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Marvin Fenn Park


An old buddy sent me this photo. He was right guard on the 1948 Temple high school losing football team. I didn’t make the line-up that year.


I knew there was a park in Temple named for my father but I’d never seen this sign before. The guy who made it is an accomplished poet:




My father would be proud if he knew about this honor, especially since the lake in his park is full of big bass. f

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  1. Nice tidbit Forrest. After all, your Dad does deserve credit, for giving us YOU.


  2. Where is Jeff Foxworthy when you need him? “Here’s your sign!” When you read those rules, all you can do is say “Okay” and hope you didn’t double park 🙂

  3. Forrest,

    I live in Cypress TX, a couple of hours away from your fathers park. I would really love to go fish that pond. Would really enjoy having a fishing partner if you are ever up for it. It would be a real whopper of a story, for the students that I teach, if I caught a bass fishing along side of Forrest Fenn at his fathers park. I really enjoy telling my students stories about you and the treasure hunt when time permits. Gets their attention way more than the math that I teach them.

    Fred Y.

  4. Very nice sign in honor of your dad. I can’t help but wonder, if you do smoke, drink from a glass bottle, or park on the grass…What happens? The sign maker forgot to attach the answer.

  5. That is cool to see. What an awesome tribute. I’ll bet Forrest will have a park and a forest or two named in his honor as well. He already has one that I know of. I planted 5 Austrian pines in my backyard 7 years ago…just before my son was born. About a year ago I named my small forest “The Fenn Forrest” in Forrest’s honor. True story. Very few people know that. One day I will put a plaque there. The trees were only as high as my daughter, Grace, when I planted them…about 3′ high. The tallest is now over 15′ tall. I planted Austrians because they grow quickly…and I’m impatient…and like to see the sky through the pines. I hope one day to “own” a bigger forest and name it “The Fenn Forrest Too”. 🙂

  6. Next, f will be telling us that there are so many searchers heading to Marvin Fenn park that the highways have come to gridlock! Hmmm. I think it may be time for a trip of sorts.

  7. After dusk I’m going drive my pickup truck in there, put down the tailgate and light up something to go along with my Oscar Blues Ten Fidy.

  8. Dang, is everybody from Temple a poet??? 🙂

    Forrest, that is great that he was recognized in that manner for his contributions to Temple.
    I have to go to Temple for an appointment at S&W in February. I will go by the park and tip my hat while telling him what a fine park and fine son he has, both of which I feel quite sure he is aware of…..and I will toss a couple of nickels in the grass.

  9. I ain’t missing no picture.When the sun is high in the afternoon sky/you can always find something to do/but from dusk til dawn as the clock ticks on/something happens to you. thanks mr. forrest

  10. I’m disappointed in Temple. They should have named their largest, youth sports facility or baseball park after your dad. He excelled at a variety of sports, and I do believe that is something he would have really cherished. I was amazed by what he single-handedly wrought at NTSTC with their intramurals program. Your dad was every bit as much a go-getter as you are Forrest, just in a different way.

  11. Just because a “Big” bass sits quietly under the lily pads doesn’t mean he can’t “see” all the food. The big bass is big for a reason … He is wise and patient This bass is in a state of ” Torpor “…..but he is hungry… 🙂 good luck to you….

  12. As treasure hunting season kicks into high gear, I hope everyone finds what they are searching for in the mountains and beside the rivers and streams.

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