Me and the Indian

December 20th 2014

IMG_1207sPeggy and I were in high school when her mom took this photo beside her house on 12th Street. The Indian motorcycle belonged to my friend Edard. His real name was Edward but I called him Edard to save time. He let me drive it once in a while.




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    • Yep. I still wear em, and as a token of days gone by I put a dime in each one. Back in the day when phone calls were 20 cents it came in handy several times πŸ™‚

    • What is the blaze i think it only appear in the day time when the Sun is out it shines down on slow moveing stream of water where a small pool of water stands it reflects. the Sun to the side of the rock wall now you have a danceing blaze

    • Penny loafers and saddle shoes are bad memories for my sisters and me. Gosh, I did not like them but Mom always bought them for us.

      • PD, interesting you said loafers. A loafer is a vagabond. An idle person, vain.
        Forrest talks about his loafer he lost in Slough creek in the sage interviews. You should listen to it!!

        • Hello DPT. I’ll go back and listen to it again. If I recall, it was also the interview where he went up a tree to avoid a bison. I’m glad my family and I didn’t lose our footwear in quicksand at Slough Creek. With this thought, I’m getting “sink”, too. Possible connection to “below” in the poem. Dirty dishes in the “sink” from one of the scrapbooks, too. Mind just grabbing tiny thoughts here and there.

        • Just viewed the video again. It’s a good one. Brought back memories of fishing Slough Creek this year. Spoke with my son moments ago about the bullfrog he saw there. Glad didn’t come across any quicksand. Sinking two feet and having the water come up to the chest would have been tough trying to get out of. At least it looked like it came up to the chest from where Mr. Fenn showed in the video.

    • Yes he is. I would much rather have the Indian than the Harley I once had. But alas, I no longer ride. I have a bad ankle and cannot hold up a bike anymore.

      • Exactly Dal,
        Penny for your thoughts on the “w/time” relationship or is better stated: Ο‰/time relationship.
        Merry Christmas!

      • Is it possible that Mr. Fenn refers to time because it is a continuum between two points? In other words, the poem leads us from point A to B, not hither and yon but in a straight forward line.

      • Sorry, I’m a bit compelled to continue this thought which also continues the same old boring path recently I’ve suggested… Not trying to fit the clues to my solution, just pointing it out.

        Edard is the Gaelic or Manx form of Edward. Kacir is of Hebrew origin.

        Coincidentally, James Joyce’s Ulysses talks about the significance between and compares these two languages.

      • I wonder if there was someone at the school named Ed that Forrest and his friends did not like, and did not want to use that name for Edard, and maybe Edward sounded to proper.

  1. Nice bike, it is good to see that the company has made a comeback.
    Wish times were as simple now.

    Thanks for sharing Forrest.

  2. Great photo! In high school lingo, the look on your face says it all… I got the girl and the bike, the rest of you guys can take a hike.

  3. You definitely had the look with the white t-shirt and jeans with the cuff rolled up. You just needed the leather jacket and boots. Peggy is so beautiful!

  4. Hey Dal, did you know that your website is number one when you search thrill of the chase? It used to be number 2.

  5. Forrest, my first husband Edward B. G. had a 1941 Indian motorcycle that he and his best friend “rescued” from a farmers fence and gave it a new life. I believe it is in a museum now.

  6. Young love πŸ™‚ sweet picture
    U could have played in The movie Grease πŸ™‚ my favorite movie πŸ™‚

  7. Bikers don’t “drive” their bikes, borrowed or otherwise. And mothers don’t get excited over their daughters going for a ride on a borrowed bike. Great pic, tho.

    • Good point Idaho. And while we’re at it there are no mountains in the part of Texas where the photo is taken. Only true mountains in Texas fall in far West Texas closer to Arizona border. But I sure had fun matching up that outline and determining if the top was clipped off in PS or it was an adjacent mountain. Forrest is talented in Photo shop which is not an easy program to learn. Those marching ants can drive a person wild! Nice job Forrest!

      • 42, are you from New York, or some place “back east”?
        Texas doesn’t border Arizona!!!

        A long time ago I had a conversation with an easterner. He didn’t know which states border which out west. So he said, “Well, do you know which states border New Hampshire?” I said, “Of course I do, Massachusetts and Maryland!” chuckle

        • Specialklr – just having a bit of fun leaving NM out to see if anyone pays attention to my comments. Glad you do!
          Happy holidays to you πŸ™‚

          • Thanks 42, not one comment gets by me. Some go over my head because they are so far out.

            Wishing Happy Holidays to Forrest, Dal, Goofy and all the fine Fennesters out there! πŸ™‚

          • Specialklr, most of it flies over my head too and then I’m blonde and over 50 adding more missing components and senior moments. This chase keeps me young at heart and my brain cells fired up.

      • So…42, What’s your conclusion? Are you implying that it was PS’d? Just the mountains or the faces also? When I first saw this photo it reminded me of an old movie. I researched, but found nada. True, PS isn’t easy. I know this from years of experience in the graphics arts field…

        • WiseOne, here’s my conclusions: the mountain is shopped in or Fortest lied about the location. Think I recognize the mountain, although it’s a darn fine PS job.

          Judging from the accuracy of shadows on the bike and in front of his foot Forrest was definitely sitting on that bike. His smile is legit. Not sure about the front of Peggy’s glasses, but the shadow and light sources match up.

          Bonus round: The house needs full rain guttering and down spouts added to pass Texas inspections.

          • Thx 42… mountain is, forrest isn’t and Peggy sure reminds me of Jennifer Jason Leigh in this photo… That’s why I thought it had been PS’d.

    • If he Photoshopped this then he’s a professional. I understand Photoshop some, but I can’t say I’m all that great with it. I wonder how anyone could tell…maybe if you examine it under a magnifying glass. To the naked untrained eye, I’d say it’s an original.

      • Ed, I brought the image into my editing program and enlarged it and it doesn’t appear to be altered, at least in the areas that weren’t too dark. It was hard to tell about the very dark background but the foreground looks unedited. To me it seems to be all original too.

      • Ed, it may well be all original in which case f is fibbing about the location. Ain’t no mountain high enough in central Texas.

        • Umm… I’m thoroughly unconvinced it is a mountain. Maybe just a pile of dirt. Lense blur on outer edges makes it difficult.

      • Ed-
        That photo does not have a mountain in the background. I think what you are examining is a mound of bushes in the neighboring yard. Those are old “drug store” prints from a 1940’s consumer camera that are copied for this blog. The resolution and latitude are not that great to start with and gets worse when copied. Please don’t waste time looking for hints or clues or “hidden objects” in the photos. Forrest does not use Photoshop. I am the one who is responsible for correcting and resizing the images…not Forrest.

  8. Great picture! There is a good movie called “The World’s Fastest Indian” based on the true story of Burt Munro and his land speed record with an Indian bike starring Anthony Hopkins that was pretty interesting – you might like it.

    • I saw that movie it was quite good and Forrest you look so carefree and so does Peggy…..

    • I too think that was a really good movie about a very interesting character, CJinCA. Glad you mentioned it.

  9. AHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh once again….another hint. “and hint of riches new and old” WWWWWWWWWWOWWWWWWWWWWW

      • Hi PD,
        Edward means ” Rich guard, wealthy , fortunate guard”.

        If Forrest wanted to name TFTW chasing a vagabond and vagabond means unfortunate , then this word meaning is more than interesting.

        • Hello DPT. I read your comment at “Odds n Ends” and it was interesting. I hadn’t made the connection to the particular scrapbook you spoke of as you did. As for the vagabond, it seems I remember a post over at Jenny’s which Mr. Fenn did a while ago. I don’t recall exactly where it’s at, but if memory serves me correctly, it’s there.

  10. YES!!! a new Indian store opened up here in Albuquerque. I had my nose pressed up against the window until they let me in. When I find the treasure a new Indian Scout will be in my garage.
    Back in September a hit and run driver smacked me and my bike and left me laying in the street. After I got the x-rays I figured that my riding days were over. But, yesterday I went and started it up. I pulled the muffler off, and it sounded good. Dents and All. I’m ready for a new ride.

  11. I’m glad someone gets hints reading these comments. I never do. That’s ok I rarely read all of them anyway. I’m in my own little world and Im happy here. Guess that’s all that matters.

  12. Wow! That is really cool, Forrest. Those were the days! I’m surprised this photo isn’t hanging in a museum as a classic piece of Americana. There’s a white picket fence and everything. That’s nostalgic. A stud muffin and a beautiful girl…ain’t that America!

    I have always liked that song, but I never saw the video until now. It has some good parts. I certainly can’t complain about the cheerleader jumping around at 4:14 wearing my initials. It’s good to have admirers isn’t it? πŸ™‚

    Btw, I had a motorcycle back in the day that I “customized”. I put a little over 10,000 miles on it before finances forced me to sell it. If I ever owned another I suppose I’d be one of those, “I rode my bike to trailer week” guys. Scratch that! Reverse it! πŸ™‚

  13. So, is anyone else picking up on this? Notice how Forrest is taller than Peggy in this post. I refer you back to his two prior posts.

    Bob Sully and Kate
    Don’t miss judge Kate; she’s not short.

    Montana Golden Fish
    A grizzly’s front legs are shorter than its hind legs so I would have the advantage if it came to a race.

    Something about one being higher than the other one?

    Me in The Middle.

    My brother Skippy came along two years later, then it was my turn, followed by my little sister June. There were two years between me and both of them so I was in the middle and that was significant because I felt somehow surrounded. You can laugh at that if you want to, but think of it this way: Skippy was older so I looked up to him, and June was Younger but I couldn’t look down to her because my father wouldn’t allow it. Does that seem fair? My siblings are gone now and so are my parents. It sure would be nice if they could all come back so I could he in the middle again.

    If this helps someone out have at. I’m not sure but he is saying something.

  14. What a great looking couple. I love this picture. Without young love where would we all be? Dig the loafers. I bought a pair a few years ago because I liked and wore them as a kid and I’ve always hated tying shoes. My co-workers thought it was funny and started to call me “Hazel”. I wore them anyway….

  15. Gosh,Mr. forrest ,an indian motorcycle.I watch the pickers on tv.and he was so excited to find a junk piece of an indian motorcycle.and you got to drive it,your friend was lucky to have one.if he is alive,bet he wishes he still had it.awesome.

  16. Isn’t the Indian a beauty. Something of old, a relic that lasts for eternity. Even after the rust sets in, it still lives in the memory, because of it’s strength and unbridled spirit.

  17. Forrest;
    To save time then you just said eddard, or eedard? Also, Kacir seems odd as well. Is that another “time saver”? Two more questions, if I may:
    Who is Pat? I cannot recall anything about Pat.
    Why did you call your brother Skippy? Was he not William Marvin Fenn Jr.?
    Sorry. Got carried away.
    Beautiful Indian. πŸ™‚

  18. The Worlds Fastest Indian — a great movie doncha think. Nice house, but I don’t think there was a barn with a Bessie; could be embellishments?

    • Here is a piece of history about Indian trail turned Motorbike road a real thrill of the chase if you are a true Fennster…. πŸ™‚

  19. Not sure where to post this, but I wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a joy filled holiday season.

  20. Just a thought. If Mr. Fenn is wearing Penny loafers, Mrs. Fenn may be wearing Saddle shoes. It was the “style” to wear in the 50’s, which I’m assuming this photo may have been taken during this time. The Indian has saddle bags. Should “saddle” be something to consider?

  21. She is a real sweetheart. …And Peggy don’t look bad either!
    You would need a box of gold to buy a ride like that today.


  22. *Edard* …. a jar or bottle stopper manufacturing company. Interesting rabbit hole type tidbit considering the many stories over the years about waxing lids closed, special bronze jar lids etc. etc. etc.

    Time to let that one loose….

  23. You look like the cat that swallowed the canary, Forrest!
    Peggy looks like it was her canary.
    Great picture and beautiful bike!

  24. Forrest – quite the cowboy…do his loafers have spurs? I’m surprised you don’t have tattoos or piercings??

    Look, I’d throw out the w too, if it saved me some time. I Dig the all white Peggy β€˜fit. I’ve never felt the urge to ride a motorcycle. We rented scooters in Hawaii once – great time…gang of dudes on mostly black scooters…my buddy Brandon was last to pick, got stuck with the pink one!!

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