Scrapbook One Hundred Fifteen…



Proper Dental Care



It’s not as important as it used to be. Having so many toothbrushes, I mean. That’s because I don’t have all the teeth that once decorated my mouth. When I smile, or even laugh, my mouth stays closed, unlike some people who show all of their uppers and lowers when they grin. I think they have an advantage over me because they appear friendlier.


I had a friend in high school whose laugh made her look like a snarling Pomeranian. It bothered me just a little and that’s why I always talked to her on the phone rather than in person. Her name was Sonja Jane Pulver and you could sure pick that girl out of a line-up.

I brush my teeth four times a day, but more often if I snack between meals, which is all the time. Taking turns with the brushes is a major problem because I forget which one I used last. After cleaning my teeth I dry the brush with my face towel and try to place it in my frog jar so as to keep it in chronological order with the others. That wasn’t stated just right, but hopefully you’ll know what I mean.

Once a year I gather all of my toothbrushes and clean them in our dish washer. That’s always when I’m home alone, of course. Then I can start the rotation over again. I think it’s important to have a system. f


257 thoughts on “Scrapbook One Hundred Fifteen…

  1. Holy tooth brush !! I change my tooth brush often. It works out great because I always use the cast offs for cleaning various things in my shop. Gets in all the nooks and crannies. Thanks for sharing your dental hygiene habits with us Forrest and I especially like the frog jar. The smiles in all of the pics I have seen of you look just fine…nothing like your friend !

  2. I am asking myself why Forrest sent us this?
    What does he want to point out about the location of the chest?
    What is here but not obvious?

    • I believe the toothbrush holder is one of Forrest’s bronzes. It is the only one like it I have seen. The others we have pictures of have screw-on lids. But the frog is clearly his frog…
      The surface texture is the same as the surface texture on his other jars and bells…

      • Most people who work around in bronze use toothbrushes and other types of brushes. They clean the bronze and coat the bronze in wax. That leaves just some people. I remember his earlier story.

    • Careful Dal, Goofy might moderate your own posts – how dare you suggest Forrest is hinting anything through these scrapbooks!!! ha ha
      The Wolf

        • Dal you are fine, you started your statement with “I believe”. You aren’t arrogant like the blowhards around here that are sure they know everything.

          All these people that think they know everything are a real pain to those of us that do.

          • I agree Goof..
            There is nothing more irritating than someone who thinks they know more than me…
            With the possible exception of someone who has more money than me…
            Wait…that would be about everyone I guess…

          • Well shucks Goofy . I always thought I was one of those guys that knew everything and now your saying I;m a real pain in the arse. Heck I was just getting used to being conceded and starting to enjoy it and you burst my bubble. I think I have a picture around here that reminds me of the grin on Forrest’s mug. See there I’m so disturbed that I don’t know anything that I forgot what I did with it.

    • It would appear that he is pointing out two things here. Order and time. I.E. The order is based in time, science says we are based in space time. Meaning Time is space oriented. With a given object occupying a given place at a particular time.

      Hope that makes some sense to you all.

      • Yes and the right person, in the right place, at the right time will be holding the TC! Will it be a toothless Joe or a Cheshire Cat OR a person with Alzheimers trying to shower in a dishwasher?

        • The right person? In the right place? At the right time? …or NOT! Ya’ll be safe out there. Ya hear? And don’t forget your toothbrush or you’ll have to go all the way back and get it…or just stop by one of the many convenient gas stations located everywhere you go. Simple! 🙂

          • Hi, Spallies. I named my two cats Lynx and Dusty. Lynx is still around hunting prey in the neighborhood. He was born in 2000 which makes him about 72 in human years.

          • I can’t take much credit, Spallies. I made sure both cats always had food and water, but I think their lifestyles contributed greatly to their longevity. Dusty was rather sedentary and Lynx was (is) always active. Of course, they would only eat the soft food (Fancy Feast) from cans. Spoiled Brats! 🙂

          • Hi JC… I have a spoiled brat cat myself… 21 yr. old Kiki (she doesn’t have many teeth left). Also Cody, he’s 11. Both indoor. Cody is easy, but Kiki is very picky and demanding in her old age…She even tells me when she wants me to go to bed.

      • Order and seasons/time makes great sense Chad.

        The tooth brushes may clean pottery sherds, artifacts, jewelry, bronze etc. I doubt f puts that nasty clogged brush in his mouth.

        I’m calling the Tooth Fairy, she knows something.

        • If that’s a reference to Tinker Bell, you may be onto something.
          As always, IMO.

          • I do believe there is a lot of Peter Pan correlations with the Chase. Y’all need to read it. I did – now I think I can fly!

        • Hmmm, this scrapbook begs the question….

          Does lying through your teeth count as flossing?

          I called the Tooth Fairy for an oral TTOTC education. She knows all about Forrest’s toothless grin. I’m thinking ff and his AF buddy bill hale we’re “pretend dentists” at a party they held. Wonder if ff has a box of teeth;-()

    • Dal,
      You ask “what is here but not obvious?” Forrest says “…when I’m home alone…”. Home Alone — referencing the 1990 movie starring Macaulay Culkin…telling us WWWH is McCauley Warm Springs In Jemez Mts, New Mexico. I’m grabbing my toothbrush, snowshoes, and shovel and heading there now…oops, already searched there…LOL. cynthia

      • Cynthia-
        I saw that “Home Alone” idea but I thought it was referencing to “Lonesome Dove”.
        The ranch used as Lonesome Dove was located near Angel Fire, NM. Many of the ranch trail scenes were shot out on the eastern slope near Cimarron. Wiki says that you can see Tooth of Time Mountain in at least one shot in Lonesome Dove.

        • The Santa Fe trail also travels out along the eastern slope to Cimarron…it is still visible in many places before joining up with the main trail…

          • I have been really looking at the Santa Fe Trail lately. There is a WWH there, but it doesn’t go by that name now.
            I think some of the things he’s trying to point out is consistency, being “in the middle” (or looking in between), and chronology.
            I think he’s saying there is one consistent way to solve every clue in the poem.
            IMO, of course.

            But this is what he maybe did right before he took a picture of the toothbrushes:
            FF (knocking on his neighbor’s door and grinning when they open): Can I borrow your toothbrushes; I’ll bring ’em right back.
            Neighbor (now accustomed to FF’s eccentric quirkiness): Okkkaaayy.


        • Dal,
          Tooth of Time is located on the Philmont Scout Ranch…my understanding is that the ranch is off-limits to anyone who is not a scout. Have you, or any other searchers, tried searching anyway on the massive Philmont property, and if so, were there any issues…like getting kicked off and them confiscating your vehicle (same penalty if you get caught on the Taos Pueblo land)? cynthia

          • I would never do such a thing 🙂

            Others have said they have. Some did not know they were on ranch property until they met up with scouts on the trail.

            Tooth of Time is on the ranch but that does not mean the chest has to be on the ranch does it?
            I think it would depend how you used that blazing peak in your solution.

          • I’m glad you posted this, Cynthia. I had questioned myself about this the other day when the discussion of teeth, smiles, grins, etc. was mentioned.

    • “try to place it in my frog jar so as to keep it in chronological order with the others. That wasn’t stated just right, but hopefully you’ll know what I mean.”

      “home alone, of course. Then I can start the rotation over again. I think it’s important to have a system. f”

      If there is a subtle hint here then my guess would be that it is buried in these two statements.

      • Possible food for thought.

        ff’s previous SB emphasized “don’t mess with my poem ( road map).

        System & chronology – Follow the clues systematically in their rightfully listed sequential order… But ff might be suggesting here that they are not listed chronologically when your boots are actually on the ground.

        Alone @ home of Brown.

        Rotation – you end up back where you started.

        • Clarification. I didn’t mean to state that all clues are out of chronological what I was trying to say was that some might be or that the clues are almost in chronological order.

          Also where you start and end could possibly be ff’s home (of Brown).

    • the frog? 2f? hmmm, good look, now we have to add jars and bushes, aaaahhh man, headache…

    • I’m in the giving mood at the moment, so here goes:

      1. (I believe) Fenn can come across as gruff sometimes in his comments and possibly his email responses. (I believe) that is a good thing, and don’t mistake that with not being friendly. (I believe) he is actually a friendly, good soul on the interior.

      2. (I believe) the searcher who finds the treasure must be very observant to very subtle things provided by Fenn. For example – the photo of himself above is the identical photo other than his face, using Photoshop. How this is a clue where you get to have fun!



      • Milan, I didn’t agree with you about the pictures but I kept looking at them. So I had to know; I loaded them in Photoshop and overlaid them. You are correct it’s the same picture with his face changed. I wonder why he did that instead of just taking two pictures.

        • Wrong again Goofy, that’s 2 pictures. Take your Photoshop back and John Warnock will give you a refund, unless Dal is playing games on all of us. f

          • out of the two pics ….I like the one on the right… Sure looks like your up to something…

          • I doubt John would take my call Fenn. He would probably tell me Photoshop is only as good as the operator. Maybe you could put in a good word for me next time you see him.

            OK, I looked at the photos again during half time. I still think they were photo shopped. I can see the background being the same if the camera was on a very solid tripod with remote shutter release. If those are two different pictures you better check your pulse. 🙂 I wonder if Dal had anything to do with this? He did a pretty good job.

            I looked at them at the pixel level; so for one example your hair (I’m talking about single hairs) that wasn’t part of the of the face switch are in exactly the same place. And I don’t see how you could have taken a breath and made the lines on your shirt line up that well.

            So in my humble opinion the two pictures are the same with a face change.

        • IMO he’s drawing attention to the type of smile…
          Meaning of a Tight-lipped smile – the lips are stretched out to form a straight line and the teeth are hidden. This smile can say, “I have a secret”, “That’s just silly” or “I’m tolerating you only because I have to” depending on how tight the mouth is.

    • Dal, if I was a paranoid person I might think Mr. Fenn is telling me, after my lastest comment, to wash my mouth out. 🙂 But I’m not paranoid, much, so I wonder myself.

    • Geez DaL, changing that picture of smiling Forrest is the pits 🙂 Reminds me of the pitfalls of treasure hunting.
      My search area is a bit farther east in the wood.

  3. Forrest, you’re a hoot. I can’t wait to meet you when i bring you the bracelet. I imagine you put a gps tracking device in with the treasure so if and when it’s been found while you’re still kicking, you’ll know it’s been moved.

    • Ed the other Ed. This stuff is all just going over my head. I feel like I’m looping in a rat race. I hope that Forrest throws us a bone soon.

  4. Toothbrushes should be replaced every 3-4 months. I use one at a time and don’t leave it out on the counter… But I think “toothbrushes” are a hint because it keeps showing up. Wish I could figure that one out. Hmmm? Back to work….

  5. Mr. Fenn, I love your frog jar. Wow! That’s a lot of toothbrushes. I really can’t imagine how you keep them straight and use them in order. This scrapbook cracks me up and makes me smile with all my uppers and lowers. Just what I needed today, thank you. I’m glad you take such good care of your teeth and are faithful in cleaning your brushes. You have a great smile.

  6. Sonja Jane Pulver… interesting…
    here initials are SJP… like the initials for Saint Joes Prep in Philadelphia….

    Their football team just won the state championship last night for the 2nd time in a row….

    Anyone have any other ideas of how Philadelphia is connected to this chase? I saw some comments of others who said they had hints of Philadelphia in the chase, but they never followed up…

    Maybe toothbrushes stand for being clean…like how you would feel after a warm water bathe?

    • and GO BIRDS! beat the cowboys tonight and win the division once again!

      how was your Thanksgiving Forrest? mine was great, eating good food with family while watching the Eagles destroy Dallas. Ha Ha….

      E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES!!!

    • We know that you are friendly Forrest even if we don’t see your pearly whites. I sure am stumped on your multiple references to teeth and tooth brushes unless the bronze sits in the brush where frogs leap when you brush your teeth in a creek.

      I love your beautiful bronze frog holding the brushes. Do you always sing Oh Sola Mia when they’re in the dishwasher?

    • Maybe you are suppose to use your thumb to cover up ummm …. “Philadelphia”
      with your thumb too.
      Did I spell that right.

    • Hey ladies

      Remember the cheer that goes:

      Fire Cracker, Fire Cracker, Boom, boom, boom,
      The boys have the muscles
      The Teachers have the brain
      The girls have the sexy legs and we won the game 🙂

      Go Eagles 🙂

      • Ha I like it….
        I wish they didnt play at 830 though…. thats close to my bedtime 🙁

        • I’ll be cheering for the Eagles for you Philly! Can’t stand those arrogant Cowboys…:) Hope I’m not to sad by then the HAWKS are struggling a bit 🙁 But we are pretty good at coming back so we’ll see what happens 🙂

        • yep hope Philly wins it…I’m working tonight so I’ll probably be watching it here and there.


    Sonic has a superb UV daily cleaning system built into the charger and sonic cleaning is a treat. I ate too many cinnamon bears as a kid and need all the help my teeth can get.

    You have a nice smile Forrest! But you could ask Santa for a Sonic toothbrush, and if you’re on the naughty list this year, Costco sells them at a reasonable price.

      • Dal, I should be, My family would be delighted if I brought in any income! Nope, but they are great tooth brushes. I’ve put my Dentists kids thru college and he crowned me queen of penny candy!

      • walk a mile in my shoes, then maybe you wouldn’t be smiling so much

        maybe i shoulda said that

        oh no, now im starting to sound like Marvin the depressed android

        life …. don’t talk to me about life …

          • i decided if i count the the toothbrushes, it would make me smile

            i count 17. now im smiling = )

            why? i don’t know. what does 17 toothbrushes mean?

          • my favorite toothbrush is the one with the dingy brown bristles

            if it were me i would just use that one every day

          • Speaking of dingy, brown bristles, Chris. I hear that Paul Bunyan used an “electric” toothbrush with brown bristles. Well…actually he used a really agitated Porcupine (Pork-upine to the late person). How was it “electric”, you ask? I reply, “How was it not?!” You’d be agitated, too, if some Giant stuck a stick up your…oh my!…look at the time! I’m late for bed. 🙂

          • Of course, I’m talking about a peaceful little porcupine minding his own business not hurting anyone and a giant named Paul “Cerberus” Bunyan. I know things can be misunderstood when typing online. I just wanted to clarify that.

  8. Sometimes, so I have heard it said, people will take a lot of brush, and with a back and forth motion they will obscure the trail they had taking to hinder pursuit.

  9. The storal of the morey is:

    have an organized approach and stick with it. even if it doesn’t appear to be working. been chasing the frog too long now.

  10. Ok, I need to keep the clues in order and look for the treasure chest under brush. Got it! 🙂

    PS: The smile of yours reminds me of the Cheshire Cat. 🙂

  11. I think that my brain just broke.
    In the Scout motto. The first letters of the chosen words are:
    Bravery, Enterprise, Purpose, Resolution, Endurance, Partnership, Assurance, Reformation, Enthusiasm and Devotion.
    >Be Prepared<
    Now I must obsessively research the Philmont Ranch.

    • The Tooth of Time looks like the blazeyist blaze I have ever seen. Quickly down from it is a small dam and reservoir and what could be water treatment buildings. But from looking at it on the computer I cannot discern WWWH or anything else.

      • Michael, I think you might need to look back in time. A good resource is “The Place Names of New Mexico.” I recently got it on Kindle, and it has expanded my knowledge, especially about the Tewa, greatly.

        A fun thing to note is that the Boy Scout ranch is near there. There is an equivalent manual for the Junior Woodchucks, who I think are Scrooge McDuck’s grandkids. I swear I see clues in that thing, too.

        Heck, I see clues as I walk through the grocery store, too. My mind is just too full. Lol.

      • Mike-
        I think you might be gazing in the wrong direction. Look up…
        Warm water could halt at Aqua Fria…there are three agua fries in the vicinity:
        Agua Fria Peak
        Agua Fria Creek
        Agua Fria community (not the one near Santa Fe)
        All are near Angel Fire…

        If “it” was the Cimarron it would take you down to where you might see The Tooth of Time…

        There is a great deal of history in that area including the Santa Fe trail..the Cimarron spur of that trail…

        Angel Fire sits in the Moreno (Brown) Valley…

        Lots of exciting and interesting ideas here…

  12. Ribbet.

    I have seen you smile, they looked fine to me. Not the first reference to teeth. We had the story with the man who had the unusual dental pattern who sold him a hat, the poem with the crocodile, anything else?

    Move on over leaper!


  13. About every few miles in the Rockies there is a reference to tooth, mouth, frog, or brush. But I like the Tooth of Time as a good start as I start my research into the thousands of locations that have one of these 4 words. (I will let you know the results in a few hundred years when I’m through with the list)

  14. Hey,mr. forrest ,broncos won today,yeah.Oh,I have a picture of you and me and you have a beautiful smile,teeth and are a smug little stinker.I get your point, keep them coming,i love this stuff.honestly your a funny mess.

  15. Up close that brush on the far right looks like he chewed a bowl of corn flakes with only his wisdom teeth and forgot to swallow before brushing….I mean, there’s chunks….maybe that’s just the Cascade….or Scope….or whatever he uses in the dishwasher.

  16. Dal, like you I too am left scratching my head. What tools are we missing here to decode this? It certainly isn’t overt. I used to think his other posts were weird and now this one is so normal. Sometimes it helps to read slow. I’ve read and re-read the books looking for coded stuff. The best tool that I’ve found so far is a good topo map. I guess we just keep stumbling along like a dodo bird hoping we hit gold.

    • Although I have to say it seems rather cruel looping us over and over through the same cycle. Sometimes I feel like a hamster. We had better get wise or he’ll just keep pulling the wool over our eyes. Oh no! Here we go, he’s running us through the cycle again.

      • Cruel, Ed?
        He’s trying to help you/us.
        The only cruel thing is nature in that she gave him more brains than us. 🙂

  17. keep in mind that just because Forrest post something doesn’t mean that its a clue or even a subtle hint…. if someone is trying to find a needle in a hay stack then the amount of hay you are searching makes a huge difference.. Forrest is clever…..If he did insert hints in every post then there are 115 clues or hints at this time…… just my opinion but I believe some post have subtle hints and some don’t… its up to us to decide whats important….. in my solve I think this post has a subtle hint….. good luck to all…….. lets get chasing…:)

  18. On a side note I hope Crow taste like chicken…:) Hopefully, I won’t have to find out but yikes it’s not looking too good. Come on Eagles!!!!

  19. @ Virginia Diane – you must be one of the sweetest people on Dal’s blog to get by with calling Forrest a “funny mess!” But in this case I have to agree with you 😀

    Never smile at a crocodile
    You might be taken in by his welcome grin!

    He’s about to send a pucture showing all his teeth when his Biys win tonight!!!

  20. How’s the flossing going? It’s clear your toothbrush system is superb. High marks from the R.D.H.

    Smiles for miles 🙂

        • I would be honored Forrest… but in case you didn’t hear “I broke my mind”… Maybe if you don’t have too many… I might be able to count to 10…:)

          • Hmmm… That is very tempting… But, like I told Lia I have to work so I can’t just drive down to Sante Fe like the others who are retired… Maybe next summer I will save some vacation days and come down to do some searches. I have some places in Colorado I want to check out…:)

        • That’s funny. Yesterday, I was going to ask you how many combs you had, but didn’t get around to it. Thanks for the comment.

  21. @Spallies, you just received a public invitation from the man himself – If it were me I would jump on that and smile a tooth filled grin all the way to Santa Fe!

  22. I use my old toothbrushes that I used to have to clean my rocks when I find them and want to keep them. Now I use one of those electric toothbrushes, but not the Sonic one. My dentist said it works better than the manual kind so I use it. And floss because I don’t want to see the dentist anymore than I have too. I love those frogs!

  23. Forrest,

    You smile like me 🙂
    I like to smile in fact I smile all the time 🙂

    I just disagree when u smile at someone and they don’t smile back I find it to be rude 🙂

  24. I’ve had girlfriends back in the day that I could count all their teeth on my hands, the Santo Feo’s need love too.

  25. I just don’t know what to say now after all that hogwash. Sorry folks don’t mean to sound so cranky maybe it’s past my bedtime

  26. Three things occur to me.

    First, your frog jar, Forrest, appears obviously made in your foundry similar to other castings you have shown us. There has been no acknowledgement of that.

    Second, Jamie pointed out the condition of one of your tooth brushes, yuck! By my count about 7 of the brushes are past the point of needing to be replaced. I can’t believe you are saving them, much less using them??? I do congratulate you on your exemplary dental hygiene.

    Third, why the “extreme” effort to make your pictures nearly identical except for the facial expression?

    I must admit, something seems fishy! 🙂

  27. Ok seriously everyone, big hint here. Mouth and smile.
    Only a few minutes after you leave the East Entrance of Yellowstone, on the way to Cody, if you pay attention, you’ll see a big cave there on the left. Its mouth is 150-feet wide and looks like a giant opera singer yawning in the side of the mountain.

  28. Did anyone reference Brad Pitt as in a Pitt covered with brush near the Tooth Mountain Canyon below? Off my game this morning, got up late and have to wake up child to take to school. Got to go my coffee has not started to work yet and need more sleep. Lets still talk ya’ll, lots of new clues.

    • @ whatrockysees, your codes remind me of 3rd grade fun writing coded notes by drawing eyes for “I” etc. So, are you saying ‘I wiil try’ or ‘I have come around to the 3’ ? Lots of fun being a kid again Rocky. Thanks for restoring a memory.

  29. Don’t forget about the Beartooths. Just a thought. I’d chose FF over BP any day.
    I am still mad at Brad for leaving Jennifer. I am so confused. I must go eat my Wheaties, now…

    • I am using an IPad at home, but it seems something superimposed on the jar just left of the frogs rear left leg. Anyone?. I will look at it closer when I ever get too work.

  30. I think he just telling us he has a system to everything he does a little. OCD 🙂 Keep everything in order 🙂

    • If f is a bit OCD with order and fastidious with hygiene his tooth brushes would be lined up, not touching, and dried off with a paper towel. That grouping of brushes is a germ factory when dried with a hand towel.

      (I’m not OCD, but a bit of a germaphobe)

      • No it means he is part Scottish. LOL sorry!

        Look at that Forrest became a star. 🙂
        Having a little fun leaping to conclusions. Ribbit. Now lets see if I can walk on that slightly longer leg? LOL Funny guy!

  31. Forrest, you are so amusing! It’s just fun to laugh with you at your antics. Who cares if I’m clueless what you are getting at.

    And, since it’s possible to select age and looks, I may put up an avatar photo of Jennifer Anniston.
    I know Brads married to Angelina, but I’m not the tattoo type.

  32. Here we go again with the photos…Dal and Forrest playing around again…Must be bored sitting by the fire in that cold weather…lol

  33. Frog,
    So we have three frog mentions of late, Jenny and the fishing lures and this one plus all the other frog pictures in the book and on the jars.

    I am intereseted in other’s opinion, but (it is my belief) that frog is a “keystone” species. The role that a keystone species plays in its ecosystem is analogous to the role of a keystone in an arch. This would link the rainbow arch with a “word that is key.” I actually do not believe this is the word that is key but could have some relation to it. Thoughts?

    If Forrest would only give us a Sine?!
    The Wolf

  34. Bad reception and I missed the party!
    1. spallies, I think you broke your mind too! :}
    2. I like the chesire cat better than that pitt guy.
    3. Chris Yates, welcome back! Again!
    4. Forrest, hmmm. Speechless.

  35. Opps, I misspelled a word…actually, it was a test…lol…I see a fish with its mouth open in the bottom corner, I think it is taking the bait…

  36. Let’s talk about “uppers and lowers”. I’ve given some thought to this phrase and identified possible connections aside from the one Forrest implies (teeth). Here’s a few. What do you guys think?

    Upper and lower case (words in the poem)
    Upper and Lower Egypt
    Upper and lower eyelids (lures that have eyes, egyptian things that have eyes)
    Upper and Lower Yellowstone Falls
    Upper and lower atmosphere (water cycle)
    Upper and Lower Rio Grande

    There are other things that I can think of but they didn’t seem to apply as much to me.

    Upper and lower control arms (car suspension)
    Upper and lower class (societal stratification)
    Upper and lower receiver (gun assembly parts)
    Upper and lower cabinet sets

    Anybody have any others or thoughts on these?

    • EJ – sorry, having too much fun today to do serious sleuthing. Your upper-lower question reminded me of a funny song my grampa sang: “Catalina Magdalina hoop style whop style Hogan Bogan Logan was her name. She had two teeth in the front of her mouth one pointed north and the other pointed south…she had two hairs in the top of her head one was black and the other was red.”


  38. I found one place that applies perfectly to all: Alone in there, WWWH, Take it in the canyon down, below home of Brown, look quickly down, and no place for the meek, end drawing near, no paddle up, Brave! Metaphorically, if the poem is referring to going alone into death, this is the place.

      • Yes me too. wort-phobia is the worst.

        But reliable sources have told me that they can also get rid of warts by sucking them off.

        But I was always afraid to do it for fear of getting ghastly worts.

        I think I will just rather live with my warts.


  39. Hey, one of those brushes already has toothpaste on it or maybe it’s some leftover cheese and crackers he had for a snack earlier. 🙂 I don’t know, I’m just as curious as the frog is … why there are so many toothbrushes? I think though, that the important words here are: ‘Chronological order’ – ‘Rotation’ – ‘System’. I just don’t understand why one would want to start the rotation over again? Hmmm……….

  40. I count 16 toothbrushes which is a recurring number in the book. 16 x 2 = 32 teeth chattering in laughter at our ideas!

    For example: Can we discuss crop rotation? Maybe f eats only wheat products in winter months before rotating to corn chips in spring, pineapple pies in summer and grapette soda in the fall.

  41. Start up then go down then back up and around come back down go straight 🙂 who knows lol

    What goes around comes around 🙂

  42. Frogs n fish. Similarities:
    Co habitant
    One has legs, the other does not
    One stays in the water, one does not..
    I’m confused. Am I a fish or a frog?

  43. A little off topic but I was in Baltimore recently and they have a World Trade Center there too on the harbor… In front is a memorial with actual pieces of steel beams from the New York World Trade Center. From what I recall it looked melted and twisted together.

  44. We can see your teeth now Forrest! Your Texas Cowboys contingent just started cheering!
    Des B is force to be reckoned with we reckon!!!

  45. Angie’s side kick is OK but I miss Peggy’s. The original artist of a river that ran through it. I now know what I thought was a movie was actually a documentary. OK so the ending might have been doctored but the fishing was reel.

  46. 17 brushes tucked away
    Maybe a clue, or maybe to say
    Regardless of how many teeth you display
    Have you smiled at a homely girl today?

  47. So then we had that recent Brad Pitt comment and a celebratory round of drinks.

    No announcement yet so that gives hope for us slow ones.

    It’s probably wise advice to bring along extra tooth brushes though just in case.

  48. Back to my original theory:
    H-A-L-T on/at 32.
    L=3, T=2.
    Adults have 32 teeth.

    So according to this SB, stop when you can’t smile showing any teeth. All are knocked out, pitted where your teeth were.

    And just for fun…
    What do horses have in common with Brad Pitt?
    They are both judged by their teeth and size of their trailers.

  49. Alrighty … we got brush, we got grins, we got pearly whites, we got movie stars, we got frogs, we got bronze, and last but not least we got a hole or pit shall we say. Sounds to me like the scene at the treasure site when the chest is found. All in due time. What? Did I miss anything? Don’t ask me about the dishwasher. You’ll have to ask Mr Fenn about that one. But everything else is quite … obvious.

      • Would the brush be Juniper by chance?
        You may have pegged down a really good thot.
        Wonder where this trail is leading to?
        Probably just to an ole dump site.

      • Mr Obvious,

        Wouldn’t clearing out the brush be destroying nature? I’m not quite sure but that doesn’t sound like something we should be doing. Just the way I see it.


    • Mr. Obvious and 777 – I got all those things, at my search area, at the Smil•e face at Baker’S.Hole. Including a ‘Gold tooth’ in the form of an ‘in the wood’ log bridge, in the narrow smile. The face being a clearing in the dense hazel or willow brush. And the hidey space.being a mole hole ‘pit’ with soft Earth I could excavate with my bare hands. I would like to get my hands on Brad Pitt.

      • Lisa –
        My humble advice is “stick to the poem”. Read the blogs for “entertainment only”, lest you fall into one of many rabbit holes especially designed to slow searchers down. Who’s Brad Pitt anyway?

        • I agree that we should “stick to the poem”. Any hints that I
          think I see in this SB aren’t big ones. And hints only confirm what has already been solved. As always, IMO.

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