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Dear Forrest,

Just when I thought my treasure searching days were coming to an end this year, you blessed us with Scrapbook 105 “My Art for Me”…sharing some of your collection of very original pieces,  like Loonie Bird and Miss Ford, thus inspiring, I assume,  Dal’s Holiday Ornament Contest.

I was so enthused with this easier, simpler search for materials to make an ornament that I couldn’t wait to tell my friends about this new “treasure hunt” just announced on Dal’s blog…to get outside and find natural materials for an ornament…something we all can do now despite winter’s snowfall.

Now understand, I’m the only one of us four girls who is a die-hard, boots-on-the-ground, Fenn-aholic obsessed treasure hunter…even these ladies probably secretly think I’m crazy with my obsession of your poem and subsequent treasure hunting trips I make every couple weeks…so I knew my timing and approach to announcing this contest was of utmost importance.  As we four were gathered together watching the Broncos Sunday afternoon, I debated whether I should mention it at all…the moods were dark as we watched our team take a beating, but by the 4th quarter, I decided to risk their wrath …so I tentatively delivered the details of this Christmas Ornament contest, and, much to my delight, their unexpected enthusiasm was overwhelming. The game was practically forgotten as we made plans to gather together the next day…and go out into the far reaches of cold, snowy Santa Fe…or at least up the road toward the Ski Basin.

The next morning, we eagerly braved the 25 degree temperature in Santa Fe, and headed out into the woods to gather our materials…here are a few pictures from our day.

a1 dal little tesuque (800x533)


I wanted to drive farther to Hyde Park State Park but with the snowy road and imposed timeline, I decided this looked like a good spot…

a2 dal let's go (800x533)

a group of very happy and enthusiastic ladies… and we haven’t been drinking yet… Kathy, Michelle, & Lana

looking for tree sap…

looking for tree sap…

cutting pine sprigs…

cutting pine sprigs…

enjoying the scenery and camaraderie…

enjoying the scenery and camaraderie…

a6 dal Santa Fe sky (593x800)

One aspect of ”the glory of Santa Fe”…just look at that sky. And, yes, it was only 25 degrees here at 11 am, but with the sunshine, lack of wind, and that dry desert air, it was heavenly…

What made this day so special, you may wonder…One of the girls just accepted a job in Texas, so will be moving soon…and my partner just accepted a job where she will work on my days off, thus eliminating any day-trips together until the holiday season is over. We all are on the north side of fifty and sixty years old…so we understand that life sometimes hands out lemons and jobs are scarce…a person needs to do what they need to do for their family…even when that means leaving or working a schedule that seems inconvenient…

…and what seemed like the right thing to do before departing Santa Fe and heading  home…LUNCH! Have you ever been to Harry’s Roadhouse? It’s near your house… We all loved it and highly recommend it … the parking lot was packed…so beware. I guess that may be partly due to the fact it was featured on the Food Network’s Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives…or something like that…

Until next time,


…the margaritas were good !

a7 dal Harrys Roadhouse 1 (800x600)


22 thoughts on “Christmas Ornament Girls’ Day Out…

  1. Hey Cynthia, you shouldn’t tell everyone about Harry’s place. I won’t be able to get a reservation. I usually order a tuna sandwich, hold the bread. It comes with their special, homemade, lightly-salted, chipos. In the summer you can sit outside under the honeysuckle, beside a stream of water and dine with the humming birds. I hope no one reads this review. f

  2. Cynthia,
    That looks like sooo much fun! I miss New Mexico. I remember those ultra blue skies. I bet your ornament will look fantastic!
    Thanks for sharing that.
    It’s times like those you remember and appreciate the importance of a few good friends. 🙂

  3. That was such a nice read! Thanks for sharing. No matter the result of the contest, your ornament(s) is a winner with such memories attached.

  4. My wife and I who live in the High Desert in CA. and rarely leave, went on a treasure quest to the Española area in June of this year . The most impressive remembrance of our trip, that stood out like a sore thumb, was the blue sky’s of the area. I still don’t understand it to this day.

  5. Cynthia, Texas welcomes your sis. I’m glad you will have this memory to last you through the separations of life. Hope you found your ornament material.

  6. Cynthia, your crew sounds fun – glad you were brave and in the woods to hunt and gather your ornament materials.

  7. Great story and wonderful photos Cindy.
    Knowing all you ladies as well as I do tells me that you really had a fun day.
    I only wish I could have been along.

  8. Cynthia what job did your friend leave? I am in your age group but need a job to meet expenses. I am a retired teacher mom grandma and used the treasure hunt with students who had never been out of Michigan. If the position your friend is leaving meets my skill set I would love to use days off to search . I drink gin (its a good story).

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