Scrapbook One Hundred Twenty Three…




More Than Just a Pig

The problem with having a wild pig for a pet is that you have a wild pig for a pet. And if you get two of those little things that grow up to be giant 400 pound wild boars with 5 inch bone-crushing tusks, your troubles mature exponentially.


So of course that’s what I did while Peggy rolled her eyes and reached for a hankie. “They’re easy to provide for because they’ll eat anything,” an environmentalist friend remarked, “… and they love feeding on rattlesnakes.” Whaaaaat???


They were so adorable climbing on the rocks around my yard and eating my daffodils. And best of all, they loved having their tummies rubbed. I became smitten.


A friend trapped those critters down near Houston and put them in a large cage to await my arrival. When he took me out to look at the sweet darlings, we found their mother trying to get into the enclosure by chewing on the 4” galvanized steel cyclone fence.



Prudence whispered that we should swiftly retreat to the house. The word fury cannot begin to describe what was happening to that poor fence.

Well, the animals grew quickly and when they began to lose their stripes, I lost all desire to take their picture or rub their bellies. Love at first sight had faded like smell on my dead daffodils!

It was not without enthusiasm that I contacted my environmentalist friend who lived on a ranch near Santa Fe. He could sense my excitement as I explained the merits of possessing two of God’s most magnificent creatures. “They live close to the earth,” I said, “And besides, they’ll reduce the rattlesnake population on your property, thus enhancing its value.” The enthusiasm in my voice won the day. and my precious pets quickly became his very own.

Several months later I drove out to see how the pesky hogs were faring. As I neared the south pasture I noticed the ranch foreman sitting high up in a pinon tree with two severely predatory boars below, looking up with hungry anticipation.

So I thought it was judicious to quietly turn my Jeep around and head back into the direction from whence I had come. As the sun mellowed across my rear view mirror, I couldn’t help but smile and think that once again, success had been snatched from the jaws of defeat. I really do enjoy getting myself out of tight spots. I’ve gotten pretty good at it.

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    • Also, I was 1st and 2nd. My gravatar is me and 2 Greek friends (Tomas and Jordanous) sending a Happy New Years toast.

  1. Why don’t we just import Kudzu instant&rlz=1C1LDJZ_enUS498US512&ion=1&espv=2&ie=UTF-8#q=kudzu

    Russian Olive, and Tumble weeds? Ask my friend in the Hawaiian Islands how they like em?

    Forest you are obsessed sometimes with ideas and impulses that are controlled by your emotions and not your logic, proving once again that we are feeling creatures first and later we think and consider the consequences…javelina would have been more manageable and native.

      • Javelina are native to SW and unless you corner one it is not nearly as dangerous as a Russian Boar, at 350 lbs, 6 to 10 times the size of the javelina, they bowl over humans and can break your leg with ease, while the Javelina will flee if you allow them room.

        Any wild animal should be considered dangerous heck a porcupine has bigger teeth and meaner bite than us.

        No matter how much you try to domesticate them these wild boar they will not be your friend except when small.. I once raised a bobcat, and as it grew it became territorial and would snatch food and your finger if you tried to feed it by hand, when it was small it was cuddly however it became what it was destined to be wild free and territorial.

        That is ff’s message. Like most things which are introduced to a place where they are no native they can and usually become a nuisance because their natural competitors and boundaries do not exist here.

  2. You had my heart pounding at the very start. Yes, those babies are cute, but the mommas and the poppas are to be feared.
    Surely you have heard about these hogs overrunning and ruining lots of farm and ranch land.
    You did get out of a tight spot, but you helped someone else into one. Ha, ha!

  3. Having an unusual pet is an attraction that can lead to interesting places and events. The key as you have shown is turning a negative situation into a positive one.

  4. Reminds me of the time me and two other students in the college Interterm course Biology of the Southwest got lost in the dark in the Chiricahua Mountains on the very night we were scheduled to cook dinner for the others.

    We made it safe back to camp and people were hungry. There were three of us lost and they sent someone out for is just as we wandered into camp.

    One of us was a big guy named Jeremy so we had to hike out slow so he would hurt himself. Bill and I could have sped up but he and Jeremy were best friends so it would not be a good BFF to leave the friend behind.

    That night we heard the sound of Javelinas (wild pigs) killing something. It was the most aweful sound of nature I’ve ever heard safely from within a tent. Those things don’t work alone if you know what I mean.

    Thanks for reminding me of my own close call with wild pigs.

  5. Lol thats funny stuff…I just recieved my mammoth shard in the mail today(AWESOME!!!!!) I dont even know how to say thanks for that.I love it!!! :):):)

  6. Ha! That’s funny………I’ve pondered on occasion what a grown up Tom Sawyer would be like. Now I know. He still gets everyone to whitewash his fence. 🙂

  7. Parts of some of these ‘animal’ stories seem a little bit odd to me? Hopefully they are just fun stories and nothing more, because if they are in any way representing ‘people’ in this chase, then I think it would be very offensive. But if not, then, ……..most entertaining!! Keep em’ coming!! 🙂

    • So Susie, you don’t know if you’re offended or entertained? I’m always amused at what chasers read into Fenn’s stories. I’ve been waiting on the AH-HA! comment that invariably comes with each new post…….It seems each new post by Fenn breaks the poem wide open for someone.

      • I always try to guess what the next scrapbook will be about. So far I have not had any luck. Like right now, my guess for the next scrapbook is that it will be something about blankets. Get it, Pigs -n- Blankets. Maybe Forrest will see this, and do the next scrapbook about blankets so I can impress everyone with how smart I am 🙂

      • Well heck Goofy, I can’t let you be the only one who gives the old man a hard time. 🙂

        Nothing broken open for me. I have no idea what he is talking about most of the time.

      • G-O-G
        You talkin to me?
        I call what I see,
        sometimes. Subtle hints sprinkled there

        90 – 97% of this whole site is fluf
        and talkin about fluf
        ex. “ornament contest”

        indian. war kids…..
        Deep thinkers doin deep research

        Who besides Mike D has read this blog end to end?
        I’m workin on it…

          • Oh I know Jim. I just haven’t been able to respond. A timetable and revelation has been hinted upon me, and I have to make immediate travel plans in order to keep a promise to someone.

            A part of me wishes I didn’t know what I do, so I could keep chasing and dreaming. Regardless of my clock plotting, it will now all be over soon enough.

            I appreciate your response in my emails though. Happy New Year 🙂

        • Not specifically Idaho……But you keep calling what you see, I get a kick out of reading the subliminal messages Fenn sends to folks.

          C’mon Idaho, I mean really…….Do you actually think you and MikeD are the only persons to read the blog from end to end. That’s an interesting perception you have of the chase.

          I’ve read the blog from end to end. Dal has since he posted all of it. I know many of the old timers have read all of it. From the questions I get lots of folks doing research are going through all of it. And that’s just the people I know of….

          There are thousands and thousands of folks that visit here every day that don’t make comments. Actually a very small percentage of the visitors we have make comments……I think it would be safe to say that many of them have read all of it.

          • Of course, GOG, you are right.
            But what do I get out of this story about the pigs….?
            Direction. And Clever pig jokes from bloggers, as below.
            Lots of new faces lately.

  8. It kinda bothers me that wild boars like eating rattlesnakes…not because I think it’s insensitive and cruel…just because it means there will be fewer rattlesnakes for ME to eat. They’re tasty!!!

    I tell ya. If I had a dollar for every rattlesnake I’ve eaten…(let me think about this for a second…yeah….uh huh…carry the one…yep)…I’d have ONE dollar. 🙂

    • Well, I can’t be too sure I’ve only eaten one rattlesnake. I really enjoy eating CHINESE cuisine…and you can never be too sure what “meat” is in there…if you know what I mean. It’s kind of a tradition of mine to eat Chinese food around the New Year holiday. I especially look forward to those fortune cookies!!!

    • Yeah, one dollar for me too. Although I did have a baby pet rattlesnake when I was 14 or 15. I don’t think the snake knew he was my pet the way he struck at me when i would mess with him with a #2 pencil. My mom dam sure knew he wasnt a pet. I think that one bout sent her over the edge.

  9. There is always an exception to every rule: For example is this case rattlesnakes taste like bacon instead of chicken.

    • Hope not ! there are four things living that should ” NEVER ” go inside a rattlers den.. 1. jdiggins 2. X 3. Frogs 4. All other living things….. Happy New Year everyone !

    • Happy New Year to you, too, Ken…and to Ya’ll. I’ll be driving a few hours north to my mom’s now to let the kids play with Grandma and Grandpa. They said they’ll pull the kids around on sleds behind the tractor. It should be fun. They might even have some bacon! Horses should be happy they’re not on the menu in this country (Chinese food excepting).

      Let me pose that as a question: Do we eat horses in the U.S.A.?
      Answer: Neigh! (whinny, whinny…snort)

        • Many years ago the school system in Albuquerque had a contract for beef that turned out to be horse meat. We wondered why the meat was all of a sudden good tasting. 🙂

          • In the small town where I grew up…well…got older, anyway…there was/is a small Mexican restaurant where you could order any item from the menu with your choice of chicken, beef or meat. True story! I never could bring myself to order anything with the “meat”. LOL! I always figured I’d be eating cat or oyth-woyms. 🙂

            That’s not to say I won’t eat weird stuff. I just want to know what it is first. Is that too much to ask?

            If it sounds delectable I might even go to great lengths to get it…like cookies, for example.

            Buck up, little piggie. I know how you feel. You and I are kindred spirits!


  10. Feral Hogs are a huge problem. They destroy farm land and carry disease. Texas has over 2 million hogs now and they have to be trapped or hunted and killed to control the population. Sows can start reproducing at 6 months old.
    I know this because my cousin has a ranch in Texas and it is a constant battle to control the population of hogs. As he puts it, “It is just ranch management”

    They are cute as can be as little piglets, but they grow up to be big nasty smelly beasts.

  11. As I picked up my breakfast burrito at the gas station this morning I overheard two men planning a matanza. In New Mexico we dig a trench and roast a pig in it. There are enough of these vermin in the wild it would be nice to obtain one from the wild for the feast.
    They do not have tusks as big as a mastadon. They do show their teeth and live in the brush… I just don’t want them living in the field near me. It is not a thrill to be chased by them.

  12. Happy New Year everybody out there! I hope that all your celebrations will be safe! Please do not drink and drive!
    2014 has been an excellent year for me- one of the best of my life -thrilling, fun, crazy… and it will be sad to say goodbye to it. But I welcome 2015 with open arms and eager anticipation!
    Stay safe!!!

    • Happy New Year back to ya jdiggins….. been a good 2014 here too…. be safe……and good luck to ya

  13. Interesting what a few HAWGS did to a few Longhorns down in Houston the other night. #TexasBBQ 😉 might I add the following, Woooooo Pig Sooooooie! GREAT GAME! You don’t think F happened to see the game and felt compelled to “rib” his Arkansas searchers by chance do ya?

  14. I love the fact that they were precious pets when they were his, but as soon as someone else owned them, they were pesky.

  15. Forrest, you should get a baby goat for a pet. My goats just produced three of them. They are really cute.. I’d send a picture, but I don’t think you can on this site. They are a mix of Boer and Anglo- Nubian. They can get a bit rough after they get older. lol.

    Happy New Year to All!

  16. LOL Now Forrest, I am positive a Texan knows better than to raise wild boars as “pets”. Something smells funny about this chapter. What other animal stories have you got tucked away? 🙂

    • it sounds like forrest is a sucker for any pet wild and cute, or domesticated and cuddly, or on the end of his fishing line, or flying through the air, or milked in the barn, or kittens in the milk, or ??????? in the ?

  17. Along with the garden and the tobacco crop we also raised a couple of hogs for the winter. One evening after school and the garden work, my dad said the veterinarian was on his way. He didn’t get there until after dark. That’s when my dad yelled for me to grab a flashlight and come to the pigpen. I wasn’t paying much attention until the pig started squealing. That’s when I saw what was going on. A couple of minutes later dad said,here and placed two of what the pig no longer had into my hands, take these to your mom and have her fry one of them up. Needless to say I did not have a bite. That is until next morning at breakfast, we were having eggs and ham. I didn’t realize until my dad laughingly brought it to my attention. Their called mountain oysters in Tennessee. I don’t know what their called here!

    • Very interesting stuff. I participated in a wild pig hunt in E Tenn. and just before we got in range they crossed a large ice cold stream and we were stuck no mountain oysters that day . 🙂

  18. I use to raise poly-wogs as a child. Once, I captured nearly a hundred of them and put them in a large plastic container with algae and fish food. I wanted to watch them turn into frogs. After a week or so I observed the tadpoles sprout legs and transform. Later I went on a vacation and irresponsibly assumed they would be content in their cage.

    When I returned from vacation they were all dead as a result of a horrendous heat-wave. But at least I was entertained when I watched them for a little while.

  19. We had two pigs Hansel and Keith when I was about maybe 6 years old??? At one point my father put some twine around one of them like an Indian halter so I could try to ride the pig. I think I made it about 1/2 second before I literally hit the floor of the dirty pig-pen. I did not try it again but it was fun for a 1/2 second…:)

  20. Funny story Forrest and it sounds about 85% true. 🙂 I think your environmentalist friends need some education on wild boars! Here in CA they can become quite the nuisance and farmers have many very liberal options for getting rid of them including allowing hunters on their land or getting a permit to shoot the critters any time of the day or night. The little piglets are very cute but when they grow up watch out! I bet your friend in the tree wasn’t too happy with you! Is he still your friend? 🙂

  21. those wild boars can do a lot of damage,you don’t want one getting ahold of brother sits in a blind and waits ,and when one comes down the trail,he shoots it for food.he loves pork chops.those porkers are cute when they are forrest why, didn’t you get a pot belly pig like George Clooney used to have for a pet.did you cry wee ,wee,wee ,all the way home or can’t touch this ,nuh,nuh,nuh , ya . ya still got me going,don’t cha.

  22. Forrest, I have to say I am a sucker for baby animals wearing stripes myself. The very camouflage that offers them protection is very attractive to those offering protection. So glad you have shared your love of the natural world with any and everyone whom has taken an interest. I once blamed my my now 23 yr old daughter for the reason I have rescued baby quail (striped and adorable) and my 12 yr old for rescuing a cardinal (featherless and unidentifiable initially). Fortunately none of my rescues turned into 400lb boars. Instead they flew free.

  23. why so many comments about ” Russians” ? Russian art, Russian hogs, Russians on comic books..etc…… hummmm

  24. There is a “Hog Canyon” in Colorado, Just off hwy 64 along the “White River”…..Forrest did mention 8 white St. Bernards and 200 White pigeons..
    Any Ideas? So much to think about….:-)

    • Astute observations, Mr. X. We know from Mr. Fenn’s previous comments that he likes to drink a martini once a year to remind himself why he doesn’t like them. I wonder how many times a year he has a White Russian?

      • lol well mike this may be the day for Forrest to drink that …lol just alot of things on my mind….. trying to jog anything else… you know what I mean…

  25. Hog Canyon in Colorado is also just south of the dinosaur national monument…. sounds ” Ancient ” to me… each day the information pile gets larger and larger, and during all the talk things get twisted up…. ttotc stays the same…. I believe some posts on here may have a sublte hint but not all of them…..its up to us to decide what we need…… hummmm I could use a “white russian” myself…
    sorry, just rambling…..

  26. Also ” Hog Canyon ” is west of Meeker Colorado….. “No place for the meek” the end is ever drawing nigh…. maybe passing through Meeker Colorado on the way to Hog Canyon…..hummmm gonna look into that some..

  27. Just watched Bill Murray on the Charlie Rose Show and Bill made a comment that I thought appropriate for tonight and New Years resolutions.

    “This is not a dress rehearsal.”

    Happy New Year everyone!!

    • All this talk about pigs….mmmm might get me a cold ham sandwich out of the fridge.. Yu’ns have a Happy New Year.

  28. It has been discussed a few times. The movie Wild Hogs was filmed in New Mexico. If I remember correctly, it was at Eagles Nest or somewhere in the vacinity. My mind is not as razor sharp as it once was. I had a bad fall the other day and all that came to mind was “it was time”.

    Happy New Years everyone.

  29. Sorry Geydelkon about the fall, please be more careful.

    They filmed in Madrid and Albuquerque, I think some at Valle Calderas also.

    • Wishing all a prosperous 2015, health and enjoyment among other things.

      My latest solve has me above the home of brown and right on the border of reservation lands. Which would carry the law of that land? One or the other, both or would be a battle for all of us to observe?

    • Dang it – I missed the party. I went to the home of Brown but nobody was there. Happy New Year anyway Dal and thanks for providing the blog. Now where was that HOB? I don’t want to miss the party next time. 🙂

  30. Happy New year Dal and the gang, it is 1:07 a.m. Here in Brookhaven Ms. I just had some yummy ice cream and am going to bed!! Had to check for a new scrapbook and sure enough it was there or here; here. LOL Ha Ha, Ho Ho I think.Anyway Mr. Fenn’s pig story reminded me of one of my own. When I was little, in elementary school, my Daddy and Mama bought two big regular full grown hogs to feed and later we would use for meat for the freezer. We named them Arnold ( Yes, Greene Acres) and Heathecliff (Yes, Weithering Heights) for fun names!! I remember we kept them in a pen out in the backyard and had them for three or four months and the squealing and the smell was awful!! My brother, who is 5 years older than I, used to play with them and got over in the pen and rode one of them and got thrown off and had to get out very quickly. Anyway that was a fond childhood memory. Yes, we had to kill them for food and they made a lot of bacon, ham sausage and meat for us in our freezer. During a bad storm the power went out and we had Tornado warnings for two days so we stayed near a storm basement in town and when we came back, the freezer had somehow gotten unplugged! We lost all of the meat and it smelled and rotted none was to be saved and the Moral of this lesson was,” Do not Eat your Friends”!!! Happy Holidays Everyone MS. Girl is going to sleep…. I have not spoken to any of ya’ll since last year…. GOODNIGHT

  31. Happy New Year Forrest, Dal and my fellow treasure seeking hopefuls! I went to bed at 11:30 after a bowl of ice cream. {tomarrow I start my diet} lol… I went to sleep reading two books I got at the thrift store yesterday, One on Montana, and one on Wyoming, the wyoming book was about strange things in Wyoming and Did you know they have fossil whales there? I did not know this…..So cool! Well anyway Forrest, I cant wait to get a arrowhead from YOU! I do hope you still have one with my name on it…? Hope so…Well Love and Peace to everyone. And yes Dal I will see you below the home of BROWN and just like my old days and Big Party!

    Lou Lee, Chased by Bears in Jellystone Park and {other places} and lived to tell.

  32. Here we go ! It’s a brand new year and who knows what is just around the corner…happy hunting to all. VGBoss returns…

  33. Happy New Year….Geydelkon ….I know how you feel….I fell a couple of weeks ago and broke my ribs…. I crawled around on the ground for a while trying to catch my breath before I was able to get up. My ribs still hurt like hell and it’s hard to feed the horses or shovel the snow. Just getting in my PU makes them hurt. Forrest if I was that ranch Foreman that day that would be the last day I had a hog problem. They would be on my dinner plate from that day forward. May 2015 be a Golden year. Happy Treasure Hunting.

    • Woody, I feel so bad for you because I have been there. Several years ago I was riding my Vstar and to avoid a crash I had to lay it down. Well I broke and fractured all my ribs on the right side. Next thing I looked up and there were 2 guys standing over me and said the ambulance was on the way. I can see my bike laying there and asked them if they could stand it back up. I took several shallow breathes biting my teeth and got up on my knees. Again, I finally got too me feet and walked slow around the bike. Hmm lets see if it starts. Then on my way back home I go, as the ambulance passes by. It took several stubborn days later to get to the hospital. Nothing could be done but too take some meds. I had to hire a friend to be my arms for a month. Slept in my recliner for 2 months with my right arm hanging over the back. I missed my bed and my wonderful dreams of riding again.

      Get well soon.

  34. OFF TOPIC: To Dal and Goofy-old-guy,

    Forrest has requested a certain bracelet be returned to him.
    Should someone find the chest and offer each of you your choice of one item in the chest, what would you choose?

    No, I do not have it, yet. 🙂

  35. Everyone knows the general location. Is it still there? At least give Truman the truth so he can go in peace, and give the treasure away. I know this will happen.

  36. Off topic, because I wasn’t sure where to post. Yesterday, I received my arrow head in the mail and was so excited. When I opened my bubble-wrapped envelope, the poor arrowhead was crushed to pieces. Just letting people know, that if you send FF a request for an arrowhead, you may want Forrest to send it back to you in a box instead. Happy New Year!!!

    • Mine arrived just fine in the padded envelope I sent him. The ivory was beautiful also. Thank you Forrest! 🙂

      • Deb, I didn’t mean to seem ungrateful, I appreciate the gift that was sent , regardless. (Thank you, Forrest). I’m happy that your arrowhead was in tact. Enjoy. It was just a bummer to see it all crumbled, like talc.

        • Lois, I’m sure Forrest will send you another one if you send him an email and tell him what happened. He will also send you a piece of Mammoth bone if you send another self addressed envelope. Which reminds me that I better get my own SAE in the mail before the 5th! 🙂

        • You must have had a very thin one for it to be crumbled? Mine was thick. Well, I am sure he will help you. 🙂

        • Lois…Forrest will be happy to replace your arrowhead…sometimes they just don’t make it in the mail…it’s a chance we all take. Send him another SASE and he will replace the one that was crumbled.

  37. An example of fuzzy logic?
    “They live close to the earth,” I said, “And besides, they’ll reduce the rattlesnake population on your property, thus enhancing its value.”

    IF you take my pigs, THEN they will eat the rattlesnakes, AND your property value will go up.

    • Triple checking these sites it is difficult to find maps that include them. But they are all sweet spots. The first Hog Lake is a nice lake in Browns Park at the very northwest corner of Colorado. The second Hog Park/Point is immediately east of Dolores Canyon. Across 141, up Atkinson Creek, 3 miles north of Uravan. The Hog Park Reservoir in Wyoming is 2 miles north of the Colorado border between the continental divide and 80, in the Sierra Madre.
      I would like to visit all of these areas. The canyons in Southwest Colorado look like a paradox.

    • Kevin, according to Mindy (just above) Mr. Fenn could be a blacksmith if you mess with the spelling of environmentalist, so maybe the weight of iron and throwing horseshoes applies. However, according to Mark J’s definition an Environmentalist is an eccentric or mad person which is a much different definition than I understood an environmentalist to be. Page 4 in the preface of TTOTC Forrest Fenn proclaims, “all of us are environmentalists to some degree, and me more than most.”

      I thought Forrest Fenn was likening himself to the type of environmentalist he describes in TFTW page 197 who cares about ‘preserving delicate animal habitat’ for the future of our grandchildren’s generations. He says, “The mountains are not sleeping; they are alive with the healing smells of pine needles and pinon pollen and juniper berries. The shades of fall….can be intoxicating.” pg 198.

      Personnally, I might be offended at someone calling me a madman. When describing opinions about another human being, perhaps it matters to get it right? Just my thoughts, and I’m more of a lurker.

      • environmentalists to (some=sum) degree, sounds like a hint to me. if u know what to look for..seems like he’s saying if u add them up you’ll get a “degree”, and his name would back that up….alpha/numeric, round-in-circles, right Wolf…:)

  38. Yes sir,

    Four frogs went into the sea,
    and were happy as can be.
    Pepper stompy chicken feet,
    speaking about the glee.

    Jiggle jingle jango job,
    fingle fango, tango flob.
    Globby good, dooby step.
    Pickle piper peaty pep.

    I hope you use a VPN, and stingy tangy rimbles hen.
    But if you don’t you will know. That I see you go to and fro.
    So as you sleep and as you dream, remember just this one thing.
    It’s merely a Hawkins super string, or a holographic trimble ring.

    Don’t worry DP Dough. I was just playing. But seriously I SEE YOU.

    Happy 2015

    • Yeah ok, but if you can see me then you’d know I’m a chick, right?
      Happy new year to you, too.

  39. JC – im new here, but it looks like you guys post funny, wierd stuff sometimes. That pig video is great. So, I have a good friend who does IT work for large co’s and govt.’s. He was touring a warehouse for a fast food restarant that serves mexican food. The cans of meat were labled “grade DD, still edible” Know what you’re dining on, or you’ll be buckling up in the bathroom.

  40. I recieved my arrowhead in the mail yesterday and its a beautiful little arrow point.I love it.Thanks forrest.Since discovering this blog ive recieved, an acient piece of mammoth tusk, and an acient arrowhead.Forrest is very generous to give up these pieces.My own collection of stuff is looking better! Some of my friends who told me that this treasure hunt is a hoax(because no man would hide a treasure like that for others to find) are now jealous of my mammoth tusk.Thank you Forrest for being so generous, and thank you Dal for the great work you do on this site. 🙂

    • Hello, Fins Up. I’m jealous…but only because I’m a procrastinator…or busy. I finally got my SASE in the mail today. I’m pretty sure Forrest will go out of his way to be “better” than the IRS…so I hope it’s okay with him as long as my letter is post-dated by Jan. 5th. 🙂

      Better than the IRS? THAT’S really difficult. 🙂 Did I type that out loud?

      When my (wife’s) arrowhead and my piece of mammoth ivory arrive we’re going to patiently wait for the day that we can turn them both into jewelry. My wife learned to do a bit of that years ago in Brazil. She would love to do that again.

      Thanks, Forrest and Dal for your thoughtfulness and time.

      • Hi, JC117. LOL@the irs comment.Thats funny 😀 ..Those would be very cool jewelry pieces.I hope you can post pics when you get them done, i would love to see them.I put the tusk, the arrowpoint, and the note forrest sent in a small display case that now occupies the spot my autographed Dan Marino card use to live(sorry dan)..Btw , JC117, Congratulations on the ornament victory.The angel you made was perfect.The minute i saw it, i knew it was a winner.

        • Thanks, Fins Up! I have to give credit to my wife. She makes beautiful angels. You should see our kids. Thank you.

  41. So, last night, I mentioned that I received a broken arrowhead in the mail. I sent Forrest a picture and he figured out, what had happened. It was not a broken arrowhead, they were pieces of ivory tusk, from a 100,000 year old mammoth. Your right, Forrest, that was a good laugh. Thanks for solving my little crisis,,,

  42. OT
    Yesterday afternoon I skimmed back through the SBooks starting at #1. I did not reread the comments . The history and stories that Forrest has shared are all interesting…he sure has a very wide experience base, and has kept company w/a slew of well known individuals. I do appreciate that he has taken a lot of time to promote the Thrill and stay involved w/ the searchers. What a great pastime to have created for an adventurer like Forrest. He gets to live the Thrill through us for as long as it takes to find it. We get to learn more as long as he remains active…very cool arrangement. I am grateful for this Chase, and I do like to follow the topics… good luck to all and thanks Forrest. Dal’s blog is the super highway to all things Fenn.

  43. Ken, I do agree with you too on that its very fine that Forrest has been so great to keep up with us searchers. He is such a good person. Most people that get into the lime light like Forrest has, just go into seclusion and you never get to know them or have the chance to feel a part of what the person is promoting.
    The Chase too has been a huge blessing for me. Gives me hope and enjoyment as I read my maps and books each night. I have found a treasure of information and am smarter for it. Dal is a real treasure too! His Blog is Awesome and I am sure alot of work, keeping us all in line….LOL
    As I sit her in my single digit and sub zero winter. Its warming to know, Forrest and Dal and all of you are out there too, looking for the same wonderful treasure to seek. A few more months and Many of us will be moving again. As Dal said, “See you below the home of Brown…..Big Party…”

    • Need to get my eyes checked again. I read that as Dal was a treasure tool, instead of too! Ahahahahaha. Sorry Dal, my eyes are playing tricks on me….again.

  44. Unusually quiet on the forums. A little cat and mouse by focused and JDiggins, that’s always fun 🙂 Stalemate is when your opponent cannot legally move any of their pieces, but their king is not under attack. That’s a draw (no one wins). Checkmate is when your opponent’s king is under attack, and they have no legal moves that can stop the attack. That’s a win (for you). I wonder how many of you have made a 2015 new year resolution. I have, mine goes something like this, run, sit-ups, curls, jump rope, push-ups, burpees, pistol squat and some Russian twists. Holidays be gone! Any other great aspirations for the new year out there?

    • Btw I think this pig story is saying get out and excersize more. Forrest’s coded way of telling us you guys have been eating too much holiday food.

      • My New Year’s weight resolutions went out the door in the first 15 minutes. Seriously, I went straight for the refrigerator. Easier said then done.

  45. MEow… 🙂
    Fun is on the horizon every blessed day focused!
    Sally, I too have aspirations for better health. I know I drink way too much coke, and I smoke that needs to cut out if I plan on hiking anymore…and a few other vices…but one at a time, I don’t want to end up like Leslie Nielsen on “Airplane”!

    • Your right jdiggins every day is blessed. yeah don’t try to quit everything at once….. that’ll drive you crazy….. you could end up like that dude on ” Soul Train “. 🙂 or better yet, ah never mind….lol good luck to ya…. hey if you need moral support on quitting some vices…… give me a shout….. see ya 🙂

      • Thanks fosed! I’m doing great so far…started with coke…been 5 days! Now when I enter the quit smoking mode…that will be tough…but necessary!

  46. If you can find the treasure, it won’t be a big job getting it. f

    a “boar” generic term for all types of pigs
    (Sow) hy is that I must go and leave my trove
    (F)or (A)ll (T)o seek

    make (a hole) in something, especially with a revolving tool. “they bored holes in the sides”
    synonyms: drill, pierce, perforate, puncture, punch, cut; More
    make one’s way through (a crowd).
    the hollow part inside a gun barrel or other tube.
    short for borehole.

    Bear is the past tense of bore (she bore a son)

    I know that the treasure is wet. f
    Is this a hint that the treasure is in stone?

    A whetstone is also a board stone
    a fine-grained stone used for sharpening cutting tools. (Grain is associated with many things including wood) we won’t be exploring that aspect here now.

    Here me awl and listen good
    a small pointed tool used for piercing holes, especially in leather.

    If hew are brave and in t(he w)ood I give hew title to the gold.

    Is it possible that someone might have this and Fenn not know?

  47. To my recollection, I had not read this story relayed by you, f. Good thing you turned tail, them vermin are known to eat jeeps! You’ve no need to bow your head. I too have turned 180 in my new Tundra just to avoid such a circumstance. I later returned with an old banger that I bought on the cheap. That’ll show them! I think I’ll harvest a boar this Saturday. That’s sure to lead to a big smile upon my face. I’m not sure what my wife’s expression will be, having to deal with the aftermath! Low sodium diet restriction aside, she’ll still eat it up. I’ll probably do all of the work while she enjoys the fine dining. I hope this comment lead others to read this little morsel of yours.

  48. Thought about this scrapbook a few days ago and thought I’d let my mind wander from different things mentioned over the years. Rattlesnake has been mentioned before and Skippy’s car reminded me of such. I also thought of the little piglets and wondered about Shakespeare and how it could relate. Piglet/Hamlet? Hamlet is a village. Prudence/virtue, etc.. Tight spots and sunsets may be things to consider.

  49. Forrest – you could have thrown a trout at those hungry boars before you left. I wonder how long that ranch foreman was treed up in that pinyon…

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