I Don’t See It…

Below you will see two photos submitted by an anonymous searcher. I thought we could have a discussion about the photo with the blue circle.

This searcher has never commented on this blog as far as my razor sharp memory can recall. Let’s call him “Z”…
So Z sent these two photos to me and insists that in that pile of rock and inside the blue circle, is the chest. Z has indicated some key points on the pic of the chest with what he believes are the same points in the rock pile.

Oh..and another thing. Z says the latch is wrapped in plastic but he can make out the frog and some of the relief work from the side and edges of the chest. I see nothing but rock and more rock.

rotated for the blind 1


The reason the photo is small is because it is a very small area from a much larger photo. Z was just taking pictures of the area when he was at this spot searching. He did not notice the “chest” until he was home and was looking carefully at the photos.

This area is probably covered in snow by now which gives Z a certain amount of anguish.

His question to us is…can we see what he sees???

I cannot…
How about you??


Z has offered us another pic. I don’t know anything about it except that he told me it is from the same general area as the smaller pic. I don’t know if the smaller pic came from this pic or not. If you click on it you can look at it larger.


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      • Gey…There were several emails back and forth as he kept trying to get me to see it and I could not.
        I cannot post his emails. What info are you looking for?

        • The actual words are the perspective in thought. It is just the way I evaluate something that someone had written. You mentioned he indicated… Indicate what? Is there more to what he may have said? But if that is all then all is what I have to work with.

          So far I don’t see anything. It is interesting. Ask him for better pics.

          Anyway, I will keep looking.

          • Gey-
            That’s the only pic there is. It is a very small part of a much larger image. I have not seen the larger image.

            There is nothing more to be shared from our conversation. The rest is all about what others he has shared the image with have said about it.

            Z feels confident that the chest is in that picture. He intends to go back and get it.

            I don’t see any reason for him to risk life and limb in mountain winter conditions to get at that place.

            I do not see it…but if it is there it will still be there in the spring..

          • Gey-
            Absolutely not sent by Forrest. Sent by a long time searcher who I am familiar with. This searcher does not post on this blog. I don’t know about other blogs.

          • looking at the pic again. It is a screen shot of another picture. The lines are distorted like there is artificial intelligence on them or a radar person would say grass.

            The lines on the chest are soft pixels.

            Well back to watching the soap operas.

  1. You gotta be kiddin’ me, right?…Somebody really does have an over active imagination!…

    You can’t be serious Dal!!..

  2. I see a tiger, bear and a baby hippo. Do not see the chest. (i was at the zoo today with grandkids)

  3. Sorry Z I kept a open mind when looking at it but looks like a pile of rocks next to a big pile of rocks.

      • Onuat-
        Z did not see it when he was there. He only saw it in this photo when he returned home and started examining the photos he shot.

        • Dal
          Thanks ..read it after the post..
          Z…Good luck on your next attempt at your solve.
          I did the same thing when in got home from my first ever search and saw a few things that I had missed..I plan to search the same place again in spring.

  4. Wow. I suppose the chest could be there…but only because it’s NOT a Google Earth picture. After all, Forrest did say that Google Earth could help with the clues, but you can’t see the chest because Google Earth “doesn’t go down that far”…therefore, since Z’s photo appears to “go down that far” but it’s NOT a Google Earth photo, by reason, we can conclude that it could be legit. I have used logic like this to get me where I am today.

    Can anybody tell me what day it is? Or where I am? The last thing I remember was seeing 3 bright lights… 🙂

  5. I see what “Z” sees… but, my imagination isn’t as wild. I don’t believe that I see the chest in both photos. I wonder what Z’s solve is. What is it Z believes is the first clue? What is Z’s Brown? What is Z’s blaze? Did Z mention any of his/her solve? My colorblind eyes see red, blue, and stone.

  6. What frog? I wasnt aware there was a frog on the box.
    I dont see anything, and my imagination is pretty good. 🙂

  7. I need to examine the photo closer…Now where did I put my Dick Tracey magnifying glass…dang it, I can find anything without my spectacles. Honey!? do you know where I left my Glasses? What do you mean the last place I “saw” them? You know I can see a dang thing without them. I need to look at some pictures of rocks. Noo, not the ones in my head… In the pic….Oh forget it.

    Ummm errr – let me get back to ya on those pictures.

  8. Yes, I see it. It’s petrified…in the wood. Petrified….meek. Petrifried…hoB.
    Petrifreed…brave. Petrifreeze…cold. Yes, it’s definitely there.

  9. I can make out what looks like the lock… Which is cool.
    Looks like a great lead “Z”

    And what does “Z” represent anyways?
    Black and white?

    Cant be

  10. mr. forrest,I can see the angle,but don’t know if its the treasure or what that is ,but I see more than rock.you are being a stinker again.love ya.sly one.

  11. Question??? Why would the latch be wrapped in plastic and nothing else. I think he needs to go back to get a better look and take something to remove the patina so he can get a better picture. I’m sure some of us have gone back to a location because of a picture that might of been. Although being there for 4+ years it could blend in quite good. Reasonable doubt as an attorney would say.

  12. I have been pondering the end game location attributes with respect to addressing the question…is this where Mr. Fenn would intend to place his body over the chest in preparation for his death? I do not think this location passes mustard.

  13. Really need a better resolution photograph to tell anything. This is like the first photos from mars. I wish Z the best, but all I see is rock.

  14. What if we approach the analysis as if the TC is in fact in the photo. What is it that encases the chest? I cannot tell if it is simply covered with dirt/mud (remember the hidden needle Vignette) or rock shards. Any thoughts in this regard that might give Z some help?

  15. When I first saw picture within in the circle looks like a bear head,
    Then turn your phone and an image not in the circle looks haunted face let me know if u see what I see:)

    Never know the chest could be under all that dirt and rock.

    Let’s give Z Hope 🙂

    • Amy,

      There is another one just to the left of the first…a profile. That would make it “ancestors”

  16. I see what you see Amy. I am always looking for such things. Could be “the ancestor I already know”.

  17. No one is going to find it in a pile of rocks. Reasoning? It can’t be scorched by fire. “Affected by a possible landslide”? Heck, according to “Z”, it’s already under rocks.

    “Possibly affected by wind”? Not probable in its present position.

    “Possibly already wet.” Only option left and the only probability.

    Based on its present position, it’s a no brainer.

    Sorry “Z”, but I have to give it a thumbs down.

  18. In order for any solution to be quantified, it must pass the test of ALL Fenn’s specific comments. Otherwise, it’s a waste of time.

    • GG,

      when will the cheat sheet be updated to include all the purported statements Mr. Fenn has made?

      I pretty try to rely on that and somewhat discount other references although your point is valid.

      • Windsurfer,

        I can only imagine that all Forrest’s comments are being updated by Dal.

        The only way to be truly confident in any location for the chest, is to keep a list and test any solution against it. If even one test fails, then there is a problem somewhere.

        In my opinion and only in my opinion, Forrest never had to leave the comfort of his easy chair in writing this poem. He has every map location in his head. So, if he can create the poem from memory, so can we, with a few tools of our own.

  19. Z left another pic for you Gey…
    I swear I am not playing games with you..
    Z just sent this to me…
    I assume because you asked..
    There was no message other than what I mentioned on the post.

  20. Gey.. I know the picture was sent for you.. But here’s my take on it . I don’t see any rainbows !!! Where does the cold come in to the picture .Is it someplace Forrest would rest his bones all pillowed down and scented in. What is the blaze at this point. What would be the home of brown. why is it no place for the meek. where is the hint of riches new and old??? Last but least what would make it so special to anyone??? It don’t seem like such a marvel gaze. Just Saying IMO

  21. Z-
    Good luck with your search. Thank you for sharing.
    As I was looking at the picture on page 99 of TTOTC – I noticed what looks like a white arrow in the center of the page. It is on the left side of a mountain pointing into a crevice. Is your picture a close-up of this area?

    JB Rhine would have used a yellow circle.

  22. It would not be in an area that an 80 year old man would not be able to go.
    It would be in an area that he might consider leaving his body. At the time he first discoved the place it was isolated. Now the best he could say is that it is a short drive but too far to walk. Does up the side of a cliff fit that description? Follow the canyon DOWN. When you find the blaze look quickly DOWN.

  23. I am going to sleep on it. To me something is bone fishy. Anyway, Looks like a long week ahead. Everyone be safe out there. Watch out for landslides, flash floods and a occasional earthquake.

  24. Oh wait it’s there I see it. If you stare hard enough at your screen a bright light will appear and Forrest will speak to you. The light you should walk towards it, it’s not a train. Head towards the light.

  25. After a 500% enlargement I did notice something looking like a box shape.
    Difficult to make out what it is though. From the tree photo I have to ask “is this a place a 80 year old man would traverse?” Without actually seeing the area it’s hard to say.

  26. Sorry Z, I just don’t see it, not even a little bit. I sure hope you are not fretting about this too much and PLEASE do not risk your safety pursing this.

  27. If you told me there was a sculpture of a happy man looking up at me, at the 11 o’clock position, or an owl looking down, at the 1 o’clock position, I would agree, but I really can’t see a rectangular chest in the photo.

    It’s kind of like the “Face on Mars” when the grey scale image is colorized by degrees of greyness the photo is shown to be an extinct volcano.

  28. Do not see it but maybe a faint outline. Just if Dal posted all of this has Forrest seen this yet? He has not put his two cents worth in , so we will all just have to wait and see. The idea of an 80 year old man climbing here is also to be taken into consideration. He was weak and I do not believe up for the climb. I emailed Mr. Fenn with a location from his latest scrapbook and he did not e-mail be back. I want to go and check this area out in Spring Thaw. It is a reference he has had since the TTOTC Book and makes sense to me. Although lots of things have. Have a good week ya’ll and stay warm….

  29. Any fool honestly looking at this photo, without subjective bias, can clearly see…. the Virgin Mary!

  30. Like Clive Clynick says in one of his metal detecting books, wishful thinking has an effect on what you hear in the headphones.

  31. Waiting for someone to do a hoax photo( a humorous or malicious deception) . Dal should do a contest. I thunk I could up this pic.. 🙁

  32. I see nada, save rocks. Let’s let logic rule. Forrest is 80+ years old. It’s not about whether he could go somewhere or not, it’s about if he might risk breaking his hip in getting there or back. Forrest did not fall off the turnip truck yesterday.

    • Do not be so sure about that, it is ones physical health and condition that dictates what is impossible. Not a persons age, and determination is a big factor as well.

      • You may well be right. I thought the incidence of older people who broke their hip in a given year was higher than the 300,000 out of 40 million over age 65 reported by AARP. Still, the outcome for those who do isn’t good at all as people’s bones weaken with age.

        I’m in my 60s, and do pay more attention to the topography of the land when out in the field. http://www.aarp.org/health/conditions-treatments/info-10-2011/hip-fractures-survival.html

        I’m an outdoors sort, and my mobility means everything to me. Loss of it would directly affect my ability to enjoy life.

  33. I see what he is talking about. I see the points he has drawn lines for reference and no, no alcohol was consumed or harmed in the viewing of this picture 🙂

    I don’t believe it’s the chest, sorry Z

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