Texas Boys Search…

BY Jonny


Pickin and Grinnin while The Texas Boys Search for Forrest’s Treasure Chest.

16 thoughts on “Texas Boys Search…

  1. Those boys are great!!! Looks like they were having fun!!! Talented too!!! The boy can play that thing is it a mandolin???

  2. Thank you! I needed to see and hear this.
    Ahhh for the love of blue skies and an open road.
    For a moment I was able to escape winter’s grip.
    Love the music to.

  3. Guys, truly nice musical composition of Forrest’s poem on your parts. I’d sure like to hear a studio version. Yeah, it’d be worth the bread. I really like the vocal pacing.

    The photos are great too!

  4. thanks everybody! we are sure having a great time looking for the treasure! thanks Dal for posting this video and thanks Forrest for the search! those of you who have searched in the same area will probably recognize some of the scenery. be careful theres grizzlies up there! we found a cache of items that one searcher had left behind. we placed some pocket change in the case and put it back for others to find. them mountains will always be callin us back! so until next spring stay warm and safe!

  5. Wow…great video! One of the best posts ever by searchers…this makes my search stories look pretty lame…but no one would ever want to hear me sing, and I don’t play any instruments…hope you Texas guys are able to go on another search…if you ever come this way (New Mexico) let me know and maybe we can enjoy a drink together and swap stories. This was truly excellent! cynthia

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