Scrapbook One Hundred Twenty…



Sixty-One Years Today


“You’re going to wear a tuxedo!”
“No I’m not.”
“Yes you are.”
“We aren’t married yet so you can’t make me.”
“We will be in a few minutes, so put it on.”

Well, maybe that’s not exactly the way the conversation went but I think you get the gist.



She had me eating out of her hand from the first few minutes and that hasn’t changed. I can’t believe we’re now working on 62 years together. And I bought her a sewing machine four years before we were married. I think it was four.


Peggy and I ran out of the First Baptist Church in Temple, and started a journey of exploration and discovery that continues at a reduced pace even today. Locations where we’ve lived include Panama City, FL, Belleville, IL, San Antonio, TX, Bitburg, Germany, Phoenix, AZ, Lubbock, TX, and Santa Fe.

Our major accomplishments are two daughters, seven grandchildren, and two great grandchildren.

83 (2)s

Not bad for a first marriage, doncha think?



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    • so wonderful to see the accomplishment can be achieved love carried you over many waves on the sea of time congrats Sir and Peggy and family a new year is upon us im heading into utah to pick up moms trailer good day to all happy new year its going to be a cold trip. safety to all. i know the tc is not in utah but ill keep my eyes open on the way might even check out the grand canyon good day all

  1. I do think it is wonderful .. congratulations and I wonder what the formula is for such a wonderful marriage. … They do not teach any of that in school.

  2. Many happy more years together Mr. and Mrs. Fenn!!

    You still look like best friends. What a wonderful, true love story.

  3. Congratulations and Happy Anniversary Forrest and Peggy! Ya dun good, and you should be very, very proud. Humanity would be far better off if all relationships evolved similar to yours.
    Kind Regards,

  4. Now that’s certainly a story worth reading. Warms my heart and lets me know that love does last. My mom and dad were together for around 60 years also. True love is when you love someone more than yourself. Seems that people have gotten to be too selfish anymore. It’s always wonderful to hear about a story like yours. Congratulations and I hope you have many more years ahead.

  5. Happy Anniversary, Forrest and Peggy! I hope Peggy is wearing something colorful out on the town with you today! You were and still are a beautiful, amazingly blessed, couple!

  6. Congratulations Forrest and Peggy. Forrest you are a lucky man. Peggy is a treasure and a Gem. You are both Blessed. Have a great day. Lou Lee

  7. Congratulations Forrest and Peggy and may you have many more fun filled adventures in the years ahead! What a beautiful bride Peggy was, and still is! You are a lucky man. 🙂

    • Dal, especially true since he’s now giving away his arrowhead collection!

      Happy Anniversary Forrest and Peggy! It’s terrific that you fell in love over 60 years ago and are still in love!!!

    • It is funny that he refers to this marriage as his “First Marriage”. He must be planning on outliving Peggy and looking for his second wife. Although no one could ever compare to Peggy … she’s been an amazing, life-giving companion for him!

  8. Happiest Anniversary to Forrest and Peggy! Some people fit like two puzzle pieces in just the right way to have fun all of their lives.

  9. We’re very happy for you Forrest and Peggy! May God continue to bless you many more years.

    James and Michelle

  10. Happy Anniversary Forrest and Peggy! Congratulations on quite an amazing feat! It had to be love at first sight! It makes me happy to see such a success story! Thank you for sharing!

  11. Having the love of your life is a gift not everyone gets. You are truly blessed. Happy Anniversary Peggy and Forrest

  12. See, he does smile … and very brightly, happily and big! He just needs to be around the right woman. Congratulations to you both! It’s a rarity for a marriage to last so long … you two must really love each other. I think you both were blessed very deeply.

  13. Congratulations on #61. I hope you have 61 more! Have a Happy, Happy Anniversary! Do you have any special traditions you do on your Anniversary?

  14. The happiness in Forrest’s eyes in those pics…

    I do declare!
    Wait 😯 what are you declaring?
    Oh that’s right I declare its there!
    You don’t know it’s there, I can’t see it.
    Trust me the happiness is there, just go look.

    -says the Sayer

  15. Mr. And mrs.fenn.congratulations on your big day . hope you have a wonderful the day you got married. You both looked so happy. Boy mr.forrest, ms peggy was a beautiful didn’t look to bad your self . actually you both are still beautiful . So happy for you both. May god bless you both with many more years together.

  16. 61 years later and Forrest has the same grin he had running out of the church!! Looks like he’s saying, “see what I got, see what I got!!!” LOL!!

    Congrats you two!! (Peggy, you did a great job raising him, along with the two girls! 🙂 )

  17. I wonder who caught who? Happy Anniversary Peggy and Forrest. You both must be pretty gifted at compromise? I love a good love story, and you certainly have that. 🙂 You were blessed.

  18. Forrest,
    You were both lucky and good. As a couple you definitely beat the odds. That says a lot about you and your bride. If you were giving advice to newlyweds, what nugget would you give that would help them on their journey of marriage?

  19. Congratulations Mr. And Mrs. Fenn!!! Not too many remarkable stories of love and marriage as you have.

  20. Happy anniversay you two rascals! F, Peggy looks so good it’s no wonder you stand next to her. I’ll bet you stand next to her so that people wont notice you. Yup, that’s it.

  21. HAppy anniversary Peggy and Forrest!
    It is a great thing when two people share in life’s adventures.
    May you both have many more adventures together, may you both always find pleasure in the thrill of the chase.

  22. Wow! Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Fenn. I hope you have a Wonderful Life together. We watched that movie on Christmas Eve and it was black and white just like your wedding photos. I think you guys are the best and I don’t even know you!

  23. What a beautiful and Blessed couple y’all are. Thanks for sharing and for the pictures. Happy Anniversary. 61 years how amazing. See people that’s Love 🙂

  24. Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Fenn on the occasion of another blessed anniversary…May you yet experience many more…

  25. Nothing makes a marriage last longer than being a faithful and obedient husband! My grandparents made to past 75 years and my wife an I are planning a treasure hunt for our 40th in June. Congratulations and I wish you many more.

  26. Congrats. Looks like you two are still having fun together. True love will last for ever.

  27. Congratulations, Forrest and Peggy! 61 years can be a very long time and it can also be a very short time, depending on how you look at it. In either case it is something you don’t see much of anymore…true commitment and true love.
    Happy Anniversary!

    • A little off topic,

      My great-grandmother received a Singer sewing machine as a wedding present in 1906. I own it now and it still works. It is currently on loan to a small town museum near where my great-grandmother lived. It has the original receipt and instruction book.

  28. Yes, congratulations. So inspirational. What use is a treasure to a man and woman who have discovered the true meaning of life, love. It just radiates from every picture of you two together. Happy anniversary.

  29. The best scrapbook yet!

    Cheers Peggy and Forrest!

    Glad to add my well wishes on this your special day.


  30. She’s a beautiful Lady, Forrest. You’re a blessed man. She’s a blessed Lady, too…I reckon. I pray you share many more anniversaries together. And when the time comes I pray you both pass on peacefully…like my grandfather did…in his sleep…not screaming like everyone else in the car. (jk) I hope you had a wonderful day…and will have a wonderful day tomorrow…and on and on like that…forever. 🙂

    • Thanks for all of the best wishes and warm comments folks. You are a cross section of what has made America great, and if you don’t believe it just look at the quality of people who populate this blog. I must applaud Dal for being such a strong leader. All of you make me proud to be part of it. f

      • Thanks, mr.Forrest. we are a great big family in this chase.and I am glad I am one.cause you have made a difference in my life. Because you cared.may god always bless you and your family and watch over you all. You are special, never forget that. I know panama city.fl.very you must of heard of destin, fl.Okaloosa island.across the bridge in fort walton beach.fl okaloosa county.that’s where I was born and raised. I loved the white sands and the gulf of mexico.I have been on eglin air force base many times when I lived there.they won’t let cilivians on base anymore. Love ya.take care of you and were made for each other.

  31. Happy Anniversary Forrest and Peggy!!! Still Sweet on each other after all of these years….Just AMAZING Congrats. Judy Ms. Girl

  32. I have been hoping you would post pics of your wedding to your gorgeous bride! Thank you so much for sharing them with us. You are a lovely couple and the smiles on your faces say so much. Best wishes to you both and may you have many more anniversaries together. Peggy is so beautiful and your wide open smile is so charming. Much happiness to you both.

  33. Might be a funny contest for us all to post old wedding photos or baby photos without names and guess who’s who.

  34. JC

    Help me out please let’s play a song for Forrest and Peggy

    Great Balls of Fire by Jerry Lee Lewis 🙂

    • Hi Amy, It’s only by “coincidence” that I saw this just now. I had a thought while I was at work today that had to do with Forrest and Peggy’s anniversary just two days after Christmas. It works into my solve in a strange way. I just realized it today. It ties in with Forrest’s comment below the picture of him and his Angel…Peggy. Great Balls of Fire!

      Jerry’s “official” music video isn’t anywhere near as exciting as this one. I hope you like it, Amy. 🙂

  35. JC thanks for posting that. 🙂

    We can slow it down with “Cherish”
    Kool and the Gang 🙂

    Thank u for the help on the videos you New Mexico Fan 🙂

  36. Huh. Look at that. He actually uses tons of words here to spell out Seven (seven) Falls (sew –> sow, sprinkle, to season), pace (El Paso [county]), and includes other “linkages” (married), like peg (clou), ran (correr –> chase), don (teacher), cha (king, title), think (ponder –> ponderosa pine –> home of Brown)… Temple and church (shrine), Belleville (another bell). There’s other things here I’m not seeing, like why “four”?

    Am I the only one tuned in to this way of thinking?

  37. Another oldie but goodie!!

    Happy Anniversary Peggy!!!

    And fenn, you better be thanking your lucky “slick” that Peggy has in the past and continues to tolerate shenanigans!! 🙂

    (I hope my bride of 44 yrs continues to do the same!!!)

  38. Happy 63rd Anniversary, Mr. and Mrs. Fenn. Many more years of love, happiness, and discoveries are wished for you.

    Above, ‘…and the discovery continues…’
    Missoula, Montana’s motto: “The Discoveries Continues”

  39. Forrest & Peggy,

    Happy anniversary to the both of you, here is to many more forks in your road.


  40. Happy Anniversary to Forrest and Peggy! Congratulations on so many years of marital bliss. May there be many, many more!

  41. December 27, 1953, wedding bells rang on a special day for a happy couple. Many more years are wished for you, Mr. and Mrs. Fenn.

    Happy 64th Wedding Anniversary!

  42. I want to add my congratulations as well. 64 years is simply amazing. I am only 67 myself, so I have an idea of the time span. You both are special and blessed. We all appreciate you!


  43. Happy anniversary Forrest and Peggy! My parents were married on December 27, 1944. December 27th is a good date to get married.

  44. A Red, Red Rose


    O my Luve is like a red, red rose 

       That’s newly sprung in June; 

    O my Luve is like the melody 

       That’s sweetly played in tune. 

    So fair art thou, my bonnie lass, 

       So deep in luve am I; 

    And I will luve thee still, my dear, 

       Till a’ the seas gang dry. 

    Till a’ the seas gang dry, my dear, 

       And the rocks melt wi’ the sun; 

    I will love thee still, my dear, 

       While the sands o’ life shall run. 

    And fare thee weel, my only luve! 

       And fare thee weel awhile! 

    And I will come again, my luve, 

       Though it were ten thousand mile.

    ♡Happy Anniversary ♡

  45. Mr.forrest and ms.peggy happy anniversary. 64 years together. Thats just plain good. I’m 65 years old.and we met.isn’t life something guys was in panama city.i was in fort walton beach ,florida growing up.right by eglin air force base.and we met at collected works book store.peggy was a beautiful bride.and still were lucky to find a catch like never know who your going to meet.but god knew i was going to grow up and meet you.wish you much joy today.and many more.don’t ever give you both.

  46. Happy Anniversary to Forrest and Peggy Fenn. What a beautiful journey you have shared. Here’s to another year of adventure and love for you both!

  47. Happy Anniversary Forrest and Peggy… Wow is it 65 years? Sapphire??? My grand parents just celebrated 73 years . I am in awe !!!

  48. Happy Anniversary Mr. and Mrs. Fenn. A little curious what kind of gift you get Peggy on your anniversary or do you celebrate differently? My spouse and I light the same candle every year since our first anniversary.

  49. Happy Anniversary, Forrest and Peggy.
    You each deserve a swig from the never-ending-bottle. 🙂

  50. Happy 65th Anniversary Forrest & Peggy!! Now there’s a couple in love that truly get each other. Wishing both of you together forever!!

    • Hi Mr & Mrs Fenn
      Marry Christmas
      Happy Anniversary
      Happy New Year
      from Clint &. Barbara from Mich

  51. It’s nice to see these Young couples engaging in Holy Matrimony these days ,As well as working hard together to ensure it stands the test of time..61 years..Forrest you and your wife Peggy are truly a fine example to all your family as well as your friends and all those involved in this Chase..Thank You Rick

  52. Forrest & Peggy,
    Happy anniversary! I hope you had a great day and all is well. Congratulations!


  53. Happy anniversary***
    Webster’s new 2nd edition dictionary una-bridged 1934 with reference history defines “anniversary,” as “the day of annual commemoration of some sacred event.” Etymology online states–an old english word for anniversary was mynddaeg, literally “mind-day.” Hmmm, quite a word to celebrate marriage, Impressive!!

  54. Landed here for some reason. Reminds me of some words I read.

    A corner turns when newly wed,
    into love we then descend.
    Alas new steps, we shall tread,
    till old we must defend.

    Brought together, a past now lost,
    setting course for loving wealth.
    Be as one, like fingers crossed,
    and hope the gift of health.

    Spending starlit nights together,
    warmed beneath the moon,
    Giving thanks to a life forever,
    we are blessed, bride and groom.

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