Diane Sawyer et al

December 26th 2014

IMG_1225sWell, there’s Diane with John Ehrlichman of Watergate fame. She interviewed him in the library at our gallery not long after he was released from prison. John didn’t trust her so he refused to answer any question unless it was asked while the camera was trained on both of them. He was afraid Diane would later change a question to his answer and make him look bad. No one ever looked at John the way he wanted to be seen. What did I just say???

John and I met with the Chinese Minister of Culture in Beijing, hoping to broker the many antiques that were superfluous to their great collections. John was allowed to attend the business meetings, but not the several dinners that were held for “us.” Our hosts always served 8 course meals, Every course was duck, and each was prepared differently. I couldn’t eat any of it, but I faked it as best I could.

The Chinese government liked our business proposal, but time was not on our side. They have a saying, “The tree grows slowly but the earth is patient.” f

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  1. Duck? Yuk! I passed that up again this year at the feast.

    Interesting about John. The earth is patient…never thought if it that way.

    • 23 – I think F’s point tonight is that he’s good at faking he likes something, and his AF career prepared him for high profile, high security secrets like his treasure. I’m also good at both. Yep, I’m the right person for that treasure Boris. Lia-tasha

    • Wow are you saying the chest is hidden in a very old tree? Better not say to much but wood ducks do live in trees 🙂

  2. Well Mr. Fenn, I have a question pertaining to the last SB. In reading about San Lazaro and the pottery images I found an article that talked about stone balls. I was wondering if in your digging have you ever found any?

    20 Anthropological Papers American Museum of Natural History. [Vol. XV,

    San Cristobal might be regarded as Castafieda’s Ximena, Pueblo She would
    be the village referred to by him as new and large but partly destroyed, and
    Pueblo Blanco would be the village said to have been entirely destroyed.
    There are two superficial circumstances, however, which suggest another
    transit of the Galisteo basin. In the first place the prehistoric part of
    Pueblo San Cristobal is very large l and the natural position cannot be said
    to be strong, so that it is probably not the Ximena specifically characterized
    by Castaneda as “small and strong.” The second point is more interesting
    because of a positive nature. It will be remembered that Castaneda in
    referring to the westernmost of the three Galisteo pueblos (see quotation),
    i. e., the one totally destroyed, remarked about some curious stone balls
    lying about in the yards and supposed by him to have been in some way
    employed by attacking enemies in destroying the village. While at work
    in the Southwest and before becoming fully conversant with Castaneda
    some such stone balls were noticed at Pueblo San Lazaro, not in the yards
    of the ancient pueblo to be sure, but along the base of the sandstone escarp-
    ments in the vicinity. No particular attention was paid to them at the
    time, but later, on reading Castaneda, these peculiar spherical concretions
    at once came to mind, as they were observed nowhere else. The coincidence
    is not in itself sufficient to establish the identity of Castafieda’s third pueblo,
    seen on the road from Pecos towards the Rio Grande; nevertheless, it
    appears to be about the only positive hint or clue that we have pointing to
    Coronado’s line of march.

  3. Well Forrest I guess you have met a wide range of interesting people. Not that I ever doubted that you did.
    I am so impressed!


  4. Can’t help wondering if the Chinese have learned to eat duck because of there great patience… .. .. .

  5. FF your quite the hobnobber. What did you just say. I didn’t understand what you were trying to convey.

    “No one ever looked at John the way he wanted to be seen”.

    Could you help me out and please elaborate more clearly for this simple minded man what you were trying to say. I feel so left out not being able to comprehend. It seems I feel that more and more often in these complex days of my older years.

  6. I’m constantly amazed at all the famous, and the infamous, people you know! 🙂 How did you meet Ehrlichman and get together with him on the idea of trying to buy Chinese antiquities?

  7. “Nixon’s assistant for domestic affairs, John D. Ehrlichman, directed the White House “plumbers” unit. He also approved the break-in at the office of the psychiatrist of Daniel Ellsberg, the defense analyst who leaked the Pentagon Papers to the press. Ehrlichman resigned from his White House post in 1973; he was convicted of conspiracy to obstruct justice and perjury in the Watergate case and of conspiracy in the Ellsberg case.

    Ehrlichman served 18 months in prison after unsuccessfully trying to negotiate a sentence under which he would provide legal service to Native Americans. After his release, Ehrlichman lived in New Mexico and wrote novels and a memoir, “Witness to Power: The Nixon Years” (1982).”

  8. So you could eat meadowlarks and scissor-tails but you couldn’t eat duck? 🙂

    Vede intaresting grasshoppa……….

    • I am poking around the website reading Forrest’s old post. I too wondered why you couldn’t eat duck Forrest?

  9. I think some people worry too much about not comprehending what is being said. I certainly don’t! Most of the time there are a lot of ways you can take it. As far as Diane Sawyer. She looks much better now. Some people do with age. Some with cosmetic surgery, or a good makeup person. Now as far as John Ehrlichman is concerned, I never pay any attention to politicians or preachers but maybe he wanted to be seen as a scapegoat. Ok enough. Too much for me to worry about!

    • Thank you for your enlightening perspective. Well said. Only Forrest could have given a better explainen. But I’ll except yours for now. It has returned peace to my soul.

  10. I have no idea what Forrest just said. But always interesting and in good company. Maybe he feels the same about my rambling!!!

  11. So true Goofy, so true…..

    I was thinking along the lines, …..knowlege ain’t cheap and warm waters run deep.

  12. I believe people are ignoring the Putin connection which seems obvious in this message from Forrest. Let me explain…
    Diane started her network broadcast career at CBS…the Columbia Broadcast System…
    Columbia…not the country…but the river…

    Now most will acknowledge that the Columbia River is far outside the 4 state search area that we have been given…and I won’t disagree…
    However, the Columbia River Drainage is included in two states that are associated with the search..Montana and Wyoming. The Russians know this as illustrated by this map of the Columbia River Drainage area:


    We all know that Putin is in serious political trouble in his own nation and I believe that this Russian map is evidence that Forrest’s treasure is one of the objects he covets to increase the Russian Treasury against the looming Russian Economic Recession.

    This map, in Russian, clearly is available, not for you and me, but for Russian speaking nationals and operatives working for Putin here in the USA.

    Russians have a long history of espionage in this country as best remembered by recalling the names:
    Boris Badenov, Natasha Fatale, and Fearless Leader…
    I kept them on my own radar for years and was well aware of their comings and goings.

    But more recently those names have slipped into the “forgotten history” section of the American Psyche. It may well be of colossal importance to remember those three along with their victims..Moose and Squirrel…as we ourselves continue in search of the elusive treasure..

    As a reminder to searchers everywhere of this new episode in our ongoing hunt for the treasure, may I offer that we should ALL… now…at this very moment and forward…be ever vigilant against Putin’s army of treasure hunters…

    I have put such a reminder on Esmeralda’s sides so that we may never forget this new threat from these Putin devils…


  13. I shall remain patient even though, at times, I get a little bit rattled likethe tip of a poisonous snakes tail. Thank you for calming me with this SB f.

    • Hi Slurbs, I shall remain patient with you unless I hear rattlesnakes – then I shall jump out of my skin, grow downy white feathers, float past the Russians and Grizzlys back to the bird scrapbook!
      Am I speaking too fast or am I loud and clear? F isn’t very clear tonight, maybe he and Peggy are celebrating early. Wink wink 😉

  14. Hi Dal! Thanks for the picture of Esmeralda! I was curious what she looked like… I just got back from a long drive and it gave me some time to think….

    I even had an epiphany….

    My Honda FIT is not FIT for hunting treasure in the Rockies…:)

      • Sorry Dal… I have read a few but did not see an actual picture… it’s next on my list… I have had a lot to read in the past few months since starting the chase…

        Kinda heading West but not to the Rockies. I just drove home From Eastern Washington back to Western Washington over Snoqualmie Pass before the big snowstorm hits later tonight. Decided to come home early because we don’t have 4 wheel drive and the next two days are going to be heavy loads in the pass. Hence the realization that if I want to go hunting in early spring in the Rockies I might need to fly in and rent a car with 4 wheel drive. Don’t get me wrong I love my little FIT… I have gotten 44 MPG with it… Pretty impressive…:)

        • I didn’t realize you were on the western slope of the Cascades. People who don’t live here complain about the winter rains…
          In my opinion anything I don’t have to shovel off my drive is welcome in winter. Further, the lack of water in much of the arid west makes our rain a valuable resource

      • I think The Coyote is my favorite story…….Hard to believe some folks have been here for months and haven’t read through the blog.

        Oh well, you can buy ‘em books and send ‘em to school but you can’t make ‘em drink.

  15. Wow! I go to Temple for a day and this post has me more confused than ever. Maybe Texas just has to much oxygen for this slow poke. If a guy is going to be confused might as well be confused at the right altitude.

    • The wind is whistling through my ears. I’m simply drawing a blank on this post. Keep eating your spinach Bajaau, your gonna need the strength.

      • Thanks Lucky girl for the saavy advice. Spinach and some sort of brain food. I just learned that my word press account is where great people like yourself leave comments. I’ve always been more of an outdoor guy anyway. Maybe it was because I just couldn’t learn computers.

  16. Dal, I could not agree with you more. This scrapbook cracks the code. Russia is WWWH, HOB is where Moose lives near a air strip utilized by Squirrel…IMO. Additional clues are Squirrel name, “Rocky”, and his flying ability…IMO. Thank you for sharing Mr. Fenn and Dal.

    • Yep, this post just brought the whole thing together. Before everything was unfocused, fuzzy, nothing was clear but after this, I’m much more confident. Such a good writer, makes me appreciate and understand. I’m humbled by others abilities. Here I had just been stumbling along wondering but now I won’t need luck.

        • LOL…I’m with you jd, I read the SB’s and the same folks say they see clues in birds and knives, bears and jewelry, Walking bare foot and driving cars, roping bison and crocks chasing ducks, poor tuckered out Tucker even seem to have meanings to clues ….
          Now Russia and China, Diane Sawyer, seem to lead to clues. If I wasn’t stupefied at the start of this chase, I am now!

          Ken, May I borrow your decoder ring… mine seem to be broken.

          • Seeker I always like reading your post, I don’t think FF puts huge clues in the SC but instead just maybe small ones like the book in the photos background of the Da Vinci code for example

          • Turns out it was an old bug from the Watergate era… so I threw it in the fireplace so no one would hear what I was saying ! Now they’re listening too !

          • Will,

            How ya been? Ok help me out here. You and I as well as a lot of others, who have been around the chase block a few times, have read / heard many things FF as stated. Some of which are, Paraphrasing, he will not give a clue to aid a searcher. The clues stated on The Today show and such, as Useless clues [ remember that fiasco? ] I could go on, but you get the gist i’m sure.

            There was even the instance when something was said, paraphrasing, …that most searchers did not know of… and to level the playing field… the statement, “WWWH is not a dam.” That put a damper on a lot of solutions. So I keep asking myself, why would FF place hints in stories?

            Are they to level the playing field? Are they to aid a searcher? Are they there to keep the excitement of the chase moving? Could they just be FF enjoying a moment of recollection that some will find informative and entertaining? Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the stories as much as the next guy. But FF giving out clues? even very subtle ones, doesn’t make sense to me.

            As well as folks who believe FF is somehow telling them directly, or some secret code for them alone, that their theory is correct, mind boggles me.

            As I recall FF answered a Q&A in-regards to other books, stories and treasure hunts to aid him in with the poem…the answer was No…How then, could the Book in the photo be even a subtle hint?

            Maybe someday when this is all said and done, we can have beer or 12 … and say “Yep, it was one hell of a ride…lets do it again”

          • Seeker,
            Your comments to Will sure make sense to me. Why would he ? I think his contributions are merely stories to share, and that’s it…keeps the ball rolling.

          • I think that is great and excellent points, but in my experience emailing Forrest that he will not respond to direct question on the chase, maybe he answered someone in a question not chase related and then felt like it might help them at a advantage.

            All this is speculation and IMO but also consider the backlash that he went through to make it right, it would have been easier to sweep it under the rug and none the wiser. There has been times that I’m in conversations and realized that I’ve said something I shouldn’t have but to late at that point.

            The only thing I can think of if you have the correct location then all the Scrapbooks would make perfect sense. It’s like hearing a sentence that is totally out of context, the sentence would make a lick of sense.

            If you look at it this way that if anyone that would have clues and access to more clues that it would be Dal, but that said Dal hasn’t found it so that logic would really work here.

            I think Forrest is wanting to get his family story out there without IMO going through the trouble of writing another book. The Web would be a great public record for that but also the possibilities of throwing hints or clues depends on how you view them.

            TTOTC.com had a discussion what to name the poem and mine is Confused, that’s about what I feel after leaving my search area 🙂

  17. Great, here I am, 8am, blurry eyed, drinking coffee, and through my minds blur I see Da Vinci?!

  18. I can’t stop laughing at this photo. The look on John Ehrlichman’s face is hilarious to me. And Forrest and Diane look like they’d rather be anywhere doing anything else. Very Awkward looking photo. Please make no mistake, I am not making fun of anyone. I just find their expressions curious and wonder what the atmosphere in the room was like when the photo was taken. P.S. I am tired of posting as rmannaa so I am now posting with my first name Ramona.

      • Hi spallies. What kind of odd things did you notice? Do you think there are any hints in this scrapbook? I see three and I don’t care if nobody believes me.

        • There is one in particular in the photo… but I am not going to say anything because if I am wrong I might hurt someone’s feelings and I don’t want to do that…:)

          • Ok spallies, I get that. Love these scrapbooks though, they make you think. Hope you had a great Christmas. Can’t believe another year is almost behind us.

  19. “no one ever looked at John the way he wanted to be seen”.

    Forrest, I have the distinct feeling you looked at John the way he wanted to be seen. You seem to have a propensity for seeing the best in others. I’m proud of you for extending such friendship to John at a time when he needed it most and damn the consequences of such an affiliation.

  20. Diane Sawyer is mention in this SB but also in TTOTC. I’ve have wondered why. Is it because of her last name? Has everyone else already come to this conclusion? Guess I’m just slow.

  21. Does anyone else find it unusual that Erlichman would distrust Diane Sawyer? Didn’t they both serve at the same time in the Nixon WH. Regardless, she was definitely a good looking lady then (and now). Her eyes seem to hold many secrets. I bet that was a jaw-dropping interview to be witness too. Oh, and happy belated birthday to Mrs. Sawyer, she doesn’t look to have aged much over 32.

    • pl289
      I think there were plenty of reasons for Erlichman to be cautious of Sawyer. She was moving fast at that time. She was climbing and Erlichman was falling. Anyone who is smart and also being pursued by the media understands that the press, not only can, but also does, edit interviews and sound bites. Rarely is the intent to make someone say something they didn’t intend to say. More often it’s simply an attempt to compress a 40 minute interview into four minutes of the best material and sometimes accidents happen. Most journalists have an ethical line about editing that they will not cross.

      Clever journalists who lack ethics can make a person say just about anything they want. Ambush Journalism was a technique employed by many and even taught in some journalism schools in the 70’s and 80s.

      Ehrlichman was probably on his guard. He most likely wanted a witness to everything he said and he knew that having the interview conducted outside the studio and with someone on his side would help even the odds that his story would get out the way he wanted.

      Many at the time thought that Erlichman had requested that Sawyer do the interview with him…for all the above reasons…still…His choice or not, he should have been concerned and cautious about her…

  22. Can anyone provide a link to the interview between Sawyer and Ehrlichman, post prison release? I can not find any evidence that the interview actually occurred.

  23. Thx Dal, good background info on the “darker side” of Journalism teaching.

    Home brew, I have been looking for the same interview, but to no avail.

  24. Every course is duck – hmmm – You have not tried my duck. It is different and very good – unless you just do not like birds! I cook it and home made pumpkin pie which is unlike any pumpkin pie you can buy anywhere. Even people who do not like it end up wanting more. Recipes handed down multiple generations.

  25. I agree with him about both being on ‘frame’ at the same time. At least is was done in person and not by mail of sorts. It would be difficult if he simply refused to be in Diane’s presence for the interview. His fear is because many are not honest. But when dealing with an honest person who is proven not to be greedy or angry or looking for fame, it would not be such a concern about questions and answers being mismatched. I think the idea of swapping Q & A is wrong and would never consider such a thing. Of course, I am not into fame, fortune, and anything dishonest. All in all, a face-to-face as was done is truly the best way to be sure things are as correct as possible. But the issue would not be one for me since I am an ‘outcast’ in about everything in life and have to be ‘moderated’ even on this site. FF would have no fear about me; I wasn’t allowed to be at the book signing. I am not important enough to be a part of any interview. Just one who read the poem and went on BOG. Live a life that is pleasing to God no matter what. Beside the two types of notify me of… there should be one more that is notify me if my post made it through moderation. It is beyond irritation to know if anything gets posted.

  26. Duck(s) . . . hmmm . . . okay, I think I understand the hint here. But I don’t consider it a biggie.

  27. Hey, Diane Sawyer could’ve been a likely suspect as “deep throat”

    If anyone dredges up the interview with Ehrlichman please post it. Would be very interesting. Forrest wouldn’t say the interview took place if it wasn’t a fact.

    According to Wicki, “Early in her career, she was a member of U.S. President Richard Nixon’s White House staff and closely associated with the president himself.”


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