Scrapbook One Hundred Nine…





Here’s another volume in our library. It was written by two friends of mine who are among the most important players in the intriguing world of paleoarchaeology.


A few special copies were made just to keep for fun.


The Clovis point embedded in this padded leather binding is a reproduction of Big Red, which is made of jasper from the Bighorn Mountains in northern Wyoming. It has faint traces of hematite on its surface, and may be the finest of its kind yet unearthed. The person who made the projectile lived in ice-colored surroundings, possibly 12,000 years ago.


I like to put things in my books that relate to the subject. In this case it’s mammoth hair resting on the first page, which is a very thin slice of tree bark. The original 113 ink drawings that illustrate the book are pocketed at the left.

When I first clutched Big Red, and closed my eyes, I envisioned a long-haired, severely whiskered man sitting on a log knapping a Clovis point. Perhaps his name was Hothgar. The mountain winds moaned and wailed at his loins as he toiled. His small clan of wanderers stood anxiously by as a group of giant mammoths grazed in the distant view.

When the point was completed, and hafted, Hothgar stalked a calf that had strayed from the herd and with a mighty throw, his Clovis spear point penetrated the 2,000 pound body of his prey.


The hunter quickly retreated to the safety of a nearby cottonwood knot and waited. As the herd ambled on, Hothgar and his tribe followed, for perhaps a week or more, until the young animal succumbed to its wound. At last the nomadic family ate. And after a few weeks Hothgar again sat on a log and began to knap.


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    • ……..History is being changed everyday……..
      Generally history is written by the winner. So, when I read about a culture I look at every single part of their life and try to understand what they felt at that very second to get a quick look at a time past. I love the history of ancient people so much it has been my passion for as long as I can remember. My point is that I can see where the American Indians and European cultures have many connections but at the same time , the technology of the Ancient Indians vs. the cultures of Europe is un arguably not as advanced as Europe’s. Not by my Judgment but by lost cultures that have been lost for over 100,000 years are now being discovered, in deserts, underwater ,and is proving the “Flood” Concept that every Ancient culture speaks of which is giving science the ability todate things farther back in time.. Some earlier ways I’ve used to track these cultures is by the Medicine wheel. In which I have seen depicted in earlier Petra glyphs on the walls of European caves and in every culture around the world. Some of the people who” in words” support my understanding are listed below. Here are a couple quotes I found.

      “Among its more notable proponents are Dennis Stanford of the Smithsonian Institution and Bruce Bradley of the University of Exeter.[3] This is in contrast with accepted theories that the North American continent was first populated by people from Asia, either by the Bering land bridge (i.e. Beringia), by maritime travel along the Pacific coast or by both.”

      ” According to the Solutrean hypothesis, people of the Solutrean culture in Ice Age Europe migrated to North America, bringing their methods of making stone tools with them and providing the basis for the later Clovis technology that spread throughout North America. The hypothesis is based on proposed similarities between European Solutrean and early American pre-Clovis and Clovis lithic technologies.”

      Origin of skillful stone-tool-sharpening method pushed back more than 50,000…
      The worlds oldest knife, made from pressure flaked silcrete. When: 75,000 B.C. (Around 37,000 Years Ago). Where: Blombos Cave, South Africa
      The Oldest known City
      The Oldest know “To The understanding of the Hot Shot Smarty Pants Archeologists out there ” it’s a Regilous site. Which most likely is and not mentioned that it was covered almost instantly, and or buried by it’s own people… Which makes no sense and they found lots of garbage there not to mention the undertaking of moving all the megalithic stones in place. Here is some data on that.

      “Schmidt’s view, shared by most experts[who?], was that Göbekli Tepe is a stone-age mountain sanctuary. Radiocarbon dating as well as comparative, stylistic analysis indicate that it is the oldest religious site yet discovered anywhere.[7][32] Schmidt believed that what he called this “cathedral on a hill” was a pilgrimage destination attracting worshippers up to 100 miles (160 km) distant. Butchered bones found in large numbers from local game such as deer, gazelle, pigs, and geese have been identified as refuse from food hunted and cooked or otherwise prepared for the congregants.[33]

      Schmidt considered Göbekli Tepe a central location for a cult of the dead and that the carved animals are there to protect the dead. Though no tombs or graves have been found so far, Schmidt believed that they remain to be discovered in niches located behind the sacred circles’ walls.[7] Schmidt also interpreted it in connection with the initial stages of the Neolithic. It is one of several sites in the vicinity of Karaca Dağ, an area which geneticists suspect may have been the original source of at least some of our cultivated grains (see Einkorn). Recent DNA analysis of modern domesticated wheat compared with wild wheat has shown that its DNA is closest in sequence to wild wheat found on Mount Karaca Dağ 20 miles (32 km) away from the site, suggesting that this is where modern wheat was first domesticated.[34] Such scholars suggest that the Neolithic revolution, i.e., the beginnings of grain cultivation, took place here”.
      This site now as far as we know is the site of aquaculture
      and religion , which dictates to a higher understanding of techonology and methods undiscovered by peoples still on the Americas after the world split.

      Funniest damn thing……. We with all our brilliant ways still
      Are asking the question ” Why do we pass? ” Why life leaves this shell, and we can’t live forever? I have read about a ancient people who can put it into perspective.,
      By story, A son of the light, went to the King and said to him ,
      the slaves are up set and ask about their immortality ,
      and the King pondered.” He did, did he?
      The Book is called the Book of the Giants.

      • Hey Mike nice read. I also have been looking into this for a few years… lol. I read about the Clovis Cache in the Archeology Mammoth Magazine. It was in ref to the Meeting held in Santa Fe that was set up by Mark Mullins for a meeting of the minds. Discussed were the hyp s’ of migration patterns and where they might have come from, ie Solutrean… hypothesis! This is where I’ve been stuck! Ancients… The wheel is also cool and could also refer to a treasure wheel. In one of f’s pics he is standing by his plane in a pair of jeans with an interesting symbol on them. Hmmm? Anyhow I am a firm believer that this is what the story is all about now which one and where… and since I went this far… f … I’m stuck between Galisteo and Taos… or folsom to the four corners. Northern NM, and Southern Colorado…Canada. but I don’t no how to spell it correctly! His friend Mike purchased doors for his house that cost $25,000 the doors are a good place to start. The Govenor’s Palace, the Chimayo…doors! How about De Vargas? My times up! Dang! I need the internet et home again!

        • Are you referring to the picture of Forrest on page 117 of TTOTC? He’s not standing, but sitting on the wing. If so, that looks like a squash blossom design to me, but I could be wrong. What do you think it is?

        • Thanks for the comment.
          A treasure wheel ,I have herd of this symbol being used. I also have seen it in Petra glyphs in Whales and all over England , and even Israel, Germany, France,Russia. It is to my understanding that this wheel was used to indicate a area or to be a marker for the land of the fertility goddess, and it also marks the symbol of the human sacrifice given to a god in ancient Europe. It is also a early trail marker for gone home…. This would make more sense as to the American Indian and Jewish connection through DNA is a very important find and was brushed under the rug by science…….?
          The American Indians also have references in their Petra glyphs this same symbol that was painted or carved thousands of years later that indicate this migration. But , I don’t quit agree with the science listed…. It seems to me that these early humans have been tracked backwards to a place that seems to be related to the flood. Which would indicate to me , at least; their undeniably extreme knowledge of shipbuilding. Plus This blood trail would make sense . The similar DNA , ideas ,same style of technology’s , living with the land. What we all have missed for thousands of years and still to this very day yearn the same very ideas we chase now , only under a different concept..
          There are too many things that make them look the same I can’t list,nor dismiss or deter the culture of the UTE , never leaving the place they were created , a beautiful place . A garden of gardens … Hot springs every herb for healing and eating… Salt….. Shall we stop here. What a place!
          Any way Four corners , is a unlikely place … Most of it is out side the Rockies , and the Colorado Basin is very difficult to see the difference with out the geology, and the ability to recognize the difference.
          I think Taos may be a better area , If you are on the Book hook.. The Colorful trees. A real wow place. Or maybe The garnet cliffs of some of the upper rivers looking for those on the Meek hook.
          A straight path…. Sounds good… Level……Solid Sounds Fenn.

          • Oh, I do not intend to say that Mr. Fenn’s collection is not as important as the earlier finds… Not at all . I think they are more important and could possibly be a factor in connecting people to some truth as far as how and where earlier people came from . Plus this shows a pattern through out Ancient cultures and earlier Fertility worship, and help us to mold the future through truth , good science, and mixed with the element “Human” To equal a better understanding of our past as humans and where we came from ? Oh, and why this question has plagued us as humans for a long long time.

          • Hey folks, I’m sorry about not being able to reply to these post due to a 15 minute time constraint on my lap tops battery, but I’ll read everything at home and try to post tomorrow. I’m reading! Smiling as always.
            Mark H.

  1. For the most part these skills are lost among the city dwellers of today.
    Yet out there in the wilds are some that preserve these skills. I find it amazing how the creators of these objects managed to make such things.
    Looks like I need to make a library list for the coming cold nights.

    Thanks Forrest

  2. Interestingly, the name Hothgar is very close the the Scandinavian name Hrothgar. Famously used in the epic Beowulf, as King Hrothgar. We get the name “Roger” from this name. Roger loosely translates as “famous spear”, so naming the hunter Hothgar, is like naming him Spear! Perfectly appropriate for using Big Red!

  3. I was thinking about your collection today. Art is learning to knapp, he spends time breaking rocks. I keep thinking what are you going to use those on? LOL

    We used to go looking for rocks that were interesting. Now it seems we will be looking for rocks to turn into piles of chips. 🙂 Whatever makes him happy.

    Thanks for the Beowulf link Toby! That always makes me smile. 🙂

    • Lol, Deb. Maybe your husband can practice throwing spears at Coke cans on the back fence.

      Whenever I go somewhere new, I always search for a “special rock” to remind me of that place.

      I know I don’t have the patience to knap a rock into a point. Mine would no doubt come out looking like a Picasso Cubist painting (think Woman with Artichoke). Lol.

      • Better he throw spears than chase packs of coyotes….

        Oh, almost forgot not to disclose how crazy people really are. LOL
        Life with Art is never dull. 🙂

      • Hi Mindy!
        Read your avatar description. I have an autistic son, and sometimes wonder about myself and aspergers. I go by The Lorax on chase chat. Message me there if you like. Ive been on quite a few searches already.

  4. Am I the first one to see this or just the first one to point it out. I’m drawn to these things, maybe it’s the left side of my brain. Fenn is in the middle.

  5. Forrest,
    I like Mammoths. The picture of the elephants is a little sad.
    In the video game, Skyrim, Mammoths are fearsome giants that are actually friends with giants. They are usually gentle and mean no harm, so I usually don’t kill them.
    I save my sword for bandits, vampires, werewolves, and dragons.
    It’s a fun game my son introduced me to a couple years ago, and the world is almost infinite to explore.
    I like exploring our real world better, and can’t wait for the day when I can wander more on our own Earth than a video game creation.
    Yep, I’m a video game nerd, at least one day a week.
    And for those of you who are like me, Dragon Age Inquisition comes out TODAY!

        • totally agree about DA1 and 2, and if 3 is like skyrim, i may never leave the house to look for the treasure, ugh, decisions, decisions

          • Lol, if I could bring myself to lie, and if I didn’t love my job, I might’ve called in sick. 🙂
            It is fantastic. I don’t know how I’ll ever complete it!

          • I’ve seen the one she and peter hollens did for skyrim, which was pretty good. I loved the cover of radioactive she and pentatonix! I love her. Awesome violinist, 🙂

          • Ya shes awesome. She just released the DA one a little while ago, you should look it up, even better than the skyrim one. shes got several for us gamers, even a star wars one if youre into it.

  6. I think you have that right – whoever you are {}.
    But that makes me wonder, who/what is the prey this time around…there surely aren’t any baby mammoths left.
    Funny, the hunter seems to have chosen a too short of a weapon to fight such a giant

  7. Mr. Fenn,

    I have noticed you fascination in hematite. It means a lot to you in so many ways. It always leaves a clue to a clue. I have been researching it the last couple of weeks and will be writting an article hopefully soon. Just something I have noticed going on my second year on the chase.


    • It is always fun to go out to some place and explore. My number one spot was below Gunsight Peak in southern New Mexico. I would just sit there undercover by myself in some ravine and listen to the desert come alive. At times I could hear the ancient children laughing and having fun. It was a world only a few would experience. The countless things I have discovered and items I found. Only a few of Mogollon items I found have ever been documented. This actually defines a special place for me. I have other places across the basin below the valley of fire of sites no other person knows about but me.
      I am sure Mr. Fenn has many places like mine.

  8. My logic to Forrest Fenn’s Poem

    Before I start I would like to say this is MY OPINION and my opinion only. It may or may not be true but it is what I believe. If you are able to poke holes in my theory, please do. If you can prove it wrong, great! I will then continue my search. I want to see this chest found either by me or by someone else. Curiosity has my attention.

    I do believe that this chest is real and it is hidden somewhere in the Rocky Mountains. I just believe it’s not meant to be found, at least right now or the way we think it should be found. Let me explain exactly what I mean.
    Let’s start with why Forrest would do something like this. He asks a question within the poem, 1st and 2nd line, 5th stanza. “So why must I go and leave my trove for all to seek?” You need to answer this question in order to understand what is going on. The answer he already knows.

    He’s given us the answer many times and don’t forget only someone in his skin would know. It’s to get others to experience the thrill of the chase. The thrill of the chase is something that has excited him throughout his entire life. He’d do life all over again but only for the sake of new adventures. He wants others to experience that same thrill. He wants us out of the house, off the couch, off the gaming machines, spending time with family and friends, exploring the mountains and learning what they have to offer.

    There is only one way that he could do this on such a large scale. Write a poem vague enough to where it can be interpreted in many different ways without giving away the exact location. Yes you could follow his clues precisely and be lead strait to the chest, but the odds of understanding those clues and what they represent are next to impossible. It’s a game of elimination and getting you out there to do things you’ve never done before.

    I had emailed Forrest many times. In one email I told him that his poem was so vague that it is impossible to pin point a single place or location. His reply was “The poem was written vague on purpose.” Well that to me explains exactly what I thought. If I told you to go to Rib Shaker Hill, you would never find it. Why? Because I named it that as a kid. No one would ever understand my logic behind it. They could guess and explore many areas and hills that would resemble the one true Rib Shaker but it would be almost impossible to find the exact one and even if you did find it, there would be no way to tell it was the true Rib Shaker. Vague is what he has done with purpose.

    The home of Brown. Hmmm…Two sets of searchers answered the first two clues correct and unknowingly passed the following seven because they didn’t know the significance of the area. These searchers did exactly what I just mentioned above. Process of elimination. They sought out a warm waters halt, conveniently matched a place and an entire solution. It all fit perfectly! And what happened next? Exactly what Forrest had hoped and planned, they went on and adventure and experienced the thrill of the chase.

    When they arrived at their warm waters halt (which was just luck as there are a profound amount of warm waters halts out there) they immediately were lost and off track. They searched for the home of Brown. Well Forrest named something the home of Brown from his own imagination. When a reporter asked him what is the home of Brown? he said, “You have to figure that out.” These two sets of searchers probably stared right at it but had no idea that it was the home of Brown and only because Forrest had named it that and we cannot see his thoughts or experience his imagination. They then proceeded to move passed all of the other clues without a clue and lost again.

    On the back of Forrest’s map he says, “I warned that the path would not be direct for those who had no certainty of the area beforehand, but sure for the one who did.” The only one who could be sure is Forrest himself. He named all these places with his clues. His imagination has created them all. We cannot understand that for the same reason you cannot understand my Rib Shaker Hill.
    So why don’t I believe this treasure is not suppose to be found right now. Well, for one when Forrest at the age of nine found his first arrow head he said, “There it was just sitting there waiting for me to come along and pick it up.” He doesn’t care if the chest is found now but a thousand years would be better. In a thousand years from now no one will remember the name Forrest Fenn. Just like the French soldier who no one remembers or cries for anymore. Someone someday will stumble upon his chest and he will be remembered all over again, unlike his father and all the great things he’s done but when googled only reveals what plot and cemetery he lies in. Forrest would rather someone come along and pick it up well after he is gone. It will not be a mistake but what was meant to be and he’d no longer be a blank page in history in a book that was never written.

    If this chest was found now he’d be forgotten after time. Someone would sell it of melt down the gold or even sell it piece by piece. Why? because they want the cash. What good is gold if you cannot spend it? If it’s found in a thousand years from now most likely it would go to a museum as a whole and stay forever. Forrest wrote this poem to get you to experience the thrill of the chase and to be remembered thousands of years from now. After all he did say, “The hell I can’t take it with me!” What he’s done has enabled him to keep those prized treasures forever. You cannot find it. Not now anyway.

    There is many other reasons I believe this all to be true but I think this is long enough. If Dal posts this then we can strike up a conversation and learn more and maybe just maybe understand more of what’s in Forrest’s skin.

    I will say that there is an answer to it all and a way to figure it out where there will be no accident about it but you have to be in his skin. Understand Forrest’s way of thinking and his remarkable imagination and you can solve his poem. But as he warned us all, “I warned that the path would not be direct for those who had no certainty of the area beforehand, but sure for the one who did.”


    • Think about it. His family and friends know more about him than we ever will and they can’t find it.

    • If I said take a right at the big pine tree, You’d say, “which one?” Well I guess you’d have to check everyone until you found the correct one. And with each pine you searched is a whole new Thrill of the chase!

    • Volttick,

      That is a great assessment you offer up, but I would challenge a couple of points.

      1. Should Mr. Fenn pass before the TC is found, then I believe he will quickly be forgotten…just like soldiers in the field. We will no longer have the benefit of his wonderful stories, this blog will fade away, and people will lose interest and go on about their business.

      2. I can think of any number of ways to memorialize Mr. Fenn and the treasure, and the search, and his brilliance, and his library of collections, and provide excitement for kids and families to share and enjoy for a very long time into the future with the treasure for them to find at the end of their journey. There is no need to be melting anything down. In this case, Mr. Fenn will have a legacy that will endure and the spirit of adventure for children with live on…just a thought

      • Windsurfer, thanks for the reply. I agree that if the chest is found now he will be quickly forgotten but only till the chest is found many years down the line. As far as being remembered, your saying others can keep him remembered but he needed to find a way on his own without others. With his chest being found thousands ofyears from now after being fforgotten he will come alive by association of an artifact..which is his chest.

        • Volttick,

          My point is that unless the chest is found while he is alive, the Chase will end. I believe people will stop looking once Mr. Fenn no longer graces us with his commentary. I also believe that if the chest is “stumbled” upon (Mr. Fenn indicated this is highly unlikely) 1000 yrs from now, that people will have likely moved on and may not care all that much.

          For one thing, people today are seeing less and less value in gold and for good reason…it is more of an emotional wave like Tulips…than any enduring intrinsic value. (IMHO) Maybe someone will discover how gold can be used to cure cancer one day and then this may change.

          I just think that if the chest is found by the right individual, that by working with Mr. Fenn, a true legacy can be constructed that enables Mr. Fenn’s unselfish goals continue to be realized for many many generations to come.

          How sad it would be if the Chase dies with Mr. Fenn. If it is not found during his lifetime, this will certainly be the result IMO.

          Also, if Mr. Fenn truly does not want chest to be found, I do not think he would bother with Scrapbooks and Vignettes…maybe just my wishful thinking.

          • You are right. The chase will end and people will stop looking until the chest is stumbled upon. A lot can change in a thousand years. Who knows what will be going on then. Someone could be drilling for a new resource and discover it laying there. The mountain streams could change and wash it to a nearby city. Anything can happen in that amount of time. When they stumble upon it it wont be because they are following his clues. Right now, it’s highly unlikely to be stumbled upon. Fenn mentioned will someday all of the west be an asphalt parking lot? So much can change.

            Yes I think it will be a sad day when Fenn leaves and his chase dies off too. But he has said it before on numerous occasions that he doesn’t care if its not found in his lifetime. IMO it’s because someday it will many years from now.

          • Also look at his book. There is a lot in there about being forgotten after death. Just about everyone he has written about in there are long gone now. He mentions his father and all the great things hes done but yet there is nothing about him. The french soldier, no one is left to cry for him or to remember him, Ogla, his family and friends that have all past on. About being the blank page in history of an unwritten book. He wants his book of life to be well written and out there. There is sooo much info in there about two main things, the two big clues IMO. 1 the thrill of the chase (your lifes adventures) and 2. being remembered after death. Why is a treasure hunt poem inside a memoir? Why does he think it’s important that everyone should write a memoir? He said so people can know where you came from and what and who their family members were. All to be remembered.

          • Volttick,

            I think you portray a very sad and selfish description of Mr. Fenn’s motives and character. I do not subscribe to this view of him, but I will respect your thoughts as being sincere in your viewpoint and psycho-analysis.

          • Windsurfer,

            I am not portraying Mr. Fenn to be sad and selfish. He was sad that all his father has done and nothing is out there about him. or anyone else that has done great things in life. He wrote about all those people to have them remembered. He wants to do the same thing and be remembered. Mr. Fenn lived a life of adventure and has done wonderful things. Why should he be forgotten about? He shouldn’t. I think he doesnt want to be forgotten like the people he described. I dont see that as selfish. in a thousand years from now when that chest is discovered and that 20,000 word autobiography is read he as well as his family and friends will be remembered. That is wonderful! Every artifact he has unearthed brought a person back to life through studying it. That french soldier and everyone he mentioned in his book has been now remembered and will again when the chest is found. I think he did a great thing. Not selfish at all in my opinion

          • Also look what he’s doing for everyone now through this. Giving everyone a history lesson, showing them something that they would never have seen before, Helping others get over fears of travel, uniting families through the search, Giving everyone a chance to tell a story.

          • Volttick,

            Who discovered the Dead Sea Scrolls?

            Do kids today know what the Rosetta Stone is?

            Check out Jay Leno’s old “Jaywalking” venues and this will give you an idea of “people” and their knowledge base.

            I believe Mr. Fenn would be better served by being in a museum today rather than dug up as some old broken greek statue that was as common as a piece of asphalt in its day, but is somehow revered today in the Getty museum. I find it rather amusing…

            Mr. Fenn’s collection is unique and the tie in to his treasure hunt makes it intriguing. I just hope it all does not go for naught.

            No disrespect for Mr. Getty. Just my pragmatic self coming through.

          • Volttick,

            OK, so in your opinion it will be found many years from now.

            I will agree with you in this sense:

            Tell me,

            what is a day?
            what is a year?

            In the Word’s of the Lord

            Blessings to you Volttick

          • Windsurfer. I see what you are saying and yes your correct most would not know but the people that visit the museum where his chest would end up would learn about him. Not everyone in the world has to know just as long as one sees.

    • Thank you for your Interesting commentary. I initially thought exactly like this and felt that the chest was designed not to be found for 100,1-2000 or 10,000 years, but your very own words re-enforce why I now think differently. He buried jars to fit that purpose. So why the references to such large numbers? I now have significant reason to believe those numbers are hints and not estimates to when it will be found.

      Think – some of those clues did not exist when he was a child.
      – he has hinted that those clues references may last only 100 hundred years but not confident beyond that time period.
      – the jars are designed to not be found to leave his legacy
      – thousands of years from now means it will be stubbled upon and not solved. How can that be a success?
      – there is a reason why everyone went past the HofB but no one has been successful in explaining why. Perhaps that is where the attention should go.

      There are other pieces of evidence that leads me to believe the discovered within a few years, but only time will tell.

      The Wolf

      • Wolf, Thank you for the reply. The clues did not exsist but the places they refer to have existed since he was a child. The clues dont have to exist thousands of years from now. The chest will be stumbled upon then just like the arrow head he found. He has two goals pass on to numbers of people the thrill of the chase right now and be rediscoved the same way he rediscovered the fallen french soldier and many others hes unearthed. So for him to be found out like an artifact it is success! And as far as no one explainig how or why they passed the hob I think I explained. They cant know what it is. It part of Forrests imagination. Unless you are in his skin as in being him you cannot ever know. There has been over 35,000 people searching for this chest with no reveal. Brilliant people, english majors, poets, archeologists etc. But yet no one can decipher it? That does not make sense to me. The only way some one could figure it out is either by process of elimination or forrest telling them imo.

        • >> But yet no one can decipher it

          Well, not entirely correct. Think of this hunt as a video game with several layers. You can get to the final, most difficult layer and then still get stuck. (sorry Mr. Fenn, I couldn’t resist)

          • I can’t agree with that. With the amount of people searching IMO it would have been solved by now.

          • Volttick, I agree.

            All I’m trying to say is that looking at it as “solved” or not (meaning found the TC or not) is a mistake. I believe some people have partial solves that are 100% correct, within mere feet of the TC. I don’t think they should be included in the group you characterize with “But yet no one can decipher it.”

        • Volttick,
          A couple of points:
          I believe that one must find Fenn before one will be successful. Being in his skin would help but getting into his mind could guarantee success, so if you feel the solution is only in his imagination then dream like him and you will be successful.

          I do not agree that 35,000 searchers to date should have guaranteed success. I have calculated some odds of finding the trove and my lowest number for a straight forward puzzle with 9 known clues is about 14 million to one – similar to a lottery. Just because you buy 35,000 tickets does’t mean you win, in fact if you bought 35,000 tickets per year and the lottery paid out one per year, your chances of winning are still 400 to one and thus it would be an average of 200 years before you would win but still not guaranteed.

          Then I factored in a little Fennien surprise, lets call it an interpretation factor into the equation that deals with a not so straight forward solution and my estimates went up to 9.3 trillion to one. So now you see why governments love lotteries -because it appears much easier than that.

          So in summary, imagination or no imagination the puzzle is still hard and the odds are naturally against us no matter how many “smart people” enter the game. My feeling is the really smart people understood from the beginning what the odds were and ran for the hills. Thus everything you say is perfectly normal and expected, it is just a very difficult task but not impossible.

          The Wolf

          • I forgot to mention one thing that may give a glimmer of hope. Those odds were calculated based on all the different possibilities for each clue. What I have learned from all of this – is you can’t make any assumptions and eliminate any possibilities for each clue.

            When Forrest said this at Mysterious writings:

            “Many are giving serious thought to the clues in my poem, but only a few are in tight focus with a word that is key. The treasure may be discovered sooner than I anticipated.”

            The reason he lowered his estimate is because, if you can solve the key, everything comes together and makes sense to the point one can move with confidence.

            I have been to the mountain top and I peered over to the other side and I have seen the promise land. We will get there together…

            The Wolf

          • The Wolf- LOL!! “Then I factored in a little Fennien surprise, lets call it an interpretation factor into the equation that deals with a not so straight forward solution ….”

            Now, I wonder how you came up with that?? 🙂 hmmmmm…… 🙂

            Are you saying I’m not one of the smart people because I didn’t “head for the hills”??? 🙂

            (the wolf is right, dang it, and fenn is hinting hard at it here lately!!!)

            Good luck to All!!…..loco

          • Volttick,
            I was giving this a little more thought. From my experiences and even though the odds of finding the straight forward solution from all those possible combinations are astronomical; I feel if you can solve the key, there is an extremely good chance you could solve the poem. I estimate the odds of solving the poem with the correct SOLVED and LINKED key at 1 in 10.

            Just remember only a few were focused on a word that is key – that doesn’t mean they have solved it – it just means they are focused in the correct general area. When ten of those actually solve the key, the chest will be found.

            I personally think if just one person actually cracks the key and uses proper discipline to follow the clues after that, then the chest will be found, but they have to follow the clues – no short cuts!

            The Wolf

      • The chest had been found and Fenn has received the picture of it!
        Sorry, that ship has sailed. The reason you guys cannot find it, is that you do not understand the purpose of the Chase and the means of chest’s concealment.
        Btw, I and Windsurfer are still waiting for the answer to my question.

    • Volttick, I do agree with much of what you said but not all. I have another possibilty to offer.
      My home of Brown could fit many different places, and I do believe it is what Forrest envisioned. My home of Brown is based on the origin of the word Brown and its historical usage involving bears and caves. I have been looking at etymology since the beginning. We all know how Forrest loves to use wordplay and archaic meanings.
      So that would fit your vision, but still be vague enough to fit many places.

      Now about it being found in his lifetime. I took his saying he could take it with him, this way: If the treasure is found Forrest could offer the finder the value of the treasure , then donate the treasure and the story to the Smithsonian and get a tax credit for the donation. 🙂 This way he gets to take it with him, it stays intact and he gets his story preserved forever.

      Just a thought, and an opinion.

      • Exactly! You can make the HOB fit to almost anything as well as all the other clues and hints. So how would you ever know you are at the correct HOB? or WWWH? There is no way one can be totally confident unless they had a specific name of a place, coordinates, or multiple clues bunched in one location but no where else. It’s possible that multiple clues could be bunched up in one location and only exist in that location but that is not a little research its a lifetime of research! lol.And as far as a name of a place or coordinates he wont give them away either..haha. Hey but what do I know. I may be totally wrong. I just have a very strong feeling about this and like many others I can name at least 100 solves that are incorrect but that is my point. When do the solves end? You come up with one then another and another and when does it stop and become the correct one?

        • “So how would you ever know you are at the correct HOB? or WWWH?”

          When you have… found the blaze.

          • well he said you have to solve the first clue first. He said your wasting your time if you start with the blaze. So that tells me that you wont know what the blaze is until you solve all the other clues first. which IMO you cannot because you cant see his imaginative thought process of why he named these things or places of what hes describing in the clues.

          • “well he said you have to solve the first clue first. He said your wasting your time if you start with the blaze. So that tells me that you wont know what the blaze is until you solve all the other clues first. which IMO you cannot because you cant see his imaginative thought process of why he named these things or places of what hes describing in the clues.”

            No, YOU can’t see the thought process. Fenn said that like when you’re making a cake you need all of the ingredients. When you have found the blaze you then know that you have the ingredients. There is no mistaking it.

        • There is a correct starting point. 99.9% of the people on this blog are not at that starting point if they were there are clues locked in this poem that confirm the starting point in fact you couldn’t find another location to match those clues once you’re at that point you will know it… it’s not a matter of maybe it fits and there’s no way around it the people that solved the first two clues were unable to solve the third and fourth clue if they had their confidence would have risen to a new level.

      • I doubt Fenn wants to give away twice the value (to finder and to Smithsonian)? Not sure his family would appreciate it.

        • Why would he have to give twice the value??? What if the finder just donated the lot to the Smithsonian. Heck, they could even donate it on behalf of the Fenn family since it really is a family keepsake…

          • Oh, I misunderstood.

            I thought you were saying that Fenn would buy the TC from the searcher, then donate it to the Smithsonian.

          • I don’t think he would need to do that. I would imagine the Thrill of finding the chest would be rewarding enough…:) That is if you didn’t die from a heart attack first…)

    • Volttick, the statements Fenn has made can be interpreted in different ways (as planned). One interpretation is a “well duh” statement. If you know where it is you can go straight to it. This is a Microsoft tech support answer; technically correct but totally useless.

      Another interpretation is the poem can be solved without having to go search. Some say it is a waste of time and money if you don’t know exactly where you are going beforehand. This is a reasonable interpretation based on what he has said.

      You say we have to get in his skin and understand his way of thinking to find the treasure; which is also a reasonable viewpoint. Trying to understand a fellow whose favorite saying is “It doesn’t matter who you are, it only matters who they think you are” is a formidable task. Conducting a psychoanalysis of Fenn may be more difficult than solving the poem……

      I think most people want to leave their mark on history. Us poor folks scratch our initials in wet concrete, carve up a tree, or scratch on a rock. Rich guys add a wing to a hospital, build a building, or hide a chest of gold. Some famous people get their name on a street in a sub division; ask the people that live in the sub division who those people were. I said the other day there are, in all of human kind history, twelve men that have walked on the moon; how many can you name?

      I agree with you that Fenn didn’t intend for us to find the chest. Which is why he included his autobiography in the chest; to fill in the blank spots he talks about for a future archeologist. Fenn has said it’s not impossible to find; this translates to it’s extremely difficult to find. I suppose he could change his mind and actually give out some useful information. If he keeps telling me where it’s not (not in Idaho or Utah) I will eventually go straight to it.

      I look for the chest for fun……I’ve roamed the Rockies for over forty years so I’m going to be there anyway and I enjoy interacting with Fenn and looking at all his cool stuff.

      • Goofy, You are absolutely right. I’m not saying stop your searching. After all it’s what I believe Fenn has wanted us to do this whole time and we have all had wonderful experiences doing it. I just think that that’s all we’ll be doing…searching. But each search starts a new adventure or thrill of the chase.

    • Volttick’s main point is that the clue solutions are so highly personal to Forrest that they are virtually impossible to solve. I have always been fascinated with the question of the author’s dilemma in determining the difficulty of the challenge, and have posted on this at length before. The thread of commentary following his post is excellent.

      As far as I know, this is the first poem that Forrest Fenn has written and offered as a device to locate a hidden treasure chest. He has not done this multiple times before and therefore gained experience with what works and what doesn’t, or how to create a poem that is “just right” (to use the Goldilocks reference again)- not too hard, and not to easy. Forrest claims that he spent 15 years working on the poem, off and on, to get it just right. But how could he have ultimately known how difficult it is, how could he test it?

      The only test is going on right now. The initial results are in, because many thousands of people have not succeeded. And I imagine that when Forrest was writing the poem, he would likely err on the side of more difficulty and less specificity. He would almost be impelled to do so. He knew that he could always make it slightly easier later by dropping additional hints, but it would be impossible for him to make it harder once it was released! Can you imagine his disappointment if it was found the first season?

      So it’s being suggested here that Forrest made the poem so intensely personal, that he used his imagination to create clues that make perfect sense to him but remain completely elusive to others, especially since all of them are needed together. And now, as others have suggested, he recognizes that he may have made it way too elusive, and is offering up hints.

      But an inherent problem with the hints he may be offering is that they are embedded in every spoken and written word that he produces, and searchers may be even worse off and more confused than before due to the overwhelming challenge of determining what is a hint and what is not. Couple that with the problem of searchers taking special notice of hints that click with their solution, and searchers may have a far more complicated task on their hands than if they only had the poem.

      And try as you might to take a ‘fresh look’ at the poem, and completely clear your mind, you cannot un-see or un-know what you have seen and known. And do you believe that ‘knowing the man’, and every available word, artifact, friend, adventure, whatever that is a part of him, will help you? Perhaps, perhaps not.

      “There has been over 35,000 people searching for this chest with no reveal. Brilliant people, English majors, poets, archeologists etc. But yet no one can decipher it? That does not make sense to me.” Vottick asks this, as others have as well. How hard is it?

      So, in order to not give up or completely lose your mind, a searcher must assume that the poem is solvable, that there is some chance of getting it right. But a person better just enjoy this process, because the cost for investing a considerable piece of your life in something with unknowable odds can have many down sides.

      Also, once Forrest passes away, perhaps in a few decades I hope, searchers will never be able to have assurance from him that they are not looking for a chest that is not there…

      Or, eventually, “The chest will be stumbled upon then just like the arrow head he found”, as Volttick said. …Nothing is stumble-proof.

      Forrest has indeed created a search, but may or may not have created a find.


      • Maybe as I have gone alone in there is a clue and then begin it WWWH is the second and that’s as far as the searchers git with it. The ones who figured the first 2 clues .

        Hope it was me
        Lol 🙂

    • Think about this. What was Fenn’s plan before he beat the cancer? He was going to die with his chest and enclose the poem in the chest and not tell anyone. Why would he do this? He wanted someone to stumble upon it thousands of years later. He beat the cancer and said why can’t I still do this but instead let others search for it so he rewrote the poem vague so no one could find it but also let it be discovered in a thousand years. He accomplished both goals, getting people to enjoy the thrill of the chase and still able to take his treasures with him. A thousand years from now when that chest is discovered it will be an artifact. Where do artifacts end up? In museums and will forever be named the Forrest Fenn Treasure because of his autobiography is in there.

      • Typical searcher expressing frustration because your solve never worked out, that is a normal human response. I don’t know whether you’re looking for sympathy or someone to help you out, home of Brown is real I’ve been there and looked at it. Home of Brown is not subjective and is not something only in Forrest’s mind. If you start in the right location you can find the home of Brown, in fact let me give you a little hint. I have not seen one other searcher mention the correct home of Brown. I agree Home Brown is a very vague thing but once you start at the correct Warm water Halt then you will figure out what home of Brown is.

          • Ken sign a legally binding document with me and I’ll take you there myself 🙂 Forrest said all I need is the poem. I don’t remember him saying that I needed Forrest.

          • Ed show us the chest or state it’s your opinion; that’s the rule like it or not.

            Without the chest your ideas are no better than anyone else’s ideas. I get tired of you arrogant geniuses telling everyone how wrong they are.

          • No Mindy it isn’t. Goofy it is indeed my opinion. I would not disclose Forrests spot I’ll let him do that. Goofy I get tired of Jaded searchers that release insane non coherent solves. Huge amounts of time is spent on this blog combating nonsense. Voltek was saying the poem is too vague to solve. I disagree I’ve solved it IMO.

          • Ed one man’s nonsense is another man’s truth. I don’t agree with Voltek on most of what he says but that’s his opinion and he stated it was his opinion.

            You don’t seem to see how foolish what you just said is. You are combating nonsense with nonsense.

            Saying you have solved the poem without the chest is nonsense. Without the chest what makes your opinion any different than anyone else’s?

          • Carry on Goofy if I have anything to announce it would come by way of Forrest anything less than from the horses mouth would be pointless.

      • Volt-
        I disagree with much of what you have to offer. In fact, I am not even certain you exist. Do you have any proof that you exist?

        • I disagree with much of what Volttick said also. I don’t think Forrest needed to use private names for clues and he didn’t have to make up words for the clues either because there are so many interpretations of the common real words he did use. He’s said in so many words that you have to get the right WWWH and then follow the other clues precisely to find the chest. It’s not that easy though even if you have the correct WWWH as the variety of ways one can go wrong in interpreting the other clues after WWWH are many. I do think you have to know as much about Forrest as possible though to help understand how the clues might best be interpreted. I enjoy his scrapbooks and vignettes and think many of them may contain hints to help searchers.

          • Your not reading whati wrote correctly. I do believe the chest is out there. I have no doubts about it. I just think it cannot be solved.

          • I think it can be solve, the person just needs persistence, intelligence, a bit of wit, a good sense of humor, and good looks.

            I have all except the last, guess I won’t be the one solving it then.

          • Good looks help a lot in getting things done. I know that I have bent over backwards to help an attractive woman. Fortunately, my eyesight is not what it once was, so I am saved the embarrassment of past mistakes.

        • Dal, I don’t have proof of my theory that’s why I said in the beginning that it may or may not be true but I feel strongly about it.

    • Volttick,
      It’s an interesting point of view but here are some rhetorical questions:

      Why did he removed form the search area Idaho and Utah?

      If wanted found 1000 years from now why reducing the search area by a third?

      If he wants more people off their couches, why?

      How many more people would have searched if Utah and Idaho were still in the game?

      You don’t have answer, of course 🙂

      • Great points {}. I believe that Mr. Fenn stated that she will be pleased, and I am also very pleased about that because to me it suggests that… He does wants it to be found! We just do not know when because I think he has some other commitments he needs to honor first. He is a very busy guy you know.

        • Wind,….Yes, I think that she (Peggy) will be pleased when the TC is found and this to be all over with.
          ( ended with preposition ) oh darn.

    • Before I start I just want to say this is my opinion only….

      Before – In expectation of , “I” the imaginary quantity equal to the square root of minus one. establishment or starting point of an institution or , “I” -X-B no it is not =. Then by using the word IN expressing the situation of something that is or appears to be enclosed or surrounded by something else. Hummm…..
      So lets look at this again…..
      -x+-b=-(I)-Opinion only 1
      —————————– = – (I)

      I feel that you were leading a (negative positive) A Diversion…. in order to make your point true and to try and establish a position on this blog. By using the same style of logic trap Fenn tried …
      And try to make me apart of your stage… Na I don’t think so!!!….
      ” Sole of the age , your wonders,
      ! delight ! the glory of our stage!”
      I’m not from the old world

      I have never believed in Mr. Fenns fish tale of a Story Poem…..
      That’s a bunch of horse shit if I ever herd one. Chase the hook little fishes….. Chase the hook….

      Did Mr.f hide this thing … Yes , If he didn’t he wont be remembered any more than a complete horses ass and do I believe a guy of this kinda gritt would lie about hiding it? What ?
      Ruin his reputation , be a villain. I doubt it. He hide it for a reason , just like every word he has writ since he has hid it has had a value to help one strike the trail.
      Hell I don’t have the same views as Fenn , except I respect his .

      No I don’t agree with you ,and with out coloring it up.
      But, Forrest has no intention to mislead any one!
      Just my opinion only.

  9. Wow! I am intrigued by the claim that the Big Red spearpoint was crafted by humans some 12,000 years ago in Wyoming. I am not disputing it, I am just interested in the analysis that supports it. Here in Colorado, scientists have been researching a Mammoth uncovered in a lake up in Snowmass. There is some evidence of tool markings on some of the bones, but nothing has been proven yet. The research is being conducted at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. My favorite part of the museum is the Mining and Gemstone exhibit where you actually walk through a mineshaft to see the exhibits of gold, and stones. The is one stone from Wyoming in the museum dated as the oldest rock ever unearthed on Earth. I believe it was stated the rock was some 4 billion years old. Might need to check that, but I know it was a number that floored me and caused some reflection.

    Thank you Mr. Fenn for sharing this. Can you provide any references to the 12,000 year old man….no not you…that Hothgar guy.

  10. Gey,
    This story reminds me of hunting for Saskatoons when I was a child! They make excellent pie.
    The Wolf

    • Wolf-
      I have a large Saskatoon Berry shrub in my yard. In 22 years I have had one taste of one berry once. The rest of the years the ravens and jays descend on the tree like drunk elves at a toy convention. They do the same thing to my wild cherry trees. All I can do is admire the fruit right up to the day it’s ripe. I don’t mind though. It gives me license to eat all the blackberries and leave none for them…

      • What? Are you saying a Saskatoon Berry Shrub is a real thing? I thought you guys were kidding. Like a Dr. Seuss Truffula Tree.
        Or the Spiny Coated Red Lizard Tongue Plant I swear is my backyard…

  11. The red clovis point and the mammoth are an interesting combination . I also liked the light tan colored one. You sure have a way of telling a story to go along with the pictures. It is a fact that a person remembers something better if a story that is impressionable is told along with the subject.

  12. I live in very rich Paleo lithics area and I find a lot artifacts. One of my favorite things to do is to put a tool in my hand and try to figure out how men like Hothgar held it. What did he use it for? Was it polishing, scraping, tanning, hunting? It’s all so amazing to me! I love indian artifacts and the history of early man.

    • Hey jd,

      I do the same thing. I shop for my blue jeans at Savers where people donate their old clothing. So I am able to sit here now in my $3 pants wondering about who it was who wore these before me. I am thinking it was Mr. Fenn. 🙂

  13. Great story. Reminds me of how difficult it was to even provide a meal in the past. Nowadays, we just go to the store, cut some meat up, put it on the grill and can be eating in an hour or two. Like the barbeque I had this weekend. Hothgar and his relatives, on the other hand, were some real survivors. I, for one, am grateful for modern conveniences. But it’s interesting to learn how people of the past survived and how they lived. The points are an endless fascination for me also. Thanks for sharing Mr. Fenn.

  14. I have a stone that is older than our solar system, Sutter’s Mill Meteorite, 4.6 billion years old. My wife also found a paleo-indian Spedis II point made from smokey quartz on our property in California that is between 10,000 and 8,000 years old.
    I am very confident that the poem can be solved, the chest is real and that someone will find it. Soon, too soon to tell. You do have to give Forrest credit for spending so much time in writing the poem and even more credit for developing this great chase.

    #1 in the top 10 treasure hunts.

  15. Love that special edition of “The Fenn Cache”! And what a fun tale you have woven around “Big Red”. When my daughter studied for a semester in St Petersburg, Russia, she bought me a bracelet that was said to have been carved from Mammoth bone – similar to the one in the below link. Probably one of the few things I have that would be considered an artifact besides the spear point found in N MN that looks very much like a Clovis point. Wish I had a picture of that.

  16. “Woody’s Dream” by Douglas Preston -1999 describes the fake Clovis points sold to Forrest. Luckily Forrest had the wherewithall to get them tested. Woody Blackwell eventually returned the money to Mr. Fenn. Here’s an excerpt:
    2.1. Blackwell’s Clovis point replicas
    Even though the Clovis era is long past, Clovis-style projectilepoints are once again being crafted on the American continent.Through trial-and-error experimentation, modern
    flintknappers have gained insight into traditional reduction techniques, in somecases producing replicas of ancient lithic tools that are visually indistinguishable from authentic ones. While these achievements demonstrate the technological sophistication of certain modern knappers, they also cast doubt on the authenticity of stone tools sold on the antiquities market (Whittaker and Stafford, 1999). Themost widely known incident of fakery in modern
    flintknapping features the Clovis point replicas made by Woody Blackwell, who was renowned in the knapping world of the 1990’s for making
    “superb Clovis points” and “large pieces as thin as anyone couldmake them”(Whittaker, 2004:258).As an expert flintknapper, Blackwell used his skills to reverse-engineer the Clovis point, studying multiple Clovis point caches in order to deduce
    flaking and reduction techniques (Preston,1999:84). The Clovis-style replicas he crafted were so superficially similar to ancient Clovis points that Blackwell successfully sold twelve of them in 1998 as authentic objects to private collector Forrest Fenn (Preston,1999:82). The authenticity of the points was supported by numerous authorities, on the basis of subjective visual assessment. According to one expert,
    “[n]ot only was theform of the artifacts right, but the technology was right”
    (Preston,1999:82). Their antiquity was ultimately disproved when chem-ical analysis revealed some replicas to be made from Brazilian quartz (Fenn, 2001;Fogelman, 1999;Preston, 1999). In the end,Blackwell returned the money to Fenn along with a writtenconfession, and Fenn kept the points (Fenn, 2001).

    • Wow, Kimbrough. I get really tired of shady characters who will lie straight to your face. The world is full of them. I never knew about Woody Blackwell until you posted this. It’s obvious the guy has amazing skill, but why would he taint his reputation like that? I even read in the link below that he was a Major in the Air Force, too. I thought officers in the military had a lot more integrity and weren’t supposed to LIE. Amazing. I suppose real clovis points would be worth quite a chunk of cash. It’s obvious that Woody couldn’t resist. All for what? Thirty pieces of silver?

      On another note, as a rockhound myself, I absolutely love the variety of colors in stone points. I’d like to learn how to do that one day.

      It seems not all guys named “Woody” are the same.

    • Kim, yes I was aware of that since very early in the chase. Its one of the things we were meant to find. It also represents a major part of the mystery of the book.

      All the references to fake, fraud, forgery. The photoshopped pictures and altered illustrations. All the mistakes, meant to be found.

      Its all a leap of faith for me, how about you?

      • That’s a fascinating story about Woody Blackwell and offers huge insight into Forrest’s character.

        When these collectors, including Fenn, discovered that they had been duped by a master knapper for hundreds of thousands of dollars, they congratulated him. Admiring the knapper’s tenacity Fenn said, “everyone said it couldn’t be done… I think his motivation was to show these experts that he could do it. And he did.”

        • Sounds like Woody Blackwell did the smart thing when it was discovered what he’d done. 🙂

          He was likely given an ultimatum and he took the path of least resistance…as opposed to the path too far to walk…meaning he opted to use regular soap at home instead of soap-on-a-rope in prison.

  17. It kinda makes you wonder if both of the gold frogs in the Chest are real or Fenn Knock-offs

    • Who cares…it’s all about the Chase…matching wits…solving the puzzle. Well, for me anyway…just lot’s of fun and learning.

      • I’m with you, Wind. Although I sure wouldn’t mind some extra money to make my kids world a little brighter. And mine, too, I admit. 🙂

        • Hi Mindy,

          I certainly understand that this is the case for many searchers. My only recommendation is not to view the Chase as a means to your path to some extra money.

          I have been blessed and am not in search of a payout, but having said that…I have commented that I only search those areas that are either “spectacular” in God’s creation or of historical significance and of interest to me. This from a guy who buys “used” jeans at Savers for $3.

          I just am hopeful that Mr. Fenn, will be recognized for his contributions throughout the millennia.

          • Wind,
            I totally agree. I will only also only search if my kids are involved, and if it is in a spot where I can make good memories for them. I want to definitely maintain the integrity of the chase and search in the way Forrest hoped we would. 🙂
            I’ll take memories over money any day.

    • Just my thoughts regarding authenticity of items in the chest, or Forrest hiding of the chest itself:

      Imo ff is true to his word – he told his family and friends that he was hiding the chest long before he announced it to the public. I seriously doubt a man of honor would lie to family and friends intentionally. What would he gain from that?

      @9clues – if your doubts run faster than your belief, logically, TOTC would be a waste of your time. Either jump on board, or bail but don’t run Forrest’s integrity down.

  18. We all believe and see what we want to believe and see. This Chase is a gift, whether The Chest is found or not. Those that are in it for the payday,may go away disappointed. Those who seek the Thrill and find joy in every dead end can not possibly lose. Who knows …it all may just click for that one person that paid attention and had a bunch of fun along the way !! Stay warm everyone…

    • I think many of us here agree with you Ken. Once you start the Chase you look at the world and life differently. Suddenly, money is not as valuable as Nature and the Nature of things.

      • And memories…don’t forget the memories…:)

        I still look back at my first (and God willing, not my last) search in Colorado with awe. I can hardly believe the amazing experience we had. It was almost surreal…it definitely renewed my infinite awe of creation and creatures and the purity of the land.

  19. Admirable he supported the guys tenacity even when it was against him. Takes a big person to do that.

    • Agreed, like a man who would hide a treasure and challenge the world to find it even when most would question its existence? 🙂

    • Lol, Amy. It’s freezing here today, too. And it poured rain almost all day! We had one patient that fell in the rain and broke his clavicle.

  20. I think a man has to reach above their own ego to respect tenacity like that.

    Agree on that perception as well.

    • Yes, Dave agreed. “Everyone said it couldn’t be done… I think his motivation was to show these experts that he could do it. And he did.” I think Fenn likes it when experts are proven wrong… Very gracious indeed.

  21. Before I start I just want to say this is my opinion only….

    Before – In expectation of , “I” the imaginary quantity equal to the square root of minus one. establishment or starting point of an institution or , “I” -X-B no it is not =. Then by using the word IN expressing the situation of something that is or appears to be enclosed or surrounded by something else. Hummm…..
    So lets look at this again…..
    -x+-b=-(I)-Opinion only 1
    —————————– = – (I)

    I feel that you were leading a (negative positive) A Diversion…. in order to make your point true and to try and establish a position on this blog. By using the same style of logic trap Fenn tried …
    And try to make me apart of your stage… Na I don’t think so!!!….
    ” Sole of the age , your wonders,
    ! delight ! the glory of our stage!”
    I’m not from the old world

    I have never believed in Mr. Fenns fish tale of a Story Poem…..
    That’s a bunch of horse shit if I ever herd one. Chase the hook little fishes….. Chase the hook….

    Did Mr.f hide this thing … Yes , If he didn’t he wont be remembered any more than a complete horses ass and do I believe a guy of this kinda gritt would lie about hiding it? What ?
    Ruin his reputation , be a villain. I doubt it. He hide it for a reason , just like every word he has writ since he has hid it has had a value to help one strike the trail.
    Hell I don’t have the same views as Fenn , except I respect his .

    No I don’t agree with you ,and with out coloring it up.
    But, Forrest has no intention to mislead any one!
    Just my opinion only.

  22. “FOR AMUSEMENT ONLY “, read at your own risk!

    IMHO=in my homer opinion.

    MR. FENN is a PROFESSIONAL, dealing with a lot of experts and SAKIA,S.

    To understand this phenomenon, you have to break words down to their basics.
    PRO = FOR

    2. EXPERT
    EX or X = A HAS BEEN
    A. Arm chair warriors – The arms on their chairs are shredded to pieces.
    B. Couch potatoes – People who put large dents in their couch cushions.

    PAGE – 1 sheet of paper in a book = 2 pages
    BOOK – Consists of 1 or more pages
    LIBRARY – Place where books are kept
    CITY – Place where libraries are built.

    Reading all of these blogs is really funny, most people are not on the same page as MR. FENN, not in the same book that he wrote, not in the same library he uses, and they are definitely in the wrong cities or places looking for something that he hid. “Like the DEFECTIVE DETECTIVE, they don’t have a clue…….


    1. PROFESSIONAL = MR. FENN- Self motivated, active person with direct action!

    2. EXPERT = Someone under pressure, spewing all around the place, running around in circles. Sometimes known as “WHEELS”!
    What else could they do? These are the same people who hang WARNING, and don’t touch or do anything signs everywhere!

    3. SAKIA’S = These are arm chair warriors and couch potatoes who are married to each other.

    MINDY: Memories are the KEY! Remember that, “Truer words, were never spoken thru falser teeth”!!!!!

    • Read at your own risk ,

      Dumber words have been spoken through browner places…
      Proof To profess is to speak out of your mouth with a purpose
      A muse is to fore go a altering condition due to IMHO=in my homer opinion. Due to lack of air pressure that leaks out toxic waste into the world and destroys the very rivers we so hold dear.
      But hey what would a arm chair cowboy as my self know, I’m wasting my time away putting a hole in my couch.
      Such are the villains truth.
      So, I’m disabled and unable to leave my home. No your not funny, or even intelligent. Your Brown……..!
      Holy moly we just figured out the Home of Brown …!

  23. Homer Johnson….Mike (Mr. D) is not the same person as me…I’m Michael D from Boise, ID…im not sure where Mr. D is from…it would be amazing if we were fro the same town.

  24. Done it tired? – napping – knapping?

    There are some amazing Youtube videos on flintknapping and some sites were you can buy obsidian and flint –

    It looks hard to learn (and potentially hazardous). Another thing for the list of things I’ve gotta try.

    The creation of these stone tools is such an amazing part of man’s history. I think my history teachers may have glossed over it or perhaps I was knapping with my eyes wide shut?

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