Scrapbook One Hundred Sixteen…



Peek-a-Boo Art


I said in my book, The Thrill of the Chase, that I shower at night so I can’t see how old I am. But there’s also another reason. I’m just really nervous with so many girls and other critters watching while I lather up.

When Mother Nature made the tiles in my shower she probably giggled, knowing I’d be embarrassed.

Everywhere I look I see another face staring at me so I don’t dare shower without my jeans on. I never have any privacy anymore. f


Here’s a Cowgirl riding a bucking bronco


See that girls face in the middle? She watches everything I do


There is a dog here that follows me all around the shower


This woman is always there when I shower. I think she likes me.


I hate this critter. He just stands there and laughs at me. I’m thinking of putting duct tape over his eyes.


There, that’s better!










These two zombies are really scary. They’re just outside my shower but they watch me shave. And the fox in the bottom right of the photo just appeared. I didn’t know he was there. I’ll never shave in the nude again.





342 thoughts on “Scrapbook One Hundred Sixteen…

  1. Rolling on my stone bathroom tiles laughing with “a lamb, zombies, a golfing mouse, and the whole state of Florida!” Nope, I’m dressed.

    Oops, such a good laugh Mr. Fenn that my Christmas cookies are burning in the oven. Can you smell them?

    • After closer inspection of your tile images, they are outstanding in their field of green – 3D fox and monkey skull are amazing! I can hear them whispering in a phantom voice, “I see nothing, I say nothing, I hear nothing” which translates…go ahead and sing in the shower without your jeans on!

  2. Wow Forrest, You really pay attention to the details. I must go check out the bathroom and see how is watching me in the wallpaper. You wash your clothes and your body at one time. That’s pretty conservative.

      • The short story is yes…Dal posted back on the ornament board that those that entered the ornament contest could receive an arrowhead from Forrest if they mailed him a SASE in an effort to show support of all who made ornaments but all could not win the two ornament prizes…something like that….go back and read it…unfortunately I don’t follow everything written or said here so I don’t know 99.9% of stuff that gets said, hinted at or surmised…i’m surprised i found that little morsel…

        • Well very cool !!!! I hope it brings you much luck 🙂 he owes me 5 they must of got lost in the mail !

  3. Everyone please remain calm…..Dr. Goof is here.

    Fenn we need to talk buddy…….You’ve been hanging around the blog too much. This is called Apophenia. We have an epidemic of it here, more serious cases here have developed into Pareidolia and some have progressed into full blown episodes of visual and auditory hallucinations.

    Your prognosis is good. I don’t believe this is serious although I am a little concerned about your need to tape the critter’s eyes shut. If he starts talking to you dial 911 immediately.

    All we need to do is get you out into the real world. You need a good dose of reality to get your feet back on the ground. This is nothing a good Big Foot hunting trip or ghost hunting expedition or a visit to Area 51 to visit the aliens won’t cure.

    • I think this is a good sign for “Z” who shared his pictures with us under
      “I Dont See It”…scrapbook.

      Appatently he is on the same thought process.. Or visual process as Forrest..

      Unfortunately it looks like you are not ;(

      Looks likes “Z” is has the advantage of finding the treasure now as opposed to those with
      “closed visual interpretation”

    • Hey !, Big foot is real and an Alien too boot, that’s why we can’t catch one [ worm holes – advance technology ]. Area 51 is just a couple guys playing with gas powered remote control toy planes… and hot air balloons… Nothing to see there Folks just move along, pay no attention to the unmarked vehicles and cameras.

      I keep wondering why we keep visiting the bathroom? Did Forrest get pushed to his bedroom for something?

    • I was going to recommend that maybe it is time to renovate the bathroom. Maybe something in nice, sterile, white subway tiles.

    • GOG:
      Good advice goofy. Grab yourself a dog biscuit. run wild. chase critters.
      .•*•.•*•…^>• Live like someone left the gate open!!

    • Dr. Goof,
      Please step aside and let me diagnose this behavior:

      This is absolutely normal to visualize such critters, zombies, dogs, etc..
      Because if u stare long enough at something your imigination becomes involved.
      Remember as a child and as a grown up we make pictures with the clouds 🙂

      Now Forrest if u become scared of these scary little things then shower in the dark or just close your eyes.

      You are going to be just fine u need no medication 🙂
      Were all crazy 🙂

  4. When I was a single man, living in my cabin in the wood, I used to shower outside for all the forest creatures to see!

  5. Ohhh i hate bathroom ghost! They are the worst!
    Thats why i wear a bikini in the shower!
    You shld try that Forrest.. Takes the pain of showering in the daylight away! 😉

  6. Forrest, I think you are mistaken about the woman in the 4th picture liking you…She is sticking her tongue out at you!

  7. Crud is this what he is talking about when he said BLAZE I am hoping he is not!! Good Luck if you are searching in the winter..

  8. Forrest Fenn, you are a lot of fun. It is good to know that I’m not the only one seeing frogs and other things in unlikely places. But don’t worry too much about the faces in the stone– the tile makes it “hard” for them to see.

  9. Maybe he is just telling us to use our imagination more. …..because if this what the Blaze is, then we are probably going to be in some trouble.

  10. Sometimes I feel like are somehow connected Forrest. back in my early school days I had a small problem with authority, namely most of my teachers. As a result I would find myself sitting on a bench outside of the principal’s office.
    One of the tiles on the floor had this disapproving face that stared at me.

    Sometimes I could almost hear it whisper ” boy are you going to get it now. ”
    Thanks for bring a smile to my face.

  11. Forrest, Keep giving out hints like this and someone will find that bracelet a lot sooner than you think! But on a lighter note…. the monster you duct taped, made me laugh almost to tears cause I didn’t see it till you taped it.

    • Iron Will, how long have you been searching? How long have you been searching your latest area? How many times have you been in said area? Where do you live?

    • The puzzle/solution is becoming diluted with all the hints coming from f, so much so that the chase is quickly changing from an entertaining challenge to an absolute farce. Whatever happened to “all you need is the poem”?


        • spallies-
          Early on, before there were any additional clues and when Canada, Idaho and Utah were still in the picture Forrest said that all you need is the poem.

          Later ,he modified that by saying a good map would be useful.

          He has also added some other things to the list of useful items from time to time..a flashlight and a sandwich come to mind.

          But in the beginning, he told everyone that all we needed to find his treasure chest was the poem.

          • Thank you Dal for the clarification!!!

            This chase can get a bit confusing at times…:)

            It is actually rather beautiful that all you need is a poem to find a treasure….

            Who thought it could be so simple yet so complicated…..

            With all these new hints I need to go back to the drawing board….

        • I believe the poetic “pieces of eight” Pirate Ship we call the Poem of Nine will lead any one, or all, of us directly over the Waves, “according to the Breeze” .. i.e. depart Port Seadrift, where everyone is just drunk, and follow, in order, sheets “one through nine” until we safely arrive at “Fenn’s Island” – the area “very near” to where the treasure is hidden .. but once physically “ON” the Island (for example: within Five Hundred feet of the Blaze), a careful study of not only the Visual Identifiers on the Map .. and the Clues, Proper, inside the Poem .. but the off-handed “Aids” hidden within “Chase” .. and the few very important ones secreted into “Walk” .. and, every once in a while, ones that oh, say .. “POP” about here and there in the ‘Scraps .. are critically important to figuring out – EXACTLY – where Dame Lady Indulgence is Hiding .. having made about 20 week-long trips over the last eighteen months, across all four states, I’m pretty sure that we won’t just “walk up to” the Bronze Breasted Beauty, tip our three-cornered brim, lift her over our Wide Viking shoulders .. and drag her off, kicking and screaming, to the Mission Pew .. I think, once your “wise to the blaze” and “scant to the gaze”, you will need to know a little – or maybe a lot – more about the Forrest (his “history map”) than just the Word-Play-in-Poetica ..


          Bow-Chiseled Chisolmler
          of the ‘Turquoise Tortoise’,
          Slowest Schooner Trailing the Rocky Seas ..

  12. The laughing monkey definitely needed his eyes taped . I think Forrest just telling us to quit picking apart the frog jar holding the toothbrushes it’s making him laugh .

  13. Forrest has a gift I seen everything he saw look beyond whats there .art its how you perceive it what you see so I think I’m starting to get this .and forrest that is a true gift you see art everywhere

  14. Yes, I see eyes everywhere in your tile! The dog seems to be howling at the moon – maybe it’s really a coyote. And the picture of the women above the taped eyes picture looks a bit like Tesque to me – I can see an eye, nose and a floppy ear. Maybe my imagination is running wild too. 🙂

    • That’s a funny video, Ed. The music is great also…although I believe Bolero would have been just as fitting. 🙂 If I was a flamingo I think I’d be the one that appears at 1:09 on the right. I’m thinking to myself “What the hell are you people…I mean flamingos…doing? And what are you looking at?”

    • What are you talking about!?? I’m still trying to figure out all those abstract images in half of em! o.o

  15. Give Forrest a break he was shot down twice and you know what its like to be all alone in the jungle? It is Scary 🙂

  16. Now I can’t stop staring all the wallpaper in my office, the bathroom floor was bad enough for a random creature feature.

  17. I was looking at SC 15, and I think Forrest looks like Brad Pitt. Wow, crazy but true 🙂

  18. Forrest, as you may be aware, learned scholars have researched the quirks of the extremely intelligent, and they discovered two very distinct attributes.

    The first is that we super smart, brainy, individuals will always see images and faces in the patterns on walls, etc.

    The second is that intellectual persons have sensitive ears. Loud noises are super annoying.

    How is your hearing, Forrest? 🙂

  19. The worldly hope men set their hearts upon turns ashes– or it prospers; and anon, Like snow upon the desert’s dusty face Lighting a little hour or two — is gone. Khayyam Everything changes like my attitude today its bright and cheery!

  20. Imagination doesnt equate to mental illness. Remember Highlights magazines? 🙂 Isnt noticing landmarks important in finding your way back?

    Thanks Forrest for a fun look at your shower buddies. 🙂

    • Lucky girl, it would be fun to have Forrest answer how close she/he has been. Aren’t we all curious little kittens?

        • I’d be willing to send Santa Fenn homemade cookies, a sonic toothbrush, and roll of shower duct tape for his straightforward, honest, answer of exactly how close, how many feet she/he has been within the treasure chest. But not for an Im not sure, or don’t want to say, nebulously vague answer.

    • Lucky Girl,
      Welp, I helped my daughter move into her new house last weekend and today I received my arrowhead from Forrest. – Thanks Forrest! Besides that it’s the same old grind at work.

      Thanks for asking.


  21. Forrest you have a great imagination. I can see a few of them like the fox and the cowgirl on the bronc and the thing that you put tape over the eyes of looks like a monkey to me. One of those little spider monkeys or a squirrel monkey. But the rest I can’t see. It’s like looking at the clouds.

  22. I got my arrowhead today too! It was found around Temple TX! It is sooo special to me! Thank you so much Forrest!

  23. mr, forrest,got my arrowhead today,I was so excited,I took it out and held it and felt it,and looked at it with a magnifying glass,I can see aliitle dirt on feels smooth to the touch ,but I can see and feel the rough also,you just sent me the most lovely present in the whole world.History,I’m touching and holding something somebody made a long time ago.and what they got with it ,I wonder. I see things on my bathroom floor,that I could draw,maybe ,I’ll do that .but they are nothing scary.the one lady is lovely,kinda reminds me of Elizabeth taylor.i see a moose,I see the girl broncoing on a horse.and the woman looks like shes been to ,too many mari gras.the other ,you think look like zombies,look like almost oposites to me ,and the picture you taped over ,looks like a very beautiful small indian girl with her hair in still keep me is that why you have so many jeans in your closet.being in the military,you should be ,who cares who sees me buck naked.I know you are kidding here,but your making a point ,I know,but I just haven’t gotten it yet. where ever you go ,your shadow goes with you,you look in the mirror and there you are,the same,but yet different because of time.but yet time is slipping away from us all,and we will be nothing but dust of the earth.and the memories will fade with time,through generations.can’t pin point it ,dang it,that chest is somewhere.wait ,thats why you must go for somebody to find the treasure. home is where you make it,but your body is also your home,and you have it with you forever,until you die.your travels of time and memories are in your heart and mind forever until you are gone,noboby can take that away from you.because nobody knows those treasures,but you.Darn it mr. forrest are any of us getting somewhere,or think we are ,and then get blown down again.oh you stinker,stinker you. still love ya tho.

      • bajaau,

        Not yet, but while the “focused few” are remaining dutifully silent until spring, the collective is being given hints to their location on an almost weekly basis though “scrapbooks” and “featured questions”. It doesn’t seem fair but that’s the way it’s being played. Get your running shoes on because come spring it will be race time.

        Good luck.


        • Yes, the race is on!
          Forrest, we are all curious. Will you tell us who is closest?
          Man, woman, child? How close?

        • Being focused doesn’t make the box any easier to find, IMO. I bet the few are going mad in the woods. If no one else can find it, that puts some pressure on the possible one or few to “git ‘r done”, as it were.
          I don’t think it’s as obvious as Fenn thinks it might be (to someone that’s not him).

          • Colokid, I think someone is right on top of it and he is trying to give everyone a chance as well. I think it is only fair. There are some who have many resources and there are some with none. Perhaps many can’t even afford Internet. I know my daughter is one. Yet, I tell her what I read on here. Just like when she was 2. So I don’t mind at all if he can accommodate as many people as he can. All you need is the poem. Holy moly… Something just clicked.

  24. Did everyone see the latest question in mysterious writings he said a she was gonna find it 🙂 Haha men !!!!!

    • Is that the question about the mysterious item in the chest? I’m having a hard time finding what your referring to?

        • Oh that one! What some people think is that its a diamond of some sort (ring, necklace). He says, its reserved for the person who finds the treasure, they will be pleased when she sees it. So if its a man he will most likely give the diamond to his GF or WIFE and if a woman finds it…its hers already 😛

    • She is properly used when the gender is not known.
      Also she is used as a subordinate.

      Don’t get mad at me , I did not write them rules.
      Though I did retype them with a grin on my face.

        • I don’t recall Forrest ever saying that was a typo. Did he say that to you in an email or something DG?

          • I misunderstood a email I’m
            Sorry y’all Forrest did not say it was a typo. I had a dumb blonde moment reading my email. So was not a typo. I repeat was not a typo so dang a woman gonna find it lol 🙂

          • Diggin with you avatar I assumed you were a girl and you would be happy it was a she who finds it… Me I think he was just rotating from he to she I think I saw he used prior to that comment… We know how OCD he is about having a rotating system.

  25. You know… Illinois…that’s very observant. I wondered why it was written on a paper with his email addy letterhead. I warned him of this about 2 weeks ago in an email, that someone could infiltrate his computer fairly easy if they were skilled at hacking. Hope that’s not the case.

    • If that was the case I would imaging he would just come out and say it…I mean why be ambiguous and help out a rat? He doesn’t seem like the type to let someone control him like that..

      • Jamie,

        Personally I don’t read into the pic of the addy much. One reasons is; did fenn actually place it there? A lot of Blog owners, such as Mysterious Writings and even here on Dal’s blog add pics for effect. My understanding is most of the pics shown at the top of the pages are from Goofy. and not even Dal’s or fenn’s I might add, very beautiful work, My pics usually have my finger somewhere on it.

        Even the Brad Pitt pic and the SB with the hats were added / altered on for fun. At least I thought, they were fun.

        I could be wrong about this particular pic. So do with it whatcha like. or maybe someone could just ask.

        For me, it’s more fun reading comments and letting folks guess. Is it Real or is it Memorex ?

        • Thanks Seeker, glad you like the pics at the top. I agree with you, this is for fun. I don’t know about the email address; it seemed a little odd to me being that large and in landscape. Maybe Fenn just printed it out that way for his sign or Dal added it for some reason. We’ll see if Fenn or Dal chimes in about that.

          Fenn obviously enjoys interacting with the searchers and is having fun doing so. I think it adds a lot to the chase for us regular folks to be able to communicate with Fenn. He has lived an interesting life and acquired some really amazing stuff. It is interesting seeing some of Fenn’s things and reading what he has to say about them. I think it’s hilarious reading the bizarre things people read into what he is saying. I wonder what Fenn thinks about it.

  26. Got my arrowhead in the mail yesterday. Thanks so much, Forrest. I am going to give it to my 12 year old granddaughter. She has gone on one of my searching trips, and she is a real trooper. Thanks again!

  27. When in your early 70’s you thought you’d check out at age 80.
    At age 80, when requested to stick around another 10 years
    You asked “Whatever for?”
    When told “So we can enjoy you longer”
    You rolled your eyes.
    Thank you for staying. Your humor tickles us all.

  28. If I thought I was being watched while taking a shower, I would grab my toothbrush and find the nearest rock to hide under. Hope the frog don’t mind me “hanging” out with him 🙂

  29. Forrest,

    The Rorschach inkblot test is a method of psychological evaluation. Psychologists use this test to try to examine the personality characteristics and emotional functioning of their patients. The Rorschach is currently the second most commonly used test in forensic assessment and has been employed in diagnosing underlying thought disorder and differentiating psychotic from nonpsychotic thinking in cases where the patient is reluctant to openly admit to psychotic thinking.

    I think this inkblot test could also be applied to this scrap book..

    • OUCH! Lynn D, OUCH! Reality rears it’s ugly head! Are you saying the emperor wears no clothes?

    • The problem with the Ink blot use, is how its used for a diagnoses. it may still be use, by those you mentioned. but is useless, right with a polygraph.

      The answer to ink blot testing does not give Characteristic and emotional functions…but is an optical illusion, all it shows is the person being examined is not paying attention…the answer to what an inkblot is…It’s an inkblot. And why neither, the polygraph and inkblots are not used in evidence.

      See, Fun stuff !

  30. Forrest, can I take you to my next holiday party?

    Most people want to talk about things I don’t care about at all. I could really get into a deep conversation about the gift of visual thinking that would clear out an entire table of guests. I consider this my weeding out good people litmus test.

    Thank you for my arrowhead…its in a safe place now that I can look at it everyday.

  31. When I was under a huge amount of stress at one point in my life, I started to see sinister shapes in my bathroom tile. Every time I looked up, one would be there, and they were always vivid, little imagination required.

    Because of my medical background, I knew it was stress-related. It was during that time of my life that I also had a couple bouts of sleep paralysis, and for those of you who have experienced it, it is the most terrifying experience.

    I could have gone the medication route, but I instead chose to eliminate the source of stress as much as I could, and exercise, and pray. Prayer being the most important.

    I’m happy and thankful to say that I no longer see sinister shapes in the bathroom tile, and very rarely see any shapes at all. However, when looking at Forrest’s photos, I imagine I see all kinds of things, but thankfully, no demons. Lol.

    I think my sense of whimsy is returning, and it’s a good feeling. 🙂

    By the way, I think the Brad Pitt and the shapes in the marble didn’t have any hints…they were just for fun, IMO.

    • Hi Mindy, I can relate to the sleep paralysis. I had a few dreams where I was trying to scream and nothing would come out. And after waking, had intense pain in my throat for a bit before it subsided… It was during a time when I was under a lot of stress caring for my mother. It was terrifying,
      Re: Brad…I can’t find any connection that’s useful to me, but maybe others can. But the tile images…I definitely would not like tile like that. I would see things and it would bother me. Strange huh?
      Wonder what the next SB is going to be about…

    • I wonder if Forrest is a marketing consultant on the side…:) You know he must get bored with retirement…:) And he does have a knack for it…:)

      • Ha! Good call, Spallies! I actually asked Forrest that very thing – If he was bored with retirement, yet.

    • Waterhigh, the solution to that is easy. Wait for it….. listen for the gasping.
      Turn off the bleeping phones! Wow imagine that? Going to a museum unleashed. What a concept!

  32. IMHO, I think Forrest is sending a message to a woman who is a cow girl and she has a dog 🙂
    As far as the critters, zombies and fox……wellll???

      • if you saw an outline of something outdoors resembling a fox , it could just as well look like a wolf, perhaps a dog/hound too

        old biddies and house of bricks points to a wolf

    • Lol I feed a coyote every night. She stays in the woods across the street. Actually she was a little one when a friend found her and gave it to us, my husband had her chained up and made a dog house for her. Well she got off her chain and ran. Of course no catching her then. But we still feed her.
      She looks Healthy 🙂

      • Dont forget her screaming monkey and pair of zombie demons. LOL

        If you fit the above description please go get the treasure and take lots of pictures of your find and entourage! 🙂

  33. on the photo where f says there is a fox in the bottom right, i dont see it. what i do see is the head of a pig.

    on that photo on the bottom right, if you can see the half circle which is right on the bottom edge of the photo, i am seeing that as the snout of the pig

    • Hey! I resemble that remark! Jk…
      Chris Yates, I see you popping in now and again. Enjoy your remarks.
      You seem to have a good bead on things. 🙂

  34. Okay, here is my Chrissy Snow, re: the poem.
    Even though I know there’s more, just when I think there isn’t any more, I find more!

  35. I hope I shall possess firmness and virtue enough to maintain what I consider the most enviable of all titles, the character of an honest man.

    George Washington

  36. Maybe Forrest was listening to Christmas music. The Christmas song….
    Do You See What I See?………………..

  37. Forrest, I think you should call those tiles modern art and let them fight over them 🙂 “It’s what they think they are” remember….

    • I made a mistake Dave I’m
      Sorry I read the email wrong. Forrest didn’t say typo
      So void everything I said. 🙂 it was a dumb blonde moment reading a email 🙂

  38. @ Deb
    Not to worry. I didn’t get a smart phone until after my trip West last year. Last month it took a dive and took most of my contact info with it. It was just as cheap to go back to a ‘dumb’ phone than to pay the deductible and replace it. I’m happier this way anyway. One can be too connected.

    • For an experiment, listen to the video, and each time they say the word “fox”, pretend they say “Fenn” instead. To me, it is almost like the song was wrote for the treasure hunt.

  39. Funny video someone posted it before over on Tweleve for Fandango… They sure look like they had a good time in the Forest filming the video…:)

  40. Subscribe. And a comment/question

    I have been a proponent of the “all you need is the poem”.

    Tonight it struck me that the poem does not promise a treasure chest. I believe only Fenn has made this clear.

    If we need more than the poem (e.g. ff words external to the poem)……….. How much more? Just ffs words about the treasure being really there to find or is it everything ff says verbally and in writing? Or more?

    Can I truly say all we need is the poem any longer?

    • Ummm… I could hide a chest and write the clue “it’s in my top left dresser drawer”, even then searchers would need to learn where I live, which room my dresser is in etc. Surely I’m not lying by saying all you need to find it is in that sentence….however calling me a liar because you’d need a phone book also to learn my address would be somewhat silly. IMO it surely requires additional research past reading the poem no matter what path you take….even the people that think there’s codes hidden in there need to know math etc. I think you’re taking the statement way too literally.

      • **as far as the magnitude of “how much more do we need” I don’t think that can be answered by anyone until the chest is found…given example above “how many houses do I have” “how many dressers do I have” “is a dresser furniture or is it a person who dresses me” etc. Only the person who finds it or hid it would be able to answer “how much more do we need” that’s up to you to decide!

      • If you thought I would exclude information from dictionaries, math, cryptography or any other info to help me solve the poem, that is incorrect. I would use anything that would assist me in solving the poem.

        Just as if I were trying to solve crossword puzzles and needed help. I would consult outside info to solve each clue that had not been solved. I would not go read about cross country skiing to solve the crossword puzzle. I might happen upon a solve but my time would be better spent elsewhere like in a library of sorts.

        Another example would be to open a 1,000 piece puzzle with blank pieces. The edges are clues. Much frustration would be removed if your search led you to the picture related to the search and the puzzle.

        • Yeah…but if you opened the dictionary and found that a few words in the poem were sking terms or names of slopes you may invest some time in learning about skiing. If you decided “I give you title” may reference his book, you might read it. If you wondered where he had gone ‘alone’ you may research his life. You asked how much more information might be involved…I just mean that answer is infinite and totally up to you to decide. I don’t think anybody can answer that not knowing what the answer is, that’s all.

          • Jamie,
            I agree. If there is a connection, if the poem leads me in that direction. I would study up, look for more information. As an example, I use dictionaries to discover alternate meanings for words in the poem.

          • I believe the key to this whole quest is to exclude nothing until it is proven. Not knowing exactly how he did it, but starting somewhere and finding new clues is the thrill. Closed minds cannot drink the water of knowledge…

  41. Yes OneCorgie, If you think about it the most you could get from the poem is only title to the gold….

    “The hidden treasure is somewhere in the highlighted region of the map”…….

    No mention of a chest full of gold I believe that is all inferred by other comments by Mr Fenn…. Perhaps in the book and other marketing campaigns. Again INFERRED. I guess I need to go finally buy the book. I have Too Far to Walk already but don’t think it will tell me where there is an actual chest or should I say Bronze chest full of gold…:)

    Thanks One Corgie!!!

  42. Peek a boo…I see you! Tee hee! Okay, that’s it. I’m done. It’s only a matter of time for me. I’ve got it. Yep….
    Fenn Fever! 🙂
    I had a dream last night it was so real!
    I was having coffee with forrest, and I had a map on the table in front of me, all scribble and crumbly and old. My heart was pounding, I was soooo excited! Forrest asked me what it was and I explained in detail how I solved the poem and found this map (of course don’t recall the words!). I told him I was Sooo excited because I did it and I couldn’t believe it took so long! He was smiling. 🙂 Then I woke up.
    If only!!! :):):)

    • Amy & Jdiggins,
      Once in a while I have those fen fever dreams too, then I wake up and realize I’m just going through mentalpause.

      • Spallies, I have to constantly remind myself that Forrest meant for this to be fun! I am pretty fun so it’s not a stretch. In laughing with you and showing my teeth, I remembered past research which was ironically interrupted by a trip to my dentist and Understanding dawned. Can’t reveal my secret but I understand the teeth refs. I hope it’s not another wild goose chase on the ground next spring. I’m a bit concerned since it throws off my longitude. I’ve been laughed at too many times Spallies, by family and probably f too. Might drown myself if it happens again. JK 🙂

  43. Mr. Fenn, sometimes you just have to do what you have to do. Even when they’re watching. I take field showers as much as I possibly can, especially after a good days march. I always wonder if anyone is watching… This post is making me smile and laugh.

  44. I’m new here, and this is my first comment. I’m not trying to be funny, but it sounds like Fenn hid the treasure underneath the toilet.

    • chase-
      Two reasons that is not likely to be true.
      1. Forrest ruled out outhouses
      2. Forrest ruled out man-made structures
      There is lots of additional information that Forrest has handed out over the nearly five years the hunt has been going on….much of it is here on this blog. A lot is in the media interviews section here and there are also many of Forrest’s answers to searcher’s questions here on this blog and also over on Jenny’s Kiles blog. Look around and read, read, read…

  45. Dal let the NM crowd roll their eyes, if I don’t find it, my money’s on you. I missed your addition of Halt to the German list. A great word.

    The warm waters halt: 1. in the poem, 2. on the map, 3. On the ground and all in the Treasure state. Ahummm, ERT NM.
    For the numbers crowd – add it up. MONTANA = 42
    None of the other three states equal 42 pounds of gold.

      • @Spoon

        Quite simply

        1. Assign numerical values 1-26 to each letter of the alphabet.
        2. Spell out Montana
        3. Write out the numeric values for each letter
        4. Add it up.

        By the way, technically this is Not a cypher or code and will yield fruit in the poem

        • 42,

          I just read this older post of yours, and that is kinda clever.
          How about MT. is know as the treasure state, and if you count letters and spaces from the A in AS to the T in treasure is 42, which happens to be the weight treasure chest. Yet if you look hard enough, you’ll see number of assign letter [alphabet] in the capital letters as well.

          I agree this is not a cipher or code, as the letters in the alphabet have been given numeral value for the order they refer to in the alphabet. But you may not get many who will agree to that.

  46. Could someone please help me understand this bizarre drawing from TTOTC, it seems like some sort of Rorschach image. I think the tree is a banana tree (grab every banana) next to the tree looks like bazookas or musical instruments. The faces in the bushes are obvious. What else do folks see?

    • In this scrapbook I thought F was making a point/joke about us making simple things way to complicated. He seems to know words really well and while we associate “nude” with “naked” (which it’s generalized to mean often) it originally meant “plain, simple, without dressing” or in a legal sense “unsupported information” from which came “unclothed, plain visual art” which we gave the name “nudes”
      So I assumed he was kind of making a pun…like “I can’t say anything or even take a simple shower and shave without “them (us?) watching and picking it apart” hence his “note to self” but I could be way wrong- I just try and look up his words to see what they actually originally meant and usually in most scrapbooks they can have a whole double entendre in the background. It’s ine if my Favorite talents if his. The phone cord scrapbook is a GREAT one also to look up cord and cap and drive and honk etc. Also

      • No no he is saying the Feds are watching his emails earthlink, which is probably true but he also uses gmail which is more secure. So if you know where it is don’t send a pic to that email address. The problem is none of us know who’s close and even the FBI has to solve the clues.

          • EarthLink IMO is a very insecure email system I’m only interpreting that pic with ff@earthlink “They’re watching” it says. Well who is they it isn’t the zombie faces they can’t see his email. I don’t know just my interpretation. Im also a self diagnosed paranoid skitz, take it with grain of salt.

          • Lmao!

            “Roses are red,
            Violets are blue,
            I’m a paranoid schizophrenic,
            And so am I”

            I figured the “they” was “us” since we dissect every thing he says or does…I hadn’t even considered the FBI! Ugh. Gonna need to barricade the windows now….no WONDER he hints about “windows” it’s an entire operating system!!! Bwahahaa

      • I thought this one is about warm waters (hot springs) where clothing is optional. ” No nude standing……”

    • Wow! Thanks for asking Ester! I never viewed this drawing on line where I could zoom in! I see the French Grave Markers and a few other things! Great Birthday gift, thanks! LOL! I’m 58 today!

    • But you missed the omegas. I see two sets.

      Then again, all we need is the poem and a good map. Are you saying this is the good map?

      Scott W

    • I can’t say whether it is meaningful because I don’t know, but since you asked “What else do folks see?” I’ll throw this out there:

      It doesn’t take a lot of imagination to see the entire poem. In the distance you have not just a mountain, but a canyon. You have a river flowing through homes or fields (let’s say fields of brown rice). You certainly have elements not for the meek. You even have a blaze in the initials.

  47. Ok, mr. f, you have talked a lot about tangents but not much about constants. I am more interested in constants and here we go again with the bronco, only this time is a cowgirl. Actually lots of girls in this one. I kind of see her but not the other ones, I will keep looking.

    I see the zombies, they are scary and I have lost some sleep over those. Lets call them stanza 2 and stanza 3 for now. I see the fox, actually I don’t but if you say it will appear then I believe you, lets call that one blaze. The dog? not sure about that one either. And last, but not least, the critter. Should I cover those 2 eyes permanently or just temporarily. I have been wondering about that too. It took me a while to get it, great work mr. f.

  48. haha I couldn’t quite see the faces in the first couple but when I saw the critter, I about jumped out of my seat.

    Thanks for covering up the eyes with duct tape

    • Corey this SB is a fun story. Forrest you are something else.
      I had to laugh once again and it made me feel good. So, I went to Sams club tonight to take a friend that needed to get some black tea and other essentials. On our way home she asked me if I could stop and buy her a pack of smokes and if I would be so kind. At that moment my mind resurfaced with fresh thoughts. As I was buying for the timekeeper, the young girl behind the counter in her 20’s girl asked me for my ID. She says to me you look so young. I smiled and said, well then I guess I can ask you out on a date. She says I am pregnant though. I just smiled as the other clerk says, he got you there. So she tells me it’s 5.01. I handed her a 20 buck bill and she goes over to her purse under the counter and grabs a penny and hands me 3 five doller bills. I told her she didn’t have to do that and she smiled letting me know she was a nice person. Then I handed her the 3 bills back and said Merry Christmas and walked out.
      Sometimes you just have to think the right thoughts. I want to wish all the good people and the bad people in the world to take a moment and share the peace that is kinda hard to find these days.
      Merry Christmas to all.
      An Indian Saint and A Scout

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