Scrapbook One Hundred Twenty One…



Tesuque is Best

What’s fun about pets is that you get to grow up with them. Tesuque is eight now. I was seventy-six when she was new, so it’s a stretch to say I grew up with her. Hopefully you know what I mean.


When she’s hungry her desire ripples over me and her expression says something like, “Feed me now or there’ll be a train wreck with no survivors.”


You wouldn’t think she was so commanding if you saw her wading in Del Charro Creek, now would you?

She has lost eleven teeth, but she still gulps her food okay. Catfish and corn bread are her favorites.


If you think you have a pet as cute as Tesuque, just post a link here and let’s see a photo. I’ll be the judge and you know I’m 100% impartial. Don’t you know that? f







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  1. Mr. Fenn,

    You have quite the little companion there! She looks like she’s been taken really good care of! You can see it in her eyes.

  2. Ohhh she is such a pudgy girl. 🙂 Dogs can be great companions and protectors.
    No doubt in my mind you are impartial. However silence speaks volumes.
    Hope you and peggy had a wonderful Xmas holiday.

  3. Very cute dog! Don’t you just love to look back and see them when they were little? Tesuque is very lucky to have you love her in her lifetime. I bet every time she looks at you with that look you think, “Awwww! You look like you want a treat! Do you want a treat?” Of course, the answer is always YES!

    I don’t have a link to our pets, but we have a Shitzu/Maltese male named Benny (Benito), a Teddy-bear hamster named Lydia and a 55 gallon fish tank with about 12 African Cichlids, 2 African Cuckoo catfish and 2 Pictus catfish…we also sort-of have a Maine Coon cat named Lynx, but he spends most of his time outdoors hunting and being held and fed at the next-door neighbor’s house. When he was younger the neighbor girls gave him lots of attention and he learned to love it.

    He looks like this:


    My Two Fur Babies …. Sparky and Scotty …

    They help keep me from wanting another baby. I can cuddle them and nurture them. Of course, I still have my two boys ages 15 and 12 and my daughter who turned 10 today. They get lots of love too. But, I always have that yearning for another little one.


    Can someone let me know if you can see the photo? thanks!

  5. I love this scrapbook!
    Exactly…being impartial is paramount in this type of quest. Indecision is the key to flexibility. Fenn is much more cunning then I could ever imagine!

    Love You

  6. Ahhh, Tesuque was an adorable puppy! It’s been years since I’ve had a puppy, but my favorite pet was Molly Brown, a miniature schnauzer. Molly was a “country dog” with floppy ears and a big smile who loved to roam and romp in the woods.

    We were hiking companions along with two neighborhood dogs named Fred (a mutt) and Waldo (a St. Bernard) who loved to join us on hikes in the mountains after dinner. Fred and Waldo would hear Molly’s dog tags jingling and come running – no leash laws. One of the three often came home with a prize field mouse – dogs are happy with those handy treasures. (I don’t have a photo, just memories 😉

  7. FYI. Adult dogs have 42 teeth……the last picture shows where the treasure is hiding!! Tesuque ate it. 🙂 Sorry Mr. Fenn, just had to say that.

  8. Tesuque is a cute smooth haired dog, but nothing beats a dog raised for the harsh Canadian Northern Winters and trained to sniff out hidden treasures. My dog was formerly known as plain old “Rex” but we changed his name to “Lucky” the pirate dog.
    Here is a picture of Lucky the Pirate Dog

    And here he is out of costume with his summer coat.

    You can flip through and see a couple of other pirate poses.
    The Wolf

  9. Nobody can compete with a puppy. I dont have puppy pics of our girls, they were rescue dogs. Gracie, the black one was on her fifth family when we got her. She was feral and had lived in a hole in the ground. She is a great hunter and has become a fine house dog.
    Chloe, the bassett was just over a year old when we brought her home from the pound. She is a clown who thinks she is a lap dog. Both my dogs are fat, so watch it. LOL

    The cats are now living with us. They were my daughters, also rescue animals. Lucky the one being used as a couch has heart failure, he is a coon cat also. Ninja is a wild child, learning to tolerate being petted. They are inseperable, welcome to live out their days with us. Yes my soft heart applies to animals also.

    • Thank you Deb!
      I dont know a pet Out there that cldnt steal my heart!
      Yours are so beautiful too!
      Tesuque needs to be put on an oatmeal diet.
      When they get older they get too heavy off of Dog Food and their feet and ankles wear. Old fashion Oatmeal given in place of dog food with a little brown sugar and butter works wonders! 😉

  10. LOL that is the funniest thing Forrest. My niece had a Mini Dach named Macey (think it got eaten by Mtn Lion or Coyote), and she loved cornbread too! I never seen other breeds of dogs like cornbread but they seem to!

  11. Teseque is adorable! I love Dachshunds! Here’s a photo of my Wiener dog. Meet MiniBoo Minerva, my precious Dachshund. She’s our new rescue dog we adopted in May 2014. The Humane Society said that she’s six years old, and her former name was MiniBoo, but we named her MInerva before even knowing that name was special to Forrest. She prefers her first name. She loves to eat, eat, eat, cuddle, and sleep, sleep, sleep, She’s spoiled rotten!


  12. Good thing the Fenns have a marble floor.. I’m sure a Shag or even a Berber would chafe her belly.

    Mine was the cutest cat ever, but alas she passed a few years ago and is interred under the Garry Oak out front.

  13. Sweetest pup I ever did see. She must disappear often on backyard adventures to have a tracking collar.

  14. I think Forrest has a soft spot for Tesuque and can’t say no. It’s hard when they’re so cute and cuddly.

    I have a Norwegian Elkhound named Thor but he’s an outdoor Wyoming-wild dog who would rather be chasing elk. He digs under the fence to live out his daily dreams. He’s off running wild now. Thor is so strong that he can pull me on cross country skis. The sport is called dog skijorring

    The world skijiorring championships are held in Whitefish, Montana.

  15. I love Tesuque. He is, as my daughter would say, “adorbs.”

    Here is our new puppy, Monet. She is 12 weeks old and absolutely will not hold still for a pic, so I’m sorry for the blur. Almost all the pics we’ve taken have come out like that. She’s a much too hairy toy poodle in dire need of her first grooming.

    Ignore the ape in blue scrubs in the background of the third pic. Lol…

  16. Everytime I see Tesuque with forest it cracks me up. I can just see Tesuque plodding along with Forrest to excavate the Pueblo. Something about that dog just fits with F personality.

  17. Don’t let my Shih Tzu fool you, her anger is that of a Great Dane, Her bite is that of a Pit Bull but I leave her at home on my searches cause I don’t want any bears to get hurt. After she bites a bear, the bear isn’t right ever again. 🙂

  18. Mowie the cat turned up one day at my back door. She had been left behind by my neighbors when they moved away. They looked but she was hiding. They came back but they couldn’t find her. I found her and took her in. Right away she took to me. Crawling all over me like she was making her claim. She greets me at the door and demands to be held. When she gets tired of that she rolls over and fights me. Just like a girl.

    • The last dog my wife and I had before the current 2 (Ollie and Tina) was a Bernese. His name (no joke) was Little S**t. He arrived at my wife’s apartment before we even met and she took him in while trying to find out where he belonged. Since the plan was to get him back she didn’t truely come up with a name and found herself saying you little s**t frequently to all the mischief he created (her brand new furniture was chewed to chop sticks for instance). She always told me that he was the deciding factor if we should get together because he liked me from the start. Really loved that dog :-). He finally just couldn’t move anymore but we still have great memories.

  19. We have two cats, Magic and Piggy. Magic we got at the pound, piggy was a feral, and while we were at a friend’s house this gu8y tried to catch Piggy. He did catch her but as a feral, she was afraid and sank all of her claws into his arm. In order to get this cat off of him, he body slammed the poor kitten to the ground. We took her to the hospital to get her checked out and then to our home after that experience. She was called Thumper after the noise she made when hitting the ground but had never answered to that name. Every time she got upset, she found comfort in the food bowl, so one day I had called her Piggy which she immediately answered to and thus that is how she became Piggy.

    Magic, on the other hand, is one of these cats who can appear as if out of thin air, thus why she is named Magic. Both of our cats have been members of our family for 14 years with Magic the senior by a year. I and my partner have been together for 15 years and we got them fairly soon after we met. In 2010, when we moved from E. Tennessee to New Mexico, it was in a 16ft Penske truck pulling a vehicle and two drugged kitties in the front cab. We had been traveling and stopped in Arkansas but woke up to about a foot of snow on everything. We got going to avoid getting snowbound. It took about 5 hours to travel 100 miles in that snowstorm and accumulated about a foot and a half of snow/ice on the front of the truck which stopped running. We called the Penske people, they sent out a repair-man and he defrosted the truck. After about 30 minutes we on our way again. We made it and the cats love it here in New Mexico as do I, but Brian says “It’s too Brown”. New Mexico has been good to both of us though, the VA here has saved Brian’s life a couple of times when he was ill, and UNM Cares has done the same for me. Things are different here, for the better considering where we came from the hills of E. Tennessee.

    And the moral? We are happy here and so are the cats.

  20. I have 2 German Shepherd Dogs and 2 horses and 1 cat. I will send pics to Dal so he can add them since I don’t have a website anywhere to post. My female GSD is the mom to my other one. Her name is Kita and I call her Kita Pita. She’s around 10 yrs old now. She adopted us in October 6 yrs ago. She was skin and bones and had a hurt front leg. Looked like she had gotten into a fight with a coyote. She was living in the woods next to us. At the time we had an adorable cocker spaniel and when we would work on the barn our cocker would sit out and watch us and Kita would come out and watch from afar, but you couldn’t look at her or whistle to her or clap for her to come or she would run. It took us a month of feeding hot dog wienies and lunch meat to be able to touch her. A couple of yrs later my husband wanted a puppy GSD so we bred her with the GSD living next door and we kept the last puppy that nobody wanted and his name is Zachariah. He is now 4 yrs old and has a birthday in February. My older horse is 16 and is a mustang named Poco Paso. My husband bought him from somebody trying to get rid of him when he was 3 yrs old. My younger horse is 14 yrs old and we have had her since she was 1 yr old. We knew her since she was born and found out that they were going to sell her so we bought her. She was our first horse. She is a quarter horse. The cat is 10 yrs old and is a tortoise shell cat (black, orange, and white) and her name is Muddy Water because she looks like it to me. Somebody dumped her at 8 weeks old and we found her and have taken care of her ever since. She used to be an outside cat, but when we moved, she decided she wanted to be an inside cat. She thinks she’s a dog and slaps around the GSDs. She’s not one of those cuddly holding cats. She will let you know when she will sit on your lap or allow you to pet her. Most of my animals are usually fat. The GSDs do so much running and playing that they seem to stay in shape otherwise they would be fat too. Better for them to be happy then to be on a diet I say. I also think pets keep you young. I love Tesuque the way he is and wouldn’t change a thing.

  21. Took me 19 years to talk my wife into allowing an animal into the house besides me. We now have Missy the envy of many cats : ).

  22. I wonder what’s wrapped around Tesuque’s neck in the last photo. It appears to be more than just a dog collar.

  23. It’s probably the secret decoder ring we need to solve the poem….:) If you try to get it he will bite your fingers off…:) Very smart Mr Fenn…

  24. November, 2012 a friend came driving up to my house with a bundle of fluff. My first words were, “What have you got.” Thinking I didn’t need a pet to take care of I was reluctant to give the little throwaway a home, The puppy was found hugging a mailbox post for warmth. But how does one resist something so cute. I named him Buster. He has brought me great joy at a price. He loves the neighbors possessions more than they do. I have replaced $200.00 cowboy boots, baseball gloves, umbrellas, and the list goes on. Do I love that dog, you better believe it. Only dog I know that looks to the sky and chases the birds. I don’t have to walk him, exercises all by himself. Keeps the boogers away at night, because he has a purple tongue, but looks like a golden retriever so he fools a lot of people. Loves peanut butter on rawhide and plays soccer with me. I’m trying to teach him to talk when I give him a treat. Now he only says woof, woof…….but I love my Buster dog.

  25. So far, what I’m hearing is that rather than saying “I’m 100% impartial” , really means, I’m partial 100%”! Nobody out cutes Tesuque!

  26. This is Sophie 2

    This is in my home office, I have a bed there and if I am up all night working, I will sleep there. Sometimes, I will wake up and find I have company.

    We named her after Sophie 1 whom passed last year at 7 years old from a brief illness. Sophie 1 was my wife’s first dog and she swore to never have another. After about 6 months, she realized she missed having a dog in the house, so along came Sophie 2.

    Sophie comes from the Greek work Sophia, which means wisdom. It is a fitting name for them.

    • Don’t you just love these ones that stay with us for a long time. Kiki is adorable and I’m sure has had a wonderful life with you. I had my dog, Pepper, for 17 1/2 years. She was by my side constantly. It started out just me and her and then we added my husband, two more dogs, and gradually 3 more children. She went through a lot! I hope Kiki stays with you for awhile longer. 🙂

      • Yes Moonshadow, it’s nice to be able to have a pet live a long happy, healthy life. 17.5 yrs is a long time for a dog! Good job.
        Kiki is very old and her CKD and hyperthyroidism makes her feel like she’s starving and thirsty all the time. She meows a lot, which drives me crazy. She can’t help it though, so I try to be as patient as I can with her. 🙂

  27. Not sure how to post a picture here due to me being slow at learning phone devices.

    My Sammy he is such a pretty Dog
    Some say he looks like a junk yard Dog, lol then we have Blue who has the blues due to his age he likes to ride on the tool box and does a great job holding his balance.

    We just got a new dog her name is Cowgirl she is a pup and OMG she likes to make a mess she’s biting and chewing on everything in the garage not in my house 🙂

    Searchers give up Tesuque has Forrest’s heart, no other dog can steal that from Forrest. 🙂

  28. Soo cute…sausage dog. My mum and dad had a dashound once. It was black with a brown nose. It was left behind by the previous tenants and we adopted it…when we first saw the dog our first reaction was ” awww sausage dog”. The neighbors told us her name was Trudy. Trudy stayed with us until she died of old age..

    • Beautiful dog, Indiana. I love golden retrievers. They’re very friendly. Juneau what I mean? LOL! 🙂 I need to bring one or two…or twelve…with me on my next search!

    • Yep Deb…:) I can’t believe how many of you wonderful folks took your puppies or kitties in or should I say rescued them.. That’s really sweet…:) Zeus was a rescue dog but we searched for Zelos since Zeus was such a great dog.

  29. All the pets are cute and we all love our pets . I don’t know how to post a link to a picture. If you click on my avatar it will take you to a look into our home and there is a picture of our Dachshund and our six horses somewhere in there along with some of our metal detector finds and places we’ve been…. Enjoy……… His name is Milo.

    • Woody, thank you for the glimpse of your life.Milo is a fine looking young fellow. 🙂

      The horses are beautiful also. Looks like you are surrounded by beauty. Lucky man, indeed.

    • Dal, I sent a picture of my beautiful pet Leopard gecko. She loves to eat and bask. One day I hope to teach her some tricks like “sit” and “roll over”.

      I’d like it if you could post her photo for me.

    • While I did catch plenty of lizards when I was just a wee lad in Albuquerque it was a catch and release thing, though sometimes that did happen at the same time with me holding the tail. I did have a pet hampster back in those days though I don’t think I have any pictures at this point. I think if I search a bit I might be able to find a picture of Goober my pet terrapin. I actually caught him on my pole in a small pond near Tacoma. Ultimately I gave him to someone that kept them as my new wife’s dogs Zeus and Lil S**t were a bit more interested in Goober than we would like and Zeus was exceptional at problem solving so we didn’t want to take the chance we could outsmart him in his quest for a turtle snack.


    This is not the dog, but almost perfect similarity.

    My niece left a “rescued” min. beagle that she got from the pound, at my father’s and named her Zoey. I fell in love with that lil dog after just 1 day when I was staying there. She never got any bigger than Tesuque, and maybe a little bit shorter. But that lil girl had the jaw strength of a pit bull. They say that you don’t feed chicken bones to dogs for the danger of them in the stomach, but that didn’t apply to Zoey. You could throw a half eaten chicken leg at her, and as she was picking it up off the ground it would snap in two with no effort. She had a bad problem with chewing things too. She finally went too far and chewed Dad’s 150 ft garden hose in 5 spots ruining it, so she had to go. Either that or my father would make her “disappear” . Well we all knew he would live up to that promise, so my niece ended up giving her to a friend of hers. To this day, I still miss that lil gal.

  31. We have an 11 month old Golden Retriever that will be a great dog in 3 or 4 years. For now, he’s quite a challenge. Puppyman, who’s super power is chewing things until they disappear, is trying to fill the shoes of Ziggy Stardust. Ziggy was our white German Shepherd who could play guitar.

  32. Yes Forrest that sweet dog has been taken care of really well and still has lots of love to give I am sure of that. Our Cat, Miss Pompadore,Girl and Midnight had three names. She passed away Oct 13 of this year and we still look around for her sweet and loving face everyday. She came with the house when we moved in almost ten years ago!! Midnight was in the front yard with 7 other cats. We let her come in and she was ours from then on. She was already trained and never went to the bathroom in the house unless she was sick. She would go to the door and meow to go out. We had those three names for her because I named her Midnight she was black with silky red highlights,like a dark sultry velvet midnight with the shimmers of moon shining through. My husband called her MIss Pompadore and then we at times just nicknamed her Girl.. She was a Tiffany cat and was furry and had the most gorgeous green eyes like emeralds. We all loved her so much I cried for two weeks straight and my son cried too!! I will get my husband to put a picture up of her. She was already fixed when we found her, and she was an older cat also. We had her for nearly 10 years ourselves, so she was old; and we found her out in the backyard in October just laying there during a bad thunderstorm. I had fed her and petted her just that morning and she was outside and seemed to smile at me. The day before she had caught a squirrel and ate the head off. We have lots of photos of her. Her favorite place to sleep was in my Youngest son’s bed on top if his head on his pillow at night. Yes I know how animals can get in your blood and be family our Midnight is in our thoughts every single day. We love and Miss her so. She loved to lay on her back and put her feet up on the air and sleep that way she was spoiled and was Very Loved. Here I go again a few tears are strolling down my face as I type this Girl was just a part of us, Our Heart…..Animals are God’s Gifts to us all!! Ms. Girl

  33. Forrest,

    Since this post is about pet’s, I was wondering why you never told any stories about the horse Silver you had growing up. You included pictures of him/her in TTOTC, but nothing else.

    Fred Y.

  34. They keep you young and are a valuable asset for your health. (Proven in several studies) Mostly, they give you unconditional love! We have two Pomeranians and although it takes more effort to make plans they are worth it!

  35. Forrest please consider me, Spinky, for your cute “dog off” competition. I think I am cute. Just look at my mug!! IT’S GOTTA BE CLOSE.

    I am “new” now. I came from an orphanage.

  36. This is proving to be one of the most popular Scrapbooks. Wish I could’ve posted my little buddy Mingo sooner so y’all would’ve seen him right up at the top. He was named after Daniel Boone’s Indian friend Mingo, and he certainly has been one friendly Indian over 16 years. He’s stood up to many a coyote and blazed his own trails. He’s lived all 9 of his lives….and then some.

    A couple more to follow…..

  37. Specialklr,,,

    🙂 She is more talented than I thought.

    She came to me with the name Daisy because of the pretty flower patterns on her body.

    • Cindy, Daisy is a good name!
      We have lots of Geckos in AZ. They are all plain, not so colorful.
      On rare occasion we have a tiny one, less than 2″, get into our house.
      Good luck with your training attempts. 🙂

      • Ahhh,,, we found each other 🙂 See above

        I consider even a tiny gecko in the house good luck. They can put a good dent in the creepy crawly population.

        Thank you for the encouragement.

  38. I guess Forrest is telling us that these are the ” Dog days of winter “.

    Time to sit by the fire and play cards……

  39. This is bubby, I call em mutt most of the time. He is my best friend and loves me to death.


    • This cute little girl is Peyton. She came to us one nice day when I took my “little brother” to the Big Brothers/Big Sisters picnic that afternoon. At the time I was working the night shift so when I got back to the apartment to catch a few hours of sleep before going in to work I figured I could just leave the windows down on the car, nothing that valuable in there after all. Well in those few hours a stray cat found the space under my drivers seat to be a great place to have her kittens. So when I got back in my car I was quite startled when a cat jumped out, and then even more shocked to hear the gentle mewing of the kittens below me. I ran back up the stairs and declared to my wife “we have kittens”. We gently collected them up and found the supplies to bottle feed them. In the morning we took the advice of trying to get mom cat to take them back and she did get a few, but left 3 for us. The first died that evening but 2 were persevering. Since they were born in a Plymouth Colt we named them after Indianapolis Colts Hunter, for Hunter Smith and Peyton after Peyton Manning. Hunter made it another week before he got some kind of an upper respiratory distress and ultimately took his last breath in my arms. I quickly changed my grief to resolve though and put all my efforts into little Peyton. She made it. Though we found out that her eyes never fully developed properly and has had to visit a local veterinary eye specialist several times including once to have an eye removed, but even mostly blind she still gets around and is feisty as can be.

    • This was the first day we met our current dogs. Their mom was a pure bred Doberman who was taken in by Doberman Rescue after her owner couldn’t handle that his girl had babies by a Great Dane. That is me in the middle of the puppy pile. While they didn’t have names at this point Tina is the black one in my arms and Ollie is the brown one just on the side of my left leg.
      The cat in the background is Angel who had come to us in desperate need for love for both her and us after our first miscarriage. She came to us a week after as a scrawny furball that clearly was owned by someone by the way she acted but no one would claim her. I still cannot believe that she came to us the week after the first miscarriage and lived to exactly 1 week before we found out that we were pregnant with what would turn out to be our second.

      It is hard to untangle the lives of our pets from our own isn’t it. I guess that is the way it is when you love them.

    • Ultimately the two puppies that came to live with us from that batch were Oliver Brogan, which was supposed to mean sturdy feet, and Tina Lynn (yes my wife gives middle names 🙂 ). The funny thing about these two is that at times they will do the same thing at the same time, at others they are complete opposites. For instance inside the house Ollie will rarely bark and Tina will bark if someone 3 houses up closes a car door. Outside it is the other way around. I call them the Ying/Yang twins because of that. The funniest example if this is going for a “ride in the car”. A phrase that brings instant glee to Tina and a reluctant OK from Ollie. They especially like looking at the deer and turkey at the local lake park, though while Tina will gladly hop on my chest (all 90 pounds of her) Ollie will cautiously be so excited his legs shake with the tail tucked all the way up between them.

      Strange puppies right 🙂

  40. My dog Lucky passed away from cancer two years ago this coming February. He was a Chow mix and a great dog. His spirit guided me to this chase and to my solve. I found the chase the week after he died and it helped me through the grief of his loss. About 10 months ago, we adopted Rio, a 90 pound Golden Retriever from the Texas Hill Country. We needed each other and he has fit in from the start. His registered name is Amarillo Viejo (Rio for short) which translates to Old Yellow, or Old Yeller. He is too big to be cute. He is the King.

  41. Tesuque lost 11 teeth already? Poor girl! 🙂 Of course no other dog will be able to compare to her but her are my sweet boys, all ready for a pontoon ride in their PFDs (personal flotation device).

    And here is my very favorite dog, Hunter, who went to doggie heaven a few years ago. He often suffered the indignities of having me dress him up for the holidays. Here’s one of my favorite pictures of him. Happy New Years Everyone!!! 🙂

    • Great looking dogs CJinCA . Hunter has that look of “I am only doing this because I love you…” He looks like a really great dog I bet you miss him… Thanks for sharing…:)

    • Aww… He even looks like Luke skywalker. Good for you or whoever it was that rescued him…:)

    • Congratulations on rescuing Luke! All of our dogs have been rescues and now our daughter and her husband have rescued 2 labs, a golden, like yours, and a black lab. Rescued dogs often need a lot of love and attention to overcome memories of their past lives but eventually become wonderful family members.

    • What a sweet dog! Dogs are smarter and understand more than most people think, and this video shows it. Thanks for sharing it with us.

    • How beautiful. Instinct! That dog knows the baby has a large space and he must break through to help the child be the best he can be.

      I can relate to that.

      • a perceptive perspective BW.
        People take in rescue dogs but can I be a ‘rescue person’ by a dog like that?

    • Forrest, that is ABSOLUTELY the most adorable thing! What a sweet little taste of love. Dogs are the best! My doggie is just like that with me!!!

    • That is beautiful, Forrest. Thanks for sharing that. Dogs operate on a different frequency most of the time. They see things and hear things and fee things that most people can’t or won’t.

    • That made me cry. I have taken in my mentally handicapped twin sister this past year to live with me after my mom passed away. She was being abused and over medicated at a group home. I did this right after I became a empty nest-er.
      Our cat has really taken to her! Sitting each night outside her door, like she is guarding her. Animals are so perceptive and Loving. She has become a service cat and she does not even know it. My sister has not been around animals for 30 years and I can tell it means so much to her! And to me.
      Forrest thank you so much for sharing. God Bless!
      I had big plans to hunt for treasure this past spring, but I gave it up to take in SISTER, I am going to try to take her with me, this spring and somehow make it work. Will see.

  42. Tender video Forrest. Thor’s offer stands to take Tesuque fishing next time you’re in Wyoming.

  43. If I didn’t know any better I would have thought that dog descended from Heaven. Awesome video!!!!

    • That video may be the best definition of love I’ve heard. Very sweet. Thanks for sharing it with us Forrest.

  44. I just looked at the map from ff other book. Wish I had seen this earlier. My best solves are not highlighted. How certain are you folks that this map is part of the TOTC book poem?

    I mean how many folks will not have seen this poem that are out their searching on the basis that all that is needed is the poem; which is actually still true but they lack the additional clues? I don’t imagine there is any way to level the playing field for them.

    • OneCorgi, Forrest has graciously posted that highlighted map from TFTW and many stories on his website and here for free. Most searchers who plan to spend money or time searching will peruse the supplemental poem info on the websites and watch media interviews with Forrest before determining a specific area. Lots of free info on line. Best of luck in researching and solving the clues.

  45. Tesuque is a beautifuy lady, and though I haven’t met her; she seems to be a lady and a scholar…….You win the “cute” contest. Everyone around my house and anyone that knows me knows I DON’T DO CUTE……I want real dogs. Dogs that send Grizzly Bears scurrying and bad guys cowering in fear with just a look.

    To be honest I’ve never had a real dog…..YET!. All of our furry friends have been rescues my wife drags home. My good friend and constant companion in my avatar could never get past being sweet; which is almost as bad as being cute. He died a couple years ago; I miss him very much.

    My daughter insulted us by sending a shirt for him that said, “Forget About Me, Beware Of My Owner”. Of course he never wore it, only sissy dogs wear shirts. Bullet proof vest OK, but never a sissy shirt. Upon receiving it I immediately called her up and asked her, “What’s the deal with sending him a sissy shirt.” She said, “Well at least it’s a wife beater shirt”. Needless to say I was not impressed.

    Lucy is the latest addition to our clan. She is showing great promise at becoming a real dog. When we got her she was so timid and afraid all she did was hide and shiver. Just looking at her would make her have an “accident”. One day I said, “Well young lady it’s time to be a real dog”; and scooped her up and put her in the truck. She has accompanied me on several trips to the mountains. My wife says her transformation has been amazing.

    I wasn’t surprised; I knew there was a beast in there. Her fearlessness would make Seal Team Six proud. Here she is striking fear into every squirrel that dares set foot upon this earth chasing them back up an oak tree.

    And just imagine the terror that would spill over you if you were a bad guy looking in my truck seeing this carnivorous monster that wants to eat you alive staring back at you.

    • That’s CUTE…Just Kidding!!! Actually my dogs are big but they are not Alpha around other dogs… even small dogs can put them in their place. They just want to play…

    • Great looking dawg, Goofy.
      And you’re right about her being a “real dog”. ….I can see it in the look in her eye, she’s looking over her shoulder at the Grizz and saying……you want some of this!!!!! 🙂

  46. My neural pathways were clogged highways, now they are beyond freeways and into subways. Bullet train being prepped…
    The fuel, however, often tends to be melatonin and I am running low…


    Everyone has their vices I suppose. For me it’s coffee, a nice whisky once in a while and paradoxical sleep (REM)

    Double espresso or if you feel fancy “doppio espresso”

    Macallan 12yo neat

    Country Life, Melatonin, 1 mg = To help with sleep at night while dreaming of the chase.

    Repeat daily as needed until you can take a trip to your search location.

    What’s the method to your madness?

    • 23,
      Wow thats a lot of caffeine!!! I had to google what “doppio” means. I live near Seattle but don’t participate in the whole expresso thingy…:)

      Just one regular old fashioned cup of Joe in the morning is all I need to get going. Then I switch to water…

      I also take Rainbow Light multivitamins everyday plus their amazing herbal formula “Bright Energy” to recharge my physical and mental energy…

      • I’ll have to check those vitamins out also, Spallies. I just added them to my Amazon checklist. As far as “uppers and downers”…as some people call them…I really like the herbal supplement Up Your Gas for an upper. I cut the tablets in half and typically take only half unless I’m really tired and need to wake up. Every night I take 50 mg. of diphenhydramine to sleep. It usually makes me really tired in about 90 minutes. I don’t take the Up Your Gas (Don’t you love that name?) every day since I regularly drink energy drinks while I’m working. As far as happy hour drinks…I haven’t had a drink in a LONG time…but my taste was for charcoal-filtered vodka with limes or grapefruit or in a spicy bloody-mary…or a nice, cold beer. I still buy non-alcoholic brews now and then. A cold one before bed helps me sleep.

  48. My method is :

    Recite the poem over and over,
    Read the blog
    To have Faith, Hope, Believe, and Patience until June. 🙂

    I thought I had been searching for 2 years but it’s 3 years. Time Flies
    When u are occupied.

  49. Ok, I know I’m a scragglier on this post but I just can’t resist posting info on my buddies, Blue and Zoey. Blue is a border collie that rescued me over 10 years ago and is the embodiment of love. When I got her she had been abandoned and abused, cowering and shaking when anyone approached her. She is now a confident, loving soul, who is a friend to all–including the turkeys and deer who ravage my garden. She never barks or chases them, instead she seems to invite them in to enjoy!!! I’ve seen her in the middle of a flock of 20+ turkeys sniffing around and they just scratch around within feet of her. Zoey is a semi-feral cat that just showed up out of the woods at about 4 weeks old about 4 years ago. Blue adopted her immediately and is the only creature that Zoey has never bitten or scratched. Blue is definitely her buddy and once chased a fox away who was looking at her for lunch. My husband and I are just tolerated and are her servants. What a Sassy cat.

  50. Its whats on the inside that counts…. right Lynn D ? …… Gotta love Homer …Looks like he is focused on the chase…..:-)

  51. Yes it’s what’s on the inside that counts Focused. He has a lot of love to give that quickly shines through. So glad I got him . I went after seeing a picture of him on line ( from his good side of course ) with a carload of teenage boys 6 years ago. At first I thought, how can I get this dog? According to all the boys it was a unanimous must as they stated ” he has character .” The next day I went back to get Homer and have never regretted a moment since. I did wonder early on about his life before us because every night (even though he was comfy in his own bed ) when I turned off the light he’d jump right up on my bed. I’d get up, put the light back on and resettle him in his own bed, lay back down, turn off the light and he’d jump up again, over and over again. Lucky for me I was a pretty quick learner and proof that you can teach an old dog New tricks. I slept with the light on after that…… 😉

    • Homer knows that you changed his life for the good……They know… Where would Homer be if you and the boy’s didn’t take him home ? Goodness shines from the inside out….. You should be proud Lynn D, I would be …. Good luck to you on the chase,

  52. Since it’s quiet here on the blog, I thought I’d share a pet story.
    Years ago I had a Siamese cat. Her name was Ming Toy, but I called her Mew Mew… 🙂 One night my husband (now ex) came home from one of his many nights of playing softball and beer drinking. I was half asleep in the back bedroom of the house. I heard him come in and knew I could sleep more soundly now that I knew he was home. After a while, my cat jumped up on the bed and laid her body across my face. I pushed her away and dozed back off to sleep. This happened numerous times as I recall, to the point that I became more awake and conscious. I got out of bed and opened the bedroom door the rest of the way, when I was hit in the face by a wall of smoke. I made my way through the thick smoke to the living room and found my husband passed out on the burning sofa. I could barely see him throughout all the smoke. He had dropped his lit cigarette in between the arm of the sofa and the cushion. I started yelling to wake him up while I ran to the kitchen to get water. It was frightening. The sofa must have been made out of a flame retardant fabric because there were no real flames, just a huge red hot glow and a lot of smoke. After throwing water on the sofa, the smoke stopped billowing out. We opened all the windows and doors to try to clear the house of the thick smoke. My husband said we couldn’t stay there because of the smoke and smell, so he told me to take the cats and go to my parent’s house. I asked… “What are you going to do?” He said, “Get a motel room I guess.” I was on my way out of the house with the two cats in their carriers when my instinct told me not to go. I turned around and went back inside. I was crying and still all upset. We worked on trying to clear more smoke out of the house and after an hour or so we noticed the sofa started smoking again. The fire was not out. It was still smoldering deep within the arm of the sofa. Again we threw more water on the sofa until we were certain it was out.
    It’s a good thing we both hadn’t left the house earlier because it probably would have burned the house down.
    The sun started coming up, and the smoke was mostly gone. I got the cats out of the carriers. I looked at Mew Mew’s face. I noticed that all of her whiskers had been burned off her face. The picture was becoming clearer to me now. She had saved our lives…. She was going back and forth from him on the burning sofa and me sleeping in the bedroom trying to warn us of the danger. I will never forget her for that. She was very brave. I read articles all the time about animals saving their owner’s lives… Just another reason to love and appreciate our pets. They can give us so much!

      • Why is it so quiet here today?
        Does anyone know if Victor has heard back from Forrest?

          • spallies…. what is going on about Kevin finding the treasure? Pink Tutu Treasure?
            What is that?

          • I am not really sure WiseOne… I saw it the other day it appears Kevin hid a treasure somewhere and someone found it??? I have no idea what the pink tutu is about. I would have to go back and try and find the post…

          • WiseOne,

            I had that wrong Kevin found the treasure rather than hid it, Michael D hid it… I found the announcement under the Poetry Page…

            Michael D on January 3, 2015 at 9:10 am said:
            The Treasure has been located in Southwestern Colorado near the confluence of the Delores and San Miguel River. Proof has been provided, and there is no doubt. The chase for the trove is over. I am full of emotions right now, and not really sure how I feel about this. Oh, and just to clarify, please read the lines further down on this entry….

            The PINK TUTU TREASURE has been found by Kevin….Please join me in congratulating him!!

  53. Detroit loses, and…they’re still Detroit. Was Tesuque dressed in her cheerleader outfit?

    Dallas Cowboys move on!

  54. This is Lillie Bell. She was adopted at the Deming NM Animal Shelter. She had 2 litter mates and Mom was there too. Her birth papers say she is a dachshund chihuahua mix. Obviously they are overlooking the German Short Hair. She is our one of a kind “Miniature German Short hair”. Lillie is 23 pounds of pure entertainment.
    The dachshund chihuahua really are in there. One brother looked exactly like a dachshund. The other looked just like Lillie except she had brown spots and short dachshund legs.
    Mom looked like 3 dogs stuck together, not mixed.
    Our vet said she used to work in Deming and is positive her genes can be traced to a family there that breeds German Short Hair dogs.
    We got Lillie the day before we met Forrest last year.
    Little dog qualities with a big dog bark.

    • I think its great that so many folks adopt their pups from shelters . Its also very sweet to see how proudly the furry friends are introduced to all of us. The bond and the love is palpable. Lillie Bell is a cutie and looks very content. Thanks for sharing.

    • Hello, Star Gazer. I heard that dachshunds are pretty fearless because they were bred to go “down the rabbit hole”…thus their “hot dog” shape.

      It’s easy to see when they’re loved. 🙂 Maybe if I wait patiently around this scrapbook (table) with “puppy-dog eyes” I’ll be rewarded with some scraps. Fat chance, I reckon. Dang you, Tesuque! 🙂

  55. Does it bother anyone that you cannot find any Del Charro Creek on Google? There is a saloon in Santa Fe by that name, though.

  56. Anna, 🙂 I don’t see f stopping in any watering sheds…unless they serve Grapette or Dr. Pepper.
    Nice find on “Del Chorro”, though!

  57. What a great story Anna. That cute dog certainly looks to be enjoying himself!
    I especially love his little spa robe, massage picture. So cute!
    Forrest would love this story. Thanks for sharing.

  58. I have long wondered if the picture of Tesuque in the creek was a clue for Tesuque Creek.
    If you drive up to the Santa Fe Ski Area you can walk down the Windsor trail in the mountains north of Santa Fe along Tesuque Creek. There are a couple of other trails in the area: The Chamisal and the Dorothy Stewart trail. They are supposed to be easy walks. So maybe I should give them a try. To drive to the bottom end of the trails, go to Tesuque and turn north on 592 and take it to the end where there is a trailhead, or take 592 to 76 and follow that to the end of the road.
    I don’t know how it would fit in with the poem but they are good trails and within a words distance of Tesuque.

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