Feeding the Griz

December 21st 2014

IMG_1221sSince so many treasure seekers are working around West Yellowstone, I thought I’d show this photo. It was taken by my father in 1936. The scene is Rabbit Creek, just a few miles north of Old Faithful in Yellowstone Park. Rangers collected garbage wherever they could find it, mostly from local restaurants and campgrounds. They poured it out on a large cement slab for the bears to eat. Open bleachers were provided not far away so tourists could watch.

First, the black bears poured in to feed. Sometimes there were a hundred or more. Then, about two hours before dark, the first grizzly came strolling in. His appearance caused the smaller bears to flee for their lives, and in just five minutes there were none to hamper the more powerful diner. A lot of the tourists fled also. If you zoom in, you might count 18 griz in this photo.

To find out more on the subject you can Google “feeding grizzlies in yellowstone.”











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  1. I do not think it is was right putting up bleachers. Just feed the animals and snap a few photos from a great distance or from the air maybe. But to me it would be too dangerous and not too smart to start Cause the grizzlies might wander into town to find more food from the well intention to feed them. What does everyone else think???

  2. Wow wow that’s quite a few bears
    They are so powerful that I wouldn’t want to be close 🙂

    On our search we did not see a bear, but we saw bear poop, I told my husband ok we need to leave this area 🙂

    • I was in alaska a few years back and our guide abrutly stopped us and said can you smell that??? That is a bear!!! It was a smell unlike any other I had ever sniffed… after about ten minutes it went away and he said we could contine on our way… Needless to say my heart was pounding but it was so amazing at the same time… I will never ever forget the smell. And you better believe I had my nose in the air the rest of the day…:) Fortunately, our guide had a few guns with him so I felt safe…:) Prospector John… if you are ever in Coopers Landing in the Kenai do look him up he is a blast.. True story…

  3. So many years ago. Things were different back then. I remember traveling with my parents there when I was a young boy. The bears were abundant and people openly feed them. Thanks for jarring my memory. It seems to have been clouded by recent visions from disturbing events not so long ago. You cease to amaze me with your timely reflections.

  4. Wasn’t that a crazy practice! Now rangers are trying to make sure no-one leaves anything bears can eat any where near where visitors stay. I wonder how many bear encounters occurred during those days because of that method of garbage disposal. The only good thing about it is that it probably did get rid of a lot of garbage. 🙂

    • Winter is a good time to review. While following the above link, and enjoying the “Historic Yellowstone Photos” there is a metal engraving of the cliffs by “Harry Fenn” .

      Hmmmm, could this be one of ff relatives?

      • 42, love the story of the Cowans. This particular telling was good but left out that Mr.Cowan also survived a small forest fire.
        Also not told was the fact that when they came back to the park in 1901 they showed park personnel where each portion of their ordeal had taken place and signs were placed on trees at each spot thus becoming the very first roadside exhibits in the Park.
        At least that’s what my research uncovered but history always seams to have a little different telling by different individuals 🙂
        Where this all,happened is a VERY interesting area of the park, very historic.

  5. In a way that practice made some sense. If the bears had a particular place they knew there would be food that they could return instead of heading into the nearest town at night. As long as people realize these are wild animals and stay a respectable distance from them all is well. A mother griz and her cub are a dangerous combination. Be safe when searching.

    • Woody, it would be funny if those 18 big bears licking concrete were the ace of spades to finding the treasure. Do you think there are clues here or just remembrances Mr. Fenn is sharing? I’m pretty confused at this point.

  6. There is a church campground in SE Arizona that fed the black bears left over food scraps. Several vehicles had windows broken out. When we were leaving I saw Game and Fish going in with dogs and cages in the back of trucks to relocate them. Was not a good practice. 🙁

    By the way, one ice chest had Coke and Pepsi. The bears preferred the Pepsi. 😉

    • The numbers are growing on the west coast of Florida too. They are getting so numerous that they have installed bear crossing signs on rural stretches of US 19.

  7. All anyone needs to know is DON’T FEED THE BEARS! and STAY AWAY FROM THE BEARS! oh yeah and one thing I see all the time with small children in the park……food on their faces. Keep those kids clean and no pocket snacks!

      • That’s funny! But seriously, bears can smell from like 3 miles away, even the food smears on faces and clothes. Little ones are always getting messy and its easy not to think twice about it. Why would you? Other than the dog licking them, a little food dribbles never hurt anyone….or did it?

  8. I am not sure if it is fortunate or unfortunate that the public is not really aware of the number of bear attacks in the YS area. They don’t really publicize all the attacks up here. It’s not good for tourism. SO….be careful out there! YS is a very dangerous place especially for inexperienced people.
    Please… Be Smarter than the Average Bear when out in the wilderness.
    May – June the bears are coming out of dens with cubs and are very hungry and protective.
    Make noise while hiking to let them know you are there. When sighting a bear, be careful not to annoy them with excessive noise.
    Ladies…leave the perfumes and strong scents at home.
    Travel in groups of 3 or more if possible. Bears seem to attack less when the group is larger than 1 or 2 people.
    The buffalo will attack you too. For us, they seem to be more defensive over the horses than the people but don’t count on it. Moose are very hard to see in the bush and will attack you in a heartbeat if you surprise them. Have you ever seen a moose up close? They are HUGE! Just Be CAREFUL out there.

    Before you travel the distance…..call the park and make sure the trails you want are open. Often they are closed in spring due to a carcass on or near the trail. Luckily, we are close enough to just go home and try again later, but I know many of you travel a long way to YS for your search. Sometimes the trails are closed for 3 or more days depending on how quick the carcass disappears and how long it takes for a ranger to check the trails safety.
    Also, depending on the weather, the entrances may not be open yet. Sometimes, our small towns donate tens of thousands of dollars for plow money so we can get them open in time for all of you to enjoy on schedule.
    Going into the back country? The snow is deep in the spring and its a hard hike so be sure you have the time and strength to make it in and out before dark.
    Oh, and don’t count on a signal for that cell phone. Chances are, there will be NO signal (not in the back country anyway).
    Cody, West Yellowstone, Garner and Cooke City are all places worth visiting and we are all happy to see you.
    The museum in Cody has ties to Mr. Fenn also. Stop by and enjoy our beautiful museum. I think the visitors pass is very reasonably priced and its good for 3 days.

    The Park does everything it can to keep you safe….the rest is up to you.
    When entering the park, you will be given lots of information. READ IT! It just may save your life.

  9. So what I hear you saying Forrest, is that if you’re going to be looking in Yellowstone… bring a bunch of scrap food and dump it at the other side of the park far away from where you’re looking ! ; )
    Smart thinkin!

    • deb, wise thinking on the birds. They are a sign that a carcass is below and that increases the possibility of a bear or wolf in the area. Proceed with care.

  10. Bears will exit winter dens as early as Feb/March if warm weather prevails. In the 1960’s our family watched bear cubs playfully sliding down the snow banks near the west entrance to Yellowstone. It’s a wonderful memory even for a local, but Be Bear Aware – In recent years fatal bear attacks have occurred in the park’s established campgrounds where bears could smell food or odors on human clothing inside tents. Greater than 1000 grizzlys roam freely in and outside of Yellowstone. They are beautiful wild animals. City dwellers don’t understand wilderness and preditor safety that Forrest and Dal are trained in.

    Outside YP Call local forest service ranger stations for your area and they will inform you about carcasses and recent bear activity.

    The last thing Forrest wants is anyone endangering themselves with bears. Be smart. Be Bear Aware!

  11. When we went to YS, we searched for the bears as well as all of the rest of the animals and we weren’t disappointed either. It was great!

  12. History shows this was a misguided thing to do. So was fire suppression.
    One wonders what policies NPS has today that are misguided or will be shown to be so in the future.

  13. I wonder if that concrete slab was poured for the specific purpose of making a stage. The show puts a twist on the term “bear baiting”.

  14. Okay…call me crazy but zoom in on the two black spots in the large trees sort of halfway up in front. It takes a second but bear with me and try.. I’d swear there’s a face in the lower one…the forehead kind of projects over the top edge of lower black spot with the eyes just below. It’s hard to see at first, but once you do it’s almost staring right at you. Can anybody else see what I’m talking about?

    • Jamie, see a lot of things. I didn’t want to say anything but now that you mentioned it. If you have also noticed that his picture files that end with a “s” are optimized. Is he trying to save time?

      • I see other stuff too, but I feel like I’ve seen that face somewhere before. As far as the files…Ugh. I’m not well versed in computer lingo…I guess further explanation of that sort of thing may lie in whether the optimization is done at the source or as part of the process of placing on the website? Sounds like a question for Goof!

        • I thought that, then again If start with a close look at each bird itself first I can follow it to shadow going at the correct angle. I think maybe there’s some white birds we can’t see (lost in snow and light) that are making and/or covering shadows that appear in line with the birds you can see causing an illusion. I can’t decide which it is.

        • Gey, did you check out any of the conspiracy theories about the first moon landing? Shadow direction was one of the arguments. Eventually these were proven to be camera angle and small changes in elevation of the ground.

          Dal was explaining on the “Indian” post that ff doesn’t do PS.

          Happy Holidays, Gey and Jamie! 🙂

          • Specialklr- please humor me and got to the Santa Fe trading co website. Scroll over 5 or so pics to on main page to F sitting with tons of artifacts. Examine the two framed paintings. Examine the edges/angles/ and how they are 100% flawlessly parallel with your screen instead of the room which is impossible. Look at the left side of the right painting where the ‘frame’ was ‘framed’ and photoshop cropped too short. How about the right eye of the bull next to him? I would be very interested in your opinion of forrest and photoshopping after viewing this….I only ask that you look…

          • I think all that photo is was that whom ever did the photo was putting more of Forrest’s stuff in the picture to give people an idea as to the size of his entire collection. I would doubt that room is that crowded. Since the photo shopping in that picture is so easily recognized, does it not also seem that if Forrest and the Indian was photo shopped that it too would be more easily recognized?

          • Ho, ho, ho! I’m laughing at myself, Jaime. I just spent a huge amount of time checking and then writing details of my findings on the picture you asked my opinion of…then I erased it. Oops!

            In short, I concur about the two paintings being Photo Shopped. I believe no rework was done to the bull’s eye. It was my pleasure to examine them as you requested.

            My conclusion that Mr. Fenn did not do the Photo Shop work is based on Dal’s comment in the “Me and the Indian” post.

            I enjoy your thought provoking posts, thanks. 🙂

          • On that pic Jamie I’d say your right but we don’t know who did it. Forrest may have had a professional do those photos.

          • I agree, and I think dal said he asked forrest about it and forrest said he didn’t even know….wait…WHAT?? he didn’t even KNOW? (Note to self: the picture and description prior to this one is of sitting bull and goes into elaborate detail about the wonders of photoshop) I would be open to entertaining the possibility he really didn’t know if I was just able to fabricate any scenario in which someone would have any reason or motive to do this, and F wouldn’t even correct it after “finding out”…it’s just any situation I come up with involving a secret serial photoshopper that also had access to fenns other paintings and snuck in a took pics of them seems more ridiculous than the thought that he had to know, but why then lie? Maybe a red herring, maybe a clue, maybe a ghost did it who knows….please tell me there’s some feasible explanation that I’m just missing here?

      • Michael- Look at the black spot that covers part of the tree trunk in the center group kind of to the left. Zoom in on that black spot. (Not too close) it’s slightly to the right of the center of the top edge of the spot itself which extends to the left of the tree itself- the eyes are below the edge (in the spot) and the forehead is above it…it does take a second to see but when you do it becomes obvious. If you zoom too close try zooming out a bit.

          • Yes, so far we have a big large mouth bass that thinks he’s a trout, 200 small mouth bass that can’t scratch the surface, a golden trout that just won’t bite at even the best made lure, 18 Grizzlies that will eat anything, an eagle-vulture that catches everything but draws blood and a parrot that bit the hand that feeds. Which one are you? Which one am I?

            I could take a guess at the parrot but I’d hate to be wrong.

        • It looks to me like a mild double exposure. Back when you used to have to manually advance the film, this happened a lot. By not winding far enough, you would essentially take two pictures on overlapping sections of film. Depending on the shadowing and coloration, it could be a pretty subtle effect…as it is here. Don’t know if this was taken with a Brownie Box camera, but I had one that my Grandmother gave me that dated from around this era, and this sort of thing happened all the time. Sorry to rain on the Conspiracy Theory Parade. Happy New Year, everyone!

  15. In 1956 our family stopped at Canyon Village to check in to the motel. Coming out to the parking lot, we found a black bear in the car, having entered through a front window in our ’55 Plymouth wagon. The bellboy came out, clapped his hands and shoo’ed the bear out for us…..

    • From my experience, Oreo cookies is excellent bait for bears. (It’s illegal to bait bears in AZ)
      And Pepsi is still preferred over Coca Cola. 🙂 🙂

  16. @ El Fantasma, good morning and thanks for the laugh! Liked your synopsis of fish, bird, grizz players. That’s us… Fenn’s food chain.

    @ specialklr, thanks for pulling the nice photo of f out. That’s my favorite one and he’s in his hay day. Eye candy for collectors… I had fun lost in that marvelous collection. Would make a great Where’s Waldo page. Excessive proportions = amazing collection.

    @ Jamie, I concur – in Forrest’s ‘collection photo’ the painting on the right photoshopped in; maybe just aesthetically to cover security system monitors for the photo (camera sits above it.) I don’t think the bull is PS’d but the shape is interesting to me.

    All – Warmest wishes for a Merry Christmas! I’ll be in the kitchen today, stop by for cookies and hot chocolate!

    • Merry Christmas to you too 42!
      It’s worth a minute to relook at the edges of painting on the left too. Just drag it to the edges of your screen. It, too, has been cropped with 100% precision/perfect corners and zero depth of frame (in the corner of the room?) I can grasp to idea that both may have been put there to cover something, yet think forrest would have had to know? I mean his own paintings themselves were photographed at some point, right? And if put to cover up, wouldn’t somebody say “hey forrest what should we cover it with?” IMO given the sheer amount of items precisely arranged and time it must have takes to even set up the background in the first place? why haphazzardly slap two poorly cropped paintings and sloppily plaster them on? How would he NOT notice after spending that amount of time arranging…then he gets the pic and doesn’t even notice the two biggest items in the picture?? I don’t get it…

      • Jamie, I agree with you. I also believe Forrest is a perfectionist, and the photo was taken years ago before PS was developed. The cover up was done in prep for TTOTC in my opinion.
        Either f does know how to doctor photos or someone does it for him. My kids learned ps in high school and could shop in the mountain or these photos. Forrest has published books and overseen high quality promo photos for decades. He knows more about the photo aberrations than he lets on IMO. I’m guessing hes a great photographer and knows a lot about authentic vs altered.

        Out of time today. Lots to get ready for family Christmas but fun talking with you Jamie. Let’s pick the conversation up later.

      • Jamie – I forgot to mention how beautiful the paintings are. The one on the right is Beaverhead Rock – a landmark Sacajawea recognized on her journey with Lewis and Clark. The teepee painting is lovely too and reminds me of the Madison River country. I would enjoy knowing who the artists were.

      • The fist overlay picture I seen was on his website. Scroll to the picture of him sitting in a chair in a room full of his bones. There are 2 paintings in the background. If I remember correctly, he said he didn’t know anything about those being cropped in.


        One other note. That picture used to linked, now it is a pop-up.

        What is trying to tell us?

      • Jamie, hold the presses!

        Standing back and looking at the whole picture of Forrest, it seems there are lights on the wall in those two locations. Probably sconces. The pictures would have been added to hide the brightness of the direct light. Notice the glare on the wall.

        The mystery still remains as to who did this. Dal has admitted to doctoring several of Forrest’s pictures.

        • I agree, but wouldn’t forrest have known in that case? I mean they would have had to ask to photograph his paintings seperately to even do so. That what has me fixated- if he said knew or even noticed I wouldn’t think twice about it- how does one not know or notice that? I’m not saying the paintings are a clue per se…but maybe photoshopping/overlaying itself is being brought to our attention in more ways than one. Did you read the previous sitting bull description? I can’t put my finger on it, but I’m convinced there’s something important to be absorbed in all this.

          • Jamie, I should probably just keep my mouth shut here. Finding it harder and harder to do that. Everyone on this blog has “their” search area as do I.

            In answer to your question above, I do not know where the location in the picture is. I tried searching it, like you said you have, all I figured out was that “La Rita” means “The Pearl”. The closest place I could find would be “El Rito”, opposite of La Rita, on the outskirts of the Carson National Forest.

            I did however find 2 connections to my search area not in the painting itself but in the history of the artist. Both paintings have connections to my search area. I do not think they were photo shopped in by coincidence or accident IMO. But, again, I am one of those who find connections in every post ff makes.

          • Rmanna- mine too. Maybe we search in similiar areas/or fashions. I thought these two definitions were interesting
            1. Veda translates Rita= “the new”
            2. Also under Hindu The following appears in encyclopedia Britannica

            As Hinduism developed from the ancient Vedic religion, the concept of rita led to the doctrines of dharma (duty) and karma (accumulated effects of good and bad actions). Rita is the physical order of the universe, the order of the sacrifice, and the moral law of the world. Because of rita, the sun and moon pursue their daily journeys across the sky, and the seasons proceed in regular movement.

            I’m not really worried about getting myself in trouble by blabbing/opening my mouth on these things because I don’t think the middle dominoes really matter without the first anyhow

          • Jamie-
            I think what you are ignoring is that those photos are not always in Forrest’s control.That photo was most likely taken by a professional for a story in the 80’s when Forrest still owned the gallery. The photographer posed Forrest in his office at the gallery. It could be that the photographer added those images…or maybe an editor who hired the photographer. It’s true that the “photoshop” job is not very professional by today’s digital standards but in the 80’s when the photo was taken with a film camera and with a light table and paste as their only tools, maybe it was “good enough”.
            I mean if National Geographic hired the photographer it clearly would be a fail but if it was taken by/for the “Sunday Swapper” for a story in their “Old Santa Fe” section by a woman who not only took the photo but also wrote the story, did the layout and sold the ads…then this might have been “good enough”.
            Maybe the lamps on the wall were too distracting so she pasted a couple of images from Forrest’s gallery up there…who knows…
            Today’s readers are much more sophisticated about photos than readers just thirty years ago and the art of touch-up has become much more technical with much easier tools to use in the digital arena than what was available in the analog universe of the 80’s.

            In my humble opinion folks need to get past the obsessive desire to find things Forrest added in the photos posted here. If there be clues and hints, they are elsewhere and not in images you think he photoshopped in spite of the profound evidence against him doing any such thing.
            Finally, if anyone had the opportunity to add or hide things in the photos it would be me. I have many tools and some aptitude for doing that. But I have not done that..except in very well known cases such as obviously adding Brad Pitt’s head to Forrest’s photo in a couple of places in this blog…with his blessing.

            Forrest is not trying to deceive you or trick you or make you search the photos for added elements…and neither am I…
            There are no mountains in the Indian photo. There are no added bears or seagulls or hidden artifacts in the garbage bears picture.
            I agree that the photo in his office is curious because it is such a poor job, but it was not done by Forrest and when I asked him about it he didn’t know when it happened nor does he have a copy without the added elements. So it’s very likely he had nothing to do with it.

            By the way…look at these photoshop mistakes made by highly paid professionals…they’ll give you a laugh…

            PS…I don’t think Forrest had anything to do with the images on that site either…

          • Funny pictures Dal. I worked at a newspaper in the early 90’s, and we had just got a photo editing computer (pre photoshop). Our photo editor was demonstrating it to some high school students and he clone the hear in a photo onto this guys forehead. He did not realize that was the picture that was scanned out as a negative for the litho guys to put in the paper. It went on the front page.

          • I see your point Dal. I guess I just try to keep my mind open to the thought that Forrest had 15 years to develop a concept and write a poem with his clues. Had ‘blueberries’ been part of his concept, he may select to publish a picture of himself as a kid eating blueberries. Yes, he was five and the pic was unrelated at the time…but it may tie in now so he digs out the old pic. Who knows. Maybe the pic is not related and he just thought it was a cute pic. Maybe the picture on the website was not taken for that purpose but came in handy when writing the poem. Maybe posting ambiguous pics with these traits point to an idea of ‘overlaying’ in general as a process. These are just the types of things I imagine would be considered ‘hints’ but not ‘clues’ as they don’t exactly direct one to any location, but may help you in the process so I try and keep them in mind and share when I can. I don’t think he was trying to deceive us by ANY means…personally I think sometimes the things he says he ‘doesn’t remember’ are important So when I pointed out he said ‘he didn’t know’ being peculiar it wasn’t a comment about his integrity…I meant to draw attention to the fact that this was maybe one of those ‘mystery’ things. I am very sorry if my words came out like I was calling him deceptive etc. I just want that part to be clear.
            Okay- I’ll shut up now. Even I am sick of listening to myself ramble on as infinitum on this topic. Haha. Thanks for putting up with me and happy holidays!

    • Hi Amy, thank you for Christmas blessings.
      Funny you would say “clean your mess as you cook” as that’s how I do it and just last night told to my 20 yr old college son he needed to practice it while home. I like things tidy.

      After the holidays maybe you can help me tidy up the edges of the poem! Merry Christmas.

  17. lol 42

    Tidy is what I am as well. For Thanksgiving of course we had the full meal deal we could have fed an army. So for CHRISTmas we are having vegetable beef Stew. I surely do not want to be cleaning a huge lunch mess on this special day.

    And the poem it’s a secret every know and then I may throw something out there about what I think it’s about u could say I’m Meek, about giving the my research away. Aren’t a few of us that way. 🙂

    On my way to town to pay bills 🙁
    Then I will get back home and tidy things up around here. And make a fire on this cold day here in Texas
    If only the wind wasn’t blowing. Brrrr 🙂 !!!!!

    Have a very Blessed Merry CHRISTmas. 🙂

    • Amy, we’re tired of traditional turkey etc so I’m making SW food for tomorrow and we’re dining out tonight after church. Also in Texas and yes it’s a cold wind blowing, but rejoicing in Jesus birth.

  18. One of my bear encounters in Jellystone Park was when I was camping with my family in the early 1960’s. The Bears where out and about alot. Going in peoples tents etc. I was playing in the camp ground, I was about 4 years old. And people were screaming and a bear was racing right towards me fast. My father grabed me and threw me in the back of the car, badly hurting my leg. I was a little toe headed kid, would of been a nice snack for that big bear. Years later in Oregon and Montana, I had to run from Bears too. Jumping into cars to survive.

    Merry Christmas,
    Lou Lee, Chased by Bears in Jellystone park and Lived to tell.

    • Happy holidays, Lou!

      PuppyLove might think you had food smeared on your face and/or hands. A good wash job will not prevent a hungry bear attach. We must watch out for our kids.

      Another word of caution: Don’t think a car means safety from a bear. They can break a window in just a flash.

      Stay save, everyone! Seasons Greetings! 🙂

      • Bears are smart, can learn to open car doors and have been known to rip camper trailer doors right off the hinges to get inside. The longer into the summer season of people camping, the smarter the bears get. Because people leave food, soaps, etc out and garbage behind, the bears become acustomed to dining at the camp grounds instead of their natural food. They are lazy and enjoy drive by dining.

  19. “La Rita” is Spanish for “the pearl” or “I am pregnant”

    On this Christmas Eve Mary was pregnant with the Son of God and light of the world who is the ‘pearl of great price’ hidden for all to find. Parable of the Pearl of great price: http://www.wogim.org/mstories/ms14.htm

    For those who follow Christ Jesus, tonight is a holy night of celebration.
    HisStory 2015 years ago. Happy birthday Christ Jesus.

    “The Nativity” http://youtu.be/meIDz98MFBs

  20. I have often wondered about what it was like back when those grizzlies went for the food of convenience in and around the park. Thank you Forrest for the insight…

  21. On a side note years ago I used to go prospecting in the Brooks range in Alaska. One year we got dropped off early by about 3 weeks, the ground was still frozen so we were stuck in camp doing busy work. The late thaw had the bears a little confused as well. One windy day my mining partner started yelling at me from behind the outhouse. Tom get my gun? I couldn’t see anything but grabbed his 44 and started walking towards him not knowing what the problem was. When I got within about 20 feet of him he was looking up the hill and around an old cat cut and he yelled he’s coming shoot him. I still couldn’t see what it was and then from about 20 feet here comes this big male black bear at full speed. Absolutely no question what his intentions were. The first shot in the bread basket did most of the damage the next 3 were just wild adrenaline shots, the last being in back of the head. Only bear I ever had to shoot and it was a black bear go figure. So then what to do with him? It was self defense but now what? The ground was frozen and grizzlies everywhere so we put him in the creek and covered him until we found a place that was thawed enough to dig a 6 foot hole. 3 days later we found a spot dug a hole went to move the bear which had gained quite a bit of water weight. What a night mare but we finally got him in the ground. The buried bear was about 300 feet from camp and it only took about 2 days for a large grizzly to show up. Things around camp were tense for about a week with our new neighbor. I prospected up there for about 20 years and saw bears almost on a daily basis. Not one time ever did they mess with our food supplies. Sorry for the long post.

  22. Old school wildlife management—keep the Jellystone bears in a semi-domesticated state in a designated area, rather than preserving their “wild” character and letting them revert to marauding apex predator status. Something to ponder.

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