Osiris…King of Gods…

by forrest fenn

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Egyptian mythology is enigmatic to me and somewhat foreboding, like a delicate mixture of portents that coinstantaneously entice…yet frighten. Maybe that’s why I’m drawn to the mysterious physical properties that represent the ancient gods.

While holding Osiris tightly, I can almost feel his mighty power, and sense the lure of other gods about which the ancient Egyptians felt so strongly.
With Dal’s help I’ll try to bring a few of our venerated Egyptian objects close to your eyes.

This 3,000-year old New Kingdom Egyptian necklace is dominated by a bronze image of Osiris. He holds a symbolic flail and crook, and large ostrich feathers decorate each side of his crown. He wears a pharaoh’s beard. Rare bronze all-seeing eye amulets, spaced with faience beads, emphasize his supremacy.

To quote a book of Egyptian mythology:

“A god of the earth and vegetation, Osiris symbolized in his death the yearly drought and in his miraculous rebirth the periodic flooding of the Nile and the growth of grain. He was a god king who was believed to have given Egypt civilization.


IMG_1087sThe oldest religious texts refer to Osiris as the great god of the dead, and throughout these texts it is assumed that the reader will understand that he once possessed human form and lived on earth. As the first son of Geb, the original king of Egypt, Osiris inherited the throne when Geb abdicated. At this time the Egyptians were barbarous cannibals and uncivilized. Osiris saw this and was greatly disturbed. Therefore, he went out among the people and taught them what to eat, the art of agriculture, how to worship the gods, and gave them laws. Thoth helped him in many ways by inventing the arts and sciences and giving names to things. Osiris was Egypt’s greatest king who ruled through kindness and persuasion. Having civilized Egypt, Osiris traveled to other lands, leaving Isis as his regent, to teach other peoples what he taught the Egyptian.


IMG_1092sDuring Osiris’ absence, Isis was troubled with Seth’s plotting to acquire both her and the throne of Egypt. Shortly after Osiris’ return to Egypt, in the twenty-eighth year of his reign, on the seventeenth day of the month of Hathor (late September of November), Seth and 72 conspirators murdered him. They then threw the coffin in which he was murdered into the Nile, with his divine body still inside.



















Isis, with the help of her sister Nephthys, and Anubis and Thoth, magically located Osiris’ body. Upon learning that his brother’s body was found, Seth went to it and tore it into fourteen pieces and scattered them throughout Egypt. Isis once again found every piece of his body, save his phallus (it had been eaten by the now-cursed Nile fish). She magically re-assembled Osiris and resurrected him long enough to be impregnated by him so that she could give birth to the new king Horus.

IMG_1098s IMG_1095s
Seth of course was not willing to surrender the throne of Egypt to the youthful Horus and thus a tribunal of gods met to decide who was the rightful king. The trial lasted eighty years. Eventually through Isis’ cunning she won the throne for her son.”

And that’s probably more than you want to know about Osiris, et al.



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  1. … but if some want to know more about Osiris: he eventually became King of the Afterlife and his popularity increased.
    All in all, is about death and resurrection, and I would conclude with this as it is somewhat related: think like a fish when searching for Forrest’s treasure 🙂

    • Thank you Mr.Fenn For All Your Hard Work On the Information.
      I learn alot form you Thank You…… Here is a Quick Study!


      Wow what a story .. I love that old Egyptian stuff.
      Matter of a fact I like it a lot….Interesting story. The Ancient Egyptians used many words to describe a god directly. Like the Term EL in which all of their god’s are referred.. But the Term El dose not come from Egypt, it is Mesopitian by root. El (deity), a Semitic word for God he term means . It aslo means

      “ʾĒl (written aleph-lamed, e.g. Ugaritic: , Phoenician: ,[3] Classical Syriac: ܐܠ, Hebrew: אל‎, Arabic: إل‎ or إله, cognate to Akkadian: ilu) is a Northwest Semitic word meaning “deity”

      These Deities come directly from the flood concept.

      In the Canaanite religion, or Levantine religion as a whole, El or Il was a god also known as the Father of humanity and all creatures, and the husband of the goddess Asherah as recorded in the clay tablets of Ugarit (modern Ra′s Shamrā—Arabic: رأس شمرا‎, Syria).[4]

      The bull was symbolic to El and his son Baʻal Hadad, and they both wore bull horns on their headdress.[5][6][7][8] He may have been a desert god at some point, as the myths say that he had two wives and built a sanctuary with them and his new children in the desert. El had fathered many gods, but most important were Hadad, Yam, and Mot. In which Mot is a Supreme deity of the ancient Egyptians.
      Plus this religion and it’s people refer to
      the tower of Baal. Or BaBal. (of Baal) In which they worshiped the Bison, and sacrificed to them. Music was invented around the same time, it was used to smother the cries of the sacrifice.
      To cloud the ears of the mothers.
      Back To Straight Talk

      40,000 BCE One of the earliest anatomically modern humans to be cremated is buried near Lake Mungo.
      38,000 BCE The Aurignacian Lion man of the Hohlenstein Stadel, the oldest known zoomorphic (animal-shaped) sculpture in the world and one of the oldest known sculptures in general, is made. The sculpture has also been interpreted as anthropomorphic, giving human characteristics to an animal, although it may have represented a deity
      33,000-25,000 BCE Tsodilo, a 30,000 years old worshiping place found in northwestern Botswana. All convincing evidence for Neanderthal burials stop. Roughly coinciding with the time period of the Homo sapiens( Which is known now to Be in accurate ) introduction to Europe and decline of the Neanderthals. Individual skulls and/or long bones begin appearing heavily stained with red ochre and are separately buried. This practice may be the origins of sacred relics.
      The oldest discovered “Venus figurines” appear in graves. Some are deliberately broken or repeatedly stabbed. Possibly representing murders of the men they are buried with or some other unknown social dynamic.
      25,000–21,000 BCE Clear examples of burials are present in Iberia, Wales, and Eastern Europe,and BaalBeck. All of these, also, incorporate the heavy use of red ochre. Additionally, various objects are being included in the graves i.e. periwinkle shells, weighted clothing, dolls, possible drumsticks, mammoth ivory beads, fox teeth pendants, panoply of ivory artifacts, “baton” antlers, flint blades, etc.).
      21,000–11,000 BCE Convincing evidence of mortuary activity ceases.
      13,000–8,000 BCE Noticeable burial activity resumes. Prior mortuary activity had either taken a less obvious form or contemporaries retained some of their burial knowledge in the absence of such activity; dozens of men, women, and children were being buried in the same caves which were used for burials 10,000 years beforehand. All these graves are delineated by the cave walls and large limestone blocks. The burials are very similar to each other and share a number of characteristics—ochre, shell and mammoth ivory jewellery—that go back thousands of years. Some burials are double, comprising an adult male with a juvenile male buried by his side. They are now appearing to take on the form of modern cemeteries. Old burials are commonly being redug and moved to make way for the new ones, with the older bones often being gathered and cached together. Large stones may have acted as grave markers. Pairs of ochred antlers are sometimes poles within the cave; this is compared to the modern practice of leaving flowers at one’s grave.
      Thanks for the Study Mr.Fenn
      Once again you shine through.

      • “There’ll” be no paddle up your creek… Possible metaphorical meaning:

        T = cross
        here = this place
        ere = defined as ‘before’
        ll = El or God

        “here at the cross you stand before God.”

        Or physically: cross here before the falls.

        Think Indiana Jones, who had to humble himself thru a series of steps to find the treasure.

    • I believe the first neck less is a forgery . The Bronze gave it away.
      For one , if I may .

      past tense: venerated; past participle: venerated
      regard with great respect; revere.
      “Mother Teresa is venerated as a saint”
      This god was no saint…. First of all
      Osiris was not called by this name during the First Dynasty,
      The first Period was 3100 BC (3218–3035 with 95% confidence)

      Khenti-Amentiu was the name during this time period. Osiris is first attested in the middle of the Fifth dynasty of Egypt
      According to a 2013 report the early bronze age didn’t start until 2700 bc. So , if his name was not Osiris until the 5th dynasty then why would they have used Bronze? Instead of GOLD like 99 percent of most Statues of this false god?

      Of course it’s only a question . I have no degree in this field , But that Neck less looks like Fenn’s Work.
      And what would Mary the Mother of Yashua bin Yoseph have to do with him any way? Unless you took them to a church for that purpose and that doesn’t sound like it to me.

      But, Funny enough it is outlined like the Hwy that runs up to Taos Ski , which looks like a Joker on Google Earth .
      I’m looking for a Maverick , a Spade not a Joker.

    • Pull right out of on line Encyclopedia , via Suri…..Neat . Even MIT’s library is on line free…..

  2. Probably most people do not know how much the ancient Egyptians were into what we call dowsing. Sorry I don’t have any photos, but they used rods and most carvings show these rays coming out of the rod sort of looks like a bow tie.

    Also the Rods of Horus were also called rods of power. Many carving show them holding these rods. One was carbon and the other many times was magnetic.

    I know most people do not want to admit the human race is in decline. It peaked about 3500 years ago. The ignorant and arrogant people on TV shows try to claim there were aliens who brought this knowledge. B.S.!

  3. I love ancient history. For a while, my “special interest,” (what we with Aspergers call a temporary obsession, lol) was ancient Egypt. I particularly focused on Cleopatra, because she fascinated me.

    I read a fictionalized account of her life by Margaret George, who I think does an amazing job of bringing historical figures to life in a very realistic way. She’s like a combination of historian and personality profiler.

    I also recently saw that an archeologist may have found Nefertiti’s tomb. I don’t remember her name, but she consulted with

    Egypt fascinates me because there is SO much that has not yet been discovered. Hovering over the area on Google Earth, you can see a lot of undisturbed archeological sites to be uncovered.

        • They are all good but I think my favorite was Cleopatra. One of those books you don’t want to end… I might have to go read them again…:)

          • Hi Spallies & Mindy,
            Thank you for recommending Margaret George. I just downloaded “Cleopatra” and “Mary Magdalene” to keep me occupied until I pick back up the search this spring.

            You may enjoy historical novels by:
            Sandra Worth “The Pale Rose of England”
            Elizabeth Chadwick “The Greatest Knight”
            Anya Seton “The Winthrop Women” “Katherine”

            All excellent writers who research extensively to be accurate with period detail. Well imagined characters and strong story lines.

  4. Wow, Forrest! If we have this much to learn from the small Egyptian “wing” of your collection, then your life’s collections should match the Smithson ian in educational aspects!

  5. Osiris’ phallus was eaten by fish in the Nile???

    That’s why you should always wear swim trunks when bathing in a river………

    • That’s true, Jason. I saw a nature program on TV a while back about a parasitic fish in Brazil that just loves to swim up a man’s urethra while he’s swimming and/or urinating. What a wonderful thought, eh? It turns out…again…that the story is not true. It seems there’s only one documented case and the details in that man’s story are not believable. It might have happened…just not how he described it. According to him, we’re supposed to believe that the little fish jumped out of the water and swam up his stream of urine and into his…uhhh…gherkin…or dingus. Yeah, right.


  6. Mr. Fenn,

    Your collection is incredible. The depth of your knowledge surrounding these pieces is also amazing.

    Thanks for sharing!


  7. So how was Horus the son of Osiris? With one part missing and that being the required part needed for the process? I guess every generation and culture has a Mailman in the closet somewhere:)

  8. I saw an article “What are the Wands of Horus?” Just might point out if you try this, don’t overdo it. Just hold them for a few minutes.

  9. You can also look up “Ankh”. That’s a dowsing rod and the bow tie part is where the rays are coming out.

  10. I guess you can see I am struggling to describe this. The flames are not actually part of the rod, that bow tie part. That is just a depiction of what the rays are doing.

  11. Sunday morning coffee and reading about things I never knew, I never knew. “Coinstantaneously entice…yet frighten” is a good description. The pictures bring it to life. Thank you Mr. Fenn.

  12. AMAZING!!!! We learn so much from you Forrest. I had heard some of this story somewhere before but as always you tell a tale to the point and in your own unique style. Keep them coming we love them all and learn so much….. Happy Thanksgiving from Ms. Girl and family……………….

  13. One more note on the Ankh and I’ll leave it. The flame point is so named because sensitive people (actually with practice most people can see auras) can see a glow on the rod that looks just like a gas flame.

  14. If you see those shafts in the pyramids, they were lines with mirrors and quartz crystals (long since looted). The shafts were pointed at different stars and the light frequency was amplified and probably re-transmitted.

  15. Dang women….always causing trouble.

    When I see Fenn’s Egyptian stuff I always wonder if he looked for the lost Egyptian civilization in the Grand Canyon.

  16. Or maybe it was jars full of lightning bugs?

    Does a homemade battery light source sound far-fetched for a culture of people that were able to stack (slightly heavy) stones together with near precision?

    Flames no, there was never any soot found. Watched a documentary on the subject.

    We know they drank beer all day long, the got paid in beer, beer was a commodity, men women even youngsters drank it. I heard beer companies want to buy the naming rights to some of the Pyramids.

    I’m talking about another documentary that was sponsored by the beer folks, called ‘How beer saved the world’

    Don’t laugh, there is a lot of science behind it, started with the hunter gatherers…it was low octane by today’s standard, but it was Boiled, distilled, germ-free

    • I’ve been to Machu Pichu and I can tell you those huge rocks way up in the wall are wedged so tightly together you can’t get a credit card in there….literally no gap. It really is amazing!

  17. Osiris led for the good of all. A later pharaoh eyed a woman of the sacred temple and sent his men to abduct her, so he might enjoy her beauty.

    My fascination with Egyptian culture, in addition to their artifacts, is their use of MFKTZ (moof KOOZ tee) a white powder of monatomic gold, elixir of the ages, used by various cultures under different names.

    The glyph below (if it downloads at this site) depicts Pharaoh Amenhotep III on the left receiving dispensing instrument from Goddess Hathor standing in the center. High Priest, Alchemist, treasurer, Sobekhotep “The Great One over the secrets of the House of Gold” handing cone of MFKZT, (Elixir), towards Hathor.

    The primary manufacturing of MFKZT for over 1500 years was The Temple of Hathor at the summit of Serabit el Khadim ( the Biblical Mt. Horeb) in the Sinai. MFKZT was used by many cultures under many names.

    Temple Dancer

  18. Thanks for the wonderful pictures of the necklaces …. and the history lesson. I’ve always been fascinated by Egyptian culture and wanted to travel to Egypt. I did get to go to a King Tut exhibit at the Science Museum of Minnesota and was almost overwhelmed by all the fascinating artifacts, and it was pretty much impossible to read the accompanying little information cards that were posted next to the exhibits because of the crush of people trying to see the same things. It’s a lot easier to absorb the history/stories surrounding these items through the postings from the Egyptian Wing of the Fenn Museum. :-).

      • No, I was there in Aug 2011. The Exhibit ran from Feb to Sept and I thought it wouldn’t be too crowded if I went later in the year. I was wrong! It was a great exhibit anyway and I marveled at the size of some of the items that were on display and the gold part of the exhibit was fascinating and beautiful.

  19. It always amazed me the work the ancients good do with what we would consider “primitive tools”.

  20. Nothing like a little knowledge about the cradle of civilization which happens to be also the cradle of Satanism.

    • Oh no, you didn’t just go there. Isn’t wonderful what religion is doing for those peace loving folks in the Middle East ? I’ll take whatever the native Americans were into.

      • theycallme9clues, I’m not sure you would want what the Native Americans were into either. Back before the Native Americans were turned into romanticized, lazy hippie colonies, as an Indian friend of mine calls them, the fierceness, cunning, and savagery of the Native American warriors was second to none; enslaving or annihilating any adversary they came in contact with.

        War Before Civilization: The Myth of the Peaceful Savage (Oxford University Press, 1996) by the anthropologist Lawrence Keeley of the University of Illinois, and Constant Battles: The Myth of the Peaceful, Noble Savage (Saint Martin’s Press, 2003) by the archaeologist Steven LeBlanc of Harvard. “The dogs of war were seldom on a leash” in the pre-Colombian New World, Keeley wrote.

  21. Lapis lazuli that post proves there is never a dull moment thinking about Egyptian artifacts.

    Did know the tops of the pyramids have high magnetic fields? Well they do and it’s not mistake they used rose granite for the Kings Chamber of the Great Pyramid. This material is paramagnetic and the limestone covering the Great Pyramid is diamagnetic.

    Pyramid translates into “fire in the middle.”

    • I heard that some of the Mayan pyramids (or other…I don’t recall) have a layer of mica coating the inside. Mica is a known electric insulator. I also heard that the source of that mica is thousands of miles away in Brazil. It would have been no simple task to transport all that mica for such a great distance. It certainly wasn’t for decoration if it was buried within the structure. I don’t know if that’s true or not. I haven’t seen pictures or anything.

      I do know that we live in a strange world. Actually, I don’t know about anyone else…but I certainly live in a very strange world. Okay! From what I’ve seen, I have concluded that Forrest lives in a very strange world, too. 🙂

  22. Imo the pyramids are made with preflood technology I have also seen hints that they had knowledge of aircraft not that they ever built them. They seem to have been unable to sustain this information as the ancients died off. We may be at the top of a cycle again.

  23. “While holding Osiris tightly, I can almost feel his mighty power, “. The story of Osiris is the story of life and death, death and rebirth, time and timelessness. Osiris is associated with the sun and the winter solstice. From http://essenechristianity.com/wintersoltice.htm:


    The Winter Solstice is the shortest day of the year, when the sun reaches its lowest point on the horizon. (“Solstice” literally means “sun stop.”) In ancient times, pagans celebrated this day as a “rebirth” of the sun or a sun god, and the beginning of a new year. In some cultures, the Winter Solstice was also a time to celebrate the birth or rebirth of a savior man-god (who was often connected with the sun). He was usually believed to be the offspring of a god father and a goddess or human mother, who was often a virgin. In ancient Egypt, the god-man/saviour Osiris died and was entombed on December 21st. At his moment of death, the priests brought out a baby, indicating his immediate rebirth; the Christians celebrate a birth of a god just after this time as well.

    Now consider Forrest at the age of 80+ contemplating the events of his life and their meaning. He was shot down on Dec. 20, rescued on Dec. 21, found the French soldier’s grave on Dec. 22 and returned home on Dec. 24 to go on to lead the remainder of his fascinating and successful life. Many of his comrades in Vietnam, as well as the French soldiers, never had that opportunity. So he was, in a sense, reborn from an almost certain death on the winter solstice of 1968.

    IMO the blaze is the sun at sunset on the winter solstice when the end is ever drawing nigh and your effort will be worth the cold. What better blaze is there than the sun to symbolically communicate death and rebirth and time and timelessness? I believe that to solve the clues, you must understand the symbolism, metaphors, and allegory he designed. The poem is “straight forward” in that the information is all there. But the poem can’t be solved with a literal reading. It is literal alchemy.

    • Hi ,
      December 21st. At his moment of death, the priests brought out a baby, indicating his immediate rebirth; the Christians celebrate a birth of a god just after this time as well.
      For one this is not good information as far as this concept. First of all The December 25 not 21st date for “Christians” to worship
      takes the Roman form of Mithras also a sun deity trying to Over turn the God of Israel and The Muslims alike as they saw them as the same!
      The concept you speak is older and more canister , feritility goddess of the FOUR TABLES. “Lilith” in which most of if not all Egyptian culture was based on these peoples cultures and building expertise in which ancient Masons were their slaves.

      So , to try and bash Yashua with in your strange ideas I don’t feel is expectable. I don’t believe in half the peoples spiritual ideas in this room , but that dose not mean I do not respect them to the fullest. I don’t agree with Fenn in his Spirituality , but I respect him and I won’t weavier for any brother in this world.
      There have been many people in our past that influence us, Sitting Bull is one of My Favirote… ” We will Dance as Brothers around the Tree of Life”

      So mind your manners please….

  24. Furnary tools. Very interesting Clothing fasteners? NO matter. I seem to always learn something here. Thanks to all.

  25. Sorry Mike or Mike D- Brown Mountain and Fire Overlook is right after you enter Going-to-the-sun road. Then you come to Looking Glass (hill) Road is at the other side of GTS road…then your near Granite Creek Avalanche Chute…I think…

        • 23, did you take the picture of that cute little hummingbird? It’s really a beautifully colored hummer. I’ve taken a few pictures of them myself and they’re so quick it’s hard to do so kudos to you for a great capture!

        • 23, you continue to impress with an unusual ability to find a hummingbird for all occasions. This one even has turkey colors. Niccce! Perhaps you could help me with my selection of a turkey at the grocery store, I’m heading there now.
          Anxious to have my kids home for the weekend. One has a head injury and may sleep thru it. We had a ‘fun’ time finding a plastic surgeon on Sunday who would help worried parents long distance. This year, I’m thankful for a very kind doctor.

          • Everyone has something they excel at, my thing is hummingbirds. I can spot a good one from their chirpie song.

            My mom fell and broke her wrist last week so I understand long distance planning around a health crisis.

            Be well and speedy recovery to your loved ones.

  26. Hello folks I hope everyone had a nice holiday?

    In regards to Egypt and 3500 years ago, I have also been researching some of these ancients.
    Interestingly, I was sent through FB, a post by some guy who with his wife had found in his garden, in a suburb of Chicago, a few artifacts. They were… a bronze statue of Ba al, A Sumerian or Egyptian Cuniform, and a Clovis point… huh what… Scott Wolters (sp)??? Seriously!
    In years past I thought some similarities from the Chase and my life were coincidental, but seeing a mountain in person and writing about one… are just to curious to me…
    I’m wondering how far will this go… I’m having the time of my life. What would I do if this ended?
    Nevertheless… Ba al perhaps a rain god was followed with satanic type descriptions, such as Baphonet (sp). Then we here from Wr7… all too much! I guess studying the ancients has both good and Evil? I suppose the purpose is how it pertains to the movement of peoples in religion, linguistics and mannerisms etc.? Now how and where?
    Keep the info coming f and friends!
    Mark H.

  27. That’s an interesting take on Egypt, though I believe Horus won against Seth’s forfiture of the throne due to the story of Seth and Horus having a boat race, where Horus made his boat of wood painted to look like stone and Seth made his boat out of stone.

    The story you tell, though, parallels the story of the Jews and the evil Pharoah and Joseph. That would also correlate with the 80 (77) years the Jews were in exile in Egypt or something along those lines.

    • Another interesting story is the story of the first sun disk and Atem (Adam) and the story of Isis and Nephthys where Osiris went to Isis and Nephthys spoke to him and Horus went to Isis and won the Isis talked to him or something.

      • That might have something to do with the priest of On and Asneith and Manna or Amun (Hidden)

        I also think the Aztec frog is an interesting reference to Heh. E.g. Heh Hauhet (Jehovah, Yahweh, The Kodesh Great ONE)

  28. I may not be overly educated in this area but..

    how could Isis get pregnant if Osiris’ phallus had been previously eaten by fish?

    just curious..

  29. I believe Isis ‘magically’ put all the pieces of his phallus back together again, and with help from the Gods “Horus” was created.

    Horus is quite an interesting subject!

    • wow, that’s certainly a lot of fish-guts to sift through

      ..being ‘magical’ probably helped speed up the process, I suspect

  30. A study of “Osiris and Orion’s Belt” might offer more than an interesting read.

    Much more.


  31. Egyptian history is particularly fascinating. A whole lot to see and learn here. Boy if only this treasure hunt were around when I went through school. I feel it could have provided a key to a whole lot of knowledge while I was a lot younger… Thank you Forrest for your epic poem and all that goes with it. And thank you Dal for the wonderful place to share. Blessings to all!

  32. Hmmm, Osiris’ sibling was Horus. For those who read my last post, maybe Horus is what Fenn is hinting at here as well.

    • Fascinating. It is amazing to me the amount of effort that clearly went into this masterpiece of a puzzle!

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