Dean’s Trip in Yellowstone…

SUBMITTED december 2014


Photos from a May 2014 trip to Yellowstone in search of Forrest’s treasure:






Grizzly May ,14

I was about 30 yards from the Bear, I was shaking like Don Knotts

Madison River Bison, 14

South Yellowstone May 2014

Spring comes slow in the mountains


32 thoughts on “Dean’s Trip in Yellowstone…

  1. These fine photos are a prime example of a treasure Forrest has shared with us.
    Most of us would never thought of leaving the comforts of our homes Just to go see buffalo in the wild.
    Many thanks Dean for sharing them.
    Thanks for posting them Dal, your endless dedication is appreciated.

  2. Nice pictures, I agree it’s cold and snowy in the mountains in the merry month of May 🙂

  3. Glad I did not see a grizz,while in Yellowstone.I did not get to see all of Yellowstone,like the mammoth area.would love to visit again,most beautiful place I have ever seen,you got to have money to go on vacations.we were lucky we got to go to the black hills of south dakota and then on to cody,wy, to Yellowstone.thats a once in alife time goodness that snow was very high with the road,wow.beautiful,but don’t think I want to live where it snows like that.I’ll stay in Colorado.all I can say is save your money and visit Yellowstone.the place is breathtaking.darn it,i forgot to buy my huckleberry jelly.I don’t know what a huckleberry is,but wanted to taste people are lucky who get to go wherever you want.great pictures.glad I got to see the picture of the grizzly.job well done.

    • Virginia diane .. If you would send me your address I’ll send you some huckleberry jelly from the Flathead valley from around the lake. I also make a mixed fruit huckleberry ,chokecherry,Elderberry and Oregon grape mix. This years mix . I usually mix a five mix with cherry. I didn’t juice any cherries this year.( Woody) @

      • Woody, love those Flathead cherries and Glacier country huckleberries. Do you live there? I have family at Bigfork.

  4. Great photos, we got close to some buffalo last year in NM but thank God not a bear. We kept an eye out for them though along with snakes and all the other critters. The Mountains are an amazing place beauty, peace and clean air. I am ready to go back…… Oh, I already have had two cups of coffee and it was just what the doctor ordered……See ya’ll in the funny papers maties, back to the treasure hunt for Forrests Golden Lock Box….ARRRG, Let the games begin….

  5. Great pictures Dean. I laughed when I read, I was about 30 yards from the Bear, I was shaking like Don Knotts. I am not sure but I think you are dating yourself there, LOL. Thanks for sharing~~~

  6. Those pics are wonderful, and the snow pic is sobering. Dal wrote about his experiences in the snow, but it’s always good to be reminded that it’s tough country even when temps are in the 50s and 60s at lower elevations.

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