction for me personally…

      • You are wise to put yourself first and I hope that maybe some of the things you have learned from the Chase will help you to live your life with a different focus. I know it has for me. Good Luck to you.

      • cluesfromphilly, it took a lot of courage to tell us about the challenges you have been facing and I admire your intention and willingness to make the changes in your life that will help you realize your goals. It sounds like your parents love you very much and will be there for you as you go forward. Best regards to you and be well.

  72. Regarding the third image, maybe this is some kind of visual puzzle dedicated to Forrest’s wife, whose birthday was just around the corner when this was posted.

    First, list everything you see:


    All begin or end with a P (or a P sound)

    Now look at the capital letters partially blocked by the pen in the first and third lines. If you take the two visible portions, they neatly fit together to make a P. The name on the envelope (as much as you can see) does not really look like an actual person’s name. If (I know this is a big stretch) you decide that the letter after the M is really a little y and not a little r, and if, for example, you assume that the two letters after the U that you can’t see are U-ra, you can rearrange the letters to spell out U R My Cup A Tee, which is well, something a loving gentleman might write to his wife on her birthday.

    Maybe the rest has to do with memories of some romantic time they spent in Provence…


    • Liz,
      Very good observation. I would like to offer a similar observation:
      I asked many to look at the mirror image of the $5 bill to reveal something.

      No one has noticed it yet but since you are in the ball park, how about U hold a mirror up to n that envelope and see what it spells… you are very close by there is more. I guess it is now up to “U” to figure the rest out.
      The Wolf

      • Wolf, I’ve been trying to figure out what you’re explaining here but don’t understand what you are saying about “n” in your sentence. Can you be a little more detailed in your wording? Thanks.

  73. Or maybe we are overthinking it. Maybe he was joking that he missed the important message next to the phone by zeroing in on the twisted cord. Not that OCD is a joke…

    • Definitely agree on us overthinking it. 🙂

      Don’t think he was joking.
      While it is absolutely important to untangle the cord, it is also necessary to prioritize tasks on a list.
      Just because an item is listed further down, does not mean it should not be accomplished before attempting the next task….

  74. “Are you obesessed when I do one letter and it’s “T”..”

    Very venerable 🙂 if you listen good… I.e. 1921=when I do one etc. etc…

    Haha. Sorry I just couldn’t resist 🙂

  75. This is how I see the 3rd photo:
    It is a map of the chest location, the envelop being the specific land area. The folded $5.00 bill with the portion of the number 5 showing looks like a rainbow, as someone has already mentioned. This is a feature on the ground. The partial image of Lincoln represents a log cabin, which is also a feature on the ground to the left of the rainbow. The pen is laid out across the land area to represent a fence around part of the land to form an animal pen, of sorts. (See also the letters “o..venc”, which is similar to “O” fence.) The cap of the pen represents the “O” shaped cap, or rail, on top of the fence.

    Mr. U….Puceet can mean just what it sounds like: You pooh seat, or a toilet bowl. And, of course, there is the reverse, teecup. A teacup and a toilet bowl look very similar. This is also represented on the land area in one specific shape.

    The stamp, shown in the upper right corner is a survey marker with stamped numbers and words on it, with the orientation skewed to fit the actual ground conditions.

    I’m not yet sure what the 1921 means.


    • trigace,

      Interesting opinion on the envelope. I’d like to throw my 2 cants in there (btw, nice analysis). In 1921 a not so significant event occurred, which had an impact on the United States, as a result of certain activities occurring elsewhere.

      The year 1921 and the fact that the stamp displays an American flag, support this opinion.

  76. My two cents:

    Maybe he’s saying that with all of us here on the blog, we have tangled up his poem so badly and that we need to untangle it and start over again by setting priorities to unraveling his poem, i.e, begin it WWWH, and to listen good to his words. There is a right way and a wrong way so if you care about finding the treasure don’t run out of gas. Be forward thinking.

    I have no more cents to spend… the moment.

  77. Got it, the gas that is. Forrest you should be driving an electric vehicle something greener help the environment.

  78. Looking back at the picture with the pen and envelope tells me not to look at what is written but how the pen and 5.00 is laid out 🙂

    Works for me :)?

    • you mean the angles? you can say it amy, go ahead. lol. I have an angle for you. The picture of the man looking up at the moon with the birds. Okay, the big bird, draw a line from the middle of it’s eye, thru the middle of his beak. extend that line, do the same for the small bird. Now, a verticle line where the man’s thumb points to , extend that line (up thru his nose). line, nose I get it, wasn’t trying for that one. Anyway, the angles you just created are important. Lat/Long important. Lol, good luck, centering is kind of tough. But you’ll get the general area.:)

      • Charlie

        You completely lost me with those angles
        Surely it will not be that complicated lol
        I have a General area in mind.

        Going up, around, and back down then straight to it . Lol ha 🙂
        I wish

      • Charlie –

        The axe IS involved – and it’s also in the Lincoln Memorial. I just took the virtual tour of the Memorial and it is well worth doing. Quite amazing – some of the things we learned in school may end up being different.

        The hands of Lincoln and their position and the explanation is something I had not thought about.

        Also there are secrets in the Lincoln Memorial. This has been a fun adventure and also enlightening.

    • Amy, I forget if you’re going to search Colorado or NM but are you saying the layout of the pen and 5.00 fits your area?

      • Yes Romona
        I search Colorado 🙂
        And that layout
        Is how I will travel it goes up, then the pen top goes down, then the $5.00 bill is back where u started and where it’s folded looks like a rainbow is the end.
        I have to figure that one out lol

        I just love this chase 🙂

          • Thank u Ramona
            Good luck to you as well 🙂

            I have taken this chase very very serious. 🙂

          • I know you’re very serious, Amy. That’s why I’m glad you’re searching in Colorado and not New Mexico…where the Treasure is! 🙂

        • So yes the area I will search goes with the poem of what I have solved , and the area does just that 🙂

          I will tell everyone in June how I used my imigination 🙂

          I will put my whole solve out there I hope dal will post it, it will be long 3 years long . Or I might have 7 parts to it you know to be continued solve lol 🙂

  79. Sorry to interrupt, but I am not receiving notifications? Dal, is there anything I should do? I’ll check the boxes again…

    • Ramona
      The adventure is awesome. Although climbing that huge mountain almost killed me 🙂 I walked 5 miles up hill very slowly the altitude and me just didn’t agree with each other. You walk a few steps u sit down and drink your water then u do it all over again and again etc……. I thought I wood never make it to the top, but I did with a little help from above. I had to make it to the top and what I saw was beautiful 🙂
      I will never hike another mountain going up hill again, if I do I will surely have a horse, camel, donkey, etc… To carry me lol 🙂

      It’s all been fun

  80. Well, Forrest, Now that I worked out the incorrect parts of my “solve” as ‘written’ to you as incomplete when my body gave out, I study this SB. Hmmm. Yes, I finally figured out my mistake with the look quickly down part. You made it clear in the phone picture and in the pen picture. And you rather confirmed it with the incorrect writing of the DMV as MVD. It’s all in the ‘D’. And as I mentioned in other posts, I had gotten things out of order due to a hint from the TTOTC book. I straightened out the order of clue and hint. And for “safety” I removed my hints and the book entirely from my “solve” so I can keep things in order like the flatware drawer. Anyway, your SB is like your TTOTC, I see after I figured it out for myself first. I am not sitting around by my little fire; I am on the hunt. I noticed you also like to play games like this with most every encounter be it searchers or media. Some times I laugh about it. I am sorry to hear about your hearing. Other than written words, I wish this blog thing could offer pictures from ASL, I would send you the one for “I love you” for you and yours just like I love my new-found spot.

    • Just to muddy the waters; I agree the twisted telephone cord bring the seeker’s attention to the telephone and what do you do with a telephone? “Dial” it

      What does that pen over the $5 look like? A sun “dial”

      A mirror image of the $5 bill looks like a Bullet (forrest 1935 Plymouth Bullet?) or if that a hint of the name “Bill”

      Mirror image of Mr Puceet (that is a name of no one) is “teacup” a gold term that reminds me of Fenn’s story keeping out of the heather or is “Hathor?”

      “Get Gas” reminds me of Fenn’s hoB question “sure you could and a few searchers might throw in some gas money for a percentage of the take. Good luck.f”

      Bent corner of the $5 bill – Is that a person Bob O’Bill or corner gas? Is the hoB the Transportation hub “Port of Montana?” (Corner Gas intersection of highway 15&90)

      Lincoln memorial on back of $5 and the penny. Penny hot springs and my follow the money theory (See Finding Fenn).

      All that bending and twisting – The king of “Twist” is “Bill” Haley (and the comets) (almost like Fenn’s inspirational Friend Bill Hale) Bend is South Bend, home of the Fighting Irish Football team in Notre Dame (less that 300 miles west of Toledo). How is your French?

      • Wolf, I studied the two pictures more. My interpretations of the upside down bill with a folded side are different. For me the fact that it is money does not matter. The fact that it is upside down does and the folded edge means that going in the wrong direction will lead to a wrong conclusion. This in line with his written words – there are write ways to do things ad there are wrong ways to do things. If I follow one logic, it will lead me to the wrong place. I must follow the right/write way which is given by the pen. There are a lot more things in the pictures and corresponding words – I will wait for a while on those. The write up about the telephone has nothing to do with a telephone; it has to do with getting into a tangled mess and how to avoid such a problem.

  81. So there is more than one way to describe the motor vehicle place; more than one way to use the “D”. It still works for me.

  82. Has anybody really sat and studied scrapbook 107? Mr. Fenn starts out with a photo of a telephone with a message beside it. He talks of UNTANGLE a phone cord. In the next sentence he talks of things JUMBLED.
    In the next sentence he makes the mistake of the word WRITE for right. He ends the sentence with the word STRAIGHT. UNTANGLE, JUMBLED, WRITE, STRAIGHT.
    He then shows from left to right, some Jumbled silverware, Than a photo of the un-jumbled silverware. Meaning that things are jumbled and need to be straightened out.
    Next he shows a LETTER he has written. The whole clue here is the word WRITE. You write with letters to send a letter. HE IS SHOWING YOU THAT LETTER FOR A REASON, LETTERS.
    The telephone and license is just a story to convey the words above that are underlined.
    If you take the main clue here which is WRITE and incorporate his letter with untangle, jumbled, write, straight, What kind of a game do we have that does that? This is his message.

    It is his game, so he gets to pick the meaning of words if there are several meanings

    • MS – I plan to go back and study 107 tomorrow. My tip would be middle fork of a river. Btw I recognize your avatar and have always been curious about that farmer in the painting and significance of the paintings placemt. Do you know the background history?

  83. I don’t think this phone pad SB is as tangled as some of the analyses seem. Some words may need to get dialed into numbers and some numbers dialed into letters. The first thing that jumped out to me was that “location” is in quotes. Then, ‘tangle’ is a commonly used word with hair, & there is that “hair” comment. There is a “wrong one” … which I think would be more commonly said as a “wrong way” in this context. And “two minutes” might be in a latitude notation. I’m guessing there’s a latitude clue in this SB, and also guessing that it’s between Shoshoni and Casper’s (The Long Ride Home).
    That Lincoln Memorial association was clever, thanks Mikes. Memorial = memo + rial and rial is 3 letters of hair… like gas. that’s were my thinking started.

      • Am I wright or write? Whose FLW? Someone named Wright?

        I wonder why my post didn’t get posted among ‘The most recent comments’ list…. that’s funny, if you got it, you must have subscribed to this thread.
        And yep, my ‘were’ was a typo for ‘where’.

        • OK, I googled FLW… Frank Lloyd… did you ever read his story? He had hired a cleaning woman and her husband for his place in Taliesin, Wis. The husband was mentally deranged and killed FLW’s family while he was in Chicago on business, and set fire to Taliesin. Amazing story.

        • OS – I’m just giving out hints – to wright. I know you can figure that one out……

          FLW – is Frank Lloyd Wright –

          No I don’t subscribe – picked it up off the side bar.

          You know – really – no one is placing very much fun INTO their solves – and FF put a lot of fun into what I believe is the right solve. Think about a theme, Interesting things, history and people.

          • When I was a kid, we played the Telephone Game at birthday parties. That was fun. Sorta like posting on this blog … things poorly whispered and wrongly understood.

  84. Into, you’re right, let’s have fun. I may squeeze my middle aged butt thru a poo seat to visit brownstone homes – because FLW is famous for brownstones. Poo and brown stone – must be home of brown!

    Now please help fun-up 1921 Wilderness and Lincoln.

      • Hi Lia –

        I’m not so sure FLW was known for brownstone’s. He was known for his extensive use of wood and masterful use of lighting.

        I don’t know what 1921 Wilderness and Lincoln mean.

  85. I mistakenly posted this on the ‘All about F’ thread, and now move it here, so Goofy can remove it from that thread.

    Though Wright is a phonic association, and FLW a famed architect, the misspelled word in SB 107 was ‘write’, it should have been ‘right’. I think ‘write’ was to direct you to the tricky written word on the memo pad (licenCe a noun or licenSe a verb). In Americanized grammar licenSe does dual service as both a noun and verb. But IMO the misspellings are Fenn’s mis-directions.

    I think the ‘busiest street in town’ refers to the phone’s grid pattern, which is rows and columns like street patterns … and the busiest one on the pad is either the column with the most numbers: 2-5-8-0 . Or the row with the most letters, PQRS—TUV—WXYZ. The column has #5 ($5) in the middle of town, but ‘Copious’ could suggest the larger larger #’s of 7-8-9 in the row. Any how, I think the variables are few enough to be relatively manageable.

    IMO the jumbled silverware gets ordered… pictorially representing another ordered system, like degrees/minutes/seconds of lat/long coordinates. (I misquoted in my first post, I said ‘two minutes’, it is ‘two seconds’.) And the likely latitudes for the TC likely starts with a 4. This all seems so simplistic compared to some other approaches …. But ‘ask a kid’….

    Oh, and a blaze… I like the asterisk / daisy / star.

    And apologies for all my miswrites, misquotes, typos… apparently practice doesn’t make perfect.

      • Maybe you should move your post from the ‘All F’ thread to here. Your post about the envelope/pen edges representing map lines was interesting,

        • Scrapbook 107- “People just don’t understand.” I believe I do.


          Regarding scrapbook 107. What’s intriguing to me is the photo of the envelope, pen, $5 bill and stamp. Those items match my solve perfectly.

          I would bet that the envelope is pointing north from where it sits on his desk. The bottom edge of the envelope represents the seam. The pen and top are canyon peaks, the top edge of the $5 bill is the stream, the small tear is the confluence and the edge of the fold is where the stream leads back up to wwwh. The stamp? Well…


          • Or could he just be having fun with us and be saying, watch and see how many, force fit clues out of this post.

            “People Just Don’t Understand” [ the poem]

            “Don’t you just hate that? Look at it! [ again and again and again ] With copious people wandering by that spot [the location ] you’d think someone would pause for two seconds…” [ and think about the poem ].

            Well, That’s my take on this SB anyways.

          • Seek,

            I’ve never used anything but the poem, a map and a dictionary. I only noticed the scrapbook last week when a discussion arose.


          • Could be, Seeker, but what’s the fun in that? Would Fenn write a pointless SB at all? Didn’t seem there was any unique knowledge or beauty SB107 that he might want to share, and I don’t I think he is the kind of guy that writes the mundane or pointlessly. That’s what makes several of his SB’s so intriguingly specific to the hunt.

  86. I chuckled when I saw the silverware drawer all sorted out because I do that too, all my spoons and forks are nicely nestled and neat. But then I realized he got it wrong, they’re supposed to face the write not the left. I suppose Mr. Fenn is an “over” on the toilet paper when everone knows “under” is the correct way. Sheesh.

    I found a 90 year old man slumped over his wheel in traffic one day at a green light with cars streaming around him. I couldn’t believe people would just drive around him when he might need medical attention. Well, life will get its revenge on young disrespectful people. They’ll be old too one day. That’ll serve ’em.

    Anyway I got out and approached him, knocked on his window, he didn’t respond but fortunately his door was unlocked so I opened it and tapped his shoulder. He woke up, he had fallen asleep. He said he didn’t live far and was fine to drive home, and I told him to call his doctor and tell his family and he said he would and tootled off and then I realized, OF COURSE he’s not going to tell anybody! So I hopped back into my car, followed him home, got his address, called the police and asked them to do a wellness check on him because I wasn’t sure if he lived alone.

    Then I did a reverse address search and found his name, googled around, found his kids, called them, and told them what had happened. His daughter told me that he’s on a lot of meds, and they make him sleepy, and they’ve been trying to get him to stop driving but he won’t. In fact when he has to renew his driver’s license he goes to the DMV and spends a couple of hours there memorizing all the eye charts so he’ll pass the vision test. Oh, and he’s blind in one eye.

    I hope I’m like that when I’m 90! Well, I don’t hope I’m blind in one eye but I like his attitude.

    • Toilet paper over not under. Else your hand rubs the wall every time. Germs transfer. i think I am giving up. Too confusing. Nobody will ever find it. Or they already did.

    • Please see the definition of “spoonerism”. I have posted these thoughts elsewhere, but perhaps it could be more emphasized here.

      Ranomafana, Haute Matsiatra would seem to me to be the intended hint for the clue Ramona Falls “halt”. Ranomafana is Malagasy for “warm waters”. Ramona Falls is named after the book by Helen Hunt Jackson. This is located at the top of Seven Falls in Colorado Springs. One can figuratively get to Ranomafana by following the story of La Buse, his capture on Madagascar, and his similarities to leaving a cryptic set of clues to his alleged treasure. Fenn hints at La Buse and pirates in a scrapbook post titled Black-Crested Buzzard-Eagle (which is supposed to be black-chested, but he keeps doing this on purpose so that people will pick up on it). La Buse is French for “the buzzard”.

      • Penrose. Pew seat. Cornerstone. Will Rogers Shrine of the Sun. He is teaching us to fish.

        Now I’m tyring my own woolly mosques for fishing at the pie of Hully Gully.

          • A feather is a hackle is a hack is a pirate.

            Still with me? I can pretty easily lose (ir, El Paso) people.

      • EC-I was just looking at this possiblity recently. While this may not be a full spoonerism; “my treasures bold”; by moving the first letter of each word to the next you get by measures told. Which better explains every word in the poem as most dont see this line as a clue. There seem to be many other places in the poem where this works too. For example from the apostrophe from there it’s no place for meek= seek no place for them..although this may be messing with the poem. Imo

  87. Some are making fun of this as a red herring… It’s not. There are significant clues here. Important enough to get you to location.


  88. Some have commented on the “tea cup” on letter, but what about reflection in cup next to phone? Looks like hand pointing at something… What do you see?

  89. Did Santa Fe happen to have a Veterans or Armistice day parade? And did any of you happen to attend/know if F maybe was a participant? Just ‘floating’ around a random idea that may shed some light on the nuances here….though admittedly a little slow on the draw almost a year late lol

  90. All –

    If you look at the $5 Bill and the pens as an overall picture, You will notice they form a Swan. I believe this to be one of Mr. Fenn’s unique arts. Does anyone I agree? Does the top picture represent another animal? Still struggling with that silverware… Silverton?


  91. Seeker, it may not be a good idea to conflate Fenn quotes from different posts. I’m not saying “it” does not equate to “treasure,” just that assumptions are probably not a good idea when it comes to working out what FF means. Does the “it” in the poem mean “treasure?” Possibly, but I wouldn’t bank on it…

    • I agree it in the poem might be something totally different to treasure in the poem compared to it in the WW’s…

      The comment of IT in the post is what I was referring to… What else would It be if not the chest? Or any of those WW’s.

  92. write-right,, license-licence,, walmart—I believe there are 2 walmarts in Santa Fe,, why would it be towed there, just curious,,,,

      • I was at one of them on Cerrilos it’s where I bought my folding camp chair to take to Fennboree!!! Unfortunately when I went to unfold it to sit down it was a childs chair!!! I think Iron Will thought that was pretty funny!!! Fortunately there was an adorable kid there with his grandmother that I gave it too… Guess I was a bit distracted while shopping 🙂 Didn’t see the other one but this one was huge!

      • Yes Michael, i googled it, they are located pretty close.I dont think police would tow a car there but who knows,, i believe it was just embellishment.

  93. This SB tells me that FF likes when things are in order and shuns rules and modern technology. (me too!)
    That Colorado is the only one of the search states on a $5 bill has been mentioned. Did you also know that out of the dozens of towns and cities named ‘Florence’ in the US only one of them is in one of the four states? (CO).

    • SL.. The stamp now makes sense. Thanks for reminding me.

      It seems Forrest may have quite a morbid sense of humor. We will see…


      • passenger,

        The Flyer seems to be partial to the Star-Spangled Banner w/fireworks Forever stamp. To say he’s a pure, American Patriot would be a major understatement. I do, however, seem to recall comments about Skippy sustaining ‘firework ‘related injuries?

        If the truth be known; I sense The Flyers aviation accomplishments and related experiences alone, would astonish most.

        Without a doubt.


        • The thick ‘white’ image on the counter top might have an outline within it in the shape of an Indian?

          Beam or Ray?

          I give!


          Doe’s our friend, pdenver, have an opinion of what it might be?

  94. In addition to the State of Colorado, (name) being printed on the back of the $5.00 bill, the Denver Mint *D* might have some relevance as well.

    Penny loafers ring a bell?


  95. To me, this scrapbook depicts the things that someone who is compulsive about order would find irritating. Cap off pen, address written closer left than right, money folded, stamp crooked , address lines not written justified left, silverware drawer not neat and in order, telephone tangled, list of reminders not prioritized by importance. Just saying, these things bug the OCD mind.

    • Fenngshui: add in the intermixing of all caps and upper-and-lower case in the different lines of the “address,” plus who puts shot glasses in a flatware drawer?

    • Or is the SB simply saying you need to use the clues in the intended order? We may read one line consecutively in the poem … but… just like the note renew DL and get gas… maybe get gas should have been the first thing done.

      • And maybe “untangle” sumthin? Amazing that he not only describes, but also illustrates, the Big Picture!

        LOL!! How’s the New Year goin’ fer ya, ol’ yeller??

        (dang, can’t hide nuthin’ from that guy) 🙂

        • Same old same old… been working on a new theory for that last week or so. Something I never thought of, and its a bit of a pickle to think about. I’m not sure who’s / what land may be involved. Hint; it’s defiantly not on private land… but could be a mutual area.

  96. Fenngshui,

    It was the silverware* drawer on the left that got to me; a lot going on there. (Notice the methodical organization of the drawer to the right?).

    I think The Flyer knew exactly where he wanted to have everything in the photos positioned. The direction each item is pointing also very important as s the writing, stamp and the landline cord.

    I’m still scrutinizing this scrapbook, and believe it to be one of the best!


  97. Scrapbook 107 has been so frustrating to me. I don’t want to have to ask Forrest after it’s all over what it meant. I want to solve this too 🙂

    It’s an anagram of sorts hidden under the guise of a story about OCD and his drivers license. The telephone cord represents the initial jumbled source, and he says there is a write(right) way. The flatware drawer represents putting everything in order. So the reader is to write the jumbled in the proper order, hence… an anagram.

    The question then becomes, which is the jumbled source? The notepad sentence by the phone, or the pen envelope scene on the third picture?

    He did this very same thing in Jenny’s Fly me over the Moon Featured Question. He presented a quoted line, then said he was sitting by the phone and the line was out of order (hinting it was a jumbled anagram).
    Here he does that as well at the end… keeping his eye on the telephone lines. Both of these two excerpts make me wonder if each post is an anagram for a phone number to call him. Or is that the hidden “push” to look at the “jumbled” line.

    In the envelope photo, I’m wondering if perhaps the pen and 5 dollar bill are used in such a way to limit the letters used in the anagram. Perhaps anything the pen touches is not to be used. Maybe the folded corner of the bill is to allow only the use of the IVE DOLLARS.

    Well, as I’ve said, I’m frustrated with this one 🙁

    • IW,, also the white streak on the counter top looks like a streak of white shoe polish and the corner turned on the 5 dollar bill being turned down on an upside down bill,,, another oddity of why….

    • Will- I just figured this one out! Took me a while but it works with poem to solve one of the clues! Cancel your search til you can figure this one out, or have great vacation! Imo

    • If his eye is ON the telephone lines, then it’s above something tangled? This may be an important concept that works for me, in a sort of design-that-is-fundamental context. Why? The answer may soon be known. As always, IMO.

      • Tall Andrew – Yes! There are cut off telephone poles all along the Boundary Trail, leading from where the Fennhaven Cabins are to my ‘Eye’ at the ‘keep’ on the ‘S-mile’ on ‘IT’, with the ‘braided’ creeks, twisting along the Madison River, on Forrest’s ‘straight forward’ bike ride. He had to ‘keep an eye on the phone lines’, so as not to run into those poles!

        Keywords from earlier paragraphs above:

        “Don’t you just hate that? Look at it! With copious people wandering by that spot you’d think someone would pause for two seconds and untangle the poor phone cord? Why would anyone stand there talking and twisting the thing in the first place? It’s so jumbled the sound probably gets distorted going through it.

        And that’s not all, there’s always a write way to do something and a wrong one. Maybe I’m just too meticulous, but for me it’s important to keep my priorities straight.”

        IT (the Madison River)
        people wandering by T’HAT spot (t•hat)
        Sound (Sssss Static)
        t’hat’S (t•hat•S)
        there’S (t•here•S)
        IT’S (IT•S)

        Reminder that my vertical rectangle final blaze on my Ponder•O•S•A pine tree means, ‘continue straight’, which could mean a ‘t•cross’ or ‘miss ford’ across the ‘straight’ in the Madison River. Is that what ‘U’ meant, Forrest?

        All IMO.

  98. Did you know that when someone asked Hans Christian Andersen if he was going to write an autobiography he said he already had. He said it was called “The Ugly Duckling”.

    I just learned that from “googling” a moment ago. I truly have learned quite a few unusual things while investigating the poem. It’s been a lot of fun.

  99. Has anyone else noticed in this scrapeback Forrest mentions ” little fire”. Just like the last random words on Jenny’s site.

    What is the little fire?

    • The “little” blaze, maybe? Little, as in small. Something you might have to be right beside or on top of to notice.

      • I hadn’t noticed that when I first read the scrapbook last searching season. Very interesting! Now the snow needs to hurry up and go away!

      • I found several things that work as “blazes”. At least one would not be
        considered little. All part of my opinion.

  100. The light purple half circle on the bent corner of the $5.00 bill reminds my nephew of an older and very popular arcade game called “Pac- Man.”

    The rabbit hole I might have fallen into via the following Link led me to several arenas; Sound Waves, DEP, Cello, Painters, Yodeling, Cowboys, Western Music, Texas, Russia, Canada; the list goes on.


  101. Wow a lot of talk about this SB and the words on the letter. It appears obvious that the items in that last picture posted, to include the words, in this SB are just a further example of those things that irritate Forrest. So, It may not be the words that are important, but their potential left adjusted alignment or lack thereof, as well as a un-capped pen, dog-eared bill, and cock-eyed stamp that are those things that irritate Forrest. And the potential message or “take” from this SB may be to how Forrest likes structure and organization of things. Simplicity and straightforwardness.

    • One problem, Ramona, is that Dal chose *and* positioned the image of the granite stele on that picture, not Forrest.

    • Ramona, It was awesome to meet you at Fennboree. I also agree that SB107 is a map to the treasure…funny how I think it leads you to a spot in New Mexico.

  102. I hope you didn’t have too much trouble finding your car in the Wal-Mart parking lot… Did you ever get your license renewed or have you just been driving at night so the cops don’t catch you 🙂

    • Spallies, you may not believe this, but I was just thinking about this scrapbook and trying to make a connection and decided to check on the blog and see you posted here. 🙂

    • On a side note…in forrests new book Once Upon A While there is a story about the new refurbished Bullet….and how its gas tank read that it had gas when really it didn’t…leaving him out of gas in the middle of town…..

      Personally I think this scrapbook is about that same day….and glad to see ‘Puceet’ getting his $$ to help ease the pain. Lol.

      • I think that’s why he carries the economy size bottle of extra-strength Ibuprofenn with him. (Giggle.)

        • “The Wilderness as a Minority Right”, U.S. Forest Service Bulletin (1928)
          “Forest devastation must stop”, The Nation (1929)
          “The Problem of the Wilderness”, The Scientific Monthly (1930)
          “A Proposed Remedy for Our Forest Illness”, Journal of Forestry (1930)

          “The Bob”, located in Flathead Forest, was created the same year the Wilderness Act became Law in 1964 (+ or – two to twenty Years). The Nature Preserve encompasses a square million acres and is one of the best-preserved ecosystems in the world. “The Bob” is the 5th Largest Ancient Wilderness in the contiguous 48 States. In compliance with the 1964 Wilderness Act, no motorized or mechanical equipment (including bicycles and hang gliders) is permitted. Although camping and fishing are allowed – with proper permit – the area is roadless, and logging and mining are prohibited. There are numerous Forest Service Cabins in The Bob – but only for use by Forest Service personnel. The Bob Complex (which encompasses Bob, Scapegoat, and Great Bear) is a Habitat well known for Grizzly, Lynx, Cougar, Wolf, Black Bear, Moose, Elk and a variety of other birds, mammals, and plants ..

          Stay Out Of The Rockies ‘Till Aprial ..

          Your Welcome,


        • “The sounds of the forest are entirely obliterated by the roar of the motor. The smell of pine needles and flowers and herbs and freshly turned dirt and all the other delicate odors of the forest are drowned in the stench of gasoline. The feeling of wind blowing in the face and of soft ground under foot are all lost.” – Bob Marshall


        • Haha. I’m serious though!! The bullet was shot. This was the second bullet. Two Shot Glasses. Two shot bullets.

          You got to get your priorities straight….theres a write way…

          Peggy shoulda written “Get Gas” on TOP of get license.

          I bet ‘someone’ with the ‘good key’ (better car) is off shopping at Gucci while his car was getting towed to Wal-Mart.

          I’m probabky wrong but I still think Its punny.

          • Who’s responsibility was it to get gas in the first place, whether or not Mrs. Fenn listed it at the very top or not? If he read it, he knew he needed it. As for the rest of the comment, I’ll pass.

      • Jonsey1, like PDenver, you are one I think I’d enjoy knowing. Thank you for your many contributions that have made me think. Thank you and cheers! If ever searching in Colorado, I hope you’ll get my email from Dal.

  103. I think what Forrest is attempting to bring attention to is the fact that he got so caught up in looking at the tangled mess of the phone cord that he didn’t see the note in plain sight. Much like what we are all doing.

  104. #Forrest:

    Just a Reminder: “Don’t forget to Get Gas” ..

    I care too much about you and wouldn’t want you to get stuck in a Santa Fe snow drift with no way to keep Glenn Miller tromboning away on Bullet’s AM Radio, to the tune of “Colorado 6-5000” – we’re not in Transylvania after all – as you patiently wait for some Old John Deere Farmer to chatter along and pull you back up on the biway to Belen, so you can make your way safely to the nearest gas station for a little Benny Goodman ..

    All My Best,

    The Old Copper Penny of Sonora,


  105. I an unrelated exploration, I ran across a film from 1937 called “Storm in a Teacup”. It’s about a woman who can’t afford a license for her dog and the mayor wants it put down. I keep trying to connect it to this SB but can’t quite connect them. Maybe someone else can.

  106. A story worth sharing. I think this may help a few people. I believe the name you are looking for on the envelope is Dorence Atwater. He is the son of Henry Atwater and Catherine Fenn Atwater. He is also the “Wise Man”. This may fit in with an anagram someone else came up with in regard to “Dancing With The Stars”. I’ll leave the rest of my opinions and deciphers for another day.

    Happy Hunting

  107. The phone presets look like:
    Zoe, Kelley, 911, Library(?), FF, Garage, End talk(?), Handheld, Kitchen, Laundry, Redial, All page, Gate speaker, Open gate, Intercom, Intercom 15.

  108. Just made a connection between this Scrapbook and a 12-year-old comment from Forrest in the Buffalo Bill Cody Museum video. It occurs shortly after he talks about all of the best ideas that ever came to him occurring while lying in bed thinking between 7 am and 8 am. Starting around the 38:55 mark he says: “In my early days, I remember I was unreasonable because I … I’d get carried away … I’d get mad at somebody leave the cap off a felt tip pen …” (and other little office annoyances mentioned):

    • Zap hood, do you recall a comment I a video by Fenn that if the treasure was found by accident, that it would be by a fly fisherman looking for a better spot? I swear I saw it a year ago and now cannot find it anywhere. Thanks!

  109. Revisiting older scrapbooks that I think have hints and this one is a doozy.
    Gotta do something til spring.

    • SB 107 ?
      The note writing is more vertical and the letter to Bill is slanted more but I still think Fenn wrote both. The spelling is par for the course.

    • I think the most important thing in this SB is the word “location.”
      It’s the only word in quotes. Maybe he is trying to tell us something.

      • 1921 wildernes (missing the last s) maybe refers to a painting missing the last t. By JEH MacDonald. Maybe one of his other paintings is a clue. (the wild river ~= Cimarron), The little falls =~ the scarp falls on cabin creek,

        You can actually match the shape of the swan to the airfield and taylor creek road near Lincoln Mountain. (well, you need to work at it a bit)

        It’s all a bit of a stretch though.

  110. This scrapbook bothered me for awhile until I realized what it was about and what I think he was trying to say.
    It’s my opinion that these are all things that bother Forrest;
    Caps off of pens
    Corners folded on bills
    Crooked stamps
    Tangled phone cords
    Silverware all Willy-nilly
    I think he was trying to tell us to straighten up and stop twisting things too much because we are making a bigger mess.
    Straight forward, don’t overcomplicate things.
    But what do I know?
    Twist away, folks!

    • Veronica.. that is exactly what I was thinking. He was so preoccupied looking at the tangled cord that he didn’t see the note reminding him to get gas. And what happened.. he ran out of gas. He’s saying the clues are right in your face but you are too preoccupied with things that don’t matter.

    • I like that Veronica, I thought that too, lots of disorganization. I also included the envelope lettering, the mix of uppercase and lowercase is disorganized and bothersome when you’re having a bad day lol. I hope he finally got a cordless phone but I am guessing he probably still keeps his eye on that one ha…

    • I concur. Too much chaos will take you anywhere except where you want to go. You have to know where to start, then place one foot down after another and go straight to the treasure. Simplify, but don’t leave anything out. A fisherman might say, “Don’t let your line get tangled up.” A pilot might tell his children, “Straighten up and fly right.” 😉

      Perhaps that is my difficulty; too much chaos in my mind. That’s why I keep jumping from one solve to another. I need to just cut right to The Chase and go reread a good book a few more times.

      • Ray Henry, I have done that so many times myself. It definitely Gets you back on the right track! When all else fails, re-read the book . Sometimes we can’t see the forest for the trees

    • Agree 100% Veronica.
      Everything was staged by Forrest.
      Just a few small things to add that haven’t been mentioned.
      The piece of paper the note is on is not hooked to the pad below it. Staged.
      The order of the reminders in the note. If get gas was first on the list he would have done that first and not ran out of gas. Do things in order.
      Follow the poem in order. IMO

      • So many people just don’t listen, even if Forrest tells them right out , himself. You have it right Bro.

  111. Two thoughts:

    1) All of the Silver ware is pointing North+East
    2) And “Journal of a Trapper” was edited & republished by Syms-York Company, Inc. 1921


    Allen K.

  112. Hi Brian u: one of the handwritten letters that Forrest sent to Bill Griggs while he was in Vietnam (the one on June 5th, 1968) has script handwriting that is pretty similar to that on the notepad by the phone. Forrest even spelled “license” wrong in the first sentence of that letter, so I think there is strong circumstantial evidence that Forrest (not Peggy) wrote that note.

    Per Dal’s request, here’s a link to the PDF of the letter in question:

    • Thank you for the link, zaphod. I had not seen this before and find the history/story behind the letter interesting.

    • You’re welcome, PDenver! The audio recordings are very interesting as well. I was going to send you the general link to all the letters and audio tapes, but that website is suddenly non-responsive — possibly because a lot of Fenners have been hitting it today?

        • Thank you so much for the link, zaphod. Just reading brief descriptions of each has left me speechless. I imagine him sitting at his bunk, either taping or writing letters to his family and friends from the other side of the world. The one about being homesick left me misty-eyed and a bit choked up. Kind of tugged on the heart strings and couldn’t imagine what he and the others had gone through being away from home.

  113. It’s like a rebus puzzle…the pen pic. There are some definite angles in it..
    Lots of degrees..
    .look at all the lines…where do they cross?
    a pen is a marker…

  114. Trying to verify something. Someone (The wolf I think) posted a ‘private message’ elsewhere about this scrap book insinuating that Mr. Fenn had sent a clue about the last number on the keypad? and that there was a 33% chance of getting it right or something similar. Is that actually something Mr. Fenn posted?

  115. Hi gnossos-p: here is one link that addresses the “Phone Puzzle” that Forrest *probably* sent privately to someone Dal would likely prefer I not mention:

    At the time that The Wolf’s analysis came out, I had come to nearly the same conclusion that he did (and still agree with that conclusion). I don’t happen to agree with Wolf’s ~application~ of the decipherment of this phone puzzle, but I believe he made the correct inferences (e.g. the phone pad, Walmart, and making “all the lines cross in the right spot”). I would also refer searchers to page 15 of TTOTC, and more blatantly to pages 41-43 of OUAW-Revised.

    • Thanks. Probably is better than def-not. My interpretation is completely different, and it only makes sense with the 33% comment included.

      I don’t give a fart about the drama part.

    • gnossos-p: Because of the ambiguity about order of operations when parentheses are absent, there are far more than 3 possible outcomes for the overall expression, so the odds of guessing the right one would not be 33%. But Forrest doesn’t actually say to compute it — it’s a diversion. “If you look at that final number on your phone dial it will give a hint about where the treasure is.” Does he mean 7? Or does he mean 263466787, which has no ones or zeros, and therefore could spell a word or words on a phone keypad. (Example: 263=AND, 46=IN, 67=OR, 87=UP.) But here again, the odds of getting the intended message are less than 33%.

      So I just decided the whole lead-in equation is misdirection; if you ignore it, the text takes on a new meaning: “look at that final number on your phone dial.” Does he mean the zero? Or is he talking about the # symbol? Seems to me like a 50% chance of guessing right rather than 1/3rd.

      • Zaphod, * asterisk may be a veiled reference to New Mexico’s zia – sun burst on NM flag. Stylistically, # looks like RR tracks and a little like telephone lines.

        • asterisk synonyms; virtuoso, headliner, star, star topology, champion, superstar, whiz, maven, ace, sensation, genius, principal, hotshot, lead, adept, wizard….

          The question is… how many of these synonyms has Fenn used or implied over the years… repeatedly?

          • I listen to Forrest’s video’s all the time when I work out at the gym. I really think the asterisk is a major clue.

        • The asterisks and stars turn up a lot in Forrest’s writings. Even innocuous things like Walmart’s logo or the use of jokers (wild card = *) in Canasta. They have been an important element in my solutions for the last couple years.

  116. Someone recently mentioned scavenger hunt.
    Does anyone think the 9 clues could be a scavenger hun on the ground with some sort of physical ground clue at 9 diff locations?

    • Absolutely not. If this were true, those that had figured out the first two clues would have found this “Scavenger note”. If it were there, would you leave it for finder #2 and #3 etc? If taken, this would not make it fair for next finder, this would not have been fair, and seriously doubt that Forrest would have set up such an unfair system. It might not be found for one thousand years… how would that be possible if a series of “Scavenger notes” needed to last that long, undetected, and untarnished or not destroyed? Sorry, doesn’t make sense to me – JDA

      • JDA, ff has stated there are no notes to be found or safety deposit boxes to be searched (paraphrased)

        One scenario I’ve considered…He could have left a $5 bill with serial numbers tacked to a tree stump – near the ground, or something like that. (Not sure if Forrest would consider that also a note, or a dollar bill)?

        I don’t believe he’s conclusively ruled out ground confirmations, or has he ruled that out?

        Dal or anyone know for certain?

        • 42;

          A true scavenger hunt takes you from one note to the next.
          At WWWsH you find a note that has a riddle that tells you how to “Take the canyon down”. Without this note, one could never reach the hoB, or a place NFBTFTW – thus clue #2 could not have been solved had they overlooked Note #1. Sorry, you can not have a true scavenger hunt if you can go to a clue without instruction as to how to get there, or what the next spot is – JMO – JDA

          • Here’s Forrest’s answer when a child asked about a scavenger hunt:


            It wouldn’t have to be a note necessarily but say for example a bronze F was buried at each location. If you find the F that would be confirmation you had the right location and then on to the next. Not sure how to work in the consecutive factor being necessary however. He said take “your” map with you not “a” map so is the poem THE map? If I crafted a treasure hunt I would want to include people from all over the US and maybe beyond, giving everyone a chance to join in the excitement without having to go to the Rockies. Do you know how excited I was when I went to check out the Massasoit statue in my PJ’s hoping for some clue. My daughter waited in the car like Forrest suggested, really because she thought I was totally nuts and didn’t want me embarrassing her!

  117. Revisiting puce (“fleeing” brought me here from p82). Multi-color postage stamp (rather than the cheaper monotone), a monetary token, a black ink pen, a prime (primary) number -13 additive when summing together some somethings, the Japanese translation of “Midori”, or rather “Flourish”, the clever “lucent” of “avaya”, the “silver”ware, the (bird)”lime” of the notepad, the fin of an upside-down $5 bill folded to reflect the shape of a forked blue annulus, a likely Yellow cab, the “marble slab” desktop, the badger blaze of the word “Dachsund”, the “hue and cry” that alerted the “coppers” even without the telephone lines, the asphalt street, the warmth of fire, the conjuring of the Walmart asterisk… seems we meticulously have everything mentioned here for what we are seeking.

    Fun fact: puce is a warm gray, having a hue of 345°. The coordinates in Y’UV are 158, 125, 160.

    • I realized I wasn’t clear on the black-ink-felt-tip-pen-with-the-cap-off allusion. It might suggest watery inks halt and dry up since the ink “saturation” in the felt tip is exposed to air for a long period.

          • EC, even though most paint-by-number drawings use colors, art doesn’t have to have color. Many artists use shades of gray to hide the deeper meaning of their artwork.

            Black and white qualifies as one of those beginning breakfast foods for the soul.

      • I stopped jumping up and down awhile ago because I kept hitting my head on the ceiling. And I didn’t want to fall down a canyon either. Walking the edge is tough and almost impossible. Lonesome too. I guess the trick is finding our unique facets and treasuring them while at the same time never settling for what’s known but always seeking new possibilities for expansion. It’s nothing short of astounding what can be discovered in so many different ways. The only real tragedy is stagnation.

        Mr. Fenn created so much more than the “Thrill of the Chase”. I’m still trying to wrap my head around it. My eyes are as big as saucers like all of you. It’s a lot to take in. Just when I thought the Chase couldn’t get any bigger- it just kept expanding and expanding…I thought for sure it was going to explode. His vision is light years away. We should put his body in a display case (awhile from now) inside the Home and hang a sign that reads: IN CASE OF BLINDAGE – BREAK GLASS.

        That’s where the real credit is due. I just happen to be a good listener. All IMHO

        • Imagine TTOTC without the War chapter… just a memoir/treasure hunt by a rich art dealer & fly fisherman. I don’t think the Chase would have achieved its prominence with out the chapter that give his words & exploits so much credibility.

        • DTakaRS – So true. It’s like one of those paintings you own and look at every day, but new things just continuously reveal themselves. Every time you look you see something else, but the painting remains the same.

          You gotta take your hat off to the man!

  118. I don’t think we can ever give all the credit that’s due. But we can keep trying. As always, IMO.

    • Yes, good point Tall Andrew. I still haven’t actually found that pesky Treasure Chest. Maybe I’ll just let it Rest In Peace forever. I’m tired, and it’s been a long week. Oh wait, the week just started. Here I go again…..

  119. It’s really strange. When I read the first stanza of the poem I hear Judy Garland singing. When I read SB 107 I hear Tchaikovsky. When I read stanza 2 of the poem I hear Handel.

  120. Beethoven? Could be. It’s an old joke, but when someone opened up the vault that Beethoven is buried in they saw him erasing all of his music. When asked why he said “Please don’t bother me, I’m decomposing”.

  121. Wow. That featured question “Fly me to the moon” is very interesting. He just put in a SB with a little girl singing exactly that. Fascinating.

  122. Shouldn’t the clock read 1:00 am, the same time most reminder notes are written? Seems to me it would be a closer step in the right direction. Maybe I’m splitting hairs though… I’ve always beat the alarm. I’ve also got a closet full of irreparables.

  123. As this older SB grabs attention again today…
    I decided to take another look myself.

    IMO The flair pen & folded $5 dollar bill form the shape of a Swan.

    If “wilderness” is part of the address perhaps it’s a reference to wild Trumpeter Swans…
    which are indigenous, year-round residents in Yellowstone & SW Montana.

    Trumpeter swans are winter residents on the Gibbon and small lakes in Yellowstone & the Grayling arm of Hebgen lake. Trumpeter swans are afraid of humans; Human interaction HARMS the nesting/breeding ability of North America’s largest bird. If you search near their home PLEASE leave their habitat undisturbed.

    POEM related:
    Swan “down”
    listen good to trumpeters,
    the answer = “anser“ which is a swan.

    Forrest refers to honking in this SB.

    Possible WYO reference: ‘Newswander’ is in the poem. Newswander canyon is on the Salt River south of Jackson hole, wyo in Lincoln County. Most of Star a Valley/Salt River is privately owned property.

    • Hmmm … you may be on to something, but I see a songbird high in the sky. I think I can hear the first whispers of its song, but I’m not really sure. Gotta think on it.

    • Hello 42. You have a good imagination. I can see what might look like a swan in the photo above. The information given about them is interesting. The first time I saw one was at Swan Lake. Another was on the Firehole River. About three years ago, there were 7 swans floating on the Yellowstone River in Hayden Valley where one can view a wolf pack(s) if one is lucky. Haven’t seen any since then (swans). They’re beautiful creatures.

      • Pdenver, thanks for posting your report about seeing numerous swans. Their elegant presence is rare.

    • Swan’s down is also a flour.
      Been around forever.
      My Grandmother made many a fine cake with it.

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