Well, Here’s Moses…

by forrest fenn

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whittleAs I watched Leo Salazar carve this figure from a freshly cut pine tree, he assured me that it would be a perfect likeness of Moses. And I believed it because why else would someone throw his arms out like that except to summon the Israelites and lead them out of Egypt and across the Red Sea to Mount Sinai?

“That’s where Moses received the Ten Commandments,” Leo said, and he spoke like some kind of omniscient religious guru. His words were fit for the lessons at any Sunday school.

It was interesting to see the sharp knife skillfully whittle the wood, which did little to resist the artist’s efforts. As the face of Moses began to appear, Leo’s smile took on a pleasing quality. I just sat there and grinned.

Several hours more, and there stood the majestic Moses in his flowing robe.

I gave $350.00 for the beautiful figure because I enjoyed Leo so much. But Moses had been an old man and this portrait of him looked too white and new. I solved the problem by standing him on the roof of our gallery so the sun and snow could act as aging agents.

After three years the wind toppled Moses over and broke his right hand. I glued it back and stood him up again, where he stayed for another three years. Finally Moses took on the distinguished, darkened look that I thought he deserved.

Moses now stands in my home on the second step that leads into my den, and his expression continues to telegraph a timeless message.


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    • to the heart of it where Forrest sits in this fine picture of life talent 101
      ty be safe all

  1. Moses a man who had the world and riches offer to him gave it all up to follow god what faith love and fear he had 24/7 devotion took the hard way not the easy way in life

  2. Strange how F does not talk about the burning bush (BLAZE) also I bet he did the same thing with his chest, left it out to get some moss growing on it.

      • Either you know the original name or not.
        Israelite is an English Fabrication.
        Look at Strongs Hebrew Dictionary to see the real name which is Israeli
        Calling Israeli Israelite is like calling you Virginian.
        People may be trained to understand but it is still not your Proper Name.

        I am posting Fact not Want.

        Strongs Hebrew Dictionary


  3. An eye for what can be; coupled with talent and a little time and patients can produce some interesting things.

    Thank you Forrest for sharing

  4. I noticed that Forrest got a decent price for that piece. Currently a similar piece by Mr. Salazar goes for $750.00 on EBay. Similar to Forrest’s Moses. This was carved sometime around 1982 or there after. Forrest, was yours carved about that time period?

  5. I could have sworn that I had something like this. But no. My parents had known a good number of artists and some famous people. They had collected some interesting things. But they get redistributed to family and friends.

  6. What a wonderful carving! And I love the story of Moses. A cousin has a beautifully carved statue of St Francis standing by their front door that I think was purchased in Santa Fe. Unfortunately their dog chewed on one of his hands a bit. Now they have to take St Francis’s hands off when they have to go someplace and leave the dog in the house. 🙂

    • Now that I am wide awake. It was time for me to return to this thread. I do find it funny but I get the message that Leo took pride in his work. Even by the misfortune of the wind knocking down Moses, it still puts a smile on your face Forrest. Now searchers, how can you not like a story like this. It puts a smile on my face as well. Sometimes time is all we have, one step at a time.

      An Indian Scout and A Saint

      • Dear Mr. Geydelkon:

        It is of my belief…. that virtually all of Mr. f stories have some connection toward finding the cache. It is his little game…….and he smiles to himself each time .

        If I”m right then….and Moses parted the waters…and.Indulgence lies nearby…..

        Best regards


  7. With his back turned, Moses looks as though his is dancing, John Travolta style.

    I do believe that any question could be asked and Mr. Fenn would have a statue or story to associate with the question. Mr. Fenn is there no limit to your eclectic collection?

    Love seeing each and every one.

  8. I just got a wooden carved Mary and Joseph with lambs this weekend at an estate sale. Love the Moses.

  9. Beautiful, Forrest!!! I believe I have a solve with a guru and emailed you about it and you told me I needed to take some or stop taking some medications!!! Umgh,is this finally a clue to that solve? Moses is well respected and this carving, it is quite wonderful. You have so many great gifted talented friends and they express themselves very well in ART!! Please continue to share more with us!! MERRY early CHRISTMAS and have a long and BLESSED NEW YEAR!!! Ms Girl still on your trail and the scent of the CHASE, even through the fallen snow. Great story and photos….. PLEASE SEND MORE

    • Well folks, I just measured. Moses stands 24″ tall in his bare feet, which you can’t see because his flowing robe covers them. f

      • I’m stumped. Don’t tell me Moses is guarding the tc.

        What is Forrest alluding to in this Vignette? There’s got to be a reason for all these posts, right?

        • I just finished one of those paint-by-numbers paintings and it was called “Dertifiable “. Got me to thinking that maybe Forrest is alluding to certain colors and having numbers associated with them. It might be a kind of “backdoor” for finding the treasure.

          • What a creative thot – paint by numbers.
            I could be an artist and you could too.
            I like that.

      • Moses is the Blaze, Leo Salazar showed Forrest the spot, pointed out Moses half way up a 1,000 foot carst. Forrest used the word “carst” instead of bluff because there is a bluff in the solution, remember 4 cards and a joker. Moses is best viewed at winter solstice before sunset which coincides with the date he was shot down in Laos. Leo Salazar died in 1991 of unknown causes, so Leo had to of shown the place to Forrest before 1991. Leo Salazar lived in Taos.

  10. I put posted this on the 9 clues section but I think it may fit better here….

    One thing I started doing since this chase is reading a lot more….

    I did not read much since I was kid until last year and now my library is growing faster and faster…

    but anyway I am reading a book by Saint Augustine called “City of God” and he talks about kings of Egypt in it.. One kid was name Philadelphus… He freed slaves during his reign and also had the Bible translated for him and sent gifts to Jerusalem… I do not know if Philadelphia is named after him or the city in I believe now a days Jordan that is in the book of revelations.. but I thought it was cool…. Philadelphia is just a awesome city with its history in founding this country and with the Bible and Egypt connection I just pointed out…

    I wish I could live a better life where I could help out people who had it bad in our countries past. especially blacks cause of my own family history and what the population of Philadelphia is… I know if 90% of black people of Philadelphia had the same opportunity and quality of life I had growing up on the main line they would have done 10 times better than with what I had….. I think a big problem is being confined in a concrete city… that must be really hard being poor and black living in the conditions like those…. and since if you are black you are told from a young age that the world is against you because of the color of your skin…. we really have to do a better job in this country being more united and giving everybody the same opportunities I had growing up next to Valley Forge Park on the main line with green grass, fishing trips, great schools and room for failure….

    I think what needs to happen is that we need to grow manufacturing back in this country with 3D printing…. We need to spread out more and re due our transportation so everyone can live where the grass is green and fresh air is present…. we need to have students from inner cities connecting with through a facebook for studying with kids from the suburbs, where maybe the best suburban schools are paired up with the toughest inner city schools starting in middle school so these kids and can help each other out… we need more focus in STEM or as I like to call it STEAM (science technology engineering arts and math)…. we need to do a better job in this country coming together, rebuilding/branding our nation for the 21st 22nd and 23rd centuries or we will fall apart….I pray that this with happen soon rather than later and I have full optimism it will…enough is enough….

    Thank you for letting me rant….. I know one of the reasons for Forrest doing this chase was to get kids off the couch and out in the woods but I also believe Forrest did this to turn this country around in some way….. I bet he wishes what I said above will happen….

    What do you say Forrest?

    • Cluesfromphilly, I try not to get political but I have to agree with you that we as a country could be doing a better job… I am curious what type of products do you forsee us printing in 3D? I know it is becoming more common and I know some designers who use it to make models. But what type of products do you think on a large scale could be manufactured?

      • Steel and other building materials are in the process of getting made from them…. right now its all plastics so I guess we could make all our plastic products from them instead of getting ripped off from China…. but once we start making steel and metal with them it will be a game changer… we could make almost ANYTHING with that and the countries that use cheap labor to make products (Alas China) would have a real problem on their hands when all their employed manufacturing employees become unemployed….

        • Well I guess that might be good for our country but what about all those people in China? I don’t like the idea of us (US) becoming a super power again at the expense of others. Why ca’t we all just get along and work together??? Seems a pretty easy concept to me… What do you suppose is the obstacle to that???

          • it wouldnt be an us becoming a super power at others expenses since they treat their workers over there like slaves… we would actually be doing the people of china good to do that so they would compete with us on equal terms….the biggest obstacle to everyone not getting along is people love themselves and material things the most and will doing anything to maintain or get them….but our country “says” that we are better than the rest because of how we treat one another but in reality we have not been so nice to each other that is why I would like to see us come together as a country and help out people that were harmed in the past and that are stuck in a cycle of poverty so that we can show the world how a free society works and the rest of the world will look up to us not based on material wealth but upon our treatment of others, which is really what this country should be about and I believe some of the founders thought this way in Philadelphia when writing the constitution and declaration of independence…..IMO

          • Thats nice Philly… I can see what you are saying… it would be truly beautiful if we could set an example of helping each other out in such a way for all of us to be happy and productive while honoring the Earth. But there is always that element of greed especially once people have power. How do you keep them grounded and rid them of their greed? Do you make them see how happy they could be without it?

          • Spallies…greed is going to be around till the end of time, as it was here since the start of time….thats why we have laws but it us up to us to hold each other accountable on this and discuss how destructive it can be to everyone with each other…

  11. Please folks…lets drop the political and get back to finding the chest. There are other blogs for politics, world peace, zeitgeist, reform, and etc. I think of this blog as a much needed escape from those conversations.


  12. Mindy – As do I. Or should I say, as I Am does, or YHWH, maybe. I personally think this SB honors both the Creator and our enduring co-created existence here on Earth. I am still on the bottom steps….


    I hope everyone on The Chase has a blessed and joyful Holiday Season.. This post is my prayer for all of you. And it is my expression of gratitude for all The Chase and the Creator have done for me.

    Love, Lisa

  13. Thank you for the picture FF. The fault lines are right where I expected them to be.

  14. So I thinking walk across water, find command ments(9 clues), lean up against a pine tree until well seasoned.

    • IMO it’s going to take a lot more than intelligence to be Forrest fenn’s Shadow. My brother the shepherd knows what I speak of. There’s a time to stay and a time to get to work.

  15. I tried to make my own tablets, using one of my bunnies two big front teeth and a tattoo gun. As I approached the cage all the little fluff-balls backed off. I caught my reflection in the window and realised I had a receding hare line.

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