1/Lt. Aide de Camp

December 24th 2014

IMG_1210sReceiving lines were always fun because I got to make introductions to General Robinson. I would mention everyone’s name while they shook hands, and I had to get it right. Of course the general always said he knew the person as he flashed his two star smile. That’s him standing on my left. His wife, Edith, is the next woman and then Peggy. She’s the one who spiffed up the receiving line.

General Robinson’s job was to oversee all of the combat crew training in the Air Force, and that included nine bases, several hundred thousand civilian and military personnel, and hundreds of airplanes. One of my jobs, as the general’s confidential assistant, was to fly about twelve different fighters and bombers, and be able to answer questions. We were always off to Europe or South America doing something. It was the only dress up job I ever had and I loved it, despite the coat and tie.



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  1. Forrest you look great And so does the General and of course your wives are dressed to out standingly nice picture looks fun…

  2. When I was in High School I joined the N.J.R.OTC. that is where I learned how to dance in the military balls. Did you Mr. Fenn, and your wife ever dance those dances like the sha-sha, tango, or waltz while you were in the military? RC.

  3. WOW Forrest…..Peggy is stunning in that photo…I see why you love her so much. I hope my Peggy is out there somewhere.

  4. Wow – what a life. What an incredibly good looking couple (you and Peggy). Merry Christmas to you and your family. Thank you for sharing all you do.

    • Truly, you were a dashing couple Peggy and Forrest.
      No wonder your daughters are beautiful. Happy Anniversary to you both.

  5. Merry Christmas to you and your Family Mr. Fenn and to all of the adventurists engaged in the chase. Memories are treasures.

  6. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good Chase even in our dreams everything is a clue. Happy New Year and Trails to you all. God Bless this nation and it’s people and the entire world on this precious eve of our Lord’s Birth. Amen and Sing His Praises….

    • Your posting doesn’t include the word “please”, IMO.
      Would you please pass the spaghetti and meatballs?

  7. Forrest, As ZZ Top might say, you, too, are a sharp dressed man. You spiffied up the line as well as Peggy. Thanks for sharing another wonderful tidbit of your incredible life…Merry Christmas to you and your entire family. cynthia

    • Lets take a peek at the necklace…it seems very stiff, for lack of a better term. The two section across the collar area, seem to have a wire, than chain or cord. A very beautiful piece, I wonder if they are pearls and if so, are the dark ones black pearls. They appear to be beads…hard to tell.

      The interesting thing is, both ladies seem to have the same bracelets. I can’t zoom in to be sure, but the look the same to me.

  8. Peggy looks like a movie star and you don’t look half bad yourself. Still happy you both opted for Hushpuppies and Santa Fe!

  9. This time of year I’m torn between loving the season and wanting it to be over with. No family left except a sister in Tennessee. It’s a time when memories are so precious. After a time of giving thanks. Iam so grateful that I have been blessed with an Air Force Veteran partner, who I spend my days with. Many years ago God told me that he would save the best for last and I am finding that to be true. May everyone have a joyous holiday season. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  10. Yes Forrest you and Peggy look stunning and you have lived in a verry nice place. Always did love Sante-fe and the many different cultures that are there. The city did get the name of being the City different. I used to love to wander around the old square and look at the many beautiful wares and crafts that were offered there. Considered rich in culture with high desert to the south towards Madrid to the high mountains north and east.

  11. Well…… to me, it looks like the General’s wife is wearing a watch…. and Peggy is wearing a bracelet!!!

    But that necklace on Peggy has me perplexed! To much rum or too much spice in my eggnog…… I don’t know! but it looks out of place……

  12. Peggy has always been beautiful, she still is. Who wouldnt expect her to spiff up any gathering?

    The generals wife is wearing a wrist watch, not sure about Peggy.

    Forrest, I always suspected you knew alot more than you disclosed. That assignment confirms it. Twelve different airplanes? That is outstanding!

    Thank you for sharing with us all. 🙂

    • Deb, if there were any doubts.. We now know Forrest is a keeper of important secrets and treasure locations. And Wow! You and Peggy are so attractive together, just the way God meant it to be for a 60 year love affair. Blessings.

  13. Forrest, you and Peggy sure made a great looking couple. It sounds like you had an ideal job too!

  14. This picture appears to have captured a moment when Forrest is glancing at his gorgeous wife. Check out his adoring smile…That’s a great opportunity that paved the way and put you in some pretty tight circles. Thanks Forrest

  15. You look happy Forrest, and Peggy is gorgeous! But I thought you were a 2/Lt aide de camp for the general?
    Merry merry Christmas!

  16. Okay..it was the General…but did you begin as 1/Lt and get promoted to 2/Lt during this term?
    Hihiho! 🙂


    • Hi Mindy,

      I am so pleased to see the presence of your pretty smile on these pages once again. I have been trying to catch up with all I have missed in recent days what with Christmas plans and all. I suppose I should just plan to “subscribe” in the future to make catching up easier.

      Hey, you seem like a sophisticated lady, what are your thoughts on the order in the receiving line? Seems to me that ladies should be priveledged to go first. Maybe it doesn’t really matter but it could be the whole General Officer protocol sequence thing. Anyway, it appears to me that Mrs. Fenn is the key to making it work so they saved the best turn of a smile for last.

      • Hi Wind! Thank you…I wouldn’t call myself sophisticated…maybe just nerdy, ha ha.

        If I remember my days in the AF correctly, I think they’ve got the receiving line right. My ex was an aide to a general, and I don’t think I spent even one second in a receiving line. I’m not sure my ex did, either. Lol. Things were much different in the military when Forrest served. 🙂

        • Mindy,

          Thanks for the reply. I actually went thru some receiving lines as a big shot at LM back in the day. Now I am just shot and now nobody cares…hoooray! I actually met General Colin Powell on a couple of occasions and have a funny story to tell..later.

          I like nerds, but too many can really unsettle a stomach. LOL!

          • I have met the President a couple of times when I worked for the White House Communications agency. Bill and Hillary were the co-Presidents back then. Lol.

    • Michael Hendrickson,
      Happy holidays – I believe your right. “Camp” is the clue.

      Merci Messeur Fenn we appreciate your aide, and you do look like Ken and Barbie or better yet Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck in Roman Holiday.

    • I’d consider it a tiny hint at best. I’ve been camping in the mountains. The TC is in the mountains. All IMO.

    • Michael Hendrickson – Could Forrest’s ‘title’ also be a ‘word map’, revealing the ‘title to the gold’?:

      Aide de Camp > A•Eye•d•e ‘Of’ Camp

      That ‘word map’ would then point to my hide-y ‘Omega Forrest’ spot at Baker’S Hole ‘Camp’ground.


  18. Forrest I’m a writer here in the Northwest and I must say you’ve lived quite the storied life. I enjoyed the books and now I’m looking through your scrapbooks. Thank you for the chase. Looking forward to this.

  19. Today I choose to rest my little mind of clues and just enjoy and appreciate my family and friends which includes many of you. So thank you all for your pictures, stories and thoughts. Such a thrilling chase life has become. Merry Christmas.

  20. If there is a clue, which is probably doubtful, it’s related to math. I have never seen a I Lt put a slash between the 1 and the L. Maybe that’s old school stuff, I don’t know. All I know is that I’m stuffed with turkey and gravy and mashed tatos and stuffins, and it’s back I to the gym three or four days a week till summertime. 🙂

  21. Was there ever any discussion about who they were receiving in this line? The other two men?

  22. F is a real “crafty” man. He made Ali McGraw’s necklace, and I bet he made Peggy’s in this picture. It shows alot of creativity and an unusual style for that period. The “/” in 1/Lt is the correct way to militarily write it. I was in the AF for 4 yrs and also held that rank. Disclaimer: IMO ¥ Peace ¥

  23. I’m going to land and Camp @ 1:30. Would someone drop kick and bomb me for not noticing Peggy’s ring last year. It’s pretty and so is the choker/necklace.


    • P1289 –

      I want to thank you – I now know where the ring and maybe the necklace came from. I wonder if that is the emerald ring – very possible – naw probably not.

      • Seriously? Inthechase, why would Forrest Fenn give away Peggy’s jewelry to a ‘redneck’? [f’s words, not mine]

        Family pieces are handed down to daughters and granddaughters not tossed in the chest to be lost for all of time. Generosity to strangers does not supersede sentimental keepsakes. People are losing assemblace of reality.

        • Ones grip on reality must be tight and unyielding. 32% of people in this country are left handed, but you don’t see them giving up and begin writing with the other hand.

          • Sometimes it’s good to try left handed that way you can see and feel how awkward it is. For 68% of the people it just doesn’t make sense.

    • Don’t feel bad. A man tends to notice the woman whereas a woman tends to notice the jewelry. Personally I like both.

  24. Would be nice to hear more about this time in Forrest’s life since they traveled extensively throughout the world during these 15 years.

  25. “One of my jobs” …
    “twelve different fighters and bombers” …

    As Dal has tagged this with “buzzard”, this post probably alludes to the 12th labor of Hercules, where Aides was another poetic word for Hades.

    Pillar of Hercules near Mammoth Hot Springs in Yellowstone seems to be an underlying hint theme.

    @Dal, are you somehow connected with La Buse and Seychelles?

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