John Bullis…

by forrest fenn

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bullisShe called and said, “Hi Forrest, I want you to come down here to my garage sale.” Yeah, sure, she was in San Antonio and I was in Santa Fe. I said, “Josette, wake up, you’re having a nightmare. Did you really ask me to come 619 nautical miles great circle route against the wind just to attend your garage sale? What’re you selling besides tamales?” “Yes, Forrest, it’s because you’re such a class act, and the tamales are delicious. Call me with your ETA and I’ll pick you up at Stinson Field,” and she hung up.

Well, what do you say to a woman like that? Then I remembered her fawn-like brown eyes, and the tone of her complexion that was ardent enough to attract the admiration of even the most indifferent. And she was an old friend, and she was a no-nonsense antique dealer, and she had sold me some nice things in the past, and she did have a “you’d better come along sonny” sound in her voice.

On the way from the airport to her warehouse she explained that she was liquidating the estate of General John Bullis, whose distinguished career was not unknown to me. In 1886, he served with General Nelson A. Miles in his quest to capture Geronimo. Camp Bullis in San Antonio was named for him. I was suddenly so thrilled with Josette that we stopped at McDonald’s and I paid for lunch. I said she could order anything on the menu.

Thirty-minutes and twelve-bucks-fifty later we were looking at the Bullis Collection. In a small box was a letter dated March 12, 1886, from the general to his wife, “…we swept into a large Apache village and captured eight ollas full of grain. I kept a nice woman’s perforator bag for you.” The letter was resting on the bag.


Perforator bag or awl case

In Josette’s quiet and unobtrusive way, she announced that, because the sale had been advertised, she was honor-bound to hold everything until her warehouse opened at 0700 the next morning. The decision displayed the integrity that was idiosyncratic of her nature, and it gave me time to review the inventory and prices. There were Navajo blankets and jewelry, Plains Indian beaded things, two painted buffalo robes, a nice Tesuque dance kilt, some Hopi pottery, and lots of other stuff I liked.

That night Josette prepared a wonderful meal for me and her family, and the dessert was bread pudding; my all-time favorite.

At 07:01 the next morning I handed Josette a check for the entire garage sale. She agreed to pack everything in a U-Haul and deliver it to my gallery in Santa Fe. I felt good because her commission was 40% from the estate, plus expenses, and another free meal from me.

This time we dined at the Bull Ring and I hinted that she should have another burger. When she started ordering, my sense of frugality dwindled, then vanished as my wallet slid rapidly into the dark abyss of commitment. It was like the rattling of tea cups before an earthquake. “To start I’ll have a glass of 2005 Valandraud, St-Emilion, and then for dinner, a cobb salad, prime rib end-cut au jus with horseradish, potatoes au gratin, and sweet crepes.” And she had to have crème brulee for dessert. Then of course she needed an expensive French liqueur “to freshen my palate.” I had a lettuce salad without dressing.

That blew my budget pretty quick, but she did promise to call me again, and she was great company, and she did me a couple of important favors, and she did help me resell some of the things she sold me. So I guess it was okay. Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and carry on. f

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  1. These old western and native American articles are just so great ! I find myself just staring at the photos wondering the who, what, when, where, why about each. To hold such objects, pretty darned special… Thanks again Forrest. The stories leading up to the subject always have a down to earth twist that is really appealing. There’s nothing like easy reading !

    • “hinted that she should have another burger” took me a few minutes to catch that one

  2. Forrest your writing skills are blooming.. It’s almost time for a Christmas tale. Funny 🙂

  3. Forrest your killing me. What a story! The effort you put into this chase is crazy. Im not sure we are giving you equal effort in return.

    • I agree with Ed.

      These posts from Fenn are simply amazing. If he is able to architect these intricate posts so quickly, can you imagine how complex the poem really is knowing that he spent years on it?

      We searchers are simply no match for this incredible mind, IMHO.

      • Hi Milan,

        Great insight. I think the biggest unknown in this chase is when and where Mr. Fenn’s brilliance actually ends…and that concerns me. LOL.

      • Perhaps someone will agree with me when I agree with both Ed and Milan. I think Forrest and I have some similar tastes, though. I eat at McDonald’s quite frequently. I can’t afford not to. 🙂

        I do enjoy these “nuggets” that Forrest shares…especially with the ones with “hot mustard”…so to speak.

    • Ed, With all due respect, speak for yourself. My effort may not be equal to Forrest’s, but I’m giving it all I’ve got! German Guy encouraged me to finish the race sliding in sideways yelling, “Holy $#*!, what a ride.” and I plan to do it. Kidding with you, but seriously, I don’t have much in the reserve tank left to give. You should see the mountains I’ve climbed and my mountain of research. I’ve worked harder in one year than I did in all 4 yrs. of college

      • Thats good to hear. I’ve only ever been to one area and I like it a whole lot. Everytime I go back I like it more. I may have to go and expire there myself before Forrest does just because he discovered it first doesn’t mean he can claim it besides the ancients were there before him.

        • Oh Ed, I just noticed your post. Absolutely no plans to expire are allowed. Live with a hope for eternity!

  4. Forrest I’m your biggest fan but you had to be a terrible art dealer cause you kept everything. 🙂

    • William, I think being a great art dealer allowed him to collect and keep the antiquities he really loves.

      I get a such a kick out of Forrest’s stories. He’s dealt with some real characters over the years.

      The perforator bag is beautifully made. Is that a sharpening stone dangling; and what purpose does the coin serve?

      • He always seems to get out of paying for the shipping??? Maybe thats where he makes his profit???

        • Forrest, if you are still on line, I officially offer to pay all shipping costs for the treasure chest! Just tell me where it’s at and I’ll ship it directly to you 🙂 Homemade bread pudding and dinner included if you decide to pick it up at my house. I’ll even wear Will’s blonde wig.

      • Games are for idiots. He came out on top because he bought the game out.

        He’s a great market treasure hunter. It is naught I It is naught! When the buyer goes away he praises his great buy.

        Wonder if he has ever found a lost meteorite? Solved a armchair treasure hunt? Dug up a buried treasure?

        All I’m seeing are market finds.

        Just because some of us haven’t written books or posted on social media sites or had gallery parties doesn’t mean they have never had any achievements.

        Then he acknowledges people are close yet at the same time let them burn:)

        We’ll just keep playing the game Fenn where at “She”

        Your out of a license it goes to be really interesting to see how you know about the status of the chest?

        It’s getting more and more out of your hands……….:)


          • I’s his treasure hunt:)

            No rules and we can play it any way we ant to……..

            Love to beat him and everyone else twice:)

          • Will You have to be on a wagon to fall off a wagon.

            Just tired of the respect everyone gives to Fenn and the disrespect they give to everyone else.

            He plays it where they can and do just that.

            Done with that Forum board Will.

            People who have never treasure hunted before can slam you for posting the things you did in the field?

            NO………..Have my own Blog and don’t come out it disrespecting me

            Done this for 20 years and have a lot of achievements.

            Don’t tell me to tone it down.

          • Rick you remind of a school kid that wants to be patted on the back but I think you are taking it way to personal and just maybe you need to take time off.
            There is no members shirts to hand out of company logos here, we all come from different walks of life and each of us has our own quality in the chase. If you don’t like the song change the station

          • Whatever Will I’m done here to. So this issue is resolved……….

            Miserable from others and Fenn ……..

            Rather be alone and happy……….

        • Rick, I don’t for a Santa Fe minute think ttotc game is getting out of Fenn’s hands. His poem and lifestyle suggest he brilliantly planned for everything, even the unexpected – which he would love, because it throws in a new challege to solve midstream.

        • Nobody is forced to play this “game”, right?

          We all get to decide for ourselves whether this guy is toying with us or is truly offering us an adventure of a lifetime. I choose the latter.

          At the very least, enjoy the Rockies!

        • There once was a little girl. She was so shy that she hardly ever spoke.
          But, she dreamed.

          She dreamed of doing big things, like riding a horse through an ancient Sylvan forest with bow and arrows on her back, and when confronted by the enemy, she totally blasted them away with her almost magical archery skills and horsemanship.

          She dreamed of going on grand adventures in search of treasure.
          She dreamed of befriending dragons.

          Yet, at school, she could not talk to a teacher without tears welling up in her eyes.

          Today, that girl is me. I can look you in the eye. I can debate with you until you want to stick your head in the ground to escape from looking stupid. I can probably outrun you. I know how to box. I’ve raced trucks with the boys…and won.

          And I’ve been out to search for treasure in the wilderness…and found it.

          I’m not bragging. I imagine everyone here has overcome difficulty and achieved great things. I’m just saying that you can’t judge someone when you don’t know their motivations or reasons for doing something.

          The treasure hunt is like that. We are humans–fallible creatures in a world that will rip out a piece of your soul with each missed step you take.

          But, I also believe we are all dreamers. We are thinkers. We believe, or we wouldn’t be here.

          And everyone has the potential to overcome. I’m the perfect example.

          I believe that Mr. Fenn hid that treasure because he wanted to leave a legacy, and possibly for a more personal reason that may be written on that tiny autobiography.

          The legacy I believe he wants to leave is one of unity and brotherhood. Of people coming together, building one another up instead of ripping them apart and tearing them down.

          I understand it’s frustrating when you pour a ton of effort and money into something only to come up empty-handed.

          But no one is forced to spend their rent money to find the chest. It’s not on Forrest to take any blame for the decisions we make. I don’t believe he wants anyone to “burn.” But he’s given us the clues. He’s given us enough. It isn’t his fault that we can’t figure it out.

          This is a free country, and everyone can say what is on their minds.

          I don’t pretend to know anyone’s motives, their struggles, their inner thoughts.

          But bitterness and resentment displayed by blaming someone else for your decisions reveals a life lived on the dark side of a mountain.

          Personally, I choose to live in the sun.

          That chest is out there.

          • Mindy, I like how you look at life and how you express yourself. Very glad to be sharing in this search with you.

          • Mindy, I love what you had to say and especially the following lines.

            “The treasure hunt is like that. We are humans–fallible creatures in a world that will rip out a piece of your soul with each missed step you take.

            But, I also believe we are all dreamers. We are thinkers. We believe, or we wouldn’t be here.”

            Thanks, from someone who also chooses to live in the sun.

          • Mindy, I’m pleased to know a fellow dreamer through ttotc. You express yourself in a warm, fun & caring way. You matter!!

          • Thank you, Lia! I think dreamers are the sparks that keep the world filled with light. Think CS Lewis, Tolkien, etc…
            Who among us would not like to live in a Honbits house?
            Who among us wouldn’t want to explore Narmia and perhaps even ride on Aslan’s back?

        • It’s Windy Night….The cold front moves in, with high gust and dropping temperature. UN-relentless activity is to be expected. Calling this storm…Full of itself.

          Just wish the wagon had a reverse lever….Thump – Dang did I hit something?

        • Ah so another brings frustration to the table.
          Let me share a little something with you Rick.
          I am almost 60. During weather changes I am basically confined to my chair due to pain levels which no man , woman or child should have to endure.

          When I can I come here and read about the hunts and about what Forrest posts.
          I enjoy all of this. Yeah I am working on the poem.
          Will I figure it out? That remains to be seen.

          Keep in mind this is Forrests game and his rules.
          You really someone here gives a rats bass couse you come here and post your frustration?
          All I can say is way to go with your how not win friends and influence people. You are very successful, so type up a certificate for your wall.

          I visit many blogs and if the rant you posted here is an example of posts there I now know not to waste my time. Thank you so much for alerting me.

          Hope you have great success in all of your endeavors.

          Happy holidays

  5. If I was planning on attending that garage sale Forrest, I would have been mad at you for buying all the stuff and I to show up and get nothing after all my dreaming.

  6. I haven’t heard of or maybe I just don’t recall General John Bullis, so after my Coffee Brake…I’ll need to look the gentleman up. The Perforator bag or awl case, with a little imagination looks similar to Fenns ornament. I wonder what this item was used for? I guess I’ll have to look that up as well.

    I also agree with ED’s comment; “Forrest your killing me. What a story! The effort you put into this chase is crazy.
    Im not sure we are giving you equal effort in return.”

  7. Mr. Fenn,

    I think your frugal self had your priorities backwards. You should have went to the expensive restaurant first and McDonald’s after you spent who knows how much money on a whole warehouse full of collectibles!

    They opened a new McDonald’s that happens to be on my way home from work. I try to drive 619 nautical miles in a great circle around it, but the clown’s bright red hair and creepy smile are always “beaconing” me to stop for an M&M McFlurry. So, I do. 🙂

  8. Forrest, you old sly hound dog, I guess you put lots of clues in today and just wrote a true story around them. I love the Indian Owl pouch and love all of your finds. They are beautiful!!! Hope ya’lls “Thanksgiving is wonderful and you and yours have a Blessed Thankful Day. We all see you as our great story teller and can not wait for another of your great tales. I am part Choctaw my great grandmother on my Mama’s side was half Choctaw and she smoked a pipe and could out fish and hunt the men. I never met her but my Mama did. How awesome. Heritage is truly all we ever have and it should be passed down with great tales and lots of old things but of course much respect and careful handling of our customs and people. On my Daddy’s side we are Irish and My Uncle Tom Many, many years ago went to Ireland and got to see our Family Crest. Keepsakes and our traditions let us look to the past and help shape our futures. We know where we came from and know where we are going it just helps to have a few precious items along the way to remind us we are proud Choctaws and true bloody Irish with lots of strength and determination to fight and stay ahead of the game with what this nation and yes even world throws at us. We Honor the Dead and praise our God and look to him to guide us through to the Golden River on the other side one day to be reunited with our loved ones and Go to that great home in the sky…….. Heritage is A BEAUTIFUL WORD….

    • I meant to put (Awl Pouch); it is wonderful !!! My Uncle R. F. the retired preacher who had an Antique shop, had a lot of Native items and still has some for his private keepsakes. Keep the tales coming and give us more “Subtle” clues though right now yes,Jdiggins, Seeker and many others; they just continue to go right over most of our heads. Hurry up and tell some more tales of telling tales to tell us the tale of the Treasure Chest Tales so we can tell if we can tell you the location where we might find this tale of the Chest tales ourselves.

  9. The Bull Ring drained my wallet once. Only take once and you’re taking out a line of credit. Great story about Josette, she sounds like a sharpie.

    • She may be a sharpie in business, but what happened to southern manners? My parents taught me: 1. wait until others had ordered and to make a selection accoringly. 2. Never pick the most expensive place when someone else is paying.
      3. Always give your guests your best.

  10. Hi all, Just heard about this treasure hunt. Starting investigating a little and ended up here. So is this the real deal?

    • @ Volltick – we all believe it’s the real deal. Welcome! If it’s not the real deal, its a blast anyway.

  11. Hey, isn’t today Miss Peggy’s Real Birthday? I believe it is. Happy B-Day Peggy Fenn. Make Forrest take you out for an expensive supper and take you to a movie or how about dancing? You two both deserve it. How old are you now? 21 and holding on with all your might? Have a Happy day and just enjoy yourself and pamper yourself, let Forrest take care of you!!!!!!

    • True that, Spallies. An average wife has to ignore and tolerate a LOT from an average husband…but Peggy and Forrest are not your average married couple. How long have they been together? Just think how much Peggy has to tolerate!

      I’ll bet that Forrest would tell everyone that Peggy keeps him grounded…but hopefully that’s only grounded from playing with friends or video games for a few days at a time. It’s obvious to me that Peggy never grounded Forrest from writing. She probably lets him do that because…in her mind…it’s good creative exercise for him.

      Happy Birthday, Peggy!

      (Don’t let Forrest take you to McDonald’s)

  12. Wow,
    The history and beauty of that awl case, makes me wonder what happened to lovely lady that made it.
    Did she go to mexico,did she end up on reservation or worse?
    Thank you F for sharing,

  13. This story lacks credibility. I mean, in what restaurant do they sell 2005 Valandraud by the glass?! Ha!

    • Spoon, I was lucky once in life to enjoy lunch in the village of St. Emilion, in the Langudoc region of France. Some of the finest wines originate there and would not be sold by the glass. I brought home a bottle 15 years ago as a keepsake.

      Trying to figure out the story within the story. Is Forrest diabetic? And what is the great circle route? Apparently I need a stronger cuppa coffee to wake up the brain cells.

  14. He sold his gallery in 1988, so what restaurant in 1988 or earlier would have sold 2005 Valandraud might be a more interesting question.

    • Maybe the moral of the story is

      No matter how fun, and impressive the tale…
      It still could be a line of Bullis..

      So hang in and hang on cause it can get deep!

      I love Forrest ‘ stories!

    • Ha! I was wondering if anyone would notice that Dave. It does seem the Bullis is getting deep around here…….I’m not a wine connoisseur so I looked up the price of 2005 Valandraud, St-Emilion; it runs between two and four hundred dollars per bottle. Imagine how much it cost to get a bottle from the future. 🙂

      • I was wondering more about liquidating the estate of someone whom died about 100 years ago. Since Bullis had a daughter that died in 1973, I am guessing that she actually had the estate, so I am wondering if it was in the mid to late ’70’s when all this took place.

        • I keep waiting on the Mystic Club to weigh in on all the hints here. Great Circle route is one. He described her complexion as ardent. I thought it was odd to call her complexion enthusiastic so I looked up ardent; the archaic literary meaning is burning; glowing. The ardent blaze?

          OMG!!! I think I’ve joined the Fenn Mystic Club…….I going to remain calm and step away from the keyboard now.

          • And don’t forget the numbers. I think I can rearrange them to equal every major highway in America…..oh wait…I think I found pi secreted in there.

          • I’m having a hard time concentrating these days, daydreaming and such. Glad there are a few good men and women providing translations! Can’t believe I missed the dates.

      • As we know, fine wines are getting more expensive with age, therefore for a bottle from the future you’re probably get paid to buy it 😉

      • Did I miss something? Who said the garage sale was before he sold the gallery? I think he has enough money from book sales to still purchase good finds!!

  15. Forrest, Did you really go to McDonalds? I am not able to look for the treasure now, but this past week, I found $5,000 worth of treasures for $17 at a Yard Sale! One piece an incredible Indian made conch belt. Which is listed on line for $ 2500. I am so happy…..I Love deals! Love your stories! Thanks for being born!
    Lou Lee Chased by Brown Bears in Jellystone Park!

  16. I’m not sure if this was intentional, or a hint perhaps – but the great circle distance from Stinson Field to Santa Fe airport is actually 619 statute miles, not nautical miles.

    Just thought I’d share that little tidbit.

    • You are correct in your calculations, Milan.
      He must have been thinking of another “great circle” when he was writing…..hmmmm, wonder what it coulda been?

        • How about Stonehenge? This brings a thought to mind, that some or all of the clues may not be in the Rocky Mountains. Could it be that the clues refer to another part of the world and just have meaning to a spot in the Rockies? Two Points that bring you full circle? or around the world.

          That would be a twist….and maybe why just a “few” got the some clues correct, but didn’t understand the significance of where they were.

          That would be thinking out of the box and looking at the big picture….

          • Yes seeker,

            And who was it that shot down the Red Barron? Was it not a Canadian named Brown. Could be wrong, my ancient memory not so good and I did not bother to google it.

          • Ok I See, a different line of thinking. But that is what I mean. Thinking differently to what we have been.


            A few got the first two clues correct….
            No US history needed.
            Comprehensive knowledge of geography.
            GE / Good map.
            even TTOTC takes the reader to other parts of the world.

            The only thing we know for a fact is, the chest is in the Rocky Mountains.

    • Yes only about 525 NM as the crow flys and as far as I Have Seen the Wind normally blows from the northwest, but Who really knows? So that would have been a tailwind flying down there.

      • I am really sorry to have to do this since Mr. Fenn says (paraphrase) knowledge of Bible verses won’t help you. So take it with a Grain of salt, sand or Rye :

        Since he purposely hinted the mileage 619 incorrect and mentioned nautical, the verse John 6:19 from the King James says:
        “So when they had rowed about five and twenty or thirty furlongs, they see Jesus walking on the sea, and drawing nigh unto the ship: and they were afraid.”

        Gosh that does sound familiar to a certain poem I have heard before, but eye just can’t quite put my foot on it; and for some reason the verse prefacing it sparks memories from my childhood, …
        The Wolf

    • Toby, that circle map shows 620 miles from Santa Fe to my city. Forrest, If you and Peggy receive search visitors, I’m driving to Santa Fe this spring to thank you for the adventure

    • Happy Birthday, Peggy. May God Bless You with Even MORE birthdays than the ones He was going to give you after Onuat asked Him to bless you with with more birthdays. I mean that sincerely.

  17. Firstly, a wonderful birthday wish to the beautiful lady with gracious smile, Peggy Fenn. May your smile be contagious this day.
    Next, f, you leave me with nearly nothing to say. You have repetedly told searchers where to search and what they are looking for. My big ears work well, but I also believe that a person without ears could hear you. The blind could see the blaze. Am I amazed by your ability to hide small treasures in front of onlookers and have them not see it? Astoundingly, yes. Maybe the obvious is only apparrant when you blur your focus and relax your gaze when it comes to searching for treasures.
    I never would have guessed that an awl could be a treasured item, but then again, I have not yet toiled with raw hide.
    Lastly, the choice has been made to not subscribe to the comments on the posts/scrapbooks. Having to go through over three hundred emails per day can get overwhelming when you have to work all day along with three hours of commuting and all of life’s other daily activities (which includes research and treasure hunting). Sure, I could be wrong with my solve, but everything I hear matches with what I see. Many seearchers do not have ears nor eyes… yet they whisper. I will not listen to the whispers of men with no ears and no eyes. You would have been a good baseball player, f, because you throw some fine curve balls. Thanks to any brazen individual who may have guided you away from that game. Ok, this is becoming one of those comments that bore me. I think I will watch someone who, in character, reminds me of Forrest… A. Fonzarelli. Yes, Henry W.
    F, do something to make Peggy smile for her birthday and if she will let you, take a photo and post it, please… with a cherry on top… and whipped cream.

  18. Fine words by the husband of a beautiful lady, Happy Birthday to Peggy Fenn and may she have many more! Good advice too, some times the only option is to carry on. Keep your eye on the ball Mr. Fenn, for Peggy is a rare find. Hope you both enjoy your day! I just need to find some Advil so I can carry on, lol

  19. Thanks for introducing me to another historical character and a new word, “ollas”. I always learn new things from your scrapbooks and vignettes. Beautiful awl case. Is it Apache and if it is, do you have an Apache awl to go with it?

    Happy Birthday to your beautiful bride Peggy. She sure deserves a nice dinner out, maybe at Geronimo’s! 🙂

    • Yes Thank you I never knew that Ollas was the term for that type of pottery… I also looked Apache Awl, took me a little bit before I got it right, it kept trying to send me to Apache Anti-Spam software…

  20. Maybe the great circle of water starts at the “going to the sun road” and Mcdonalds (lake) is on the west side of the road and everybody thinks that browns overlook is a secret? Or maybe nobody’s been out that way…because the diaglossia gets really intense 😉 lol

    • The code ppl as well can anagram diglossia with new and old to get ‘wild goose island’ (from a jumble of text made from a blazed pie) which, incidentally, happens to be the opening scene of ‘The Shining’…unfortunately one would not be above 5,000 feet at that point…and there’s no chest there..blasphemy!

  21. I was dared by Mr. Fenn to show my true self and not hide behind my Halloween costume. So…this is me. Taken a couple of years ago after a haircut. I’m a little older now, have longer hair, a couple wrinkles, but still look pretty much the same. 🙂

    • I am not so sure Mindy. I have been doing some serious forensics using dental techniques on your pretty smile to see if I can get a match. Let me see if I have this straight…well maybe not as straight as your teeth.

      a. military
      b. editor
      c. orthopedic surgeons office
      d. San Lazaro wannabe digger

      How’s that? 🙂 oh, joy my first smile!

      • I am 44 or 45 years old. My two front teeth are crowns after an unfortunate accident with a basketball. The picture was taken after I was 40. 🙂

      • And Wind, you’ve got me down perfectly! Before I was an editor, I was a writer. I have a story in Chicken Soup for the Preteen Soul 2, and I have written 7 or 8 very stupid novels under a pen name. I also used to write non-fiction magazine articles for a Christian magazine called The Lookout.
        However, the medical field is probably where I’m meant to be, even though I do want to write a children’s book one day. 🙂

        • Hi Mindy,

          I like that you go after your dreams. Remember, sometimes life’s Bears can pressure you into taking a different path. And at times the Queen needs to retreat a little to protect the Bishop who is guarding the King. These choices in life can be difficult and you always need to make sure life is not just giving you the old rope-a-dope. I always carry a Subway sandwich because you never know when some free advertising may help someone out. Oh, be careful though when eating that Subway in the vicinity of a bear…they can be tricky.

          Oh did I say dope? I need to head off down to the Green Mile on South Broadway to stock up…

          Anyway MIndy, Chase on…and sweet dreaming.

          Best wishes upon your star.

          • Wind, I only have the vaguest idea of what you meant there. Lol.
            But yes, I know…I’ve been strung along at times in the past, and I’m thankful that I did retreat before it was too late.
            I’m definitely trying to be much wiser nowadays. I’m definitely more aware of the dangers out there,
            Thank you–I really appreciate all your comments and wise insights. 🙂

    • You’re a beautiful lady Miss Mindy…….Glad to know that’s your “real” picture. When I saw your picture I wondered if you were a real estate agent; that smile could sell sand on the Sahara.

      But then, if you were a real estate agent that picture would be forty years old and you would make the wicked witch of the west look like a prom queen in the real world.

  22. Is the round disc with the attached chain part of the perforator bag? Also does anyone see an image in the small disc to the left on the chain?

    • I was wondering about that,too. The other thing I noticed is the awl is made of metal.Didn,t they use bone in those days.

    • BW, that’s an American dime dated 1858. Sorry the photo is not better. The stone is a piece of flint what was used to strike against metal to cause a spark. That’s one way they built fires before the match was invented. f

      • 🙂 I hope Peggy had a wonderful birthday, you lavished her with attention and love didnt you?

        So many things to research. Wonder how much we would have paid for this class?

        Thank you Forrest for sharing with us. 🙂

    • I wonder if the large disc and chain is not part of the bag and Mr. Fenn said “the letter was on top of the bag” what would the letter “V” stand for?

  23. mr. forrest,my goodness are you full of bull s- – t today.I just love the way you put your are so tricky.sly.crafty,ohhhhhhhhhh so get me everytime. time to let the bull out of the fence.keep them coming you to pieces.all in fun.

    • Jamie,
      You have that edgy look that I really like. Beautiful! Thanks for posting your pic with me!
      And no, guys, I am single, but I am not a lesbian.

    • C’mon now…you can’t tell me I’m the only one that believes The Neverending story is actually historical non-fiction 🙂 I was raised that when in doubt “jump high and to the right”…and never look back 😉

    • Maybe someday we will all come out from behind our masks, that would be nice, but not holding my breath until then.

        • Can somebody here please get Mindy a modelling job??

          My God! It’s almost 6:00 here, and I still haven’t gotten anything done today………

          I’m happily married, but I heard Seeker is single!!

          • Jason, the last thing I need is a modeling job. You’d understand if you saw me try to run. I’m like an epileptic giraffe on land, but like a dolphin in water.
            Waaaayyyy to clumsy to be a model. And also way too much of a Saskwatch Amazon, too (size 11) feet.
            I’m learning to box to try and combat that clumsiness!

          • “I’m like an epileptic giraffe on land”

            That is one of the funniest metaphors I have heard in a while, thanks for the laugh.

          • To assuage your concerns, I was in the modeling studio for once. The first model I seen I thought was a mannequin. They do not move, or at least the ones I seen did not move. Seemed like a well paying, albeit boring job.

  24. john bullis was stationed in santa fe for awhile,imagine that. I know fort sam Houston very well. I lived in san Antonio for 6 and a half years before coming to husband is a a we live in cold Colorado.brrrrr.john bullis was a great

  25. Well, miles of bull is what I’m calling this one. A John Bullis and a Bull Ring restaurant. The quotation marks are interesting to note. Entrance, similar to ‘Prehistoric thoughts’

    soldier’ ‘s all

    tamales?” “Yes

    I recall somewhere he talked about U-haul. Something like you won’t ever see a U-haul pulling a coffin?

    Isn’t wine mentioned in the book too. My mind is blurry right now.

    • To my knowledge, there is no Bull Ring Restaurant in San Antonio, but there is one in Santa FE. Does anyone really think these stories are to be taken 100%completely literally? We need to apply the 85% – 15% truth rule here don’t you think? Maybe even 50% – 50% – remember to look for the aberrations! 🙂

  26. Happy Birthday Peggy, May you and Forrest share many more.

    Thank you Forrest for sharing yet another interesting piece of native american art work. Such care went into it’s construction, the detail of it’s design.
    Reminds me of your poem and book TTOTC…..

    Ummmm a book title popped into my head…BY Design, The Collected stories of Forrest Fenn…… Nahhhh Back to thinking about the Chest.

  27. One more thing. You have a V and the tool on left is upside down like the $5 dollar bill telling us SW again. Got that Goofy.

    • Hi Mindy,

      As usual, I think you are correct. I think this post is all about the Golden Arches. Ah, and of course the ever present CE5 because it is on the chest.

  28. Very interesting story Forrest! I’m always intrigued by the connections you had and the amazing items you acquired. Out of all of the items from the garage sale, did you have a favorite?

  29. Because ff remembers how much he paid for a lunch and exactly what someone ordered for dinner, I have to wonder about the accuracy of a story like this. I can’t remember what I had for breakfast!

    Yet, it is interesting to have a little insight as to how he assembled such a vast and rich collection of artifacts.

    It also seemed like a time that Forrest and Dal both communicated with regularity and that must have been a fun time period to be in the Chase.

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